HIGHER GROUND 3rd of March, 2006

HIGHER GROUND 3rd of February, 2006

Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Well let somebody shout Alleluia!’ O Thank You Lord! There is no doubt at all that God is already here and He’s going to promote somebody here tonight.  But when we talk about higher grounds it means some grounds are higher than others. Somebody is going to reach the highest level tonight. (Amen!)

Once upon a time there was a young man who was very, very deep down in the valley physically he was very low; socially, he had no friends; his relatives didn’t like him. Nobody knew him. Materially, the only dress he has is the one he was wearing. But one day, he made up his mind that in spite of everything he would do something nobody has ever done before: he lifted up his eyes to the Almighty God and said my heart is fixed within me, I will praise You O Lord! He said, I will bless You at all times. He said, Your praise shall continually be in my mouth. The Almighty God looked down from heaven and said, If that is the case I will pick you out from the valley where you are and put you on the mountain top. In less than 12 hours a shepherd boy became a king! There is somebody here tonight whose promotion is going to be the greatest (Amen!)

 If you are the one, praise Him like nobody else! Magnify His Holy Name! Praise Him! Adore Him! Lift Him high! He is the only one who can pick you from the valley and put you on the mountain top. Praise Him! Magnify His Holy Name! Promotion doesn’t come from the east or the West or from the South.. God is the judge. He’s the one who can raise a beggar from the dunghill and set him among princes. Praise Him! ,. Thank You Jesus! ,,.. O Thank You Jesus!! Thank You Lord!! Thank You Lord! In Jesus mighty Name we have worshipped!  

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said for the rest of your life you will remember tonight and praise God!  

I want you to lift your voice to Him and say, Father, make this night very special for me! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! Let me be the one who will never forget tonight! Make tonight very special for me! Let it be a night to remember a night to remember and I will glorify Your Name! Make this night extra special for me O Lord God Almighty…In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed (Amen!)

Lift your voice to Him and say Father, open the heavens tonight! Stretch forth Your mighty hand and touch me. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! Open the heavens tonight! Stretch forth Your mighty hand and touch me! Touch my soul! Touch my spirit! Touch my family! Touch me tonight! Open the heavens O Lord! Stretch forth your mighty hands and touch me… In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said, no longer shall you be called a powerless Christian. He said because the rain of my power shall fall tonight and you shall be drenched in it!

Brethren, at this moment, whatever you want from God, you can get. Go ahead! Talk to Him now as an individual. Glory be to Your Holy Name!! ,,. Let’s begin to bring our prayers to a close… In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

If you are not already on your knees let’s be on our knees before Him and worship the only one who can promote us. Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega you are worthy of my praise today, Eternal rock of ages we worship You,, Alpha, Omega, the beginning and the end; the one who was, the One who was, the One who is to come, Almighty God King of Kings, Lord of Lords! The Bright and Morning Star, the Lion of Judah! Your name is Wonderful, Counselor, You are the mighty God; You are the everlasting Father, You are the Prince of Peace. We bless Your holy Name! Accept our worship in Jesus’ Name!  Thank You for Your goodness; for Your kindness, for Your faithfulness, for Your power, for Your holiness! Accept our thanks in Jesus Name!  There is no one like You! You are the Almighty, the Great Physician, the Great Provider, the Great Defender! You are higher than the highest, You are better than the best, You are richer than the richest; You are wiser than the wisest! You are older than the oldest, Glory be to Your Holy Name! Accept our worship in Jesus Name!  Tonight father demonstrate Your goodness  demonstrate your holiness (Amen!), demonstrate Your faithfulness  demonstrate Your power!  Arise O Lord and scatter all Your enemies Scatter sickness!  Scatter disease!  Scatter demons!  Scatter sorrow!  Scatter barrenness!  Scatter failure!  My lord and my Savior! Everyone here tonight that has come to see You whatever may be their problem  solve their problem!  Anyone here tonight as an agent of the devil, arrest him!  Arrest her!  Show them You are the Almighty At the end of everything, let your name be glorified!  Thank You Almighty God! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed!  Amen! Let somebody shout Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

 Shake hands with one or two people and say, God will surprise you tonight.  And then you may be seated. With the exception of those who are born in March.

Children of March you can stand. We will like to pray for the children of March now. All those who are born in March let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) I didn’t know you are that many! Father, I want to thank You for all of Your children who are born in the month of March, the children that are born in the month of Trinity. Tonight, on their behalf, I say accept our thanks in Jesus Name!  I’m asking that whatever you do for them may be tripled.  Triple joy!  Triple promotion!  Triple victory!  Triple breakthrough!  Whatever they are as of today, before the end of this year, triple it O Lord!  and let them serve You with triple energy  In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed!

 O Let somebody shout Alleluia!’  You are all welcome in Jesus Name Oh our landlord, the Governor of Ogun State, sends his greetings. He was here yesterday to pay us a courtesy visit and I assured him on your behalf that we will not stop praying for him and for Ogun State. It will be well with Ogun State in Jesus Name!  And it will be well with Nigeria in Jesus Name!  The testimony of our brother all the way from America who believes that his dress can carry power from Nigeria to America is a challenging testimony., You see the Bible says the just shall live by faith; that it will be unto you according to your faith.

I told the Pastors, I said the elders have a saying that it is the domestic animals that have no respect for the hunter. Because they see him coming in and out among them every day they ignore him. Because he’s eating among them, he’s sleeping among them they have no respect for him. Whereas it is not the hunter that must be respected it is the gun that he’s carrying. We live among you, we are ordinary people like you; we eat pounded yam like you; we are not asking anybody to respect us because we know we are nothing but we have a God, the Almighty God, the One who can do anything; the One from everlasting to everlasting - that is the One I want you to respect tonight; that is the One I want you to believe tonight because a word of prophecy has already come. If you had taken that one alone, if there is nothing else that happens here tonight (and a lot is going to happen) that one should be enough. God said no longer shall you be called a powerless Christian who is God talking to? I don’t know. I haven’t heard you say, God does not have to explain Himself. He is the Almighty. He speaks and it is done but on this occasion He chose to explain Himself because the rain of His power shall fall tonight and you shall be drenched in it. If I were you, I will take good care of the dress I’m wearing tonight because it’s not ordinary what you wear  If you believe that say  Amen!’  Loud and clear! (Amen!)

Psalm 61:1-2 Hear my cry O l, attend unto my cry, from the ends of the earth will I cry unto thee. When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. (Amen!)Why don’t you lift up your voice to him and say, Father, lead me to the rock that is higher than I,, so shall it be in Jesus Name!  The theme of this extraordinarily special Holy Ghost Service because this is the 20th anniversary of Special Holy Ghost Service, which makes it very, very, very special, the theme is Higher Grounds. Basically there are seven levels of grounds. The lowest one is called the bottomless pit. Revelation 20:1-3 says that on the last day Satan and all His agents would be banished to the bottomless pits. They just keep falling - there is no end to the falling in the bottomless pit. And then the Bible says there are some people, human beings who will join them there, people who refuse Jesus Christ, they are going there too. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ you will not go there! (Amen!)

The second level is called the pit. This time it has a bottom. It is not bottomless and once in a while people get into it as a result of disobedience and I know in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that from today, you will become obedient to God in Jesus Name!  But once in a while people get into the pit as a result of enemy action. Genesis 37:23-24 says when the brother of Joseph saw him coming they took a decision concerning him among themselves. They were going to kill him but one of the brothers said instead of killing him let’s throw him into a pit and then when later on we see somebody who wants to buy a slave, we can sell him. There might be some of us who are in a pit tonight that had been thrown there by the enemies. In the name that is above every other name you will come out tonight in Jesus Name! (Amen!)

And then the next level which is level ground or valley. It is better than the pit because at least you have come out of minus, you are now at zero level. It is still the place of discouragement. People who are in the valley, they cannot claim they are really happy. They are struggling, struggling all the days of their lives. Once in a while they contemplate dying. In 1 King 19:1-4 when Elijah found himself in the valley. It got to a stage when he asked God to kill him. There are people who are overwhelmed with problems. They are asking God you are not going to do something better, why don’t you just kill me? If there is somebody like that here today, as a result of your coming here tonight, you will sing a new song. (Amen!)And then, of course, when we go from the valley, the next level you could call it the heights or a hill at least now you are climbing. 1 King 19:8-18 Elijah began his journey to the Mount of Horeb when he got there his confidence was restored. The man who was asking for death now said I don’t want to die anymore; I want to serve the Lord. Beginning from tonight God will take you to the heights and then the next level is what we call the great heights or a mountain.

Now the people on the mountain they are not easily touched. You become a terror to the enemy. In 2 Kings 1:9-14 Elijah was sitting down on the mountain top. Then some soldiers came and said they want to arrest him. He just called down fire from there. The fire consumed them. Now I want to issue a decree tonight that after tonight all those who say they want to arrest you, the fire will fall.  And after the great heights the next one which is level six is greater heights, when you get to these greater heights, you become unstoppable. Your dress alone will open river Jordan and please take my word seriously tonight. I’ve told you the reason many of you don’t take the Word seriously is because I don’t shake and shout when I’m saying what I’m saying. This is because God does not shake and shout when He wants to speak. He simply says, let there be light and then there will be light. The dress you are wearing tonight will open River Jordan (Amen!)

Thank You Father! The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said, I should tell you to dry your tears because the rain will soon fall.  

And then the level seven, that is the greatest height which is obviously heaven. The Bible says that according to Ephesians 1:30-21, the Bible says we are seated in the heavenly places with Jesus Christ far above principalities and powers. There is someone here tonight that Jesus is taking somewhere where no enemy can ever touch you anymore.  If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)Thank You Father!

Now since the service began all kinds of healing have been taking place  eye problems, ear problems, chest problems, back problems,  hand problems, leg problems, problem with private parts, all of them have been taken care of! (Amen!)

Now Daddy said that there is someone here, He says I should just tell you that there’ll be no more disappointment.  Amen!

He says there is someone here tonight; He said your testimony will silence your detractors. (Amen!)

Now let me talk briefly about the advantages of higher grounds. In Mark 3:13-15 the Bible says when Jesus saw a great multitude He went up to the mountain and then He began to call unto Him certain people. Only 12 of them. And He gave them certain powers, certain ability and they became His ambassadors and His companions.

The first advantage of higher grounds is that you stand out from the crowd. You move from among the multitude and become someone special. I’ve always given this illustration: when there is a big do and they want people to go and eat, so maybe they say, the President would go and eat in such and such a place, the Federal ministers and Governors would go and eat in such and such a place; the royal fathers would go and eat in such and such a place and then after they go the others, They saw what others didn’t see and heard what others didn’t hear.

One of the advantages of being on the mountain top is that you can see far, than those who are in the valley. You can see what others cannot see and you can hear what they cannot hear... It was on Mount Carmel in 1 King 18:41 that Elijah said, I’ve heard the sound of the abundance of rain. Nobody else heard it. Only Elijah heard the sound of abundance of rain because he was on higher ground. From tonight the grace to see the invisible, to hear the inaudible, God will give it to you. (Amen!)When I told my people that God is going to build us a city, they smiled and when we came here in 1983 this section of the road was the headquarters of the armed robbers and the first parcel of land we brought here was 41/2 acres. And I told my people we have come to the city. They laughed. Number one, this God-forsaken jungle, the house of snakes and pythons and we killed many of them here, that is where your city is going to be built. On 41/2 acres of land but today the same jungle is a city with its own University. I want to prophesy to someone here tonight  before you die you will become a multitude.  May I say that one again? I say, before you die you will become a multitude. (Amen!)

O Thank You Lord! The Lord says there is a lady here; you have been barren for a long time. Daddy asked me to tell you the next sleep with your husband will produce great results. (Amen!)

 Another advantage of higher grounds is that it brings you closer to the source of power. Because our God lives on high that is why David said in Psalm 121:1-2 He says, I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and earth. Today that God who lives on high will send help to somebody.

  Thank You Father!

The Lord said there is a woman here with as issue of blood, you can quietly check, it has dried up.

Thank You Jesus!

The Lord said the enemy said that they will ambush you. Daddy asked me to tell you. I will blindfold them (Amen!)

Another advantage of high ground is that when you are there you become invincible. Matthew 5:13-15,

Thank You Father!

The Lord says there is someone here, He said, the first series of doors would be opened unto you this month. (Amen!)

Jesus Christ said a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Because you came tonight, all those who have been trying to cover your glory, their heads shall be removed! (Amen!)I can go on and on but the power of God is so mighty here tonight. So I will just give you some examples when we talk about higher grounds. Let’s take physical examples and talk about health. It’s possible to move from being sick to someone who is healed. The one who is healed is higher than the one who is sick. That is why sick people usually are always lying down.  From today onwards, in the name that is above every other name, you will never lie on a hospital bed. (Amen!)

Now to be healed is better than to be sick but there is something better than that and that is not to be sick at all. And then there is even something higher than that and that is, that you will become a carrier of the healing virtue of God. You begin to lay hands on the sick. Some of you have never done it before. Some of you have never. When you leave here this week and as you lay hands on the sick they will recover and then you can go higher than that, to the level where you don’t have to touch the sick before they get well. Alleluia!

 The Lord says there is an Isaac in the house tonight! He said number 1; you will become a source of laughter to your family.  Number 2, He said as you sow you will begin to grow.  And He said, Number 3; one day Nigeria will envy you!

 Now in Acts 10:11-12 the Bible says they were taking the handkerchiefs and aprons from Paul to go and heal the sick. I say it once again, the dress you wear tonight shall begin to heal the sick.  Several years ago my daughter was brought in from the college where she was studying terribly sick, because the water in the college was horrible and I wasn’t in. And in our family, by the grace of God, Jesus is our doctor. Mummy prayed for her. Suddenly she made a strange request and said Mummy please let me sleep where Daddy sleeps. Just let me lie down there and let’s see what will happen within an hour. And of course, within one hour she was well!! From today onwards, even when you shake hands with people they will be healed! (Amen!)

Then you can move higher than that, after all in Acts.5:12-16 the Bible tells us that the shadow of Peter healed the sick. I’ve told you. At least some of you have heard me share the testimony when suddenly God asked me to call out some people and I thought He was going to ask me to lay hands on them, and pray for them, slap their back or something, but He said dance around them! If I didn’t know the voice of God, I wouldn’t have done anything like that. How can I be dancing? Why am I dancing? Because you have backache?

 But I knew who spoke and I obeyed Him. So the band began to play and I began to dance. Ah! I admit that I looked very stupid dancing around people but after five minutes the Lord said that is enough. Tell them now to go and touch their toes and they were healed every one! I am waving my hands to you now and I am saying in the name of the Almighty God every tree that God did not plant in your body shall be uprooted! (Amen!)Thank You Daddy!

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; the enemy said we have put out his light. The Lord asked me to tell you, I will light it again.  

And then we can take another material example, I’ve taught you here that there are categories or levels here. There is the poverty level. The Bible says the poor will never cease in the land. But He didn’t say you will be one of them. In this same level there are people who borrow  borrowers, which is why God is going to help you pay off your debt  and then the next level will be the level of those who are comfortable  the people who are neither poor nor rich. And then there is the level of those who are rich, those who could even put some money in savings and then there is the level of those who are wealthy. They are the people who put money in fixed deposit and say leave it in the bank for 2 years. And then there is the level of those who flourish those who lend to nations. Before this year ends there is at least someone here who will be lending to nations!  I know that someone will come to me before the end of this year and say, whatever you need for foreign missions, just ask me and I will give you! So shall it be!  Thank You Lord!

 The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said I will give you grace to pray. (Amen!)

 In other words, when we are talking about higher ground materially, it is possible to move from the level of always receiving to giving. You know the only thing in this world that receives without giving is either the dustbin or the dunghill. And the Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive. The giving hand is always the upper hand. Beginning from today, your hand will be on top. (Amen!)

One journalist, World Press Journalist interviewed me recently. He said, I attended the Holy Ghost Service and you took two offerings and I understand these offerings are what you use to spread the church throughout the world. Why are you taking money from poor people to go and establish churches in rich nations? I said, Thank you sir. It took us a long time before we got wise. The people from abroad, they will come and say, whatever you need just take, take, take and like fools we were receiving from then and they got more prosperous and we got poorer. Look at Africa today, probably the richest continent in the whole world and yet the poorest. Why? Because God is a God of principles. The one who gives shall be given. The one who scatters shall increase. The liberal soul shall be made fat. I said the tide has turned.  I said we now, we will also be giving them. He said when will you see the results? I said, we are already seeing the results. He said prove it. I said, not long ago a barrel of our oil  the main source of our wealth  is only $16. But now Glory be to God! you want a barrel of our oil  at least you will have $60! The tide is turning! You may not notice it; your prayers are not in vain; your givings are not in vain. I’ve told you before  one day Nigeria will be called the greatest nation in the world! (Amen!)So you can move from a receiver to a giver, to one who scatters. Any time they say there is something you are there! We want to plant churches. You are there! We want to build the University. You are there! We want to take missions abroad. You are there! We want to develop the Camp. You are there! Soon the people you were within the valley will see you on the mountain top. (Amen!)And then you can move to watering. And then God will begin to water you back. At this stage something about the spiritual. I will soon be closing because eh! There are certain things God will want to do. Oh His power is here tonight! Let’s look at higher grounds on the spiritual level,

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said I should tell you, I will restore the things to how they were before the intruder came.

(Amen!)Let’s take a look at higher grounds from the spiritual level. You can start with faith, faith that can move mountains and move from faith to trust. You see because faith is active, faith is always doing something but trust rests in the Lord. It is trust in God that caused Job to say in Job 13:15 though He slay me yet will I trust Him. The book of Isaiah 26:3-4 said He will keep in perfect peace, the one whose heart trusts in Him. Then He gave an advice. He said trust in the Lord forever, for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength. Trust in the Lord forever and then you will enjoy peace forever. I’ve told you the story, at my first cruise ever very big ship, the size of I mean, probably a little bigger than Sheraton Hotel. Then the storm came, eh, that huge thing was being tossed like a little toy up and down in the waves of the ocean. It was very bad. At a stage the captain called all of us together,.

Thank You Father! The Lord says that the fellow concerned will understand when I say it: the captive shall become the captain! (Amen!)


Daddy says there is someone here who is having a problem with a very powerful adversary. He said, I should tell you, the javelin of Saul will miss David (Amen!)

 Eh! It looks as if you want to take the position of the fellow and he wants to kill you first, the javelin of Saul shall miss David. (Amen!) Anyway so we were in this storm and the Captain called us together and said don’t worry. There are 12 categories of storms numbers one to twelve, the twelve being the highest. He said, don’t worry we are only in category 9. Eh-eh! He said, just go and stay in your rooms. Don’t worry. When I got into the room I said, what am I going to do? Category 9? And the Lord said to me. When there was a storm in the boat, what was I doing? I said you were sleeping. And He said, go to your bed and sleep! Ah! Glory be to God! Alleluia! Because I know Him, He’s the Controller of storms: go to bed and sleep! I jumped on the bed. 2 minutes later I was fast asleep.  because I trust in Him. By the time I woke up, everything was calm. Every storm in your lives, they shall be stilled tonight in Jesus Name! (Amen!)Oh Father!

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said you will attend the funerals of those who are waiting for yours.

Now, let’s move to prayer because time is against us. In Luke 11:9-10 the Bible says but can move to higher grounds in prayer. You can move from asking and go on to seeking. So when we are at the level of asking, when we are always saying God do this for me! God I want this, God I want that, But when you come to seeking you will say, Father, what is Your Will concerning this problem? This is what I want but what is it You want? The Lord Jesus Christ said, Father I want You to take this cup away from me but not as I will but Thy Will be done. There are many of us who want God to do our will and that is not the way of God - it is His Will we should seek. For example, there is something God is going to do here tonight that had never been done before to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Holy Ghost Service. But this year is also 25 years since I became a full-time Pastor. And so I asked God for a 25th anniversary present from God which He says Yes, I will give you but He said, He will give me on Saturday. That is tomorrow when the sun rises. When I was childish I would have said why don’t you do the two together? But God has His timetable. We must move from asking to seeking, before we then move on to knocking.

Thank You Father! The Lord says there is someone here tonight; He said I will make your path straight.

Now when we talk about knocking, it means after we have established the Will of God and we know this is what God wants, that is what He wants to do, then we can go with violence against anybody who wants to hinder us from getting what God has willed for us. We can move from murmuring, describing our problems to praising God even before we see the answer.

What about purity? We can start by moving out of darkness into light and begin to walk as children of light. But we can go higher than that and according to Ephesians 5:11 we can then become someone who will begin to make darkness uncomfortable. So committed to holiness that when you arrive in a gathering everybody will say be careful he has come. Alleluia! Amen! There are two things God is saying one after the other, - they have become three. Alleluia! Amen Number 1, He says there is someone here tonight you are coming out of the tunnel of sorrow tonight.  Number 2 which I believe is my own, He said very soon victors will call you a victor.  Number 3, which is also mine, He said you will soon be referred to as the favorite of God. (Amen!)

But anyone who wants to go to higher ground has a price to pay. Everybody knows that climbing is not an easy exercise. It requires hard work, dedication, concentration. He said seest thou a man diligent in His business, He will stand before kings and not before mean men. That is Proverbs 22:20 years ago as a young Christian, I gathered some youth like myself together and we formed a club that we call Fishers of Men! Big name! But we had a purpose. We said every day, before we sleep, we must talk to somebody about Jesus. And we were so determined that if we had undressed and were lying down on our bed and we remembered we have not yet spoken to anyone about Jesus that day, we will dress again and come out and stand in front of our house.

The next fellow that passes by, he is not going anywhere until he gives his or her life to Jesus Do you know every one of us then  small boys, small girls way back in 1973, we are all Senior Pastors now, because it is  he who is diligent that shall stand before kings. I know there are some of you here tonight who will join that club.

Things are easier now; everybody has a mobile phone including the market woman. Pick the phone, phone somebody. Hello; I just want to talk to you about Jesus Christ. Give your life to Him before it is too late!

Because there are some people you don’t have the boldness to talk to when you are looking at them face to face -there is no problem when it is telephone. They may say leave me alone, I don’t want to hear about Jesus! You say Yes Sir! One hour later you send him a text. How many of you would like to begin to do that for Jesus Christ? Are you sure? He will promote you Ah! The Amen!’ is low! I say He will promote you!  And you must know where you are going. It is not everybody who wants to go high. As a matter of fact, not everybody can go high. Only a few people will reach the top. The Word of God says many are called but few are chosen. All I know is that I’m going to be among the few.  I will see you at the top!  I say, I will see you at the top!  It’s going to require self-discipline. Anyone who wants to reach the top must keep the body under control. It requires rugged determination. Others will tell you, stay here with us, its comfortable here. You say, No I want to go higher! I want to go higher!

When I graduated from the University in 1967, to be a graduate then is a big thing and to be a graduate in science ah! ah!. A graduate in mathematics! They were looking for us; trying to entice us to come and work in their schools and all my colleagues were buying cars. Cars were cheap then. A Volkswagen was less than 700 pounds! When are you going to buy your car? I say no, no,. no,. no. I’m going somewhere else! After two years I couldn’t stay any longer. I decided to go for Masters. Some of my friends said, he says he’s going for research. What did he lose that he’s searching for? I did the Masters, worked for a year. I couldn’t wait anymore. I have not reached the top. I want to go higher. How many of you want to reach the top?

How many of you will be willing to pay the price? God will help you in Jesus Name!  Let me conclude because I can feel my Daddy. He’s saying you have said enough. It’s going to be a night to remember how do I come out of the pit? How do I move from one level to the other? Simple! Accept His invitation. He said, Come unto me, I’m up there, you are down there. Come up to me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden and I will give you rest. Accept His invitation. That’s all. I know some of you had given your life to Jesus Christ but some of you came late. So if you haven’t given your life to Jesus Christ, in your own interests come and do so because if you don’t give your life to Jesus Christ one day you will end up in the bottomless pit. But if you come to Him today not only will He rescue you from the bottomless pit He will keep on lifting you higher and higher and higher because Jesus said, and if I be lifted up from here I will draw all men unto me. So it doesn’t matter which level you are, He will keep drawing you higher and higher. If you have not yet given your life to Jesus, there may be only a few of you nut I want to give you the opportunity, come quickly.

I will count from 1 to 10. If you still haven’t come I will know there is no one else who is coming. 1.. 2.. 3, 4,. 5,.  .6, 7 ,.. 8,.  Now begin to pray as you come. Just begin to pray! Talk to Jesus! Talk to Jesus! I have come to surrender my life to You! I don’t want to go to the Bottomless pit. I want you to pull me up! Save my soul! Cleanse me in Your blood!  Save my soul! Keep coming, those of you who are still on the way! 9.. this is the last call now. So begin to talk to the Almighty God, say, I have come to surrender my life to You! No more fooling around with the devil! Oh Thank You Jesus! Those of you who are still coming, keep coming and the rest of us shall we please stretch our hands towards these people, that God who saved your soul will save their own soul too! Pray for them! Those of you who are coming, keep coming. Cry to the Almighty God for the salvation of their souls. Say, Lord have mercy on me! Save my soul! Don’t let me go to the bottomless pit! I want to serve you alone.

In Jesus mighty Name we pray! Father, I want to thank You for these Your children that have come forward now. You promised Lord that whosoever will come to you, you will in no wise cast out. They’ve come to You now. Receive them in Jesus Name!  Forgive them in Jesus Name!  Cleanse them in Your blood in Jesus Name! (Amen!)! Write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus Name!  Don’t let them ever go back into sin in Jesus Name!  take them to great heights Lord   In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed!  Amen! Praise the Lord! (Amen!)

There are some of you who are still coming. Keep coming! Now I want to rejoice with those of you who have come tonight because from today onwards, by the special grace of God, I will be praying for you and very soon you will begin to feel the impact of my prayers. And so I am going to need your names, addresses and your prayer requests and I promise, by the special grace of God, every day I will be praying for you,. So you are going to follow this brother. There are some pastors who are waiting. They will lead you to where they are., You will give them the information we are asking for and then you come back quickly and I will stop until you have returned so that you can be a partaker  and there are some serious things that He wants to do here tonight. So don’t relax. Just remain alert. Now stand to your feet. Thank You Jesus! Let me hear somebody shout 'Alleluia!' (Alleluia!)

I want you to talk to the Almighty God just for a few minutes and say, Father, before this night is out take me to higher grounds! Talk to Him! ,..So far, since service started four babies have been born 2 boys, 2 girls.  I believe God is going to share the blessing equally tonight.

 Some years ago, we were having a crusade and as I got on the stage the Lord said to me that there will be no praying for anybody that night. If anybody wants healing he should just dance. And as the people were dancing, they carried in a woman; the doctor had said there is no hope for her that she should just go home and die. So they carried her out of the taxi. Somebody supported her on the right another on the left and they saw Papa DGO.  Please pray for this woman and the DGO. said the Word has come out  if you want to be healed  dance. The woman said, I cannot even stand, you are asking me to dance! The old man said Sorry oh! I cannot disobey God. When the woman saw that nothing was going to be done except what they have said its alright, I will dance. She moved a little to the lifer, a little to the right. Just a little at a time. Suddenly the power of God hit her. She pushed the fellow on the right away. She pushed the fellow on the left away and became completely whole!

How many of you are ready to obey God tonight? The first thing God wants you to do tonight is to dance and God will surprise you tonight as you dance! So , something danceable please,. Now you don’t have to believe me. If you don’t want to dance you can sit down. It’s only for those of us who believe, If God says it, He’s going to do it. The maid of Naaman said, if the man of God has asked you to do some great thing wouldn’t you have done it? How much less when He says wash and be clean. Brethren if God had asked you to do something great to solve all your problems won’t you have done it, how much more when all He asks you to do is dance? Just one more time! I will lift up Jesus, Alleluia! You may please be seated. Even as you are sitting begin to check certain things you were not able to do before, you can do them now because the Lord has already moved in our midst.

The second thing He wants us to do. If there are some people here who are HIV+ or have AIDS now God wants to heal tonight So If you are one of such people this is your opportunity. So you come forward and please get here before I say 10. If you hide in the crowd that is your own head ache. I am to walk in front of you. I’m not to touch you. I am to walk in front of you. Now please, this is important, pay attention, as I’m walking in front of you the power of God will be touching you. Some of your cases already require an operation and God says He will do it Himself so when I am passing in front of you and you feel yourself going backwards don’t struggle.

There are people behind you and brethren I don’t need ushers here at the front, I need you at the back, People who will catch you and lay you down on the ground gently. This is only for people with HIV and AIDS that is all. If your own is different go! When it is time we will pray for you. If after 2 minutes you are still standing on your feet then you can go back and begin to  thank God. If He decides to perform an operation He will put you to sleep. When He has finished with you, He will wake you up again. Is what I have said clear to all of you in front?  Now if after I pass in front of you, you wait for 2 minutes and you are still on your feet, you can then go back to your seat. It may be that you don’t need an operation and then you can go on thanking God. We will begin to hear your testimonies very soon.

Worship song please and the rest of us we can worship along. Don’t let’s be mere spectators, let’s just worship, .Now I asked Daddy for a special gift for you. As some of you know the Holy Ghost Service started when God asked me 29 years ago, He said Son what do you want for your birthday? And I said, I want a miracle for every member of my congregation. That is when He said, Okay. Call them together and I will give them whatever they want. And we called them and God did as He promised. So now the 20th anniversary has come and I said, Daddy, I want something special this time around, So He said, alright. He said you are to do certain things which I will explain in a moment and He told me why I have to do what I’m about to do. He said, when 2 people are fighting, when there is war and one side is on this side and the other side is on the other side and this side wants to tell the other side we don’t want to fight any more, they will take a white clothe and wave it. When the other people see the white clothe waving they will know these people are saying we want peace. If the people on the other side agree then they will also wave back at them to say, Come let us settle.

Daddy says there is hardly anyone who will come tonight who is not fighting a physical war, financial war, marital war, war over children and He says tonight He will offer you peace He said what I’m to do is to get a flag made of white cloth with the impression f a dove in it symbolizing the Holy Spirit and symbolizing peace. He said I’m to wave it to you to say the Almighty God is offering you peace.  Now He says you will do 2 things.

Number one, if you accept His offer of peace, if you have a handkerchief you will wave it back. IF you don’t have you wave your hand. That is the first thing He says you will do. Then hold on when the time comes I will tell you the second one. I will tell you when we finish the first one. We will stand on our feet. That’s if you believe that this is from God  if you believe that this is from God as soon as this flag comes in your direction, you wave back until I’ve gone round then we will move, Glory be to Your Holy Name! Now I want you to lay the handkerchief on your head and prophesy peace to everywhere in you your life, everywhere there is any battle, decree peace! Mention the names of your children and decree peace over them. Decree peace to your towns, your cities, your families! Decree peace! He said peace, I give unto you, not as the world gives do I give unto you. Peace. Peace in the mighty name of Jesus. Peace. Thank You Jesus! It shall be permanent in Jesus Name!  Let me hear somebody shout 'Alleluia!

I want you to shake hands with three or four people and say, Congratulations, Peace at last. Peace at last. Peace at last, He’s a miracle-working God ,,,.. God bless you! You may be seated!  For the rest of your lives now you will dance.  You will dance the dance of victory so shall it be.  Now the second thing that He says you are to do is that as soon as it is convenient for you, you bring in a peace offering and whatever your peace offering is cash or kind must be without blemish. The peace offering must be without blemish. If you are going to give Him cash wait till you have fine money that is brand new, without blemish. If you are going to give Him in kind, it has to be something without blemish. If you are writing a cheque after you have written the cheque at the back of it write Peace Offering Don’t write my name on it, write the name of the Redeemed Christian Church of God on it and at the back write Peace Offering Now when I asked Him, Daddy You are so good, peace that is more than anything else I can ask for. When the battle is over ah! the rest is easy. Some of us have been fighting battles since we were born. We fight battles before we get married. We get married, oh the battle intensifies. But now, in that name that is above every other name Peace!

  And then I said, Daddy thank You! I can’t thank You enough but you are the One who said, ask till your joy be full. I’m already 25 years in ministry. Can I have something extra for my 25th anniversary? He said, is it for yourself or for the congregation? For my people now! For the congregation! So He said, He referred me to the story of Samson when they brought him bound to the temple and he broke loose and took the jaw bone of an ass and with it he killed 1000 of his enemies and the rest fled. And then suddenly he became thirsty so he said l you’ve given me this great victory, what about the internal thirst? God said take the jaw bone of an ass again and out of it will come water for you to drink. So He said, Son we will use the same flag for something else. He said the dove is the symbol of peace and it is also the symbol of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is powerful. He said on Saturday you will take a big basin and put the flag into it and pour oil on it. He said as many as will be anointed with the same oil will receive power to stay on top.  That’s tomorrow night, ah Saturday night. Oh this is one weekend none of us will ever forget in life. (Amen!)

So I’m about to pray for you now but before we do that, I need to make one or two announcements. Number 1: we are building a new auditorium. As you can see this is ordinary Special Holy Ghost of March and there are people already on the streets. For the Convention this auditorium is no longer adequate. So the Holy Ghost Arena is going to become the new auditorium.  Now God did not allow me to take a special offering from you. If anybody wants to give towards that they are free to do it on their own. But I need volunteers engineers, architects, surveyors, bricklayers, iron-benders, carpenters who will work free of charge.

Laborers would be working day and night so if you can’t be available during the day and you can be available during the night it’s okay by me. We’ve started the foundation and we are believing God for great things. It will be similar to this but it will be far, far higher and then instead of people being in a corner up there we will all be able to see ourselves together. So if you will love to volunteer your services, you will please see the Pastor who is in charge of it. Where is he? Come. Come let them see you. After the service he will be standing here in front then you will come and say I’m an engineer, I want to volunteer my services, I’m an architect, I  m a bricklayer, I’m an iron bender, whatever and then you will sit down and discuss how things will go. He’s the man that God used to do this one and I believe God will use him to do the bigger one.

And if you want to volunteer money that’s welcome, but then I want to pray for those who want to join the group of Fishers of Men; those who will say from now on every day I will tell at least one fellow about Jesus  either face to face or by phone or by text , whatever method but I will talk to someone every day. So if you want to belong to that club, stand on your feet. I want to pray for you that at least one fellow a day, by the special grace of God one fellow a day, either by phone, by text, by e-mail, face tot face, raise your hand to the Almighty God. My Father and my God, I want to thank You for these Your children who have decided that they will win souls for you. You promised Lord that those who would do these things, whatever they ask Your Father, would be given to them. First my Father, and my God, I pray for the grace for these people to do what they have said be given them in Jesus Name!  I also pray every one they witness to will be saved in Jesus Name!  and now I pray that every request of their own shall be granted them in Jesus Name!  It shall be well with you.  You shall not fail.  Even as your hands are higher than your heads so you will be higher than your peers in Jesus Name!  And in the Kingdom of God you will not be found wanting in Jesus Name! So shall it be! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed!  Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Okay now time is gone because I want you to be able to be on your way by 3am so we don’t cause heavy traffic on the way. But tell  your friends who missed today that they better not miss tomorrow. Next month we are going to have a very special Holy Ghost Service, specially to pray for our children because whenever there is an outbreak of sickness or disease, children are always the most susceptible. I don’t want us to bury any of our children this year.  Please come with all your children. Next month, we will have the normal Holy Ghost Service but then we will pray for all these children and anoint them to mark them apart so that the devil will see this one and say the mark of God is on this one.

So next month by the grace of God we will be speaking on Born for Signs and Wonders that include those of us who are adults. So bring your children next March. Is anybody here who will want to say thank You to Jesus for tonight? So we will have a thanksgiving service to give a thanksgiving offering to the Lord. You remain seated until you have given. As soon as you have given your own offering, then be up and dancing. Tomorrow we will have enough time for testimonies so let’s take our offering. I just remembered one thing. When God heals you, as soon as you testify, it becomes impossible for the devil to steal the healing. So as we are dancing if God healed you tonight dance forward so that when we are doing the final blessing, we’ll be able to put a seal on the healing. So those of you who have been healed tonight and you have dropped your offering, dance forward.  He has given me victory, O Thank You Lord! Glory be to God! All your healings shall be permanent in Jesus Name!  not only that  anyone you touch from now on will be healed.  In the mighty Name of Jesus, you will never be sick again! Ami If Jesus tarries, when you are old, old, old, you will walk to heaven without any sickness!  Congratulations! All those who have been healed tonight let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Let us pray. Father, we want to thank You for a fantastic night. Thank You for victory, thank You for healing, thank You for deliverance, thank You for peace at last! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Lord All Your children that You have touched tonight, let the blessing be permanent.  Let the joy last forever.  If there is anyone in the congregation that is yet to be touched even by this evening Lord, let such people be completely whole again in Jesus Name!  And Father, bless the offerings of Your children Sanctify it Use it for Your glory All those who are thanking You today, don’t let them ever borrow again in Jesus Name!  Prosper them forever! In Jesus mighty Name we have prayed!  Let somebody shout Alleluia!

Before you dance back to your seats there are some new books that I believe will benefit you seriously. One of them is written by my wife. It’s called Open Doors to Divine Blessings and there is one written about her Folu Adeboye, a laborer in His vineyard You might want to find out a little more about her. It’s in this book. There is a book that both myself and my wife wrote. It is called “Heaven in Your Home”  If you want to know why we have been married for almost 40 years and we are still on honeymoon then there are two books that I wrote myself. One is “A New Era”. If you want to read that one and the second one is let the Fire Fall.  All these books are available if you ask the ushers they can make them available to you and they are also available at CRM Bookshop. The Lord will go with you. By the time we meet this evening your testimonies will already be many.  So you can dance back to your seats now. I will see you this evening. Glory be to God!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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