Thank you Jesus, blessed be your holy name, you are worthy to praise, you are worthy to be adored. You are worthy to be magnified. Glory be to your name Lord, thank you Father… in Jesus mighty name we worship

In the name of Jesus send thy light; send thy light into my life… (Singing)

The Lord Jesus Christ said I am the light of the world, he that follow me shall not walk in darkness open your mouth and say father send your light into my life this year don’t let me walk in darkness, let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

You are high and lifted up; there is no one like you. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah!... (Singing)

 Jehovah you are the most high… (Singing)

The Lord Jesus Christ said if I be lifted up will draw all men unto myself, lift your voice and say to him, father I have lifted you up tonight, lift me up also…  let’s talk to the Almighty God…

When Jesus says yes! Nobody can say no! ... (Singing)

 I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father every doors I knock at this year, let it be open unto me, let’s talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I am serving the God of miracles, I know, yes I know… (Singing)

Lift your voice to Him and say father, every day of this year fill my life with miracle signs and wonders. Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

There is no power like that of Jesus… (Singing)

Lift your voice to him and say father you are the Almighty God, every power against me, silence them. Open your mouth and pray to Him…in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Come down oh! Lord and manifest your power… (Singing)

Lift your voice to Him and say father, come and answer us with your fire tonight. Open your mouth and speak to the Almighty God… in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Call on Him and say father, let all my journeys this year, let it be peace, safe and very, very pleasant. Open your mouth and pray to the Almighty God… in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

I have a God who never fails… (Singing)

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father don’t let me fail in everything I do this year. Open your mouth and pray to the Almighty God… in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Now go to the Almighty God and tell him and ask Him for what you want Him to do for you this month, He is already here, he cannot fail. Ask for something mighty this month… in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let’s go before the only one who can answer prayers;

There is none holy as the Lord… (Singing)

Holy is the Lord, Holy, holy, holy, holy is the Lord. ..(Singing)

The God of Abraham, the God of Jacob, the God of Elijah, the God of Elisha, the God of Daniel, the God of Peter, the God of Paul, our God, king of kings, Lord of Lords, the I am that I am, the ancient of days, the Lion of the tribe of Judah the rock of ages, the unchangeable changer, glory be to your holy name, glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for January, thank you for bringing into February, thank you for everything that you have done for us this New Year. Accept our thanks in Jesus name.

Tonight father, manifest your power, save souls tonight, heal tonight, deliver tonight, set free tonight. In all our lives, tonight and for the rest of the year, let everyday be full of miracle, signs and wonders and all forces that the enemy may want to arraign against us, silence them in Jesus name. Father tonight, we pray for Kenya; you are the prince of peace. Because of your children there, send peace to Kenya. Almighty God, send peace to Kenya.

Thank you for Nigeria, thank you for peace, thank you stability, thank you for all that you have done for us, thank you for the last election, thank you for taking control, let the peace continue in Jesus name and please Lord, lay your Mighty hands on our president. My father and my God we are committing Ogun state in particular in your hands let there be no more accident, let there be no more tragedies. Father put an end to arm robbery in this state, all your children who are here tonight, let each of us go home with a testimony. Thank you my father, glory be to your name, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

For those of you who are listening to us via the internet or over the television, every blessings of tonight will be extended to you in Jesus name.

Ruth 3v1- 6  And Naomi her mother –in –law said unto her my daughter shall I not seek rest unto thee that it might be well with thee and now is not Boas of our kindred of whom thou maidens thou hart, behold he winnoweth barley tonight  in the threshing floor, wash thyself therefore and anoint thee and put thy raiment upon thee, and get thee thou to the floor, but make not thyself known unto he shall have done eating and drinking and It shall be when he lieth down that thou shall mark the place where he lieth and thou shall go in and uncover his feet and lay thee down and he will tell thee what thou shall do, she said unto her all that thou sayest unto me I will do and she went down to the floor and did according to all that her mother in law bade her.

 Last month we began to discuss a new level of breakthrough. And we learnt certain things which I will go over quickly before I continue, we learnt that there are categories of breakthroughs; that there are delayed breakthrough and there are special breakthrough and we believe God since God says he wants to do a new thing, that he will move all of us to a new level of breakthroughs and we said to move to a new level of breakthroughs, you need certain things, first is, you must have good counsel because the bible says, every purpose is established by counsel, so you must hear good counsel and then you must accept the good counsel, because the bible says he that harkeneth to counsel is wise and not only must you accept the counsel you must do as you are advised, you must not be a here only but you must be doer of the word.

 Then we took a look at the counsel of Naomi to Ruth. the counsel of Naomi to Ruth was one; wash be clean and we said that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanse us from all sins, two; anoint yourself, that means seek the anointing that comes from the holy spirit. Three; dress up, which could mean put off the old man and put on the new. It could also mean put on the whole amour of God. It could also mean wear righteousness as a garment.

 And then she said observe where he lays down, we said this means that we must note where our future husband Jesus Christ is, we said Jesus Christ is the word of God, we must worship where we can hear the word of God is been preached, where God speaks not man speaking, where every sermon will be related to the word of God; Where we will be discussing the bible, and not human philosophy.

And then she said you must approach him only after he has eaten, and we said we must offer the Lord Jesus Christ his kind of food; which is winning souls.

She said you must approach him only after he has taken some drink; and that the wine that Jesus loves is praise and then he said after you have done all these, lay at his feet, we said we must learn to stay at the feet of Jesus Christ to learn from him.

Come to the foot of the cross to be washed by his blood, we said all these things are the advice that Naomi gave to Ruth to bring her to a new level of Breakthrough.

The man who spoke before us tonight, told us that even though doors might be open but there will be obstacles to overcome for us to be able to walk into the open doors into our breakthrough and if there is anything the story of Ruth tells us is that there is a strategy into going into your breakthrough and we see here the importance of strategies.

In Proverb 24 v 6 the bible says with counsel make thy war. Breaking through to your next level is going to require some struggle but the struggle will be easy if you go about it strategically.

Eccl.7 v19 made it clear that one wise man is stronger than ten mighty men. The elders have a saying that the one who is strong but has no wisdom, Is like a lazy man. The wisdom to break through to the next level, I pray that the Almighty God will release it to you tonight in the name of Jesus. Eccl. 9v16 says that wisdom is better than strength. In Eccl.9 V 18, the bible say wisdom is better than weapons of war.

Wisdom is what we need this year more than ever before, for us to be able to breakthrough to the next level, so that before this year ends our colleagues will be wondering how you did it, so shall it be in Jesus name. In Eccl. 10 v10 the bible says if you are cutting a wood and the axe is blunt, then you have to apply more strength, in other words if you will only be wise and sharpen your axe, then it will become easier for you to cut down the tree.

When I was younger and people want to cut down a log of wood, for days you will see hefty men with big muscle going after the tree, four days at times they are still on one tree, but now one man with an electric saw can cut down a hundred trees in one day.

I am praying that the wisdom you need so that not only will you breakthrough to the next level but you will do easily, the Almighty God will give it to you today.

I want to talk to you for a short period of time, what I want to say tonight will not be very long so that you will be able to remember it on “divine strategy to breakthrough to the next level”.

Thank you father, the Lord wants me to tell someone; he said those who are trying to weary you in the race towards your destiny, the Lord says I will retire them.

The Lord also says that there is someone here; he said that dying project will have a major revival. I believe God is still talking to the same person. He said I will turn your captivity and fill your mouth with laughter again.

I believe the Lord is still talking to the same person, he said the changes for the better that it is coming your way will be so fast that you will think you are dreaming.

We  want to talk about divine strategy, you see because human strategy can fail, the Almighty God has ways  to do it that human wisdom can be render useless, you know the story of Ahithophel, in 2Samuel15 v 31 when Ahithophel turned against David. David prayed to God and said that God will turn the counsel of Ahithophel to foolishness. Every counsel; against you too, every counsel that will not let you have your breakthrough the Almighty God will turn it to foolishness. Before that time Ahithophel was the wisest man in the land, but when God intervene, Ahithophel end his life by hanging himself. And I stand on the word of God, every counsel that will not let you reach your next level; the Almighty God will turn to foolishness.

So the counsel of man may fail but the counsel of God will never fail. The wisdom of God can never fail and the interesting thing about the strategies of God is that they may not make sense. When God says this is the way I want you to do it. This is the way I want you to go it may be completely contrary to the way the people of the world do it. In Isaiah 55 v 8-9 God said my ways are not your ways, my thought are not your thought, however as the heavens is higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thought higher than your thought, I want somebody to say; Father show me your way.

If you look at what Naomi said to Ruth you will say wait a minute what is this woman trying to do? You are sending your daughter in law to go and lie down at the feet of another man at night, have you forgotten in Israel when a woman is cut in adultery she will be stone to death?

 How will Ruth be able to prove that she is not a harlot? When you see a man sleeping and you went and open his legs and you lay down there. What are you trying to do mother in law? But it was God guiding Naomi.

 Let somebody say one more time, God show me your way. Many of the ways of God don’t make sense to human beings but those who follow that way they always excel. For example in Proverb 11v 24 He said there is he that scattereth and yet does increaseth. That doesn’t make sense; how can I be scattering the few that I have and you say I keep on increasing but that is the way of the Lord, it doesn’t make sense to pay your tithe, for a very long time after I became born again, I didn’t pay my tithe because it didn’t make sense; hundred percent is not enough to spend, now you want me to give you ten percent of it. I said these pastors are very clever but they don’t know I am a mathematician, how can ninety percent be better than hundred. Thank God that he loves me.

 Let somebody say God show me your way.

Right from the time I start paying my tithe, devourer stop coming, useless visitors stop coming. All the things that I was spending money on that I thought I was enjoying they ended. Suddenly I found that with ninety percent with God’s blessings if far, far more than hundred percent with God’s curse. Every curse upon your life will be cancelled this year.

One other thing you need to know about God’s strategies before I tell you is that they always work. When you try to do it your way you fail. When you do it God’s way it is impossible to fail. Let me give you one example or two in Joshua 7v1-5 Joshua decide to attack Ai using his own method, it is a small town, no problem let’s send some few men to handle it. And the enemy defeated them and they came back to God, God show me your way, God said you’ve forgotten that before, okay come back to me and I will show you to do and he show them what to do and they won easily.

If you look at Joshua 6 v 1-5, God told Joshua, you see this big wall of Jericho, if you will do it my way you will do it easily and Joshua said, I am ready for instructions and the Lord began to say step by step. Because that is one thing about the strategies of God, the strategies of God are easy to understand, he would say step one do this, step two do  this, step three do this…

Naomi said to Ruth , number one wash yourself, anybody can understand that, number two anoint yourself, number three dress yourself. Very simple instruction! God said to Joshua In day number one walk round Jericho don’t say a word, that is easy to understand, second day do the same. Do that for six days, you understand he said yes. Seven day go round seven times, so simple! After you have gone round it the seventh time, then shout, it doesn’t make sense. This is a mighty wall, what is somebody walking round going to do? Just do what He says, they did it and the wall fell. They don’t understand how, all that it is important is that it happened.

Brethren I don’t know how God is going to take you to the top but I believe the Almighty God for those of you who are here in particular, before the end of this year, you will be singing from the top. If you believe that say amen loud and clear.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He asked me to tell you no more bad dreams.

He said there is someone here he said what you need is a complete body overhaul, the Lord said before the sunrises I will do that one for you.

The Lord said there is someone here he said you have wept for a long time for sorrow, He asked me to tell you, you will weep for a long time for Joy.

So, divine strategy from God is always easy to follow, step by step, line upon, precept upon precept, So that even a fool can follow.

 Now if you play your part, God will do the rest. Play your part, follow his instructions, I can guarantee you God will do the rest. In 1Samuel 17 v 45-51 David said to Goliath he said the battle is the Lord’s and He will hand you over to me, but then David did his own part he let go the stone from the sling, as a matter of fact he ran to battle and I want to let some people to know who are here tonight, if you are not here last night for the holy communion service try and get the tape.

 Opportunities are coming your way this year but you have to run to grab them. Many opportunities will come, run to get them. It is the one who is quick who will get most of them.

God will anoint your feet so that you will be able to run and grab this opportunities. David ran to battle, he released the stone, it hit the head of Goliath and Goliath fell down. Now David did not wait to find out whether he fainted or not he ran further grabbed his sword and cut off his head, now that the head is gone, this man is truly dead. I have good news for someone here tonight, all the opportunities you have lost, God will restore them and this time around you will cease them in Jesus name.

The Almighty God will help you do what you cannot do, but that which you can do; he will not help you to do it that is important.

When Jesus got to the tomb of Lazarus in John11v 39 - 44 Lazarus was dead, he has been dead for four days, he couldn’t help himself. Jesus said to the men there, roll away the stones, Lazarus was not the one who rolled away the stone, it is God who got someone to do it.

 Every stone that is blocking your way to breakthrough, God will send people who will roll it away.

 Then God spoke, he sent his word, the word entered into the grave yard and resurrected Lazarus. God has already spoken to someone tonight; He said your project that is dying will have revival. I believe that is already done, God has spoken to someone tonight, He said he will give you a complete body over haul, I believe that is already done.

 Then Lazarus came back to life. Do you know Jesus did not send anybody to bring him out? He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself and if Lazarus did not come out of the grave he would have died again of hunger, God will open doors for you, he will send help for you but he will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

Naomi didn’t say to Ruth, go into the bathroom wait for me there I will come and wash you, no she said wash yourself. She didn’t say when you have finish washing come to me so that I can anoint you, no, no she said anoint yourself. She didn’t say come and I would dress you, she said dress yourself. Everything that you can do for yourself, God will not do for you. I am assuring you that God would open doors for you this year, but do you know that means get ready for hard work? If you can work hard I can guarantee you if you that the Lord will visit you, how many of you are ready for hard work this year? Get ready for prosperity, do I hear you say amen loud and clear!

I want to share with you only three strategy of God; number one what do I do so that all my prayers will be answered. Will not be beautiful brethren if all our prayers are answered. If I know that every prayers I pray will be answered that will be good.

There is a strategy, Divine strategy, and it is in John 3 v16 God asked you to do only three things and I will answer all your prayers.

 Number one He said go, number two He said win soul, number three, He said follow up the soul until they become established. That is all, God said do all these three things, and then if I don’t answer all your prayers call me a liar. It is in there John 15 v16 He said you have not chosen me, I have chosen you, there are many people in your family but I have chosen you, there are many people in your town but I have chosen you. There are several people with the same qualification but I have chosen you, I have ordained you I have make you special. Even if you don’t know your colleague knows it.

 Now he says there are three things I want you to and I will answer all your prayers, wherever you go; win soul, follow up soul until them become established. Every prayer that you pray, God said I will answer. Which is the difficult there? “Go” everybody understand that, everybody knows come and go. Win souls, that is not difficult, he didn’t say you will be the one who will save their soul, all he ask you to do is tell them about me. It is not so difficult to talk about Jesus, you don’t have to be a preacher, and all you have to do is share testimonies. That’s all, tell everybody what he has done for you and tell the testimonies you have heard.

Before we were born again, we know how we get disciple for herbalist. Get to the office on Monday and say my friend somebody took me some where last weekend, that Baba is serious. Am telling you I have never seen a man like that, the following weekend that fellow will follow you there.

 There is no power like that of Jesus, we come to hear testimonies, incredible things that God had done, all that God is asking you to is to tell others, the moment they gave their to Jesus , follow them up until they become established and God says, you do your part and leave the rest to me.

You know I have good news for somebody here, somebody that has made up his/her mind that from now on I will be winning souls. I guarantee you, long before the end of this year; you will stand here and testify that all your prayers has been answered.

 Who is that fellow here? Let me hear you say amen.

What is the second strategy, how do I get blessings chasing me? Not me chasing blessing, I focus my attention now on winning souls, everywhere I go I talk about Jesus. And I follow up my convert, what do I do so that blessing will be pursuing me? Brethren you may find this difficult to believe but if God is on your side, people can bring blessing to you and beg you to receive. blessings can be so much so that you will say to God this is too much and I am praying for somebody here today that you will say father I don’t have a room for this God will send it to you very soon.

In Deuteronomy 28 v1-2 God said if you would do certain things, there are only four of them, one; He said you will hearken, hearken! Hear the word of God, number two hearken diligently! you know some people come here for signs and wonders and they will see signs and wonders. But some people come to hear the word of God and they will listen diligently, and then number three he said that you observe, meditate on what you have heard, and digest it. And then number four, do all. He said if you will do these four things, blessing will pursue you and over take you. Hearken, hearken diligently! Hear and observe he said it is then that blessing will pursue you and overtake you. But he said you must do all.

When the man of God told Naaman to dip himself seven times, if he had dip himself six times, he would have died a leper, you see God has the ability to pick up a beggar from the dunghill and cause him to seat among princes. 1Samuel 2v8 but that beggar must be willing to be diligent. The bible say sayeth thou a man diligent in his business, he will stand before kings and not before mean men. Get ready for hard work because the doors will begin to open for this month. Doors will begin to open, opportunities will begin to come, I know what I am talking about. I wish I could say it with much passion but this is my own style.

 My father says behold I will do a new thing, before he said it he has done it in his mind, it will be sad if we miss this year, get ready, be prepared for hard work because he wants to move you to a new level. It will be so in Jesus name.

when I was preparing for my PhD and the work was getting more and more intense, ask my wife, at a stage I called her; we are not quarreling but if all I say to you is good morning that should be enough, because I have work to do, many times I will be in the toilet but then the problem I am solving will begin to come and I will go in with paper and pen, and I will forget myself there, she will come and knock at the door to come out.

 Blessings are coming your way, will you be ready to work for them. I pray that the Holy Spirit will be able to explain it more than I have been able to do.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said recently you said things  has never been this bad since you came to the world, he said very soon you will say things have never been this good since you came into the world.

Daddy says there is someone here, he said each time you are climbing, something is tries to pull you down, daddy says that will never happen again.

The Lord said there is someone here He said I have started something in your family and he said I will complete it.

The Lord said there is somewhere, He said one day when there are giving an examples of winners, they will use you as an example.

Strategy number three, this is very important so pay attention to it, it’s found in Mattew11v12 he says from the day of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

From the days of John the Baptist until now, until 2008, the kingdom suffers violent, not the lazy, not the casual, not the look warm have taken it by force. Now we are on going to the next level, in fact we are on the next level, but there level and there are levels.

 About two night ago, I came out to the camp to pray and the Holy Spirit says, son I want to take you on a little journey, I say yes Lord; so he began to lead me in the direction He wants me to go, He took me to the fist auditorium, He said when we built this one, we thought it was big, I said yes Lord, than he took me to the second auditorium, the wooden section, we thought it was big then the iron section, then he brought me here and now we’re are saying it is big, do you want to hear what he told me? Are you ready for it, he said son one day this new thing that you are calling big, will be the children auditorium.

Now I know it is difficult to swallow, it is difficult for me to swallow too, there are levels and there are level, how many of you really what to go very, very high, listen to me carefully tonight, the man who spoke before me said in every man’s life there is a day that marks the turning point, this is the day for somebody, but the tape of tonight and listen to it again and again because all of a sudden you will discover that we are all in the same level now, but all of a sudden some of us will be far, far ahead, how many of you will be far, far ahead, let me hear you shout halleluiah! What are you going to do so that you will be far, far ahead? he saying that  everything you do for God you must do it violently and very quickly I will mention seven of them.

 He  said one, your praise must be violent praise, the time for causal praise is gone, the time they have to beg you before you shout halleluiah is gone and I thank the Almighty God, I didn’t ask for the sign but he showed me the sign, how many of you enjoyed the praise worship when they just started?, that is a new beginning, new beginning of praise, because you need that violent praise, because the moment the enemies  discovers  that you are climbing higher , they will want to bind you, they will want to put you in the prison but praise, violent praise will break ever yoke and open every prison door.

you know Act16 v 25 - 34 when Paul and Silas praised God, the bible say the prisoner heard them it was at midnight, all the other prisoners were sleeping, two people were praising God, they woke up all the prisoners, it wasn’t quiet praise, it was a violent praise,

 Let me hear someone shout a violent halleluiah!

Many of us are prisoners without knowing it, we are held captive financially. Prisoners can’t go where he wants to go, there are many of us who would want to go abroad, where I the money for the ticket. Anybody who can’t do what he wants to do when he wants to it is a prisoner and you are coming out of the prison tonight, because from now on you will begin to praise God violently. Some of us are held captive in our health, some of us want to dance for Jesus but the legs are not agreeing, but that will change, violent praise will send every prisoner free tonight in Jesus name.

 I have told you the story of a man, the doctors said he is going to die, he couldn’t even move anymore, but one day he said alright, he said if I am going to die I will die praising God, so when everybody at home didn’t notice, he sneak out of the house and there was a tree behind the house, he crawled there he said I am going to praise you God till I die here, he laid on the floor and he begin to praise God, initially it was a whisper , but as he was praising God, strength began to come, and little by little, he was able to lift his hand a little and his voice began to rise, before he knew it he was standing on his feet, his hand raise up and people who were are two miles away were hearing his voice , that was the end of the sickness, if you don’t mind why don’t you shout and shout  big halleluiah! Shake away the yoke of the devil.

Violent praise that will tell the devil, do your worst I will praise God.

Number two, every prayer you pray from now on must be violent prayer, the way some of us pray shows Good that we are telling God, if you like answer if you don’t like don’t answer. If you are push to the wall, you will learn to pray and pray violently.

 In Genesis 32 v 24 - 30 when Jacob knew that death was coming the following day, he didn’t pray a gentle man prayer. The angel of the God said let me go, he said you can’t go until you solve my problem. He got his problem solved. Brethren, many of you travel so many kilometers to get here, you have not come to meet a man, you have come to meet God. You don’t need any body to pray for you, all you need to do is cry to God, this is Holy ground. He answers prayer, and you don’t need two or three people before you cry to him, you can hold on to Him yourself and say God you have to answer me or I won’t let you go. I don’t know about you but I need help. How many of you need help from God, and the help will come tonight.

Last night I have just finish praying for the people who come for the praise night, but I have my own problems that I am crying to God about, I finish praying for them and I was continuing with my prayer and somebody came and said Daddy I came all the way from somewhere, do you come to see me or do you come to meet with Jesus Christ. I am crying to God, the one you should be crying to.  How many of you came to see God, he will not disappoint you,

I have told you the story of one of our sister, before wonderful sister, but she had a child and the child was epileptic, anytime she comes into a house, the people there will fall in love with her because she is a good Christian, very kind, she would clean the whole house, clean the surrounding, everybody loved her, but the day her son had an attack, he began to roll on the floor and foam in his mouth. They will say to her, sister we like you but because of our children we think you need to find another house. She was moving from one house to another. Then one day she was going to the market and at the very central of the town, at the cross road, the child had an attack, and everybody now saw what was happening, before then she had been praying, God please help! heal this boy!, but on that day in public, when there was nothing to hidden anymore, she grab the child lifted up her hands to the Almighty God and said it is you and I today , you have to do something, that day the answer came. Do I hear someone here stand on his/her feet shouting help me oh Lord!

Thank you Lord, he will help you in Jesus name.

Thank you father, daddy says there is someone here; he said every effort to disgrace you shall fail.

Thank you Father, amen and amen, the Lord wants me to tell somebody here He said I have heard your cry for help and that the miracle you asked for has already been dispatched from heaven.

Halleluiah, daddy says there is someone here tonight, he says just as I make a miracle out of David, I will make a miracle out of you.

Your praise must be violent, your prayer must be violent, and your faith must be violent. In Mark 5 v 2 - 34 the story of the woman with the issue of blood, hers was a violent faith, if I can touch the helm of His garment, I will be made whole, she pushed her way through and touched the helm of the garment of Jesus, violent faith, she didn’t ask Jesus to lay hand on her, no, no she said I just want to touch the helm of the garment.

I have told you the story of a woman, the doctor told the daughter to take her home, nothing we can do to help her and one day she said to the daughters, take me to the church, the daughters said to her it is not service day, nobody will be there, she said who told you I want to see somebody, take me to the church so they taught  she wanted to go and die in the church, she said just carry me inside, take me close to the pillar, because I know if I can touch one of the pillars, I will be healed, they took her in, she touched one of the pillars at the church in Ebute-metta, instantly she was healed.

 There some of you who will say unless the G.O prays for me…  that is when I can be heal, whereas there people who say if I can just get to the camp ground I will be heal, who is going to get the breakthrough first?

You remember the story of a woman, she testified over there the old auditorium, she went abroad to take care of her children and she suffers stroke, so she told her people I am going home, they told her that those who suffers stroke at home come over here for treatment, she said she is going home, they asked her why, she said because I know that the head quarter of God is at the Redemption Camp.

If I can get to redemption camp I know I will be well, she came from London to Redemption camp to receive her healing, of course as soon as she get to the Redemption camp she was made whole.

Where is your faith? Why don’t you tell yourself because I am already on the camp ground before I leave today, I will get my miracle.

You know the story of the man who was mad, chain, leg, hands and feet and they were taking him to the physiatrist hospital, he said to the police men, please take me to the redemption ground, if my feet can touch that redemption camp I know I will be well, he was mad but God gave him an insight, he has a little faith left in him, they bought him they saw me there it was in our first auditorium, they say are you the man in charge here I said yes, they say this mad man here said we should bring him here he said if his feet touched the ground he will be made whole. Well if he said so, what are you waiting for, let him come down, he is very wide, I said lose him, they said will you be responsible for him, I said lose him; they loosed him he jump down that was the end of the problem. Violent faith!

Number four, violent giving, in 2Chronicle 1v 6-12 the things that made Solomon the greatest king of all the kings in Israel in; wisdom, in prosperity, in good health, in peace, is nothing other than violent giving. He is the one who gave as nobody has ever giving before. That caused God to say there will be no king before you, there will be no king after you.

The Lord said there is someone here he said I should tell you just don’t forget that I love you. He said the fellow concerned will understand.

Violent giving will cause you to excel, it will bring you to a level that nobody will be able to touch you and when they asked God but we started together, God will say that is true but what you sow is what you reap.

Violent giving will give you violent breakthrough.

I told you the story when we were building the second auditorium, I had deposited money for wood, in what use to be called Bendel Sate and for one reason of the other, the board in charge of forestry closed down all the saw mills. What am I going to do Lord, convention is near and all those who pledge to bring me money are not even bringing more money. What am I going to do? I was walking up and down there in the bush; suddenly God spoke to and said, “What do you know about the kingdom”? Father it is not the kingdom of God am talking about now, it is how I am going to finish the auditorium. I know you must be born again to enter into the kingdom of God, I know the kingdom of God is not food and drink, etc, and he kept on saying yes! finally I say since the day of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffers violent ant the violent has taken it by force, you want the auditorium finished? I said yes, he said give me a violent offering, I sad Lord I have never heard that before, he said a violent offering is the offering you want to give and you hand refuses to give. The following Sunday I told my children at Ebute-metta, this is what God want m to do, those of you who wants to join me, join me, that was on Sunday on Monday the military government dissolve the board and appointed a new one and the new one open all the saw mill, Tuesday somebody came and say daddy I have no money but I have trailers to go and get the wood. Everything that has been shut before began to flood in.

There is someone here every door that has been shut against you will be force open in Jesus name.

Violent praise, violent prayer, violent faith, violent giving.

 Number five, violent intercession. The breakthrough many of us are looking for is the salvation of the soul of some of our relatives, some of us don’t have problem physically, some of us has no problem spiritually, some of us have no problem financially, but we have problem with children, husband, and wife, relative.

 We need violent intercession to get them save. In Mattew15 v 21- 28 a woman came to Jesus and said my daughter is grievously vexed of the devil come and help her, Jesus didn’t answer her, she kept on shouting to Jesus, Jesus call her a  dog, she agreed, but she kept on crying, until she got her breakthrough. Violent intercession, some of us has taken the issue of our relative likely; don’t let them go to hell. Intercede for them violently, with fasting with prayer, with vigil; I pray for all of you here tonight, not a single member of your family will go to hell.

Number six, violent decree, in2King 2 v 23 - 24 when some people were mocking Elisha and he turn and cursed them in the name of the Lord, it was a decree it wasn’t a prayer, it was a violent decree and the mockers were silent. One of the prayers you are going to pray tonight, we have prayed it once , you are going to pray it again, is that all those who are mocking you, all those who are saying where is your God, this year God must silence them and it is not a prayer you will, pray gently.

You need violent prayer to move obstacles out of your way in Act13 v 6 -12 when Paul was preaching and a sorcerer was blocking his way he said that he should become blind for a while and he became blind and he was moved out of the way. It is not wrong to command that all the witches in your family should relocate. All those who say you will not reach your goal  be relocated, there is nothing wrong with that and I am going to agree with you, that all those who say you will not get to the next level, the Almighty God will relocate them.

Finally violent obedience, many at times when God asked you to do something you find it hard to obey, you have to learn to obey God violently. In 1king17v8-16

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone here, he said you have waited, you have fasted, you have prayed, he asked me to tell you now, you will win.

Daddy says there is someone here he said you will soon discover that I am never too late.


Daddy says there is someone here he said the door that had refuse to open he said at your next knock it will open wide.

Daddy says from now on people will be eager to help you.

In 1king17v 8 -16 when Elijah told the widow of Zarephath to give him her last meal, it wasn’t easy to obey but she did and she never regretted it. Brethren the strategy that will move you to a higher level of breakthrough is to remember that the kingdom of God suffered violent and the violence has taken it by force, beginning from this moment, let your praise be violent, let your prayer be violent, let your faith be violent, let your giving be violent, let your intercession be violent, learn to decree violent decree and let your obedient be violent. The bible says whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. I want you to turn to the fellow next to you and say thank God I came tonight, I will see you in a higher level, if you believe that let me hear you say halleluiah!.

Let me conclude, it is one thing to desire, it is another thing t put your desire into action. The prodigal son said I have suffered enough, I will arise and go to my father, the bible said and he arose. All I have said tonight will be of no use if you will not act on it. Beginning from this moment let everybody see that things are different now, that your praise is different now, your prayer now, your faith is different now, your giving is different now and very soon the result will begin to show. In fact by the time you come next month you will have violent testimony.

And as I have been speaking , something within you is saying you better surrender your life to Jesus but something is saying sit down what will your friends say? They will say so you are not even a Christian all this while or some of them may be saying; we came here to steal oh! So don’t disgrace us by saying you are giving your life to Jesus. Take a violent decision tell the devil “leave me alone, I am going to God, I want to go and surrender my life to Jesus Christ”. If you want to give your life to Jesus, run forward don’t let the devil hold you down, the time has come for you to come to Jesus whole heartedly. If you want to surrender your life to Him begin to come now.

Begin to pray and say Lord save my soul, have mercy on me, save my soul Lord, forgive all my sin, I don’t want to stay with Satan anymore, have mercy on me Lord, have mercy on me. I have come for salvation tonight Lord, let your blood wash me clean, I don’t want to stay with Satan any more have mercy on me, have mercy on me.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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