THE NEW ANOINTING 2nd of May, 2008

2King 2v 9-15 And it came to pass as they have gone over that Elisha sais unto Elijah ask what I shall do for thee before I am taking away from thee and Elisha said, I pray thee let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me. and he said thou has ask a hard thing nevertheless if thou see me when I am taking from thee, it shall be so unto thee but if not it shall not be so, and it came to pass as they still went ahead and talk that behold there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire and parted them asunder and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.

 And Elisha saw it and he cried my father, my father! The chariot of Israel and the horsemen and thereof he saw him no more; and he took hold of the end of his own clothe and rent the in two pieces. He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and he went back and stood at the bank of Jordan. And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him and he smote the waters saying where is the Lord God of Elijah and when has smitten the waters, it parted hither and thither and he passed over, and when the sons of the prophet which were to view at Jericho saw him, they said the spirit of Elisha rest on Elijah and they came to meet him and they bowed down to him.

The spirit of God is going to come upon someone tonight. A new anointing will begin to operate in your life.

What is anointing? For us to fully understand anointing we have to do some teaching tonight. When a generator is working, electricity flows. Now electricity is not the same as generator, it is the generator that produces electricity.

Anointing flows from a spirit, Anointing is not a spirit. It flows from a spirit and take note I said anointing flow from a spirit. Because there are different kinds of anointing; there is divine anointing; that flows from the Holy Spirit Act10 v 38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power, who went about doing good and healing those who were oppress of the devil, for God was with him. Divine anointing comes from the Holy Spirit but then there is demonic anointing. That comes from demons that flow from evil spirit, it is the devil’s anointing. In Matthew 8 v 28 the bible tells us that there were two wild men and they are feared, that wherever they are, nobody could pass by that place. No one could pass by that place.

There is an anointing that flows from the devil. And anger is an example of demonic anointing.

  When electricity flows, it generate power, in the same manner when anointing flows, it generate power.

 Now power is ability to do work so when the anointing flows it gives the anointed power to what is normally humanly impossible to do. in Judges 14 v 5-6 when an anointing flow in Samson, he tore a lion into two and I am decreeing tonight that because of the anointing of God that is going to come on you, any lion that standing on your way will be dead.

In Mark 5 v1-4 the bible tells us of the mad man of Gadarenes, that when they bound him with fetters of iron, he would tear it with ordinary hand; that is demonic anointing flowing in him. Producing power!

Now when electricity stops flowing, we call it power failure, when anointing stops flowing in the life of the anointed, we say he suffers power failure. And I am praying for all of you who are here tonight, the anointing that God is going to release for you will be forever. And I am praying especially for the men of God here tonight, for the rest of your life you will never suffer power failure.

In Judges 16v 20-21 when Samson suffered power failure the result was not a pleasant thing at all. He said I would go as before, I will scatter my enemy like before but he didn’t know that God has departed from him. He expected the anointing to flow but there was power failure. I pray for you one more time for the rest of your life you will never suffer power failure.

I have told you the story of brother Sam, an illiterate fellow full of anointing, raised at least three fellow from the dead, went to preach somewhere and he was going to tell them I don’t know how now speak English, get me someone to interpret, as he opened his mouth to say I don’t speak English, the holy spirit take over and for one hour he preached in beautiful English.

Then he suffered power failure because pride came into his life, the one who use to raise the dead, the one that forces of darkness use to run away from, ended up in a lunatic asylum. So you know the reason why you should say amen when I pray that for the rest of your life you will not suffer power failure.

 Now when electricity is properly channeled, it does a lots of wonderful thing, produces light, produce motion like a fan, you need it to start your car. It can produce heat; like electric iron or boiler ring, it produces sound; am talking here and you are hearing, some of you are a mile away but if they take off electricity, you won’t even see me talk less of hearing me.

In the same manner, when an anointing is correctly channel. When anointing is correctly handled, it can produce light. In John 9 v1-7, it will interest you that the bible says that when Jesus saw that man that way born blind, he spat on the ground made mud out of the clay and the bible says he anointed his eyes with the mud. So it is not the mud that gave that man eyes it is the anointing in the mud.

 The ground you are sitting on is anointed and that is why I can cheerful decree that every sickness in your body will go into the ground now.

Anointing properly channeled, can produce motion in Act 3 v1-8 the bible tell us that when Peter was going to the temple with John and they saw a man that was born lame, Peter said to him silver and gold have I none but I have something, I have anointing, Now I am going to use that anointing for you in the name of Jesus; He said in the name of Jesus get up! The man didn’t get up(of course he would have been looking at Peter and say you think if I can stand up I will be sitting down here?)But Peter grabbed his hand and lifted him up, and anointing flow from Peter into the man and the ankle bones and leg receives strength. So he got up and he was walking, he was jumping and praising God.

 I am believing God for somebody here tonight that God will cause you to be moving again but more than that, I am believing God that all those who have been kept stagnant by the forces of darkness, the Almighty God will touch you and it will cause you to move again. Anointing properly channel can produce heat. In Judges 15 v14 the bible says, when they brought Samson bound to the Philistine and the spirit of God came mightily on him, the rope binding him was burnt as it was burn with fire, the anointing produces fire. Yesterday night when I was going to pray for those who come for the praise night, the spirit of God told me how to pray for them. He asked me to pray that God will so anoint them that anyone who tries to harm them will taste the fire of God. That prayer was for those who came for the nigh vigil of yesterday. But using the authority vested in me, I want to extend it to you, that tonight God will so anoint you, that from now on, anyone who touches you with evil, shall taste the fire of God.

Anointing can produce sound just like electricity can produce sound from the microphone and the speakers. In Matthew 12 v 22 the bible said they brought a man to Jesus who was blind and dumb, when the Lord touched, he spoke and saw. Anointing can cause people to speak, so if there is anyone who has a problem with speech, tonight in the name of Jesus, you will be able to speak fluently but more than that if there is anything that is blocking your mouth, anything that is not allowing you to witness for Christ. Any reproach that may be in your life, anything that is causing people to ask where is your God? The anointing will take care of it tonight in Jesus name.

Before I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, believe it or not I was a very quite fellow. I could travel several kilometers to go and visit a relative, and I may want to spend three or four days with them, as soon as we greet the first set of greetings, that is all for the rest of my stay. It is good morning, good night. The rest of the period I will be busy with my mathematics.

 My sister now in the Lord discovered something had happened; when I went to visit her after the normal greetings and I eat, i began to preach to her, she looked at me and said when did you begin to talk?. The power of the Holy Spirit is coming on you tonight. Those of you who have not been able to open your mouth to talk for God, you will begin to talk.

When Electricity is properly harness, it can bring all round satisfaction. Air conditioning, fridge, etc. in the same manner when an anointing is correctly channeled, it can bring total satisfaction to people. In 2 King 4v 8-17 the bible tells us of the great woman of Shunem


She had everything except that which money cannot buy; that is she was barren, but because an anointed man of God was there, the greatest need of her life was met.

And by the power of the anointing that is upon me, I decree tonight that that which remains in your life that you must have so that your joy must be full, you will get it tonight in Jesus name.

Do you know that electricity can even be use to bring a dead heart back to life? If a man suffered a heart attack and the heart stopped breathing, they use electricity to jump start it again, in fact many at times when they have to perform special surgery in the heart, they need to stop the heart for a couple of moment before they bring it back again.

 In the same manner, when anointing is properly channeled. It can bring the dead back to life. In Mark 5 v 35- 42 everybody knew that he daughter of Jarius was dead and when Jesus said don’t weep the child is sleeping they laughed him to scorn but when Jesus took her hands…

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said the great change is about to begin in your life and that very soon you will become you will become an agent of change.

… When the Lord took the hand of the daughter of Jarius, anointing flow from the anointed one to the dead girl and the heart jumped back to life. And the one they thought was dead was alive again.

I have told you the story that once upon a time I was travelling to my home town, and I got to a town called Ife and I saw one of my daughter standing beside her car looking very, very sad and so I told my driver to stop, so I went to her and ask her what is the problem? I thought maybe her car broke down, why are you looking so sad? She said the baby in her womb id dead and the doctors wants to evacuate, I felt the leading of God to lay my hands on the stomach and I prayed a simple prayer, the baby jumped back to life. Now that child that the doctor wants to evacuate has finished the master degree now.

Now in the name of the anointed one; Jesus Christ the Lord, I decree tonight that whatever is already dead, that is good in your life shall come back to life.

Now when Electricity is handle wrongly, when electricity is handled improperly it can cause a lot of damage, in the same manner when anointing is handled improperly, it can cause a lot of damage. In 2 Samuel 6 v 6-7 the bible talked about the man called Uzzah who touched the ark of God improperly he died on the spot. In 1Samuel15 v 24-29 when King Saul had offended against God and he was trying to compel Samuel to worship with him, together with his sin and Samuel said no I am not going to worship with you because you have sinned.

And the man of God turned to go and King Saul took his mantle and tore his mantle, the man of God said your kingdom is torn away for you. When anointing is handled wrongly it can create problem.

I know of a man of God, there was a prayer meeting, everybody was praying and man of God knelt down. Close his eyes and was praying; and one stupid fellow came from behind and lay hands on this man of God. He lays hands on the head that has been specially anointed by God, the next thing the people heard was that someone landed outside; because the power of God picked him up and threw him out of the window.

When anointing is handled wrongly it can create problem. When you respect divine anointing, you will benefit tremendously. Matthew 10 v 41 the bible says if you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet; the bible says you will receive the prophet’s reward…

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said because of you miracle will become frequent in your family.

In 2 Chronicle 20 v 20 the word of God says if you believe in God you will be established, if you believe His prophet you will prosper. In Hosea 12 v13 the bible says that it is by prophet that God delivered Israel out of Egypt and it is by another prophet that Israel was preserved.

When you handle anointing properly you will prosper, you will be preserved.

 I have told you the story of my son who used to be one of the singers here. He was a tailor; he is now a full time pastor in America. When I became General overseer and I was beginning to teach our people on giving to lead to prosperity. He came to me once and said (we were all very poor in those days, I mean poor, poor)

He came to me and say daddy I have no money to give but I am a good tailor, you buy the clothe I will sow it free. I said to him you continue to do that and one day when you take your money to the bank, the bank manager will say what job you say you are doing?

Years passed, he continue to do what he said he will do and then one day he got a contract to sow dress for those who are going for the Olympic games and when he took his money to the bank, the manager called him and said I thought you say you are a tailor, what other job are you doing?

I don’t know maybe somebody will believe the prophet of God tonight  when I say one day you will take your money to the bank and the bank manager will say what kind of job are you doing.

If you respect divine anointing you will prosper, if you mishandle divine anointing, the price can be very high. In Psalm105 v14-15 the bible tells us that God made it clear; touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm. It is a very serious statement and that statement has no respect for age.

If you are young and you disrespect the anointing of God the repercussion will be serious in 2king 23-24 some children saw Elisha with new anointing upon him and they began to make mock of him they said bald headed man get away from here. He turned and say I curse you in the name of the Lord.

Immediately two she bear came from nowhere and tore forty two of them, the fact that they are children makes no difference. Touch not my anointed, do my anointed no harm.

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone here, He said it appears as if you are being pressed on all side, the Lord ask me to tell you I will step in.

Daddy says there is someone here He said those who are persecuting you will be prematurely retired.

In Numbers 16 v 1-35 some people gathered themselves together against Moses, their leader was called Korah and his immediate colleague is Dathan and Abiram. They say are you the only elders in this town? You hear from God we also hear from God, you Moses, you are the prophet, your elder brother Aaron you made him priest, your sister Miriam, you ask her to lead the choir, you want to turn the church to family business and Moses said I am not the one doing it God send me to do it, they said God has sent them too. Then Moses said in that case let God decide.

And God said gather people together and those who are on your side let them stay on your side and those people who are on the side of the other, let them stay at their side. Suddenly the ground opens and swallow the rebels.

Am sure some of you have heard the story of some elders in a particular church not the Redeem Christian church of God, who said that their pastor is a young man and he is misbehaving, they need to discipline him; so they took him to the vestry and ask him to lie down and canned him, they said you small boys we are elders we will teach you some sense.

Every one of them that was present on that day they canned the pastor, lost his first child. Touch not my anointed, do my prophet no harm.

Now that is anointing, what do we mean by new anointing? We don’t have all the time, we have first of spend time on old anointing. Because new means there must have been something called old. New means fresh, means not used before, it means something that is just beginning, which is good news for all of us here. The anointing that is going to descend has not been use before so it is going to be refreshed for everybody.

What do we mean by fresh anointing? 1Samuel 10 v1-111tells us the story of a famer boy, called Saul and he came across a man called Samuel and he poured oil on his head and immediately the farmer boy became another person. And he began to prophesy.

The man who spoke before me Bishop Omowale told you to prophesy to yourself, some of you took that likely so I am going to give you another opportunity; prophesy to yourself for one minute. Mention your name and begin to say good things to yourself… So shall it be in Jesus name.

New anointing has the characteristic of being effective. You know they say a new broom sweeps clean.

In 1Samuel17 v 32-37 David said when the anointing of God came upon me, A Lion came; I beat him to death , a Bear came, I beat him to death, that same anointing is still on me and I can tackle Goliath.

When you leave here tomorrow morning, in that name that is above every other name, any Lion that tries to cross your way will be died, every Bear that tries to cross your way will be died, any Giant no matter how big that tries to block your way shall fall.

New anointing is strong, as in new wine; because anointing and wine have been use symbolically means to be the same thing in the word of God. In Matthew 9 v 17 the bible say you don’t put new wine in old bottles, because new wine is strong and it will break the old bottle.

New wine is strong. New anointing is strong, it is not just strong but aggressive. If there is anything that it is trying to hinder it, it is going to fight it.

In Act 13 v 6-12 when Paul was preaching to a governor and a sorcerer was trying to hinder him, the anointing in him became aggressive, he decree that this man be blind for a season and it happened immediately and the sorcerer was moved out of the way and Paul achieved his goal.

When you leave here in the morning, all those who had been blocking the way to your progress, you will decree and they will be moved. Fresh anointing is aggressive and it has the ability to clear obstruction out of its way.

The reason new wine breaks old bottle is because new wine wants to express itself. It is bubbling and the old bottle is saying you can’t spread and so it will say if you can’t give me room to expand you break!

In Judges 16v1-3 when they shut the gate against Samson, Samson got up and said ; as the elders in Africa will say that the rope that will say the elephant should not climb the mountain, will have to go with the elephant) so he took the gate of the city shook it and carry it away.

 I am believing God, for you tonight that everything that has been limiting your success. You will uproot them tonight.

 So new anointing, like new wine, breaks boundaries. New anointing turns you to a pace setter, new anointing enables you to do what nobody has done before.


The Lord said there is someone here; He said you have never been able to follow through with any project but He ask me to tell you the yoke is broken tonight.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; He said what appears to you to be apparent defeat now is going to become a major testimony in your life.

In Act 8 v 5-8 the bible says Philip went done to Samaria and preached Christ to them, normally the Jews have nothing to do with the Samaritans, they don’t want to mix, but because of the new anointing on Philip, he went where nobody has gone before and he succeed beyond measure.

When we were starting the model parishes in this church there were those who were not too pleased, it is not the way we use to do it, it is not done like this before, how can you have a church in an hotel?

Where people are drinking and smoking. How can you go and hold a church in a night club, this is not done but the new anointing on us says it can be done. New anointing breaks boundary, it does new things, opens new doors, takes you to new levels. So I decree tonight, that by the unction of the Holy Spirit, by the virtue of the new anointing, you will move to a new level.

So the new anointing is dynamic, it is pushy, it is almost intoxicating. You see in Ephesians 5 v18 the bible says be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit. So he compares someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit with someone who is drunk. In Judges 13 v 24-25.

The Lord is healing one particular fellow who has been suffering from the pain from the left part of the body. The pain is gone now.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said those who are laying siege to your marriage; are in for a shocker soon.

So in Judges 13v 24-25, the bible says the spirit of God began to move Samson at times.

You know this is what some of the prophet from other churches try to catch on; that is why some of you says; you will find my prophesies easier to believe if I shake when prophesying.

 But the truth of the matter is that new anointing can be pushy and I pray that one day you will experience being drunk in the spirit.  ‘New’ means not used before. As new clothe, new cars, something nobody had used before.

 So new anointing can bring surprises. You are using it for the first time and you begin to get result and it will begin to surprise you, am sure when Peter told the lay man, all he was expecting was he would working, he wasn’t ready for the jumping and the leaping.

So I am believing God for you that from now on there will be pleasant surprises in your life.

Am sure I have share the testimony of a girl; I think it was 1981 when I was visiting our churches after I became General Overseer, we are so few then, so I can spend one week with an area. In the morning, they will bring those who need prayers and I would pray for them. So one day they brought a child who the mother said had never spoken before. I want to pray for the child, the normal prayer, just pray and believe God, after I have finish praying you go and they bring the next fellow.

 I wasn’t expecting what happen. I laid my hand on the child, this child must be between 8 and 10, she has never spoken before, I laid my hands on her and I said in the name of Jesus and the girl said amen, I nearly jumped out of the window. I wasn’t expecting her to speak, not immediately; there was no need to do anymore prayer. I remember that day till today because the mother began to roll on the floor and the child was saying mama what happened?

 There is somebody here today, even before the end of this month, you will have several testimony of surprises and because anointing we are talking about is new anointing, if it is new like a new baby, then it has the potential to grow.

 It may be small at the beginning and it can grow. When the anointing was new on Peter, they had to hold the lay man before the lay man could walk. Later on the same Peter, his shadow began to heal. In Act 5 v14-16 new anointing has potential to develop to grow.

When I just began to pray for the sick, I used my children as experiment; when my child comes in and he says daddy I have headache, I will make sure that there is aspirin nearby but then I will say let me pray for you first, I will pray for the child with the intension that if the headache do not go in the next five minutes, I will reach for aspirin. My faith was small but the anointing was fresh and God met me at my level of faith.

 Every time, it is either the child is back outside playing or has falling asleep. He never put my little faith to shame and I found that it was working for the children; I began to use my friends as the next group; People who will not ridicule me if I failed. Today I can pray for the sick anywhere, fresh anointing has potential to grow and I am decreeing to somebody here today, nobody knows you yet but before you leave this world, the world will know there is one anointed fellow.

Halleluiah! The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said people will never gather in your home for sorrow again.

 So what can new anointing do for you, number one, it can do for you whatever it has done for your father and I mean your spiritual father in 2 King 2 v13-14 the bible says when Elijah got to Jordan with the mantle of Elijah in his hand, he said where is the Lord God of Elijah, he smote the water like his father did and said Lord if it is true you have given me new anointing let it do for me what you have done for my father and instantly it worked.

 So I am decreeing tonight that whatever the anointing of God had done in my life it will do in the life of my children too.

Secondly the new anointing can open ways, when Elijah and Elisha were moving from Jericho across Jordan, Jordan opened, the two of them walk on dry ground and as soon as they passed over, Jordan closed but with the new anointing on Elisha Jordan opened again.

 And I am praying for someone here tonight every doors that have been shut against you shall be reopen in Jesus name.

I remembered the story of one of my daughter she got married, the very month she became pregnant and had a baby. Which mean all is well with her and it is well with the husband. But after that they wanted another baby, they waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. And doctors said you are okay, your husband is okay. But where is the second child the baby has come through me before when is the second one going to come?

But one day I was coming to inspect the choir in the old auditorium my driver was not around so the choir master took me in his car, that lady saw me coming out of the car and said my day has come today, while the other choir were lining up, she ran into the car and sat where I sat, that month she became pregnant again.

Every door that the enemy has shut against your life by the power of the anointing that is flowing here tonight, the doors shall be open again.

The Lord ask me to tell you a story some of you properly have heard it before; several years ago a man and his wife came to see me at Ebutte meta and after sometime, we were seeing the husband, we were not seeing the wife. So we asked the husband what is happening. So we did a follow up and the wife said I am not coming to your church anymore because since I started coming anytime I want to fly to our meeting at night, I cannot fly beyond the roof.

The Lord asked me to tell you that story because there is someone here tonight, He said the witch that is not allowing you to make progress, He has cut the wings.

So what the anointing has done for your father, he can do for you. My father in the Lord was a prayer warrior and I wanted to be a prayer warrior, I am not saying I am like him now but thank God the anointing is working.

Anointing can reopen ways. Then the anointing can turn someone who is mocked to someone who is celebrated.

 When Elijah and Elisha were going, from one city to the other, all the other sons of the prophet came to Elisha to say; are you so dumb that you don’t know that God is about to take your master away today. Daddy’s son, prophet’s special, today you will see what you will see. That is what they were saying and he kept on saying to them, “I know mind your own business”. But by the time he returned with the new anointing; all those who were mocking him, came and bow. There is somebody here today, those who are mocking you now will come and celebrate with you.

 In Mark 10 v 46-52 those who were telling Bartimeus to shut up, who told you that the great prophet is going to pay attention to a beggar like you. They were the same people that Jesus said they should go and bring him, and when they saw the beggar with brand new eye, they celebrated him. You will be celebrated.

So the new anointing can turn somebody from being a nobody to someone that people will begin to seek after.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said the enemy thinks they can renew their attack on you, but the Lord said I will sabotage their effort.

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone here tonight there is a sister here, He said menstrual period is a night mare for you because of pain, the Lord ask me to tell you no more.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said the express way to your breakthrough will be declare open soon.

 In 1Sam.16 v11-13 the bible tells us that when Samuel came to the house of Jesse, looking for a king, nobody presented David, until the man of God says we will not seat down until David has arrived. But in 1Samuel 22 v1-2 when David went to the cave of Adullam, all his brothers came there to him and he became captain over them. The one they did not consider important one time but by the virtue of the new anointing on him, he became someone they have to seek after.

 I have told you the story before, when I was a lecture in the university of Lagos, when I finish teaching mathematic, I usually walk with my student to the next class, so that I can use the opportunity to witness to them about Jesus and one day one of the girls said to me (she was a daughter to a well known Muslim leader) she said to me Sir, you are paid to teach mathematics. Teach mathematics and shut up.

I said yes ma. I won’t talk to you about Jesus again.

One day, I was getting ready to come to my class, the students were sitting there waiting for me and the girl looked at her hand, and saw some writing under her skin, written in Arabic.

She looked at the second hand the same writing was there, so she said “what is this?” And one fellow in the class came near saw what was written and said “they have got you”, “what do you mean they have got you”, that boy said “there is a secret society in town when they get somebody they write on their skin and after that one anything they ask you to do, you will do it, including killing your parent”.

So this girl became frightened, the first fellow she thought about was me, she came running to my office, weeping hysterical, please sir help me, please sir help me!, I said my dear I am paid to teach mathematics and my student are waiting

 So i went to teach mathematics, by the time I came back she has been rolling on the ground, weeping, I said now I can talk about Jesus. Within a minute she has given her life to Jesus, we prayed a simple prayer and I ask her to go, she said the writing is still there, I say don’t worry you. (Those of you who know university of Lagos, there is what we call the main campus and there is what we call the college of education. My office is in the main campus; her hostel was in the college of education.) She moved that distance and when she got to her room, took the key from her purse to open her door and she glance at her hands and the writing were gone.

 Now if there is any writing of the devil against your life, it is gone in the name of Jesus.

 But the point I am making is that ‘me’ that she disdained, is the one she came to seek for when trouble came. I am sending you away with a prophecy; in your compound, in your village, in your office; you will become the carrier of the power of God.

Anointing can make someone who is lonely to someone who is surrounded with people. Elisha was lonely but because of the anointing he became the father of many sons of the prophet. Anointing can change the helpless to the helper; Elisha was helped, he couldn’t stop his father from taken away from him, but by the time he returned with the new anointing, and he became the one who is cancelling the curse on the city of Jericho.

Through you every curse that is on your family, on your village, your town will be destroyed in Jesus name. Anointing can turn your words to decree that whatever you say will begin to come to pass immediately.

The Lord said there is some here tonight; He said there will be no more premature deaths in your family.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said you use to be a fervent prayer warrior, but now the fire has died down, he asks me to tell you, I will revive you.

The Lord said there is someone, here tonight, He said I would help you to clear your debt and you will not have to borrow again.

You see, The Lord said there is someone, here tonight. He said beginning from today I will begin to seriously prosper the work of your hand.


The Lord asked me to tell someone here tonight he said the mountain shall be moved.

Daddy says there is someone, here tonight; He said from now on you will begin to enjoy peace of mind.

The Lord said there is someone, here tonight; He said they have gathered to plot your end. He said but you will see their end.

So I was talking about 2King 2 v 19-22 when the people of Jericho came to Elisha and they said, help us, our city is beautiful but the water is not good. There is barrenness, there is death and he said bring me a new plate, put salt there and pour the salt at the spring of the water. He said I decree no more barrenness, no more death and the bible says the waters were healed from that day according to the word of Elijah which he spoke. He decree and it came to pass.

I have told you the story before because we want to do something now; I can feel God wanting me to do it because of somebody special.

 I told you I went to Ghana, to see our missionary  there, as I was returning, they followed me to the airport and since I don’t need money(at the airport here my driver will be waiting for me) I emptied my pocket and gave them all the money I had, so they left.

After they left, they told us that the plane that was suppose to bring us to Nigeria will first of all go to Sierra Leone before coming to take us, that was not the original plan, suddenly I became hungry and there was no money left in my pocket. Suddenly I remember that the bible say I shall decree a thing and it shall be establish unto me. So I said I decree that all the official of these airways, you will have no rest until I leave here.

 About five minute later, suddenly all the official rushed to where we were staying, “where are those of you going to Nigeria?”  we said “we are here”, “has anybody given you something to eat?” “No sir”, they said they have no food except this cake. (Half bread is better nothing) so they slice the thing; gave us a slice each and a bottle of coke each. Because I was hungry I finished my own quickly and the leader of the group came to me and said “you want more?” I said yes ma, she gave it to me and gave me a bottle of coke, I eat that one like a gentleman.

While I was drinking the second bottle of coke they announced that the plane will not go to Sierra Leone first, it will first of all go to Nigeria. When I was about boarding I turned round and I said now you may know peace. I decree that now you can have peace.

Is anybody here tonight who wants me to decree something? Stand on your feet; I decree in the name that is above every other name that is not allowing your joy to be full they will never know peace again. I decree that from tonight that every door that has been shut against you shall be open tonight. I decree that every obstacle on your way to your breakthrough, they shall become stepping stones in the name of Jesus decree tonight that it shall be well with you. If you receive that, give the Lord a big round of applause.

Let me conclude, how do I get the new anointing? New anointing is not given to you by any man, it is only God who can give it but he is here tonight and he is willing to give it provided you will opt for a life of holiness. Hebrew1v 9 he said because you love righteousness and you hated iniquity, therefore God even your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows.

 If you love righteousness and you hate iniquity, anointing will flow freely in tour life. You cannot continue in sin and you want the grace of God to abound. Peter said in Act 2 v37-39 when they asked him, sir, what shall we do? He said repent and then you will be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He said because the promise is for you.

 If you will turn from your wicked way, if you will begin to live a life that is pleasing to the Almighty God, anointing will flow freely; God is never stingy with the anointing. I told you that when I read Psalm l23 v 5 when David said thou anointing my head with oil my cup runs over, I said Daddy when the cup was full, why the extra, He said just to show that there is plenty more from where it is coming from.

There is more than enough anointing to cover all of us, provided you chose to live holy. That is why those of you who are here tonight, who have not yet surrender your life to Jesus, come and give your life to Him, let His blood wash away your sin and I can guarantee you, the power of the most high God will be available for you.

For those of you who say you are born again and you are still living in sin, stop deceiving yourself, come and give your life to Jesus. Those of you who have been born again before and you backslide, come back to the Lord tonight, this is a very special night, come and be reconcile unto God. Come out here now and give your life to Jesus…

Ask Jesus Christ to save your soul, ask him to be merciful unto you. Promise the Almighty God that you will serve him from now, ask him to forgive you of your sins, ask him to wash you in his blood…

Thank you Jesus , blessed be the name of the Lord, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed, my father and my Lord I want to thank you for your word. Accept our thanks in Jesus name. I want to thank you for these your children that has come forward, you promised that whosoever will come unto you, you will in no wise cast out.

They have come now, receive them in Jesus name, and forgive them in Jesus name, save their soul in Jesus name. Your blood that cleanses from all sins let it wash them clean in Jesus name.

Please write their name in the book of life, from now on whatever they ask from you; please do for them in Jesus name. Don’t let them go back to the world but let them serve you for the rest of their life. Glory be to your holy name, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

You have one major prayer point tonight, you already know what the new anointing can do for you, I want you to please stand on your feet and with all your heart I want you to cry unto God and say “father, soak me in your new anointing tonight”, go ahead talk to the Almighty God…In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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