NEW LEVEL OF BREAKTHROUGH 4th of January, 2008

In Psalm 67 v 5-7, the bible say let the people praise thee oh! Lord, let the people praise thee, then shall the earth yield her increase and God even our own God shall bless us. God shall bless us and all the ends of the earth shall fear him, there are blessings, and there are blessings; there are blessing that will cause people around you to fear. It is new level kind of blessing. And it is coming to the way of someone this year.

 But for that to happen, the bible says let all the people praise God, so tell someone beside you, “you have to join me in praising God this year” and then go ahead and do exactly that, lift your mouth to the Almighty God , praise Him, let all of us praise Him, let everybody praise Him, young and old praise Him, girls and boys praise Him, male and female praise him, let  all of us praise Him and the earth will fear Him, the kind of blessing that will make people to fear you, Lord God Almighty send it on us as we praise you tonight.

Let all of us praise Him, let all of us praise Him, give Him glory, give honour, praise Him, we praise you Lord, we give you praise Lord, king of glory we praise thee, ancient of days we praise thee, we give you all glory, we give you all honor, we give you all adoration, Lord God Almighty, you are worthy to be praise, you are worthy to be glorified, we praise you. We magnify your holy name Lord. In Jesus mighty name we worship.

I have a God who answers prayer

I have a God who answers prayer

I have a God who answers prayer  forever more(Worship)

Lift your voice to him and say father, take me to a new level of answered prayers, let’s talk to the Almighty God … In Jesus name we have prayed.

You are the pillar that holds my life 2ce,

Alpha and Omega you are the pillar that holds my life… (Worship)


Lift your voice to him and say father, you are my pillar, I am starting well this year let me continue well and let me end you well, go ahead talk to the Almighty God…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Am standing on the rock that never fails 2ce, halleluiah! (Worship)

Lift your voice to him and say father, don’t let me fail this year, don’t let me fail you, don’t let me fail my family, don’t let me fail myself, don’t let me fail your church, don’t let me fail this year, don’t let me fail. Lift your voice to him and cry unto him… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I will lift up your name higher 2ce, oh!

Jehovah, Alpha and Omega, I will lift up your name higher… (Worship)


Lift  up your voice to him, you have said that if I be lifted up , I will draw men unto myself, say father!, lift me higher this year, lift me closer to yourself, let’s talk to the Almighty God…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

He has given me victory; I will lift him higher... (Worship)

Lift your voice to him and say father, the victories you have given me, let them be permanent, let’s talk to the Almighty God . . . In Jesus name we have prayed.

You are more than enough, oh! Lord, 2ce

 Halleluiah! You are good, you are kind,

You are more than enough… (Worshipping)


Lift your voice to him and say father,, all that I need to serve you this year, health, wealth, joy, provide them abundantly, all that I need to serve you this year, provide more than enough…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The earth reigned, let the earth tremble… (Worship)  


Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father anything that will challenge my new level, let the ground open up and swallow them, let me end this year shouting halleluiah…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now go to God and ask whatever you want for yourself, whatever you want him to do for you this year , tell him now… In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Go down on your knees now and let us worship him

Immortal God, invincible God, immortal God how great thou hart.

Jehovah shalom, the prince of peace, immortal God, how great thou hart. (Worship)


Immortal, invincible, the only wise God, alpha, Omega, beginning, ending, rock of ages, counselor, mighty God, everlasting father, prince of peace, glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for the New Year, thank you for a new beginning, thank you for a new joy, new blessings, new victories, new level of breakthroughs, glory be to your holy name. Answer our prayers tonight, save souls tonight, heal tonight, deliver tonight, set free tonight, perform miracles here tonight, let our joy over flow tonight, father I beg you on behalf of this your children, don’t let any of us fail this year, don’t let us fail you, don’t let us fail our families, don’t let us fail your church, don’t let us fail ourselves, let all be well. Thank you my father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.


Let somebody shout halleluiah!

Am also praying for those of you who are listening to us on Lagos TV, every miracles that happens tonight will happen in your home also, and those you who are watching us from all over the world through the internet, since our God is not limited by space, you will also get your miracle even as you watch in Jesus name.

Very quickly before we continue, those of you who are born in the month of January stand up so that I can pray for you, let me hear you shout halleluiah! Father I want to thank you for your children who are born in the month of new beginning, in all their lives, let there be new beginning; let there be new beginning of health, new beginning of wealth, new beginning of joy, new beginning of answered prayers, let it be well with them and let them serve you to the end. In Jesus Might name we have prayed. Amen, praise the Lord! Congratulations to those of you born in January.

Ruth 3 v 1- 6 then Naomi her mother in law said unto her my daughter, shall I not seek rest for thee, that it may be well with thee. And now is not Boas of our kindred, with whom maiden thou was behold he winnoweth barley tonight, wash thyself therefore and anoint thee and put thy raiment upon thee and get thee down onto the floor but make thyself not known to the man until he has done eating and drinking.

 And it shall be when he lieth down that thou shall mark the place where he lie and you shall go in and uncover his feet and lay thee down and he will tell you what you shall do. And she saith unto her all that you have said I will do and she went onto the floor and did all that her mother-in- law had bade her.

I thank God for the first preacher, because he has almost preached my sermon. This makes me happy because it means as the work expands, if I have to miss one or two Holy Ghost services you will not means anything, because we have several people who will come and give the work of God in truth.

There are categories of breakthrough, in other words there are breakthrough and there are breakthroughs. In Gen .18 v 9-14 Abraham had a breakthrough but it was a delayed breakthrough, he had been waiting for twenty five years.

 In Gen. 41 v 38 - 44 Joseph had a breakthrough but it was a delayed breakthrough; God had told him long ago that he will have that breakthrough.

In Exodus 3 v 1 - 15 Moses had a breakthrough but it was a delayed breakthrough, he knew that from the moment he was forty years old , that he was a special fellow sent to deliver the people of Israel, but his breakthrough was delayed for another forty years.

I pray for somebody here today, your breakthrough will no longer be delayed.

Now when you read Joshua 1v 1 - 8 when a messenger suddenly became a president without previous notice; that is a new level of breakthrough.

When you read 1Samuel 16 v11-13, when a Shepherd boy became a king within hours, without any previous notice, that is a new level of breakthrough, if you read Esther 2 v 15-18  when a slave girl became a queen, in a foreign land, that is a new level of breakthrough,

And I have good news for somebody today, you may not be expecting it, there may not be any prophesy concerning it, but I tell you in the name of the one who is greater than any other name, before the sun rises, you will have a new level of breakthrough.

Today we want to concentrate on Ruth, we want to use her as a case study as new level of breakthrough. Ruth came from the nation of Moab, Moab was a nation of terrible idol worshipers, when you read Numbers 21v 29, it is written concerning Moab, woe unto you Moab, for you are undone.

 Moab is a nation that is already condemned forever by God, yet out of this condemned people, God pulled out a woman and turned her to be great grandmother of David, and as a result she became the great, great, great grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Now that is definitely a new level of breakthrough.

 There is somebody here tonight, even you yourself do not have any hope for yourself, I promise you in the name that is above every other name, one day when they shall be mentioning the history of the world, they will mention your name.

Because I know all of us know the detail of Ruth, I will jump to what I must do in other to go to a new level of breakthroughs. What do I need to move to the new level of breakthroughs?

Number one, good counsel, the mother in law of Ruth gave her good counsel. What do I do with good counsel? The first thing of course is that you must hear it, Proverbs 20 v 18 every purpose is established by counsel. You need good counsel if you are ever going to have a breakthrough.

In fact Proverbs 24 v 26 it said with counsel make your war. In order words when you are going to war and I am sure many of you know we go to war every day. The business world is war zone and he say with counsel make your war.

The same Proverbs 24 v 6 says, he said there is safety in multitude of counselors, in other words God says counsel is very important but of all the counselors in the World, there is none like Jesus Christ. Isaiah 9 v 6 calls Him the wonderful counselor, in order words if you need sound counsel, get it from Jesus Christ.

I have told you the story about how God help me to write my thesis for my PhD, I have been working on the problem for eighteen months, it is a problem that nobody have ever solved before, so we don’t even know whether it has a solution or not, but when the Lord took over; the problem was over in five hours. That is why I am praying for you today, every problem in your life, before the sun the rises; the good wonderful counselor will give you a solution.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is some here listening to me tonight; he said the opening down opened before you will open wider.

Hear good counsel.

Number two, accept it, Proverbs 12 v 15, the bible say he that harkens to counsel is wise. Many of you are already wise, intelligent, highly qualified but Proverbs 9 v 9 says if you will instruct the wise, he will be yet wiser. Proverbs1 v 8 the Almighty God said my son keep my instruction.

Receive good counsel from the elders. The elders say if a child has as many cloths as an elders, he will not have has many rags. In other words there are certain things that is only experience, can teach. When a counsel is coming from someone who is older than you, no matter your level of education, listen!

 And in any case there is nobody who is older than the one called the ancient of days. Daniel 7 v 9 calls Him the ancient of days, receive instruction from him.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said I should tell you be alert, it is harvest time for you.

When God says in Proverbs 11v 24 - 25 when he says the miser will go poorer but that the liberal soul will make fat. To the modern mind that does not make sense, the modern mind will say what I have I owned? The ancient of days there is he that scattered yet increased, that is counsel from the ancient of days.

Many of us are where we are today because we are tight fisted, open you’re your hand, you never can tell when God wants to drop something into your hand. I have told you the story of one of our pastor; years ago I went to visit him, all I was expecting from him is a bottle of coke. At that time the bottle of coke was sold for about five kobo, and I have in my pocket a gift that I wanted to give him that was in naira, hundred kobo. I got there I greeted him and he greeted me back, he kept on greeting me and gave me nothing, me too I kept my money in my pocket, I got up to go and I greeted him and greeted him and left. I got to the petrol station nearby, bought two bottles of coke for ten kobo and kept the remaining ninety kobo in my pocket.

He lost hundred kobo because he refuses to give five kobo. I pray the grace to be liberal God will give to you tonight.

Receive, hear good counsel, which is one of the reason I advised that you don’t miss any of the Holy Ghost service this year.

Number three do it, James1 v 22 it said you must not be hearer only but doer of the word. Don’t just hear what God has to say, learn to do it, the man who spoke before me say learn to obey simply. Simple obedience! Hear the counsel, receive it, do it. In Deuteronomy 28 v 1- 2

Thank you father, amen and amen. The Lord said there is someone here tonight and that fellow will be joining me, God said I will visit you repeatedly this year.

In Deuteronomy 28 v 1- 2 the word of God says if you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and to do all that I commanded you this day, then, I will lift you up high among all nations. And then he said blessings will follow you and over take you.

Blessing will be so many and you will be running and they will be pursuing you and overtaking you. You hearken, you observe and you do. Joshua 1v 8, it says if you will meditate on the word of God day and night, it said then will make your way prosper, and you will have good success. You must do the word. Hear it, receive it! Do it!

The man who spoke before had already spoken on Luke 1v 27, at thy word oh Lord, whatever say you Lord, I may not understand, it might not make sense, you are the ancient of days, you are wiser than I, whatever you say, I will do. That is all you need, now let us now look now look at the counsel that Naomi gave Ruth, that change a woman from a forsaken nation to the great grandmother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said change for the better in your life will come so fast that you will weep for joy.

What is the counsel of Nomi to Ruth; number one she said to her, wash yourself be clean. This is the counsel of the Almighty God to you, be save, let the blood of Jesus Christ wash you clean, you cannot continue in sin and say grace abound.

 You cannot get a breakthrough until you are saved don’t deceive yourself. You know the story in Mark 2 v 1-12, when they brought that man who was paralyzed from neck downwards to Jesus, the first thing He said to him was your sins are forgive thee, if your sins are not gone, your breakthrough cannot come. If you are expecting miracles from God and you want to continue in sin, you are deceiving yourself. You have to wash in the blood of the lamb and be clean. The bible say in 2Corithians 5 v 17  only  when a man is in Christ that’s  when he  becomes a new creature, it is only then that old things pass away and all things become new creature, it is then that old thing passes away and all thing become new.

So if you are here, and you are not born again; when the time comes, surrender your life to Jesus.

The first advice is wash, second one is anoint yourself Anointing is talking in the Holy Spirit, anointing is so important, that when you read Matthew 3v16 -17, the bible say immediately Jesus was baptized, the heavens open and the Holy Spirit came upon him. Act 10 v 38 it said how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power, who went about doing good and healing all those who was oppressed of the devil, for God was with him.

You need the Holy Spirit and I pray for you today, that before you leave here, the Holy Spirit will come upon you. When you seek the Holy Spirit like never before, when the anointing come upon you. Then all yoke in your life will be destroyed.

Thank you father, daddy says there is someone here, he said from tonight; the word stagnation will leave your vocabulary.


Daddy says there is someone here tonight, he said where you are very, very low, he said I will reach out to you and lift you up.

Anoint our self. Seek the anointing that comes from the Holy Spirit and that anointing will destroy every yoke in your life. According to Psalm 23 v 5 then you will be able to enjoy your new level in peace.

 David said thou prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies, thou anoint my head with oil my cup runneth over. What is the use of the new level if the enemies won’t allow you to enjoy it? The anointing that will silence enemies may God release to you tonight in Jesus name.

So number one Naomi said to Ruth was; number one wash  yourself, number two, anoint yourself, number three dress up.

 Now “dress - up” there could have more than one interpretation. Number one according to Colossian 3 v 9-19

The Lord says there is someone here tonight; he said irrespective of your present circumstances, you will still be my champion.

Colossian 3 v 9 -10, it says after you have put off the old man, you will put on the new man. When you wash when you are about to take your bath, you remove your cloth. When you are born again, you remove all your old ways, you can’t say you are born again and continue to lie as you use to lie and continue to cheat as you use to cheat, and fornicate as you use to fornicate.

 No, no when you say you are washed in the blood of the lamb you will put away the old ways. But after taking your bath, then you dress up and the new dress you are putting on is the new man, made in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly “dress up yourself”, could mean put on the whole armor of God Ephesians 6 v11-17 tells you the amour you are to put on, he said you are to put on the girdle of truth, let your loin be gird with the girdle of truth, that girdle of truth is Jesus.

 John 14 v 6 he said I am the way the truth and the life, let your girdle be Jesus, you are to on the breast plate of righteousness, and that breast plate of righteousness is Jesus.

1Corithians1v 30 said Jesus has been made unto us righteousness, he said your feet, is to be shut with the booth of the gospel, the gospel of peace, and we know that Jesus is the prince of peace.

The bible says you are to carry the shield of faith. According to Hebrew12 v 2 Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith, he said you are to wear the helmet of salvation faith and we know that Jesus Christ is the savior Matthew 1v 21.

 And then he said your sword must be the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God and we know that Jesus Christ is the word of God because John1v1-14 tells us that in the beginning was the word and the word was with God, and the word was made flesh and it dwelt among us and we know that that is the Lord Jesus Christ. When he says dress up, he is saying wear Jesus; wherever people see you let them see Jesus, in your word; Jesus, in your thought; Jesus, in your action; Jesus. Let your behavior spell Jesus.

I have told you the story of one small child who ran home excitedly, told his parent, I saw Jesus in church today! I saw Jesus, and the parent said describe him; by the time he finished describing Jesus, they discovered he was describing the pastor.

 Why did you call him Jesus? she said because he help me to tie my shoe.

She saw in the action of the pastor, something that Jesus would have done.

I pray that in this year even when the devil sees you coming he will think it is Jesus that is coming.

Dress up means put on the new man, the new man is Jesus and dress up could also mean according to Revelation 19 v 7- 8 the bible says that the dress the bride of Christ will wear is called the righteousness of saints. In order words they say wherever you go, wear righteousness.

So the mother in law said was that is the saved; anoint yourself, get the anointing that comes from the holy spirit, there, wear the new man, wear Jesus, wear righteousness. Then she said when you get to the floor where the husband to be is harvesting, observe where he lays down. How many of you know that you have a future husband? what is his name?  JESUS!

He said observe where your future husband lays down, you know what that means? From now on make sure you only worship in a church where Jesus is.

It is not every church that belongs to Jesus, they may have a name that says they are a church, find out, is Jesus there? Revelation 3 v 20 Jesus said behold I stand at the door and I knock, that particular church has already shut out Jesus, the owner of the church is outside knocking. Not every church is a church of Jesus Christ. Observe where Jesus is. How do I know a church where Jesus is? I will give you some signs; number one, the word of God will be preached there.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is somebody here He said you have a beautiful secret ambition, he said I will help you bring it to pass.

The Lord said there is somebody here He said this year you must expect a chain reaction of breakthroughs.

Amen and amen.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said I will reposition you for special favors this year.

When you go to a church and a preacher is preacher is preaching and from beginning to the end maybe he quoted one or two verses, leave that place.

 It is the word of God that will last forever, not stories, not human philosophy, no matter how beautiful the oratory of the preacher, if he does not keep on referring you to the bible get out of there. Because the word of God is clear, heaven and earth will pass away, the preacher will pass away, human philosophy will pass away, all the motivational talk will pass away, but the word of God will stand forever.

How do I know where God is, how do I know where Jesus his? There will be constant speaking from the Lord. Revelation 19 v10 he said the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy, you will hear thus says the Lord, if Jesus is there he will speak there. How do I know if the prophesying is true or not, no problem, if it doesn’t come to pass it is not of God, if it is of God it is forever settled.  And I am prophesying to someone here in the name of any other name; this is the beginning of your joy.

Where Jesus is, miracles must happen there, because his name is wonderful and like I told you before in the original before they translated it to English, what they wrote in Isaiah 9 v 6 is that his name shall be called miracles, it is when the translator said how do you called somebody a miracle, well let’s put there; is name shall be called wonderful. Well whether miracles or wonderful, something wonderful will happen to someone here tonight.

When Jesus sits all he has to do is speak the word only and it will come to pass.

I remember the testimony of two of my children, husband and wife, they came they said they wanted children. I said well what kind of child do you want, the husband said boy, the sister said a girl. They said it simultaneously, I said okay then you will have a twin. Nine month later they had a set of twin; a boy and a girl. I speak to you today, that which your heart desire, my father will give unto you.

Where Jesus is, prophesy will come to pass.

You remember the story of that girl who came to the Holy Ghost service, with her passport and her form because she wanted to apply for American visa and the word of God came that there is someone who wanted to go and apply for visa; and God it is already granted. She said thank you Lord.

 The following Monday she went to the embassy and the embassy officer looked at the form and said I can’t give you the visa and the girl said but it is already given. And the visa officer laughed and said; who is your father? And she said my father is pastor Adeboye, he said “your father is even a pastor”; I thought you are going to say your father is a bishop, governor or president. Go away from here!

 Reluctantly she turned to go and the visa officer called her back and said because you made laugh I will give you the visa. Because you made me laughed!

I decree to someone here tonight, every good thing that you have been refused, will be approve in Jesus name.

So Naomi said to Ruth, observe where he laid down. Make sure you know where Jesus is.

 And then approach him only after he had eating and done with drinking. Very Good advices, before you approach Jesus Christ for your new level of breakthrough give Him food. What kind of food does Jesus wants? Souls! John 4v 31- 34 he said my meat is to do the will of Him that sends me and to fish His work. When he was winning the soul of the Samaritan woman he said this is my meat is soul wining. Go out this year and win soul, preach to everybody you meet on the way, that is the food of Jesus Christ. The bible says he that winneth soul is wise, the bible soul says he chooses soul winner.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is a lady here tonight; he said I will use your case to show the world that I can bring children out of stones.

In John15 v16 he said you have not chosen me I have chosen you and ordain you and that you should go and bear fruit and that your fruit will remain. He chose fruit bearer, give him food, give him soul, win soul, make soul winning your daily habit

And then give him drink, what is his drink? His drink is praise. Psalm 50 v 23 he said whosoever offers praise glorifies me. His drink is praise, the bible say he inhabit the praises of His people.

Psalm 65 v1 tells you of how you could even invite Jesus into your home, when we are observing where he is lying, come and lie down in my house and how can we tell him to come, tell him praise await you in my house, when you come to me you are not going to hear any grumbling, in the morning I will praise you, in the afternoon, I will praise you, in the night I will praise you. Come to my home.

Those who want Jesus to abide with them let me hear you shout halleluiah!

The Lord says there is somebody here tonight, He said don’t lose hope your tomorrow is glorious and bright.

Then Naomi said to Ruth, lay at his feet; the implication of that is tremendous. If you want the Almighty God to take you to the next level of breakthroughs, you have to humble yourself. Humble yourself at the feet of Jesus. It is at his feet that you get salvation; it is at his feet that you get healing and victory, promotion…. Learn to stay at his feet.

 Learn to study at his feet. In Matthew 11 v 28 - 30 when He said come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, He said take my yoke on you and learn of me, He said for I am meek and lowly. God is not going to promote someone who is not humble. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and He will promote you in due course.

Normally, it is a man who is supposed to go and seek for a wife, but here, Naomi is turning the tide; she said you go and seek out. Some says if you are expecting something that has never happen before you must do what somebody had not done before.

What is this passage saying? The passage is saying seek and you will find, Don’t sit down at home expect miracles, I encourage you to go out boldly this year and get your miracle, the bible says we have to boldness to enter into the holiest. The bible says we are to come boldly to the throne of grace. Go to God and pray the prayer of boldness. Say “Lord I want this now”

Change your prayers, you are no beggars, you are children of the most high God, when you are going to that office, command that the gate will lift up their heads, tell all the everlasting doors that will block your way to lift up their head because the king of glory is about to come in. Anytime you want to apply for something include in your prayers that the one who object to your next level will not come to work. The word of God says you shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you.

 How many of you are willing to decree to have a major breakthrough before the end of this month?

 Move to a new level of prayer, I have told you the story before when my last son was very small, his actions taught me a new level of prayer.

I have a room in my house, my prayer room. All that is there is just a mat, no air conditioner. I don’t want it to be too comfortable so I don’t fall asleep. When I am in that room nobody disturb me, so when it gets hot, I can remove my cloth nobody is going to disturb. Nobody, except that my boy! I will be there on my face praying for Nigeria, praying for the church, asking for big things and he will come in; and say daddy I want biscuit, I will say go to your mother go and get biscuit, he will say no daddy I want biscuit and the most stupid thing is to beat him because he won’t go and he will begin to cry and that is the end of prayer.

Because he will say answer him  I would have to say alright this is what you want take go so that can continue with my own, from him I learnt, that I can go to the most high God and tell Him I know you are, controlling the universe, you are busy with the universe. But before you continue what you are doing, settle my case now.

How many of you believe God will settle your case tonight? Many of our prayers are the prayers that God will listen and will say this person is not serious. His case is not urgent. We will come to his case later.

My own case is not going to be later, it has to be now and I am not going to let you go oh! Lord until you have done my own.

Some people wait for their ship to come in, some people swim out to the ship and bring them in, some people knock at the door timidly, and if it is not open immediately they leave, some of us have learnt to keep on knocking in until the door is opened.

Let me ask you a question before we pray, how many of you are tired of where you are now? How many of you want to go higher, let me hear you shout halleluiah!

Are you tired of sickness, are you tired of pain, are you tired of sorrow, are you tired of failure?

My daddy told me son I will do a new thing. How many of you are ready for a new thing from the Lord? Are you ready to pray new prayers? Are you ready to seek and find? Let me hear you say halleluiah!

I have not finished the story but we will continue from their next month. In the main time, those of you who want to give your life to Jesus, remember the first advice. Wash! Let your sin be cleanse that you miracle might come quickly.

 If you are out there and you have not given your life to Jesus. Or you claim that you are born again and you are leaving in sin, come now, the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin. Come to Him and He will wash you clean. I will count from one to ten, if you are not here by the time I say ten, I know you don’t want to come, and you want to postpone. And that is up to you, come now.

Talk to Jesus Christ ask him to save your soul ask him to have mercy on you, I will do your will, be my savior and be my Lord, remove this burden of sin from me, let your blood wash me and make me clean. Save my soul Lord and have mercy on me…

In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Almighty God we thank you for your word, we thank you for these people who have come to surrender their lives to you today. Father on their behalf; accept our thanks in Jesus name. father you promise that whosoever will come unto you , you will in no wise cast out, they have to you today, receive them in Jesus name, forgive them in Jesus name, let your blood wipe away all their sins in Jesus name, save their soul today in Jesus name. Write their names in the book of life in Jesus name. And from now on give them a brand new beginning in Jesus name. Thank you my father, in Jesus name we have prayed.


Are you ready to pray the new level of prayer lift up your voice to Him and say father, I know you can do all things, I want my own miracles now. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Almighty  God we thank you for the mighty thing you are doing I our time, thank you for miracles, thank you for thank you for signs and wonders, thank you for salvation, thank you for healings, thank you for breakthroughs, glory be to your holy name Lord. Accept out thanks in Jesus name. This is the thanks giving of your children, father bless it, sanctify it and use it for your glory in Jesus name. All your children who have giving you this morning, don’t let them ever borrow again. Wherever their blessings may be hanging; release now in Jesus name. Every one of you here tonight by next month your testimonies will be greater than all these, so shall it be. God will go with you, His peace will abide with you, on your way there will be miracles, at home there will be miracles, at your place of work there will be mighty miracles so shall it be and when I see you again, your joy will be greater than tonight. In Jesus name we have prayed.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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