THE SECRET OF WINNERS 7th of November, 2008

Tonight we want to talk about the secret of winners, Roman 8 v 31-37, what shall we then say to these things; if God be for us who can then be against us.nay in all these things we are more than conqueror through him that loved us.

Every winner has a secret that is why you find secret recipe and secret formulas and so on. Every winner has a secret. And the winner of all winners is the Almighty God, so he too has a secret and Psalm 25 v14 says that the secret of the Lord are with them that fear him. He has secret too that he could reveal to those who want to be winners like himself. Am praying that God will help me to make it very simple tonight that you will be able to understand. That God will make it simple, that you won’t forget what you learnt. So that even before the end of this month you will be singing saying I am a winner in the Lord Jesus, so shall it be in Jesus name.

There is one foundational secret that is common to all winners; it is the foundation of all other little secret and that foundational secret is based on Psalm 127v1 and Psalm 24 v 7-10 now Psalm127v1 says unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that built it, meaning what? You cannot succeed without divine support. Unless the Lord built, builders  labors  in vain, while Psalm 24 v 7-10 talks about the king of glory and glory is the opposite of defeat, glory is the opposite of failure and then he said this king of glory is the Lord, the Lord strong and mighty in battle, so he said lift up your head oh ye gate and let the king of glory come in; that one is saying; that if the king of glory is living with you, if God is supporting you, there is no way you can lose, nobody has ever defeated the Lord of host before and nobody will ever defeat him.

So what is the basic secret of winners? Without God I can’t win, with God I can’t lose! Very simple!

 That is why Paul said in Philippians 4v13 I can do all things , how many things?, all things, I can build a house , I can become a managing director, I can succeed in all my examinations, I can defeat all devils, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. In order words you may be looking at me in front, but I have somebody behind, I have a supporter. And if my supporter cannot be defeated, then you can never defeat me.

There was a little challenge not too long ago, and I told the fellow who was challenging me, if it is me you want to fight, you have won before you start, I have nothing to fight with, I have no strength, I know nobody, I have no money. But if it is my God you want to fight, you have lost before you begin.

How many of you believe that with God on your side you will never lose again? If you believe that shout halleluiah!

The secret of winner’s basically is that ‘I do my little bit and the Almighty God who is my supporter will do his Mighty bit’. 1Samuel17v 34-35 David hit the lion, hit the bear and the Almighty God supplied the strength. What is in the fist of a small boy? A small boy can’t kill a lion, even a small boy can’t hit a goat to death, but as he was doing his own hitting, divine strength was flowing through him because the book of Isiah40 v 28-29 he says God give strength to the weak. In 1samuel17v 49 -51 David slang the stone and the stone was going toward Goliath and everybody knows, even if you are a little child and you see a child coming to your face, you will dodge your head, Goliath saw the stone coming, he wanted to move his head but the Lord of host held his head straight, the head cannot dodge the stone. All the enemies that say you will not reach your goal, the stone is coming this evening and God will hold their head to receive it.

In Exodus14v21-28, all Moses did was lift his hand, it is God the supporter who sent the east wind, that opened the red sea, when they say Moses opened the red sea, it is not Moses who opened the red sea, it is the supporter of Moses, so he raised his hand and the Almighty God send the wind and every red sea before you, will path this evening in Jesus name

. Basically the foundational secret of winners is that if God is with me I cannot possibly loose, if he is not with me, I cannot possibly win. So the winners know that winning depends on my relationship with God. And so on this basic foundation, there are then three major foundations growing out of there. Three other secrets, all of them, growing out of the fact of the foundational secret.

Winners do three things; if they do these three things they will win all the time, if you begin to do all these three things, even before Sunday you will already be singing for joy

Number one because they know that their success depends on God, they do everything to please God, every other things are secondary, as long as God is happy with me, the rest is simple. If God is please with me, and you say you are not please with me, that is your headache, if you said you want to fight me, because I am doing what is pleasing unto God, I’ll move out of the way and the Lord of host deal with the situation.

So how do they please God? Winners know that is written Hebrew11v 6 without faith is impossible to please God. winners are men of faith, they operate in faith everything they do is based of faith, that is why I have a deep feeling within me that are many winners here tonight, because you have to be men and women of faith to come to this jungle in the middle of the night, to come and meet a God that you cannot see with naked eye and because you are man and woman of faith, you will please God.

and when a man pleases God, he becomes a winner, God is not a talkative, he speaks once and it is done, let there be light and there was light, darkness can stop it once has spoken. When God speaks thrice it is grace it means something he is about to say is important, when he says verily, verily he is saying pay attention. When God speaks three times about something that is amazing grace and by the time he says it third time, you will hear an element of anger,.

He told Joshua, be strong and be of good courage, he told him the second time be strong and be of good courage, the third time he said have I not commanded you, I say be strong and be of good courage.

 But four times, God said in the bible the just shall live by faith, four times, he repeated himself four times, to show you how important it is to live by faith. The just shall live by faith, you can put it in another way and say the winner shall live by faith, in 2 Corinthians 5 v 7 Paul a great winner said we walk by faith and not by sight.

Hebrew 11, a whole chapter of the bible contains just the names of men and women of faith.  Mark 9 v 23, the Lord Jesus Christ himself said if only you can believe, all things are possible to him that believed.  All things; success, victory, progress, promotion, anything you want, if only you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes, in Mark11 v 22-23 Jesus Christ himself said have faith in God, he said because if you have faith and you doubt not you will say to this mountain, mountain be thou remove and be thou cast into the sea and it shall be so. I am praying for someone tonight that every mountain that has been blocking you thus far the faith to move it and put it in the sea God will give you tonight. Winners please him and they please him by faith.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said you are worried about one of your children, the Lord asked me to tell you I will take care.

In Mark 5 v 25-34 the woman with the issue of blood, demonstrated what is called faith. She said if I can just touch the helm of his garment I will be made whole, let me just touch the helm of his garment, I will be made whole and because of her faith she got victory, victory over sickness, she got victory over a blood sucking sickness, victory over bareness, victory over inability to mix with people freely because of the problem she had. She became an all round winner. Somebody is going to win here tonight.

I have told you the story of a woman, that has been barren for several years and in my first year I became General overseer, I was visiting our churches in Lagos, and I was going to visit Alagbado at a time, and she heard that I was coming, somebody had told her that God is using this man to take care of bareness and she left home saying; I am not going to ask him to pray for me, there is no need just want to see him from a distance, If i can see him from a distance, I know I will become pregnant. And she got to Alagbado by five o’clock and waited and waited, unknown to her we had come at two o’clock and gone.

When it was getting dark, she called somebody and said what about the man of God that they said he is coming today, they told her we had come and gone, she fell down and began to cry and she said now God I know you don’t want me to have a child, I wasn’t coming for prayer, I wasn’t coming for laying on of hands, I just want to see him from a distance and now you allow him to come and go before I come, now I know you don’t want me to have a child. When she continues to cry, someone asked her what the problem is. She explained and the person told her that we understand that he is going somewhere tomorrow, before six o’clock she was already there and waited and waited until we came and then when we came several pastors came with us so she didn’t know who among us, she sat at the front row saying sooner or later they will introduce him. Finally they say our general overseer is about to bless you now, and as I got up she said that is him? Thank you God!

 Nine month later the baby came.

Because she had faith and there are some of us here and I am praying that God himself will increase your faith tonight, not only are we looking at ourselves now. I remember last night after holy communion, I said all those who need special prayer come let me pray for you, they are not even the one who asked, I am I the one who invited them, and they came and I prayed for them and I thought everybody will go home rejoicing but in the night as I go for my prayer walk, if you know the number of people that were disturbing me, they were saying just pray for us, I have prayed for you last night…. May God increase your faith? How many of you Believe that God is going to solve your own problem? Wave your hands to the Almighty and say amen loud and clear.

When they threw Shadrach, Meshach ,Abednego into the den of lion in Daniel 3 they came out of the fire without being burnt because they had faith; they said  our God whom we serve is able to deliver us and he will deliver us and in Daniel 6 when they threw Daniel into the den of lion because he has faith in his God, God shut the mouth of the lion, in Matthew 15 v 21-28 a woman came to Jesus Christ, asking him to please help her daughter who is under demonic oppression at home, Jesus Christ said I am not sent to anyone except to the house hold of  Israel, I can’t give the bread of children to dog, the woman persisted  because she knew she can get deliverance from the Almighty God. The ‘NO’ became ‘YES’ because of her faith.

All the prayers that you had pray up till tonight, that have not been answered in the Mighty name of Jesus, they will be answered now.


 The Lord said there is someone here today; right now you don’t amount to much but the Lord asked me to tell you, your prosperity will lift your family out of the depth of poverty.

How many of you believe that? Do you believe you are the one God is talking to? You better say amen loud and clear.

I will tell you this story because it deals with faith some of you have heard it before. December 31 of a watch night service my God said to me, he said there was someone in the congregation who was having problem paying his house rent, he said in the New Year he will become a landlord. only one messenger said amen, others were thinking that was impossible, but he grabbed it by faith.

New Year came he went to greet the chairman of his company, prostrated before him and greeted him, the Oga said, ‘have I given you any Christmas present?’ He said no ‘sir,’ Oga said, ‘Lagos Sate government was selling some houses I applied for one, I won, I don’t need it, come and collect the key’, gave him the key and the address, the boy went there he saw that it was a house not a flat, am I dreaming? Have I come to the right house? He put the key in the door the door opened, he went upstairs, he looked right, he look left, he said Lord if this is the a dream I don’t want to wake up,.

There is a miracle coming your way that it will be like a dream, the second day he went to the chairman to thank him, this time he roll on the right, he rolled on the left and the chairman said by the way in that house is there any furniture? The boy said no sir, the chairman said I changed my furniture every year, the one of last year I don’t even know where to put it, he called one of the drivers and said go and load the furniture and take it to this boy’s house. He was a messenger on the 31st of December!  Early in the New Year he was a landlord sitting on the furniture of the chairman.

 I prophesy to someone here tonight, before you enter the new year joy unspeakable shall be your portion in Jesus name, if you receive that let me hear you shout halleluiah.

So let me repeat what Daddy said, he said there is someone here tonight that you don’t amount to much now, he said but your prosperity will lift your family out of poverty. If you believe that say it is me Lord.

Winners, they know how to please God by faith. A woman wrote to me and said Daddy I know it is difficult to see you, I don’t want to see you, if you read this letter; I know I will get my miracle. I was reading the letter in the car and I was dancing because I know with this kind of faith the miracle will happen. So I lifted the letter to the Almighty God and said let it be unto her according to her faith. Months later I got another letter from the same woman, Daddy I know you read my letter because I have gotten my miracle. There is somebody here tonight, and your testimony will be similar. Winners know how to please God.

Number two they know how to move God into action; they do that by praise. They know that Psalm 22 v 23 says that God practically lives in the praise of his people. Isaiah 6 v1-3 tells us that heaven is a place of continuous praise .Angels are always crying Holy ,holy, Lord God Almighty, they don’t rest, they just keep on praising him, winners have discovered that from time to time in heaven there are waves of praise. If you read Revelation 4v 9 -11 the bible say from time to time, in addition to the praise of the angels there are the elders all of them singing and praising God. Let me read Revelation 4 to you, just to give you a glimpse of what is going on in heaven so that you too can begin to practice because you will end up in heaven in Jesus name.

Revelation 4v 9-11 and when those beast, give glory and honour and thanks to the one that sat o n the throne who lives forever and ever, the four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne and worship him that lives forever and ever and cast their crowns before throne before the throne saying you hart worthy oh Lord to receive glory and honour and power for thou hart created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created, the bible says from time to time in heaven  new song are being raised.

If you read Revelation5 v 9-10 they are constantly singing new song, if you read Revelation5 v11-12 you will find from time to time thunderous praise are given to God, let me read that one to you, Revelation 5 v11-13 he says and I beheld and heard the voice of many angels round about the beast and the elders, and the number of them was ten thousand times thousand, and thousands of thousands saying with a loud voice, worthy is a lamb that was slain to receive power and glory and power and riches and wisdom and strength and honour and glory and blessing, and every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth and under the earth and those that are in the sea and those that are in them saying blessing and honour and glory and power be on to him that seated on the throne and to the lamb forever and ever.

People who were winners, they know how to move God to stand up and help them, to stand up and bless them because they discovered that in spite of all the millions of angels praising him in heaven; according to John 4v 23 - 24 God is still seeking for more worshipper. So if he finds somebody praising him, worshipping him, he will arise and go there.

We all know how musicians succeed. Many of you have been to party, you know when you get there, if though you borrow the garment you are wearing and the money you have in the house you put in your pocket. When the musician comes round to collect the name of everybody and very soon they begin to play and they mention your name and they began to call you what you are not; managing director, emergency contractor, this one, that one and your head swells and you want to get up to go and give him the money. Something within you tells you this money is not your own you borrowed it, and you will say shut up, when I get home I will go and soak garri, and they praise you until they take all your money.

 Winners have learnt that secret; if only you can worship him, he will arise for you, that is why at the beginning tonight I was so happy that without anybody prompting you, you just kept on praising him, let me assure you my brethren, as the Lord lives the testimonies that will come out of this meeting, we will still be hearing them by this time next year.

For example in 2 Chronicles 20 v 20 - 25 when three kings gathered up against one small king they wanted to attack him, he got a good choir, like our choir of tonight and he got them singing before the army. The king had no army but he put the choir in front and then follow the women and small children but then the bible said as they began to praise the Almighty, he arose from the throne and send ambushment against the enemy of Jehoshaphat, and for reasons they could not explain, the enemy began to kill themselves, until not a single one remain. I Prophesy to someone today under the unction of the Holy Spirit, all those who say you will not see the New Year, none will remain by the end of this year, at the end of the day those who thought they were going to destroy Jehoshaphat, their wealth was transferred to Jehoshaphat. Those who are fighting against you, those who want to destroy your wealth, those who want to destroy your prosperity their wealth will come over to you.


The Lord says there say there is someone here tonight he said before the end of this year I will give you a special surprise package.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, he said there is an opening coming your way and I will give you the grace to walk into it.

Thank you Lord

The Lord said there is someone here tonight he said I will terminate stagnation in your business.

In Joshua 6 v 20, halleluiah, the Lord wants me to explain to the fellow who got the last prophesy that when your business begins to move on you may think it is because it is the end of the year, he said let me tell you this is not because it is the end of the year, it is because it is the beginning of good things to come. 

Thank you Lord, there are some of you here who will remember that at the beginning of this year, I kept telling everybody who will listen that God said he will do a new thing, it is everywhere I go that he is saying he will do a new thing, now he has given us a sign; a black man is now the president elect of American. It has never happen before, nobody thought it can ever happen, but God said He will do a new thing, and now why am I stopping to tell you this?

 The Lord asked me to tell some here he said before this year ends I will do a new thing in your life.

Thank you, my Lord. Let’ give God a round applause.

In Joshua6 v 20 when the enemy thought they had securely blocked the way of Israel with a wall very high, very thick, just one shout of praise brought the wall down, just one shout, one shout of praise

When the enemy think they had block your way praise God and a way will come, when the enemy thought they have even captured you, that you are already in their prison, if you ask Paul and Silas they will tell you the secret of a winner, they praise God till an earth quake came, all of you that the enemy thought they had captured, you are going to be free tonight.

A preacher told a story of a woman who was very poor, who was looking after her mother who was blind and one day the landlord came and said if you don’t pay my rent by 10am tomorrow, you and your blind mother I will eject you.

This woman had no helper, didn’t know where to go and she said “oh God! what am I going to do?, if I am the only one thrown out that is easy, where will I take my blind mother to?” she prayed and when there is nothing more to do, she began to praise God, she praise God all night until she fell asleep. When she woke up in the morning, she smells that somebody is preparing breakfast in the kitchen, who could it be? There are only two of us in this house so she got up and ran to the kitchen and found mama preparing breakfast. God has opened the eye of mama overnight.

Before tomorrow morning God will surprise somebody.

Mama said I can see after all this years, that is why I came to prepare breakfast and the woman lifted her voice and said God you who did this one i know you can do the other one. And she began to praise God.

The postmasters came and gave her a special parcel; her uncle whom she had not heard from for a long time, died and willed his property to her, what she got is more than enough to build her a house.

 Everything that is causing you sorrow, in the name of  the one who made heaven and earth it  shall disappear tonight, if you receive that let me hear you shout another loud halleluiah.

Winners know how to please God by faith, they know how to move God by praise, and they know how to keep God by obedience.

Winners know that God is their senior partner, they know. Romans 8 v31  that as long as God is with us nobody can be against us, they know Romans 8 v37 that we are more than conquerors, not because we are strong, not because we are clever but because of someone who loves us, they know from the story of Joseph that if God  is with you a slave can become a managing director, they know if God is with you, a prisoner can become a prison controller they know that if God is with you, in less than twenty four hours, a prisoner can become the  prime minister .

They know from the story of Esther that a slave can become a queen, they know that if God is with you as he was with Joshua, no man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life. They know that if God is with you, from the story of peter that failure can become success within the twinkle of an eye. They know from the story of Samson, that if God  goes before you, that if lion comes to you, you will tear them, when three thousand people comes to you, you  will just be smiling and if they begin to shout you will kill them with a jaw bone of an ass.

But they know that if he disappears the table will turn, they know from the story of Joshua7v1-12 that when God withdrew, the victor will become the victim. They know from the story of Samson in Judges16v18-21 that if God leaves, the enemy that use to fear you will then take over. So winners do everything so that God won’t leave them. They do everything to make sure that they keep God as their friend.

Fortunately, keeping God as your friend is an easy thing, Jesus said it in John15 v14 he said you are my friend if you do whatsoever I command you, simple obedience when he ask you to sit down, stand up you stand up, go you go, come you come, that is all so simple.

That is what makes my own life so pleasant. I learnt that secret a long time ago; my father was a strong hefty man and I have a brother, my eldest brother; tall, strong, taller than my Dad. Then one day he offended my Dad, my father called him, I was very small, I have to look up to see my brother, when I see my brother with his big muscle I will say my brother is very strong. My father now took a cane asked my  brother to take off his shirt, my father gave him just two strokes, the first stroke landed and the place turned white and the second one landed and the place turned white and suddenly out of the white line blood became out, and my brother began to scream.

 I was terrified, and I made up my mind, this old man will never beat me all my life because I won’t allow him. So throughout his life he never beat me, so when he says “Enoch” “sir”, “go and fetch water”, “yes sir”, after I left him I can grumble but not in his presence, he never beat me till he died, in fact we became friends.

God said you are my friend if you obey me, simple instructions. ‘Pray’ there is nothing that someone will not understand, that is simple. Study the bible, meditate there in day and night so that you will have good success Joshua 1v 8, Deuteronomy 28 v1-2 if you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and to do all that I command you, he said I will so bless you and you will be running from the blessing and the blessing will be pursuing you and overtaking you.

Give and you shall be given; there is nothing God ask you to do that it difficult to understand. Sow, sow bountifully and you will reap bountifully.

Halleluiah, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said cheer up you are on the threshold of a major breakthrough.

In John 2 v1-11 there was a wedding in Canaan of Galilee and they ran out of wine and the husband was in serious predicament, shame, reproach, sorrow, on his wedding day “what am I going to do now”.

They told the mother of Jesus,  she came to Jesus, and say “they want wine”, Jesus said “it is not yet  my time to perform miracle”, the mother of Jesus  turned to the disciple there, “whatever  he asked you to do, do it”, that is all, so simple, Jesus said “alright what are you people standing their doing looking at me” and they say “your mother said whatever you say we should do, Jesus said alright go and fill the all pots with water and someone said it is wine we need not water and someone said his mother said whatever he asked us to do we should do,….

“We have filled the pot sir, and they filled it to the brim, what do you want us to do next sir?”, he said take the water to the MC. ‘Ah! this is beyond reasoning, they want wine not water!’, one of the brethren said “the mother said whatever he ask us to , do it” “okay, when we get to the MC and he says why are you bringing water, we will say it is Jesus who say we should bring it”  but on the way the water turned into wine.

There is somebody here tonight who is making up his mind that he will be obeying God from now on your water will become wine, your shame will become a testimony, and your failure will become success. Winners they do three basic things; they know how to please God, they know how to move God, they know how to keep God.

 In conclusion tonight, because God has done a lot and he is still going to do more. Maybe there is someone here tonight, God use to be with you and you are succeeding then and then you messed around and he left, the beautiful thing is that he can come back tonight.

 You see after they shave off the hair of Samson and they plug out his eyes they threw him into prison and they chained him, the bible says the hair on his head began to grow again, the hair they shaved off began to grow again there is somebody here tonight the enemy has shave off your hair, all the hair is already growing again.

 He is willing to come back, he said if you return he will heal your backsliding. He has make a promise that whoever will come unto him he will in no wise cast away, so if you have never know him, if you have never be his partner, if you have never surrender your life to him tonight, he will come but let me tell you if you are receiving him  as savior, you must receive him as your Lord, if you want him to be your partner he will only be senior partner, he won’t be junior, if you want him to be your partner, you must be willing to come under a new management.

He said come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden I will give you rest, But he says you must take my yoke upon you and learn of me, if you want me to be your partner, you will begin to obey instruction. Those of you who are backsliding and you want to return to the Lord you can come now. Those of you who are tired of failure and you want success, you can come now, he will save your soul he will forgive you your sins, he will restore you.

Come now and call on him and say Lord save my soul have mercy on me, forgive me my sin, and wash me clean.

Thank you father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

 Lord I want to thank you for your word that have gone forth tonight, thank you for all this people that have come to give their life to you, father please receive them in Jesus name, cleanse them in your blood in Jesus name. As you save their souls tonight write their names in the book of life let them becomes your partner oh Lord, please don’t let them ever go back into the world in Jesus name.

From tonight anytime they call on you please answer them in Jesus name. Don’t let them know failure again, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed…

How many of you don’t want to fail anymore, stand on your feet and shout one big halleluiah.

You will roll your prayers into one and say father, the grace to please you, to please you at all times, to obey you at all times and to praise you with all my heart give it to me tonight, don’t let me ever be a looser again, go ahead and talk to the Almighty…in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout another halleluiah, when we praise him we move him and I can assure you that the Almighty God had been thoroughly move tonight. He will fight your battles for you.

We have our congress between 15 and 20 0f December, let me assure you that the power of God will be mighty from the day number one, so don’t say you want to wait till the weekend. There is a special miracle for each day, devote that one week to God and I can guarantee you that you will enter the new year with unspeakable joy. Now it is your duty to tell as many people as possible about the congress. Tell them by word of mouth, phone them, text them, if you have the money to get the congress cap get one with all the details about where the congress will take place, what time; which is 15th- 20th December. And you can get a hand band of the congress with all the details written on it. This is especially good for you with car owner; you just put your hand on the window for the next driver to read when there is traffic jam. You can also use the congress badges and clip it to your chest or to your trouser. You don’t have to say anything they will speak for you. Or you could use the congress apron.

This apron is one of my favorite, I usually wear this one and then I will stop at the road side where they roast plantain, they will think I am interested in buying but everybody will read what is on it and I wear it to every place I go. The only problem I have personally now is that where ever I wear it, I have to be ready to conduct a crusade there

Use any method that you can think about, we have handbills; they will distribute some tonight, but print more copies. You can tie banners on your car advertising the program, you can get a blackboard, write the information on the black board and put it in front of your house, even when you are going to work the black board will be advertising, if you find a dirty car, write the information on the dirty car, when the owner come to wash he will read it. Remember the aim is to bring as many soul to Christ as possible and every soul that got save through your effort, God is going to reward you for it here on earth and in heaven. Remember it is somebody who brought you to Christ and you never can tell what that person you brought to Christ will become, somebody brought me to Christ, look at what God is doing now. The one you bring to Christ may be the general overseer of tomorrow so let’s do everything possible from now on till the congress, to invite people to the congress.

Advertise by radio, advertise by television, advertise during request on radio and television and say you are greeting so and so and they should not forget the title of the congress. It is a prophesy and as you prophesy it God will be bringing it to pass. It is saying my soul is full of joy; it is as simple as that, even if it is not yet full, and it will be full of joy. The congress’s song is a prophesy as you sing it, it will begin to come to pass.

My soul is full of joy; my soul is full of joy.

No more sorrow, no more sickness,

My soul is full of joy; my soul is full of joy.

Joy, joy, joy.

My soul is full of joy; my soul is full of joy.

Thank you Jesus.

My soul is full of joy; my soul is full of joy.

I commit all these children to you today even as they go prophesy that their soul is full of joy let it be so in Jesus name. By time I see them during the congress, that new thing that you say you will do please let it be done in their lives in the name of Jesus. Let this night be a night not to be forgotten. Every one of these your children give us major testimony this month in Jesus name.

The Lord will go with you. He will protect you from evil, he will defend you from all your enemies, he will fight your battles for you, he will let your joy over flow, and you will never know sorrow again. You will all see the New Year in joy, it will be well with you, all your prayers will be answered by fire. And all the people you invite to the congress will come, in the kingdom of God none of us will be found wanting. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Do I hear somebody shout a really big halleluiah!





Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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