KEYS TO PROSPERITY 4th of July, 2001

I know there is someone here tonight… I say I know there is someone here tonight who is going to cross the border of poverty forever.. (Amen!) Now if you are the one I want you to shout! ‘Alleluia’ (Alleluia!)

As I was sitting down there, the Lord spoke to me and said that there is a sister who wept all the way from the house to the camp ground tonight. The Lord asked me to tell you – this is the last time you will weep. (Amen!)

I want to thank God for Sister Olanrewaju. Please don’t relax because we might be calling upon you later on tonight.

How many of you are here tonight who are determined to say bye-bye to poverty? Tell your neighbour: “If you want to remain poor go and sit next to somebody else!” Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

I serve a God who is richer than the richest. He is greater than the greatest. He is higher than the highest. He is wiser than the wisest. He is older than the oldest.  Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Let’s go before Him and just worship Him. You may not have the kind of voice that my sister Olanrewaju has but at least you have a voice. I want you to think of a song of your own tonight. Not my own – your own! Just think of a song of your own and just sing, sing to the Lord – just worship Him, praise Him, worship Him! 

Blessed be Your Holy Name! Thank You my Lord! Thank You! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to Your Holy Name Lord! Thank You Father! Alleluia! Jesus! Thank You! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! In Jesus’ mighty Name we worship! (Amen!)

I will praise Him from everlasting, everlasting to everlasting……..

The Lord said there’s someone here who said I am not here to talk about money. If only God can heal me! The Lord asked me to tell you, I will heal you and if you desire I will prosper you also.

Father, we just want to bless your Holy Name.  Thank You Lord!

The Lord asked me to tell you Brethren, tonight the stagnant shall begin to flow again! (Amen!)

Lord we know that this is Your night. We know that this is the night that You had made. .... a night that You had made, a night of joy, a night of breakthrough! We want to praise You, we want to adore You, accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name!. Tonight My Father and my God tech us to prosper. (Amen!) Teach us to succeed. (Amen!) Teach us to be head. (Amen!) Teach us to be above. (Amen!) Teach us to be promoted. (Amen!) And take all the glory Lord. Thank You my Father! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Shake hands with one or two people, tell them: “you are sitting next to someone who will prosper. you are sitting next to someone who will prosper!” God bless you, you may be seated!

I want to talk to us, I want to study with us tonight, on keys to prosperity. I want to thank God for my son who has spoken before me. I want you to know he blessed me tonight tremendously. I don’t know about the others but I was tremendously blessed by your lecture tonight. I think we should give the Lord a big hand. That was a good one.

Psalm 1:1-3 Psalm 1 is one of my favourite Psalms because the first time I read the Bible that is the passage that my eldest sister asked me to read. So the first word that I read in the Bible is ‘blessed’. That’s why I’m blessed. That’s why I know I’m going to remain blessed. That’s why I know all my children will be blessed. That’s why I know all of you will be blessed. (Amen!) It says blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly nor standeth in the way of sinners nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful but his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law doth he meditate day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season. His leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

Now I want you to say verse 3 after me and say it the way I will say it - I shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season. My leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever I do shall prosper. The man who spoke before me had prepared the ground – poverty is nothing to be joyful about. In fact when you want to speak derogatorily about someone in Yoruba you call him ‘olosi’ that is ‘wretched man!’ And wretchedness and poverty they have the same name. It is strange that honourable and wealthy they also have the same meaning.  So I refuse to be olosi. I just refuse to be wretched!

The moment you hear somebody talking about prosperity, suddenly enemies rise up! That’s why the elders say that people don’t want you for prosperity,. Only your head will say, this fellow is not going to die in poverty! Nobody wants you to prosper, you have to make up your mind yourself that “I am going to prosper!” You can criticize me because I want to prosper -  no problem! After I have prospered you can say what you want but I am going to prosper! Adeboye refuses to die in poverty!

I have tasted both. One is better than the other.  For the first eighteen years of my life, I walked bare-footed! Can you imagine walking barefooted in this muddy soil? Now I can walk in shoes! Walking in shoes is better than walking barefooted! I am not going back to poverty I have made up my mind. The Almighty God has taken the garment of suffering from me, I’m not going to wear it again! Tell your neighbour – “he’s talking about me too.”

The Bible says, Certain people will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. That will be bringing forth his fruit in due season. He said his leaf will never wither and whatsoever they do shall prosper! I am one of them. I am the one that God is talking about here. So I want to give you 12 keys. How many? I had wanted to stop at seven but I decided that  since you are my children, your prosperity is my prosperity – I’m not going to hide anything from you – 12 keys to prosperity.

A key is very important. We’ve just finished the American Convention and the topic there was “Open Doors”. And I told them on the first day if you get to a door and the door is shut there are certain things  you can do – you can turn back – but I am not turning back, I am going forward. If you are not going to turn back then you can knock at the door. Maybe the fellow inside will open. If the fellow refuses to open., particularly if it’s an enemy that shut the door., you can break  down the door if you are strong enough to do it or alternatively you look for the one who has the key. Once you have the key you can open the door – the key is very important. If you are careless with your car key and a thief gets it, even though they didn’t pay for the car -  if they have the key they can drive the car away. If a man rents a house from you and you have collected the money from him, what is he going to ask from you? Key! Once he gets the key you better pray because  you may never get the keys back. That’s why I want to give you 12 keys tonight. As soon as you have heard and you have enough …. As soon as you have enough keys, you can fall asleep. Maybe you get 2 or 3 keys and say that’s enough then – you can forget the rest and fall asleep but I know some people they will get  all twelve. How many of you want all 12? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

The first key is that God is sovereign. He does as He pleases.

In Psalm 115:3 He says, our God is in the heavens he does as he pleases. You need to understand that one from the very beginning. He does as He pleases. And why do we need to understand this? Because He’s the only one who can say – silver is mine, gold is mine. If there’s any man who is boasting that  I am a rich man! He’s just holding the money until God decides to take it away! And now this God who does as He pleases is the one who decides who’s going to be rich and who’s going to be poor. In 1 Samuel 2:7 & 8 it says the Lord maketh poor and He maketh rich. He makes the one who is poor, poor. He makes the one who is rich, rich! And He can pick up a beggar from the dunghill and make him sit with the princes. He is a sovereign God. He can just decide that this fellow is going to be rich. I have a rough idea that there is someone here tonight that God has decided is going to be rich! (Amen!) That’s why you are here. There are so many excuses why you should not come today but God brought you because He, the Almighty, the sovereign God has decided this one is not going to die poor.

1956. You will know how young I must be then. I had a friend, the two of us were as poor as church rats! In fact the church rat is richer than both of us! In those days, don’t let me tell you those sad stories – but we listened out for anywhere where we hear the drum – just to find out whether somebody died there, believing if we can just get there, there might be food. One day I came from school and I saw my friend, just, almost mad with joy. What happened. He went to get  a job – labourer job, labourer job, and as he was digging the ground suddenly he broke through and heard a sound – strange sound. He dug a little further and inside was a big pot filled with gold coins that somebody must have buried years ago and forgotten. Fortunately for him there was nobody else around. He buried it quickly again. Came home and got a sack; went and loaded it, brought it home… when he took one of the coins to the goldsmith that one looked at it and said, Where did you get this from…. I don’t want to continue with the  story. This boy was about fourteen years old then. That was the end of poverty in his own life.

There’s somebody here today, you too will break through. (Amen!) I remember that day, I said, “God, there are  two of us who are poor! How come he dug into gold and I am still at Ilesha Grammar School, trying to put two and two together?” But thank God  my own time was coming and  somebody’s time will come today (Amen!).

Key Number One - God is sovereign. He decides who will be rich and who will be poor. Let that sink in -  that’s important.

Key number two is that you must be willing to prosper.

God cannot force you to prosper. Isaiah 1:19 It said if you are willing.. what is the first condition? You must be willing and obedient, then you will eat the good of the land. Deuteronomy 15:11 the Bible says the poor shall not cease in the land but Adeboye refuses to be one of them. There are some people who say, if everybody becomes rich then who is going to be houseboy? The next time you hear that tell the fellow “Your children .. it is your children that will be houseboys – as for my own children, they will become rich.”

I’ve always told those who live with me, all the houseboys and housegirls, I always tell them you better learn what you want to learn now because you are not going to remain here forever. If you want other people’s children to be houseboys, forever,  then the law of harvest is going to work on your children. I am not going to be poor, my children will not be poor! I say I refuse! I refuse! “Oh but we are  going to need househelps.”  We will need houseboys and house girl! Sure there will be unbelievers… let them come as houseboys, as househelps and then they become born again and they will prosper and then new ones will come in and they will be born again and then they will prosper! So your household will become channel of blessing! That’s how it’s going to be in my own case!

And then why do I say you have a choice? Deuteronomy 28:1 & and then 11-13 said clearly there are certain things you must do… God said if you are willing to do the following things; if you are willing to hearken to the voice of the Lord your God; to observe and to do all that I command you this day, the Almighty God said, I will make you greater than all the nations of the world. He said even if you are running from blessing, blessing will chase you and overtake you! He said, I will make you plenteous in goods! God said so! That’s what God said. He said you will be above only, you will not be beneath. Who is God talking to by the way? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

All right so God is sovereign. He is the One who decides who’s going to be poor and who’s going to be rich. And number two, you too must be willing to prosper. Anybody who says you must not prosper is your enemy.  Anyone who wants to be handing  down clothes to you does not love you! That fellow who says that it is only after he has finished eating that you will eat. Ask the fellow, “Were you not born the way I was born? Is your father an angel? Is your mother an angel? Are they not human beings like my father and mother?” My prayer is that it will be well with you but its going to be well with  me also.”

And then key number three – you must be in God’s will.

Now you can see that one linking up with number one because God is sovereign,. He decides who He’s going to bless. You must be willing to prosper. You want to prosper. God decides who is going to prosper. The number three now, you must be in God’s will.

Psalm 127:1 It said, unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it.  You know I used to think that that one means house-building alone but I discovered that it is deeper than that. It is simply saying that if you are not doing what God wants done, your effort will be nothing. It means if God is lifting up and you are trying to pull down you’ll  be wasting your time.  In Haggai 1:4-6 God said to the children of Israel, God said, Consider your ways. Consider your ways! He said, I want  you to build My house and you are building yours! He said, that’s why you work so hard and there is nothing to show for it. He said that’s why, the little you bring in  - I blow on it. And the rest that you put in the pocket, the pocket has a hole!

When we were in the primary school there is a problem that the teachers  love. They will say – there is a bucket, there is a pipe that is bringing water – pipe A that is bringing in water at such and such a rate. There’s  a pipe Bible that is bringing water at such and such a rate. And then there’s a pipe C that’s draining the water at such and such a rate.  Then they say – when will the bucket be full. Every pipe C in your life God will take care of it today. (Amen!)

 There are many of you, you work day, you work night, you collect salary, you take commission, you get contract, you do this , you do that but as long as pipe C is there there will be no result. If some of you were to sit down to calculate the total salary you have earned since you started working – it will frighten you ! And then you look round, what can I point to that I spent the money on and there might be nothing because of Pipe C. But from tonight onwards Pipe C will be blocked. Pipe A will bring in. Pipe Bible will bring in. (Amen!) And the Almighty God will pour in additional ones. (Amen!)

 Malachi 3:10-12 When God says bring all the tithes into my house that I will open the windows of heaven and pour in a blessing that there be no room to receive it. It did not stop there. It said, I will rebuke devourers for your sake because God knows no matter how much He brings in, if there is a devourer that is eating this thing away, very soon everything will be gone. So when you are in the will of God – the first thing is that He will seal all Pipe Cs. All the money that  you are spending that has no meaning, all unwelcome visitors; all those relatives who are dying at the critical moment of your life, those people who are falling sick, who are dying just when you want to build a house, that’s when they die. This time the Pipe C will stop! I say Pipe C will stop. (Amen!)

Key Number One. God is sovereign – He decides who will be rich. He decides who will be poor. ‘’Key Number Two: I myself must be willing to prosper and they don’t have to beg Adeboye about that at all. I’ve made up my mind on that one.

Key Number  Three – you must be in God’s will.

Now Key Number  4 is a key we know very well – and that is – give. Luke 6:38 was not written by a prophet. Luke 6:38 was not written by a Pastor. Luke 6:38 came straight from the mouth of Jesus. And when Jesus speaks you better pay attention because He’s not an ordinary Pastor, He’s the shepherd of shepherds. He’s the Pastor of Pastors. He’s not an ordinary prophet. When ordinary prophets want to speak they say “Thus says the Lord”. When Jesus wants to speak, He will say, “Verily, verily I say unto you.” He’s the one who said give and you shall be given. And I want you to know one thing brethren – the devil knows that principle – he knows that key and has given it to his followers. You look around you and see some people who seem to be getting richer all the time. And you will notice something strange about them. They look for opportunities to spray. They take money and begin to distribute. And you will think they are crazy. They are using key no. 4: Give and you shall be given. There are many of us. We are where we are today because we refuse to give. When you begin to give extraordinarily, you will begin to receive extraordinarily. It’s a key. It is a key – it opens the door of abundance.

When you go before God and you begin to give God an offering, when you go before God and you begin to give Him offerings what you give is what you are going to receive. 2 Chronicles 1:6-12 tells us that when Solomon offered a thousand burnt offerings to God, God  visited him and asked him, “My boy, you’ve given so much today. What can OI give you in return? Anything you want. Ask for it.” This man said to God I want wisdom and understanding. God said  Alright, that one is settled, but you had given an extra ordinary offering, in addition to what you asked, I’m going to give you what you didn’t ask for. Somebody’s going to get  a blessing  that will be embarrassing  tonight in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!).

May I add one thing. When you give an offering to God, make sure you don’t give Him a wretched offering. If you are going to give Him money don’t give Him notes that are already torn. Malachi 1:13 & 14 God says He feels insulted because some  people brought to Him animals that were blind and lame and sick. Whatever you cannot give to the President, don’t give it to God.

Years ago a sister said she had come to give a bus to God. If you look at the bus, you will know that it is a miracle that it even got to the camp. How can you give this to God? He’s not a beggar. He’s richer than the richest. whenever you want to give something to God. No matter how small – make sure it is quality. And as you keep giving remember what  I told you some two years ago in Ecclesiastes 11:3 when you load your cloud, the Bible says when the cloud id full of water it will fall as rain. When you are giving you are loading your cloud and when the cloud is  full then it’s going to fall down as rain.

Some  years ago, there’s a brother in the East. He’s a member of a group of people called Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International. So they have programmes: they will invite people to breakfast so that they can preach to them. they invite people to dinners so that they can preach to them. And the members are those who contribute the money for the food. So this brother came to them one day and said, “Brethren, for the next one year, any programme we have – morning or evening – I will pay for it.” Everybody clapped. “Ah thank you brother thank you very much!” One year went by and God blessed this brother tremendously! All the other members of the fellowship, they saw where he was last year, they saw where he is now. So at the end of the year, he came again: “Brethren, the next one year, anything we want to spend money on, I will pay.” They all said , ‘No! No way!! Last year we clapped! We are still where we were last year. We know where you are now. This year – no way!” Now there’s  somebody here tonight, when your relatives look at you next year they will wonder what happened to you because from now on – you’ll be giving! I say, you’ll be giving! I say you’ll be giving!

I have a son. He’s here tonight. I won’t look in his direction so you won’t know it’s him. When I became General Overseer, we were all very poor in those days. He was poorer than myself but he came to me and said Daddy, let’s reach an agreement. I don’t have money, but I am a good tailor. You buy the clothes bring it to me . I will sew, free.” I said, ‘That’s good enough.” So whenever I get some little money I will buy the clothes I will give to him He will sew for free. I told him something that day. I said, Son, You are a tailor – struggling one day is coming when you take your money to the bank, the manager will say, I thought  you say you are a tailor? “Oh yes I’m a tailor.” What kind of tailor can bring this  kind of money in.? Gradually things began to improve and all I need to do now is tell him, I want this kind of dress. He will buy the cloth, he will sew and he will bring. Glory be to God forever more. (Amen!) He’s a tailor. He has a house. He’s a tailor. He rides a Mercedes Benz car. He’s a tailor, when he comes, managers stand up at attention. There’s somebody here today too, very soon, when you go to the manager and you say you kept me  waiting for ten minutes. I think I will take my account from here. The manager will say, Please, please, please!” Is anybody like that here? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Key number 5. Begin to sow and keep on sowing. Now there is a difference between giving and sowing. Sowing is something that you give for a particular purpose. A farmer can give fruits to his friends. A farmer can take fruits even to the altar in the House of God but a farmer reserves certain seed for sowing and he sows the seed for next year’s harvest. Sowing is different from giving. You sow specifically in order to reap specifically. Galatians 6:7-8 It said whatsoever you sow you will reap and then Hosea 8:7 made it clear that the harvest is always more than the seed. It said if you sow wind you will reap a whirlwind. In other words, whatsoever you sow is what you reap but what you reap will be much more than what you sow. So when you sow you will tell the Almighty God I am sowing this thing specifically for this thing. I’ll give you an example.

Some years ago…  It was February. I was fasting and praying. I was preparing for the Special Holy Ghost Service. It was deep in the night, I was talking to the Almighty God: Father Thank You for the healings that I’ve been seeing. Thank You for the salvation of souls, but Father, I want to see the spectacularly miraculous, that people will see and they will say ah this is wonderful!” I want you to begin now! And suddenly God spoke to me. May God speak to you in Jesus’ Name!(Amen!) He said, “Son, you want the spectacular – spectacularly miraculous? I said, “yes Lord.” He said what will you sow for it? When God asks you a question, you better be careful how you answer. “Anything, anything! Anything!” And He said, “then give me your jeep.” At that time I had a Pajero jeep. I had fallen in love with the jeep. We had gone everywhere together. It had never given me a problem. I had treated it like a baby. Even though I had used it for years it is still sounding as new. When God said, “Give me your jeep.” I said, “Hooo! Is that what You are going to ask for?” but it was too late to say no. “Yes Lord.. Yes Lord…” and you know the rest of the story. That was the very first time the lame began to walk.  And since that time the miracles had continued.

When you sow it is something you give specifically – This is what I want. This is what I’m giving for it. When you talk about seed, seed is something that will cost you something. The farmer could have eaten pounded yam with the yam but no, no, no, he sowed it. So that next year there’ll be more pounded yam.

2 Corinthians 9:6 It said if you sow bountifully, you will reap bountiful.  Matthew 13:3-6 It said when you are going to sow, sow into good ground. It said a sower went forward to sow. Some fell by the way side, some fell on stony ground, some fell among thorns. The only one that produced fruit was the one that fell on good ground. When it comes to giving, you can give to anybody – anyone who asks for an offering you can give. You can even give to a beggar by the roadside: give, you shall be given – that one is settled but when it comes to sowing you have to use your sense before sowing,. If you sow your corn into the lagoon, you know yourself that there will be no fruits. That’s why you need to look for good ground into which to sow. Don’t just listen to any man who says - this is good ground - find out for yourself – is this ground really good?

Some time ago, a young man came to me and said Daddy I want to give you my house. I said, you must be joking. I don’t need your house. I don’t want your house. I already have my own house. If Jesus tarries Redemption Camp this is my house. This is where I’m going to live. This is where Jesus will meet me when He comes. I don’t need your house go and pray and God will direct you to someone else. Go and pray for 3 months God will tell you somebody else. 3 months later he came back. He said, “It is you I’m going to give the house to.’ He said I have two that’s why I want to give you one. I said, I don’t need your house! I said, Listen, I know some Pastors who don’t have a house. I will direct you to one of them. He said no.. I’m sure he’s here tonight listening to me – He said it is to YOU I want to give – I DON’T NEED YOUR HOUSE! I don’t want your house!! He said, “I’m not going. I ‘m going to give you the house. !’ He said, “These are the papers.  I have brought the papers of… I am giving it to you! “   How am I going to get this fellow out of my office? I said, “Okay take the papers go. Let me talk to my own Daddy first. I will send for you if He asks me to send for you.” I was thinking that God will never allow me to send for him so that I will be free. But then I ask Daddy. Daddy said the boy is clever. He knows you are one of the best soils in the world today. He said, Don’t stop his harvest. Take the house and do whatever you like with it.” So I took the money. I took the house. He took me to the house. I looked at the house. I know that only God can allow this kind of thing to happen.” Thank God there is a church that is meeting there. So I said, Well, the house is mine. I have received it. Church continue to meet there for now so that this man can have his harvest. I’ve been receiving some letters from him and I know the harvest is already coming in.

There is somebody here tonight, very soon, you’ll be able to give the Almighty God anything. (Amen!)

Key Number 6 is called the principle of the first fruits.

Proverbs 3:9-10 The Bible says, honour the Lord with thy substance and with the first fruit of thy increase. And then it said suddenly your barn will just burst open because it will become too small to contain the blessing. What is called the first fruits? If you get a job the first salary is called the first fruits. If you are a contractor you register a company and that company gets a contract, the profit on that contract is a first fruit. Or at the beginning of the year there is an increment on your salary – the increment on the first month is first fruit.

Let me give you 2 examples quickly, maybe one will do because of time. Some of you have heard the testimony. There was a gathering like this in the old auditorium and God spoke and said that there was someone there who was going to have three financial miracles. He said the first one belongs to Him, that’s first fruit. He said, the second one will pay the debt that the fellow is owing. And that third one will be for the fellow to enjoy for the rest of her life. Suddenly some days later a widow came to me. I know her very well. She had 17 people that she was feeding. She was heavily in debt; the debt that the husband left and came and said, “I have got the first miracle and I want to give it to God.” I looked at her, I said, “Sister, please, please!  When God says there’s someone here, it can be anybody. The one you have got now, go and manage it first.” She said, Daddy, you want to get me into trouble? God said, if I give the first, the second will pay my debts. I said, God said there is someone here – He didn’t mention your name! He didn’t mention your name! How can I take this money? Because the money was a lot of money! It was a lot of money then. I said no sister sorry. She said, Please Daddy, please, don’t stop my two other miracles!”

Reluctantly I took the money. I’m telling you, I kept the money. I know you may say I am a man of little faith. Widow, with 17 mouths to feed. Heavy debt, . What kind if Pastor is that that wants to take the money from that widow. But then God moved – ehh! God moved. God is going to move on behalf of somebody here tonight… Suddenly, all the banks that the husband owed wrote to say that they cancelled the debts. God is going to cancel your own debt tonight also! (Amen!)

And then miracle number three came. – a bank in London that the husband owed a lot of money, they wrote to her – they said, we made a mistake in our calculations (they made a mistake) Your husband is not owing us, we are owing your husband!” You see when God is on your side he can make the computer go crazy. God is going to surprise somebody here tonight. (Amen!) If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia!

Key number seven. You see when we are talking about real prosperity its not something you do with your head, it is what God does. Only God can do it.

Key number seven: you must be ready for hard work.

What kind of work? Because I know that now that we’re talking about tremendous blessing, many of you think you will just sit down at home and you will wake up one morning and money will be dropping from the roof! Hebrews 11:6 it said, God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Proverbs 22:29: It said seeth thou a man diligent in his business, he will stand before kings. In other words he will be in the company of kings. You don’t see messengers standing in the company of kings. When you see somebody in the company of kings who is not a king himself, you can be sure that man is loaded with money. When you ask God to prosper you, what He will do is that He will give you work to do that will bring in money. And in any case the kind of blessings coming your way is going to be hard work counting the money. I know you didn’t hear me. When they bring in your money before they send it to the bank. At least you want to check, you want to count the number of bundles of five hundred naira. And there is somebody here just counting the bundles will take three days. (Amen!)

I know you don’t believe me. Don’t worry, no problem, no problem! There are some people here who know that I have said some things some ten years ago that sounded incredible, they have seen it today!  2 Chronicles 20:20-25 when God decided to prosper Jehoshaphat he took three days to carry the money from the battlefield to the bank. Three days. There are people here today when a time is coming very soon, when you take your money to your bank everybody in the bank will spend three days counting your money alone. (Amen!) You will tell them, You are not going home. I will be bringing food. Just keep on counting, keep on counting. ‘ Who’s God talking to by the way. Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Let me share a testimony with you. I know there are some testimonies that cannot be shared in public because if you share them in public it could create a problem. One of my sons, who had been applying the principle of first fruit, any job he gets in the year, the first job, no matter how much the gain, the profit, he will bring it and say, this is my first fruit. Recently he came and said, “Daddy, I have a problem.” He said, “jobs that will take me two years to finish and everybody wants their job done quickly .Can you help me talk to Daddy, to slow down a little?” There’s somebody here tonight, that’s going to be your testimony also. (Amen!) Can you help me …….? There are some people they get only one job in three years. They’ll be thanking God. Here is somebody who says help me tell Him to slow down. Slow down and slow down. That’s the kind of blessing that is coming your way!

Key number eight. Is anybody already blessed? I think we can stop now - we’ve done seven. .,… Key number eight. Enlarge your capacity to be blessed.

You must enlarge your capacity to be blessed. Those who came to divine encounter on Monday, I spoke to them from 1 Chronicle 4:9-10 That’s where Jabeth prayed a prayer to God. He said Lord bless me indeed. Not bless me casually. Not bless me lightly – bless me indeed! Bless me greatly! Bless me intensely! And enlarge my coasts. Before you begin to pour in the blessing make sure that you expand the room. There are many of us my beloved ones, our capacity to be blessed is too small. If the truth is to be told.....  If it were possible to listen to the prayers of many of us here, we will be shocked by what we will hear. “God, bless me! Help me to be able to pray for a room and parlour in Mushin!” Those who live in Ikoyi are human beings. You too can become great. God spoke to Peter – launch out into the deep! Launch out into the deep! Enlarge your coasts! Enlarge your capacity to be blessed! There are some of you here who think you are already rich. You don’t even know the meaning of rich!

I heard a story. One man was going for a stroll. Evening stroll And then he saw a factory – very dirty factory. So he asked them – he asked the fellow going with him – what factory is that? They say that’s where they make Rolls Royce.. He said, What! That’s where they make my car? And it’s so dirty. The following morning he went there. He said, I want to buy this factory. They looked at him and laughed. Where will you get the money to buy it. He said, “How much is it worth. He said, I will pay you double. He went on a stroll! And bought a factory the following morning. That’s wealth.

I will tell you another story – just to enlarge your coasts because unless you enlarge your coasts God cannot take you far. They asked one fellow. They said, suppose you have thirty days of unlimited spending – any amount you want to spend you are free to spend it. Anywhere you want to go, you are free to go. Anything you want to buy you are free to buy. What will you do in 30 days. He laughed He said, Are you sure? They said, Yes. What will you do? He said, When I wake up the following morning the first day, I will eat one big loaf of bread with six eggs. After that I will go to Oke Arin I will buy one good trouser, one good shirt, one brown shoe and then I will branch at Mama Ghana and I will eat plenty of beans. And then I will buy plenty of yam and rice and smoked fish and stockfish and I will bring it home. They said, okay. What will you do the second day? He said, “I won’t go anywhere. I will eat more egg. I will watch television.” Now I know you will laugh at the story but that’s like many of us.

Suppose somebody comes to Adeboye and he says you have thirty days to spend any amount you want. Buy anything you want, do whatever you want …… eeeehhh Lord have mercy! What will I do? The first day, I won’t go anywhere. I will send for all y Pastors from all over. I will ask them to come with a blueprint of the best church that they want to builds. I will send for Julius Berger,  I will ask him to tell me how much will all these churches cost if I’m going to pay upfront I will send for the minister of finance. I will ask him to tell me how much exactly is Nigeria owing  …. Glory be to God forever more! Within the first two days, the man who said I should spend anything I want will either change his mind  …. God have mercy! Enlarge your coast. Open your mind up for blessing. When my own blessing comes and I know it’s on the way – what about your own – I will not be eating egg with it. It’s not trouser in Oke Arin that I’ll be going for. If somebody tells me to do what I’ve just said, I will send to Elizade, I think it’s the representative of Toyota, I will ask him to  get me 20, 000 Land Cruisers within 2 weeks so that each Pastor can have one…. How many of you want to prosper? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

There are a lot of things we can do,  only money is stopping us. Can you imagine what is happening if we have the money and we just buy all the television stations in Nigeria? We will tell everybody there will be news only two times in the day. The rest of the time the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! How many of you want that kind of money? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Enlarge your coasts! Enlarge your coasts! Some people think that when we are talking about prosperity, we are talking about agbada – no. no. no that’s not the little thing we are talking about! Oh it doesn’t matter how rich I become, I will always be dressing like this! But you know when there is money, anything you want to do…. Like somebody says - when money speaks nobody checks the grammar. How many of you are really going to prosper – Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Enlarge your capacity, I know one funny fellow who said he was preaching prosperity and then he  went and rented a suite in Sheraton Hotel and locked the place up. That’s stupidity! That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about money to do the work of the Almighty. Oh, many of us we say the reason we have auditorium like this is so that there’ll be plenty of fresh air….. that is true but let’s tell the truth: it’s just that this is the little money we have – what it can do. If the real money comes we can build something that is hundred times bigger than this and it will be fully air-conditioned!  And it will be fully rugged! How many of you really want to prosper? Speak to me! Speak to me! Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Key number nine: Pray!

Do what? Pray! Anyone who wants the kind of prosperity we are talking about has to pray! Remember God is the one who decides who is the one who is going to prosper. And prayer is talking to Him and saying, Lord, let me be one. let me be the one who will prosper. James 4:2 It said  the reason you have not is because you ask not. John 14:14 It said if you ask anything in my name I will do it…. anything includes supernatural  abundance. I was just talking to you now about saying you have thirty days to spend as much as you want… the only person who can ask you to do that is God because there is no amount that you want to spend that He hasn’t got. Silver belongs to him, gold belongs to Him. If you cry to Him He will do it! All you need to do is ask! That’s all you need to do. That is all you have to do!

Years ago, at the old auditorium, I stood there and I said, “Brethren, a day is coming whenever there is Convention we will not levy the Parishes but by the grace of God the day will come when I will be paying for the food; that after all if God made me your father, I should be able to feed my children…” And everybody said ‘Amen!’ and I left the stage. As I was going to my office then God spoke to me and said, “Son, When do you want that day to come?” “Ahhh!,”  I said “Soon.” He said, ”What about now?” “Yes. Lord, but…..” He said,  (because the other pastors, senior pastors were following me to the office to go and pray) He said, tell them that as from next year you’ll be feeding those who come to the Convention. I said, “Me? Ah Lord, no…I mean …. what kind of joke is that one ….no,no, no, “ He said, “Tell them!” Daddy You know I’ve never disobeyed You before. My faith cannot carry that! Sorry o! I can’t tell them.” That was August. So they left.

God said, “tell them.” “I …I’m sorry……”  After they left, after the Convention was over God spoke to me again and said, “Son! You are about to lose a miracle. So I said, “Okay when they come next month I will tell them.” So I began to calculate – if I sell my car, sell my wife’s car, sell the house at the camp, sell the little house I have in Ifewara… well wherever that will take us… When the Pastors came for the Holy Ghost of September, I said to them, :Ehhhhh, brethren, we want to experiment something next year. Don’t levy anybody, God will provide. God will provide.” That’s the way I said it because even as I was saying it my leg was shaking. Because number one you don’t know how many people are coming! I’m a Pastor, I’m not a businessman! How am I going to get the money? Even if I’m a thief and I want to steal church money, the church hasn’t even got enough money to steal but I said it. And from that day people started coming… this is for your personal use. They have never said that before! They have always said: For the work of the Ministry and they began to come “this is for personal use.! this is for personal use.” And I began to wonder, what personal use are they talking about – suddenly I remembered, ah the Convention, so I began to save – by the time the Convention came – there was enough to take care of the Convention. From that time till now … God has not taken over that thing from me to somebody else. Let me tell you one thing – my own coast is being enlarged. I want you to know I’ve started another prayer: very soon, Holy Ghost Festival, I’m not going to ask anybody for money, I will ask my Daddy. Is there anybody here who wants to say to God, Father you need a treasurer? I volunteer. Is there anybody like that here? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

That  brings us to Key Number Ten. This one will shock you. Key number tenprepare for war!

Do what? Prepare for war. Why? Why will you say that? I say I want to prosper and you ask me to prepare for war. Because of Proverbs 13:22 The Bible says the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. What does that one mean? Your money is in the hands of the wicked ones – they are not going to let it go gently. You are going to fight to get it, you are going to fight war to get your blessing from the hands of those who are holding it.

Of all the people in the world, Christians are the most innocent. They go to the market innocently, whereas the  unbelievers go the market fighting, they go prepared, the go chanting incantations, summoning demons, they go saying that they must finish their own selling before you sell anything! You know it. You sit down there. They are chanting incantations and taking customers away from you! And you sit down there singing – Abraham’s blessings are mine… and customers are leaving you and going to the other side. We are going to change that now. We are going to fight too. We are going to say, since the wealth belongs to my Father and what belongs to my Father belongs to me, we are going to decree that money must change hands. I didn’t hear you say Amen to that. (Amen!) You too will go to the market – God promised, I will be head not tail, first not last, Father there is your work to be done, I don’t want to spend ten hours in the market before I finish selling – one hour is when I am going to finish selling. Nobody else will sell until I finish  -  I decree!

You go for interviews and you go carrying your degrees and certificates. Those who are unbelievers they go chanting incantations, they go there calling demons, asking those who are going to interview them to be confused and you go there they interview you, they say you are the best candidate, they say you will hear from us and you never hear from them Why? Because you don’t know how to fight. Now things will be different. (Amen!) When you are going for the interview you will pray – anyone who is going to ask me a question I cannot answer will not be able to leave the bed… anyone who will do better than I will be late …… anyone who will not write my letter quickly will go on compulsory leave…. the kingdom of God suffereth violence! The violent take it by what? By Storm…. Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

The Bible says when the children of Israel were leaving Egypt, the Bible said they spoilt the Egyptians. To spoil something means to take it as a result of war. We must learn to fight! We are too laid back. We just say, “Well if it is God’s will – if it is God’s will He will prosper me. Ehhh!. He has already said I want to prosper you. He said you‘ll be head – you will not be tail! That’s what He promised! He said you’ll be above only! above only! above only! above only! above only! (Amen!) It’s up to you to make up your mind. But I refuse to be beneath. We must be ready for war!

I’ve told you the story before. I’ll just remind you. I told you when I went to Ghana and I was coming back. All the money in my hand, I’ve given to my children. They’ve said bye-bye they’ve gone and then Ghana Airways said, the plane that is coming from Sierra Leone, when It comes its going to pick some people to Ivory Coast or somewhere and then after that it will then come back and take those of us going to Lagos! And then I was hungry. I have no money left and I said – what’s going  on here? I wasn’t planning to fast. And it just occurred to me – God what’s going on?” God spoke to me and said, If you tolerate it – you will have it. No, no, no I am not tolerating this and I decreed there, right there! Every member of the what-do-you-call-it .... the officials of Ghana Airways – they will know no peace until I leave for Nigeria! Five minutes or so later I suddenly saw all the officers coming : Oh, you are the people going to Nigeria? I said, “Yes.”. Has somebody given you something to eat – I said, “No!” Oh, come, come, come then they began to give us cake and coke… I ate and then it wasn’t enough and one of the leaders looked at me and said you want more – I said, “Yes!” I was the only one they gave the second round and then they said: As soon as the plane comes we will take you to Lagos first! And that was  exactly what happened!

 I don’t know about you my brothers and my sisters – let us tolerate nonsense no more. Remember that song – ami ati sugbon? we have to say bye-bye to suffering but if we want to, we must be willing to fight! Wake up in the morning and say, Lord – if you like bless me today no-no-no-no “Wherever my blessings are come! Come! Come quickly! I command all the angels go and bring my blessings from the East, from the West, from the North, from the South! Anyone trying to withhold my blessing – today Lord, set fire to his buttocks. Anyone sitting on my promotion, put fire under him – how many of you can say Amen to that? (Amen!)

Key number eleven – praise!

Psalm 67:5-7 it said let the people praise the Lord, let the people praise thee then the earth shall bring forth its fullness and then God, even our God will bless us. I told you at the beginning that God is sovereign – he chooses who He will bless but believe me, honestly, you can influence His choice. David praised his way out of being a shepherd boy into becoming a king. I am sure you know, no matter how poor a King may be he’s definitely richer than a shepherd boy. All that David did  to become King was – praise God! All that he did to prosper is praise God!

And if you don’t know,  if you don’t believe me all you have to do is check the juju musicians – there are many of them who would never have  built a house until they discovered the power of praise. All they need to do – they begin to praise you, the little money you have in your pocket will change hands! You go to a party – you borrow the garment you are wearing and the money in your pocket you borrowed it! By the time they began to call you emergency contractor, by the time they begin to call you MD even though you are a messenger, before you know it the money in your pocket has gone and when your brain begins to tell you, “Eh! You borrowed the money!” You tell your brain to shut up! You say “when I get home  I’ll go and drink the gari – just let me go first!” But when you praise the Almighty God, the money He’s going to give you, He didn’t borrow it. No-No if you can just keep praising Him no matter how far down you are He will pick you up from there!

Finally key number twelve, key number twelve – link up with the owner of all the keys.

The owner of all keys is Jesus. In Revelation 3:7- 8 he said, I have the keys of David, He said, when I open no man can shut, when I shut no man can open.” You know when somebody prospers at least in Yorubaland they will say his ways are beginning to open.  There is somebody who says, when I open a door before you nobody can close that door and His name is Jesus.

Like I told the brethren somewhere recently – there are certain doors that you don’t even know are there. You are walking past them since you were born! Doors of opportunities – doors of blessings, tremendous doors –you don’t know they are there but Jesus knows and He has the keys and He promised in Isaiah 45:2-3, He said I will go before you, I’ll begin to open doors and then I’ll begin to give you hidden riches of secret places – hidden riches!

For years Nigeria was always going round the whole world cap in hand begging for money. And we were sleeping on oil until 1960 or so – we didn’t know that there was money. At the backyard of some people – there is money, deep down in the ground but they don’t know how to get at it! And there are some of us – the job that God wants you to do is not the one you are doing now! I’ve said it before, “God wants some people to be a barber they are a tailor and they say scissors is scissors.. No-no- no! Let God open your own doors. God can make you a barber for example and one day you may go ahead and barb the head of the President! And while you are talking the President may just look at you and say: You are a good barber. I want to make you rich. Apply for such-and-such a contract. One contract and you become the King of all barbers. God knows how you are to prosper but you need to link up with Him. And you know, one of the ways of linking up with Him is by praising Him.

Somebody said something very recently. You know I preached a sermon last month on deliverance and I said, some people even when the doors are open they may not want to come out and I gave the example of Paul and Silas that when the prison doors were open they didn’t come out and somebody pointed out to me - when that earthquake took place, God didn’t want to bring them out. He, God, wanted to come in! He wanted to come and join them where they were! When you are praising God, God will force His way in. When God comes in, poverty must go out! That’s why I pity those of you who don’t know how to praise God. That’s why tonight - at a time – that will be soon, we are going to call our sister to come back and lead us again in praising God. Because tonight God must come into my house because I am tired of poverty! How many of you are tired of poverty anyway? Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

But then another way of linking up with Jesus is to surrender your life to Him there are many of you who want to prosper and you don’t want to be a child of God. He’s not going to give you His money! My Father’s money is for my Father’s children and it’s only those who surrender their lives to Jesus who will share in the money that is coming. Those of you who refuse to give your life to Jesus. I have news for you – money is going to change hands! All my Father’s money that are in the hand of wicked people we are going to take them over, so if you are here today and you are not yet born again and you want part of the blessing that is coming you better come and give your life to Jesus now, right now because this day, this day, is the Day of Salvation! God will save your soul and once He has saved your soul, once you have surrendered your life to Him, once you have decided to forsake sin, once you have made up your mind that it is Jesus alone that you will serve, He will take over from there and He will begin to prosper you.

So those of you who want to give your life to Jesus begin to come now. I am not going to waste time tonight. I am going to count up to ten., If you want to give your life to Jesus you better be here before you hear ten because after that one it may be too late. So one now, two, three, four, five – this is the Day of Salvation – that the Almighty God has made ready for you, if you don't want to die in suffering, come and give your life to Jesus now, you have to surrender to Him first before He can give you His own kind of blessing! It is the blessing of God that maketh rich, that addeth no sorrow with it! It is the kind of blessing of God that will make you rich without being a harlot; without carrying cocaine; you have to surrender to Jesus Christ. Six now! Seven! Now if you know you are coming, you better hurry up now! Because salvation is available today – you have to link up with the one who has the keys. He’s the one who can save your soul – He’s the one who can forgive your sins; He is the one who can help you out of poverty into wealth. He cannot give you money when you are still living with the devil. How can He give you money so that you can go and smoke with it? How will He give you money so you can go and drink alcohol with it? So you must surrender your life to Him if you want Him to bless you. Eight now! Those of you who know you are still coming you better hurry up before the gates of mercy will close. Nine now. By the time I say ten it will be too late! So if you know you are coming you better come now!

Now those of us who are already saved, please I want you to stretch your hands towards these people and begin to pray for them, and pray for them that God will save their souls. And those of you who have come and those of you who are coming, I want you to cry unto the Almighty God that He will be merciful unto you that He will save your soul, that He will wash you in His blood. Tell Him that you want Him to be your Lord and Saviour. Open your mouth now and begin to pray! Begin to call on the Almighty God! And those of you who are coming, you better hurry up now – the Lord is still waiting for you! He wants to save your soul now. Call on Him, call on Him now! Ask Him to save your soul! Thank You Lord! May Your Name be glorified. Thank You! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now I’m going to pray for those of you who have come forward but if there is any one still in the crowd who is not yet born-again, if you don’t get here before I finished praying, don’t blame me – I have done my best. God is calling you for salvation. No salvation, no true prosperity. I f you know you want to give your life to Jesus Christ you can still run forward and join us now.  I can see two or three of you already coming but the rest of you, don’t say I did not wait. I did my best to wait for you. Before I finish praying if you get forward that will still be all right.

In the Name of Jesus! (Amen!) In the mighty Name of Jesus! (Amen!) Father, I just want to thank you for these your people who have come forward today because your word says, no man can come to me unless my Father draws him. Thank you for drawing these people and thank You that they have not refused Your drawing. Please accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Now Father, You promised that whosoever will come unto You, You will in no wise cast out. Lord as they have come now, receive them in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Forgive them in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Your blood that cleanses from all sins, let it cleanse them from all sins in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Save their souls (Amen!) Write their names in the Book of Life (Amen!) and from today, let them serve You (Amen!) Every blessing that You normally give to Your children, give them their own also in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Thank You my Father! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Amen! Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Now I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward today – I want you to talk to the Almighty God for a few minutes and try and plead your case before Him. Tell Him the reason why you think He ought to prosper you. For example, Lord, You know Adeboye now, You know my innermost heart. Prosper me Lord, You’ll see how many churches I’ll build for You Lord. Prosper me Lord and I will turn this country upside down for You with the gospel. Prosper me – you know the reason why you should prosper me Lord, you know my heart!  Talk to the Almighty God Plead your own case, plead your case with God. Plead your case with Him now ……

One of the keys that we mentioned is prayer. Now we are going to pray now. Now the prayers of tonight are the kind we say pray if you want. If you don’t like don’t pray. If you like pray gently …

The first prayer is that Lord, every deveourer in my life silence them tonight – open your mouth and pray: Every devourer in my life! Every Pipe C in my life - silence them tonight! Every devourer, my Lord and my Saviour! Silence them tonight, silence them tonight! Every deveourer! Every Pipe C, Lord, silence them - without a single exception! Tonight every devourer Lord! Tell them to keep quiet from now on forever, seal every leaking pipe in my life tonight! Forever! Forever! Forever! Forever! Forever! Every Pipe C, whether it is sickness or disease, failure, curse, evil covenant – everything that is a devourer in my life – command them tonight to be silent on a permanent basis! Oh yes Father! Let every Pipe C be quiet now, permanently, permanently! Let them be permanent! Every devourer in my life..... Everything that had been licking away your blessing, every hole in my pocket, seal them tonight. Every unnecessary expenses put an end to them tonight.

And your second prayer will go like this; I thank you that you have already blessed me. With out You I will not survive to today. But what I’m asking for now Lord, like Jabeth prayed, I want You to bless me indeed! Bless me mightily! Bless me heavily! Bless me tremendously! Lord, bless me indeed! Open your mouth and pray! Father blesses me indeed! Mightily! Heavily! Tremendously! Load me with blessings O Lord! Bless me mightily! Bless me heavily! Bless me tremendously! Bless me everlastingly Lord to the glory of Your Holy Name Thank You Father! Thank You Lord! In Jesus’ mighty Name we pray! (Amen!)

Then you are going to call on the Almighty God and say, Father, enlarge my coasts! Open your mouth and cry unto the Lord. Father, enlarge my coasts! Enlarge my coasts! Enlarge my coasts! Enlarge my coasts! Father, enlarge my coasts! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

One of the keys is that we prepare for war. Now you are going to pray like warriors now. Father, any body sitting on my blessing – set fire on their buttocks! Let’s call on the Almighty God: Anyone sitting on my blessing – set fire unto their bottom! Set fire unto their bottom! Anyone sitting on my blessing, set the seat on fire! Set the seat on fire! Thank You Father! ‘Alleluia!’ In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now the Bible says angels are ministering spirits that are sent to minister to the heirs of salvation. Now you are going to command your angels. Say, angels, I command you in the name of the Lord of Hosts go the east, go to the west, go to the North, go to the South – bring in my blessings quickly. Angels, I command you in the name of the Lord of Hosts, go the east, go the west, go to the North, go the South, bring in my blessings quickly. I command you in the mighty Name of Jesus! I command you in the name of the Commander in Chief of the Hosts of heaven! My angels I command you tonight – quickly now, go – to the east of the world, to the west of the world, to the north of the world, to the south of the world, go all over the world – bring in my blessings quickly, bring in my blessings quickly! Bring in my blessings quickly! Bring in my blessings quickly! I command you! Angels! in the name of Jesus at which every knee must bow, all the Hosts of Heaven, I command you now – go quickly bring in my blessings! Bring in my blessings! – Bring in my blessings! Bring in my blessings! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! Angels bring in the blessings! Thank You Father! Blessed be the Name of the Lord! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Then you are going to pray and say, Father, You promised that I will be head, not tail; above only, never beneath… tonight Father, in my life, fulfil Your promise! Fulfil Your promise! Fulfil Your promise! I want to be head, not tail! First, not last! Above only! Above only! Above only! Above only! Lord, fulfil Your promise, in my life, tonight! Tonight Father, fulfil Your promise! Fulfil Your promise! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

There is a song. I say God has removed the garment of suffering from me and I will never wear it again! Oba mi o gba aso iya lara mi o ………. I want you to decree with your own mouth that from tonight poverty will become a stranger to me! Poverty will never come near my house again! Open your mouth and decree! In the Name of Jesus, poverty will never come near me again! Will never come near my family! Will never come near my home! In the mighty Name of Jesus I will never wear the garment of poverty again! I will not wear the poverty of sorrow again! In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you are going to pray a prayer for yourself. I don’t know how far you want God to take you. Only you can tell. But I want God to take me to the highest possible level! So talk to Him now. Talk to Him yourself. How high? How high do you want to go? How high do you want God to take you? I want the Almighty God to take me to the highest level possible. Highest level possible Lord! That it is possible to take any man. ‘Alleluia!’ Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!  In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

I want you to join hands now. You have already prayed for yourself. The Bible says we should love our neighbour like ourselves. Pray for your neighbour and say; Father, embarrass him with Your blessing! Bless him so much that he will say this is too much! Father, embarrass him, embarrass him with your blessing, bless him so much that he will say this is too much! Father, embarrass him with your blessing! In your own supernatural way! …….. In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Finally let’s pray for Nigeria. Ask God to fight for this nation and rescue this nation from the hands of those who want this nation to remain in poverty. Let’s ask God to fight for Nigeria! Fight for this nation! Almighty God, fight for this nation! Fight for Nigeria, fight, fight for Nigeria. All those who want this nation to remain in poverty, fight them Lord! Fight them! Fight them, Lord! Fight for this nation! Fight for this nation! My Lord and my Saviour fight for this country! ….. Glory be to God! In Jesus’ mighty Name we pray! (Amen!)

Now before I pray for you, you may have a special request of your own. Something that you are willing to sow something for. I want you to think deeply tonight. It’s a very, very special night indeed. You yourself can feel it – from the beginning of choruses till now you know this is a different night. Reach an agreement with God tonight -  You can sow for a husband, you can sow for children, you can sow for the salvation of your family – make up your mind, Lord I want to sow something… I will be sowing something, maybe next month, and maybe later this month for the following thing. Sow specifically and ask specifically. I give you 2 minutes and then I will pray  - oh Thank You Father! Oh yes, what you sow is what you will reap. Let’s begin to bring our prayers to a close. In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Father, You are wonderful, You are just wonderful! You are wonderful beyond description. Father, I want You to know we love You. On behalf of all Your children here today, I say Father, we love You! We tell You Lord, You are just wonderful – there is no Father like You! No King like You! No friend like You! No supporter like You! No deliverer like You! No provider like You! No physician like You! No banker like You! Glory be to Your Holy Name Lord! Accept our thanks in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) !

Father, today, I come before You into the Holiest. On behalf of all these Your children who are here, I have taught them like You asked me to teach them. They have heard Your Word, their faith had risen. They are believing You now for great things. Surprise them in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Before the end of this month, everybody here today let them have testimonies in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!), testimonies of might breakthroughs! Let them have testimonies in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) And whatsoever they are sowing for, Father, very, very quickly let them harvest it in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!) Daddy, I know you love me and I love You too. If you prosper these people then I will prosper too and then my joy will be full. Everybody here today, prosper them mightily (Amen!) Anyone who says it will not be so – paralyze the fellow! Your Word says, you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Concerning everybody here today, Father, right in the presence of their enemies promote them O Lord, prosper them O Lord, prosper them mightily O Lord (Amen!) And when You’ve done it Father, don’t let them forget You. (Amen!) In Jesus’ mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Let’s give the Lord a big hand! Let’s give the Lord a big hand!

Now it is time to minister to those who might need one form of ministration or the other. So the ministers will please go to their stations. So any one who wants ministrations either for healing or whatever, please ministers of God go to your stations. They will come and ministers of God will minister to you. The rest of us we will dance and rejoice wherever we are and the anointing will continue to rub off on us. I believe the band is ready or they are not?

 Oba mi o gba aso iya lara mi o!

ami ati sugbon a ya pa……..

 bye-bye to suffering,

bye-bye oh…..

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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