A NEW WAVE OF GLORY 6th of August, 2021



AUGUST 6, 2021.



And while do you lift your hands to the most High God and bless His only name,

And worship the Ancient of days, the One who lives forever, the Unchangeable Changer, the One who speaks and it is done,

Praise Him.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration, bless His holy name.

Worship Him.

Give Him glory, give Him honour,

Thank You Jesus.

Bless Him, bless Him; He is worthy to be praised.

Give Him glory, give Him honour.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Jesus.

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

I want you to pray a prayer with all your heart, and say: Father, if You are blessing two people here tonight, let me be one of them.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

If You are blessing only two people here tonight, let me be one of them. Thank You Lord. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to pray one more prayer and say: Father, within a short time, save the whole world.

Let us go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

We know You can do it, and You don’t want anybody to perish, within a very short period of time, bring salvation to the whole world, let every soul be saved. You died for the whole world, You shed Your blood for the whole world, don’t let Your blood be in vain, bring salvation to the whole world, do it very very soon; because we know the end is near, please Lord, bring salvation to the whole world.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Forever, O Lord,

Thy word is settled,

In heaven it is settled.




Forever, O Lord,

Thy word is settled,

In heaven it is settled.




Forever, O Lord,

Thy word is settled,

In heaven it is settled.




Forever, O Lord,

Thy word is settled,

In heaven it is settled.


The Word from the beginning, the One that spoke the heaven and the earth into being, the One who was sent and He healed, the One who sent and He delivered, the One who became flesh and dwell among us, glory be to Your holy name.

Thank You for the past conventions, thank You for the current one; thank You for what You did one Monday, thank You for Tuesday, thank You for Wednesday, thank You for Thursday, thank You for tonight, thank You for what You will yet do tomorrow, please accept our worship in Jesus. Name.

Tonight, Father, send Your word; save souls, heal the sick, set the captives free, raise the dead tonight; like never before visit all Your children; all over the world, those who are participating in this service, move us from glory to glory.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Well, let someone shout hallelujah.

I want you to wave two or three people and tell him or her, before this night is out, my hallelujah will be louder than yours.

Now, if you believe that shout a really big hallelujah.

You may please be seated, God bless you.

Those of you born in the month of August you remain standing.

Father, I am committing Your born in the month of August into Your hands, August is the eight months of the year, and eight is the number for a new beginning, for all these Your children let there be a new beginning, a new beginning of joy, of success, of progress, of a closer walk with You, a new beginning of testimonies, give to them in Jesus’ name and let them serve You a new.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


You may please be seated.

I think you should shout another hallelujah without anybody asking you to.

Our text for today is 2Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18:

The theme of course you know is A New Wave of Glory and the text says:

18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

When a theme is given, you will know as a preacher what kind of way you should relate.

Some theme expects you to preach.

I mean for example, if the theme is: Behold the Lamb; you know that is a preaching, invitation to people to look unto Jesus.

If the topic is, like Wednesday: Sanctification; then you are expected to teach.

That is not just preaching, but teaching.

But when you have a topic like: All Will Be Well, you know God is asking you to bring a prophetic message.

I mean for example, tonight, is going to be well for someone.

The theme for this year convention that we are to address tonight: A New Wave of Glory, is absolutely prophetic.

And because it is a prophetic topic, it is not necessarily going to be very long, you are not preaching, you are not necessarily teaching, you are prophesying, and so, it can be very brief.

I mean, there had been a time when God give a prophetic topic, and I was prepared – prepared a sermon that will last at least for one and half hours.

After fifteen minutes, God stopped me and said I have already done what I want to do, keep your notes.

I am telling you this because in the next five minutes God may say stop, because the ones He had in mind has already received what He said.

Because there is no doubt about it at all, there is someone listening to me now, you are moving into a new wave of glory.

Now, glory come in waves – one wave may die, and then another wave begins.

And many at times, in between two waves there could be something different from glory.

So, it is possible for someone to know glory before, and then for one reason or the other he now knows shame, and then God moves him from another glory,

You know, between two hills, there could be a valley.

But I am standing as a representative of my Father in heaven tonight, that if your glory of the past has been followed by shame, that shame is over tonight.

Usually, a wave of glory is associated with an individual, that is while there could be a multitude like we have tonight, and it could be just one fellow that God is interested in.

Joseph brought his family to Egypt, and as long as Joseph was alive Israel was in a glorious situation.

Then Joseph died, and a new a king arose that did not know Joseph, and the glory of Israel became shame.

But then, one day, Moses came, and there was a new wave of glory.

I prophesy to someone right now, your Moses is coming.

And then, Moses died, and then Joshua took over; and what Moses had not been able to do, Joshua did it – he took the children of Israel into the promise land.

I prophesy to someone tonight (I told you it is a prophetic message) that goal that you have not been able to achieve, you will achieve now.

And then, after some years, David came, and he went from one victory to another to anther and to another,

I declare in the Name of the who made heaven and earth, your victories will be one after another.

And after David, Solomon came; and if you are a Bible scholar you will discover that Solomon did not fight a single war.

Victories are good thing, peace is better.

Throughout the period of Solomon, he never fought a war.

And the next decree I am making, before I give it to you, I am giving it to myself, and I am saying, no more wars.

Let me be a bit more specific, and I promise I will try as quick as possible because I don’t know when Daddy will stop me.

Because even if He says stop now, some people are already blessed.

Some of us will never fight another war.

Now, when we talk about a new wave of glory like I said:

It could means you are on hill before, then you went into a valley and then you begin to climb again.

Oh, how I love the testimony of that my daughter: she had a shop – six story building, within a single day, everything collapsed, burnt down, destroyed,

I am sure, that day she was not singing hallelujah, but then, there was another wave, and we saw her tonight, smiling, what was destroyed had been restored.

I decree to someone everything the devil had destroyed in your life, you will get it back.

We want to look at one or two examples very quickly, we want to look at the case of the man the Bible say had a withered hand.

In Luke chapter 6 from verse 6 to 10, the Bible says the man had a withered hand and he was in the church in the synagogue.

The withered hand means the hand was strong before but then it withered - the glory became shame.

Anytime they want to describe the man, they will say don’t you know the man with the withered hand?

His ability was gone…

You know, among the elders, when they want to say somebody is destitute, they will say, he has no hand to show, and that is another way of saying his hand had been withered.

…but then the Almighty God came in…

And I thank God for the last testimony we had; I just went to console my secretary because he lost her mother, but we stepped into the house and miracles began to happen.

Tonight, the Almighty God Himself, the One I serve, the One who called me, the One who anointed me, will step into your house.

… Jesus step into the temple and the hand that had been withered was restored back.

In every area that your hand has been withered, expect a surprise today.

Or you can consider the case of a man in Mark chapter 8 from verse 22 to 25, they said they brought a blind man to Jesus, he led him out of the city and then He spilt on his eyes, and ask him after putting His hand on him: He said, can you see anything?

The man said, o yes, I see men like trees.

How did he know that there is something called trees?

Because he used to see, and then problem came and he could not see anymore, but my Lord touched him again and he could now see clearly.

Let me start with those of you who have challenges, in the Name that is above every other name, you will get brand new eyes.

And again, I am referring to that last testimony, this fellow has been blind for years and came to see Daddy G.O, and Daddy G.O was not around, and the secretary say, I am a secretary o,

And then he took handkerchief that we had blessed on before, use it to touch the eyes, and four days later, the fellow came back, seeing completely.

You don’t need Daddy G. O tonight, you have God, He will touch you; He will restore your sight.

But you know that sight also is associated with vision.

When we talk of vision, we are also talking about ambition – things you hope to become.

Or as several of us who has seen ourselves great, doing mighty things, and then after years, we feel that is not likely to be.

I prophesy to you tonight, every greatness you dream about shall come to pass.

When we dream of a new wave of glory, we talk about somebody who use to be rich and then became poor, and then recovered.

Like the example of Job that I sang about yesterday.

I apologies to those of you who don’t speak Yoruba.

I had been told that now maybe I should stop the Ewi so that we will not be cheating those who cannot understand Yoruba.

But there is a covenant between me and God, I will praise Him, and the best way you can praise God is your mother’s tongue.

There is no English translation for ‘ogbenija ke ru’ba onija’.

You saw the choirs singing in Igbo, I did not understand what they are saying but I was thrilled to my bones.

What I am trying to say is this, Job was wealthy before, tragedy came, he lost everything.

But the Bible says, in Job chapter 42 from verse 10 to 12, the Bible says God turned the captivity of Job and things became glorious again.

All of you who use to be rich, and now you are struggling, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you shall be wealthy again.

When we talk about a new wave of glory…,

Thank You Father.

Daddy says there is someone here or listening to me wherever that your progress was steady and fast before, but all of a sudden it stopped; the Lord asked me to tell you, your progress will be faster than ever before.

I mean, we are already prophesying, and Daddy is throwing something inside.

Daddy says I should tell someone, the one who set your marriage on fire, shall be set on fire soon.

When we talk about a new wave of glory, we can look at it from the mental aspect, and a good example will be Daniel chapter 4 from the beginning to the end:

Talks about a king, mighty king, then he did not listen to advise, and he became like an animal for seven years; but then one day, God in His mercy restored his understanding, and he himself said: excellent glory was added unto me.

I believe this is for students, after tonight, you will never fail another exam.

But then it is possible to go from one glory to another, without even a break.

Or if there are breaks, they would be breaks that would just be brief that will lead you to something higher.

Like Joseph for example, you know his story: he was the favorite of his father, he was wearing a coat of many colours, he was the envy of the brothers,

Then, he started dreaming, and that created a problem because God showed him the future and he could not keep it to himself and so the brother sold him to slavery.

You know the story.

When he became a slave, in the house of the slave owner, he became the chief executive officer and then somebody lied against him, they threw him to prison,

When he got to prison, he became the chief executive officer.

And then, he moved from the prison to the palace, he became prime minister.

And then, one day, his brothers came, and fell down before him.

I prophesy to someone, those who say you won’t reach your goal, they are coming to bow down to you.

So, you can move from one wave of glory to another to another and to another.

But the Lord asked me to address two specific cases tonight, and so I want to go to those ones because like I said I am sensing in my spirit that He might ask me to stop soon.

So, let me take those two quickly, if He allows me, we will continue.

He wants me to talk to those who feel that destiny has not been kind to them.

I mean, for example, Genesis chapter 48 from verse 8 to 20…

Thank You Daddy.

The Lord asks me to tell someone, you will never again be referred to as an ex-champion.

You know what that means?

For the rest of your life, you will be a reigning champion.

… Joseph brought his two sons to his father – Manasseh and Ephraim; and he place Manasseh where the right hand of the father will land and put Ephraim the second born where the left hand will land, because the father could not see very well.

But the father crossed his hands, placed the right hand on the head of the younger and the left hand on the head of the elder.

Joseph said, Daddy no no, this is the first born, this is the second born.

The father said I know; I know what I am doing; this one is just going to be greater than this one!

What is the offence of Manasseh? He has never done anything wrong.

The Lord asked me to talk about this particular case because some of you must have been wondering: in what ways are so-and-so better than I?

How come he is succeeding so well?

I mean we all know that our God is in the heaven, He does as He pleases.

He says I will be merciful on whom I will be merciful; I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion, and you cannot challenge Him.

Occasionally when you grumble, somebody will tell you, don’t you know that fingers are not supposed to be equal.

I know, I know fingers are not supposed to be equal, while am I not the bigger finger!

Th Lord ask me to tell you that it is the end that matters.

Because if you read the book of Revelation chapter 7 and you can read it from verse 4 to 8, (Revelation 7 verse 4 to 8): the Bible was talking about a hundred and forty four thousand that were sealed, and He took them twelve of each tribe.

When you read that passage, the first thing you will discover is that Ephraim was no longer there.

The second thing you will discover is that they mention the name of Manasseh before they mention the name of Joseph.

Initially, it looked as if God did not favour Manasseh, but at the end, he became greater than his father.

I have good news for someone here tonight, those of you who think that how come God has dealt with me like this, He asked me to tell you specifically tonight, your end will be better than your end beginning.

And He asks me to tell you a little story; you know I have not been telling stories tonight because is a prophetic night.

When we were in the Universities in the 1960s before many of you were born, there was group of us who were very very close, and you know young boys we tease ourselves.

We look at the way we are performing, and so, we always say who is most likely to succeed? Who is the least likely to be very successful?

There was one of us, almost every year, he will fail a paper, so he has to come back to do reseat.

Finally, he left with a degree, the kind we called let-my-people-go – I am sure you know what I am talking about.

You have first class, second class upper, up to third class, the people who are not in any class: those are the people we called let-my-people-go – just give me something let me go.

So, our friend left with let-my-people-go, and people like me we went to do second degree, he was quietly teaching with his let-my-people-go.

Then, something happened, I had to go and do some work in the town where he was staying, and I stayed with him and his mother died.

So, I was like, haa, my friend! Burial ceremony!

I said, well, I have five pounds in my savings in Lagos, and that was true that was all I have with my Ph.D.

I say I will go and withdraw it and bring it to you.

He laughed!

He called me by my nickname, (I won’t tell you, so you don’t begin to…), he said, you! you are always kind; he said let me tell you the truth: my problem is not money; it is how to spend it.


God gave him an inspiration, by the time I was getting Ph.D., he was using the inspiration God gave him, he has built two giant building when I was still struggling to pay my rent.

The Lord asked me to tell someone, I will inspire you.

You know the Bible says in Job chapter 32 verse 8, the Bible says there is a spirit in man, and the inspiration of Almighty gives them understanding.

An inspiration!

One day, somebody is going to stand at this altar, and first of all, before telling us his story or her story, he or she will say Daddy I have a request, I want permission, that your budget for the next year – Congress o, Convention o, Pastors’ salaries o, I will pay, and he or she will refer to tonight and said God gave me an inspiration.

If you are that one let me hear you shout really big hallelujah.

Then, there is a special second case that God want me to talk about…

Thank You Lord.

Daddy says I should tell someone, don’t abandon that project, is going to turn out bigger and better than you think.

The Lord wants me to direct special attention to someone who lost prominence because of his own or her own weakness, and He wants me to discuss with you briefly about a fellow called Esau.

You know the story of Esau, so I don’t need to go detail.

You know, he was the one who sold his birth right just for a plate of food.

You know I spoke about it yesterday; God is not tolerating ‘not having control over your stomach’.

 Things came hard on him; the day he was to be blessed, the mother plotted against him, the father was careless, put the blessing on the younger fellow; when he cried to the father: don’t you have a blessing left?

The blessing that the father pronounced on him was almost a curse: you shall serve your brother, came out of the mouth of his father.

But somewhere along the line, God decided to show him mercy, turn the tide for him.

By the time we got to Genesis 32 from verse 3 to 7, when the one who got the blessing was coming, and he sent to the one who got a mixture of blessing and curse, and they told the man who got the blessing:

Your brother is coming with a bodyguard of four hundred men, the brother trembled.

I think I have talked about this before, the first time a president came to the Holy Ghost Congress here, at that time there was not building it was just open field, he came with two hundred and fifty guards.

Esau had a bodyguard of four hundred.

When he met the brother the following day, and the brother gave him present to see if you use that to buy favour, he said to the brother, keep your own, I have enough.

The Lord specifically asked to the tell someone, the fellow will know himself or herself: you messed up, that is why you are where you are, but He asked me to tell you, because of this convention, He has forgiven you; and very soon, very soon, you will say I have more than enough.

Praise God, at least I have covered those ones and He has not asked me to stop yet - glory be to God.

That gives me an opportunity to talk about a new wave of glory in the spiritual, and the example I will use will be example of Peter.

You know he was a spoke man; he would talk first and think later, even when the Lord says somebody you are all going to be offended in Me, he said, me! don’t you know; he says if I have to die with You I am ready then he hit the ground hard.

But then God restored him, and then he began to go from glory to glory; he preached a sermon, three thousand were saved.

He preached the second sermon five thousand; another sermon, multitude.

He started by healing by touching; he went on and on, his shadow began to heal; he was raising the dead.

There is a minister of God here tonight, listening to me carefully, my Daddy ask me to tell you, your ministry will go from glory to glory.

Haa! There is more to say but Daddy says I should wind up.

But He ask me to tell somebody, He said your marriage became troubled when the Doctor said you have zero sperm count; He ask me to tell you, I made the heaven and the earth out of nothing, your children are on the way.

Thank You Daddy.

I want to say amen to this one, and I will surprise you that I am saying amen to it.

He asks me to tell someone, stop doubting Me, I still do the impossible.


Daddy says that I should tell someone, against all odds, irrespective of all enemies against you, you will excel.

I want to close but there is one interesting thing God asked me to share now.

You know when we were young, we look forward to Christmas, I still do and I think many people do; so we begin to count the days to Christmas, so December 25 Christmas day, December 24 Christmas Eve, December 23 the eve of the eve of the Christmas day,

The Lord asks me to tell somebody, tonight is the eve of the eve of your greatness.

How do I become a partaker of the new wave of glory?

Very very simple.

Just one thing, refuse to annoy God.

That is all!

Because He is the One who can move you from one spot to another; promotion comes from Him; He lifts one up, bring down another; wisdom belongs to Him; breakthrough belongs to Him.

Joseph was able to reach his goal simply because in Genesis chapter 39 from verse 1 to 9, when that agent of the devil said come and lie with me.

Joseph said, how can I do this thing and sin against my God; how can I do this thing and offend God!

You want to be a partaker of the new wave of glory?

Make up your mind: I will never offend God again.

My children know me, (I mean, I am talking of my biological children), when it is time to ask for something special, Daddy has only one prayer: God don’t let me offend You.

Because I know once I don’t offend Him, the whole can be against me, they will be steppingstone to glory.

But if God is against you, who can be for you?

Take a decision tonight that you will never offend God again; that when nobody is around to see what you are doing, remember, God is watching.

He is the creator of waves of glory, the Bible calls Him the Father of glory; the Bible calls Him the King of glory; the Bible calls Him the God of glory; glory belong to Him.

If He is your friend, you have got it made.

If He is your enemy, you are done fall.

You want to write down your prayer points

Because we have made an altar call tonight and I believe after that powerful message I don’t think that there are anybody here who is not born again.

But just in case you have not given your life to Jesus then when others are prayer you better go to the altar and surrender your life.

Prayer point number one: Praise God that you were able to participate in this year convention.  

Prayer point number two: Father, please restore my withered hand. In any area of my life where my hand had been withered, restore my withered hand.

Number three: Father, please restore my sight; restore my vision.

Number four: Father, please let all my dreams be fulfilled.

Number five: Father, please inspire me tonight.

Number six: Father, let me have a share in the new wave of glory.

Number seven: that is your private prayer points.

I know there is a lot of space around the altar, left and right. So, if you want to come to the altar to pray, you are welcome.

Those of you who are there who wanted to cry for salvation, cry to God He will save your soul.

I am going give you only fifteen minutes to pray so you better make it intense.

Cry to the Almighty God.

This is a night like no other night, call on God now.

Thank You Lord.

Glory be to Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

God will grant your request. In every area that you have failed, you will now begin to succeed. He will restore your withered hands; He will restore your sight; He will restore your vision; He will fulfil your dreams; you will fly over obstacles; you will reach your goal; you will have a share of the new wave of glory, and you will never offend God again. It shall be well with you.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.





Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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