Praise Him like you have never done before.

Worship the Ancient of days.

He reigns forever.

Bless His name,

Give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration.

Praise the King of kings and the Lord of lords,

Bless the Ancient of days,

Worship Him, worship Him,

Thank Him for all He has done in the past,

Thank Him for He is going to do tonight.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration,

He is worthy to be magnified, to be glorified, to be lifted high, bless His holy name.

Praise Him

Praise Him

Praise Him

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

One of the songs just rendered, it said “Lord, do my own first”.

There is nothing wrong in asking God to do your own first, you must just remember that He should do that of your neighbour too,

And so, you will lift your voice to Him now, and say: Father, if you are blessing three people here tonight, let me be the first one.

Go ahead cry to the Almighty God.

Let me be the first one to receive a blessing from You tonight; let me be the first one.

Thank You Father.

Glory be to Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

You are the mighty God

The great I AM




You are the mighty God

The great I AM




You are the mighty God

The great I AM




You are the King of kings

The Lord of lords



Father we bless Your holy name. King of kings, the Lord of lords, the I AM THAT I AM, the unchangeable Changer; thank You for January, thank You for February, thank You for March, thank You for April, thank You for May, thank You for June, thank You for July, thank You for August, thank You for September, thank You for October, thank You for November, accept our worship in Jesus’ name. You have brought us thus far, we know you will see us through, accept our worship in Jesus’ name.

For all Your children listening to us now, let this our appointed time. In the way You alone can do it, let tonight be our night.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.

Wave to two or three people and say tonight is my night.

And then you may please be seated.

Very quickly, Habakkuk chapter 2 from verse 1 to 3:

And I want to thank the young man who brought the first message, that was beautiful, and I pray that the Almighty God will keep increasing his anointing.

Habakkuk chapter 2 from verse 1 to 3:

1 I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

All the promises of God for you will come to pass tonight.

When I got born again, as a baby Christian, I had many questions, and as an Academician, a Mathematician, I am talking of almost fifty years ago now, forty-eight year to be exact, my brain was still very very active them, I had many questions.

Some question I know if I ask my Pastors, probably will have throw me out of the church.

You know, question like: is it true that God knows the end from the beginning?

And the answer is of course yes.

Okay, if that is truth, did He know that Adam and Eve will eat the forbidden fruit?

I mean, if He knows the end from the beginning, then definitely He should that Adam and Eve will eat the forbidden fruit.

If He knew that they were going to eat the forbidden fruits, why did He plant it?

If He planted it, and they ate it, and He knew they were going to eat it, why did He get angry for they doing what He knew they would do?

You see that those were dangerous questions, I just give you small one, I had many of them.

But since I know if I go to my Pastors to ask them, they will send me out; they will say alakowe has come; I turned to God Himself.

Daddy, you know I am not being naughty, I am not issuing queries, I just want to know, would You please answer me certain questions?

I mean, Adam was hiding behind a tree, You came down from heaven, surely You saw what was hiding behind a tree from heaven, You knew what had happened, and the You came and said, Adam where are thou?

You want to tell me He did not know where he was hiding?

Tell me Daddy, I just want to know.

Is there anybody here tonight who want to know?

Finally, I got an answer from Him and I will just tell you a little bit about what I got from Him tonight.

It was from Him that I learnt that of all those people who have been around, the one who got closest to the truth is a man called Shakespeare.

Shakespeare was an English poet, and he wrote that “all the world is a stage, and everyone of us are actors and actresses.”

So, pay attention tonight because, give me a little bit of time, I have prayed that God will help me, so I won’t go too deep as to confuse you.

But there was a play written by the Almighty God and that play was written down in a book (Hebrews 10:5 to 9)

God wrote a play, He wrote it down in a book, and that is while Acts 15 verse 18 says: known unto God are all His work from the beginning of the earth.

Before you were born, God wrote a play, and you and I are to be actors and actresses in the play.

Not only did He write the play, He is also the Producer, the Director of the play.

Psalm 33 verse 11: He says clearly, His counsel shall stand forever, the thought of His heart shall be there for all generations.

What He wrote in that play is what we are acting out.

So, an actor or an actress can get on the stage and do what he likes; try as much as possible to change the way the actor of the play wrote it, at the end of the day, what the author wrote is what shall come to pass –

Proverbs 19 verse 21 tells us that there are many devices in a man’s heart, nevertheless the counsel of the Lord that shall stand.

That is good news.

It means it does not matter what the enemy may try, the plan of God for your life, nothing can change it.

Isaiah 46 verse 10 says God declares the end from the beginning; from ancient times He declare things that are yet to come, saying My counsel will stand and I will do all My pleasures.

So, when you see certain thing happening that does not seem to make sense to you, it is simply part of the play.

A very quick example:

God showed a boy called Joseph, He gave him a glimpse of the play in two dreams: boy, all your brother is going to bow down to you; even your Dad, and your brothers, they are going to bow down to you.

Being a young boy, instead of keeping his mouth shut, he announced it.

The brothers got angry; they sold him to slavery, they thought whoever wrote that in your future has made a mistake, we will cancel it.

But God sat down in heaven laughing.

They thought they were destroying Joseph; they did not know they were helping him towards the goal.

I have great confidence that all of you who are listening to me now, as the Lord lives, you are going to end well.

However, because He is the writer of the play, if He likes He can change somethings in the play.

Many at times when you see a film show, and you see one sequence following another, if you know how many parts of that film they had cut off before they give you the final picture, you will be amazed.

The writer of the play can change actors, change actresses, change scenes, change sequence.

For example, 1Samuel chapter 2 verse 30, He said to Eli, I said indeed that you and your father’s house will stand before Me forever, He said now, I say I change My mind.

You know the proverb: it is the white man who manufacture pencil, they also manufacture eraser.

Anything that you will do that will cause God to change His good purpose for your life, you will never do it again.

When you go through the Bible with that understanding, you will see more and more of the play showing.

One is the one I mentioned earlier on: God came down from heaven and said Adam, where are you, as if He does not know.

Who told you you are naked?

Have you eaten the fruit I said you should not eat?

He knew, it was part of the play.

Another one you will like very much is Genesis chapter 33 from verse 24 to 29, the Bible says Jacob was left alone, and there wrestle a man with him – not an ordinary man o, an angel, - till the break of the day,

And when angel found that he could not defeat him – an angel could not defeat a man! Sorry o!

You that is a joke.

He pressed the leg, dislocated the leg and Jacob kept on wrestle: let me go, the day is breaking; and Jacob said, I won’t let you go…


An angel, a single angel, according to the Bible kill one hundred and eighty thousand soldiers in a night.

That is how powerful an angel is, and his wrestling with one man; and the angel said let me go and the man said I won’t let you go.

See when God want to bless you, He does certain things that you would say does not make sense.

That is while I am rejoicing with someone here tonight because at long last, your moment as come.

Now, when there is a play, everybody, every actor has his own time, when he will come in, when will need to what he needs to do, and when he will get off the stage,

That is the way it is arranged, and the one who will act any part has been chosen by the author of the play.

In Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4 to 5, God said to Jeremiah: before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee –

You did not come by accident, and I prepared you for particular part of My play.

If you just think a little and go over a little bit of your life in the past, and see how one thing led to another, one thing led to another, and here you are now listening to me tonight, you will know God is great.

Let me tell you one thing, the mere fact that you are still alive till today means God has not finished with you yet.

Before you were born, He has already pointed out the section of the play where you will come, and what you will do.

Now, the time you come in is determined by Him, the time you begin to manifest, the time you begin to act your part is determined by Him.

For example, Galatians 1 verse 13 to 16, Paul said, God had separated me unto Himself from my mother’s womb, and when the time came for God to reveal His Son in me, then I began to play my part.

As the brother who spoke before me said, there is a time for everything –

Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 1 to 8, there are seasons for everything, time for every purpose.

Now, when you get on the stage, you come, you play your part, when you finish, you go.

Ecclesiastes chapter 1 verse 4: one generation passes, another comes, but the stage remains.

One generation comes, another generation goes, the earth remains forever.


Because as you finish and you go, the next set of people will come and play their own part.

For example, John the Baptist, Luke chapter 1, you can read the story from verse 5 to 37, God decided in the play, Jesus Christ is going to come to the earth, and when He is to come somebody will come and prepare the way before Him, and that fellow will only be six months older than Jesus Christ,

That is while Zachariah and Elizabeth, even though they were holy, the wife could not get pregnant until six months before Jesus Christ came.

That is while I have a feeling, I have a very very deep feeling that this month in particular many barren women will conceive.


Because appointed time came.

I enjoyed a lot of beautiful testimonies we have this evening.

I like that testimony of the one where the woman had been barren for seventeen years and then the time for delivery came and one doctor said, are you sure this is not fibroid because I cannot see anything there o?

And the girl said, there is something there, and before the doctor could get out of the door, the something came out and it was not a fibroid.

There is somebody here tonight, your appointed time has come.

But you finish you go.

John the Baptist was born according to appointed time; and what was his job?

John chapter 1 verse 28 to 36, his job is to declare the Lamb; advertise Him, announce Him to the people: behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the word.

That was his assignment.

As soon as he finished the assignment, if you go to make chapter 6 from verse 17 to 32, He took him off the stage.  

Even though the method of his going was by beheading him, but he finished his assignment, and because he finished his assignment very well, Jesus had already giving him a testimonial: of all men, born of a woman, no one had risen better than John the Baptist.


Because He was given that special assignment to announce the coming of the Lord.

Now, that brings us to God’s timing, this thing we now called Appointed Time.

The timing of God like everything about Him is always perfect – always perfect because He is a perfect God.

2Samuel 22 verse 31 made it clear, as for God His ways are perfect.

And so, if you read the Acts of Apostle chapter 2 from verse 1 to 4, the Bible says when the day of Pentecost fully come,

God did not act one minute too soon or one minute too late, when the day of Pentecost was fully come.

Those of us who came for Holy Communion yesterday, we prayed a prayer and I want to assure you, the prayer had been answered: as we are drinking the wine, we cry to God, let this my day of Pentecost.

For those of us who are here then, something had already happened, you will be seeing the result very soon.

Now, that brings us to where we are going; all I have said is just introduction.

You have your own appointed time

Job chapter 7 verse 1 says is there not an appointed time to man on earth?

Every man has his own appointed time, but the part we want to focus on for next few minutes…, and I will be brief as possible because this should be a night of some serious prayer, …is how do know that my appointed has come?

The young man who spoke before me did a wonderful job, and I thank God for his life, so, I just want to add a little bit to the foundation he had already laid.

And we will take that little bit from Genesis chapter 18 from verse 1 to 14, is a story you know but we will pick it verse by verse as we go along.

Oh thank You Father.

Now, this is good news because God says there is someone here tonight, He said the greatest terror in your town will soon become born again.

In Genesis 18, or maybe before you come to Genesis 18, you can go back to Genesis chapter 12 from verse 1 to 3:

All of a sudden, out of the blows (Genesis 12: 1 to 3), we just had, and God said to Abraham get out of your country, get out of your kindred, get out of your father’s house, go to a land I will show you and then He began to make him promises.

Why Abraham?

What has he done before then?

There is nothing written about him to say, Abraham loved God, and Abraham served God – no, no, no, God just said hey you, it is your turn to play a part.

He said, through your seed shall the nations of the earth be blessed, okay.

And the man that He said is going to be blessing to the whole world was barren, and for twenty-five years after God promise nothing happened.

Oh, there were some funny funny things: the wife came to him and said, we know God promised but He does not seem to be doing what He says He will do, let us help Him.

You know the rest of the story.

But one day came, Abraham was seating down in front of his tent and the appointed time came.

Someone said yesterday, I think it was the brother who was asked to pray, before the Holy Communion; they asked him to come and pray, he got here, he began to preach.

I say, haha, wait till tomorrow, today they say just pray so that we can eat.

When your day comes, you will get a divine visitor.

Abraham was seating in from his house and when that day comes, location does not matter – it does not matter where you are

That of Abraham came in front of his house or tent.

That of Moses came at the back side of the desert in Exodus chapter 3.

That of Peter the Apostle came in the upper room in Acts chapter 2.

That of Saul of Tarsus came on the road – he was travelling to go and do havoc when his day came.

Location does not matter when your days, all of a sudden, wherever you maybe you yourself will know you have a visitor.


Thank You Father.

Is a big one.

Something happened in 1963, Daddy wants me to tell you that is while I am telling you so you will understand the prophecy.

The Late Nnamdi Azikwe was Governor General of Nigeria and he came to visit Ondo town, and at that time I was a teacher at Ondo Boys High School – a small teacher.

And we all went to visit him, I mean to receive him because the whole lying the route, the governor general is passing by.

There was one old teacher of Ondo Boys High School who we were standing almost side by side and Zik was driving pass in an open car, somehow his eye stray and he saw that teacher and he stopped, he stopped the motor cad and get down from the car and stood before this old man.

I don’t know what exactly they said to the other, and the old man began to cry.

What happened was that old man was a teacher in his grammar school, I don’t know which own, that Azik went to and the teacher was responsible for the expulsion of Zik from school.

So, the Governor general came to the teacher who sent him out of school in the crowd, and after whatever they said, the went back to his motor cad and drove off.

The Lord asks me to tell someone here today, very soon your number one enemy will come, and you will say to him see what the Lord has done.

The location does not matter when your time comes – it could be at home, it could here now, it could be on the road.

But there is something special about the visitation that Abraham got that I need to explain to you, he lifted up is eyes, he saw three men – three men!

Who were the three?

If you read the story very well there is no doubt about it that one of them was God Himself because if you read it carefully you will find that it was only one who was speaking.

But you can check that for yourself.

Meaning what?

Your divine visitor could be God Himself.

In 2Chronicle chapter 1 from verse 6 to 12, it was God Himself that came to Solomon.

You may say well, if we are talking about God Himself, how can I expect God Himself to come and pay me a visit?

If you read John chapter 1 verse 1, He says in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God.

Your divine visitor can be just the Word.

In 1Kings chapter 17 verse 2, the Bible says the word of God came to Elijah.

In 1Kings chapter 18 verse 1 the word of God came to Elijah and told him, son, no more hiding.

The word of God is coming to somebody tonight and is saying your time has come.

So, there were three of them, three visitors, and one definitely is God.

The second way you can have a divine visitor is an angel.

In Judges chapter 13from verse 1 to the end, when God wanted to tell Manoah that there were going to give birth Samson, He sent an angel.

In Luke chapter 1 from verse 8 to 20, when God wanted to tell Zachariah that the one who is going to before Lord Jesus Christ is about to be born, He sent an angel.

Now, you will say I don’t even know an angel if I see one; how do I know if an angel will come to me?


Occasional, the angel that God will send to you could be a human being.

For example, in 2Kings chapter 5 from verse 1 to 14, Naaman was a leper, the angel that God send to him when his came was the housemaid.

That was the angel, it was the girl who said, I know where my master can get his healing.

Maybe the person who brought you here tonight is the angel that God send to you and you don’t know it.

I can tell you stories upon stories of human beings that God used as an angel to bring somebody to the fulness of their purpose.

Whoever the angel that God want to send to you, may He do so tonight.

Or he could be a prophet, because there are three of them: it could be God, it could an angel, it could be a prophet – one his servant.

In 1Samuel chapter from verse 9 to 20, it was Hannah in Shiloh, praying like nobody business and all of sudden God told His prophet: look at that woman, praying as if she was drunk; talk to her and when she has said whatever she wanted to say, issue a decree.

When your time comes, God is most likely going to send a prophet.

In 1Samuel chapter 16 from verse 11 to 13, when the time of David came, a prophet came visiting.

In 1Kings chapter 19 from verse 15 to 21, when the time came for Elisha to begin to fulfil his purpose, to stop being a farmer and become one of the greatest prophets, God sent a prophet.

I have also said that I am not a prophet, I am a pastor, but I hear from God occasionally, and it is God who told me that the theme for this month is the Appointed Time,

So, I prophesy to someone that this very moment your appointed time has come.

I told you before the story of my father-in-the-Lord, we went to Tulsa to attend Kenneth Hagin camp meeting, we finished on Friday or Saturday, and we went to church on Sunday, nobody knew us there, it was our first visit,

And because we were all black and all visitors -clearly, and they sat us in front,

And the preacher was preaching, you know the way the America preacher do there thing, and all of a sudden, he came down from the altar and stood before my father-in-the-Lord…, my father-in-the-Lord could not speak English, I was interpreting for him,

…and said, thus saith the Lord, that which I promised you is about to come to pass.

And then he turned back, went back to the altar and began to preach.

Papa said to me, what did he say?

I say I did not want to miss the sermon, and I said I will tell you sir when we get home.

We got home, Papa said, what did he say?

I said what is it that God told you long ago; God said it is about to come to pass.

And Papa began to cry.

That was 1979; God had told him something 1952, that the old man had thought that he can never happen:

He had told him I AM starting a church through you and that church will go round the whole world.

1979! The church was still in Yoruba land; the old man was already getting read to go to heaven, he thought He has forgotten all his promises.

Papa died not too long after that one but look what God had already done.

When the appointed time comes, He is likely to send a prophet, and I believe He is sending a prophet to someone tonight.

The second thing that He will show you to say I think my appointed time has come is what will find in this same story in Genesis 18:2 to 5:

All of a sudden, Abraham looked, saw these men, and ran to them and say come to my house, rest a little bit, let me get water so you can wash your feet, let me give you some food so you can eat,

An urge to be generous; an urge to be hospitable, sudden will begin to grow within you – a desire to serve God, a desire to be a blessing to God’s people; that urge will come, and you would look at yourself and said, is that me!

Hebrews chapter 13 verse 2 says, don’t stop in entertaining strangers, you might be entertaining an angel unawares.

In 2Kings chapter 4 from verse 8 to 10, in the case of the Shunamite woman, she just saw the man of God passing by and she said man of God, come and eat in my house,

The man of God said, how do you know I am hungry?

The Bible says, she insisted; practically forced the man of God to come and eat.

The man of God went, ate and kept coming back,

And she said, while don’t I build him an apartment.

It was not long after that the man of God said, woman, nine months from now you will be carrying a baby boy.

An urge to be generous like you have never been before will come upon you because your time has come.

And then, you will discover…, because I don’t want to take all your time; … you will discover something if we go all the way to Genesis 18 verse 10 that God will replace prophecies with a decree.

Oh, there had been many prophecies to Abraham: you will be the father of many nations; look up to the sky, your children will be like start, etcetera etcetera, but on this particular occasion, God did not say one of these days, He simply said, (in a layman’s language) your wife Sarah will become pregnant tonight.

That is what He said.

Some of you may not have paid attention to what I said a little earlier: this is November right? Nine months from November (what would that one be?) – September, we shall see what you shall see.

You see, because some prophecies can be conditional –

Isaiah chapter 1 verse 19: if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land.


Isaiah chapter 3 verse 10, say ye to the righteous it will be well with him.

It means if he is not righteous it won’t happen.

But when it comes to a decree, God does not put conditions: let there be light and there was light.

A prophesy can be depended on time.

Like in Joel chapter 2 from verse 28 to 31, it shall come to pass afterwards that the following will happen.

But when it comes to decree, it is now.

In Mark chapter 10 from verse 46 to 52, that one of my boys mentioned earlier on, that when God said to Bartimaeus, receive your sight, it happened immediately.

And for someone whose time has come, I decree in the name of the One who called me your problems are over.

Decree does not wait.

You heard the testimony of that fellow I think from Canada, she held the word that God is going to do about a thousand healing, she said hey that is mine and she became healed instantly.

Very interesting testimonies here tonight, maybe you don’t pay attention.

There is that lady who had failed driving test for seventeen years…

You know there are still some nations in the world where you have to pass the test before you can get a license.

That’s the way it used to be Nigeria when I was to get my driving license: you have to drive, you have answer questions, you have to reverse through drums, etcetera, etcetera, and if you fail, you fail.

She has failed for seventeen years, then the word came: there is somebody here you will never fail another exam, and it was settled.

Maybe I should repeat that for somebody here tonight, you will never fail again.

When your time comes, prophecies are replaced by a decree.

Thank You Daddy.

Daddy asks me to tell someone, He said when I sent Elijah to Elisha, Elijah waited for Elisha, He asked me to tell whoever that fellow is, He said I will cause your helper to wait for you.

Oh thank You God.

Write this one down because you are going to testify soon.

God said there is someone listening to me now, it does not matter what the enemy may try, you will reach the top.

Write it down.

I expected it to be beautiful night; thank You Lord.

Daddy asked me to tell you another story.

You know, I have told you before, some of you will remember.

 I was doing my post-graduate studies at the University of Lagos, my supervisor, an Indian, gave me an assignment and then travelled, and by the time he returned, I have gone very far, extremely far,

So, he saw what I have done, he said to me, Enoch,

I said sir,

He said I know you are a Christian,

I said yes sir

So, you won’t lie,

I said no sir I won’t

He said who helped you?


If I said Jesus, he would laugh at me, so I had to say Professor Emmanuel.

O yes, Professor Emmanuel is going to help some student here tonight.

When I said Professor Emmanuel, he looked at me and said of which department?

That was when I got into trouble because Jesus Christ belongs to every department.

But the Lord wants me to tell somebody, He said, you are going to climb higher, and faster, than your boss can ever expect.

When your time comes, you have heard of the Almightiness of God before, all of a sudden, you experience Him for yourself.

It is a beautiful to hear testimony, but believe me honestly, there is nothing like being the testifier yourself.

Because when God told Abraham, your wife is going to have a son and Sarah laughed, and God said, is anything too hard for God?

Later on, Sarah testified, she said, who would have taught that Sarah would give birth to a child?

But God said I AM the Almighty I have spoken, this time it is not about you hearing it, is about you experiencing it.

I decree in the Name that is above every other name, you will be next to testify.

When you experience God for yourself, when you experience God, of course you will talk about it.

We read about Him, there is nothing God cannot do, we quote it; we sing it; but there is nothing like you experiencing it yourself.

When your time comes, you will experience it.

Now, I am not going to take too much of your time, I believe God has already prepared you for what He want to do, but you have a role play – there is part for you to play.

Somebody unknown, an unknown author, said three things about life and I want you to take note of them:

Number one: he said life is a game, play it.

When I heard that one, I said, he should have said, life is a play, play your part.

Life is a play, written by God, play your part.

Then he said number two: he said life is a challenge, meet it.

Well, I would rather say, yes, life is a challenge, you live it up to expectations.

And then number three: he said life is an opportunity, cease it.

I say I agree – life is an opportunity, grab it from the front of the head.

Because my father told when I was young, or when I was younger, he said an opportunity is like a man who has plenty of hair in front of his head, but the back of the head is boiled, there is nothing at the back his head.

So, he said when you see an opportunity coming, grab it in front because if it passes you and then you are trying to hold it there is nothing to hold at that back of his head because there is nothing at the back, it will disappear.

What has these got to do with your role?

Again, based on the study of Abraham:

In Genesis chapter 18 verse 2, when Abraham saw these three men, the Bible said he ran towards them.

Every opportunity you have, cease it – cease it.

There is a poem that I learnt way back in 1957, it says, ‘there is a tide in the affairs of man, which taken at the swell leads unto fortune; neglected, all the voyages of their lives will be in shallow and miseries’.

Meaning what?

God will give everybody one opportunity, you grab the opportunity, you will just be going higher and higher.

If you let it go, God have mercy.

Take the case of Bartimaeus, he had that Jesus is passing by, and Jesus never came that way again; as soon as he that Jesus was passing by, be grabbed the opportunity.

Several years ago, I was visiting one country, very far away from home and there was this woman had been barren, I cannot remember how many years now; and the place we were using for Holy Ghost service was one rented property,

And so for me to have a place to stay and pray, they had to take a motor home there, and I was in the motor home praying, and there were guards all around me so that nobody will disturb me.

When it is time for me to go and pray, this was looking away from us, pretending as if she did not know what was going on, but as soon as I stepped out of the motor home, while the guards were still making sure the way is cleared,

She ran, and before anybody could stop her, she climbed into the motor home, sat on where I sat, and then the people began to bring her down, and she said: don’t worry yourself, I have already got what I wanted.

She became pregnant that month.

Tonight is your night, cease this opportunity; when it is time to pray, pray like you have never prayed before because God will answer prayer tonight.

Genesis 18 from verse 6 to 8, the Bible said, not only did Abraham run to meet this people, he hastened to prepare them a very sumptuous meal.

He hastened, and he prepare very good meal for them, hurriedly.

Your time has come, cease the opportunity, and make sure that whatever you do, do it diligently.

Proverbs 22 verse 29 says that seeth thou a man diligent in his business? he will stand before kings and not before mean men.

In the case of Bartimaeus, he did not just cry, he kept on crying until God answered him.

The woman with the issue of blood kept on pressing forward, pressing forward, until she finally got to Jesus Christ.

Whatever you do from now on do it diligently with all your strength.

And then, the Bible says in Genesis 18 verse 8, after he prepared the meal for them, he stood by them, watching them eating, ready to run errands for them.

Learn to wait upon the Lord!

Learn to wait upon the Lord!

The Bible says in Isaiah chapter 40 verse 31: they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength.

Learn to pray from now on, your time has come.

Before we come back in December now, you will have your testimony.

But learn to pray diligently.

In the story I told you earlier on, Genesis 32: 24 to 28, when the angel said to Jacob let me go, he said I am not letting you go until you bless me.

Learn to hold on to God until you get your blessing.

And then, something very interesting here:

When we look at all of us here – those of us in the main auditorium here, those of us in the old arena, and not to talk of all the people in every other place they are watching, we are many,

How can I be sure that I am the one whose time has come?

There is a saying: if the mountain will not come to muhammed, muhammed will go to the mountain.

You can force your time to come; you can tell the Almighty God, tonight is the night.

Because we read story in John chapter 2 from verse 1 to 12, in the wedding in Cana of Galilee, when they lacked wine, the mother of Jesus came to Jesus Christ and told Him, they lack wine.

Jesus Christ said, my time has not yet come.

The mother must have smiled; she must have said to her said, Son, Your time will come tonight.

Because she told the people there, don’t listen to that story about the time not yet, anything He asked you to do, do it.

And before the end of the day, my time has not yet come became my time has come.

If you refuse to take no for answer, your time will come tonight.

There is a prayer you will pray that you yourself will know, ehen, this one, God had heard.

He will hear tonight.

Now, conclusion.

I want to go back to where we started.

Remember I told you that the whole thing is a play, God wrote the play, and etcetera etcetera.

You need to remember, whether you play your part or you don’t, whether you miss the opportunity or you don’t, the play must continue; that is while the One who wrote the play have a substitute for every actor.

If you are not playing your part very well, there is always somebody who can come round and do it.

But I pray for every one of you listening to me, God will not replace you with someone else.

You know that is while we keep on crying, put your hands in the hands of the One who wrote the play, and He will guide you aright.

That is the meaning of when you say you surrender your life to Him; you are practically saying, I don’t know the best way to play my parts, help me.

That is the meaning of what Jesus Christ said when said without Me you can do nothing.

That is the meaning of what the Bible says, when it says, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

That is while before we begin to pray tonight…

Thank You Father.

Daddy says tell My people there is the sound of abundance of rain.

What else can I say?

If you have not surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, come and do so now.

I will count from one to tell and before ten come and stand before the Lord Jesus Christ.

Giving you an opportunity to surrender your life to Jesus is so that He can help you through life; telling you when to stand up, when to seat down, when to turn right, when to turn left, so that you can arrive at the right goal.

Come and surrender your life to Him, He wash away your sins, He will give you a new beginning and everything will become alright.

So, I am counting from one to ten, before I say ten come and stand before the altar and we will pray for your salvation and the rest of us we will talk to God.

I am counting now.

One, two, three,

You see, in your journeying in life many at times you have messed up and God wants to put you back in the play, He want to put you back on track; He can only do so by giving your life to Jesus so that everything can become brand new again.

Four, five, six, seven, eight,

Now, those of you on the way keep coming, and make sure you get here before we finish praying because we must pray now, but just keep coming.



Those of you who are already on the front and those of you who are on the way cry to the Lord now, tell Him I cannot go through life without Your help, help me, save my soul, receive me into the family of God and I will obey You from now on; receive me as I am, forgive me of my sins, and I too we begin to do Your will.

The rest of us let us stretch our hands towards this people and pray for them. Pray that the One who save our soul, who gave us a new beginning, will do the same thing for them.

Please pray for them. Intercede for them.

And those of you who are still on the way, keep coming, and make sure you get here before I finish praying.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


My Father and my God I want to bless Your name for Your goodness and Your mercy. Thank You for this people who have come forward to surrender their lives to You, Father, please receive them, save their souls, and let Your blood wash away all their sins. Father, I am praying that today You will write their names in the book of life, that from this moment onward they will become members of the family of God. I pray also that from now on, anytime they call on You, You will answer them by fire.

Please Almighty God, don’t let them ever backslide.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward because from now on by God’s grace I will be praying for you.

Thank You Father.

Maybe you want to write down your prayer points down.

I don’t need to beg you to pray tonight, I am sure you will pray yourself.

Number one: Because when there is life there is hope. I want to you to praise God for preservation. Praise Him that He preserve you till today.

Number two: I want to you to cry to Him and say Father, please fulfil Your purpose in my life.

Number three: Don’t substitute anyone else for me.

Number four: Father, You control times and seasons, let this be my appointed time.

Number five: Father, You can change not yet to now, please do so for me.

Number six: Father, let the next sunrise be my new dawn.

Number seven: Father, let this be the appointed time of breakthrough for me, my family, my nation, and Your church.

Number eight: Your personal request.

Thank You Father.

Let us begin to bring our prayer to close.

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will grant your request. Your time will be now. Everything you have been waiting for from God you will get it now. All the promises of God concerning you shall be fulfilled tonight. Every prophecy shall become a decree now. You will not die before your time. Every opportunity you have lost shall be return to you. Your breakthrough begins now. Your appointed times become now. In the Name that is above every other name, in your lives no more delay. I say no more delays. For your joy, for your success, for your promotion, for your fruitfulness, no more delays. You day has come. And so shall it be.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let me hear you shout a big hallelujah.

Go bless you.







Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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