GOD BLESS YOU (PART 2) 5th of February, 2021





Let us pray.

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehovah, the Man of War

His mercy endureth forever and ever

O praise His holy name.



The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehovah, the Man of War

His mercy endureth forever and ever

O praise His holy name.



The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehovah, the Man of War

His mercy endureth forever and ever

O praise His holy name.


Father Almighty we want to worship You, because just like yesterday another month is gone in this new year; thank You for bringing us to the second month of the year 2021. Thank You for all the blessings we have received in the New Year; thank You because we know that our tomorrow surely will be alright. Thank You for the period of fasting, the face one where Your children had been thanking You; thank You that You have accepted our thanks; Lord, please accept us again. And Lord God Almighty even as we step into the new month, we ask for mercy, please be merciful unto us, be merciful unto our families, be merciful unto Your church, be merciful unto out nations; Lord be merciful unto us.

And even as we continue today, we pray for Your children who are born in the month of February – February is the second month of the year and so we asking Lord God Almighty, double blessings for every one of them; give them double testimonies, give them double promotions; in every area of their lives Father bless them double.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

We are continuing our study on God Bless You Part 2.

Our text we have been using for our topic God Bless You is Genesis chapter 1 verse 28 – that is the foundational text.

And God blessed them…, I am reading just verse 28 now.

28And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the dowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

In our last study, last Holy Ghost service, we told you that there are three words there: God, Bless, You.

We started by defining the three words:

We defined God, or started defining God; and then, we defined the word Bless; and finally, we found out who is You.

By the time we finished last Holy Ghost service, we have come to realize that God Bless You is a very powerful prayer indeed, and since that time when I say God bless you to people, those who use to answer casually now answer with great enthusiasm.

So, now, I am going to start again by saying straight away that God bless you.

Now, when we were defining, because that is where we are still are in this second section, when we were defining God, we discovered that He was the One who was before the beginning – He was before the beginning began.

And now, the Bible talks of a man called Melchisedec (you can read about this Melchisedec in Hebrews chapter 7 from verse 1 to 3), He talked about this man, the one he called the king of Salem, as the one who had no beginning of days nor the end of time.

And the Bible talks about Jesus Christ and called Him a Priest after the other of Melchisedec.

And the Bible also tells us in John chapter 1 verse 1 that in the beginning was the Word (John chapter 1 verse 1), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  

In verse 14 there, in John chapter 1, it tells us that it is the Word that became flesh that dwelt among us, that we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.

So, we find that Jesus Christ who is the representative of God when He came to earth, was the Word from the beginning, was of the order of Melchisedec,

If you want to put it in Mathematical language, we will say He belong to the same set as Melchisedec.

The implication of this is that Jesus who was with God and was God, like Melchisedec has no beginning and no ending.

The big lesson we want to learn from that today which I believe it will give us great joy is that whatever has no beginning, cannot have an ending.

Which put in another way means anything that has a beginning must have an ending - if it has a beginning, sooner or later, it will end.

So, I am decreeing straight away that any crisis in your life that has a beginning will end tonight.

Whatever has a beginning must have an ending, and we are going to look at it from very many perspectives.

For example, Mark 5 verse 25 to 34, the Bible tells us about the woman with the issue of blood; she bled for twelve years nonstop, but because the issue of blood had a beginning, it had an end one day.

Whatever is wrong with you physically that you can remember when it started, will end today in Jesus’ name.

In Luke chapter 13 from verse 11 to 17, the Bible talks about a woman who was bound by the spirit of infirmity for eighteen years; Satan bound her for eighteen years; the Bible said, no matter how hard she tried, she could not straighten up.

In other words, her problem was a problem that could not be hidden; as soon as you see her coming, hey, here comes the woman who is bent double, but after eighteen years, because the bondage had beginning, it came to an end.

In the Name that is above every other name, that reproach in your life, that problem that could not be hidden, that problem the world is using to describe you, because it has a beginning, will end tonight in Jesus’ name.

In John chapter 5 from verse 2 to 9, you know the story of the man by the pool of Bethesda, he had been in that place for thirty-eight years.

For thirty-eight years he suffered sickness; for thirty-eight years he suffered failure, because he said anytime I was trying to get into the pool, I missed it - he failed for thirty-eight years.

For thirty-eight years he suffered defeat – he said the reason I could not get into the pool this thirty-eight years is because somebody beat me to it; I was defeated thirty-eight times in thirty-eight years.

For thirty-eight years he suffered loneliness because he said to the Lord Jesus Christ, I have no one who could help me; he was lonely for thirty-eight years.

For thirty-eight years, this man was going round the circles: he would get up, move towards the pool, before he got there somebody got in before him, and he had to move right back to round zero.

But one day, all these ended, because it had a beginning.

May I on behalf of my Father in heaven decree that those of you who have failed again and again, because your failure had a beginning, it will end tonight.

May I decree to those of you who have suffered defeat, each time you are about to succeed, somebody blocked the way, because your defeat had a beginning, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ it will end today.

As for those of you who had been lonely all these years because there was a time when you were not lonely, so, your loneliness had a beginning, and because it had a beginning, I decree that this very night, your loneliness will end.

When you read Acts chapter 3 from verse 1 to 8, the Bible tells of a man who was born lame and had been at the beautiful gate every day all his life, there to beg.

This man had been stagnant for more than forty years – if you want to know his age, Acts chapter 4 verse 22 says the man was older than forty years: stagnant for more than forty years.

Poor for more than forty years, he was a beggar, until he begged he could not eat.

He had been on the wrong side of the door of the temple; inside the temple there was singing, there was dancing, there was joy, but he was on the wrong side; his life had been a life of hearing others rejoicing and not been able to participate, but all came to an end one day.


Because even though the problem started from the womb of the mum, because the problem had a beginning, it came to an end one day.

And so, in the Name that is above every other name, every form of stagnation in your life will come to an end today.

Every form of poverty in your life, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, will come to an end today.

Every form of almost succeeding, be so close to success and yet being so far, will end in your life today.

Now, when we talk about poverty, if you read 2Kings chapter 4 verse 1 to 7, you know the story very well:

The widow who was heavily in debt and the creditors have come to take her sons into bondage.

This woman had been poor for a long time, poverty of the highest category; so poor that even when the creditors came, they had nothing they could take in the house to sell to recover what she owe, only the sons were what they thought they could sell.

But she cried to God and in a single day, her poverty came to an end.

It was not that the poverty came to an end alone (that is important to me and you now) it was that she never had to be poor again.

In other words, when God puts an end to a problem in your life, He makes the ending permanent.

So, I am decreeing in the Name that is above every other name that everything that God is ending in your life today, every problem that is ending in your life today would be permanently ended.

Any form of crisis that has a beginning must come to an end, this is clearly illustrated by the story of Job; you know the story of Job very well.

All was well with Job until will read in Job chapter 1 from 6 to 12, when God Himself began to brag about how good was, and the devil said, he does not fear God for nothing it is because God has prospered him, let us give him a test, and that was the beginning of crisis in the life of Job.

But because it had a beginning, it ended.

By the time we got to Job chapter 42 verse 10, the Bible says God turned the captivity of Job and restore to him double everything he had lost.

Bible scholars told us that the crisis in the life of Job lasted only nine months, just a period for a woman to be pregnant and bring forth a child.

I don’t know the kind of crisis you have, because if anybody had a crisis Job had one - physically he had a crisis, materially he had a crisis, maritally he had a crisis because even the wife said curse God and die.

And when he comes to his friends, every one of his friends put a blame on him, this problem can only come you because you must have sin against God, you have some secret sins that God is trying to punish, but all these crises ended in one day.

I don’t know the crisis you have, your crisis might be simple, it might be compound, in the Name that is above every other name, every crisis in your life, because they have a beginning will end tonight.

I know what that gives me hope for my nation Nigeria.

You say how come?

Because terrorism had a beginning, and if anything has a beginning, it must have an ending.

For example, in 1Samuel chapter 17 from verse 1 to 51, the Bible tells us that Goliath terrorize the nation of Israel for forty days, but one day, the terror that started with one man ended when the man lost his head.

So, with all confident I can say that sooner than later, terrorism will be forgotten in Nigeria, and in all other nations of the world where there are terrorists; I want you to have hope because this thing did not started at the very beginning of the nation, so, it has a beginning it must have an ending.

And when you read the story in 2Kings chapter 6, and you read it all the way to 2Kings chapter 7, read the two chapters (2Kings chapter 6 all the way to 2Kings chapter 7) it tells you one thing, no matter how long a siege may last it must end.

And so, in the Name that is above every other name, every evil force that is laying a siege on your family will be put to shame tonight.

Every enemy laying a siege on you as a person, every force saying that they won’t let you breath, they won’t let you move freely, they won’t let you move forward, they won’t let you move upward, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ they shall be defeated.

Every force that is laying a siege on our nation shall be disappointed.

Now, God had no beginning, He began before the beginning, then this automatically leads me to some questions which I asked when I first became born-again.

You know, as a lecturer in the University and full of all manners of Mathematical theories, when I became born-again, I had many questions, questions I dear not ask my pastors.

Because when I ask in those days: where is God?

Of course, they point me to Isaiah 66 verse 1: heaven is His throne, the earth is His footstool; so, God is in heaven.

And those who really wanted to move me deep said now He is your heart now that you are born-again – greater is He that is in you that he that is in the world.

But I have other questions that I did not ask them.

One of the questions was: where was God before He created the heaven?

Because you say heaven is His throne

Okay! I agree, He is seating in heaven.

Where was He before He created what He was seating on?

You say He is dwelling in me.

Where was He dwelling before He created man?

Because I could ask any man, I turned to God Himself.

God knew I was not querying Him, I was just being a curious little child, wanting to know more about my Father.

And He directed me to Job chapter 38 from verse 1 to 4, and the conclusion of it is simple: there are certain things beyond human understanding; your brain is too small to take in everything that God is,

The result of which is Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 4: the Just shall live by faith.

You have to put your brain aside and just have faith in God.

There are several things that God will do for you that will defile explanation.

You cannot find out His foundation; you cannot find out fully His methodology; you cannot keep on asking, how will God do this for me? There are certain things beyond human understanding.

You have no explanation for the lame jumping up to walk; you have no scientific explanation for the blind having two brand new eyes; you don’t have enough capacity to understand the Almighty God.

So, the Just shall live by faith.

And if you are willing to receive Him, then, without asking how, may I on the basis of Isaiah chapter 3 verse 10 says say ye to the righteous it shall be well with him.

May I decree to anybody who is ready to receive it, that how, you may not know; what God will do to bring it to past, you may not know, but your tomorrow will be alright.

Now, let us leave that for now, by the grace of God, if the Lord tarries, we will talk more, we will try to understand God more when we meet for part three.

But then, when we are talking about God, we said there is something that we need to know about somebody who we are meeting for the first time, and that is what he did in the past.

Is he an Engineer? Is he a Doctor? Is he a Lawyer?

But then, we need to do a little more about somebody, not just what he did, we need to know, is he still able to do what he did?

For example, is he an ex-champion?

Because it is one thing to be a champion, is another thing to still be a champion.

And I will illustrate this by using Muhammed Ali of blessed memory – he was my hero; incidentally we were born the same year, and I was a boxer too, not of his class (God have mercy),

But I followed every fight that he fought, at least beginning from Sonny Liston, I can tell you every person that my hero fought.

But then, one day I saw him when they asked him to light the touch for the Olympic, and I saw my hero, the man who used to float like butterfly, as stink like a bee, I watch him shaking blew by the wind; his hand was shaking by the way, it took a special effort to hold on to the touch, and I cried that day.

The question I am asking is: is God an ex-champion?

That is very crucial.

Haa! Glory be to God.

The God who is going to bless is not an ex-champion.

In Malachi chapter 3 verse 6, it says I AM the Lord I change not.

He is a forever reigning champion.

In Lamentations chapter 3 from verse 22 to 23, the Bible tells us that it is of the mercy of the Lord that we are not consume and this mercy is renewed every morning that great is His faithfulness.

He is a reigning champion.

And so, we can then see what He did before, can He do it again?

The answer is yes.

For example, He cured the incurable before – 2Kings chapter 5 from verse 1 to 14 – he cured Naaman of leprosy.

It is because the leper in Matthew chapter 8 from verse 1 to 3, realized that he was dealing with a reigning champion that he said to the Lord Jesus Christ: I know You can make me free; You have done it before, You have not stop doing it, I know You can make me clean if You are willing.

Thank God, Jesus Christ said I AM willing, and He touched him, and he was cleansed.

Meaning what?

As God cured incurable before?

Are you battling with an incurable disease?

I have good news for you that God can do it again.

I can give you two examples very quickly; one of it you probably know very well.

Young man who has cancer and the cancer was terminal and the Doctors, the best Doctors in the UK told the parent, take your son home if you want him to see his native land again.

They brought him to Nigeria, that was in 1983, they brought him to the camp here and he is still alive today.

You see, is he the only one that God had cured?

I will tell you another one, just two will be enough to show you He can repeat Himself.

They brought a lady, very young girl from Akure to the Headquarters at Ebute Metta because they have discovered a big lump in her breast and the Doctors have said this is cancer; the only this we can do now is cut off this breast to save your life.

And the God said, I am not even yet married; a girl with two breasts is even finding problem getting a husband, what do you think will happen to me if anybody discovered that I have only one breast.

They brought her to Ebute Metta, we prayed for her in our office upstairs, she got downstairs and she was about to enter into the car and checked and the lump had disappeared.

She ran back upstairs and said haa Daddy, is gone, is gone.

I said glory be to God.

She asked a question: where did it go?

I said wherever it came from.

May I use this opportunity to decree, every plant God has not planted in you will be uprooted today, because He is a reigning champion.

When you read the story in Exodus chapter 17 and you read from verse 1 to 8, or if you want, read the whole chapter, (Exodus chapter 17 verse 1 to 7):

The children of Israel were thirsty, they needed water tom drink in the wilderness and the Almighty God told Moses, there is a rock there, take the rod, strike the rock, water will come out; he did; water gushed out.


In Numbers chapter 20, you can read that one all the way from verse 1 to 12, they needed water again.

Can this God perform the same miracle again?

Read the story there, water came out on the rock again.

He is not an ex-champion, what He has done before, He can do again – He can produce something out of nothing; He can meet your needs in His own miraculous ways; if He has ever done it before, He can do it again.

I have told you stories upon stories of the Almighty God coming forth to prove Himself to be more than sufficient.

I have told you the story of what happened when we were building the very first auditorium, and the carpenter came to me and Daddy we need a thousand naira, and I did not have a thousand kobo.

So, I told him, go, when I have the money I will send for you, and he was going away grumbling: he is the one who will say the work is slow, now, we are asking for the money to continue the job he is not giving us.

I heard the grumbling and so I reported the matter to God: Father, You heard him.

I won’t go to details, but you know the story.

In less than two hours I was able to call him back because I have more than sufficient; I never left office.

Oh, you will say that was 1983.

Yes, I know.

Is God, the same God still able to provide something out of nothing?

Ask me, and I will tell you that when the lock down came, for the first time of my forty years as General Overseer I did not know where I will get the money to pay the salary of my staff,

And I am not talking of three thousand staff, I am not talking of five thousand, I am not even talking of nine thousand,

But the God who provided for the one thousand naira that I needed in 1983, still came through in 2020.

May I decree to somebody that in the Name of that God, that God that I serve, God that is the Unchangeable Champion, all your needs will be constantly met.

May I take one step into the spiritual?

Can He release power to somebody who is thirsty for it?

Because in Acts chapter 2 from verse 1 to 4, on the day of Pentecost He fulfilled a promise He made in Acts chapter 1 verse 8.

Because in Acts chapter 1 verse 8 He said you will receive power when the Holy Ghost is come upon you.

On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit fell.

Can He do it again?

He did again and again and again.

For example, in Acts chapter 8 verse 14 to 17 – when God started the revival in Samaria and the Apostles went down, and He asked them, have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit?

And they said no.

He laid hand on them and they were all baptized again in the Holy Spirit.

Why am I saying this?

Because for some of us the problem or issue is nothing to do with physical – by the grace of God we are healthy, we are strong.

For some people the issue is nothing material, nothing at all material; some of them, if they withdraw their money from a bank the bank may close down, they are being blessed, they are not interested in all this thing you are talking material.

But they are hungry for the power of God.

I know a few like that, starting with me talking to you.

Because I attended a meeting somewhere, world conference and they saw all that God had done – the revival, the souls being saved, the miracles, the signs, the wonders, the testimonies – and one of them said you must be a satisfied man, God has been so good to you.

I said God had been good, I am grateful to Him, but Sir, I am hungrier than before, I am thirstier than before because I know there is much more that God can do.

And I am sure that there are one or two people that are hungry for the power of God.

That is while I want to use this example.

I love my mum, I loved her passionately because I happened to be her last born, and the only boy, and you know the link normally between the last born and a mother.

So, when I got born-again, I wanted my mum to get born-again too, and when I preached to her, initially she was  me I had been a Christian before I married your father,

When they brought Christianity to our village, I was one of the first people to go in etcetera etcetera; don’t you know my name is Esther.

I say this is not what I am talking about, I am talking about really surrendering your life to Jesus, being born again.

Finally, she surrendered, she yielded.

But still I was not sure when she said she was now a Christian, I was not sure.

So, I knew what will put a seal for me is for her to speak in tongues, be baptize in the Holy Spirit.

And I was visiting Ilesha one day, this was a hunger in my spirit I must pray about, and I dose off in the afternoon, and two of my little girls came to visit me (one of them is listening to me now),

And the two of them were led by the Almighty God to go and minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit to my mum; I did not tell them about it, the just felt led,

And when I woke up from my sleep it was because there was a noise going on.

And what was the noise?

It was my mother speaking in tongues.

Is there anyone here today hungry for more power of God?

Is there anyone here listening to me hungry for fresh anointing?

Is there anyone saying God You have done it before, anoint me afresh, empower me afresh?

He is a reigning champion, if you cry unto Him tonight, He will grant your request.

So, I had planned to go on and discussed several other things about Him, but I have a feeling that the Almighty God is saying maybe this is where I should stop for today.

I am telling those of you who are out there who have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, you don’t know what you are missing.

Because one of the greatest blessings of being a child of God is that He can fill you till overflowing with His power.

Peter said to the people when he preached to them, he says you repent and you will be baptize and then God will give you the Holy Spirit.

So, if you are listening to me and you want that power - that power of God, that power that can perform miracles, power that can raise the dead, power that can make the blind to see, power that can do exploits for the Almighty God – you must be born-again; you surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

So, if you are listening to me and you love to give your life to Jesus Christ, will you please bow your head wherever you are, and I am going to join my faith with yours and pray for your salvation before the rest of us will go and pray other prayers.

Shall we please pray.

If you want to give your life to Jesus, cry to Him and ask the Almighty God to have mercy on you, to save your soul and wash you clean in His blood that you will serve Him from now on.

And those of us who are already sure of our salvation, will you please go ahead and intercede for your brothers and your sisters so that they too can be saved.

If you are watching this program in your room and you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, it might be a good idea to stand on your feet to show the Almighty God that you are truly surrendering to Him.

If you are watching in a setting that is like a church, it might be a good idea that you walk towards the altar now and surrender your life to Jesus Christ even as I pray for your salvation.

So, my Father and my God I want to bless Your holy name for Your word. I want to thank You for all those who have decide to surrender their lives to You today, please Lord God Almighty receive them all, have mercy on them, wash them clean with Your blood, save their souls Lord, write their names in the book of life; and Lord as they cry to You for anything from now on answer them by fire.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

Now, before we go on to prayer, I want to encourage those of you who have given your life to Jesus Christ to contact me as soon as possible so that I can continue to pray for you, because I will need to know your name, your address, and your prayer request. And then, try and locate a Redeemed Christian Church of God near you, and go to the pastor there and tell him you gave your life to Jesus and you want to know something about the next step to take, particularly as you want to learn how to walk with God from now on, and God Himself will grant your request in Jesus’ name.

Now, our prayer point is only two.

Prayer point number one: We just want to thank God like never before particularly since we know that whatever has a beginning must have an ending, and we believe Him, we trust Him that our problems are over now. So, we want to really really go to Him in serious thanksgiving. Thank Him as evidence of faith that your physical problems are over now, your material problems are over now, your spiritual problems are over now, your marital problems are over now. You want to really really thank Him in faith because you know even terrorism will be over very soon.

And then, the second prayer point: for those who are yet to be baptize with the Holy Spirit to cry to God to baptize them with Holy Ghost even today.

But for those who had been baptize with the Holy Spirit before to cry to the Almighty God and say baptize me again with Holy Spirit, with fire; anoint me afresh O Lord, fill me to overflowing.

Thank You Father.

You can go ahead and pray till you are satisfied, and I am sure the One who is the reigning champion, whose power as never diminished, will pour out His Holy Spirit of fire afresh on all of us.

In Jesus mighty name.










Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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