GOD BLESS YOU (PART 6): PEACE BE STILL 4th of June, 2021



4TH JUNE. 2021.


You are worthy to be praised

You are worthy to be praised

My Redeemer You are worthy to be praised.


You are worthy to be praised

You are worthy to be praised

My Redeemer You are worthy to be praised.


You are worthy to be praised

You are worthy to be praised

My Redeemer You are worthy to be praised.

Father Almighty You are worthy to be praised, Ancient of days You are worthy to be praised, Unchangeable changer You are worthy to be praised, please accept our worship in Jesus’ name. King of glory we thank You for everything You have done for us since the beginning of the year. Thank You for January, thank You for February, thank You for March, thank You for April, thank You for May, and now Father thank You for June, please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. Thank You for the past, thank You for the present, thank You for the future; thank You because we know that by Your special grace our tomorrow will be alright, Father accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

Today, my Father and my God in the lives us Your children, let every storm is stilled.

And I am praying specially for your children born in the month of June, Father, what You did on the sixth day, You said was very good, these Your children who are born in the sixth month, I pray that from now on their testimony will be God has been very good unto me. Give me them a new beginning, a new beginning of joy, of success, promotion, of anointing, of a hunger to serveYou; Lord God Almighty let it be well with them.

And I pray during this particular Holy Ghost service You will reveal Yourself to us like never before.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let someone shout hallelujah.

Wave to two or three people and say God bless you mightily my friend.

So, you may please be seated.

Our text today will be Genesis chapter 1 verse 28:

28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

God Bless You (Part 6)

Now, we have already learnt that when we say God bless you, it means the Almighty God will summon all the forces in heaven, on earth, even underneath the earth to come to your aid.

Now, we have been looking at the meaning of that original blessing one by one: be fruitful, multiply, replenish, and now we have come to subdue.

Now, the word ‘subdue’ actually means being under control. It means still.

In other words, if you are blessed with all forces in heaven, on earth, underneath the earth, cooperating with you, you can still any storm.

You see, physically when we talk about the storm, the storm is usually formed when the wind and water begin work together in a very forceful irregular manner.

When they want to say a storm arose, they mean the wind was contrary.

That is while you find that when you are sick and you have a physical storm in your body, the two principal things that the doctor checked is how are you breathing, and they take a sample of your blood.

Blood representing a water in your body; and the breathing represents the wind or the air in your body.

Why is coronavirus so frightful?

It is because it attacks the main being of the victims, that is while you find that the principal thing they go for in the treatment of coronavirus is oxygen, they want to make sure that at least this fellow is breathing before they even try whatever else they want to try.

If there is any storm physically in your body, even as you are listening to me now, I decree peace be still.

If there is anything wrong with your blood and with your breathing, I decree in the Name that is above every other name, peace be still.

You know, if a storm is principally made up of the wind and the water, and you blessed that means you have Jesus Christ on your side,

And with Jesus Christ on your side, according to Mark 4 verse 35 to 41, it means you have on your side the One whom the wind and the sea must obey - the wind and the sea obeyed Him.

So, you are blessed means you have on your team, you have someone backing you up who the wind must obey, the sea must obey: Your breathing must obey Him.


He is the One who give you breath - Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 – you became a living soul only after He breath into you the breath of life.

So, that breath must obey Him.

As for your blood, it must obey Him.


The Bible said He has made all men (black, white, yellow, green) of one blood.

So, He gave you your breath, and He gave you your blood; the wind and the sea must obey Him: your breathing, your blood, must obey the Lord Jesus Christ because you are blessed.

And so, as the Lord lives before this service is over, every storm in your body shall be still.

Now, with the Almighty God backing you up, it follows that if there is any storm, generated by enemies that had been in your generation, the storm can be stilled.

Let me give you one or two examples.

Consider Exodus chapter 14 read the story from verse 1 to 28.

The children of Israel had just escape from Egypt, they were on their way to the promise land, the enemies of their fathers who had been their enemies for more than four hundred years decided to pursue, they caught up with them at the red sea.

How were they able to overcome storm and that was a big storm?

Read the story very well.

The Bible said when Moses lifted up his hand towards the red sea, the wind blew, east wind blew, across the sea, and the sea parted.

The wind obeyed God; the wind cooperated with Moses; the sea obeyed.

Why did sea obey?

Because according to Job chapter 38 from verse 8 to 11, the Bible says it is God who gave commandment to the sea and said, thus far shall you come and no further.

When the sea is coming, rushing and you think it is going to overwhelm the earth, God says this is the beach, thus far shall you come and no further.

The sea obeyed, after the wind obey.

The wind that can blow upon the sea to cause a storm blew on the sea and created a path; by the following morning when the look back the enemy they saw a night before were no more.

May I decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, every enemy that had been in your generations causing storms you will never see them again.

You will see another example of storm being still because water obey.

2Kings chapter 2 from verse 19 to 22, the Bible said Jericho had been under a cause for generations, city beautiful, but steadily a curse that had been pronounced on the city kept by Joshua kept on walking.

Elisha came on the scene, the people, the elder of the city came to him and said help us.

He collected salt from them, went to the sources of the river, pour in the salt and commanded the water: water you are healed, from now on you more death, no more barrenness; and immediately the water was healed.

I am asking my God, the One who called me to go to the source of your river and command it that from now on you are healed.

Are you in any storm that is being generated, barren your peers, in your place of work?

Is there any storm being generated in your office, in your business?

Because you are blessed, because all forces in heaven, on earth, underneath the earth are to corporate with you, the storm can be still.

I will give you, just one example will do.

Daniel chapter 6 you can read it from beginning to the end, it was the peers of Daniel that said let us get him into trouble, let us see if we can separate him from his God because that is the only way you can catch him.

You know the story.

They conspired; they got Daniel into the den of lion, but Daniel came out alive, and at the end of the day those who threw him into the den ended up in the den.

You see, if your peers decided to start a storm for you, there is someone called the Lion of Judah - Revelation chapter 5 from verse 1 to 5, He will support you because you are blessed,

And lions obey Him; lions may not want to obey you, but they obey the Lion of Judah, and they obey Him to the latter.

1Kings chapter 13 from verse 1 to 26 (you can read that story there) – a prophet disobey God and God decided to show him this is not the way things should be done, a lion came and kill him, but God told the lion don’t him, all I want you to do is kill; and the lion obeyed to the latter.

Not only that, Daniel said when the king came in the morning to say: Daniel, is God you are serving as He being able to deliver you from the lion.

Daniel answered the king and said, O king, live forever, my God has sent His angel to stop the mouth of the lions.

When you are blessed, angels support you because everything in heaven, on earth, underneath the earth are asked to corporate with you.

Angels come because angels must obey the One who is the Lord of host – Psalm 24 verse 10.

Angels forms the host of heaven, the principal host in heaven, and they obey their Commander-in-Chief.

When you are blessed, even the king will corporate with you.

Because the king now said bring out Daniel and bring all his enemies and let them pay a visit to the den of lion.

Read the book properly, and you will discovered that from that day onward, nobody troubled Daniel.

May I decree to someone today that after today service, no one will trouble you again; that the storm that the Almighty God is still today will be stilled permanent.

I am sure you will remember the testimony of a child of God who was given a sack letter because  the superior was fired against him.

They gave him a letter of termination of appointment, and it happened to be a Holy Ghost night and he brought the letter to the Holy Ghost service and the word of God came that there is someone who have just received a letter of termination and God said I will change that to promotion.

Of course, he knew he was the only one present.

In the meantime, those who have gone above him, who conspired against him, took the list of the people they were sacking to the chairman of the company: Sir, because of the downturn of the economy will let some people go.

And the chairman said that is alright.

And they gave him the list and he began to look through the list, and came to the name of this child of God and said: what about this fellow, why are you sacking him?

It is because we don’t need somebody in his cadre.

And the chairman said, well, if you have no place for somebody in that cadre, what about upstairs, move him higher.

They had no choice, they thought they are destroying him, but he became their equal, and they could no longer trouble him.

In the Name that is above every other name, anyone who is trying to keep you down you will even become superior to them.

Are you in a storm just because you refused to patronize; because there is another way storms can come?

Some of you know what I am talking about.

You can read the story in Daniel chapter 3, you can read it from verse 1 to the end:

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego got into the very fiery storm simply because they refuse to bow to idols, we are children of God we cannot do this!

And some of you know what I am talking about, in your place of work where bosses would say unless you do the following, unless you cut corners, unless you compromise, and then you as a child of God say I am sorry, I am sorry, my God won’t allow that,

Okay let your God feed you.

If they throw you into the fiery furnace, the fourth man will show up.

The One who is called the son of God, the word at the beginning; the One according to Psalm 46 verse 1 is called the ever-Present Help in trouble.

The One who according to Hebrew 13 verse 5, the One who says I AM the inseparable friend; I will never leave you; I will never forsake you; friends may not be willing to follow you into the fiery furnace but I will be there waiting for you.

And you know what, fire will cooperate; because if you are blessed everything that God had made must cooperate with you.

Isaiah 43 verse 2, He said even if you are passing through fire it won’t burn you.

You know, when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came out of the fiery furnace, they were promoted.

Is quite a while that this happened, but some of you were old enough you will probably remember the story of one of the children of God, he was working in one of the security apparatus in the country, and so his testimony cannot be shared in detail.

But he was in charge of a big institution belonging to this security apparatus and he has to handle a lot of money and the bosses said, you are not supposed to spending all these money on all, who is coming to check, give us our own shares.

He says, I cannot do this, I am a child of God, this money must be used for whatever it was budgeted.

Is that so?

Okay, we will see to that.

And he came to the Holy Ghost service, and he did not that a meeting was been held by superior officers that he must be retired, get him out of the way so that we can get somebody there that will corporate, and the wind blew.

The word of God: they may be gathered against you, but not by Me, and they that gathered against you will fall for your sake.

I don’t want to go into too much details so that you won’t begin to guess the apparatus we are talking about, but the wind blew.

By Monday, every one of those senior officers who attended the meeting, everyone was removed.

And my son was placed at a level where nobody could bother him again.

I decree today one more time, every enemy causing storms in your life, you will never see them again.

Is there a storm blowing against your destiny?

Whether you know it or not, the devil has a rough idea of what God wants to do with your life; he might not have all the details, but he has a rough idea.

And some of you don’t know while you have face so many obstacles from your youth till now, and it is because the enemies have a rough idea where God is taking you to.

Whether the devil likes it or not, the purpose of God for your life shall be fulfilled.

When you the story in 1Samuel chapter 17 from verse 1 to 51, you need to read it with understanding that David had no problem until he was anointed to be king.

In the previous chapter, he was always in the field looking after his father’s flocks, singing psalms, playing his harps, just having a wonderful time.

And then all of a sudden, Samuel came to town and the whole city shook, everybody knew Samuel came to town; so, the devil knew.

Whether you know believe it or not, he was hanging around to see who is the fellow that is going to be a king now and he saw it was David

O oh! Okay!

It was not long after that that he sent a lion to kill him.

He knew the boy would stand up to kill the lion.

The lion came, took one of his sheep out of his flocks, the boy attacks the lion, he expected the lion to win but the lion lost.

So, he decided to try a bear, and the bear came, and the bear lost.

So, he said alright, I know what to do, if you get close to this enemy I am sending, then, I will you the one you cannot get close to, and that is while he sent the bear.

Many of you don’t understand that it is the devil who spoke to Jesse, send this boy to the battle front; if he wasn’t there, he was in the sheep looking after sheep.

But the devil was sure, if this boy gets to the battle front and hears the challenge of Goliath, he will want to defend his God, the devil knows that for sure.

Look at the whole story, that section of him that enjoy the most, when David said I come in the name of the Lord, I am a represent of the Lord of host that you have defiled.

And then, he sank a rock towards the head of goliath,

And like I thought you in the school of disciple, if anybody sees a rock coming towards his head, you see something coming to your face, everybody wants to protect the eyes without thinking they will bend their head because they see the rock coming.

How come goliath could not bend?

Because two giant ants kept his head straight, waiting for the rock; because that was not an ordinary rock.

Read 1Corinthians chapter 10 verse 4, it tells us there is someone called the Rock of Ages, the One who is called Christ.

When somebody tries to create a storm that will stand before you and your destiny, the Rock of Ages will come to your aid.

Because when you listening to what Goliath was saying, he was saying send somebody who will fight me, if he loses, I take over his kingdom; he was after the kingdom of David, but he lost his head instead.

I give you another example:

Acts chapter 16 from verse 16 to the end – Paul and Silas were minding their own business doing the work of God and there was this girl demon possessed and they cast out the demon out of her and as a result they landed in jail,

And they were asked to be kept secured in jail so that by the following day they will be dead.

But Paul just started his ministry! he still has a long way to go.

And talk about a storm, if you are in prison, properly chain, with no way of escaping, there is someone who can still come who can make a way where there was no way because His name is the Way.

When they began to sing and praise God Paul and Silas, the Almighty God who was seated on His throne got up.

Because the Bible says God is spirit, they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth, for he seeketh such to worship Him,

When you worship God sufficiently, He will stand up.

When He started working, the earth began to shake; even the doors must obey the Door.

Read the story, by the end of the day, the jailer became a servant, those people who threw Paul and Silas into prison sent the following day let them go,

What happen? How did they get a change of heart?

Because the hearts of kings are in hand of God, and He turns it like a river.

And when they came and said let them go, Paul says I am not going anywhere, you threw me here, come and take me out.

In that Name that is above every other name, everyone creating a storm, trying to stop you from reaching your goal, shall be put to shame.

Because when those people came to take Paul and Silas out of the prison, they begged them.

I don’t know the one that God is talking to, but you know what your greatest enemy will come and apologize.

Now, I would like to go a step deeper, for the next few minutes.

I know my children have done a great job, they have done beautifully and of course they have taking some time.

 I want you to be encouraged; encouraged how?

Because nothing happens expect God allows it – I am sure you know that one.

Whenever God allows a storm to come your way, it is for a purpose, and a good purpose at that.

For example, when God allows a storm to come your way, it could be:

Number one: To check how solid is your foundation; I want you to discover yourself, how solid is your foundation in the Lord.

You see, in Matthew 7 verse 20 to 27, the Lord said, the different between a wise man and a fool is the foundation on which they have built their houses.

One built on the rock, one built on sand, and the two houses look pretty until the storm came.

When the storm came, when the flood came, and then house built on the rock stood, and the house built on the sand fell.

How solid is your foundation; and God may want you find out quickly before it is too late.

Because if you are building on false foundation and God does not show it to you before you die then it means you will be in serious trouble.

So, you need to know, do I really believe in this God the Lord Jesus Christ? Or, I am just following multitude?

If God ask you to relax in a storm, will you be able to believe Him and do so?

I told you the story of my first trip in a very large ship, I was having a nice time until all of a sudden, a storm came; it was a very violent storm,

And so violent that the captain called us together and told us not to worry that there are twelve category of storms, and category one the smallest, and category twelve is the biggest, that we are only in category ten.

He said don’t worry just go and stay in your room – category ten! In the mid of the ocean, you cannot see land anywhere!

Lord, what am I doing here? What do I do?

And He said what is it written in My word?

When I was on earth and there was storm and I was in the boat, what was it that I did?

The Bible said You were sleeping.

Eh, sleep.

Immediately I jumped on my bed and within two minutes I was fast asleep.

Each time I tell the story, somebody said, how can you do that?

I have heard from Him, and apart from that what else can I do?

I don’t even know how to swim, and if you know how to swim, can you swim the ocean?

By the time I woke the storm was over.

And yet, I know a friend of mine, on the first time we travel to America he did not sleep all the way, and I asked him why not?

He said haa I want to be awake if anything should go wrong.

What are you going to do? Are you going to jump out of the plane?

God may want to check your foundation how solid it is.

Number two: He may want to teach you a lesson in faith.

In Mark chapter 4 verse 35 to 41, when Christ is in the boat of your life, it cannot sink.

He was sleeping, the boat was feeling with water, the disciple woke him up: careth not that we perish?

He must have wonder, what is wrong with you people, I AM here; how can you perish when I AM in your boat.

He says ye of little of faith.

How strong is your faith in God?

God may want to use a storm to teach you that from now on I won’t fear any storm as long as I know because God is in my boat.

I remember our visit several years ago, we are going there to start a branch of our church and I gathered some workers together, asked those who wanted to go with me and there were volunteers.

But then, just before we left there was news that a boat capsized, in those days you have to go by build boat and some people die.

I told the people, well, you heard the news, it is where we are going there was this boat capsizing, any of you not willing to go now, all you need to do is we are living at such at such a time, just come late that is all, when we wait, and we don’t see you then we take off.

One of my sons ask a question: Daddy,

I say yes.

Will you allow me to ride in your boat?

 I said, why not.

Then, he said I will go.


Because the boat in which you are is not going to capsize.

He was expressing his faith in me, so, how much more you should have faith in the One who want to teach faith.

Number three: He will allow a storm to give you an opportunity to do something no one had ever done before.

He can allow a storm to enable have an insight of your potential.

Matthew chapter 14 from verse 22 to 23, the disciples were in a boat, and this time the Lord was not even the boat, and there was a storm and then the Lord was coming to come and join them, and they saw Him walking on water and they were afraid.

And He said to them, it is I, be not afraid!

And Peter said, if it is You, ask me to come to You.

And the Lord said come, and Peter jumped out of the boat.

I know when people want to tell this story, they always tell the story of Peter sinking; before he began to sink, he walked on water,

He walked on water to go and meet Jesus; he did something nobody, no human being had ever done before apart from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Peter discovered that if Jesus Christ come you can walk on water to go and meet him.

A storm can give you an opportunity to discover your potential.

If a storm happens under your watch, you might pray a prayer, the kind you have never prayed before.

I can tell you stories on that, but time seem to be running, but let me move on to four.

He can allow a storm in your life so that He can shake away from your life things that should not be there.

Hebrews chapter 12 from verse 25 to 28, the Almighty God said once again I will shake the heaven; by the time I finish the shaking, the only thing that will remain where those things that cannot be shaking.

He can allow a storm, a shaking in your life, so that what will remain are only those things that cannot be shaking.

Someone said, what exactly are you trying to say?

God can allow a storm in your life so that those pretending to be your friends may leave.

Oh, the elders have a saying, it is in time of trouble you know your friends.

When everything is going smoothly, everybody is a friend; let there be trouble, then you will discover those who have left, those who are genuinely your friend.

There was a Pastor in our church, or we were friends; we did everything for him,

Because in those days we were walking in the University we had a little more money there – a Pastor.

When he got married by the grace of God, we bought them every every expense.

When I travelled to his station, even though my village is not too far, rather than stay in my village, and I will go and spend a night with them - we were close.

I thought he was one of my best friends.

Then, a crisis came, my father-in-the-Lord died, and of course, there was rumor maybe I will be succeeding him etcetera etcetera when Papa died.

I went to visit my friend to say our father-in-the-Lord is dead o etcetera, he did not even allow me to say a word before he began to say: I have always hated you.

What led to this?

He said, no, from the moment you came to the church and brought this your acada etcetera etcetera into the church…,

But what are we discussing! What led to this!

Of course, I was in a storm, my father-in-the -Lord was dead, I was in agony; I was in agony, and I thought I could worship with someone I thought could be a friend in consolation, but he hate me hard.

He took the storm to show who are you, you are my friends.

May I pray for you that that storm that will show you every wolf in sheep clothing, moving in and out with you, may God send that storm quickly.

Because it is better to know who are your friends, people you can go to war with; if you get to the battle front before you discover that the people you thought are friends are no friends, it will be too late.

Number five: God could send you storm to tell you that a new beginning is around the corner.

In John chapter 20 verse 19 to 23, the Apostles were in a big big storm, they were in a storm big time when the Lord just crucified.

As a matter of fact, the Bible said they were hiding in a room with all doors shut for fear of the Jews because everyone connected with the Lord Jesus Christ was in great danger,

But the Lord had risen, but they did not believe while they were in the room; and He said to peace be with you.

He breath on them and said receive the Holy Spirit; He said as the Father has sent Me so send I you, have a new beginning.

It was a storm that brought me to Jesus Christ.

I am sure some of you know the story, and if you don’t know, find out.

It was a storm that destroyed my pride – I was a proud, arrogant, young man.

In those days, if I want to introduce myself to you, you won’t even believe is the fellow talking to you right now.

When I came to the Redeemed Christian Church of God when the storm brought me to the Redeemed Christian Church of God, because somebody told me God answers prayer there, go there your problem will be solved.

And got there they were talking about surrender your life to Jesus Christ, etcetera etcetera

And I looked at them, what is wrong with these ignorant people, did they understand that a lecturer from the University of Lagos – hey! Pray! tell me how much I will pay.

But when the storm refuse to go, and pairs through my thick skull: they are not asking you for money, all they are asking you is surrender your life to Jesus; surrender your life to your maker, what is wrong with you.

Lecturer! You have a problem that your mathematics cannot solve.

And finally, humbled, I find my way to the altar, and by the grace of God, He took care of the storm.

It was a good storm that brings you to Jesus, that is if a storm brings to Jesus Christ, is bringing you to a new beginning.

It may be true you fight a storm recently; it appears that God was speaking and you were not listening; He used an elderly man to point out to me, God had speaking, you should have noticed storm had been coming

I cannot understand Sir.

During the December Holy Ghost service, you spoke about The Great Turnaround,

I said alright.

He said during the Special Holy Ghost service in March, you spoke about It is Time to Fly

I said that is true.

And at that meeting you announced that in August we will be talking about a New Wave of Glory.

I said that is true.

How is it that you did not know that there was going to be a New Beginning?

God can allow a storm to tell you there is going to be a new beginning.

So, be encouraged if you are passing through a storm right now, because a new beginning is around the corner.

As for you who have not surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, hey, you better come to Him now before your storm hit because if He is in the boat of your life there is no storm that can sink your boat.

If He is not in your boat when the storm hit, who are you going to call on then; if you call on Him by then, it will be too late.

So, may I encourage you now, wherever you may be: if you are in a church setting, rush to the altar now and surrender your life to the One who is the Controller of Storm, the Prince of Peace Himself; just a word: peace be still, and your storm will be over.

So, come very very quicky now, to the altar and come and cry to the Almighty God, ask Him to please save your soul, have mercy on you, and wash you clean with Him blood. Ask Him to come and dwell in you, tell Him you want Him in the boat of your life, so that from now on you will know it does not matter what storm may come. Your boat will not sink.

I am going to count from one to ten, to allow you to get to that altar.

As I am counting and as you are coming, begin to pray, calling on the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on you, to save your soul, to come and dwell in you.

I am calling all of us who are already children of the Living the God to pray for all the people who are rushing to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ now – those we can see and those we cannot see pray for them, even as I begin to count.

One, two, three,

The choice is yours; you better have Him in your boat now or it might be too late. Come now.

Four, five, six,

Come as you are, He is ready to receive you; He receives sinners, He saves their souls.

Seven, eight, and nine

Keep coming if you are already on the way if you are not on the yet, I am going to pray now for your salvation and the prayer will reach you wherever you are.

Thank You Father.

Ancient of days I want to thank You. Thank You for Your word, thank You for speaking to us again today, thank You for those who heard Your word and are rushing for salvation, Father please receive them all, save their souls today, let Your blood wash away their sins, write their names in the Book of Life; and from now on anytime they call on You answer them by fire.

My Father and my God I joined others in crying to You, please Lord answer their prayers too, and I pray that from now on the storm in their lives will be still. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

Now, those of you who have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, if you are at the altar at any of the viewing centers, a counselor will be there to attend to you straight away, he will collect your name, your address and your prayer request and send it to me and I promised you I will be praying for you.

Those of you who are not in a church setting, I rejoice with you, I also need the information about you, your address and your prayer request so that I can be praying for you; and I will encourage you to look for Redeemed Christian Church of God somewhere near you, there are quite a few of them near and tell a Pastor there that you have given your life to Jesus and he will tell you what to do next.

God bless you.

In a moment I will be telling all of you what will be your prayer points.

Those of you who are already Christians, those of you who just joined us pray this prayer with all your heart and I am sure you will have testimony soon in Jesus’ name.

In the meantime, God bless you mightily.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.

Now, you may want to write down your prayer points.

Prayer point number one is that you should praise the Prince of peace. Praise the Prince of peace.

Prayer number two: We want to thank God that with Jesus in your boat, the boat may be shaking but it will never sink. Thank God that with Jesus in your boat, the boat may be shaking but it will never sink.

Prayer number three is to cry to God and say: Father, please let all generational storms in my life cease tonight.

And you will cry to God and say: Father, let my faith in You remain unshakable. Let all my faith in You remain unshakable.

And then, cry and say: Father, please anything in my life that should not be there, including those pretending to be friends, shake them off.

And then, you pray and say: Father, whatever might be my hiding potentials, please activate them tonight.

And then, you say: Father, please give me a brand-new beginning from this moment onward.

And then, you say: Father, please let me end well.

Finally, your own personal request.

I am going to give you just about fifteen minutes to cry to God on these points.

The altar is open, you are welcome to come and speak to God from these vital issues in your life.

Go ahead, talk to God.

Thank You Lord.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will grant your request. Every generational storm in your life will end tonight. Every storm in your place of work will end tonight; by the time you resume on Monday there will be a testimony. Every storm in your marriage will end tonight. Every storm concerning your children will end tonight. Every storm in your villages will end tonight. Every storm in your state will end tonight. Every storm in your churches will end tonight. Every potential of yours that had been hiding will be activated tonight. God will give you a brand-new beginning. It shall be well with you. You will finish well; God will support you; He will see you through; very soon your testimony will be mighty.

In Jesus mighty name we have praised.

If you receive that let me hear you shout hallelujah.

And then, even before we thank Him, I have a word or two for you from the Lord.

The Lord asks me to tell someone, ignore distractions because your great done is at hand.

He asked me to tell someone, I carried you thus far, I will carry you all the way.

He asked me to tell someone, He said there will be songs of music in your home again.

Then, He asked me to tell you a story – a story I think have told you several years ago, He asked to repeat the story for you tonight.

A bird was crying and then a hunter shut it; the bullets damaged one of the wings of the bird, so the bird could no longer fly, but as he stayed on the ground in agony, the Lord came touched the wing and the wing was healed, and the bird went back into the air, the bird with one wind is flying again.

The Lord asked me to tell the whoever is that will be your testimony.

If you are the one let me hear you shout hallelujah.












Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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