7TH MAY 2021.


Let’s pray:

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name O Lord


Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name O Lord




Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name O Lord


Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name O Lord.


Jesus is Your name


Jesus is Your name

Jesus is Your name

Jesus is Your name O Lord

Jesus is Your name

Jesus is Your name

Jesus is Your name O Lord.

Almighty God, the King of all kings, the Lord of all lords, the Almighty Himself, we worship You. Thank You for January, thank You for February, thank You for March, thank You for April, and now Father we are thanking You for May; thank You for all the victories You have given us in the past months; thank You for every blessing we have received since the beginning of this year, O Lord God Almighty we want to thank You for victories over Corona Virus, Lord please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

Lord God Almighty we pray for Your children born in the month of May, Lord God Almighty, May being the fifth month of the year, and five being the number of grace, we pray that all these Your children will find favour with You, that they we find favour with men, that You will be gracious unto them. We pray Lord God Almighty that You give them a new beginning; a new beginning of joy, a new beginning of success, a new of promotion; in all areas of their lives let it be well with them.

Father we pray for all Your children all over the world, please Lord send help to us; wherever there are still wars, let there be peace. Please Lord God Almighty in a very very special way today visit Your children.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let someone shout hallelujah.

Wave your hand to two or three people and say good evening God bless you.

And then, you may please be seated.

Now, today, as we are looking at God Bless You part 5, subtitled: Overflowing Blessing, our text will be Genesis chapter 1 verse 28:

28And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth…

We will stop there because the section we want to look at is ‘replenish the earth’.

The word replenish means refill; fill up something that had been empty.

In another word, He is saying from your blessings bring blessings to others – let your blessing over to others, because you have been blessed, become a blessing.

I mean for example, when God says in Proverbs chapter 3 from verse 9 to 10, that when you honour Him with your first fruit and He says He will bless you in such a manner that your barn will burst out,

He is not saying that the blessing that will come from that is to be wasted, it is to overflow to other.

When He said in Malachi chapter 3 verse 10 that if you bring all the tithe into His store house so that there will be food in His house,

He is not saying when He opens the windows of heaven on you and pour out a blessing that there won’t be enough room to receive, He is not saying the extra blessing will be wasted.

As a matter of fact, if you read Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 1, 2, 11 and 12, when God says if you will harken diligently unto the Lord your God, to observe and to do all that He commands you,

And He says blessing will be pursuing you and overtaking you, He is saying out of that abundance you will lend to nations.

Your blessings will overflow to others.

I know that God has already blessed many of you, and just to be absolutely sure, let me say once again: God Bless You  

But the blessing is to make you a blessing.

Genesis chapter 12 from verse 1 to 3, when God promised Abraham that I will bless you, and He followed it immediately: and you shall be a blessing.

All of you listening to me today, particularly those of you who are true children of God, from this hour onward you will become a blessing.

Now, we have defined at the beginning that a blessing is a summon to all forces in heaven and earth and under the earth will help you to succeed.

And we had been looking at some of the results of God saying you are blessed.

One of the results is:

One: you will be fruitful, which means you will reproduce yourself.

The second one was or is: multiply – multiply is saying, not only are you to be fruitful, that you are to be fruitful rapidly.

He did not say be fruitful and add; He says be fruitful and multiply.

He says reproduce after your own kind and you will do so rapidly, rapidly.

And now, He says replenish the earth, He is now saying, your reproduction will be fast that you will get to a stage that your blessings will begin to overflow, replenishing the earth.

Now, when will say a blessing is a summon to all forces in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth to help you succeed, the greatest person in heaven itself is God.

Because in Isaiah 66 verse 1, God said, heaven is My throne.

So, all other things that could be in heaven: the angels, etcetera, etcetera, they are secondary.

Today, in other that your blessings may overflow rapidly, we are going to look at certain things that only God can give, that you will receive in the mighty name of Jesus, and then you will overflow to others, you will help others as a result of receiving these blessings from God.

Number one: Joy.

Joy can be in categories – I am sure you already know that.

In Luke chapter 2 verse 10, we read about great joy.

In Matthew chapter 2 verse 10, we read exceeding great joy.

In 1Peter chapter 1 verse 8, we read of joy unspeakable.

But all these joy: great joy, exceeding great joy, joy unspeakable, can only be found in the Lord.

Psalm 16 verse 11 says in the presence of God there is the fullness of joy.

Consequently, the one who stay permanently in God’s presence, has the ability to be always full of joy.

You are in the presence of God now and so I can decree that your joy will be full. 

Now, when you have fulness of joy, you are to use that joy to cancel sorrow in others.

When you go through the scriptures, you will discover that the one who spoke about joy unspeakable is Peter, and he is the only one who introduces us to that kind of joy – joy unspeakable.

How did he know there is something called joy unspeakable?

Because he had it.


You know Peter, anything he does, he does it energetically.

He fished all night, even though he caught nothing, he just kept on fishing – that is Peter.

When he wants to talk, many at times he will talk before thinking, but he will talk.

You remember the time when Jesus Christ was walking on the sea towards them, and there was storm in the boat?

As soon as Jesus Christ said it is I be not afraid.

He said, are you the One?


Ask me to come to you.


He got out of the boat, he was out of the boat before he says wait a minute o, what have I done?

That is Peter; you know Peter.

When he wept – the Bible says he wept bitterly; if he wept, he wept with strength that after all of a sudden that he denied the Lord three times and he wept bitterly, the Lord came back and restored him to his lost position, he knew joy - joy unspeakable.

If you were in his position you will know.

And so, Acts of Apostle chapter 9 from verse 36 to 41, when some people had sorrow, when Dorcas died, and the widows that had been receiving help from this woman, discover that their source of joy was gone,

Who do you think they sent for?

They sent for the man who knew joy unspeakable; and Peter went there and turned their sorrow to joy.

I remember one simple illustration.

Years ago, I went to Ilorin; we’ve just arrived in the town, I was happy, I was glad, the work of God was progressing in Ilorin,

I was going to go with them for couple of days, I was singing, rejoicing, and all of a sudden I saw a little girl by the road side, weeping terribly; we drove passed and but I told the driver wait a minutes, let us reverse, and we reversed, we got to this girl.

What is wrong with you?

She said my mother send me on an errand and I lost the money.

If I remember correctly, it was just fifty kobo; and I those days, fifty kobo was a currency.

She was sucking wet in tears.

So, I put my hand in the pocket and gave her the money.

Haa! You could see the joy – thank you sir! Thank you sir! Thank you sir as she began to speed away.

Now, that day I did not know who was the happier – the girl or myself that God has given me that opportunity to wipe away the sorrow of someone.

I decree to every one of you listening to me today from now on whenever you arrive sorrow will depart.

Another thing, another blessing that only God can give is Peace – is a tremendous blessing called Peace.

And you know that peace is also in categories:

A gift from God

Because in John 14 verse 27, Jesus Christ said, peace I give unto you, My peace I give unto you, not the kind of peace that the world will give unto you,

Not the kind of gift you get when you are drunk – when you are trying to drown your sorrow, when the alcohol fades away the sorrow will come forward again.

He said, I AM giving you the kind of peace that the world cannot give, and peace can be in categories.

In 2Thesselonians chapter 3 verse 16, says the Lord of peace Himself grant you peace always by all means.

We can talk about other categories of peace, but you know the Bible – the Bible says great peace have they that trust in Him.

But then, in Philippians 4 verse 7, the Bible talks about the peace of God that passes all understanding – the peace of God: peace so great that you cannot even understand it.

Now, when we talk about peace, that kind of peace, the peace of God that passes all understanding, when you have that peace, you are supposed to use the peace to help others who are going through some turbulence.

We know for example that Peter, the same Peter I mentioned earlier on, he had that kind of peace.


He has seen that peace demonstrated before.

In Mark chapter 4 verse 35 to 41 – when they were in a boat with the Lord Jesus, there was a storm, the Lord was sleeping and then when the boat was filling with water and there were about to drown,

They said they woke Him up, I am sure Peter is the one who woke Him up:

Master, don’t you care that we perish? - that was his language.

I know Peter, and the Lord got up and spoke just a word: peace be still; and all of a sudden all was quiet.

And Peter had seen it in before.

He has seen it so much that when he was imprisoned in Acts chapter 12 from verse 5 to 11:

They were going to kill him the following morning, and had killed his brother, the one who imprisoned him has killed his brother; he knew that tomorrow they were going to cut off his head, but he was sound asleep.

Haa, what kind of peace!

There are some of us here listening to me, whenever there is a little problem, we were afraid and yet we won’t sleep throughout the night.

That song writer says: you cast your burden on God and just leave it there.

Oh, I thank God for giving me that kind of peace: because once I prayed, particularly when I know that there is no quarrel between me and God, I sleep.

I remember when I was telling some people that I sleep like a baby, somebody said maybe you have not been around a baby for a while, baby don’t sleep that soundly anymore.

But I can sleep standing up because of peace.

That kind of peace, that kind of peace of God that passes all understanding, I decree God will give to you today.

Peter was sound asleep so the angel had to beat him hard to wake him up – read it, it is there is the Bible.

So, that is while again when these widows had that storm, the widows referred to in Acts chapter 9 from verse 36 to 4, who did they sent for?

It was Peter.

This man understands what it is to have peace in a storm and when you have that kind of peace is so that you can flow over to others who are passing through storms so that you can still their storms.

Peter got there, there was commotion, the widows: this one will say look at the dress she made for me, look at what she did for me; he said, hey, move out, let us have some peace; by the time he finished there was peace.

I remember not too long ago, we were traveling I think from London to Nigeria, and then quite a few that who knew us were on the same plane including a very famous evangelist and his wife.

And as soon as we finished eating, I fell asleep, and then there was turbulence, very severe turbulence; the plane was shaking badly, I was fast asleep, the shaking was making my sleep deeper.

And then, there was concern, (the evangelist was the one who was testifying), he said, he got up and looked in my direction to say Daddy what are we going to do, and he saw that I was fast asleep; he turned to his wife, there is nothing to worry about, Daddy is sleeping.

And I still remember one occasion not too long ago, we went to I think Mexico for one programme - Holy Ghost service, and then that night in the hotel we were staying suddenly there was an earthquake in the whole place and the hotel was shaking badly,

So, everybody in the room ran downstairs, and one of my children saw one of us who… if I mention his name you will know him, …and said shalom Pastor, and the Pastor said no shalom today.

No shalom today the hotel is about to fall you are talking about shalom.

But when they waited downstairs for about fifteen minutes and they did not see me coming down, they said let us go to sleep, Daddy is not coming down, it means there is no problem.

I pray in the Name that is above every other name that whenever there is a storm and they send for you, your presence will still the storms.

And then, another blessing from the Lord is Prayer.

You say what! Prayer!

Are we not supposed to be calling on God on our own efforts?

Ability to pray, particularly the kind of prayers that would be answered by fire, is a gift from God; is a gift from God, a gift that summon the Almighty God to come and help you.

Because in Jeremiah 33 verse 3, the Almighty God said if you call on Me on the day of trouble, I will answer you.

Many at times we do not remember that when trouble comes, it takes a special grace of God to remember to pray.

And to be able to pray until answer comes, is a special gift from God.

The reason many of us have not received answer is that we stop too soon; and at times God may want to delay just to encourage you to pray more.

But there are some people who are naturally gifted, they can pray.

And there are some people that God love so much that by the time they have been praying for an hour the answer is already there.

If you are one of such people, what should you do?

Use your ability to pray to help others.

Your blessing is to overflow to others.

As a matter of fact, James chapter 5 verse 16 to 18 asked us to copy Elijah, he was a powerful prayer warrior – he prayed fire fell; he prayed rain fell; he prayed revival for a whole nation.

And at this stage, let me thank all of you my beloveth children, thank you for praying for Nigeria, thank you for asking for mercy for Nigeria when I asked you to fast and pray.

Don’t listen to anybody who says it is by their own wisdom that corona virus is now subdued in Nigeria, it is because you prayed, you asked God for mercy and God heard; and in the name of that Name of Jesus Christ there will be no third wave.

But I want to encourage you too, we need to pray again, we have problem of another kind in Nigeria, so, very soon you might be summoned to pray again.

Don’t be afraid, I did not say you will be summon to fast again; I said you might be summoned to pray again; we need to pray against all the problems we are facing and God will answer when we pray.

You see, why you must help others with your prayers?

The Bible says in James chapter 5 verse 13 to 15, He says that if anyone is sick, they should call for the elders who would anoint them and pray.

You know what that is saying?

God is saying if your own prayers is not enough, look for somebody who can pray better,

And if you are that person who can pray very well, use your prayer to help those whose prayer had not been enough.

If you are one of those people that when they call on God God will answer almost instantly, use that blessing to bless others.

You will remember the story of one of my daughters who came to us and said please sir I need help.

What is the problem?

She said a strange woman had taking away my husband.

I had four children for my husband, he had moved out to go and live with woman with five children and none of the five children is his own.

She said, I have prayed, I have fasted, done everything but I have been defeated.

I said to her that is no problem, we will pray, the strange woman would be dealt with.

I said we will pray: God will start a quarrel between your husband and the strange woman and your husband will come and beg you

Haa! I am not asking him to come and beg, let him come home.

And we prayed.

Shortly after, there was a quarrel between the man and the strange woman,

And the strange woman said to him: don’t you know that your head is not correct; if your head is correct how can you leave four children at home and come and stay with woman who has five children and none of the children is not yours.

The man said, you are correct you know, there must be something wrong with my head, and he packed his load, came, knock at the door of what used to be is home.

My daughter opened the door, he prostrated: please, would you take me back?

Haa! Just come in.

I don’t know who this one is for, but every stranger causing trouble in your home, I decree right now the Almighty God will uproot them.

Another thing that you get, a special blessing from God, from which you are to overflow to others is the ability to praise God; is a super blessing – ability to praise God.

Because there are some of us for example, we cannot even sing.

When we sing, everybody near us will probably want to say maybe it will be better if you keep your voice low; some of us are croakers, but some people can sing beautifully.

And then, how many of us can ever play an instrument?

Probably that is while the Almighty God says just make a joyful noise.

If you cannot sing at least you can make a joyful noise.

Probably that is while the Almighty God says if you cannot play any instrument at least you can clap your hands.

That is while He says clap your hands all ye people.

You cannot play an organ, you can play a guitar, you cannot blow a trumpet, you can shout and you can clap.

Let me hear somebody shout hallelujah.

Because the blessing of praising God is a great blessing because it draws God near you.

In John chapter 4 verse 23 to 24, the Bible says God Himself will be seeking out worshippers.

The Bible says in Psalm 67, you can read verse 3 there (there is nothing wrong if you read the whole of Psalm 67 anyway), the Bible tells us that when all people will praise God He will send down fearful blessings.

That is how important praise is.

But then, if you have the special ability to praise God, use that ability to help others.

We all know David, he had a very special ability when it come praising God.

You can hardly sing like him, you can hardly play a harp like him, and when it comes dancing, you cannot come near him.

He is the one who said in Psalm 34 verse 1, he said I will bless at all times, and His praise shall continually be in my month.

What did he do with that ability?

Well, if you read 1Samuel chapter 17 from verse 15 to 23, his praising God alone drove out demons.

In other words, when king Saul was troubled by evil forces and they brought in David and David began to praise God, even the demon ceased from tormenting the king – because they wanted to listen to the music maybe.

Your praise can bring relieve to others.

Your praise can draw God near to somebody who needs the presence of God desperately.

I told you once, when we went to Heaty to go and inaugurate our church there; we can only get the visa to Heaty in America.

We went to America, went to their embassy; we thought we will just walk in and get the visa.

Oh no! they kept us from morning till evening.

As a matter of fact, we had to contact the Nigeria embassy to contact them before they finally gave us the visa.

So, by the time we arrived in Heaty, the crusade was on, and I was worn out; oh God, how I am going to preach here today, but then glory be to God, I went with my minstrel.

By the time Kunle Ajayi had been worshipping God for a few minutes, power came.

That is while every church needs a good choir.

If the choir sings very well, God will draw near.

And you know, if the hand of God is on your Pastor, he will say what he does not even plan to say.

The Almighty God who can lay His hand on ordinary ass, and the ass could speak with voice of a man, you can imagine what He can do when He His hand on your Pastor.

But in some churches, when you listen to the singing you will know while there is no presence of God because some songs will even drive out the Holy Spirit.

If you have the ability to praise God, use it to help others.

And then, there is this blessing that you get from God is called Faith – a tremendous blessing.

Because if you have faith, then you are able to please God – Hebrew 11 verse 6: without faith it is impossible to please God.

If you have faith, Mark 11 verse 22 to 23 says then you will be able to move mountains.

If you have faith, according to Mark chapter 9 verse 23, you can achieve anything.

Jesus Christ said so, if only you can believe nothing shall be impossible unto you.

So, if you know you are man of faith, then, use your faith to help others.

I give you an example.

Matthew 15 from verse 21 to 28, the Bible tells us of a woman who came to Jesus Christ and said Lord have mercy on me my daughter is grievously vexed of the devil.

She was not the one sick; she was not the one being tormented by the devil, is somebody else.

You know the story.

God did not answer her a word, and the disciple who could have help her said: Master, drive her away she is too noisy.

You know the result.

The matter went on to an extent that, Jesus Christ said, I cannot give the bread of children to dogs.

The woman said, fine, I am not asking for the bread, just a crumb.

The Lord looked at her and said woman, great is thy faith, be it unto you as you have asked.

She used her faith to obtain deliverance for someone else.

Now, I know that we know, you know the Bible very well.

Oh, I cannot ask God for faith!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

That is true.

But this woman, wasn’t a hearing of the Bible, she was a gentile.

Oh, I know faith comes by praying in the spirit, you can build on your holy faith – praying in the spirit – I know that.

But this woman was not baptized in the Holy Spirit o.

How did she get this great faith?

There is a faith that is a gift of God, a gift of the Holy Spirit.

I am going to encourage everyone of you tonight, when it is time to pray that is one thing you should pray for: Father, the faith that is the gift of the Holy Spirit, give it to me tonight.

Because when you have that kind of faith, not only will you be able to move your own mountains, you will be able to move mountains for others.

That kind of faith that will defile death, that kind of faith that will say no way I don’t agree death you cannot have my child, death you cannot have my friend, I refused trouble; I refused tragedy for my precious friend.

Afterall, it is written, whatever you bind on earth is bind in heaven; whatever you loose on earth will be loose in heaven.

Bind on earth means forbid; Lose means allow.

And for every one of you listening to me today, I forbid death, I forbid sorrow, I forbid tragedy, I forbid failure.

I allow success, I allow promotion, I allow prosperity.

You will remember the testimony.

I got a phone call from Zambia: Daddy, your daughter had an accident – that is the lady who was my representative in Zambia at that time.

She had a head on collision – somebody just collided with her car.

Daddy, we just wanted you to know so that you can get ready for the loss.

I said what are you talking about?

Oh! I just came out of the hospital, the Doctors have just told there is no hope.

I said, na lie.

They said that Sir, even if she lived, she will be a vegetable, she will never again be able to walk, she will never again be able to travel.

I said, na lie.

By the special grace of God my daughter is still running around the whole world walking for the Almighty God.

And I say right now, with the little faith God had given me, every force prophecy concerning you, na lie.

Use your faith to help other; let your blessing flow, overflow to others.

Let me talk about just one more (so that you can have plenty of time to pray) and that is Anointing.

Definitely, we all know that anointing is a tremendous blessing, and it comes from God.

Because anointing activates your destiny, I mean your own personally destiny.

Because Acts chapter 13 verse 21 to 22, we find it written that God Himself said I found a man, I found David, a man after My own heart who will do My will.

God had found him, but he was still in the bush looking after sheep and goats.

I have found a man, He sent Samuel to go and anoint that man in the house Jesse – 1Samuel chapter 16 from verse 1 to 13.

Samuel came to the house: hey, the one God is going to make king is here and Jesse began to bring forth the boys.

The biggest one first, God said not this one.

Second one, not this one; up till the seventh one.

Haha, Samuel said God You sent me to this?

God said I don’t make mistakes.

You know, he finally asked the father: have you any other son?

He said yes, there remains one, he is not a kingship material that is while I did not present him.

The man said God we won’t seat down until you bring him.

At that stage alone I can even say to those of you listening to me, in the Name of the God called me, all those who can help and are delaying from now on they won’t know any rest.

Anyway, they brought David and anointed him, and the destiny became activated.

When you are anointed, anointing we destroy your yokes, we know that – Isaiah chapter 10 verse 27.

When you are anointed, anointing guarantees your protection.

Anointing is a great blessing because Psalm 105 verse 15 states clearly touch not mine anointed.

But that anointing must overflow to others, it must overflow to others; it will take care of your own problem, but it shouldn’t stop there.

In Acts chapter 10 verse 38, the Bible says how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with Holy Ghost and power and went about doing good,

He did not stop in one stop and say hey here comes the anointed, He went about using the anointing to do good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil, for God was with Him.

With your anointing you are to help the helpless.

With your anointing you are to decree and end to curses – 2Kings chapter 2 verse 19 to 22.

The men of Jericho came to Elisha, we are in trouble help us, and he use his anointing to decree an end to the curses in their lives.

You are to use your anointing to help your city.

When Samaria was under a siege, so terrible that women were eating their children.

In 2Kings chapter 7 verse 1 to the end, the man of God, Elisha, made a decree that within twenty-four hours the siege will be over.

And I hope you join your faith with mine, join your anointing with mine, and together we decree that the siege on Nigeria will be over.

And the siege on your own country wherever you are listening to me from will soon be over too.

When you are anointed, let your anointing flow to others.

Because in 1Samuel chapter 22 from verse 1 to 2, the Bible says when David went to hide in the cave of Adullam, the people who gathered together to him are the people who are in distress, the people who are in debt, the people who are in trouble,

The people who needed help, who always congregate to the man who has the anointed to deal with their problem, and at the end of the day, the anointing robbed off on them.

By the time you get to 2Samuel chapter 23, you can read it from verse 1 to the end, the Bible tells us that those vagabonds who gathered to David became David’s mighty men, they became mighty because of the anointing.

Let your anointing flow!

There was a very funny story of a friend of mine.

We were visiting America and he insisted that we should visit his house, and so we went, we visited his house.

After we left, he began to boost to his friends: Daddy G.O came to my house, this is the chair he sat on.

And so, friends began to come anytime they had a problem, they would seat on that chair and pray, and within twenty-four hours their problems will disappear,

And so, friends began to tell friends and this funny man said they want to turn my house to Mecca.

He said, they took the chair into the bedroom and brought a brand new one, he said after all they won’t know the difference,

But what he did not know was that the anointing got into the ground because the people kept on coming, seating on the new chair, and having their problem solved.

Even as you are listening to me now, I decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that part of the anointing that God has anointed me with will flow out to you.

The Almighty God says you are blessed.

He said be fruitful, and you will be fruitful.

He said multiply, and you will multiply rapidly.

And now, He said replenish the earth, your blessing will overflow.

Which is while again, I am appealing to those of you who have not given your life to Jesus Christ, you don’t know what you are missing; you don’t know what you are missing!

There are tremendous blessings that are meant for children of God alone, while don’t you come and give your life to Jesus Christ and He will bless you with joy, bless you with peace, bless you with strength, because the joy of the Lord we be your strength; bless you with success, bless you even with anointing.

Surrender your life to Jesus Christ, stop cheating yourself.

So, wherever you are now, if you are in a church setting, why don’t you run to the altar, and cry unto the Jesus Christ and ask Him to save your soul, tell Him you want to be a child of God.

If you are in your home, while don’t you go on your knees and say please save my soul, I don’t want to miss all these a blessing any longer.

If you are driving, it might be a good idea if you pack; you are listening to me by radio, pack now, spend a couple of minutes surrendering your life to Jesus Christ, He wants to bless you; stop cheating yourself.

And those of us who are already children of God one of the ways your blessing can overflow others is that you can intercede for these people who are surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ now, pray for them that the One who saved your soul will save their own soul also.

Let us intercede for minute or two; let us pray that God will give them a genuine salvation so that they will become partakers of the blessings of the Almighty God.

Let us pray for a minute or two.

If you are crying unto God for salvation, ask Him to be merciful unto you, to forgive all your sins, to wash you clean in His blood; if you are backslider come back home to Him, I have drifted away now I am returning, have mercy on me, take me back into the family of God so that I can continue to enjoy the blessings of a child of God.

Let us pray for these people for just thirty second more.

Let us pray.

Oh, Almighty God how wonderful You are; we bless Your holy name for Your word today; thank You for the blessing, blessing that would make us fruitful, blessing that will make us multiply, the blessing that will make replenish the earth, the blessing that will overflow, thank You for Your blessings.

Now, for these people who have decided to surrender their lives to You today, please Lord receive them all, save their souls, let Your blood wash them clean; please Lord write their names in the book of life, receive them into the family of God.

As for backsliders who are returning to You Lord receive them also so that they too will begin to enjoy Your blessings.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

Now, for those who have surrendered your life to Jesus Christ I rejoice with you from the bottom of my heart, and I want to promise you from now I will be praying for you. With all humility I can tell you when I cry to God He hears me and He answers.

I will be praying for you, but I will need to know your names, your address, and your prayer request.

If you are in a church setting, the Counsellors will attend to you now.

If you are not, try to locate the nearest Redeemed Christian Church of God next to you, tell the Pastor, you have given your life to Jesus and he will tell you what to do next.

God bless you all.

Let someone shout hallelujah.

Prayer Points

Prayer number one: Father, bless me to overflowing tonight and let me lend to nations.

Two: Father, thank You for blessing me, please make me a blessing to many generations.

Prayer number three: Father, every plan of the enemies to attack my source of joy, please frustrate tonight and grant me joy unspeakable.

Prayer number four: Father, please use me to wipe away sorrow from my family, my community and my nation.

Prayer number five: Father, grant me peace in areas of life and use me to still storms of others.

Prayer number six: Father, please answer all my prayers, and make me an answer to the prayers of many.

Prayer number seven: Father, the faith that is the gift of the Holy Spirit, please give it to me tonight.

Prayer number eight: Father, every false prophecies concern me I cancel them in Jesus’ name.

Prayer number nine: Father, everyone who need to help me but are delaying let them not rest until they deliver to me my help package.

Prayer number ten: Father, let the siege over my nation be lifted this very month.

Prayer number eleven: Father, anoint me afresh and use Your anointing upon my life for the healing of nations.

And then, after this you can add any other prayer of your own.

We will be praying for fifteen minutes.

Thank You Jesus.

Blessed be Your name.

 We appreciate You heavenly Father, there is none like You.

And it shall be so in Jesus’ name.

The Lord will bless you to overflowing and you will begin to lend to nations. In the Name that is above every other name, your overflowing blessings will reach out to many generations. Every plan of the enemies to attack your source of joy is frustrated tonight in the name of Jesus. The Almighty God will grant you joy unspeakable in the name of Jesus. The living God Himself will use to wipe away sorrow from your families, from your community, and from your nation. The Lord will grant you peace in all areas of life and He will use to still the storms of others. In the Name that is above every other name, the Almighty God will answer all your prayers and He will use as answer to the prayers of many people. The faith that is the gift of the Holy Spirit the living God shall release upon you today in Jesus’ name. In the name of the Lord Jesus, every false prophecy concerning you they are cancel tonight in Jesus’ name. in that Name that is above every other name, whoever needs to help you and who is delaying, beginning from now, they will have no rest until they deliver your help in Jesus’ name. We decree in the name of the Lord Jesus that the siege over this nation be lifted this month in the name of the Lord. The siege over every nation that is listening tonight will command it shall be lifted tonight in the name of Jesus.

We decree in the name of the Lord Jesus that tonight He will anoint us afresh and we shall use that anointing to heal nations in the name of Jesus. Every other prayer that you have prayed tonight, whether it concerns your life individually or your family or your community, your organization or your country, it shall be answer in the mighty name of Jesus. Your lives shall be come a testimony.

So shall it be because you have prayed in Jesus’ name.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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