JESUS 3rd of June, 2022



JUNE 3RD, 2022.


Thank You Lord.

The first testimony we heard tonight referred to a passage in the Bible that since the day of John the Baptist the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violence have taken it by force.

So, a woman confronted death who had swallowed her child; after five hours and commanded death to vomit what it had swallowed.

Tonight, I want you to shout a name, and after you have shouted that name, you are going to command the devil that everything he had swallowed in your life must be vomited tonight.

You are to shout that name…, because you can be sure when the woman was shouting, she was shouting like a lady, she was shouting like a lioness.

You are going to forget your position, your wealth, unless there is nothing at all that the devil had taken away.

But if you really really mean business, because tonight is going to be different.

You are going to shout that name and then you are going to command that everything that the devil had swallowed from you must be vomited tonight.

May I hear you shout the name of Jesus, then go ahead command the devil, command the devil that everything you have swallowed from me you must vomit tonight.

In the mighty name of Jesus, everything that you have already swallowed in my life you vomit it tonight, you vomit to night. ***speaking in the Holy Ghost***. You must vomit everything in my life that you have swallowed, you must vomit tonight. Everything that you have swallowed in my life, vomit it tonight in the Name that is above every other name. ***speaking in the Holy Ghost***. Everything good, everything beautiful that you the devil have swallowed in my life, you vomit it tonight, tonight; I command you Satan you must vomit everything good in my life.

Thank You Jesus. ***speaking in the Holy Ghost***. Thank You Lord. Thank You Father. Glory be to God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And then one of the children who preached tonight, talking about the Lord Jesus Christ being the Door.

And he said, He is the One who can guarantee your security.

He said because if there is anything evil that wants to attack you from outside, He will shut the door against it.

We are living in a time of great uncertainties and you are going to secure yourself tonight;

You are going to shout a name, and you are going to shout it with anger; after you have shouted the name, you will command the devil never to come near your home again.

Are you ready?

Let me hear somebody shout the name of Jesus. Then go ahead, command Satan you must not come near my house again; don’t near my family again.

***speaking in the Holy Ghost***. Thank You Daddy. Devil you must not come near my house, you must not come near my family, you must not come near me at all, forever, I command you in the mighty name of Jesus. ***speaking in the Holy Ghost***. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And then the first speaker showed us clearly that Jesus and Light are one and the same thing.

And one of the preachers too also said, if there is darkness is because you did not allow light to pass through you.

Those of you who are here yesterday during the Holy Communion Service we said that when we eat the bread and eat the wine, we are swallowing Jesus, and when light comes in, darkness must go out.

For those of you who are here yesterday that case is already settled for you; but we are to love our neighbours like I said, we are going to give those who are coming today the same opportunity.

You are going to shout the name of Jesus and then command everything that is not of God in you, in your life, to get out.

Open your mouth and shout the name of Jesus, and then command everything that is not of God to get out.

***speaking in the Holy Ghost***. Everything that is not of God in me, in my life, in my home, in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, in my nation, anything that is not of God, get out now; get out now. ***speaking in the Holy Ghost***. Thank You Lord. Thank You Saviour.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

That wonderful name, Jesus

That wonderful name, Jesus

That wonderful name, Jesus

There is no other name I know.




That wonderful name, Jesus

That wonderful name, Jesus

That wonderful name, Jesus

There is no other name I know.



That wonderful name, Jesus

That wonderful name, Jesus

That wonderful name, Jesus

There is no other name I know.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, glory be to Your holy name. Thank You for January, thank You for February, thank You for March, thank You for April, thank You for May, and thank You for June, Father, accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

All we are asking You to do tonight is just prove Yourself; show the world that You are the Almighty; let everyone connected to this service one way or the other, discover that Your is above all other name, and at the end of it, take all the glory.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Well, let somebody shout hallelujah.

Well for the first time in two years, you can shake hands with one or two people and say God bless you mightily tonight.

And then you may please be seated.

I am going to talk about Jesus: The Origin

John chapter 1 verse 1:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

And in case you are not sure of who we are talking about, verse 14 tells us (John chapter 1 verse 14):

The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld is glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Jesus, the Origin.

In Genesis chapter 1 verse 1, the Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

But is that the beginning; is that the really really beginning?

You see, because, Isaiah 66 verse 1, God said, heaven is My throne, the earth is My footstool.

And then that leads you to the question, before God created the heaven and the earth where was He seating?

Because there was God before He created the heaven and the earth.

So, when we are talking about the beginning, there a beginning of all beginnings and that is the One in John chapter 1 verse 1.

The Origin –

In John chapter 1 verse 3 the Bible says all things were made by Him – all thing!

Before you begin to make somethings, you must be there; so, He was at the origin, at the very beginning.

I think so time ago, I cannot remember where, when we spoke about Alpha and the Omega, I said if you ask a child when is the beginning of a house, a little child may say the day we moved in,

An older one may say when they lay the foundation,

An older one may say, no, is the day the architect began to draw, an older may say somebody told the architect what to draw; the house began before the architect began to draw,

It started as imagination in the mind of the Landlord.

The begin of the house somebody may say it is day the landlord was born,

Or somebody may say no, it is the day the mother met…

You know what? The origin of the house is in God, there is a beginning of all beginnings.

Because the Almighty God said in Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4 to 5, He said before I formed thee, I knew thee; before you even came out of your mother womb, I have already settled everything that has to do with you.

The origin is so important that if something goes wrong at the source, everything will go wrong after that.

2Kings chapter 2 from verse 19 to 22, when the men of Jericho came to Elisha and said our city is nice but we have problems – we have problem with barrenness, we have problem with death and so on and so forth.

When he asked them to bring salt, what did he do with the salt?

He went to the source of the river they drank and pour all the salt there; he dealt with the problem at the source.

You can ask the elders, they will tell you that in the olden days…; I am sure they don’t longer do that now that the light of the gospel has come; … but in the olden days if you go (what do we call them now?) to the Babalawo’s’, the oracle man, etcetera, etcetera,


And you said you want to check something about somebody, they will ask you what is the name of the mother?

They want to go as far back as they can to the source.

In Genesis chapter 28 from v erse 10 to 22, when God appeared to Jacob as he was running away from Esau, God said to him, I AM the God of your father Abraham –

God said let us go back to the source, let us go back to the origin, let us go back to your origin.

And if you are going to shout a name and shout it very well, that everything that went wrong at your source will be corrected tonight.

Do I hear you shout that name?

He was at the origin of man; God was at your origin, He was at your origin because he does not matter who you are, we all go back to the same man Adam.

Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 – when you read that passage, the Bible says the Lord God – He started with ‘the Lord’ before He put God.

He was there at the beginning putting everything together.

That is while when in John chapter 9 from verse 1 to 7, there was man who was born blind and he came in contact with Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ said no no this case was not whether he was the one who sinned or his parents who sinned, I just want to show you people how you are formed.

This man was in a hurry to come to the world, he did not wait for eyes, let Me put it right.

He spat on the ground, made mold out of it and put the mold where the eyes were supposed to be, and then He spoke a word, go and wash, and the man went and came back seeing.

Isaiah 64 verse 8 tells us that we are ordinary clay but the Lord is the Potter, He formed us.

That is while anytime we tried to improve on what He has done, we disfigure ourself because you cannot improve on what God has done – whatever He did is perfect.

In Jeremiah chapter 18 from verse 1 to 4 the Bible gave us a parable of the potter and he said the potter was making a vessel and something went wrong with the vessel and then he said no problem I am still the potter, you are just the clay, I start all over again.

You must be ready to do some shouting tonight, because with every shout something mighty will happen in your life.  

Now, thank you very much.

You know, when you shout that name what you actually saying is that everything that has do wrong in my body should get back to normal - and you will see it before the sun rises tomorrow.

I think it was in Owerri last week, we are not talking about something we don’t know, we are talking about something I know, something I have experienced, something I know that I know that I know.

We had a programme - Light up, we wanted to light up south east, so, on the first night I was there and I prayed for some people.

And all of suddenly, 4:30 in the morning my phone rang, I could not understand, up till now, I don’t know how that fellow got my private number, I don’t give to people, even my best friends don’t know my private number, I only use it to call those I want to call.

Because I know if it is given to somebody else it will be abused.

But all of sudden, 4:30 in the morning, I have been praying thanking God and just fall asleep; my phone rang and I know when someone is calling is Pastor at 4:30 that fellow must have something important to discuss.

So, I picked up the phone even though I could not recognize the number and then I began to hear shout at the other end, I began to hear sounds;

Finally, when I could calm the fellow down for a little: okay, okay, what is it?

I thought she was shouting hallelujah because at least I picked the phone.

She said ha Daddy, for months I have not been able to walk, then yesterday the Light shown, this morning, she said, I woke up this morning and I am dancing, not just walking.

She said I am going to send you the video of myself and one way or the other she got the video across and I saw the whole family dancing and rejoicing.

I am sharing that one because whether you believe it or not, somebody is going to be dancing before tomorrow morning.

Now, Jesus is not just Origin of man, He is the Origin of mountains.

Psalm 90 verse 1 to 2 tells us before the mountains were brought forth, from everlasting to everlasting You are God.

Meaning what?

Before any mountain grow up at all, He was there.

That is while in Matthew 15 verse 13 when He says any plant my Father has planted shall be rooted up, that applies to mountain.

Every mountain that crept into your life, the Almighty God said all you need to do is command that mountain and mountain will go.

In Genesis chapter 1 from verse 26 to 31, when God finished all He did, when He finished all He did, when He created you, the Bible make it abundantly clear, God looked at everything that He made and behold they were very good.

Like somebody said, when God finish creating man because we are the last bit, ever other things He had created He had been saying good – this is good, this is good;

But after He created you and I, He said well, if there is nobody around to praise Me, I will praise Myself: this very good.

You know, that is while it was so easy for Him to speak just one word to heal Naaman because Naaman was not born a leper, he was born a healthy fellow.

So, don’t let anybody tell you that the sickness, the pain, the ache in your body is a gift from God – no! when He made you you were made perfect.

So, tonight every form of imperfection in your life is going to go.

And please don’t misunderstand me, I am preaching as I am led of God.

Years ago, when I was turning sixty, I went to visit somebody in one hospital in Ikeja and in that hospital there is a little hospital by the side where they attend to people with eye problems and my daughter was the one in charge.

So, I branched to say hello to her, and she said Daddy you are about to be sixty come we want to tell your eyes because by name you need glasses.

I said if I need glasses, I will come to you.

She said you did not do a test.


And she did all manner of test – long distance, short distance; and finally, she brought something, very tiny print, she said definitely you cannot read this.

I looked at it and I said how can anybody be asked to read this one; whoever wrote this one something must be wrong with fellow.

Then, she said something, she said you can read it when you are a child, and the reason you cannot read it now is because you are sixty.

I say it that so?

She said yes.

And I said in that case bring it I will read.

When God created you, He created you perfect, don’t settle for imperfection.

I want to please with all anger, you are going to shout that name and then command every imperfection get out of your system.

Thank You Father.

Amen. Amen.

Somebody is going to testify before tomorrow morning.

Every imperfection in your life, I don’t care what the doctors may say, he may say it is because of old age, because of this, no, no, God who made you does not grow old, He does not lose His power, He made you perfect, in the Name that is above every other name you are going to return to perfection.

He is the origin of mountains.

In 2Kings chapter 4 from verse 1 to 7, the Bible tells us the story of a widow, of one of the sons of the prophet, a family of God’s worshipper, people who have been serving God,

God was there the day the man borrowed the first money, He was there.

He knew how the money began to accumulate that he borrowed to the extent that by the time he died there was such a heavy debt.

That was while when the creditors came and said they wanted to sell the children, and the woman had enough sense to ran to the man of God, and say, man of God, my husband served God till he died, why must I lose my children because of debt?

Because God was at the beginning, He knew the origin of the debt that was He miraculously uprooted that mountain of debt; that was while miraculously He cleared it.

Thank You Father.

Well, Daddy asked me to tell somebody that the fellow will understand. He said I will help you pay your debt; He said but never borrow again.

That was while when the woman was faced with the mountain debt, God created a miracle.

God made sure there was something left in the house that He will use to uproot that mountain of debt.

Well, God had already spoke, I was going to pray that God would clear your debt but He had already promised, and I can guarantee you, as my God lives, those of you who are heavily in debt now, before the Annual Convention, you will come and see me, with mighty mighty testimony of surplus.

Now, …

Oh! You will have to excuse me; I have to write this one down.

You may need to write this down yourself, take your pen, take your pen.

Oh Lord, thank You Jesus.

The Lord says there are seven prophecies in a role, you can pick your own as we go along and they are all based on Acts of the Apostle chapter 3 from verse 1 to 11, and He said:

Number 1: for someone here tonight your rising as begun.

Number 2: He said your progress as started.

And I like number 3: He said the hand of God will reach out to you.

Number 4: He said strength of the Almighty will pour into you.

Number 5: He said your joy will be visible to all.

Number 6: He said an uncommon promotion will come your way.

Number 7: He said you have something to praise God for, for a long time.

Now, He asked me to say this, I don’t know who that fellow may be, whether here or anywhere else, who is saying I don’t believe, I don’t believe this kind of joking; He asked me to tell you wherever you are: who cares, who is going to be the losing? He asked me to tell the unbelieving fellow, you will see the testimonies.

He is the Origin of anything that can happen to you, that is while He can uproot every mountain particularly the mountain of sorrow.

In John chapter 11 from verse 1 to 44, the Bible tells us that when Lazarus was sick, they sent to Jesus and He told the disciples, I know he is going to die, and I am happy for your sake that I was not there when he died.

What does that mean?

But He said let us go and wake him up.

He knew the origin of everything causing you sorrow.

When Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus, He was not weeping because Lazarus died, He was weeping because those who are very close to Him did not even believe when He said don’t worry your brother will rise again.

He was sad because the people around Him were unbelievers.

He knew He was going to bring this man back to life.

I have good news for somebody here today: if you can shout a name, everything that is causing you sorrow shall disappear very soon.

He knows the foundation spiritual problem you have; nothing happens without Him knowing it – nothing.

In Luke 22 from verse 31 to 32, He told Peter, Simon Satan wants to have you, to shift you; He said but I have already prayed for you.

Long before Peter got into trouble Jesus knew, and He prayed for him in advance; when the problem, the man who said I would die with you suddenly became the man who said: I don’t even know Him at all.

The Bible says when Jesus turned round to look at Peter when the cock crew the second time, He was not at him to say hey you look at you disappointing, He was looking at him to say I told you!

If Peter had looked very closely, He would have seen in His eyes don’t worry have prayed for you.

That’s while when Jesus rose from the dead, He said in Mark chapter 16 from verse 5 to 7, the angel told the people: go and tell the disciples and Peter, he is still My disciple.

Is anybody here today who have made a very terrible mistake, you are not even sure whether Jesus will make use of you again; haa! I have good news for you, He will restore you.

Let me hurry a bit because we want to pray tonight and I will tell you while we should pray.

He knows the origin of every storm – every storm!

When we talk about a storm, physically a storm is a combination…

First of all, He asked me to tell somebody, you have been forgiven. He said go and sin no more.

Then, He asked me to tell somebody, He said there is a principality in your family and you all know that he is the one pressing down the family, He asked me to tell you that next time you shout His name that principality will fall.

Amen. Amen.

When we talk about a storm physically, a storm is a combination of the sea and the wind playing and ungodly kind of game.

But it is God who made the sea, Genesis chapter 1 verse 10, so He knows the origin of the sea.

As for the wind, the Bible says the wind came from His breathe, the wind came from His nostril.

You don’t believe me, read Exodus 15 verse 10, and then, back up, read verse 8,: He said thou bloweth with thy wind and you parted the sea.

Now, He called the wind as the blast of His nostrils.

So, He know origin of the sin, He knows the origin of the wind, so, He can use the combination of the sea and the wind to create a storm or to stop one.

Like in the story of Jonah, Jonah chapter 1 from verse 1 to the end, when He sent Jonah on an errand and the fellow refused to go and decided to run away in a opposite direction, God said alright, I control the sea, I control the wind,

So, He create a wind and a storm and then until they threw Jonah in to the sea, the storm did not stop; as soon as they threw into the sea and everything became quiet.

But God did not say they should throw into the sea so as to destroy him, just to teach him a lesson.

He made sure there was a whale ready to swallow him and He told the whale swallow him but don’t digest him.

Are you passing through a storm, check, make sure you are not fighting God; because if you are fighting Him, He can use the air you breath to fight and the moment you said I surrender the problem will be over.

And just like one of my children who preached said in Mark chapter 4 from verse 35 to 41, when there was a storm and Daddy was sleeping, the moment they woke Him up He just spoke a word and said: peace be still,

And all of a sudden, the storm was over and the people said what manner of man is this that the sea and the wind obey Him?

Every one of you passing through a storm, let me hear you shout the name Jesus.

He is the Origin – He knows what is going on.

Oh! It is witches fighting against me!

Who made the witches? Who made them?

He said I made wasters to destroy – that is what He said in Isaiah 54.

That is while He said there is no weapon fashioned against you that will prosper.

He said I am the One who made those people who add roots to herbs and they say they put a charm on you, I made those things, all I need to do is tell the charms or whatever, go to sleep.

He made the lions and that was while when they threw Daniel into the den of lion, the lion could not do anything, He just told lion, sleep.

Because He made fire, that was while they threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace, He just came and have a stroll with the boys in the fiery furnace – I made fire.

He is the One who is at the bottom, He is the Origin, He knows what is wrong, He knows what is happening, He can handle it.

But the most beautiful of all this thing…

I promise I want to be brief because my children have done a good job.

Haa! Amen. Thank You Lord.

The Lord said there is someone listening to me now, He said one day very soon when they ask you what do you need, you will tell them I have more than I need.

And He said whoever this one is will understand and most know that this is from God and God alone.

He said the cloud will roll away.

He knows the origin of your destiny – that is the most important of all these things.

Because before you were born, He had already settled, He had a blue print for your life, and nobody, nobody, but He alone can alter your destiny.

Whatever He says you will become, you will become; He has settled that before the foundations of the world.

Revelation chapter 4 verse 11 says He created all things for His pleasure.

He made you so that He will be pleased with your creation.

Everything about you is already settled; not a question of going to be, it is already settled.

When I was in what they called I think what they will call it now a days is nursery: we will go to school with a plate on our head (the older ones will know what I am talking about) - a piece of wood, big thing, painted black, and they will give chalk, and we go to school; we were very little.

And you may spend the whole day learning how to write letter A and by the time you are coming home your face is full of chalk.

An old met me coming from school and looked at me and said: Senior Academician.

He looked at somebody spending a whole day on how to write letter A, but the old man saw somebody who will get P.hD in Mathematics.

Not long after that one, another old man saw me and said Baba Eko, and that time I did not even know there is a place called Eko – I have never been to the nearest town to my village; but somehow they saw a bit into the future.

Let me tell you the truth, everything you are going to become is already settled.

Like I told you He is the Potter and you are the clay; and He has made up His mind this is how you are going to be.

The only fellow who can change your destiny is God not any human being.

And then I am not quite sure He would want to change your destiny it does not matter what happens.

You will remember that in Luke chapter 5 from verse 1 to 11, after Peter fished all night and caught nothing…

This is a very serious one.

He said somebody dreamt and your roof is leaking and He said the enemy came from above and they penetrated, but He asked me to tell you: when you shout the next Jesus He said how they came is how they will go out.

I was talk about look chapter 5 from verse 1 to 11, when Peter had fished all night and caught nothing and Jesus came into him boat and he caught so much fish, Jesus said to him you are fishing now but that is not your destiny, you are going to become a fisher of men.

That’s while when it appears as if everything is lost, when Peter felt that no, I cannot be His disciple any more I want to go back to fishing,

God went and met him there in John chapter 21, you can read the whole chapter – beautiful story.

I said you are going to be a fisher of mem.

The goal that my Father in heaven as set for you, you will reach that goal.

Let all the witches and wizards in Nigeria, send for all the witches and wizards in every other part of the world, they cannot stop you.

Because when God is for us, who can be against?

Let me hear somebody shout hallelujah.

I said we are going to pray tonight, you know why?

I told the Pastors when we are praying, the master key to answer prayers is the name of Jesus.

In John chapter 16 verse 23, Jesus said whatever you ask the Father in my name, He will give it to you.

You know what He was saying there?

If you going to ask anything from the Father, make sure you pass it through Me.

Because in any case, if you go to Him and you have not mentioned My name, He is going to refer it back to Me.

When you say in the name of Jesus anything you can ask for the moment you can add that name, Papa will give it to you.

He cannot say no to Jesus – He can’t at all.

I don’t want to spend tonight telling you stories; some of you have heard several stories about the power in the name of Jesus, just the Name.

I will just tell you one and then we will pray; I will just remind those of us who have heard it before.

There this young boy, very young boy, got born again, and happened to be the son of chief herbalist in the town and then with zeal of a child, without consulting the parent, every idol, every charm in the house he gathered them together and burnt them,

And the mother was very very displeased and went to the meeting of the cult, told them what the son had done: she said I cannot kill him myself because he came out of my womb but help me kill him.

And then said no problem.

So, mama was there in the meeting and the boy was at home, doors locked, windows locked, and all of a sudden, a huge dog covered in charms went right through the door…, the door was locked; went through the door without opening it, and he was coming straight to this young man.

Fortunately, he was on his knees when he came; there was not time to say ‘our Father who hath in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come’ but there was enough time to shout a name.

And when he shouted Jesus, something like thunderbolt came down from heaven and hit the dog and the dog died on the spot.

Now, you tried.

But if you are the one alone in the house and then you lift up your eyes and you suddenly see a huge dog covered in all manners of charm coming towards you, the way you will shout Jesus will be different.

Let me conclude so that you can have time to pray.

In Acts chapter 19 from verse 11 to 17, the Bible says God perform special miracles by the hand of Paul so that from his body aprons, handkerchiefs, were taken to the sick and they were healed.

Demons ran away when they saw the handkerchief coming.

You have heard testimonies of handkerchiefs by the grace of God we blessed, how they have been performing miracles, and that was happening in the life of Paul.

Then some seven sons of Sceva said we know the secret now; all you have to do is called the name of Jesus and then miracles will happen.

So, then went to a mad and they said we command you in the name of Jesus that Paul preaches, get out.

Haa! The devil says: Jesus I know; I know who made me, if He commands me to seat down I will,

Paul, I know – Paul is connected to Jesus, he has a right to use the name.

But who are you?

We are going to be praying some tough prayer tonight, it is easy to tell demons to get out and they will, particularly if they are people around into which or into whom they can enter.

So, if you don’t belong to Jesus Christ if you just missing with us because you enjoy the singing and the dancing, when we begin to call the name tonight you might be in danger unless you come and surrender to Jesus and become one of His.

Things might get a bit rough tonight for forces of darkness and you don’t want to go home loaded with demon.

Let me tell you the truth, demon knows those who belong to Jesus and they don’t want to mess with them.

In case you don’t believe me?

Something happened not too long ago, I was in Abuja and I went to preach and after I finished preaching, I made the altar call and those who came forward they were not too many and so I just decided I will humor them, shake hands with every one of them.

And they were all happy and some people which they were born-again again so that they can get a hand shake.

And I was shaking with every body then it became the turn of one particular lady she refused.

They pushed her, she said no I don’t want his hands to touch my hand.

Fire is going to fall here tonight; and I mean fire is going to fall here tonight.

If you know that you know that you do not belong to Jesus Christ but you would rather belong to Him now, I am going to count from one to ten, before I say ten, come and stand before the altar, we will pray for your salvation and things will change from tonight onward.

So, if you want to come, come very quickly as I am counting now

One, two, three,

Is a call for salvation; you want to genuine salvation, no more pretending, hurry up now.

Four, five, six,

I know some of you are from very far away, hurry up all the same.

Seven, eight, nine,


Those of you who are already in from and those of you who are coming just keep coming, keeping come; but those of you who are already in front cry to the Almighty God: say Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, save my soul tonight, I want to belong to You, hundred percent I want to do Your will just save my soul and I will serve You.

The rest of us let us stretch our hands to these our new brothers and sisters and intercede for them that the one who save our souls will save their own souls also. Let us pray for them very quickly.  Intercede for them. Pray that the Almighty will have mercy on each and every one of them. Pray for them. Pray for them.

And I think the Counselors can move close now and come and attend to these people after prayer.

Those of you who are still coming for salvation, hurry up now because I want to pray for salvation.

Thank You my Father. Glory be to Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour, I want to bless Your holy name. I want to thank You because Your name is Jesus because You will save Your people from their sins. Thank You these people who have come forward tonight to surrender their lives to You, Father please receive them, let Your blood wash away their sins, save their souls tonight Lord, and write their names in the book of life; please receive them into the family of God. And from now on when they cry unto You please answer them by fire, and don’t let them ever ever go back to the world. Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now, those of you in front let me hear you shout hallelujah.


The Counselors are going to give you card very quickly because I want to be praying for you from now and so need your names, your address, and your prayer request.

Fill that card very quickly, you have maximum of three to four minutes and then you submit to the counselor and go back to your seat and join us in prayer later.

God bless you.

You can worship God while they are doing that one.

Praise the Lord.

You may want to write down your prayer points now. I am going to give you some minutes to pray to God yourself before the Ministers of God will come and pray for you.

First of all, you want to praise God that you are present tonight that laziness had not kept you at home, that the Almighty God had given you special grace to be here tonight because everything evil that followed you here tonight will not follow you. So, you praise Him.

Number 2: Ask Jesus to go back to your source you originated from and clean up everything there. Go to my source, to my very very beginning, clean up everything there. After all, it is written if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old have passed away, all things have become new. Please go to my source, go to my very origin, clean everything there.

And then number 3: Any form of imperfection that may still be in my body, soul, spirit; any form of imperfection, You are a miracle working God, I want You to take it away tonight. Because when You healed Naaman, the Bible said the skin became like that of a new born baby; Lord I want to become like a new born baby physically. I want every imperfection in my body to go tonight.

Number 4: Father, You know the source of every mountain in my way, in Your name I am commanding every mountain to move tonight; and none of these mountains will see light of day tomorrow.

And then number 5: Every storm in my life, small or big, or any storm that the enemy is planning for me, stop it even before it can start; still every storm.

Number 6: That goal that You planned for me even before I was born take me there speedily. Let every obstruction become stepping stone to reaching my goal speedily.

And then number 7: My future is in Your hand oh Lord, let it be well; just let it be well.

Number 8 will be anything you want to talk to God about.

The altar is open, and then you can have about fifteen to twenty minutes to cry to the Almighty God; let us go ahead and start by praising Him.

Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will go to your source today. If there is anything there at all that could be bringing curses upon you and your children the blood of Jesus will wipe it out. Anything in your body, inside out, that was not there when God made you, will disappear now. Your body will become as strong as that of a new born baby. Every imperfection will disappear right now. Every mountain that the enemy has erected to block your way shall go now in Jesus’ name. Every storm – physical, mental, marital, spiritual – will be still right now. Anybody trying to block your way to your goal, in God’s own miraculous way will help you reach that goal.

Because at the name of Jesus every knee must bow, every opposition to your success shall bow right now. Because it is written Christ in you the hope of glory, your future shall be glorious. And any evil force hibernating anywhere near you, every agent of the devil, I decree right now that they be ejected. Any enemy pretending to be a friend I decree right now that they be expose. It shall be well with you.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout hallelujah.

God bless you.






Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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