OPEN DOORS 6th of May, 2022



6TH MAY, 2022.



Thank You Father.

Well, let us lift our hands to the most high God and begin to bless His holy name.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration,

Bless His name, bless His name, bless His name.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be magnified,

Praise His name, praise His name

Lift Him high,

Magnify the name of the Lord,

Let Him hear your voice

Praise Him

Praise Him

Praise the Ancient of days, magnify Him.

Thank You Father; blessed be Your holy name.

Thank You Father.


Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

Now, I want you to live your voice to the Almighty God loud and clear and say Father, when You are opening doors tonight, please don’t forget me.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty.

When You are opening doors tonight, please don’t forget; Almighty God, When You are opening doors tonight don’t forget me Lord, please Lord don’t forget me. When You are opening doors tonight don’t pass me by. Have mercy oh Lord, have mercy on me too. Blessed be Your holy name. thank You, thank You Lord; glory be to Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

We give You all the glory,

We give You honour,

We give You all the glory

We give You honour



We give You all the glory,

We give You honour,

We give You all the glory

We give You honour



We give You all the glory,

We give You honour,

We give You all the glory

We give You honour



We give You all the glory,

We give You honour,

We give You all the glory

We give You honour

Father, we give You all the glory, we give You all the honour, we give You all the adoration. Thank You for January, thank You for February, thank You for March, thank You for April, Lord thank You for May, may Your name forever be glorified.

Tonight, my Father and my God, as You begin to open doors, don’t leave us behind, don’t pass us by. In Your own miraculous way Father reach out to us, and at the end of everything tonight let Your name be glorified.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Well, let someone shout hallelujah.

Well, wave your hand to one or two people and say God will open doors unto you tonight.

And then you may please be seated.

Let us go to Revelation chapter 3 from verse 7 to 8:

And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;

I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.


 I will give you the outline of my message, and I will cover as much of it as the Holy Spirit will allow me and then the Holy Spirit will teach you the remainder.

Number one: I will give you definition of my own open door.

The man who spoke before me has given you lots of definitions but I have my own simple definition that a market woman can understand straight away.

Then, I will talk to you about the man with the key when He comes in, what happen?

And then, I will talk to you very briefly about the fact that the door can remain permanently open.

Then, I will talk to you that it is possible for the door to open for one and shut against another.

Then, I will talk to you for door to open at one time and then shut later.

I have given the outline briefly, and if I did not cover everything at least you have already learnt something.

What is a door in the language of little ones like me the children?

The door is the link between the inside and the outside of a building – that is door.

When the door is shut, it implies therefore that those who are in are in, and those who are out are out.

For example, in Matthew 25 from verse 1 to 13, ten virgins went to meet the Lord Jesus, they went to me the Bridegroom, because the Bridegroom tarried they all slumbered and slept,

By the time the noise was made that the Bridegroom was approaching, they woke up, they trim their lambs, and they found that the lamb was going out.

Those who had extra oil refilled and their light kept on burning; those who did not have extra oil went out to buy; before they came back, the Bridegroom came, enter with the five wise virgin and the door was shut.

When those five virgins who went to buy oil came and they knock at the door, hey, open to us, and He said those who are Mine are already in; as for you you are out.

In the name that is above every other name, Jesus will not shut the door against you.

When the door opens, it means those who are outside can come in, and those who are inside can go out.

I believe that is easy to understand.

If the door is open, people from outside can come in, people from inside can go out.

But since we usually shut the door, particularly at night, shut doors can mean that there is danger out there.

Closed doors are meant to keep danger out.

At night when we want to sleep, we shut the door, telling those who walk about at night you can cannot come in, I want to sleep in peace.

So, an open door can mean there is no more danger out there.

An open door is another way of saying, the siege is over.

And so, for someone tonight, God is going to open doors, because the enemies outside are already taking care of.

Now, when you open the door…, maybe I should read this one; when you shut the door, a shut can also mean that you are keeping bad people out, but at times, you might be keeping good people out if they did not arrive to enter in time, by the time you shut the door there might be somebody good outside there that had been shut out.

And if that good person knows you and you know him and he comes to your door and knocks, what is the first thing you ask?

Who is that knocking?

And if he now says I am your friend so so

Haa! What do you do?

You open the door for him to come in.

Psalm 24 from verse 7 to 10 had been quoted a couple of time tonight, and I am going to spend some time on that.

When somebody came knocking and said lift up your heads o ye gates and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors that the King of glory may come in.

They asked, who is the King of glory – who is this fellow that is asking me to open my door?

Then, He began to tell them, I AM the Lord; that alone can take one hour, because the Lord means the owner.

You know, when we say landlord, we are talking about the owner of the land.

And then, He made it clear, not just an ordinary Lord now, the One who is strong – we can talk about; the One who is mighty – we can talk about that; the One who is mighty in battle.

So, He said now I have introduced myself, and He said lift up your heads o ye gates and even lift them up ye everlasting doors, and the King of glory shall come.

They asked Him again.

Who is the King of glory?

Then, He said, I AM the Lord of Host.

And then, they said alright, You can come in.

Tonight, the King of glory is about to enter into the lives of someone.

He is the King of glory, He is the Lord of Host,

Philippians chapter 2 verse 9 to 11 tells us that He as a name that is above every other name; at His name all knees bow; He is the Lord of host.

Now, when He comes in, He brings glory in.

As we have learnt again and again, glory is the opposite of shame; when door opens and the King of glory comes in, glory comes in and everything that is not glorious, everything that can cause shame must automatically go out.

For example, in Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 to 3, when darkness covers the face of the earth, how do we get rid of darkness, we open the door to the One who is light, let there be light and there was light.

In John chapter 9 from verse 1 to 7, there was a man who was born blind, he had an encounter with the King of glory, later on he was able to give the testimony: whereas I was blind, now I see.

Tonight, in the name that above every other name, light will come in and everything that is associated with darkness will leave your life.

When He comes success comes in, failure goes out.

In Luke 5 from verse 1 to 7, when Jesus came into the boat of Peter, Peter had fished all night and caught nothing, suddenly he caught so much fish and he needed help to carry the fish.

I will appeal to you to buy the tape of divine encounter of last Monday, because at that time I spoke about when God opens that door of blessings to you, you will be amazed of all that God can do in one day.

When Jesus comes in, failure goes out, that is while the Bible says in Philippians chapter 4 verse 13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

May I decree to someone tonight, as God opens the door to you, you will never fail again.

When Jesus comes in victory comes in, defeat goes out.

John chapter 5 from verse 2 to 9, tells you the story of a man by the pool of Bethesda, he said I have tried for thirty-eight years to get into the pool so that I can be heal, but I can get in, somebody got in before me – somebody always defeated me.

There are people at the point of the success, but they never succeeded because somebody keeps on beating them.

From tonight onward, you never be defeat.

When the King of glory comes in, prosperity comes in and poverty goes out.

2Samuel chapter 6 verse 6 to 12: Obededom was a nobody and he was just seating in his house when one day the door of his house opened.

Something had happened that made David afraid of God and David said the ark of the covenant cannot go with me, I don’t know it is such a powerful thing that can bring death, there is this poor fellow there let us take the ark to his house if he can die let him die.

But as soon as the King of glory entered into the house of Obededom, the Bible says within three months, he prospered so mightily that the whole nation heard and they reported the situation to David and he said, is that so, I will go and get my ark from his house, but it was too late.

He got the ark out but he could not take the prosperity of Obededom away.

The blessing that God is going to give you tonight, nobody will be able to take it away from you.

That is while the Bible says in Philippians 4 verse 19: my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

When the King of glory comes in, …

Thank You Father.

The Lord asks me to tell someone who had been struggling with hearing voice, Daddy asked me to tell you I will shut the door against those voices.

Thank You Father.

I don’t know maybe this is for a student, or for an elderly fellow, but God says there is someone here, you find it difficult to remember things, He say I will open the door of your understanding.

When the King of glory comes in, rapid promotion comes in, stagnation goes out.

There are promotions and there are promotions, God can promote you rapidly if He comes in and when God decides to promote you, nobody can hold you down, nobody.

In 1Samuel chapter 16 from verse 1 to 13, David was a shepherd boy, you know the story, even his father would not have presented him for kingship; his father failed to bring him further,

But do you know that the moment the King of glory brings him in, by the time David arrived, he was promoted above his own father (I am sure you did not notice that),

If you know anything about traditional rulers, at least from my own part of the country, when they want to make somebody a king, the come to particular house and they say we cannot make this man our king, he is not educated, he is…

I have seen Papa who would say I am not educated but my son is, take my son – I have seen it happen; and so, they made the son king, do you know his father must prostrate?

The moment the boy becomes king, he becomes superior even to his father.

All those who have been trying to hold you down, you will soon become superior to them.

Stagnation goes out the moment the king of glory comes in, why?

Psalm 75 from verse 5 to 7, tell us clearly promotion comes from God.

When the King of glory comes in, He is the Promoter, promotion comes within, stagnation must get out.

When the King of glory comes in, joy comes in, sorrow must go out.

In Luke chapter 7 from verse 11 to 15, you know the story of the widow of Nain who was going to bury her son, her only son, and then the King of glory came, her sorrow turned to joy.

I sat down there listened to the testimony of that mama:

The child did not cry at child birth, they transfer to another hospital; his case is very very serious; they got to the hospital they said there is no space, go to another hospital; then, they ran into terrible go slow,

The devil is a terrible devil, isn’t he?

You know, many at times you listen to this testimony you need to put yourself into the same position,

I could imagine what the woman must be feeling particularly when all of a sudden the child went limb.

Brethren, I could imagine what happened when after laying the handkerchief on the child, all of a sudden, the child coughed again and came back to live.

I can imagine the joy, the joy, the kind that is difficult to put into words.

In the Name that is above every other name, sorrow will leave your home.

Why does sorrow go out when the King of glory comes in?

Because Psalm 16 verse 11 says in His presence of God there fulness of joy.

When God opens the door for you today and the King of glory comes in, anything that is not allowing your joy to be full will get out.

When the King of glory comes in, despair goes out, because hope comes in.

Colossians chapter 1 verse 27: Christ in you the hope of glory.

Once the King of glory comes in, the only thing will be glory.

John 11 from verse 39 to 44, when Jesus got to the tomb of Lazarus and He said take away the stone, open the door, let the King of glory come in,

The sister said it is too late; he is being dead for four days, by now he is stinking.

But the King of glory is there, forget despair, when the King of glory comes in.

Every good thing in your life that you have lost, that the enemy says you can never never get back, in the Name that is above every other name, before this time on Monday, you will get them back.

I better repeat that one.

Everything you lost that the enemy thought you can never get back, before this time on Monday, you will get them back.

I don’t have time to tell you story tonight, but something happened, last week or week before – the week before:

I was doing some recording with some of my children, and when we finished day one, day two, as I was going and I looked at my children and I said we will continue tomorrow, we will do another one tomorrow,

They thought it was just a statement.

The following day, I heard a testimony, I was thinking he will be around to share it today; he left and as he was driving away, suddenly the car began to somersault; somersaulted several times and landed on it back,

Somehow, he came out; you mean I came out of that.

When we met the following day, he said it is one thing that kept me going: Daddy said, we shall meet tomorrow.

Before this time on Monday, everything you have lost, everything that the enemy says you can never have again, will return to you.

When the King of glory comes in, …

Thank You Father.

Haa, thank You Lord.

The Lord asked me to tell someone, I will open the door to the eyes of your future partner, so he can locate you.

Ok Daddy.

Some of you will remember the story of a woman, very wealthy woman, suddenly found out that whenever she ate anything she will vomit.

He started as a joke, but she kept on vomiting, vomiting, and if you see her, you will not know she was the original fellow.

Then she came to church at Ebute- Metta, and it was even her first visit, and as usual when I was about to preach, and said well let somebody shout hallelujah and she shouted.

And has she shouted she vomited a worm, the worm that had been causing the problem, the demonic worm came out of her.

Will you like to be like a child tonight? will you kindly stand on your feet?

Because the Lord asked me to tell you that the next shout is going drive out anything that is not of God is you.

Oh thank You Daddy.



Thank You Father.

Please be seated.

When the King of glory comes in, help comes in, and helplessness goes out.


Psalm 46 verse 1 calls the King of glory the Ever-present Help in Trouble

And if help comes in, helplessness must go out.

Mark chapter 2 from verse 1 to 12, the Bible tells us about a man, who was absolutely paralyzed, from neck downward, he could not move his own hands or feet, somebody had to do everything for him,

But Jesus came to town, and they brought this boy carried by four people, they brought him into the presence of the King of glory,

They carried him in, he walked out by himself!

David said, I lift up my eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help? My help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and the earth.

The door is going to open to somebody today, and help will come to you.

I don’t want to tell you stories tonight but ii cannot resist this, it is the story you have heard before, but I know it is going to have special meaning for someone.

Our first year on this camp, we were building, bulldozing out there, I just made up my mind, we have got our own camp ground, we must hold our convention, I have announced to the people and we were building,

Then, we had a problem, because the soil here is made of clay, as we are digging wells, we will dig, we will reach water, we will go to bed rejoicing, and by the following morning the well would have collapse.

We start digging again, and it was a week to the convention, and it was Sunday, I was round, and one man, was not even a member of the church was driving pass, and he just branched, and said he saw activities going on here, what are you people doing here?

I said we were about to hold a convention.

He said what kind of convention?

And I told him.

He said that is a beautiful idea, and he said what is your need?

Haa! God will send help to you.

I said our need is water and explained to him – this place was jungle them, everywhere around here; by the grace of God, we are the one who brought life to this place.

And I said my problem is water, I am bringing hundreds of people, we are only hundreds then, and the first thing you must need, you must have is water, people can tolerate a bit of hunger, but water they have to drink, they have to wash, they have to take care of their babies.

And he said what you need is borehole.

And I said I know that; only I don’t have the money.

He said, I will build you one.


I said sir, the convention is only one week away!

He said that is enough time.

The Ever-present help in the time of trouble will walk in to you tonight.

By Saturday, they got to water, and while they were digging, we were building the tower where they will put the tank, and by Sunday, crowd came, water was flowing freely.

I don’t know who God is talking to now, but in a miraculous, even somebody you don’t know will be an angel of God to bring you help.

Now, when the door opens, what is outside that is good can come in, and what is inside that is bad can go out.

But let us look at open door from another perspective.

Suppose you are inside, and it is not inside that you are supposed to be in just like the first preached, open doors could me several things:

Acts chapter 12 from verse 1 to 11, a king killed a man of God and found that some people like the idea, so he went and grabbed another man of God called Peter, put him into the prison, I am going to kill this one too.

But people prayed, as you are going to pray tonight and God the King of glory, the Lord of host sent one of His angels and he came in, grabbed Peter and brought him out safely.

You know the story.

The Bible says, Peter thought he was dreaming.

Haa, when the door opens, it could mean that your appointment with death is cancelled.

 Because the king was going to kill Peter the following day, you read the rest of the story, it was the king that died, Peter kept on living.

Anyone planning your death, if they don’t repent, you will attend their funeral.

The reason the king put Peter inside the prison was to make sure  that he will no longer fulfill his destiny but Peter walked out, the king died, and the work of God progressed – you can read it from the same Acts chapter 12 from verse 20 to 24.

And then, in Acts chapter 12 verse 9, Peter thought he was dreaming.

When doors open, dream-like miracles begin to happen.

There are miracles that when they happen to you, for a long time you will think you are dreaming, such miracle will begin in lives of someone tonight.

Haa, alright!

Will you please stand again? What a night!

You are about to enter into victory.

Daddy says at you next shout of hallelujah you will enter into victory.

Thank You Lord.



Thank You Father.


Thank you. Please be seated.

Let me jump a little.

What happen when the door remains permanently open?

According to John chapter 10 verse 9, the Lord Jesus Christ said I AM the Door, if by Me any man enter in, it shall be saved, and shall go in and out and find pasture.

When the door remains permanently open, you have freedom to move in and out and keep on succeeding.

When the door opens, and remains open, you can go anywhere you like safely.


In Psalm 121 verse 8 says the Lord shall keep your going out and your coming in, (for how long?) forever, from this time forth.

Do you know that in the Name that is above every other name, from now on anytime you travel there will be no accident?

Now, because I said I will just give you outline.

Do you know it is possible for the door to open to one and be shut against another?

Because the Bible says God can rain on a city and keep another city dry.

The African have a proverb, the rain can hit one side of a tree and leave the other part of the tree dry.

In Luke chapter 23…

Haa, thank You Lord.

The Lord said there is someone here, He said those who have been looking at you as being far behind, will soon begin to see you as being far ahead.

Now, this is for, I think this is for some ministers of God, and so I can say amen to it before I tell you:

The Lord says as your church begin to grow rapidly from now on, you will soon be asking the question, Lord where are this people coming from?

In Luke 23 from verse 39 to 43, …


The Lord said the fellow concern will understand but He asked me to tell you, the door is open, the customer will begin to come in now.

Luke chapter 23 verse 39 to 43 (I didn’t know while we got stocked on this one), there were two thieves nailed to the cross with the Lord Jesus Christ – you know the story

Before the two died, the door of the paradise had been open to one, and the other had been left to go to hell.

If God is going to open the door to only three people here tonight, my prayer is that you will be one of them.

But God can open and after sometime He can shut; but He will warn the fellow concerned before shutting the door after He has opened it.

You know the story of Judas Iscariot, he was one of the twelve and then he was trusted, he was the treasurer of the Almighty God, that is how close he got.

But in Matthew 26 from verse 21 to 25, when Jesus Christ says someone is going to betray me!

And Judas Iscariot said it is I?

The Lord told him point blank, He yes sir, you said it.

And then, in John chapter 13 from verse 20 to 30, at a meal. Last super, when Jesus expect Judas to repent and he failed to repent, Jesus said to him, friend, that which you want to do go and do it quickly.

The Bible said he got up from the table and he went out and it was night.

In Acts chapter 1 verse 15 to 20, the Bible said, he got part of the ministry but somebody else took his position,

The door was open to him before but after sometime the door was shut.

I want to conclude, like I said I want to be brief.

I know you have a choice in whatever is happening.

God is keen, keenly interested in opening doors to you and to keep it open – He wants to.

I mean, He said in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20: I stand at the door, knocking; the Almighty God said leave everything and come, I knock at your door.

If you will allow me to come in, I will not just come, I will dine with you, you will dine with Me, and we will be friends.

And if you are a child of God, and you think the door is shut again you, He gives you what you must do to get the door open:

Matthew chapter 7 from verse 7 to 8: ask, seek, knock;

He said because if you ask, you will be given - you can ask for open doors.

Seek – seek the One who has the key of David, the One who can open and no man can shut.

Knock at the door – keep knocking and it shall be open unto you.

If you are one of his children and the door had open before and then the door was shut against you, repent.

You know the story of the prodigal son, Luke 15 from verse 11 to 24, who was a child of God, he backslide, the one who used to have abundant became the one who had nothing, he repented, came back home, the door open again.

You are not yet one of His children and you want the door to open to you, there is only one prayer that God answers from the sinner: Lord, have mercy on me,

He is a merciful man, merciful God; the Bible says He is rich in mercy, it does not matter how far gone your case may be, you come to Him, He will open the door.

But then you are free to tell Him to mind His own business, He won’t force you, He will let you chose.

Tonight is a night of open doors, the Almighty God can flush out of your life anything that is causing shame if you allow the King of glory to come.

He can keep the door open permanently. He can bless you to such an extent that you will say to God, God is this not becoming too much?

And I know what I am talking about.

When God bless began to bless the church, when He began to move us forward, we began to enlarge our coast and He began to do some marvelous things for us, and was becoming frightened – because God can bless you till become frightened

You better say amen to that.

And I began to hear testimonies of what God is doing, and I will share one of the testimonies with you which I heard on Thursday night.

The man said he was rearing chickens and then the previous years he started rearing chickens and just before Christmas all the chicken died, and then he started again this year, and then one of the chickens died again and said what is going on?

And somebody said there is handkerchief Daddy anointed; oh, thank you, he took the handkerchief and laid it on every chicken, and not a single one of them died.

When you hear that kind of anointing that can even heal chicken, it causes you to tremble a bit.

When I said to the Almighty God I am afraid what is happening, you know what He told me and I have told you long time again, He said son, you stop living holy I will stop my blessings; continue to live holy you have not seen anything yet.

Stay away from sin and you have not seen anything yet.

But those of you who are still living in sin and you are expecting God to open doors, the only way to have that is to come to the Almighty God; surrender your live to Him, ask Him to forgive you, ask Him to wash away your sins, and then you become a child of God and then you cry to Him and He will open doors.

So, if you are here or you are listening wherever you are, and you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ, this is your opportunity, I know there is quiet a crowd here tonight so I am going to count up to twelve, and before I say twelve, if you are here come to the altar; if you are in the overflow, go to the altar; if you are anywhere you can surrender to the Almighty God before I count up to twelve.

We will pray for you and God will save your soul and then we can cry together for open doors. I am crying now to you, come

One, two,

Those of you who are clapping the doors will open wide unto you.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten,

If you are not tired of clapping for God, He will not be tired of blessing you.

Now, those of you who are on the way keep coming, just make sure you get here before I finish praying.


Ok. Those of you who are already in front and those of you who are still on the way, pray to God now and say Lord have mercy on me, save my soul, let Your blood wash away my sin and make me completely Your child.

Go ahead cry to God now.

And the rest of us let us stretch forth our hands to this our brothers and sisters that the One who saved our souls will save their own souls also. Pray for them Brethren.

Just for about a minute or so, intercede that God will answer their cry for salvation that His blood will wash away their sins and that they will become members of the family of God from tonight onward, that God will open the door of salvation unto them.


Those of you who are still on the way you have to run now because I am about to pray for salvation.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour I want to thank You for Your word, I want to bless Your holy name for all the great things You have done, I want to You especially for this people who have come forward to surrender their lives to You, please Lord, accept them in Jesus’s name, let Your blood wash away their sins, save their souls, write their names in the book of life, receive them into the family of God and Father I pray that they will serve You for the rest of their lives, and when we are praying for open doors tonight please include them in the blessings in Jesus’ name. Tthank You my Father.

For in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Amen. Amen.

Those of you who have come forward tonight I want to rejoice with you because from now on by the grace of God I will be praying for you.

So, I am going to need your names, your address, and your prayer requests.

So, if you turn to your left, you will see man their lifting up a placard; he will take you to where some Pastors are waiting, they will collect the information I need and they will bring you back very quickly. God bless you; you can begin to go now.

God bless you.

Let us clap for the Lord Jesus Christ for what He had done tonight.

Thank You Lord.

Thank you.

You may want to write down your prayer point.

Number one, you want to thank the Almighty God for making it possible for you to be part of this programme tonight. I think you need to be really really grateful.

And then number two, you will cry to Him and say: Father, open doors unto me so that wide open all manners of glorious doors open unto me.

And then number three, you will cry to Him and say: King of glory come and dwell in my life.

Number four: King of glory anything that is not glorious in my life, drive it out tonight. Anything that does not bring glory to God in my life, drive it out tonight.

Then number five: Keep the door that you are opening unto me keep them open forever.

Then remember your families and say: open doors to every member of my family.

And then your own individual request, you can add to that.

I will give you just about twenty minute to pray.

The altar is open if you want to come but make sure you start with thank Him and He will answer your prayers.

Thank You Lord.

O glory be to Your holy name.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The King of glory will answer your prayer. The Lord strong and mighty will fight your battles for you. The One opens and no man can shut, will open mighty doors unto you. Doors of joy, doors of miracles, doors of signs, doors of wonders, doors of promotion, doors of prosperity, doors of fruitfulness, doors of greatness, doors of anointing, He will open doors unto you, He will open them wide, and they will never be shut. Everything that is not of God in your life God will drive them out. Everything that can cause shame in your life, in your family God will get rid of them. You will never no sorrow again. It shall be well with you; and that special request of yours shall become a testimony. So shall it be.

In Jesus mighty name we prayed.


Shout a big hallelujah to God.

Thank You Father.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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