JUNE 2, 2023


Let someone shout hallelujah.

For those of us who were here for the Holy Communion, we ended by saying that our God is a God of suddenly.

I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, tonight, let my miracles come suddenly.

Open your mouth and cry unto Him.

Let my miracles come suddenly tonight.

Thank You Father. Suddenly tonight let me miracles begin.


I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes, I know

I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes, I know.



I am serving the God of miracles

(thank You Father ****speaking in the Holy Ghost***)


I am serving the God of wonders

I know, yes, I know

I am serving the God of wonders

I know, yes, I know.



I am serving the God of wonders

I know, yes, I know

I am serving the God of wonders

I know, yes, I know.

What about of you?


I am serving the God of wonders

I know, yes, I know

I am serving the God of wonders

I know, yes, I know.

Our Father and our God, the Almighty God, the One who does wonder, the One who Himself is Wonderful, the One who reign supreme, the One who is completely unlimited, glory be to Your holy name.

Thank You for January, thank You for February, thank You for March, thank You for April, thank You for May, now thank You for June, Father, accept our worship in Jesus’ name. Tonight, God of wonder, in the life of all Your children, let there be wonders; perform wonder suddenly. Father, long before I finish preaching, let there be hundreds and thousands of wonders here tonight; don’t let any of us leave here tonight without tasting Your wonders.

And Lord God Almighty, I am committing particularly into Your hands the Redeemed Men’s Fellowship, all our men, young and old, in this mission, Father, bless them, prosper them, support them. Everything they need to be men, real men, Father, give unto them.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Well, let someone shout hallelujah.

And then we can all be seated.

Now I just want to add a little bit to what my children have already done.

My own text will be Proverbs chapter 9 verse 10:

10The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Now, my children have define Understanding eloquently; theologically, grammatically, you know, they have define understanding.

I want to define understanding the way market woman can understand in a simple way.

You see, there is a link between knowledge, understanding, and wisdom in the passage I read to you.

But you see, to understand someone, is to know as much as possible how he thinks, how he acts, and how he reacts to certain situations.

Now, maybe a very simple illustrations would clear the matter.

Because if you understand someone, they will behave in such a manner that someone would be able to do for you whatever you want.

If you understand somebody you can get whatever you want from him or her.

I have told a story before, something that happened in 1963, that was twenty years before I became born again, you will understand the kind of person I was then.

A girlfriend of mine came to visit from out of town then, I won’t tell the state she came from; and I had prepared very hard to receive her: prepared very good pounded yam, combination okro soup, bush meat, etcetera, etcetera

When she arrived, we sat at the dining table and I opened the dishes, and she looked at everything – pounded yam, okro soup, all kinds of meat - and said, you only prepared pounded yam?

I said yes.

And said, don’t you have garri?

I said garri!

She said yes.

I said I have garri.

And then she said, do you have tinko?

Now, tinko, for those of you listening abroad, is dried beef.

I said yes I have.

So, I went, bought garri, a bowl of iced water, and I got a big chunk of tinko and she was enjoying herself soaking garri; I ate my pounded yam alone.

By the end of the meal, she was so satisfied; I got what I wanted.

After that, anytime she visits, I did not boarder preparing pounded yam, I got garri, and I got tinko, because now, I understood her.

Tonight, somebody will begin to understand God so that from now on whatever you want from Him you will get.

The Bible says in Isaiah 40 verse 28 that is not easy to say you want to understand God; our understanding of God at the very best is going to be limited;

However, the word of God encourages us to want to understand Him.

The Bible says in Proverbs 25 verse 2, He says it is the glory of God of conceal a thing but it is the honour of king to search out a matter.

We are encourage to do a research into this God so that we can understand Him, so that we can know Him more, because when you know Him, according to Daniel chapter 11 verse 32, when you know Him you will be strong, and then you can do exploits.

Then we need to know straight away that His ways are not our ways neither His thoughts our thoughts – Isaiah 55 verse 7 to 9.

He does not think like we think; He does not behave the way you think He will behave.

You expect Him to come from the left, He will come from the right.

If you think because He came from the back, your back yesterday that it will be your back that He will come next time, you will make a mistake.

Because Elijah was a hairy man, people respected him as a prophet;

When they saw Elisha that he was bald headed they never thought this man can have any power, but that is the first thing you need to know about God.

He does not think the way you think.

Naaman said in 2Kings chapter 5 from verse 1 to 14, Naaman said, I thought the man of God will come out, pray for me, lay his hand on my leprose section and then cleanse me – that was what he thought

But God came from another direction and told him, go and take your bath.

Thank God he obeyed.

There is somebody here today, in a manner that you are not expecting my God will surprise you.

His ways, not our ways; His thoughts, not our thoughts.

For example, the way we think as human being is that if you want to increase in wealth, you must keep on accumulating; but that is what He said.

In His own case, He said in Proverbs 11 verse 24, He said if you want to increase you must scatter.

So, the little you say you have scatter it.

We don’t think that way: what we have we want to hold.

But you will discover if you ask the elders they will tell that even the devil knew that trick that if anybody has made a charm for wealth, the witch doctor will tell him, when the money begins to come begin to scatter it.

If you swallow a charm to make money, they expect that at least once a week you must throw a party – the devil copied that from God.

There is he that scattereth and yet increaseth; and then there is he who decided I am going to keep the little I have, God says that little is going to diminish.

In Mathew chapter 13 from verse 3 to 9, the Lord told us the story of the Sower, He said the sower went to sow,

Some of the seeds, because he was just scattering, some fell by the road side, some fell on stony grounds, some fell on thorns, etcetera, etcetera,

God wants you to scatter, some of the scattering might not produce fruits but a few will land of a good soil, and the harvest from the good soil will take care of whatever fell on wrong soil.

Because the Bible made it clear in Hosea chapter 8 verse 7, he when sow wind, you will reap whirlwind.

The harvest is always much much bigger that the seed sown.

The reason some of us are still where we are financially speaking is because we have not learn to scatter.

So, you are learning, you are understanding God now; He expects you to scatter, and then you will increase.

In 1Kings chapter 17 from verse 8 to 16, a widow said I have only meal left, the man of God said give it to me, do my own first and then see what will happen.

It does not make sense that if you have only one meal that you should give it out.

The woman by faith, obeyed; and for years she was supernaturally fed.

May I prophesy to someone that spirit of stinginess, of miserliness that had been hindering your prosperity may it depart from you tonight.

He says in His word…, just to show that His ways are not your ways, His thoughts are not your thoughts; …He said if you want to have dominion then you must be under authority.

Our own ways of thinking is that if you want to have authority you must be above everybody; you don’t want to be under anyone.

But He says in His word if you want to have authority you must be under authority.

Luke chapter 7 from verse 2 to 10 tells us of a Centurion who came to Jesus Christ and said my servant is sick, and Jesus said no problem I will come and heal him.

He said no no Sir, you don’t have to come, speak a word only and my servant shall be made whole,

He said because I also, I am a man under authority.; I am under the authority of Caesar that is while I have authority over some soldiers,

I asked this one to come, he come; this one to go and he goes; and I know You Jesus you are under the authority of Your Father in heaven, command the sickness, the demon tormenting my servant to go, just say a word here and the demon will go.

The Bible says Jesus marveled at his faith; and told the people go, by the time you get home the problem will be solved.

When I joined the Redeemed Christian Church of God, with all humility, I was the most educated, I was a lecturer in the University.

My father-in-the-Lord, God bless his memory forever, he did not go to school but he knew the Bible off head, and the Almighty God told me with all your P.hD you are to be under the authority of this man.

I thank God today that I surrendered, that I agreed to be under his authority.

It is because I was under the authority of that great man that today when I command demons they obey;

I am using the authority which I gained by being under authority to command that every demon that followed you here tonight will not go back with you.

Now, when must you learn to be under authority to exercise dominion?

Because your enemy does not fear you but they will fear the one backing you.

In Acts chapter 19 from verse 11 to 17, the Bible says, when some people saw Paul casting out demons by sending his handkerchief, they said he was using the name of Jesus let us go and do the same thing.

They saw a mad man and said in the name of Jesus that Paul preaches get out of this man.

The demon said, I know Jesus, I know Paul, who are you?

Who is the One backing you?

You know the rest of the story.

The demon beat them, tore their clothes and they ran.

The demon was saying the reason if Paul sent an handkerchief here I will run, is not because of Paul but because of the One under whose authority he is operating.

The problem with many of us Christians is that we are too independent.

If you really want to understand God, God expects you to be under authority.

Do I hear amen from someone.

Now, I want to go on a deeper note, because my children have take a lot of time, and then so what I want to move on quickly on a deeper note.

God says if you want to be victorious all the time, the thing you must do is that you must surrender.

How can I surrender and still be considered a winner?

No, no, it depends on who you surrender to; He is not asking you to surrender to your enemy, He asking you to surrender to Him.

James chapter 4 verse 7, He says submit to God, then you can resist the devil and he will flee from you.


Submit your marriage to God and He will deal with that strange woman.

Submit your business to God and He will deal with the devourers.

Submit your future to the Lord and any one that tries to mess around with your future will have to fight the God who is behind you.

Because it is written let God arise and His enemies will scatter.

The problem is that most of us are fighting our battles alone and if you are fighting your battle alone, you are bound to lose.

You cannot fight the devil alone!

The devil had been around for thousands of years before you where born and he has defeated some great men in the past; you don’t believe me, ask somebody like Samson,

You don’t believe me, study the life of Moses very well.

There was a lecture I preach several years ago called the Joker Card; ask the people in the tape ministry maybe they will find it for you;

The moment the devil discovered your weakness, he can wait till the last moment before he can bring it out and defeat you.

But if you hundred percent submit to God, you will resist the devil and devil will flee from you.

There have been several situations in the past when we have prayed, we have fasted, we have quoted the Bible, we have done everything, until one day God would simply minister to us and say why don’t you submit this problem to me.

And you submit the problem to Him, and you go to bed one night, and by the time you wake up the following day the problem is over.

I pray for someone here today whatever problems you brought here, as you lay the problems at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ by tomorrow the problems will be gone.

My son was talking on a deeper God, He said something if you are on the love side of God, then you have won.

The question is, how can I be on the love side of God?

I have discover that secret, but how do I access it, knowing who God is?

Romans chapter 8 verse 17, He says I love those who love Me.

How surprises you?

How much love of God are you going to enjoy?

It depends on much love you are willing to show Him.

You know when He said draw near and I will draw near to you.

He says, you take the first step, take one step towards Me, and I will take a step towards you.

But like I share with some of my children in Israel, you take a step, how big would your step be?

How big your step is, is determine by how long your legs are.

And so, the step you take towards God is going to be pretty small; and then He takes a step towards you, and how long are His legs?  Extremely long.

So, His own step will be a mighty one.

Take a little step towards Him and see Him in action.

Take a little step of faith and see God move.

When we talk about faith, which will discuss last night during Holy Communion Service, we find that many of us who claim to be men and women of faith will might not even know what faith is.

Even though I am trying to hurry, but I think I should remind you of one or two case of people who have take small step towards God and God has taken a giant step towards them.

I will tell you the story of a woman, she was barren, she had that God had been using us that we have special anointing in the area the barren becoming fruitful

So, she had that we are going to had a program at Alagbado and so she came there.

She thought that program was going to be in the evening, whereas I went there in the afternoon because I was visiting the churches in Lagos.

By the time she arrived she said what about the crusade would take place here?

They told her, the man of God had come and gone.

Oh! She fell on the ground and began to roll and began to cry.

So, the people asked her, why are you crying?

She said I told God, I am not going to ask the man of God to pray for me, I just want to see him from a distance but now he had gone before I could arrive.

So, I know God does not want me to have children.

But somebody told her, we had the announcement that tomorrow is going to be Agege or somewhere,

She said, you are sure?

They told her, yes.

You know the address?

Somebody gave her the address.

She was in the church very early in the morning, and then it was time for the program and all pastors were dress alike – I used to dress like our pastors then.

So, she did not know who is who, so she asked somebody: who is the General Overseer among them?

Somebody told her, he is the one who will preach.

And so it was time to preach and a mantled the pulpit and she touched the fellow next to her, is that the man?

The fellow said yes.

Now I know I am going to have my baby.

Nine months later, the baby has come.

Now, that is faith.

She took a small step of faith, and God took a giant step towards her.

In the Name that is above every other name, I am going to decree that because you came tonight, the Almighty God will move towards you.

Let me take maybe two more points:

One, with God delay is not denier.


Well, He works according to timetable…, somebody, one of my children mentioned Ecclesiastes chapter 3 from verse 1 to 8…, but many at times we think He is late;

One thing will need to understand about God is that God says in His word Psalm 90 verse 4, He says, as far as God is concern, a thousand years in His own sight, is just like one day or a watch in the night, just like one hour.

Now, when a thousand years is one hour, then how long is one minutes?

So, many at times when you are expecting a miracle from God and He seems to be delaying, understand that what you are calling a long delay, is a very short period of time with Him.

The beauty of it however is this, Psalm 46 verse 1 says He is the ever present Help in the time of trouble.

So, for those of who feels you are suffering a delay, in the Name that is above every other name, your help will come tonight.

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is a genius in the house tonight; He said there is somebody here listening to me right now, one of the greatest discovery in science is going to come through you.

Thank You Father.

The Lord asked to tell somebody (and I want to say amen to it before I tell you) He said suddenly the wind will begin to blow in your favour.

Thank You Father.

 I will tell you a story very quickly.

When I became General Overseer in 1981, there were quite a few people in the church who thought that my appointment rigged.


Because the old man was not learned that I used my position as a lecturer in Mathematics to maneuver.

But then God began to do something; every month we have a seminar and on the first day of the seminar every month, a woman will deliver in our maternity center and it will be a boy.

First month, second month, third month, after sometimes it became clear even to my enemies that this cannot be Mathematically calculated, that this is the hand of God.

The reason God asked me to tell you that story is that there is somebody here tonight, a miracle is coming your way that even your enemies cannot deny.

Thank You Father.

This is mine too, so I am saying amen to this one. Amen Lord.

Daddy says miracles are in categories – regular miracles, special miracles, etcetera, etcetera. He said there is someone here tonight, a miracle is coming your way that will shake the ground.

Alright, if I don’t preach anymore if God is the One talking that is good by me.

The Lord asked to tell someone, your opponent are far, far too strong for, but He said My blood will speak for you.

Now, this one is for one young fellow.

The Lord says there is one young fellow here tonight, He says it takes only one person to bring the name of a family to the lamb light, He said you shall be that one.

Now, at least I can take one more.

When we are trying to understand God will need to know that God is sovereign, He does as He pleases.

Psalm 115 verse 3 that God is in the heaven He does as He pleases.

So, He reserves the right to change a prophesy to a decree.

And I will explain that very briefly.

I prophesy is when God says I AM going to do the following and He did not put a time limit.

I mean like in Genesis 12 verse 1 to 3, He promised Abraham, I AM going to bless you, I AM going to make you great, I will make your name great, you will be blessing, etcetera and through thy seed the who earth shall be bless; but He did not say when, and so that was a prophesy.

And so years passed, and nothing happened; got to Genesis 15, God brought him out: can you count the stars? No. So shall your seed be. Amen.

Years passed, he got to Genesis 17, God said Abraham, your wife is still going to have a son;

In fact, it got to a stage, Abraham said, God let us stop this joke.

But then came Genesis 18 from verse 1 to 14, and God said, nine months from now your wife will carry a baby.

This time, it was not a prophesy, it was a decree because the time for it to come to pass was limited.

There are many of us who had been collecting prophesies, but in the Name that is above every other name, tonight, God will turn your prophesies to a decree.

One of my children asked you to pray a prayer, or was it either he asked us to pray the prayer or he prayed it for us when he said many of you have been seeing signs that you will receive a wonder, so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

You see, from the moment God speaks, it is already done.

Anytime He made a promise, it is a settled matter.

The Bible says in Psalm 33 verse 8 and 9, He said let the whole earth fear Him (why?) because He spake and it is done.

But many at times He did not put a time limit.

I am glad to tell some people that my Daddy has put a time limit that this particular month of June 2023, will be a month of miracles for some people.

Let me close with this; I have not finish but in future maybe God will bring us back to some of these things.

God is the Almighty, and you will wonder someone like Him what else can He need.

You need to know something very very significant about God and that is that He loves celebrations – He loves celebrations!

In Exodus 23 from verse 14 to 16, He said at least three times a year all His children must come and celebrate  - three times!

He said there must be a feast of unleavened bread; there must be a feast of harvest – of firstfruits; He said there must be a feast of ingathering at the end of the year.

So, some of you may not fully understand a secret that you are getting now; that is while in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, there are three big events – in March, special Holy Ghost Service; in August, Annual Convention; in December, the Congress.

God loves celebrations.

And when you read John chapter 2 from verse 1 to 11, the Bible says, the first miracle ever that Jesus perform was at a wedding.

Now, that alone is goodnews for somebody because Jesus is going to be at your wedding this year.

But do you know what? Is greatest celebration takes place in heaven, every time a sinner gets born again.

Luke chapter 15 verse 10 says every time a sinner is saved, there is joy in the presence of angels.

Some people think what that passage is saying is that when a sinner born again, the angels begin to dance – no.

He did not say there is joy ‘among’ angels; He said there is joy in the presence of angels - Angels are watching the One who is celebrating.

Every time a soul is saved Jesus Christ dances; He gets up from His seat and dances.


Because He is the Redeemer, He knew the price He paid for the salvation of soul; and each time He saw that His labour had not been in vain, He dances.

Do you know any time somebody genuinely gives his life to Jesus Christ, they make God happy, they bring celebration to the heavens?

And because of someone here tonight, there is going to be a celebration in heaven; because of a sinner, who came here tonight as a sinner but who is going to surrender his or life to Jesus Christ, there is going to be celebration in heaven.

That is while I always asked you to clap when souls are coming to be saved because by so doing you are joining the Lord in celebration.

So, if you are here tonight and you have not given you life to Jesus Christ and you want to heaven to be happy, you want heaven to rejoice because of you, I am going to count from one to ten, before I say ten  make sure you are standing before the altar to come and surrender your life to Jesus Christ and believe me honestly there will be dancing before the angels in heaven as you come.

So, if you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, you want to make heaven begin to come now as I count


Now, those of you who are clapping,  you are clapping for Jesus Christ who is dancing before the angels now.


So, if you want to clap, clap very well.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight,

Those of you who are clapping God will anoint your hands.

Hurry up, hurry up those of you who are on the way.


Keep coming, keep coming. Good. Thank you.

Now, those of you who are already in front and those of who are on the way cry to Jesus Christ, tell Him that wonder of salvation that one of Your sons spoke about, I want that wonder to happen in my life tonight, save my soul, turn me from being a dog to a son. You are the wonder working God, save my soul and let everything become new for me, forgive my sins and I will serve You for the rest of my life.

Go ahead and talk to God.

And the rest of us let us stretched our hands towards these our new brother and sisters and intercede for them that the One who saved our souls will save their own souls also.

Pray for them; Brethren, intercede for each and every one of them that the Saviour will come down tonight and intervene in the lives of these people and save their souls and put their names in the book of life, with His powerful blood wash away their sins,

Pray for them.

And those of  you who are still on the way you have to hurry up because I am about to pray for salvation now.

And if you are still on the way make sure you get here before we finished praying and the Almighty God will include you in the prayer. God bless you, you are welcome.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

My Father and my God I want to say thank You very much for Your word. I want to thank You because You are God of wonders. Thank You for these people who have come forward to surrendered their lives to You, Father please receive them in Jesus’ name; perform the wonders of salvation in their lives, let Your blood wash away their sins, save their souls Lord and turn them to true children of the living God; receive them into the family of God and from now anytime they call on You please answer them by fire and please don’t let them ever backslide. Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Well, those of you who have just given your life to Jesus let me hear shout a big hallelujah.

I rejoice with and I want to promise from now I will praying for you.

The Counselors will give you some cards to fill, please fill it very quickly and it will contain information that I want: your names, your address and your prayer requests. And I promise you from now I will be praying for you.

We will wait till you finish before we continue.

Thank You Father.

Now, let us quickly write down our prayer points.

And I would like you to pray tonight with the understanding that God is going to answer your prayer suddenly.

Number one, you want to thank the Almighty God because He has performed wonders before and He is still performing wonders, so give Him glory and honour. Praise Him.

Number two, you will say: Father, please let me know You more. Paul was already an Apostle when he said that I may know Him. That means none of us here can claim to know all there is to know about God. So, Father please let me know You more.

Number three: Father, give me the spirit of understanding. Real divine understanding is a spirit.

Number four: Father, let my set time come today. Because it is written thou will arise and have mercy on Zion for time, yea, the set time to favour her has come.

Number five: Father, please turn all my prophesies to a decree for me tonight.

Number six: you must pray with all your heart because of the law of harvest, what you sow is what you will reap. You say, Father, let this month be a month of sudden miracles for all of us.

And then number seven will be your individual prayers.

Now, the altar is open, if you want to come you are welcome.

You begin by thanking Him, make sure you really praise Him. Give Him glory, give Him honour, for all He had done in the past. One of thing about God is that He cannot resist praise. So, praise Him, worship Him, give Him all glory, all honour, for what He had already done in the past.

Go ahead, talk to Him.

Thank You Jesus.

Let us begin to bring our prayer to a close.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. And so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

My Father and my God tonight I have a special request, everything these Your children have asked for before they get back to their seats, do for them Lord. You are the Almighty, what a could a take hundred years to do, you can do it in a minute, right now, answer these Your children; perform wonders for them; perform wonders through them; perform wonders in them; turn them to wonders.

My Father and my God anything or anyone that may want to stay in the way of these my requests let Your fire consume. You are the Lord of host, you have never lost a war, tonight, sudden miracles give to Your children.

Any force or forces that had been hindering their success, my Father and my God, even now as I pray let Your fire consume. That Your consuming fire that can purify Your own and at the same time can destroy their enemies, let that consuming fire come down; let that consuming fire come down; let that consuming fire come down.

All the glories of these Your children that have been hidden before, this very month bring them out. Any one that you need to bypass so that their prayers will be answer tonight, Father, bypass the fellow.

It is written my Father and my God that You are rich in mercy, O Lord, tonight, for everyone here present, release Your mercy. This very moment release Your mercy.

If it is our own force, our own sins that have gotten us to trouble, tonight, release Your mercy; my Father and my God release Your mercy.

Father, nobody can query You, You can do whatever You like, You can bless whosoever You like, You can promote whosever You like, please Lord release Your mercy.

My Lord and my Saviour, I beg You on my bended knees, for all of us who have returned to You and have not receive answer yet, tonight, release Your mercy. Whether the enemies like it or not, release Your mercy.

Thank You my Father; thank You because I believe You have heard; thank You because I believe it is done.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.

God bless you.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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