THE WALL MUST COME DOWN 3rd of November, 2023





Thank You Lord.

Glory be to God.

The Bible teaches that God has a timetable for everything.

In every man’s life, in every woman’s life, there comes a day when things will no longer be the same; and for someone here tonight, this is the day.

The Bible says from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent have taken it by force.

Our topic tonight says all walls ‘must’ come down; he did not say all walls ‘may’ come dome – ALL WALLS MUST COME DOWN.

If all walls must come down, there is an element of violence involve in must.

When the wall of Jericho fell, it was a gentle shout, it was a shout that shook the foundation of the wall.

Thank You Lord.

Several years ago…,


…during one Holy Ghost service, we prayed some violent prayers, and some contacted me after the service and said sir, you are supposed to be a gentle man, Christianity teaches that you must be as gentle as a dove.

I said, yes sir, I agree.

You know, at time we just moved to the camp, and we were living among pythons and snakes.

Once upon a time, we will come in and find a snake under the bedsheet.

On one occasion, I went into the bedroom of the boys, it was a double decker bed; thank God I went in, they have not come in then; and I saw a snake, climbing the double decker bed.

I did not say, thou beautiful creature of God; I understand, it is cold outside, that is while you have come into the room.

I was not gentle as a dove; I did what was necessary to be done.

Today, you are not going to be gentle as a dove, everything you do tonight must be done with violent.

So, I want you to begin by praising God violently.

I want you to praise Him.

Praise Him.

Praise Him.

Praise Him with all your strength.

Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him, praise Him, praise Him

****speaking in the Holy Ghost****

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.

I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know

I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know



I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know

I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know

(What about you?)


I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know

I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know



I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know

I am serving the God of miracles

I know, yes I know


****speaking in the Holy Ghost***

Thank You Father.

Daddy says I should tell someone, all those who are trying to terminate your destiny, one by one before the new year they will perish.

What a mighty God we serve

What a mighty God we serve

Heaven and earth adore Him

Angels bow before Him

What a mighty God we serve


What a mighty God we serve

What a mighty God we serve

Heaven and earth adore Him

Angels bow before Him

What a mighty God we serve

(I am serving Him)


What a mighty God we serve

What a mighty God we serve

Heaven and earth adore Him

Angels bow before Him

What a mighty God we serve


Thank You Almighty God.

King of kings, Lord of lords, the Ancient of days, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One who is called the Lord of host, the King of glory, strong, mighty, mighty in battle, glory be to Your holy name.

Tonight, in the life of everyone of your children please prove Yourself; fight our battles of us; give us absolute victory, and let your name be glorified.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout a violent hallelujah.

Shake hand with one or two people and tell him or her tonight is for me.

And then you may please be seated.

I am going to be very brief tonight because fortunately for me, the man who spoke before me had done an excellent job.

Everything he learnt from me, he repeated.

A wall is a boundary.

The elders will tell you, even when a farm belongs to both father and son, there will still a boundary.

A wall has you would probably see in big houses is telling your neighbour, you may be richer than I, you may be stronger than I, but this wall is saying this is your boundary - it is how far you can go and no further.

Not all walls are bad.

When you go to Ikoyi or VI, you will see some mighty houses, you will see big walls round them, and it is simply saying to those who are outside the walls, there are treasures here.

You don’t see such houses in Ajegunle; you don’t see us building mighty walls round our houses in Mushin;

But when you go to places where within the walls there are treasures, the walls are high.

But the walls around those…, maybe I should give you a Bible passage for that to let you know that not all walls are evil;

Revelation 21 from verse 10 to 12, talks about the holy Jerusalem, the great city of God, surrounded by walls; because within that city, all manner of precious things are in.

It is simply saying that the walls that are great and high, etcetera, is telling outsiders you can see the wall but you cannot come in.

So, walls basically mean, that which tells you thus far you can come, and no further.

And so, you will find that walls are in categories.

I won’t have enough time to go to all the categories but I would try to mention some of them to you.

There are some walls that are natural – they were there; walls like say the Red Sea.

The Red Sea had been there for years, since the world was formed; it only became a wall when the children of Israel were on there way to promise land, and it stood in their way.

I can give you an illustration with that straight away:

When you are born and you are born black; there is nothing wrong being born black depending on where you were born, depending on which nation.

There are some nations in the world that if you are black man there is a limit or how far you can go.

You want to go beyond certain level, they tell you no no.

Like I was telling some of my children, you may carry a British passport, but a day will come when you want to do something that they will let you know that there is no British that is actually black.

One day I was about to enter into London and there was this immigration officer and he was given me all manner of problems, when finally I was allowed to go, I looked at him I said sir (I already got my passport stamped o),

I say why is it that those of us from other nations that become a problem?

He looked at me and said I am British; and just by looking at him I know he was an Indian.

I said you?

He said yes.

I said, you are an India.

I said one day they will show you that no true British will look like you.

As soon as I said that, I ran.

So, you are born black, that can become a wall; just like the Red Sea which was seating down quietly on his own until the children of Israel wanted to pass through.

We will take little more about Red Sea in a moment.

And then there are walls that you inherited - the walls are being there before you were born.

I am sure you have heard of things called generational curses.  

You are not there when your father or great grandfather misbehaved, and then there is wall created by a curse pronounced on the family that may be there blocking your ways.

I remembered very well before I became a Christian in my family line…;

I came from a family that if a woman gives birth to boy, she must not eat salt, or oil for nine days; and seven days if it happens to be a girl; and if she dares eat, the child will die.

And this is traceable to the days of warfare because our great grandfather was a mighty warrior and he did something to one of the slaves and that one placed a curse over the family.

It took Jesus to break that curse.

That Jesus that broke the curse in my family will break every curse in your family.

And then there are walls that are manmade, like Jericho wall.

By the way, we will be talking about Jericho wall in a moment.

In fact, our text is from Joshua chapter 6 verse 20

20 So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.

So, there are walls that are natural, walls that are inherited, walls that are manmade; and then, probably most critical of all of them would be the walls you build yourself – walls that you erected yourself that is blocking your name.

But in the Name of the One who made heaven and earth; in the name of the One allowed you to be alive till today, every wall must come down today.

I am going to be brief like I promised you but let us take the red sea as an illustration.

Like I said the red sea only became a wall when it blocks the way of Israel to the promise land, and the red sea is symbolic of delays.

The children of Israel were already going, they have left Pharaoh and his host far behind, but when they got to the red sea they were stocked, and they were stocked there until the enemies caught up with them.

Red Sea represent walls that allow people that you have left behind to catch up with you particularly enemies.

The Red Sea represents the kind of walls that can send you back to square one; because the plan of Pharaoh and his host was to recapture the children of Israel and take them back into slavery.

The Red Sea represents situation that can cause you to backslide, to go back to where you have already said bye-bye.

The Red Sea represent walls that can render your previous victories useless.

Children of Israel have already left Egypt singing victory songs because at long last they were deliverer, they left with lots of wealth, they were healthy, but the red sea wanted them to go back so that all the previous victories can become useless.

The Red Sea represent the kind of wall that not only delays you for enemies to catch up with you, it could ultimately lead to death.

I will give just one example, Samson.

The problem of Samson was that he was a Jew, living among enemies of the Jews.

He was born to be a mighty conqueror but there was a wall, and that wall was that he was always looking in the wrong direction.

And when the enemy finally caught up with him, the fact that he alone single handed had killed a thousand of them was no longer of any consequence, they capture the champion; plugged out his eyes, bound him, sent him to prison to begin to dance before the idols and finally he died.

I pray today in the Name of the One who sent me, every red sea in your way shall part.

I will talk briefly about the |Jericho wall, that is another example of what a wall could be.

Jericho wall is symbolic of a situation in your life that defiles the promises of God.

God had made certain promises to you - you have come to the Holy Ghost service and the word of God had come direct, and you know that you know that you know that this word is for me, no doubt about it,

And yet, years have passed; you have had other people who were present doing that time giving testimony, showing that the man of God did not lie;

And so, you begin to wonder, I know he did not lie; I am sure when he prophesied, he was talking to me; how come my own case has not come to pass?

You see, God has already to Joshua, every place you shall tread upon I have given it to you.

But then here comes that wall of Jericho; and the wall of Jericho seem to be saying: where is that your God?

The wall of Jericho represents what is saying, you are so near and yet you are so far; because that wall is the only barrier now before the children on Israel can really move on into all the promises of God.

The wall of Jericho represents when you are doing everything God says you should do!

You pray, you fast, you pay your tithes, you give your offerings, you will souls, you build churches, and yet God seems to be silent - that is wall of Jericho.

Everything in your life that is causing people to ask where is your God, that wall will fall tonight.

And then I will take just one more example among these external walls before we now come and spend just a bit more time on the walls you built for yourself.

Let us take Goliath.

You know, whether you believe it or not, the enemy can see a little bit into your future.

Ask the elders, they will tell you that the original Babalawo, the ifa-oracle specialist, the genuine ones, not the one that are divinating through internet;

The elders will tell you that the Babalawo can see at least four days ahead.

They have a proverb, they said, as today is, that is not how tomorrow will be; that is while the Babalawo checks the oracle every five five days – you see five days ahead; you cannot go further.

Many at times, from the moment you are born, the devil as a glimpse of what you are going to become.

I don’t know when the devil was when God anointed David in the house of Jesse.

But somehow, the devil knew, this little boy is going to become a king.

So, he decided that before this boy will become a king, I will kill him.

He tried the lion, the lion failed.

He tried a bear, the bear failed.

You know what, only God knows how many efforts the devil had made to destroy you; you don’t know how many battles God has fought for you up till this moment; you don’t know!

I don’t have time to tell stories, but if I were to tell you how many efforts the devil made over my life when I was small, you will be amazed.

Is a miracle that you are still alive today brother!

Is a miracle that you are still alive today sister!

Let me hear you shout hallelujah to God.

So, the lion failed, the bear failed, and the devil said let us do it this way, let me present my champion.

Listen to what Goliath was saying, you can read it in 1Samuel chapter 17; I am sure you know the story that is while I am not wasting time,

What Goliath said is ‘send one man to fight me’, and if I defeat him, you will all become our slaves; if he defeats me, we will all become your slaves.

All the devil want was the kingdom God had prepared for David.

The devil had arranged it that this boy, I will tell his to send him to the war front, I know when he get there he will begin to brag about his God, then we will kill him and take over the kingdom.

But there is someone who is called the Alpha and the Omega, not only does He know the end from the beginning, He is your beginning, and He is going to be your ending.

Today, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, every goliath in your life will fall.

But the one I am concerned about is not the red sea; the Red Sea is going to part tonight.

The one I am concern about is not Jericho wall; Jericho will fall tonight - must fall tonight.

I am not even concerned about goliath, because the One who has brought you thus far, the One who gave you victory over lion, victory over the bear, He will take of goliath also.

Thank You Father.

God asks me to tell somebody the bleeding has stopped.



Thank You Father.

Someone you probably had me tell the story:

We were in first auditorium and miracles were happening around the altar and then there was a short man in the crowd he wanted to see what was going on around the altar.

When he turns to the right, somebody taller will block his eyes; he turned to the left another fellow will block his face.

And he cried to God, how I wish I were taller.

And God heard in heaven and spoke to me saying there was somebody there saying I wish I were taller

The Lord said tell him I have already granted his request; he should check his trouser.

The man looked at his trouser, and the trouser seems to be shorter.

God said, it is not the trouser that has become shorter, it is you who have become taller.

Why am I telling the story?

The Lord asked me to tell you the same miracle is happening here tonight.

There are certain walls that you create for yourself - walls that you carry everywhere.

Number one of it is laziness.

The word of God made it clear, a lazy man, a slothful man will always be under tribute.

The word of God says in Proverb 22 verse 29, he says seest how a man diligent in his business, that is the fellow who is going to stand before kings.

You read 2Kings chapter 13 from verse 14 onward, Elisha was about to died, a king came to him, you are the one that had been defending my nation, what am I going to do now?

Elisha said no problem, I can settle the situation for your country before I die.

Hey, get an arrow, open the window, shoot,

He shot,

Elisha said that is victory for you

Elisha said take that arrow now, smite the ground; and he smote three times and stopped.

Man of God said, why?

You should have continued, at least five times or more, and your victory will have been total, he said but now, you will only have three victories.


You know I have told some of you in the past, what embarrassed me most is that Elisha who said that was still alive.

If I were the king, I will say three time is not enough, you say five times or so,

I will grab the arrow and I will keep smiting the ground, not five times, not ten times, I will keep smiting until he begs me to stop, but the king was lazy.

You know, one of the biggest walls that many of us have is that we cannot even pray for one hour.

Remember when Jesus took Peter & co to garden Getsemani and say watch with Me, I AM going to pray,

He came back and said, you cannot even watch for one hour.

Many time I finish preaching and say you can come to the altar, come and pray,

When I say that I usually go to lay hands on some very special cases; and by the time I returned some people are already wondering, where did he go?

To take fifteen minutes prayer is already too long.

That wall must fall tonight!

In the olden days, when we finish preaching in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, nobody stops you, they just say go and pray.

On Sunday morning, we finish preaching, they say go and pray; we will come back for evening service and some people are still on their knees praying.

There are some of you here who have never prayed for one hour, that is going to change.

The way you said amen should me that …

Laziness is a terrible wall.

I mean, I remember years ago, in one of the Universities, I went to them and then they said to me: Pastor, because not all members of my church, and everybody was either a pastor or bro in those days;

Pastor, I thought you said the Holy Spirit will teach us all things, how come we all failed in our examinations?

I asked them, how much time did you spend in studying?

Because they say they are in fellowship; and they will be singing, and dancing, even though examination is going on.

But the Holy Spirit was supposed to teach us all thing.

I said He said He will teach you those things that you have been thought; He would remember rather of those things you have learnt.

You don’t study, and you failed; the Holy Spirit will comfort you.

He will tell you, don’t worry you are not dead yet, try again; it is only that your classmate now has become your senior.

I want somebody to lift his hands and cry to God, I will never be lazy again.

Say it as if you mean it.

Laziness is a terrible wall.

Another wall is Pride.

Thank You Father.

The Lord asked me to tell someone, He said the chain that the enemy tied around your waist that he uses in pulling you back anytime you want to move forward, the chain is broken.

Pride is a terrible wall.


The Bible says in James chapter 4 verse 6 says God resists the proud.

How can you move forward when is God pushing you backwards?

How can you?

I have said it before, if a demon is blocking your way and you say I command you get out of my way.

And the demon said, in whose name?

And you say in the name of Jesus.

He will get out of the way.

But if an angel is the one blocking your way, and you say I command you get out of my way.

And he says in whose name?

You say in the name of Jesus

He says He is the One who asked me to stand here.

God resist the proud.

In fact, Psalm 73 verse 6 says a proud man is like a man in chains.

Proverbs 16 verse 18 says destruction follows pride.

When pride comes, then destruction follows.

Proverbs 29 verse 23 says pride brings a man low.

In 2Kings chapter 5 from verse 1 to 14, but for the grace of God Naaman would have lost his healing, he would have died a leper.

Because when he came, the man of God said go to Jordan and wash and be clean.

He said, me! General Naaman! There are better rivers where I am coming from; can’t I go there and be clean?

A leper, dictating, how he should be healed.

Thank God for His extended mercy,

May God extend His mercy to you tonight.

I know some people when they are talking: Daddy G.O, thank God for your humility; thank God for your humility.

I learnt my lesson in a hard way.

You don’t know who is seating before you, I was poor and proud; in every area just proud and there was nothing to show for the pride.

I became born again, and when I became born-again, I was the most educated man in the church so and became the interpreter for Papa, the General Superintendent, and every other pastor left me to interpret for him. 

When other Pastors wanted an interpreter, they pick someone else – and we were quite a few interpreters anyways.

One day, one Pastor just came to me and said Brother you will be interpreting for me today.

Haa! Me!

I did not say it loud o.

Who does he think he is?

Me! The special interpreter for Baba! This pastor!

I interpreted for him because in the Redeemed Christian Church of God a worker cannot say no to a pastor.

You have heard the story before.

Because one of the gifts God gave me early in my Christian life was the ability to hear from Him.

We finished the sermon, the man did not know how my heart was boiling; if he had known he would have asked me to go and seat down, he would have taken another interpreter.

And as I was going to my car, and in those days, in the entire Redeemed Christian Church of God there were five cars, and my own was one of the newest, and it was second hand.

As I was going to my car, God spoke and said, so you are too big to interpret for my servant?

And suddenly, heaven was shut; I did not hear a word from God anymore.

The devil knew that I was not hearing, so, he tormented me as much as he could.

I pray that God will not resist you.

I wept, I prayed, I fasted, I did everything…, and God did not talk, heaven was silent.

God will not be silent to you.

He got so bad that I prayed that God, forgive me this once; if I am going to offend You again tomorrow, please kill me today.

Then He knew He got me, and He started speaking again, and by the grace of God, He started speaking ever since.

Pride nearly destroyed me, and the wall fell, the wall of pride fell so thoroughly that years later when I became General Overseer, I went to Ilesha and I went into our church there, and there was a Deacon that was about to lead the Bible study that night,

They did not know I was coming, I just came in, and they took me to the altar, I sat down there,

And he was already at the altar to teach; and as soon as he saw me, he said, thank God I have come.

So, I said no, I am not hear to teach.

He said you must talk to us.

I said okay, you preach, I will interpret.

General Overseer interpreting for the Deacon.

His leg was shaking, I told him, don’t worry, preach, I will interpret.

After sometime of course, he forgot who was the interpreter when the Holy Spirit grabbed him.

The fellow who was not a pastor, I was a worker; a worker who was not willing to interpret for a pastor became a general overseer who interpreted for a deacon because the wall fell.

In the Name that is above every other name, the wall of pride in your life will fall tonight.

Another wall that must fall in your life tonight is called Anger.

Psalm 37 from verse 8 to 9 says cease from anger, stay away from the camp of evil doers so that you are not cut off.

Some of you enjoy being angry, you have a violent temper, you are quickly annoyed.

Proverbs chapter 14 verse 17 says the one who is so angry deals foolishly.

Ecclesiastes 7 verse 9 says anger rests in the bosom of fools.

Thank You my Father.

I think you better listen very carefully to this.

God wants me to tell someone, He says you must never forget that he can reverse the irreversible. So, He wants me to tell you that very soon your tithe is going to be bigger than your hundred percent now. He asked me to tell you, when that time comes, don’t begin to play tricks, because He can reverse the irreversible.

Write that down.

You have very little now, He is about to multiply you, He is about to make your tithe bigger than your hundred percent. He says when that time comes, don’t forget that He can reverse the irreversible.

We are taking about anger.

Even God the Almighty, the Bible says He slow to anger.

The Almighty God Himself, He is slow to anger.

So, if you are quick to anger, something is wrong with you.

Because the Bible says in Proverbs 16 verse 32 says the one slow to anger is better than the mighty.

Psalm 145 verse 8 says even Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, the One who can do as please, He slow to anger.

The Bible in Proverbs 22 verse 24 to 25…

The Lord says that I should tell a woman, He said your husband is definitely a failure, and that your sons are beginning to show signs that they want to follow in his footsteps, the Lord asked me to tell you, I will intervene.

Consider Moses, (we are talking about anger), Numbers 20 from verse 1 to 12, it was anger that did not allow Moses to make it to the promise land; it was anger that was his wall.

Get rid of anger; nobody gets angry without a reason but the moment you feel anger in you tell yourself, don’t be a fool.

Because he does not matter who had wronged you, anger is called temporary madness – it may be temporary, but it is madness.

And during the period of that madness, you may do something you may never be able to reverse.

That while wall of anger must fall tonight.

Alright, let me take one or two others.

There is something called unbelieve.

You know, Mark 9 verse 23 say if you can only believe all things are possible to him that believes.

Let me assure you my God can do anything; He is God of all flesh, there is nothing too hard for him to do.

The walls that are being standing between many of us and our miracles is something called unbelieve.

There are promises of God when you hear them, they sound like impossible, but if it is God speaking, believe Him, He is the Maker of heaven and earth.

When I was praying for a house in Mushin, and He promised me I will build you a city, I believed Him – it did not make sense.

If I say tonight, that my God is saying that very soon you will be among the greatest, will you believe Him?

If I tell you tonight that your red sea is going to part, will you believe Him?

There are occasions that He had tested us to find out, do we believe?

I was telling some of my children, I cannot remember, whether in Europe or someyhing, of one occasion that the Almighty God told me to wear seven agbadas; we are in the very first auditorium.

He knows I don’t like agbada, I only wear it once, once a year, when I want to praise Him, I will wear agbada, other than that…

There is nothing wrong with agbada, it is a very beautiful dress but the problem with agbada is that you swing it this way, before you swing this way, the other one is already coming down –

I said, oh God, whoever created agbada should have his name in the Guinness Book of Record because he created a dress that has its own mind.

He knows I don’t like wearing agbada, he asked me to wear seven; even if you like agbada you don’t want to wear two; He asked me to wear seven.

If I don’t know His voice, I would have said get thee behind me Satan.

And He asked me to dance in that seven for a while; He is the One speaking, and I did what He asked me to do.

He asked me to lay the agbada on the altar, and anybody who has a problem tell them to go and touch the agbada. Touch, not hold.

And I told the people; the dress looked ordinary but God had spoken, and people were going there, they were touching and touching,

And we finished by 8:00am, and I went to my prayer room to pray and to stay, 5:00pm they came knocking the door of my prayer room.

What is the problem with you people?

They said somebody is about to die.

So, what happened?

He said is own problem was more than touching, so he grabbed the dress.

The dress looked ordinary, but because he had been worn in obedience, it became saturated with power.

I had to beg God to release him.

When I was travelling to America and God asked to take one of the Agbada with me.

I got there and I explained to my children there during there convention and there was a white man there

So, when I said everybody should be coming to touch, he said what kind of nonsense is that: touch dress!

But something told him, go now, after all they are not asking you to pay for it.

And he came, and he touched; and he came, his back was in a cage of iron – he had to wear a cage of iron to be able to stand up right,

He touched the thing and the iron broke to piece.

I am talking to you about a God you cannot see but His power can do anything.

That word called unbelieve will disappear from your life tonight.

Because the Bible says in Hebrews 11 verse 6, without faith it is impossible to please God.

And if He is not pleased, then you have a barrier.

Maybe I should just mention one more and then will begin to round up.

This other one is a twin sister of unbelieve, it is called doubt

They say God can do all things, but how am l sure He will do my own.

Why are you doubting?

Mark 11 verse 23 says if you believe and doubt not; if a man believes and doubt not, he would say to mountains move.

Many at times we have asked mountain to move, after we said it, we begin to doubt.

And the Bible tells us in James chapter 1 from verse 5 to 8…

Thank You Lord.

Can you please stand on your feet, and you are going to do something only by faith, and if you don’t believe me, don’t do it.

Because the Almighty is asking me to tell you shout and what you are going to shout is: no more limit for me.

We thank You Father.


And so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

In James chapter 1 from verse 5 to 8,

I am grateful to you O Lord, thank You.

The Bible says if you ask anything in faith, you must not waver, because He says anyone who is wavering won’t get anything from God.

Just believe Him, don’t doubt.

Now, it is one thing for the wall to fall, it is another thing for the wall to remain down – I am closing with that.

When the wall falls tonight, it must remain down.

When the wall of Jericho fell, Joshua cursed anybody who will ever build the wall again because he wanted the wall to stay down.

When David killed Goliath, he did not just allow him to remain dead, he cut off his head.

The elder have a saying, don’t play with a snake whose head have not been cut off.

The walls that you have made up your mind to destroy, particularly these internal walls must remain forever down.

No more doubting; no more unbelieve.

The Bible says some of things you are believing, some people will say, it is foolishness, we cannot believe it sir.

What if some people don’t believe? Will the unbelieve of some people make the faith of God of no effect?

He said God forbid; let all men be liars and let God be true.

Don’t base your faith on the faith of others, please.

I remember very well when God brought me here to this land, and say, son, that is the city I promised you, all we had then was four and half acres

And then we moved on and bought more acres, nine today, ten tomorrow, etcetera until we go to about thirty-something acres

And I know, I know people close to me, who discouraged me; some of them are listening to me now.

The money we should spending in building churches he is spending it on a jungle.

We have no money to do this, to do that, he is focusing on a jungle; they are living in that jungle now.

Fortunately, I am not looking in anybody’s direction.

If others don’t believe, don’t let that affect you.

Do I hear amen.

If others are doubting, don’t let that affect you.

If others want to be proud, that is their own concern, be humble.

If others want to continue in their anger, leave them alone, maybe they don’t know, let them call you a fool for being meek.

When wall falls, it must remain forever down, never to rise again.

The last wall that I want to mention is sin.

Isaiah 59 verses 1 and 2, he said the hand of the Lord is shortened that He cannot save, neither His ear heavy that He cannot hear; it is your sin that is the problem.

God knows the foundation of every wall; He can pull them down; just one shout from His children the wall of Jericho came crumbling down.

Some very important people in the time of Paul and Silas put them in prison, they thought that their destinies was about to be truncated, they will finish them the following morning,

By midnight, Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises to God, and the One who knows the foundation of every prison, shook it and the doors where flung open,

And those who threw them in…

Thank You Daddy.

The Lord asks me to tell somebody that after tonight, those who don’t want to see you will be seeking for you.

Those who threw Paul and Silas into prison came the following day to beg them to go.

And God is going to humiliate those who are trying to humiliate you.

But if you are living in sin, as powerful as He is, you won’t be able to contact him, and if you don’t contact him, how will your red sea part?

Because it takes the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow a part through the red sea.

It takes the Almighty God, the One who says the earth is Mine, and the fullness thereof to uproot the wall of Jericho;

He took the Almighty Rock of Ages to knocked down goliath.

You cannot get all these walls down without His help.

If you are here and you have not yet surrendered your live to Him, if you are here and you have not yet made contact with Him, I will give you two minutes to rush forward to the altar and come and cry to Him for the salvation of your soul.

And if you are backsliding, if you have already gone back to what you say you will never do before, rush forward, come and reconcile with Him and all walls in your life must come down.

I am going to count from one to ten; I know some of you are very far away, so, you need to begin to run even as I begin to count.

One, two, three,

I am sure you can see how lazy you are to clap for Jesus, you cannot even clap for ten minutes, and laziness must go tonight.

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,

Okay, thank you very much.

Those of you who are already at the front and those of you who are on the way, begin to talk to God, cry unto Him. Ask Him to have mercy on you, ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to please forgive all your sins; promise Him from now on you will serve Him, that you will serve Him whole heartedly, that you will begin to obey Him in every area of your life.

Cry unto Jesus Christ, ask Him to be merciful unto you.

And the rest of us, let us stretch our hands towards these people and intercede for them, that the One who saved our souls will give them a genuine salvation that today the blood of Jesus will wipe away all their sins, that Jesus will give them a brand-new beginning.

Please pray for them. Pray for them for about two minutes. Please go ahead and intercede for them.

Thank You Jesus.

If you are still on the way, you need to hurry now because I am about to pray for salvation.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Lord.

I am just waiting for about two or three of you that are still running, we need to pray for salvation now.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Almighty God I want to say thank You very much for Your word tonight. Thank You for these people who have decided to respond to the altar call, they have come unto You Lord; and You promised whosoever will come unto You You in no wise cast out, they have come now, please receive them in Jesus’ name; let Your blood wipe away their sins Lord; save their souls; write their names in the Book of Life; receive them into the family of God; and from now on anytime they call unto You, please answer them by fire. Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

Now, I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward. The Counselors will be asking you to fill certain things in a card that will be given to you: your name, your address, your prayer request, so that I can be praying for you from now on. And very soon you will be receiving miracles that you have not even asked for, and you will know, somebody is somewhere praying for you.


We will wait a little minute for you while the choir will be ministering to the Lord.

Thank You Lord.

Maybe you want to write down your prayer points

Number one, you want to thank God that you made it to this point in your life tonight. God kept you alive till this moment and so you want to thank Him for being gracious; for bringing you to this day. Thank Him.

Then your prayer from there is going to be in two sections

You see, when it comes to pride, the Bible says humble yourself under the mighty hands of God. In other words, you can deal with pride.

So, you are going to pick those internal walls, and deal with them yourself. For example, by saying,

In the mighty name of Jesus, anger, I destroy you completely from my life.

Pride, you will never again be associated with me in the mighty name of Jesus.

Laziness, I reject you completely from my life.

Unbelieve, you shall never be mentioned in my life again; I will believe God hundred percent from now on till I see Him in glory.

Doubt, you won’t come near me at all, I know my God is faithful and I will never doubt Him again.

You will pray that section vehemently. You are talking to yourself; you are making a covenant with God.

Then you move to the second section; this time now, you have faith, you are not doubting anymore.

With all faith, with all boldness, you will decree, in the mighty name of Jesus, Red Sea part;

In the mighty name of Jesus, Jericho wall come down flat;

Goliath, in the mighty name of Jesus, I cut off your head tonight.

And then any other walls that you know might be in your life, you decree against them.

Tonight, I want to give you thirty minutes to pray. If you like pray casually, if you like pray with all your strength, because tonight is the night for somebody, it is up to you.

The altar is open you can come and talk to God.

Every prayer you want to pray tonight pray it with all amount of violent you can, cry to the Almighty God; walls must fall.

So, go ahead and talk to the Almighty God.

Thank You Father

Hallelujah Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

In the Name that is above every other name, beginning from now you cease to be your own enemies. Everything that is contrary to the will of God, laziness, anger, unbelieve, doubt, pride, I decree they be uprooted tonight. Every wall that you have raised up against your own destiny I decree they come down now; I decree they will never raise again.

I join my faith with yours and I decree, every red sea, slowing you down, delaying you, allowing your enemies to catch up with you, I decree red sea part. Every wall of Jericho that you are so close and yet so far, like the lame man before the beautiful gate, always seeing people rejoicing, dancing, wanted to be partaker and yet tied down, every such situations in your life, I join my faith with yours, the wall of Jericho come.

Every goliath, every force, known and unknown, trying to steal your destiny, I decree die tonight. Every king Saul, every superior officers who had failed and they want to discourage you from going forward to claim your crown; even every relative, every area, whoever they maybe that will not allow you reach your goal, I decree tonight, fall down and die.

My Father and my God, I am joining my hands spiritually with all your children in one accord, where our faith has been weak, from now on let it be strong.

Father, You know all things, You know the areas where our joy had been tampered with because our faith is not enough, please Daddy, please Daddy, my Father and my God, please tonight, help our unbelieve.

From now on, in the lives of all your children connected to me one way or the other, please let the impossible become possible. And help us to be holy.

Oh Lord thank You. Thank You for answer prayers. Father, we believed that is done.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.













Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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