FLOODGATES OF HEAVEN 11th of December, 2015

Let us lift up our hands to the Most High God and bless Him.

Let us bless the King of kings.

Let us bless the Lord of lords.

Bless the Ancient of days.

Give Him glory give Him honour give Him adoration.

He is worthy to be praised.

Thank Him for keeping you alive till today.

Give Him glory and honour for all the testimonies.

Praise Him.

Praise the Almighty God.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

Worship Him, He is the Ancient of days, there nothing difficult for Him to do.

Bless His holy name for the testimony we have heard, and bless Him for the testimonies we shall yet hear.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, He is worthy to be praised.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we worship.

Lift up your voice to Him and say, Father, let this be my special night.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty. Almighty God, let this be my special night. Make this night very very special for me. Make this night my special night, make this night my special night, make this night my special night. Thank You Father. Thank You Father. Thank You Lord; in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

We are serving the Lord of miracles

I know yes I know

We are serving the God of miracles

I know yes I know



We are serving the Lord of miracles

I know yes I know

We are serving the God of miracles

I know yes I know



We are serving the Lord of miracles

I know yes I know

We are serving the God of miracles

I know yes I know



Almighty God, the Owner of heaven and earth, the One with the key of David, the One who opens and no man can shut, the One who shut and no man can open, glory be to Your Holy name.

Thank You for what You did on Monday, thank You for Tuesday, thank You for Wednesday, thank You for what You did yesterday, thank You for what You are about to do today, thank You for what You will do tomorrow, please accept our worship in Jesus’ Name.

My Father and my God, tonight, in a very special way, do something new in all our lives. Let this night be our special night, by the time this night is over, in the lives of every one of us – those here and those listening to us all over the world, let there be testimonies, let there be miracles, signs and wonders. Father save souls tonight, heal tonight, deliver tonight, bless tonight. And Lord God Almighty surprise every one of us tonight, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now, let someone shout a big hallelujah.

Well! Shake hands with one or two people and say, God will bless you specially tonight; and then you may please be seated, with the exception of those born in the month of December.

If you are born in the month of December, jump on your feet and shout big halleluyah.

Father, we commit these Your children into Your hands, December is the twelfth month of the year, whatever has to do with these Your children, bring to completion today. Twelve stands for the twelve Apostles, in the lives of all these your children born in the month of December, do something glorious in Jesus’ name, give them new beginning Lord, a new beginning of joy, of progress of divine health and of a closer work with You, let them serve You till the end, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let December children shout another hallelujah.

Between last night and now, fourteen new babies were born – eight boys and six girls; so the total number of babies born thus far is now thirty eight – twenty boys and eighteen girls.

So, the boys have taking over. Let the boys shout praise the Lord. Let the girls shout hallelujah.

You are welcome in Jesus mighty name.

Tomorrow by the grace of God, if Jesus hasn’t come yet, the last service of this congress will take place in the new auditorium and it will be a combination of three services: “ Holy Communion service”, “Anointing service”, and for the first time in the history of the congress, “Impartation Service”  - all three tomorrow night at the new auditorium.

Are we saying the new auditorium is ready?

We are still trusting God for fund.

But we will go there by faith.

By the time we are there we call on Almighty God, He will send help.

For those of you who might not be available tomorrow, on December 31st by the grace of God, we will have Holy Communion service here, and when I say here I mean in the new auditorium. It will be followed by Service of Song, and then we will have the Watch Night service – all of them at the new auditorium.

But by January 2016, because the regular Holy Ghost service will still continue to hold here, the Holy Ghost service in January is going to be on the 8th not on the 1st.

It won’t be on the 1st because we would have done Watch Night service into the first, so the 1st, you will be free, seat down at home and enjoy your family.

And the theme for the January Holy Ghost service is ‘No More Losses’.

February next year the theme is going to be ‘Arresting the Arrester.

And then in March for the special Holy Ghost service, the theme is going to be ‘The Winning Side’.

Am telling you these three months in advance to give you an assurance that if the Lord tarries, I will see you in the New Year.

I thought you will say amen to that.

You are not going with this year.

I say it again; you are not going with this year.

I greet all the Excellences who are here, May the Almighty God continue to use you to restore the glory of Nigeria in Jesus’ name.

We have a lot to do tonight, so we better go straight to work.

I need to let you know that the group that did the native dances, the people we called the praise team, they have a new album, I think that album will bless you  and it will be a very good Christmas present to your friends, So make sure you get as many copies as you can.

And just in case I don’t have the opportunity to say it again, I want to thank God for the best choir in the whole world.

There is no choir like this choir – they are number one.

I go round the world, I have heard choir sing, and if you know me, you know I have a very discriminating taste when it comes to music.

My voice might not be very good, but I sing to God all the same.

I love to compose, so when I hear a choir sing, am listening with the ear of somebody who knows what to listen for.

I am saying it with all humility; this is the best choir in the world.

Let us give God round over plus for that.

Thank you, God bless you.

All right now!

2Kings chapter 7 verse 1 to 11…

We are talking about ‘The Floodgates of Heaven’, and while you are opening your Bibles, I want to thank those of you who have been coming since Monday - I rejoice with you because all your prayers have been heard by God and they will be answered.

Tonight I pray much more than before.

We appreciate there might be some  old people among us tonight, so, if I say let us stand to pray, if your bones are too old to cope, you are free to seat down and do your praying there.

But for all of you, who are younger than I, you will stand and you will pray, and God will answer our prayer.

2King chapter 7 verse I to 11.

“1. Then Elisha said, hear ye the word of the Lord; thus saith the Lord, tomorrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria.

2. The a lord on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God, and said, behold, if the Lord would make windows in heaven, might this thing be? And he said, behold, thou shalt see it with thine eyes, but shalt not eat thereof.

3. And there were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate: and they said one to another, why sit we here until we die?

4. If we say, we will enter into the city, then the famine is in the city, and we shall die there: and if we sit still here, we die also. Now therefore come, and let us fall unto the host of the Syrians: if they save us alive, we shall live; and if they kill us, we shall but die.

5. And they rose up in the twilight, to go unto the camp of the Syrians: and when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold, there was no man there.

6. For the Lord had made the host of the Syrians to hear a noise of chariots, and a noise of horses, even the noise of a great host: and they said one to another, lo, the king of Israel hath hired against us the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of the Egyptians, to come upon us.

7. Wherefore they arose and fled in the twilight, and left their tents, and their horses, and their assess, even the camp as it was, and fled for their life.

8. And when these lepers came to the uttermost part of the camp, they went into one tent, and did eat and drink, and carried thence silver, and gold, and raiment, and went and hid it; and came again, and entered into another tent, and carried thence also, and went and hid it.

9. Then they said one to another, we do not well: this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace: if we tarry till the morning light, some mischief will come upon us: now therefore come that we may go and tell the king’s household.

10. So they came and called unto the porter of the city: and they told them, saying, we came to the camp of the Syrians, and, behold, there was no man there, neither voice of man, but horses tied, and asses tied, and tents as they were.

11. And he called the porters; and they told it to the king’s house within.”

Is a story you know very well, and we are going to learn some lessons from the story tonight.

Because the Syrians have laid a siege to the city, the feminine were so bad that women were beginning to eat their children.

And then all of a sudden, the man of God spoke, and said, thus saith the Lord, by this time tomorrow there will be abundance.

 And there was a man who was learned, a counselor of the king, he said if God were to make windows in heaven, and pour down food, can this thing be?

The man of God said to him, I know you don’t believe me, we will keep you alive till you have seen it, but because you don’t believe, you won’t taste part of it.

And then God began to move, and He chose to use four lepers; He inspired them, go to the camp of the Syrians, because it is in the enemy’s camp that I Am going to perform My miracle.

And the Bible says, the lepers began to go, because they have nothing to lose.

If we stay here, we will die of hunger.

If we go to the enemy camp, if they kill us it will be quick death.

As they were going to the camp, God did something; He caused the Syrian armies to hear a noise.

And the enemy of somebody will hear a noise tonight.

And they fled, so, by the time the lepers got to the camp, the abundance that God promised was waiting.

I have good news for somebody here tonight, long before the end of this month you will rejoice.

I just want to make one appeal before we proceed tonight, whenever a true man of God is speaking, even if you don’t believe what he says, just keep your mouth shut: Because to  speak is disbelieve. It could be very deadly.

Now, several things would happen when God opens the floodgates of heaven.

Because that lord was saying ‘if God were to make windows in heaven’, can these miracles happen?

What he does not know is that God doesn’t need to make new windows in heaven, there are gates in heaven.

So, when God choses to open the windows, I will mention only five things that will happen.

There are more, but, because of time, only five.

And the first is that stagnation will come to an end; progress will begin.

The lepers have been stagnant only God knows for how long.

But the movement when God opens the floodgates of heaven, the lepers began to move.

Slowly at first, but by the time they were coming back with good news they were coming fast.

 I have good news for someone here tonight, this very night, stagnation ends in your life.

The Bible is full of examples of what happens when God opens the floodgates of heaven to change stagnation to progress.

We can take one or two examples, like John chapter 5 verse 2 to 9, tell us about the pool of Bethesda, many are waiting for the stirring of the pool, by an angel, because the first person to get in after the angel has come will be cured.

And there was a man who had been there for thirty eight years, he couldn’t go home, going forward and backward, forward and backward for thirty eight years; Stagnant for thirty eight years, then one day the gates of heaven open unto him, and Jesus Christ paid him a visit and the stagnation in his life ended.

Today, the floodgates of heaven will open for someone in particular, and the stagnation in your life will come to an end.

What do we mean by stagnation?

Of course many of you know what we mean.

Some of you have been on one spot for years.

The people who met you at your place of work are now your boss.

Some of you have not been promoted now for more than ten years.

I have good news for you, before you get into the New Year, I will hear your testimony.

Now, at times, stagnation could be caused, Is when somebody fills I am satisfied where I am.

He fills he is great enough, so, there is no need to move forward.

I had a teacher when I was in primary school, in 1952.

He was our head master.

He was a certificated teacher as they were called then, from St. Andrew College, Oyo.

In those days, if you are a certificated teacher, and you come to my village, hunters will welcome you, firing guns into the air. And so, he was the big man then.

In 1977, when I was a lecturer at the University of Lagos, I got a letter from my Head Master, he was asking for my help so that he can come and do Associate Diploma.

He has been on one spot for twenty five years, because he thought he had arrived.

And some here tonight think too that they have already arrived, they don’t need to pray with us when we are praying.

But those of us who want to go higher; who want to get to new level, tonight is our night.

When somebody fills that where he is, is not good enough, he can then cry to the Almighty God and He will open the floodgates of heaven and stagnation will come to an end.

But, occasionally, stagnation is not because the fellow does not want to move forward, it might be that forces beyond his control holding him down.

Like in Acts of the Apostles chapter 3 verse 1 to 8.

The lame man by the beautiful gate, he wasn’t satisfied being a beggar, but what could he do, the legs could not just move in, until one day the floodgates of heaven open unto him, and he had an encounter with the Almighty God and things began to change.

Now, I will tell you just one story to illustrate that.

When we are still in the very first auditorium, the word of God came that there was someone in the crowd, that somebody close to him was going to die in the following week and he shouldn’t mourn because something will follow.  

Now this fellow, has been working hard, they always gave him good report at the end of year, but they never promoted him.

And the all of a sudden, without doing nothing wrong, they sacked him.

When that word came, he didn’t even know he was the one.

But the following week, his father died, and he remember that someone was going to die, and that he shouldn’t mourn.

Two days or so, after his father died, he got a letter from his place of work, they recalled him and promoted him.

Then suddenly he occurred to him that somebody had been blocking his part and that fellow was removed by the Almighty God.

Your first prayer tonight is a prayer of agreement, and say, Father, from tonight, no more stagnation.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

We are in agreement Lord, that from now on, in all our lives, no more stagnation, no more stagnation, no more stagnation. We pray that from now on, no more stagnation. No more stagnation.

In Jesus might name we have prayed.

And you will still join your hands together and pray, and say, Father, whatever You have to do, to remove obstruction from our progress do it now.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Whatever You have to do tonight, move whatever is blocking our ways to progress. If You have to Kill, if You have to destroy, whatever You have to do, do it tonight.

Everything hindering our progress, my Father and my God, whatever You have to do to get it out, do it tonight. Father, do it tonight. Almighty God do it tonight. Everything blocking our progress, do something about it tonight, do something about it tonight, do something about it tonight, do something about it tonight…

In Jesus might name we have prayed.

You will pray one more prayer before you sit down, and say, Father, right now, empower our feet to make rapid progress.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

From now on Lord, empower our feet to make rapid progress, rapid progress Lord, rapid progress, from now on rapid progress, rapid progress, rapid progress…

In Jesus might name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

The second things that happens when the floodgates of heaven opens is that destitution becomes abundance.

The lepers had nothing, until the floodgates open, and suddenly they became people making fixed deposit.

The got into one tent, they carried silver, gold, the raiment, and went to buried it.

Came to another tent, and they buried it again.

They became so wealthy that they can put money in deposit for a long time.

In 1King chapter 17 verse 8 to 17, there was a widow who had one meal left, the gates of heaven open unto her, she had a divine visitor, from that day onward, she didn’t even know anything call famine in the land.

 In 2King chapter 4 verse 1 to 7, a widow had no money, she was heavily in debt, the floodgates of heaven open unto her, not only was she able to pay off her debt, she had enough to  last for the rest of her life.

Let me start by decreeing to someone here tonight, that by this time next year you will testify, that you are owing nobody nothing, that you have more than sufficient.

Now when we talk of abundance, I think I need to explain that.

Many of you when we talk about abundance, we are talking about billions

Abundance simply means you have more than you need, you can spend; and that will be your story very soon.

 I will give you just one example or two because it takes just one financial breakthrough to put to an end scarcity in your life - Just one breakthrough.

I will tell you a story, you know the story very well, you know the fellow concerned.

I moved to the University of Ilorin some years ago, and the house where they gave me were some electrical problems, and one of my son came over to help me fixed them, when he finished I say how much I am I going to pay?

He said, Haa! Daddy, how can I ask you to pay me, He said all I want is for you to pray for me but you will have to give me money to travel back to Lagos because I don’t have a kobo left.

I told him, my son you don’t need prayer, because you have done this for me, may God bless you.

I give him the money for transport back.

Two weeks later when I was in Lagos, my son was riding a brand new car that he bought.

How did it happen?

After that God bless you, he came back to Lagos, as he was coming down in the bus, he saw his class mate that he had not seen before, they greeted.

That one told him he is now working at the Headquarters of the Military, he asked him to come and see him for contract on electrical things.

He came down with no money in his hands, he met a helper…

God is going to send a helper to somebody here.

Two weeks later, he has already brought a brand new car.

That is one story.

Like I said, abundance means more than you need.

When we were building the first auditorium, the Carpenters came to me one morning, Sir, we need two hundred and four naira to complete the work.

I said ok, when I have the money I will send for you.

Haa! They were surprised.

Two Hundred!

I said, when I have the money; they did not even know I did not have a kobo. I say, if I have the money I will send for you.

So, as they were going, they were grumbling loud, so that I can hear them.

‘He is the one who will say the work is too slow, now we have asked for money, he won’t give us’.

So, I reported the matter to God. God you can hear them. Send help.

Then, I fell asleep because I have had an all-night prayer.

When I woke up, there was man sitting at the door of my office eating breakfast.

I say this man case must be serious, he is blocking way so that I cannot go out.

So, I say, Sir, I can I help you?

What is your problem?

He said I have no problem: I have just collected my house rent from my tenants.

I wanted to eat my breakfast when God spoke to me, and say I must go quickly to the camp, and go and give you the money.

When I came and I found you sleeping, I said to God can I eat my breakfast while he is sleeping.

He gave me the money, and I open the envelop, One Thousand Two Hundred, so I sent for the Carpenter.

And is time now to show off.

How much do you say you need?

I needed Two Hundred and four naira; I had One thousand Two Hundred, because God send help to me.

Stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God.

Wherever those who would help me may be, don’t let them rest, until they bring the help.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Don’t even let be able to eat until they bring the help to me.

All those who will help me, wherever they may be, don’t let them rest until they bring the help to me.

Don’t let them rest.

The people who will help me, who will move me out of financial difficulties, wherever they are, open the gates of heaven, tell them, go and help my son. Go, don’t rest. Go, go now. Go urgently. Go urgently.

Thank You.

In Jesus might name we have prayed.

Let us remain standing.

The next prayer is not for everybody, some of you already have abundance.

You don’t need more money, eh en, such people can seat down.

Those of us who still need financial help; we are the one to pray the next prayer.

You lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, I am tired of struggling, I need abundance now.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

I am tired of struggling, I am tired of struggling, I am tired of struggling before I can do what I want to do; I am tired of struggling Lord, release abundance to me…

Thank You Father.

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Let us be seated.

The third thing that happens, when the floodgates of heaven open is that the hopeless will soon begin to sing a new song.

The lepers were in hopeless situation.

If you listen to the story, there song is - well! Death we are waiting.

But by the time they were coming back, they were not talking of death any more. They were singing a new song.

When the floodgates of heaven opens, hopeless people: people who are considered completely hopeless, would sing a new song of victory.

In Genesis 18 verse 9 to 14, the Bible tells us, even when God Himself told Sarah she was going to born, not a prophet now, God Himself, she laughed, because she thought it can never be.

But when the floodgates of heaven open; by the time we got to Genesis chapter 21 from verse 6 to 7, it was a different song she was singing.

Now, I am laughing, people never thought I could laugh; now I am laughing for joy.

Somebody is going to sing a new song here tonight.

In John 11 verse 39,

Thank You Father. The Lord says there someone here tonight, He said, by the time I finished with you, your body will be brand new.

I am grateful Daddy.

Daddy say to me, son, don’t even try, you will not be able to count the number of people I will heal here tonight.

I think you should help me shout hallelujah to God.

In John chapter 9 verse 39, Martha said to Jesus Christ, at the tomb of Lazarus.

She said, Lord, this case is even beyond You; my brother is not just dead, he is buried, he is stinking by now, is too late.

But by the time Jesus finished, it was a different song entirely.

And I have several stories of God reversing the irreversible.

I had a problem selecting which one to remind you of.

I will tell you maybe one or two.

Some of you will remember one of this.

There was this woman who had been crying to the man of God for the fruit of the womb.

After sometimes, the man of God called her, woman, everybody have prayed for, they all have children, what is your own problem?

Well, when I was in school, I became pregnant, and I tried to abort, it wasn’t a successful abortion; they carried me to the hospital when I was bleeding, and the Doctors have to remove my womb to save my life.

And the Pastor said, you mean you have no womb and you asking me to pray for you to have children.

And the woman said to the Pastor, you are the one who taught us that with God nothing shall be impossible.

(Laughing) And the Pastor said oh okay!

From that day onward whenever the Pastor saw the woman coming from one direction, he will follow another direction.

One day, the woman saw the Pastor sneaking out, and said to God, I refer my case to You; and I am sure somebody will refer his or her case to God tonight.

That night she had a dream, in the dream, she find herself standing completely naked, and saw a huge man coming towards her with skin of an animal in his hand.

She was so frightened, she couldn’t move, the man came to her, rape the skin of the animal round her belly, and disappeared.

She woke up sweating but she knew that God have given her a new.

The last time I had about her, I think she already have children.

Her case was impossible, but God make the impossible possible.

I will tell you another one that you know, and the woman concern is here, she was barren for several years.

Until finally they came to one Professor, who did a test and said to the husband, why are you worrying yourself, this woman has no ovaries, so what are going to fertilized.

And the husband told her, in that case, well, let us go home.

I will go and eat till I die, the husband said no, we have heard the Doctors’ report, let us go to the camp, and hear God’s report; - it was during the first auditorium.

In those days we are so few, I always lay hands on everybody.

I remember I lay hands on this woman and fell under the anointing, and she was on the ground for more than one hour.

We all thought that because it was night, maybe she was trying to get some sleep, we didn’t know that God was performing and operation on her.

Nine months later, she came back with a baby girl.

I want you to stand on your feet, and lift your voice to the Almighty God,

I don’t know how You are going to do it Lord, but make the impossible possible in my life tonight. Everything that they say is impossible, make it possible tonight. Everything You have to do, to make the impossible possible in my life do it tonight Lord, do it tonight. Do it tonight Lord, do it tonight.

Whatever You have to do, whether You are going to send down an angel or You are going to come Yourself; whatever You have to do, to make the impossible possible, to reverse the irreversible in my life, do it tonight, do it tonight, do it tonight.

Thank You my Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Please join hands with your neighbour and pray a prayer for him or her, and say, Father, before the sun rises tomorrow, put a new song in the mouth of my neighbour.

Please talk to the Almighty God.

Before the sun raises tomorrow, Father, put a new song in the mouth of my neighbour: A new song of victory, a new song of joy, a new song of breakthrough; Father, put a new song in the mouth of my neighbour, before the sun rises tomorrow.

Thank You Father

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus name.

Please be seated.

The forth things that happens, when floodgates of heaven are open, is that the siege will soon be over.

By the time the lepers got to the camp of the enemy, they saw that the enemies have fled.

Then, there was no longer a siege on the city.

The purpose of a siege is to destroy the people inside by hunger, or if they dear come out it will take them into bondage.

Death or bondage is purpose of siege.

But whenever the floodgates of heaven open the besiegers come disappointed.

Like in 2King chapter 4 that I mentioned earlier on, verse 1 to 7 - 2King 4 verses 1 to 7.

The creditor said to the woman, pay us or we take your children into bondage, and if they the children into bondage the mother will die of sorrow; but the gates of heaven open, and those who wanted to take the children into bondage were disappointed.

Haa! Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said despite your recent setbacks, you will still fulfill your destiny.

And please listen to me very carefully, there are three serious cases that God had just mentioned.

I am going to mention all three together so that nobody will know which one is your own, and you won’t need to come forward because some of you will travel several minutes before you get to the front.

But when I finish the three, if you are one of them, stand where you are, because God want to help you tonight.

The Lord says, there is someone here, (the someone could be more than a hundred), that this year in particular, you had sex with animals several times; and that the plan of the enemies is that you won’t see the New Year, because of what you have done. But God out of mercy want to remove that death sentence. That is number one.

Number two. The Lord says there is someone here who had sex with a mad woman, for monetary purposes, and He said right now you are beginning to feel funny upstairs. And He said it is because the demons associated with woman are planning a massive attack on you. The Lord says, He is willing to set you free tonight.

The third one is not as terrible as the first two; I think that will help the first two to stand up when the time comes.

Daddy says there is some one here, anytime you are about to success, this woman comes in your dream, or this person rather, and once you had sex with this person in your dream, by the time you wake up, the miracles just flew you away.

And if you are in one of the three, I am only going to count one two three four, by the time I say four, I will pray for those who are standing.

I beg you in the name of Jesus, don’t phone me, don’t write me, saying I would have stood up but I couldn’t, pray for me now, because I won’t pray outside of now.

If you are one, if you are in any of the three groups I have mentioned, I am going to ask – please, everybody here let us bow our heads, let us close our eye. Those people please stand now.

Please camera men don’t figure those who are standing.

I am counting now, one, two, three; I don’t say come forward, just stand, four

My Father and my God, I thank You for Your mercy. I can see hundreds of people standing, thank You for mentioning their case, thank You for being merciful, please whatever they have done wrong, please forgive them in Jesus’ name, and because it has please You to mention their cases, set them free in Jesus’ name, destroy every yokes in their life in Jesus’ name, send back the demons Lord, and keep the enemies far away from these Your children, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


You may please be seated; and then we can lift up our eyes and shout a big hallelujah to God.

Haa! Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, you will some write your auto biography, and the title will be from grass to grace.

Where were we?


When then heaven’s open, when the floodgates of heaven open, the siege will be lifted.

And I will give you just one testimony, they are many, to enable you know how to pray next.

Some of you here you will know the people involved here.

Haa! We are having a program at Ebute- Metta years ago, suddenly God spoke and said, there is someone here, the one who is preventing you from being married, will die within one week.

I am just telling a story.

The following day, a woman came to my office, dragging her daughter, and said, are you the Pastor, I said yes, you are the one who told my daughter that am going to die within a week.

I said me! I never said so. All I said is what God said, that anyone who is not going to allow a particular girl to marry would die.

I didn’t mention anybody’s name; don’t mind this silly girl who began to claim all kinds of things.

Mama said is that what you said, I said yes. So, she said I didn’t know that.

She told her daughter to go out of the office.

She said is it true that the person will die.

I said, Ma, I am not talking about you, but if there is someone blocking the way of a particular girl from getting married, that fellow is going to die within a week.

Eh en… Is not that I don’t want her to marry, I just that she is the only daughter I have and she is the one taking care of me. If she marries now, who is going to look after me?

I said Mama, if you tell us this, we can talk to the husband say please don’t stop taking care of this woman.

Haa! You have children of your own, you don’t want her to have children of her own.

Alright! She will marry.

So, we prayed a simple prayer.

Six month later the girl was married.

Anyone, who will not let you reach your goal, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, that fellow will not see the New Year.

Let us stand on our feet if we are not already standing, join hands together to pray this prayer, and say, Father, we are in agreement tonight, in all our lives siege is over.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. The siege is over. Tonight, we all agreed in one accord Lord, from the this moment onward the siege is over, the siege is over; in all our lives, in all our homes, the siege is over; in all our churches, the siege is over. We are all in agreement, the siege is over; Father, we are in agreement, the siege is over, the siege is over, thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And I decree, in all your lives, the siege is over. The siege against you health is over, the siege against your marriage is over, the siege against your finances is over, the siege against your ministry is over, so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Let us be seated.

And then we have now come to number five, where I intent to spent few more minutes.

Whenever God opens the floodgates of heaven, the enemies always hear a noise.

When you go through the Scriptures, it will soon become clear to you while we Pentecostals became noisy, because where there is noise there is power.

If you go to the airport now, when the plane is about to take off, there is noise

Where there is noise, there is life.

There is no noise in the grave yard.

One of the ways you will know that there is no children in a home, the home is always quiet.

Where there is noise, there is victory.

Thank you.

Don’t worry, you will have opportunity to shout.

In Joshua chapter 6 verse 20, the wall of Jerico had a noise, and fell.

If you want to the wall blocking your way to the promise land, if you want the wall standing between you and the fulfillment of the promises of God to fall, you must be willing to shout a big hallelujah.


Thank you.

I was reading John 11 verse 41 to 44, John 11 verse 41 to 44…

Thank You my Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said there is nobody in your family who reach what is called a hill top, but He said I will take you to the mountain top.


I said I was reading John 11 verse 41 to 44,and I saw something I have never read before.

When Jesus want to raise Lazarus from the dead, the Bible said He spoke in a loud voice, and suddenly it occur to me, death heard a noise, and release his victim.

Haa! If you want that dead project to come back to life, that dead womb to come back to life, that dead marriage to come back to life, you must go ahead and shout a big hallelujah.


And suddenly it occurred to me, if death can hear a noise and release it victim, surely sickness can hear a noise, and get out of my body.


Please be seated.

You know when we come to a Holy Ghost; there will be some people who will think what it wrong with children.

Only the children can enter the kingdom of God.


You it is written in the Word of God, in Psalm 18 verse 44 to 45.

The Bible says as soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me, the strangers shall submit themselves onto me, the stranger shall fade away, and be afraid out of their close places.

A woman came to ebute metta years ago, just discover whenever she ate she vomited, Doctors have done all manners of test, they couldn’t find nothing, and this woman was dying because food was not just staying, and she came for prayers, but before we prayed, we ask everybody to shout as we normally do, as she open her mouth to shout hallelujah, a worm jump out of her mouth and that was the end of her problem.


I want you to know that you are touching the heavens tonight.

If death hears a noise, death will release.

If sickness hears a noise, sickness will disappear.

If a wall  of Jerico hears a noise, the wall will fall.

Maybe I will just take one more because of time, in Acts 16…

Haa! Okay!

The Lord says there is some here tonight, He said you prayed a prayer yesterday, when I say you shouldn’t ask God for cookies, that you should ask for might things, He ask me to tell you that as a result of your prayer, He has decided that is wonder working power will flow through you like a mighty rain.

Now I know this one is for me I can say amen.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, your cry to Him is Lord I need help in a big way, He asked me to tell you, I will send help to you in massive way.

Acts 16, you can read it from verse 25 to 34 - Is the story of Paul and Silas that were in prison, and at midnight, the Bible says Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises unto God and the prisoners heard them, because they were not praying quietly, they were not singing quietly.

And as I was studying through that passage, the Holy Spirit showed me, that if the prisoner heard them, the prison itself heard them and because the prison heard them that is while the door flung open as a result of an earthquake and all the yokes were loose, and the man who was to become their tormentor became their servant.

Is anyone here tonight, who want to be totally free?

Is anyone here tonight, who want all his enemy to become servant?

Are you ready to shout one big hallelujah?

Thank You Daddy.



Thank You Father.

Amen and amen.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, I will give you a breakthrough so big that even your great grandchildren will not lack.

Are you will to pray at least one more prayers before I close.

Please stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God, and say, Father, tonight let all my enemies hear noise.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

All my enemies Lord let them hear a noise, let them hear a noise, let all my enemies hear a noise. Every sickness, every disease in my body, let them hear a noise, let them hear a noise, let them hear a noise, let them hear a noise; thank You my Father, let all the enemies hear a noise. Let all my enemies hear a noise, let them hear a noise: all of them, whether physical, material or spiritual, or marital, let all my enemies hear a noise tonight, let them hear a noise tonight. Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Let us be seated. I am closing now.

For whom will the floodgates of heaven open?

You have seen now when the floodgates open, stagnation will end, progress will begin; lack will disappear, abundance will come; hopeless cases will be turned around, the siege will be over; the enemies will hear a noise and scatter.

But for whom will the floodgates of heaven open?

Very simple: the lepers said, we will not keep quiet.

For who will the floodgates open, the fellow who will not keep quiet about Jesus, those who will keep on testifying, those who will keep on witnessing, those who will keep on winning souls for God – they are the people for whom the floodgates will open.

On Wednesday, we are talking about floods of power, and I was asking you the question, those of you who are here, what do you need the power for?

To seat down in the church and warm the bench?

The power of God is not for frying chicken, you are in the church you are not a worker, you are not an usher, you are not in the choir, and you want the floodgates of heaven to open, God is going to ask you what for?

And I said some of you will say Sir, don’t you know my position? Who brought you to that position?

David was a king, he was in the choir, he was the organist

I told you on Wednesday, the Chief Judge of South Africa is a Parish Pastor.

The Chief Judge of the Republic of the Gambia is Parish Pastor.

The vice Chancellor is a Pastor.

I know of two traditional rulers who are area Pastors.

So what are we talking about?

God did not bring you here just to bless you, he want to turn you to blessing.

He doesn’t want you to becoming to church, seat down and listen, He wants you to serve Him.

That’s why you didn’t died the moment you are saved.

No, no, He gave you life, so that you can use that life to serve Him.

Some of us have not won a single soul for the past one year.

If God made you great He wants you to win great ones for Him.

For whom will the floodgates open?

God will not wait His blessing, He will give the blessing to those will become a blessing. To those who will be divine treasurers.

I am too old to do this, who said so?

At eighty years of age that was when Moses began to serve God.

Leave this congress ready now to serve God, go back and ask your Pastor, I want to become a worker and he says haa! your Excellence; eh en, excellence is on one side and God is another .

If he says your highness, tell him I am high to people, there somebody called the most High, tell you want to serve Him.

Let us go back from this congress change completely.

Change physically because our yokes are gone;

Change mentally, because we think the thought of God now.

Change spiritually because we want to begin to lay hands on the sick and see them recover.

Change spiritually, because everyone we meet we will tell them about Jesus Christ.

And of course He is not going to open the floodgates of heaven to a sinner.

You want God to prosper you so that you can marry wife number five; you want God to prosper you so that you can keep on fornicating; you want Him to prosper you so that you can begin to drink; no, no, no, He wants to prosper those who will serve Him: Who want to spend and be spent, For such the floodgates will open tonight.

And so finally, if you are here and not yet saved, this is your opportunity to surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

Now if you look around you in the huge auditorium, you will see about thirty two altar that are scattered there, if you want to give your live to Jesus, go to the nearest altar to you, each one has a white flag flying over it.

Because if we were to ask all of you to come forward, it will take a long walk, but ministers of God are waiting at the various altars to attend to you if you come forward to give your life to Jesus.

But if you are near here, then come forward now and give your live to Jesus.

I am only going to count from one to ten, since you to go to the nearest altar to you.

If God is to open the floodgates of heaven to you, you will have to give your life to Jesus first.

I am counting now.

One, Two, please go to the nearest altar to you, three, four, five, six, seven, remember you are to go to the nearest altar to you, only those who are near the front should come forward, my prayer will reach every one of you; seven, eight, nine, …By now you should have reach the nearest altar to you.

Those of you who are at the front begin to talk to God, ask Him to wash away your sins, promise Him that from now on you will serve Him; and those of us who are near to the various altars, let us stretch our hands to those who are at the altar, and pray for them and intercede that the Almighty who saved our soul, will save their own souls also.

Please pray for them, about a minute or two.

And those of you at the various altar, talk to the Lord, and say, please, save my soul, I will serve for the rest of my life; cleanse me in Your blood, and I will serve you for the rest of my life.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour, I just want to bless Your holy name for Your word. I want to You for all these people at the various altars, please receive them all in Jesus’ name, save their souls in Jesus’ name, wipe away their sins in Jesus’ name, write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus’ name, and from now on, anytime they call on You answer them by fire in Jesus’ name, and let them serve You till the end, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now, Counselors attend to the various people at the different altars.

Come attend to the ones here; I believe there are Counselors at the various altars, please let us do it quickly, we will give you some five minutes to attend to these people.

I rejoice with those of you who come to these various altars, I want to promise that from now by the grace of God I will be praying for you, and so, I will need your name, your address, and your prayer request.

The Counselors are coming; if they are not already there, they will give you cards to fill, if you can’t write, ask one of the Counselors to help you.

Just about five minutes, let us do very quickly.

And when you finish, you will return the card to the Counselors.

Counselor, God bless you, can we move a little faster.

Give us some music.

Thank you.

Now, I said yesterday that when you are coming today, you should come with you come, how many of you are here with your own?

How many of you didn’t hear, didn’t hear about it?

Okay!  Just a few.

If you didn’t hear about it raise your hand, I was able to buy some twenty four thousand.

So, if you didn’t hear, if you raise your hand, the usher will give you one.

If you have one, please don’t rub those who do not have one.

Those who have our own, get it ready now.

If it is in a cover, remove the cover now.

Now, let us do that quietly because I want to explain what we are about to do now.

The last time we did anything like this was about sixteen years ago, and we did and we forget about, I didn’t even know where my own of that day is.

But as I was travelling throughout the world this year, I can’t remember the particular country, a woman shared a testimony, and said when every road was blocked, she suddenly remembered, that special comb that we anointed, and what we said that night, that if we comb with that comb in a particular fashion, ways we open.

She went, took her comb and comb in that fashion, and in less than one week, all roads that had been blocked were open.

As she was sharing the testimony, the Lord said to me, there were many people who were not there some sixteen years ago, let us give them an opportunity now.

I am going to anoint these combs.

The last time I brought all the combs in Nigeria (laughing), to distribute to the few people.

Now I can’t even get, I wanted to get but I could only get twenty four thousand that is while I asked you to bring your own.

You see what happen is this, when Moses got to the Red Sea, he lifted his rod in a certain direction, and the sea parted, way open to the children of Israel.

When they get to the other side, using the same rod facing in the opposite direction, the sea closed upon all the enemies of the children of Israel.

What we are going to do tonight after I have prayed over these your comb.

Like I have always told you of things we do here, if you don’t believe in this kind of childish things, don’t bother to do them.

If you don’t believe that a man can wave is hand and your oil can become anointed, that the oil can even be taken to America to raise the dead, if you don’t believe in those childish things, please don’t participate.

You are already blessed, eh en, if you go home now you can’t say God hasn’t bless you.

But after the come have been blessed, first of all, you are going to comb your hairs backward and you are going to pray, that all problems in your life are gone forever.

And then when I give you the go ahead, you will now comb forward, declaring that from now on, as you move forward, success, progress, open doors, and you will please keep the comb jealously.

I can assure you the Devil will do everything to make sure you lose it but you will not allow him to succeed.

Somebody asked a question, he said what about those who don’t have hair? comb the head all the same.

Let us stand on our feet and lift the comb high.

Take it out of packets, take it out of containers, I give you one minute to do that one quickly.

Oh! Thank You my Father and my God. What a mighty God will serve.

And I am going to wave my hands, and as I do so I will be praying in the spirit and let your amen be loud, whether you know what am praying or not.

When am through, I will tell you what to do next.

******Speaking in the spirit******

Thank You my Father.

Glory be to God

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And now, first you comb backwards, and as you do so, you just say in the name of Jesus, sorrow you leave my life, sickness you leave my life, problem you leave my life, never too see you again. Go ahead, go ahead – sickness, problems, suffering bye-bye, poverty bye-bye, sickness disease bye-bye, failure bye-bye, every obstruction to my destiny bye- bye, bye-bye. In the name that is above every other name, problems bye-bye, sorrow bye-bye, helplessness bye-bye, every form of sea bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And now you will comb forward.

You say in the mighty name of Jesus, open doors, progress, prosperity, joy, health; just go ahead, and decree the things that we go into your future – new beginning, movement from glory to glory, from power to power, from strength to strength, from success to success, from anointing to anointing. In the mighty name Jesus, in my future, greater anointing, greater strength, greater power, greater glory, greater joy, closer work with God; in the mighty name of Jesus, divine assistance, finishing work; in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father, on Your behalf, and as Your representative, because You said, as You have heard in Your hears, so will You do unto us. The garment of suffering is gone in Jesus’ name, everything that is evil is gone in Jesus name, everything that is not of God is gone forever, and from now on you march into success, you march into open doors, you march from glory to glory, from success to success, from anointing to anointing, everything good, everything divine will lie before you now. So shall it be.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let me hear you shout a big hallelujah.

You may please be seated.

Please remember my word, “Don’t lose this comb”, treasure it.

If you are going to attend an interview, that is the comb to use.

If they have refused you visa, this is the comb to use.

When all doors seem to be closed, this is the comb to use.

We will hear your testimony soon in Jesus’ name.

Two things more and you will be on your way.

Number one, we want to say thank You to Jesus.

And number two, I going to ask you to ask God for Christmas present.

I want encourage any one of us don’t move yet, because this is the most important aspect of tonight.

I want to give you an advice, is an advice, I am not saying God says the Lord now; it is one thing for floodgates to open, and it has already open tonight, is another thing for the gates to remain open.

I am just advising you, if I were you, I will sow a seed, to make sure that my own gates remain open.

If I were you, I will think of something, something big that I can give to God, as a seed to keep my floodgates open.

If you chose to do that, not necessary now, if you are sending a check, you will write it in the name of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and write at the back, seed for keeping the doors or the gates open. If it is something else - land, cars, whatever, attach a letter with it saying this is a seed for keeping the gates open. I will encourage you that if possible before the end of the year you bring the seed.

Now we want to thank God for what He has done for us tonight.

Was any one blessed at all tonight?

If God bless you, let me hear you shout hallelujah.

As I have always told you, when it comes to thanksgiving, what you give is important, but is not as important as the way you give it.

Thanksgiving means you are thanking God, and your dancing, your rejoicing must show Him you appreciate Him.

So we take our thanksgiving offering, we dance, we rejoice and once you drop your offering, rejoice with your brothers and sister, celebrate with them. We do that very quickly and then I will ask you to ask God for a Christmas present, I will join my faith with yours, and we will be on our way home.

Over to the musician.

In this auditorium, let us just keep on dancing for a while, because there is where for you to go yet. There is no way your cars can move now, you may as well wait till those of the roads are cleared; that is while we have to pray that God will finish the new auditorium urgently, this one has become too small.

Now, don’t ask God for something small tonight, ask for something big now, that you want God to deliver to you before Christmas day.

Father, just give me a Christmas present and tell Him what you want Him to give you.

Let us begin to bring our prayer to a close.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You for what You have done tonight, thank You, thank You, thank You Father, thank You, please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

This is thanksgiving offering of Your children, please receive it in Jesus’ name, bless it, sanctify it, use it for Your glory.

Now, my Father and my God, You said in Your word, that if two of us shall agree as touching anything we shall ask on earth, it shall be done for us by our Father in heaven, tonight and in agreement with all these Your children, what they have asked for now, give to them in Jesus’ name. Before Christmas day, let them shout for joy, let them have the joy of answer prayers.

Now, Daddy, there might be some things they didn’t ask for, that they ought to have, so that there joy may be full, give to them in addition in Jesus’ name.

Thank You Father.

Thank You because I know it is down.

As you go, God will go with you, from now on it will be open doors, from now on it will be from one joy to another joy, it shall be well with you, and now, you will serve God more than ever before, in Jesus mighty name we prayed.


Who got the biggest miracles of tonight?

Shout the biggest hallelujah.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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