IN CHRIST ALONE 6th of March, 2015


In Christ Alone Friday 6th March, 2015

Let’s lift up our hands to the Most High God and begin to worship Him. Let’s praise the King of kings, let’s bless the Lord of lords, let’s magnify His holy name, let’s praise Him. Give Him glory, give Him honour give Him adoration.

He’s worthy to be praised, there is no one like Him, bless His holy name, thank You Ancient of Days, glory be to Your name God…In Jesus mighty name we worship.

I want you to lift your voice to Him and say Father, You know all things, You know You are all I have, please attend to me tonight; let’s talk to the Almighty… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

We give You all the glory

We give You honour

We give You all the glory

We give You honour. Amen


We give You adoration

We give You praises

We give You adoration

We give You praises. Amen


Ancient of Days, Alpha and Omega, the Rock Of Ages, the Great Physician, the Great Deliverer, the Great Provider, the Great Redeemer, the All in All, glory be to Your Holy Name, accept our worship in Jesus name.


Thank You for all You have done in the past 29 years, since the Holy Ghost Service began; thank You LORD for multiplying us on a daily basis, thank You for the souls You have saved, thank You for the sick You have healed, thank You for the captives You have set free, thank You for mighty testimonies, accept our worship in Jesus Name.


We are here again tonight on the anniversary of the Holy Ghost service, in the life of all Your children here and those who are listening all over the world, do something special tonight, do something great tonight, do something miraculous tonight, Father by the time this service is over let everyone be singing a new song, in Jesus mighty Name we have prayed. Amen.

Let somebody shout halleluyah. Shake hand with one or two people and say God will bless you tonight.

The report reaching us says; there are some children born here tonight.

I’m sure many of us know the history of the Holy Ghost Service! Some 29years ago, I was in London preparing the Sunday School booklet for the Mission, when I heard God say:

He said son, what do you want for your birthday?

I was shocked!

Number one, because I didn’t know God is interested in my birthday, then number two I didn’t know He could even ask me for a present.

So I said, LORD, if that is You please repeat the question.

He said,  it’s Me what do you want for your birthday?

So I said what I want is that all my members will get a miracle.

He said is that all I want;

I said that’s all I want.

He said in that case when you get home, call them together and I will give them whatever they ask for.

It was then I ask what shall we then call the service?

And He said call it Holy Ghost Service.

What happened that day at that particular service was so mighty and when we finished our people came to me and say why don’t you talk to God so that we can be doing this every year.

I asked Him and He said why not.

After some time they said why don’t you ask if we can do it every month.

And that’s while we’ve been doing it every month.

And I know that there are at least one or two people here that have benefited from the Holy Ghost Service.

If God has blessed you in any of the Holy Ghost services stand on your feet and shout a big halleluyah.

And while you remain standing, because as we continue I don’t know exactly all that the Holy Spirit will want to do.

I want to stand by pronouncing on you the Father’s blessing. So I want you to lift your hands to the Almighty, and let your amen be loud and clear.





“Ni oruko Jesu Christi, gbogbo eyin tien pe mi ni Daddy, yio dara fun yin, laro kutukutu Oluwa yio bukun fun yin, losan gangan Oluwa yio bukun fun yin, lasale Oluwa yio bukun fun yin, loganjo oru Oluwa yio bukun fun yin, be ba rin jade Oluwa yio bukun fun yin, bi e ba pada wole Oluwa yio bukun fun yin.

Oluwa yi o bukun fun ile ati ona yin, tomotomo yio dara fun yin, ohun gbogbo te ba hun dawole yio yori si rere, ibi ti elero pe e lede Oluwa yio gbe yin ko ja ibe.

Eyin na yio sin Olowa dopin, yin dara fun yin, be lo mari, loruko Jesu Christi Oluwa wa”. Amin.   In Jesus Mighty Name we pray.

Let me hear somebody now shout halleluyah. You may please be seated. Even if you go home now your case is already settled.

In April by the grace of God, we have our usual Special Holy Ghost service for children and their parents.

A very, very special service. Those of you that have attended before you know how powerful it can be.

But let me remind you that because the devil was aware of the blessings of the children during that period, almost invariably he creates a big hold-up on that day.

So my advice to you is that you don’t wait till the evening, as soon as the children get out of school bring them straight away.

There are plenty of places to play here while they wait for the service.

A special Holy Ghost Service for children and their parents. The theme this year is “TOUCH ME OH LORD”, that will tell you that is not for children alone, I want God to touch me also. 

I want to thank all of you for your prayers, for your gifts, for your cards. 

Even though I have told you not to send cards, just the money, the money that can go on the mission field not card, so as from next year just send the money.

Of course I can’t reply all of you to say thank you, but my God will thank you on my behave in Jesus Name.

I also want to thank very very much, specially, my covenant partners, particularly those that have been my partners for the past three years.

Your commitment can end today, but if you want, you can continue; so am about to call for my new covenant partners.

I want you to listen very carefully because the conditions for being a covenant partner have changed.

In the past, I normally ask you to fast for a whole month – February and I think November, but for this time all we want you to do is fast for two days every month and pray for us.

Every month at least two days, fast and prayer for us “for health, for strength, for fresh anointing, to finish strong and finish well”.

Pray for us for health, for strength, for fresh anointing, to finish strong and finish well.

Pray for us that we will never disappoint God.

Basically, those are the prayer points.

And then we will be grateful if you can support the work of the ministry on a monthly basis. And we are going to list seven groups; if you fill you can belong to any of the groups, make sure you fill your name, your phone number and the group you want to belong to. If you don’t have anything to write on, you signal to the ushers they will give you a piece of paper very soon.

Ø Group one - are those who want to support us on a monthly basis with at least #1000.     Group one #1,000 and above every month.

Ø Group two - #10, 000 a month and above, that’s group two

Ø Group three - #50,000 and above every month

Ø Group four - #100,000 a month or above

Ø Group five - #500,000 a month or above

Ø Group six - #1,000,000 a month and above

Ø Group seven - #5,000,000 a month or above

Any of the groups that you want to belong to would make you one of the partners.

And my own commitment to you is not that I will fast for two days in the month, I will fast definitely more than two days in the month and I will pray for you every blessed day, every blessed day.

For those who would want to belong to any of these groups in foreign currency:

Ø Group one would be $10 and above a month

Ø Group two - $100 and above.

Ø Group three - $500 and above

Ø Group four - $1,000 and above

Ø Group five - $5,000 and above

Ø Group six - $10,000 and above

Ø Group seven - $50,000 and above

And when you look at various groups, some of you may look at group seven now and say “God have mercy”, I want to assure you, for all my covenant partners as I rise, you will rise also and even if you are at the very low group now, very soon you will be in group seven.

So, if you don’t have any writing material signal to the ushers they will give a little piece of plain paper.

All you need to write is your name, your phone number and your group so that we can contact you. And when you are writing your check as a covenant partner, you write in the name of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, and at the back you write Covenant Partner.

And don’t say because you are my covenant partner and write the check in my name, if you write it in my name, what do you think I will use it for?

Pounded yam.

Thank you.

So when you write the check, write in the name of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, and on the back write Covenant Partner.

In the name of the God I serve He will begin to surprise you in Jesus Name.

Well, they say if you have an email address it will be good if you can include it.

Name, phone number, email address, and the group you belong to. When you finish writing it you wave it and the usher will come and collect it from you.

Thank you Jesus.

Now if you are ready to be further blessed tonight, let me hear you shout hallelujah.

‘In Christ Alone’.

John chapter 14 verse 14, there we found an incredible promise. Jesus said if ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it.


If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it.

He didn’t say I may do it.

Apart from people saying that when you pray that there are three possible answers.

Either God will say, yes; or God will say, no; or God will say wait.

It sounds very good; but next time somebody tells you that, ask him to show you where it is written in the Bible.

They will never find it. He said if you ask anything in my name I will do it.

Our theme tonight is ‘In Christ Alone’. Why do we say In Christ Alone?

Because Jesus Christ is unique. There is no other person like Him ever in the world.

One of my sons was preaching yesterday, and he said Jesus has no classmate, that He had no classmate at all.

I got to my room, I say that is true, because He was a professor at the age of twelve. According to Luke chapter 2 verses 46 – 47, the Bible says that twelve years of age He was outstanding, the Doctors of law, at the age of twelve without going to the University.

 He was a professor. Jesus is unique because

v He’s a King according to Revelation 19 verse 11-16, the Bible calls Him the King of kings. But at the same time He was a Servant according to Mark chapter 10 verse 45. King of kings, Servant of servants. Unique combination.

v He was a Lion, Revelation chapter 5 verse 5. The Bible calls Him the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. And at the same time He was a Lamb, John chapter 1:29. The Lion who is also a Lamb. Strange combination

v He was the Commander-in-Chief of all the hosts of heaven and underneath the earth, Psalm 24 verse 7 to 10.

v And when you say somebody is a Commander-in-Chief, it means you don’t command Him, He’s the one who command everybody else.

v And yet, according to Hebrew chapter 5 verse 8, the Bible says He learnt obedience. Commander-in-Chief who learnt obedience; strange combination

v He was the Great Physician. Exodus 15 verse 26, He said I am the one that healeth thee. If you are my patient you will never even know what is call sickness. But at the same time He was the prescription.

v He’s the Great Physician, He’s the Prescription – the drug you have to take to be well. 1Peter chapter 2 verse 24, by His stripes you are healed.

v He’s a Physician who took a beaten so that the patient can be well; strange combination.

v He is unchangeable. Hebrews 13 verse 8, Jesus Christ the Same yesterday, today and forever and yet His name spared change, 2Corithians chapter 5 verse 17, therefore if any man be in Christ is a new creature old things have passed away behold all things have become new. He doesn’t change, but His name brings change everywhere He goes.

v He is Love 1John chapter 4 verse 8; and yet He’s also the Consuming fire Hebrews chapter12 verse 29. Strange combination

v He is the Beginning. The Beginning of all beginnings John chapter 1 verse 1 and 14 in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God; and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, the glory of the Only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. He was the beginning, but He was also the End Revelation chapter 1 verse 8, He’s Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending.

v He is as solid as a rock. 1Corinthians chapter 10 verse 4, it said that Rock is Christ; and yet He’s as soft as a word. As solid as a rock, as soft as a word because in the beginning was the Word

v He’s as old as old can be. Daniel chapter 7 verse 9 calls Him the Ancient of Days. And yet is forever Young, He said My name is I AM, unchangeably I am.

So you see that Jesus Christ is not like any other man. He has no classmate.

He’s a King and also a Servant, He’s a Lion that is also a Lamb, is a Commander-in-Chief who learnt to be obedient, He’s a Physician that is also the prescription, is Unchangeable and yet He spares change, He is Love at the same time the Consuming fire, He is the Beginning as well as the End, Solid as a Rock and soft as a Word, as Old as old can be and yet forever young.

So when He says if you ask anything in my name, I will do it, that should tell you that the One who is talking to you is no ordinary person.

Nobody else could give you that kind of assurance. He is saying whatever you need, whatever I have to turn Myself to meet that need I will do it.

If you need healing I will turn Myself to a Doctor, you need money I will turn Myself to a Banker, you need defense, I will turn Myself to a Warrior, whatever you need to just ask Me and I will do it.

And only Christ alone can make such a promise and fulfil it.

If anybody should give me a blank check that he had signed and ask me to write whatever I wanted on the check, am sure his account will begin to read red by the time I made the withdrawal.

But the bank of Jesus can never be exhausted.

So I have good news for someone here tonight on this very special occasion, whatever you ask from Him, He will do it for you.

Maybe we will just itemize one or two things so that you can go to Him in faith. And am appealing to you tonight, do not pray, hoping, that the prayer would be answered, pray tonight with the assurance that by the next Holy Ghost Service you will share your testimonies.

Maybe your problem is physical call on Jesus is the Ultimate Specialist.

According to Exodus 15 verse 26, He said I am the LORD that healeth.

You heard the testimony of my son the Professor, maybe what he forgot to tell you is that they were busy testing him, they never give any treatment, never give a tablet, never give him an injection for healing, but the Almighty God did it all by Himself.

I want to prophesy to someone here tonight, even where Doctors have failed Jesus will succeed tonight.

He wasn’t just the Ultimate Physician, He’s not only a Doctor that, never referred a case, and He’s also a Compassionate Doctor.

In Mark chapter 1 verse 40 to 45, when that leper came to Him and he said if thou will, you can make me clean, the Bible says Jesus Christ was moved by compassion.

And tonight in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, God will have mercy on someone here today.

He is so mighty a physician that in order to heal you all you need to do is hear is a word from Him.

Because the Bible says He sent His word and heals them.

In Mathew chapter 8 verse 5 to 13, the Centurion said to Jesus you don’t need to come to my house, you don’t need to lay hands on my servant, stand where you are, say a word and my servant shall be made whole.

Jesus sends a word the servant was made whole. 

A couple of years ago, we were travelling and we were in a hurry the car has started to move and I saw someone running after us, saying Daddy, Daddy! Am not asking you to stop just say I am well, that’s all I want to hear, I said in that case you are well and the testimony came of instant healing.

And so am saying to somebody here tonight hearing my voice in the Name of the One who sent me be healed now.

Have you a financial problem? Report it to Jesus; according to Psalm 24 verse 1, the Bible says the earth is the LORD and the fullness thereof.

And one of my children called Him the CEO of the Universal Bank, the biggest bank in the world belongs to Him and you know what, he said even the branch of that bank is inside the river that’s when He asked fish to  produce money out of its mouth.

When you have a need report it to Jesus Christ and don’t tell Him about the big ones alone talk to Him about small once too.

He’s ready to take care of all your needs big and small.

I can tell you how He has met my big needs and you will shout, but I want you to know that He has met my smaller needs also.

When I was at Ilorin somebody came in and brought us a very big fish; we have eaten for the day, we were grateful because there was no money left in the house, but my wife said there is this young man who has come to visit from Lagos and he has seen this big fish brought in, he will be wondering whether he could eat a little bit of it before he goes, so she cut off the head and cooked it and gave a bit of it to this very young man who was very grateful.

As we are about to lay down to sleep, a friend came with his entire family and said am on my way to… where did they call this place… Lokoja and I decided to branch in your place because we are very, very hungry and we know if we get to your house we will get food, I looked at my wife, we looked at our self, very quickly she prepared eba and gave them the head of the fish.

I talked to my wife I said the LORD is my shepherd, I shall never want.

I prophesy to someone here today all your needs big and small, so that you will never be put to shame, God will provide in Jesus Name.

Have you mental challenges? Do you need help academically? Or you are facing a difficult decision? Referred the matter to Jesus.

According to Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6, His name is Wonderful, Counselor, He is the highest Wisdom of all and He is ready to give you wisdom and give it to you generously.

According to James chapter one, verse 5 to 6 if you need even a brand new brain He can supply it.

And I believe there are some student here tonight some who have just been managing to pass;

I prophesy to you in the Name of the Almighty God in the next exam you will surprise your professors.

A woman came to us in America and said please my husband needs help he had been so heavy on drugs, the doctors said his brain has been fried, the brain is as if it had been cooked in hot oil.

The wife says we all live in fear because he sit down at home. surrounded himself with guns so we don’t know what is going to happen next.

I said let’s go and pray for him, she said haaa! If he sees a black man coming he will just go ahead and shoot you, I said let’s go; I know the God I serve.

We got in there, of course I prayed before I went in there, I wanted to come to Nigeria safe and sound, told my Daddy in advance to “go and take control”.

We got in there and he received me, he wanted to talk, he told me the problem he had and I told him sir, what you need is a brown new brain, if you will allow Jesus Christ; He will give you a brown new brain.

We prayed a simple prayer and he escorted me to the car, the following Sunday he was in church.

Anyone who needs a new brain receive your own tonight.

Thank You Father, I thought since I have already blessed you and that’s all but Daddy says that there is someone here tonight He says you should relax He said those who threw you into the fire would still discover I control fire also.

Thank You Daddy. The LORD says there is someone here tonight He says those who are pitying you now will soon marvel at your victory.

I want to say amen to this one too; because Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said from now on, I will take over your battles.

Are you having marital problems? Report the matter to Jesus. Are you single? He is the Original Match Maker.

According to Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 to 23, it was even while Adam was sleeping that God provided him with a wife.

Am praying for someone here tonight, as impossible as it may appear to you before my next birthday you will be happily married.

Are you barren? Call on Jesus; He is called the Fruitful Vine.

John 15 verse 1 to 5, He says if you abide in Me and My word abide in you then you bring forth much fruit.

I pray for someone here tonight just has my son stood here tonight carrying a set of twins after twenty years of marriage, when it is testimony time next year, your own twins will be three months old.

Have you lost your children? Have your children died? Report it to Jesus.

Jarius came to Jesus and even the daughter had died, she came back to live.

Mark chapter 5 verse 35 to 42, and if you have ever lost a child, report to Jesus all the same, He will restore, He will give you better children than the ones you lost.

Or do you have difficult children? Children who just behave somehow, call on the Deliverer, He will chase the demon out of them.

There are things punishment cannot get out of a child, but if you pray the Almighty God can take control.

In Mathew 15 verse 21 to 28,…

Thank You Father, the LORD says there is someone here tonight, He said you will understand, He asks me to tell you the bottle neck is gone.

…in Mathew 15 verse 21 to 28, the daughter of the woman who came to Jesus was not just difficult, but she was being tormented by demons.

Jesus just sent a word and he was set free.

Some years ago, when I was still a lecturer at the University of Lagos, a woman came to me with a problem; her son suddenly left the University and locked himself up in his room, he will not come out, he will not talk to anyone all that he wanted was someone to open the door slightly and throw in hid food.

He was defecating in his room, he was doing everything in the room.

The woman said, it has been two weeks now.

What do I do? If I bring in the police they will send him to an asylum.

I said, there is a God who can solve this problem.

My God can solve any problem and He does not have to enter into that room, all He has to do is send a word in there, and we sent a word on behalf of the Most High God.

By the time she got back home the boy had come out, he had bathed himself, he had cleaned his room.

And he said, “I have been waiting for you because I want to go back to college”.

I send a word to all your difficult children tonight there will be transformation tonight in Jesus Name.

Have you spiritual problems? Are you fighting forces you cannot see? Report them to Jesus. He is the LORD of host according to Philippians chapter 2 verse 9 to 11,

Thank You Father, the LORD says there is someone here tonight saying Jesus all I want to tell You that am tired of bad news, the LORD asked me to tell you, till you die you won’t hear another bad news.

Amen and amen. Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said it will never be said of you that you use to be rich; it will never be said of you that once upon a time he was rich.

Thank You Father, amen Daddy. The LORD says there is someone here tonight, He said for the rest of your life a time will never come when you will say, my yesterday is better than my today.

… Have you any spiritual problem? Report it to Jesus. Philippians 2 verse 9 to 11says that by His name all knees should bow.

If any demonic force is troubling you, face them with the name of Jesus and they will be compelled to bow.

When I say in Christ alone, the Bible makes it clear anything anybody could ever need is found in Christ.

Philippians 4: 19 made it clear that my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

In Christ alone, all goals can be achieved. After all, Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

Ephesians 3 verse 20 says He is able to do exceedingly abundantly all that you can ask or think; and all you have to do is ask Him.

According to John 14 verse 14, says just ask anything in My Name, and I will do it.

And there would be someone who will say, but I have been asking, it doesn’t seem that I have gotten an answer yet; two things

Number one. In the Name that is above every other name, the answer will come tonight.

The second thing is that many of us don’t know how to access these awesome privileges available to us in Christ Jesus.

Many of us claims to be Christians, probably because we go to church.

Some of us say we are born again we not ordinary church goers, but Jesus Christ never ask for girlfriends, He asks for a bride.

He did say if you become my friend, just shouting halleluyah, well doing something for me once in a while when is convenient for you, He says I want you to be completely sold out to Me.

He said I want a few chances between Me and you.

He said I want a relationship of a husband and a wife, He said I want a situation that you will able to say for better, for worse like Paul the Apostle said in Philippian 1 : 21.

He says for me to live is Christ, to die is Him, in order words, he’s saying I am married to Jesus; whether the going is good or the going is rough, I am married to Jesus.

Jesus is looking for a wife – totally sold out to Him.

Who will say all I am is yours Jesus, so that Jesus turn around and say okay, all I also Am is yours  also.

When I was preparing this little talk because I know the sermon tonight must not be long because there are several other things God want to do tonight, The LORD reminded me about what happened when I was about getting to be married.

There are many of us contesting for the hand of my wife, we wanted to marry a beautiful princess.

Of all of them, I was the least qualified; we were many, but there were three of us that were principal contestants.

She was a student, I was a student, there was even one who has been already a Lawyer and he had a car.

All I had was a ‘footwagen’.

And one day my wife yet-to-be said I was driving through your street and I saw a beautiful story building, that must be your house I said haa (laughing…)

who dash monkey banana?

Story building! 

I said, I better talk to this girl,

So, I said please listen I have nothing- no money, no house; ask her, I never took her to my house until we got married; no house, no money, no influence, no nothing, so if I have anything at all, it is the little brain God gives me.

I have nothing to offer you except myself.

If you will marry me, you will have me to yourself completely.

Strangely, she said because you are so honest, I will marry you.

Some of you don’t know the reason why after 47 years of marriage, we still in the honeymoon.

That is the kind of relationship God wants with you,

Total commitment, not half leg in half leg out, He wants you to surrender to Him so absolutely that He Himself will know that whatever you have, whatever you can become, is completely at His disposal.

When you get to that level of relationship with Him, He can ask anything of you, you will surrender with joy and you can ask anything of Him and He will do it for you.

Do I hear somebody say amen.

One of my sons told a story yesterday and with that I close.

They said a man went to a crusade  and gave his life to Jesus.

It was offering time and he emptied his pocket.

On his way home, robbers stopped him.

They said your money or your life?

He said, I have neither.

They said what do you mean?

He said, where I was coming from, the preacher asked me to surrender my life to Jesus, and I gave it to Jesus, offering time came, I emptied my pocket, so I have no money I have no life, there is nothing for you to take.

That kind of total surrender, total submission, is what God is expecting from you.

To get to that level of relationship with Him, and I can guarantee you one thing, before the sun rises you will sing a new song.

So, if there is anyone here and you’ve been pretending to be born-again, but now, you want to be involved and you are willing to totally surrender yourself to Him, I know some of you had already come forward earlier in the evening, but I also know some of you came late and some of you don’t understand what was been done the last time but now you know what it is and you want to really surrender your life to Jesus; come forward very quickly.

I know some of you are very far away, so I will count from one to fifteen before I say fifteen let me see you standing before me here.

Then, I will pray for the salvation of your soul and you will have a brown new beginning with Jesus.

So come now as I begin to count- one, two, if you are very far away you need to begin to move fast, total surrender to Jesus Christ in living or in dying, for better, for worse, once and for all submissions; come quickly, three, four, five, six, promise to surrender your life to Him never to take it back, absolute surrender, no looking back at all, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, as you come begin to pray begin to talk to Jesus, tell Him, “I have come to surrender my life to You”.

Come quickly, all I am all I can ever be, total surrender to You, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, begin to pray now begin to talk to the Almighty God.

LORD, have mercy on me, save my soul today, I have come to surrender completely to You, wash me clean from all my sins, give me a new beginning, take me as I am but I will be Yours forever –

I will be Yours forever.

Please let the rest of us stretch our hands towards these people and pray for them.

Let’s intercede for them; You are the One who saved our souls, will save their own souls also, just intercede for them.

I think the counselors should come round so that they can help them quickly.

Let’s intercede for them.

Those of you on the way, hurry up, cry to the Almighty God.

Father, I have come to surrender my life to You, save my soul today.

I want to be totally married to You LORD in living or in dying, I want to be Yours, I want to be Yours forever, have mercy on me.

LORD, accept me as I am and I will serve You till the end, I will serve You till the end.

Those of you still on the way, hurry up.

I want to pray now, I want to pray for your salvation. Thank You Jesus, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father, we just want to say thank You, thank You for Your word, thank You for these people who have come forward, please receive them in Jesus name, save their soul in Jesus Name, let Your blood wash them clean in Jesus Name, please write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus Name, don’t let the devil take them back in Jesus Name, from now on whenever they call on You answer them by fire.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen

And those of you who are still coming just keep coming, you are not too late, the prayer covered you because He saw you coming.

Now, I want to rejoice with those of you who have come forward tonight congratulations to you.

I want to promise you that from now on I will be praying for you.

So, the counselor will give you a little card that I want you to fill very quickly; write your name, your address, your prayer request, and I promise you, I will be praying for you, and once you finish filling the form please return it to the counselors and go back to your seat.

We would give you about five minutes to finish that and then we will continue with the program.

The rest of us, let’s begin to thank the Almighty God for what He’s about to do tonight, let’s thank Him for what He has already done.

Let’s thank Him for salvation of souls, let’s thank Him because prayers will be answer here tonight, let’s go ahead and begin to thank God…

Let’s write down the following prayer points. I want you to approach God with the confidence that every prayer prayed here tonight will be answered.

Number one. Praise Him that you were even alive to see this day

Number two. You say Father, Great Physician, I hand over my body to You please uproot every sickness every disease from my body.

Number three. Father, Great Deliverer, please drive all enemies far from me; just drive them far from me.

Number four. Father, Great Provider, don’t let me ever know lack again

Number five. Say Father, I need You every hour please never leave me alone

Number six. Father, King of kings let me be married to You forever

Number seven. Father, make me a vessel unto honour in Your hands forever

And then you can add whatever you want to add on your own.

Tonight you are going to pray with all your heart, it could not be long, but make sure you pray with all your heart, with faith, believing that every prayer you pray here tonight God will answer by fire; let’s go ahead and talk to the LORD.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Join hands with your neighbor and say Father, let this Your child experience a major turnaround for the better tonight.

Go ahead, talk to the LORD, this Your child LORD, let him/her have a major turnaround for the better tonight, major turnaround for the better.

This Your child, my Father and my God give him a major turnaround for the better tonight, a major turnaround for the better tonight.

Ancient of days let this Your child have a major turnaround for the better tonight.

Almighty God, let this Your child have a major turnaround for the better tonight, a major turnaround for the better, that he will remember today as the marking of a turning point for the better in his/her life.

Father, so let it be, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And then you pray one more prayer for him or her and say Father, let this Your child fulfil his destiny; go ahead talk to the LORD.

Let this Your child fulfil his destiny, Almighty God, let this Your child fulfill his destiny, Ancient of days let this Your child fulfill his destiny, work it out in Your own miraculous way.

This Your child will fulfill his destiny, let this Your child fulfill his destiny, let this Your child fulfill his destiny, Almighty God, let this Your child fulfill his destiny in Jesus mighty name, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The All sufficient God will answer your prayers.

In a miraculous way every sickness and diseases in your body will disappear tonight.

Beginning from tonight, enemies will stay far away from you.

You will never lack again, and God will never leave alone, you will remain married to Jesus forever, you will be a great vessel unto honour in His hands forever.

Something will happen in your life that will cause you to remember tonight for good.

You will fulfil your destiny, you will reach your goal, the purpose of God for your life shall come to pass.

It shall be well with you, God shall answer your prayers, and your joy shall overflow, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If you receive that let me hear you shout halleluyah.





Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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