PEACE BE STILL 6th of February, 2015


PEACE BE STILL – Feb 6th 2015

Thank You LORD. Let’s lift up our hands to Almighty God  and begin to bless His Holy name.

 Let’s give Him glory, let’s give Hive honour, that He had kept us through the month of January and we are today at the beginning of a new month, give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

He’s worthy to be praised, He’s worthy to be magnified, there is no one like Him.

He is the Prince of peace; when He speaks it is done, magnify His Holy Name, magnify His Holy Name, magnify His Holy Name.

Take absolute control LORD, as we magnify Your name tonight. We lift You high, we bless You, You are worthy to be praised, we adore You, thank You Father, glory be to Your Holy name, thank You Father.

Thank You Ancient of days. Thank You LORD, in Jesus mighty name we worship.

Brethren, at the beginning of this year, the Almighty God told us that this year Ebola will die. We are in the second month already Ebola is on its way out.

I want us to lift our voices to Him and say thank You Father, thank You for destroying Ebola in Liberia, thank You for destroying Ebola in Guinea, thank You for destroying Ebola in Serrialone.

Thank You Almighty God for Your faithfulness that when You speak, it is done we bless Your Holy Name.

We give You all glory, we give You all honour, we give You all adoration, thank You because You are faithful, thank You because when speak it is done, thank You faithful Father in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now I want you to pray with all your heart and say Father, this time round let Ebola stay dead. Go ahead to the Almighty God, don’t let it ever resurrect, let Ebola stay dead permanently dead never to resurrect, don’t let the world ever experience another outbreak of Ebola forever.

Let Ebola remain dead permanently dead, thank You Jesus in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. …

Now I want you to lift your voice to Him and say Father, Prince of peace, please visit me today. Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God. Visit me today LORD, Prince of Peace is visiting me today. Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

You are worth oh LORD

You are worthy

You are worthy to be glorified

You are worth oh LORD

You are worthy

You are worthy to be glorified



Father Almighty, we bless Your name. Thank  You for keeping us alive, thank You in advance for what You will do this month; thank You for what You will do in our future, thank You because our future will be alright, please accept our thanks in Jesus Name.

Thank You for driving Ebola out of Nigeria, thank You for killing Ebola, right now, thank You because where schools are shut are now reopening the schools, because You spoke and it is done Father accept our thanks in Jesus Name Father we pray that Ebola will never raise again.

And the LORD God Almighty, Prince of peace as we gathered before You today, visit every one of us in Jesus Name.

And Your children who are listening to  us all over the world by radio, by television, by internet, please LORD, Prince of peace visit all of us tonight in Jesus Name. By the end of tonight my Father and my God, let everyone of us sing a new song.

Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. And let somebody shout hallelujah….

Shake hand with one or two people that God will bless you tonight and then you may please be seated.

Very quickly lets go to Mark chapter 4 from verse 35 – 41, you would say that’s what the first preacher preached upon. Oh yes! Whenever I have to preach, when somebody great has preached, I just come round and say well he said so and so.

I just repeat what he has said and we are blessed, but you never can tell there might be one or two little things that a Pastor can add to what that great man has said.

Mark 4 from verse 35-41- “and the same day when the even was come, He saith onto them let us Passover onto the other side and when they had sent away the multitude, they took Him even as He was in the ship and there were also with other little ships and there arose a great storm of wind and the waves shift into the ship so that it was now full and He was in the hinder part of the ship, as sleep on a pillow, they awake Him and say unto Him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? And He arose and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. And He said unto them, why are ye so fearful?  How is it that ye have no faith? And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, what manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

Concerning you tonight the wind and sea will obey the LORD Jesus Christ.

There are lessons we want to learn very quickly and I will be brief tonight because time has been a bit spent.

Incidentally, I think I need to tell you this; when you are worshiping God between the period of about quarter to nine to quarter to ten, several chains were broken.

I want to let you know, it is a beautiful experience. God did something awesome here tonight when you are worshiping God.

As a matter of fact, it is awesome that from now on by the special grace of God after the first talk, we will have a section of was fantastic.

Now, amen. The first lesson we want to learn from this story in addition to all my son has said, is that Jesus in your boat does not mean there will be no storm.

Jesus was in the boat and yet a storm arose.

All it means when you have given your life to Jesus Christ is that no matter the storm you will never sink. In John 16 verse 33.

Jesus Christ said in this world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.

He was talking to His own.  He said in this world you will have tribulations, so don’t let anybody deceive you that once you give your life to Jesus  you won’t have problems, that’s not what the bible says. All it says is that once Jesus is in your boat, no matter the problems your boat will never sink.

So I’m decreeing to somebody here today your boat will never sink. 

In Isaiah 43 verse 1 and 2, the Bible tells that after you have been redeemed, then when you walk through the river it won’t overflow you.

When you pass through the fire it will not burn you.  Now, we didn’t say ‘if’; He said ‘when’, in other word is a matter of time, sooner or later in life, there will be a storm, but if Jesus is in your boat when the storm comes, you can be sure your boat will not sink.  So I want you to help me tell your neighbor, you will land safely.

Second thing to learn from this story is that the storm does not give  notice. If there was a notice that there was going to be stormy, probably the boat with Jesus in it will have waited for the storm to blow pass, both the storms of life do not give notice.

For example, Isaiah 38 verse 1. King Hezekiah woke up in the morning and suddenly they told him a prophet of God is here to see you, sir, and he said okay bring him in and the man of God came in and said sir, thus saith the LORD put your house in order, for you shall die and not live.

Can you imagine how Hezekiah felt!

He wasn’t expecting that bad news, but suddenly a storm came. Or 2King chapter 5 verse 1, imagine how Naaman felt the day it became clear to him that what he thought was an ordinary boil was leprosy.

Or imagine what happen in Genesis 37 from verse 23-28. The day that Joseph came to visit his brothers, he wasn’t coming to visit enemies, he thought he was coming to visit his brothers and suddenly he discovered before the end of the day he has become a slave.

Storms come suddenly without notice.

If there is anyone here today who have just discovered that there is a big problem in your life, I want to prophesy to you straight away that the problem will end tonight in Jesus Name.

The third lesson that we should learn from this story is that whenever a storm arises, call on Jesus.

The disciples spent a lot of time rowing, using their own strength, using their own wisdom, using their own ability, using their own experience and that didn’t solve the problem.

The problem was solved only when they call on Jesus. Psalm 46 verse 1 tells us that Jesus Christ is the Ever Present help in the time of trouble; you have a trouble?

Call on Him and He’s always standing by to help.

Proverb chapter 18 verse 10 says the name of the LORD is a Strong Tower, the righteous run into it and is safe.

It doesn’t matter how suddenly the storm may come, there will always be enough time to call on Jesus.

Some of you who remember the story of a young man who change his religion and the parents, the father in particular decided that they will kill him and the father told his friends to help kill him I can’t kill him myself, and friends \said if we kill him is already too late he has spoiled your name.

Not only did he become a Christian, he was preaching.

So they told him what we will do him, we will run him mad. So if people see him go mad, they will think it was the beginning of madness.

And then they told him what to do, made a charm for him, they said, send for the boy when he comes, because the boy was in secondary school; as soon as he comes in, call his name if he answers he will go mad immediately.

So the father sends for the boy. He was sleeping in the story building in the town not far from here and the boy came to attend to his father, as he was entering the house the father went in took the charm, chanted the incantation and as the boy entered, the father called the name; automatically when your father call’s you, what do you do?, you answer. So the boy answered, looking up to see his father, but instead of seeing his father, he saw a huge mountain descending on him.

There was no time to pray, but there was a enough time to shout a name.

Thank you.

And as soon as he shouted Jesus the mountain went back, the boy ran out of the house. Today he’s still preaching the gospel.

Whatever storm may be already in your life, we are going to drive it away today. Let me hear you shout another Jesus… thank you.

The next lesson we learn from this story is that one word from Jesus and there will be peace.

He got up and said peace, be still. He didn’t have to repeat Himself – just one word and all the storm ceased.


Because Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6 says just Himself is the Prince of peace, so when spoke it was the Prince of peace that was speaking. Not only that, the bible tells us in John chapter 1 verse 1 – 3 that in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God, and if you jump two verses it says by Him were all things made.

When He spoke a word, the wind recognizes the One who was speaking as the One who made him; the sea recognizes the one speaking, that is the one who made it.

And so, when He spoke to the wind, the wind obeyed. When He spoke to the sea, the sea obeyed;

And tonight He’s going to speak to that wind in your life in Jesus Name. He’s going to speak to that sea in your life in Jesus Name; and both of them must obey Him.

One word from Him, that’s all you need to hear.

I told you before, we are travelling to London on our Beloved Nigeria Highway of Blessed Memory, and already approaching when we are asked to fasten our seat belt, when of a sudden the pilot said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a little problem and the little problem is that the door in the belly of the plane refuses to open.”

In other words, the landing gear cannot come out which is another way of saying we are about to crash.

On that day, I was travelling “First Class” because somebody bought the ticket and there were all kinds of rich people there.

There was a particular man there I can’t forget, the rings on his fingers alone would be enough to buy me if were for sale. He had a golden walking stick; there were all kinds of stones – diamonds and so on.

Since we left Ikeja he had been getting up pretending to be going to the toilet just to show us the walking stick.

Now when he heard that the door refuse to open, this time he really wanted to go the toilet. He got up and the hostel said sit down, sir, he said who said so?

That day I discovered that rich people don’t want to die.

Everyone began to shout and those people who had been pretending that water will not melt in their mouth, suddenly they became like you and I as loud as anything.

One woman was saying, oh God, I was going to London to take care of my children; nobody asks her.

And I will tell you the truth, even myself, I was afraid, anointing or no anointing, for three minutes very quickly I examined my life – who did I offend that didn’t forgive me and then finally I said to God, but  Daddy, You didn’t tell me this  is how is going to end.

And God spoke to me. God will speak to somebody here tonight. I heard His voice and said son doesn’t worry yourself, you are not going to die, I want to talk to you, and I know as soon as you land in London, these people won’t allow you and I to talk and we need to talk now.

Ooh! So I relaxed for 45minutes the plane was going round the circles and the pilot added fuel to the fire, when he said ladies and gentlemen come down now, you know that the firefighters in Ethos are very efficient.


You mean we are going to burn?

After my Daddy and I have spoken for 45minutes the door opened and we landed safely.

In the name that is above every other name you will hear a word from the LORD tonight.

The fifth lesson that I want us to learn from this story is that He had still storm before – Jesus had still storms before. 

Physically. In Mathew chapter 8 verse 1-3, when that leper came to Him, that leper was in a storm, he was carrying an incurable disease and he wasn’t even supposed to come into the crowd, but he came with that storm and Jesus Christ spoke a word to him and the storm was ceased.

In Mark chapter 5 from verse 25 – 34, the woman with the issue of blood was in a storm, when her mensuration period began.

She thought it was normal, but when the thing didn’t end after one week, after two weeks, after a month, ha!

Suddenly she realized that this is a storm. But the day she came in contact with Jesus Christ the storm was over.

A relation of mine drove himself and his wife to church. Everything was fine, they finished the service, it was time to go home and suddenly he discovered he couldn’t see again and the wife couldn’t drive.

He left home normal, come to church, have a wonderful service; was about to go home and suddenly the storm came. The wife had to lead him by the hand into the car because the wife couldn’t drive, he sat down there and the wife had to guide him a little step by little step until they got home.

When they got home, the wife had to lead him by the hand into the room, that’s a storm. But glory be to God in the highest. We called on Jesus Christ and his sight was completely restored.

Every physical storm that may be here tonight shall be still in Jesus Name.  

He had still material storms before. In 1king chapter 27 verse 8-16, the widow of Zarephath was in a storm. She had a son, but only one meal left, she has taken a decision I will prepare this last meal myself and my son will eat and we commit suicide- that was a storm.

But then, unknown to her while she got ready to prepare the last meal, help was on the way.

For somebody here tonight help is already on your way.  

I can tell several stories if you want to know more about that, maybe you should buy the tape on divine encounter of last Monday, you will get that one there.

But He has ceased storms in marriages before, because there might be some people now whose marriage might be going through a storm.

If you read Luke chapter 11-15, it tells you the story of the widow of Nain who had an only son and the only son died and she was going to bury that only son when the Prince of Peace met her on the way.

Nobody needs to tell you that that woman is in  a storm.

Very soon she was going to bury her only son, she was going to return home and she was going to become lonely for the rest of her life because the husband was dying but the Prince of peace changed all that.

If there shall be any storm in your marriage, it shall be still tonight in Jesus Name.

Some of the older ones among you will remember the story of one of my pastors here. The wife was pregnant, they went to church, they had a wonderful services they came back home and they were eating when all of a sudden, the pregnant wife fell down and died; now if that is not a storm I don’t know what you will call it.

What’s happening?

Darling, my dear, this, that, the woman was dying. So the Pastor begins to scream begin to call the name of Jesus shouting loudly and clearly and so loudly that his neighbor came on and said what’s happening?

They look down, they saw the woman dead; quickly picked her up because it happens so suddenly.

They could still see the baby inside still breathing, so they rushed her to the hospital and the Doctor checked the woman and they said well let see if we can get to the baby before it is too late because the woman was dead, there was no need for anesthetic or whatever.

You don’t put somebody to sleep who is already dead. So quickly they open her up, cut the baby out just in time and they saw the mother back. Everybody around was praying God safe the baby just save the baby.

Is only the Pastor who was saying safe my wife also. As soon as they sew back the woman she came back to life.

In the Name that is above every other name, every storm in your marriage shall cease tonight in Jesus Name.

He had still spiritual storms before. In Mathew 15 verse 21-28.

Thank You Father, thank You LORD. The LORD says there is some here today, He said I have told you before and am repeating it, My plan for your life shall not be changed.

Thank You Daddy, the LORD says there is someone here tonight He said you have to live like an ex - champion for long enough you will be champion again.

 Alright, thank You Father, the LORD says there is someone here tonight He ask me to just tell you I will grant you good speed.

 …Mathew 15 verse 21-28, tells us the story of a woman who had a very spiritual problem. She came to Jesus, fell at His feet please have mercy on me, my daughter is at home grievously vex of the devil.

It's a terrible thing to be the mother of a girl who has gone mad.

And when you have spiritual  attack, there is very little doctors can do, but there is someone who can still spiritual storms.

So all of you who are being tormented by the forces of darkness, who are facing enemies you can’t see, who are struggling because of the forces of darkness, creating one problem or the other in your life, tonight Jesus Christ the Prince of peace will speak peace to your storm in Jesus Name.

Now, when He still a storm that’s the next thing we want to learn. Whenever Jesus still a storm, that’s lesson number six.

The storms remain forever still. We have several examples. Mark chapter 10 verse 46 – 52, when He opens the eye of Bartemaeus because Bartemaeus was in a storm.

Not only was he blind, the day he cries to Jesus for help, the crowd instead of helping him to get the attention of Jesus was trying to silence him.

And he suddenly felt the only opportunity I have is about to be lost, but Jesus still the storm because He opened the eye of Bartemaeus and you know what?

Bartemaeus never begged again.

I’m praying for someone here today, that as soon as Jesus still your financial storm, you never experience another one.

When Jesus Christ rescued the mad man of Gadara from the tomb when they cast out the demons, as the former preacher told you, do you know that man was never mad again, he never went back to live in the tomb.

When He heals the man in John chapter 5 verses 2-9, once He healds that man at the pool of Bethesda and that man left that place, he never returned.

When He stills a storm in your life tonight you will never experience them again.

Now, seven points that I want us to learn from this story is that whatever He has done before He can do it again.

He has stilled physical storms before, He will do it again.

When the leper in Mathew chapter 8 verse 1 – 3 came to Jesus and he said I know that you can make me clean if you are willing.

He was basing his faith on the fact that God had cured Naaman- you know the story of Naaman in 2king chapter 5 verse 1 – 14; if God can do it for Naaman, this leper now says I know you can do it for me also.

You have heard several testimonies here of God curing the incurable, so if Doctors had told you that your case is incurable.

I have good news for you, you will soon be sharing your testimony. 

At least you remember the story of one of my sons from Abuja.

Daddy my wedding is two weeks to go, they went for test and the bride to be is HIV positive, what are we going to do, we have already sent out invitation cards? I said to him you still have two weeks? He said yes.

I said that’s enough time for Jesus to perform  a miracle. We prayed a simple prayer I said tell her to go for another test, she went for another check, positive became negative.

Everyone here tonight with any form of incurable disease in the Name that is above every other name, peace, be still…

Thank You Father. The LORD says there is someone here tonight, there is a lady tonight, He said I should tell you to rejoice because very soon you will begin to fill a beautiful movement in your womb

I want to say amen to this before I tell you. This one is for me and maybe one other fellow.

The Almighty God says with my mighty fingers I will touch your mountain and met them away. 

And I want to close but Daddy is speaking. And this one again is for me.

Thank You Father. The LORD says there is someone here tonight He said very soon you will become a sign and a wonder to the world.

Oooh, thank You Daddy. I know is going to be a special year.

But the LORD says there is someone special here tonight, He said very soon in your entire town people will begin to say you are most blessed of us all. Thank You Father.

Oh LORD, thank You Father. Daddy says there is someone, here it is not going to be long when your constant song will be ‘He has done so much for me, He has taken away my sorrow, o glory halleluyah, He promise to take me home’,

If you are that one let me hear you shout halleluyah.

Now let me round up so we have time to pray. If Jesus was not in that boat when the storm came that the boat would have sunk because was already full of water before they look up to Jesus Christ. If Jesus is not in your boat when the storm comes that the boat will sink.

In Proverb chapter 1 verse 24-28, the Almighty God because have stretched out my hands towards you and you didn’t regard it, have called upon you, you didn’t pay any attention, I invited you, you rejected my invitation. He said I too will refuse to hear when you call. He said I will laugh at you when your troubles comes.

Remember what He says, if am not in your boat if I have called on you again and again, surrender your life to me, let me come into your life, let me take control and you say no leave me alone I want to enjoy myself, I want to leave my life like I want.

I surrender my life to You, that’s when you begin to say, you can do this, you can do that and I need my freedom. He said if am not in your boat when the storm comes, if you call I won’t answer.

You know Isaiah 55 verse 6 says seek the LORD while He may be found, call on Him while His near. That tells you there is time factor when it comes to surrendering your life to Jesus. If you delay too long it may be too late.

You may call on Him at that time He may say am no longer interested in your case. I will tell you one story I will pray, some of you have heard it before.

When we are still in the very first auditorium beside the road. I had one little office, then very near there.

I was in my office when a friend of mine, very close friend of mine came with his wife. The wife was completely in a comma, rejected from the hospital and they brought her. I know if I get to the camp my wife will be healed.

And of course, both of them were friends of the family. Ha! Almighty God you have to do something today. This family is mine. Is part of my family!

And God spoke to me immediately don’t waste your prayer, this lady is going to die. Haha , no my Father you are merciful you will answer all my prayers. So I lay my hands on her and I felt anointing flowing down my hands like warm oil, the moment it touched the head of this lady it reversed.

I ran to the auditorium fell on my face on the altar; Almighty God, You said in Your word, You don’t want the death of sinners only that they should repent and live, etcetera.

I began to tell Him as if He’s not the One who wrote the bible. I came back lay my hand on her, same thing happens, the anointing flow like warm oil as soon as it touched the head it reversed. I ran into the auditorium, third time, Father You just must be merciful.

Haahaa, do this for me, I know am Your favourite son; by the time I came back the third time she was dying because God said I had given her several opportunities to repent but she refused; now is too late.

If you are here tonight and you have not yet surrendered your life to Jesus, is not too late for you yet.

You can come to Him and surrender your life to Him and He can move into the boat of your life and He can then begin to control everything and beginning  to give you a brand new beginning.

So am going to count, I know there are so many of you far far away. Am going to count from one to fifteen, but before I say fifteen make sure you are already standing before me.

If you want to surrender your life to Jesus, if you don’t come by the time I say fifteen, I know you are not coming then don’t blame God when your storm comes and you call on Him and He  refuses to answer.

I’m calling now. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, those of you still very far away, you have to hasten your step a bit, 12, 13, 14, keep coming, keep coming, don’t wait, just make sure you come here before I finish praying.

Now those of you already in front talk to the Almighty God. Tell Him have come to surrender to You now, no more struggling with You over my life.

Please take over my life. Save my soul, forgive all my sins and I will serve You for the rest of my life. Come into the boat of my life and come and take over.

Come and take over my life completely. Come and take absolute control of my life this moment onward.

And please the rest of us, let’s stretch hands towards these people and intercede for them. Pray that the One who saved your soul will save their souls also.

Pray that God will be merciful unto them. Pray that God will forgive all their sins. Pray that God will give them brand new beginning. Call on the Almighty God brethren for just a minute or two. Pray that God will forgive every one of them, that God will save their soul, He will wash them clean in His blood and give them a brand new beginning.

Pray that the Saviour will save their soul tonight. Intercede for them for another one minute and then we will pray.

Thank You Jesus.

Hurry up those of you still on the way. Make sure you get here before I finish praying because am about to pray.

Thank You Jesus.

Keep coming, keep coming, but you have to hurry up a little. Thank You Jesus.

Hurry up, hurry up, I know you are coming from a long distance, but hurry up and pray as you come; ask the Almighty God to forgive your sins, ask the Almighty God to save your soul, ask the Almighty God to give you a brand new beginning.

Thank You Jesus. Keep coming keep coming keep coming, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Almighty God, we want to bless Your Holy Name, we want to thank You for Your word, we want to thank You for these people that have come forward, Father, remember Your promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will no wise cast out, they have come to You now; Father, please receive them in Jesus Name. Every sin they have ever committed forgive them in Jesus Name.

Save their souls, wash them clean with Your blood, write their names in the book of life. Please  LORD doesn’t let them go back to their world of sin. Please LORD from now on anytime they call on You answer them by fire- in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

And those of you in front let me hear you shout halleluyah.

Now am rejoicing with you because from now on by the grace of God, I will be praying for you. so am going to need your names, your address and your prayer request.

And I can assure you that very soon in the mighty name of Jesus you will be receiving miracles, then you will know that there is somebody somewhere praying for you and that somebody will be me.

Please turn to your left; you will see a man there waving a piece of wood. So follow him he will lead you to where some pastors are waiting and they will collect the information I need and they bring you back very quickly. God bless you. You can begin to move now. Thank you those of you who are clapping. Your hands will never be empty. Keep clapping, keep clapping.

Well, let’s take our notes and write down the following prayer points.

Number one. You want to praise the Almighty God because what He has done before He will do again. He has still storms before, He will still storm again. He’s the unchangeable LORD, so thank Him for being the unchangeable LORD.

Number two. We want to lift our voice to Him and say Father, I need you now.

Number three. Say Father, please arise for me, my family, Your church and my nation.

Number four. Say Father, Prince of peace, please speak peace to all my storms tonight.

Number five. Father, let there be no more storms in my life.

Number six. Father, divert every future storm away from me.

Number seven. Tell God specifically the areas where you are facing storms – whether it is physical, or material, or marital, or whatever and ask Him to still them.

You can then go before the Almighty God now. The altar is open, cry to the Almighty God and I will tell you when to stop.


In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now I want you to join your hands together and with all your heart you are going to cry to God and say Father, command peace, all round peace into the life of my neighbor. Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God.

Command peace, all round peace into the life of this your child that am holding. Command peace LORD, all round peace like a river, command peace, all round peace into the lives of these  Your children.

Thank You Jesus, thank You Father; in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now with all the strength in you, you are going to command and peace will come. You are going to lift our voice and say Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I command peace in every facet of my life.

Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command peace in every facet of my life, all round peace, peace like a river, in the mighty name of Jesus I command peace. Thank You Jesus, thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Prince of peace will answer your prayers. He will arise for you today. He will arise for your family today.

He will arise for His church today. He will arise for Nigeria today. From today onward, you will never experience storms again. From this moment onward you will begin to enjoy peace – physical peace, financial peace, spiritual peace, all around peace, you will begin to enjoy peace.

Peace in the morning, peace in the afternoon, peace in the evening, peace in the night time, peace when you go out, peace when you come in.

God will give you peace like a river; so shall it be – in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. If you receive that, let me hear your amen loud and clear.

Shout a big halleluayah.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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