CARRIERS OF HIS GLORY 2nd of October, 2015

Let us lift our hands to the Almighty God, and begin to bless His Holy name.

Bless the King of kings, bless the Lord of lords.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration, He is worthy to be praised, there is no one like Him.

Thank Him for bringing you to yet another month -Worship Him.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

Worship the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Ancient of days, bless His Holy name – He is worthy, He is worthy, He is worthy to be praised.

Magnify His Holy name, magnify His Holy name; thank You Father, thank You Almighty God, thank You Ancient of days, thank You Lord, in Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

Now let us lift our voices to Him and say Father, in this month of double grace, let me enjoy double grace. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. Double grace for me this month oh Lord. Double grace from above, let me enjoy double grace this month. Yes Lord! Let this month be a month of double grace for me. Glory be to God forever, thank You Jesus, thank You Jesus, in Jesus mighty name we prayed.

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your Name

Blessed be Your Name oh Lord

(Halleluyah o)

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your Name

Blessed be Your Name oh Lord



Mighty is Your name

Mighty is Your name

Mighty is Your Name Oh Lord




Mighty is Your name

Mighty is Your name

Mighty is Your Name Oh Lord


Glorious is Your Name

Glorious is Your Name

Glorious is Your name Oh Lord

(Halleluyah o)


Glorious is Your Name

Glorious is Your Name

Glorious is Your name Oh Lord


Ancient of days we bless Your name.

King of glory, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, the Lord of host, we glorify Your name – accept our worship in Jesus’ name, accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

King of glory tonight, in a spectacular manner bless Your children, bless the Youth, bless the Adults, bless our families, bless Your church, bless our nation.

Please Lord God Almighty let us leave here in the morning shouting glory to God.

In Jesus’ mighty name we have prayed.


Let someone shout halleluyah.

Shake hands with one or two people, prophesy to them and say, the glory of God will cover you.

And then you may please be seated.


The only reason I have something to add to what they have said is because, the elders have a saying.

If a child has clothes like an elder, he won’t have rags like an elder.

So, we have seen their cloth, now, let see elders have something else to add.

Proverbs chapter 3 verse 35.

The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

One of my children who spoke before me gave a definition of glory according to the dictionary.

But the truth of the matter is that glory is one of the words that cannot be defined.

So, there are certain things in the word that you think you know but you don’t really have the words to describe them, to define them.

I will not be taking you into advance mathematics, but I will just explain briefly.

If I ask you what is time?

You are likely to answer me by saying that time is that which is measured in hours, minutes and seconds.

And then I can turn to you I say, I didn’t ask you, how is time measured?

What I am asking for is, time – what is time?

Suddenly you will realize that to think you know what time is but you really don’t know.

If you want to go deep you can say, time is a fragment of eternity.

And that will be correct.

And then, I ask you, what is eternity?

And you will tell me eternity is time without end.

So, what is time?

Time is fragment of time without end…

So, there are several things like that that you can’t define.

Another example is distance.

I don’t want to waste your time but you will discover that distance cannot be discovered.

Another of such is life. You will think you know it, but try and define it and you will run into some problems.

And when we find ourselves in such situations, in what we call higher philosophy, we solve the problem by defining those things by their opposite.

For example, you will say life is the opposite of death, because death is easy to define.

Death is permanent separation from people, places and things - that is death.

And it is different from when you go for holidays and temporarily separated from your bed; When you are dead, the separation is permanent.

The opposite of death is life.

Now, glory is one of such things that in order to define it, you have to look for the opposite.

Glory is the opposite of shame.

A shame is easy to define.

You know what shame is.

And I pray that shame will never come into your life.

And now Proverbs chapter 3 verse 35, shows us clearly that the wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

The opposite of wise is foolish, so, the opposite of glory is shame.

So, straightway, from the very beginning there is a link between glory and wise.

So, to carry divine glory implies you will enjoy divine wisdom that you would have the ability…just like one of my said - to unravel miseries.

To solve intricate problems, to be a carrier of divine glory means: to enjoy divine wisdom, you will have the ability to unravel miseries, and to solve intricate problems.

For example, in Mark chapter 12 verse 14 to 17, when they tried to track Jesus by saying should we pay tax?

They know if He says yes, they will say He is a supporter of the Roman Empire that is at that time tormenting the children of Israel.

He says no, they will say, He is anti-government.

He used divine wisdom, and said bring me a coin.

They brought Him a coin, and said whose inscription is this?

They said that of Caesar.

Haa! Okay!

Then give unto Caesar that which belong to Caesar and give to God what belong to God.

Divine wisdom - to come out of a tight corner.

Again you see another example in John chapter 8 verse 3 to 11. When they brought a woman caught in adultery to Jesus Christ and they said Moses said we should stone somebody like this to death.

What do you say?

Now, He has come to save the Lost.

They want Him to say, stone her to death and then they will be working against Him.

They want Him to say, don’t stone her to death, and they will say we told you, He is not of God; He is not supporting what God said.

He said no problem that was what Moses said; let us fulfill what Moses said.

If one of you who has not done anything wrong before; the one who has no sin, be the first to cast the stone.

That solved the problem.

I am praying for all of you who are here today, the ability to solve problems, receive it right now in Jesus’ Name.

Because carrier of divine glory which would mean you will enjoy divine wisdom, you would suddenly begin to enjoy unusual promotion.

For example, take Joseph in Genesis 41, you can see it from verse 33 to 37; this is a young man who had the ability to interpret dreams.

And then when they brought him before Pharaoh who had a dream that he couldn’t understand.

This boy by using that divine wisdom that is in him solved the problem and in a single day, this boy moved from being a prisoner to becoming the Prime Minister.

Divine wisdom leads to uncommon promotion.

Or you can consider the case of Daniel in Daniel chapter 2 verse 1 to 45.

You know what happened?

The king again had a dream, he even forgot the dream and so nobody could interpret it because they couldn’t get the dream from him, but they brought in Daniel who had divine wisdom, because the carrier of His glory enjoys divine wisdom.

Daniel interpreted the dream and as a result, he moved from being a slave to becoming the Governor General of the land in one day.

May I pray for someone here today, that, the kind of promotion that you cannot dream of even possible, will become yours before the end of the year.

And then, when you look at Mathew chapter 6 from verse 9 to 13, in the Lord’s Prayer, you will see how the Lord concluded the prayer.

Towards the end He said, ‘for Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.’

He puts together three things in the same group.

Again, in Mathematics when certain numbers has something in common, we put them together in what we called a set.

Like any number that can be divided by two we call it an even number.

So all the even numbers we put together in a set, and that means they have something in common.

Here, the Lord has put together in a set three things: kingdom, power and glory – they all have something in common.

Now, what is kingdom?

Kingdom means the kings domain.

What is power?

Of course, you know what power is. It is the ability to get things done.

And now, so, we see here, the Lord Jesus Christ is saying that glory is involved with dominion and is involved with power.

That is why the Bible says in Proverbs 17 verse 2, says the wise servant…; remember, glory and wisdom go together. The wise servant rules over the foolish son.

The wise would rule over the fools.

The Carrier of the glory of God, because they enjoy wisdom, will have dominion and they will rule over those who don’t have divine glory.

For example, in Daniel chapter 6, remember we have located Daniel has one of the carrier of His glory; … in Daniel chapter 6 from verse 1 to 3, the Bible tells us how Daniel rose from being a slave to becoming one of three Presidents in the land, and the king wanted to make him the ruler over all Presidents.

In 1Samuel 16 verse 4, the Bible tells us that when another fellow that we know to be a carrier of His glory, Samuel by name, when he came to town the elders trembled, they were afraid.

This man had no weapons, he had no guns, he had no sword, he had never fought, but he was carrier of divine glory.

When he came to town, because of the power and dominion associated with divine glory, the elders of the city trembled, until they knew why he came to town.

My father in the Lord in his life time was without any doubt the carrier of God’s glory.

You just look at his face, and you will know this is a carrier of divine glory.

In those days, in Ebute Metta, when Papa says to a worker or a Pastor, see me in my office, you will trembled until you find out (laughing) why he asked you to come.

Because those who carry His glory, they carry power.

I am praying for someone here today, just like one of my son said, by the time you return home, when people see the glory of God in your life, your enemies will scatter.

Samuel was carrier of His glory and so he enjoyed tremendous power.

Why would anybody tremble, when an ordinary prophet came to town?

Because they realize that he was the King maker, and the One who make can mar; they know that all he has to do is speak a word and the word that he speak shall not fall into the ground, so they are afraid.

They want to hear what he has to say first.

That is why I am saying to those of you who are my children, in the Name that is above every other name, it shall be well with you.

If you believe that will come to pass, your amen will be louder than that of your neighbour.

(Laughing) I borrowed that from my children. He said, if your amen is louder, your blessing will be bigger.

I am just trying to show you a little bit about glory, I won’t take time because my children have done a good work.

The glory of God is also associated with the radiance of God.

One of them also mentioned that one.

Glory is at best described as shining beauty – beauty that shines.

One of my children divine glory as beauty so nice or so beautiful, that is so overwhelmingly beautiful; is consider powerful or fearful, whichever way.

The globe even with the light off is still beautiful. Beautiful work of art - When the light comes on and it begins to shine, then it becomes shining beauty.

Glory is at times described as shining beauty.

With the ability to rebel, beauty shining so mightily, you don’t want to even look at it.

I mean you remember like my son mentioned, Exodus 34 verse 29, when Moses have been in the presence of God, after he made that request Lord show me Your glory.

Haa! God said what you ask for can kill you.

He said alright I know what I will do, I will hide you in the cleft of a rock, I will cover your face with My hand, so what is there left for you to see, and then I will let you see a little bit of My behind.

He said because if you see the full clear of My glory, you will die.

Glory is what knocks down Saul of tarsus from the road to Damascus.

He said he saw a light brighter than the noon day sun.

Something brighter than the noon day sun, you know that is really bright, and you don’t want to open your eye to look at the sun in the noon time.

And so, the glory of God is beauty so mighty that according to 1Kings chapter 8 verse 10 to 11, When the glory of God fill the house of God, even the Priest could not stand to minister, they ran out.

That kind of beauty that will chase away the demons, chase away those who want to lead you into sin, may the Almighty God give you tonight in Jesus’ name.

That is why carriers’ of His glory enjoy vigorous health and vitality.

Because that glory is so powerful, so radiance, sickness can’t stay, germs can’t stay, viruses can’t stay in the body of someone who is carrying His glory.

Deuteronomy 34 verse 7, tells us that at one hundred and twenty Moses was still as vigorous as ever, his eyes was bright as ever because he was carrier of God’s glory.

And I am praying for those of you who are here tonight, you will remain healthy till you see God in glory.

Thank You Father. The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, those who are calling you stupid now will soon call you lenient.

Thank You Lord. The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, everything that is wrong within you will be put right before the end of this month.

Hmmm! Maybe I should say amen to this one.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, relax you will still here your own good news.

Well, I am about to get out of the way anyway.

The Lord want me to tell you a story, listen to it, it is a true story, because there is prophecy behind it; Have told you before, at least to the older ones.

When I was very very young- a child, I just started going to school. In those days when you are going to school in my village as a beginner, they get a piece of wood, just cut a little piece of wood and they painted it black with some leaves, and then they give you chalk – to go to school you will write with chalk on that thing which you carry. That thing which you carry is called slate.

I am sure the elders will remember.

And as a beginner, as you are writing, you are also scrubbing your face, everywhere; when you are coming home you are full of chalk. It is as if the writing had been on your face.

So one day I was coming home carrying my slate, chalk all over my face, and one old man saw me, looked at me and said, akowe agba.

Now akowe agba roughly means senior academician.

And of course we all laughed. I mean somebody just beginning to write A, B, C (A, B, D as we call it), but then by the grace of God you know how far I got in the University before God called me. I became akowe agba.

The Lord asked me to tell someone here today, He said, take my word, I will take you to the pinnacle of your career.

So, glory is associated with wisdom, glory is associated with dominion, glory is associated with power, glory is associated with radiance, glory is associated with vitality and good health.

Now, somebody, one of my children also mentioned the facts that glory is precious.

Or if I am to use his word, ‘glory is weighty’ – is heavy. It is worth suffering to get.

2Corithians chapter 4 verse17…

Haa! Thank You Father. I think it must be because it is a youth day that is why God is… because the Lord asks me to tell you another story.

When I turn full time, I left my job in the University to become a full time Pastor, there were several people who are mocking me, particularly in my village. They thought I have gone crazy.

And on particular man said to the hearing of my relatives, we knew something have gone wrong with him; the moment he began to shout amen, we know something is gone wrong.

I mean look at the only lecturer that we have in the village, now is become aladura. We don’t know where is gotten it from.

We know is Father, his father is a farmer, we know the mother, we don’t know how all of a sudden he said he is now aladura.

But today by the grace of God, I am regarded as best thing that has ever happen to my village.

The Lord ask me to tell someone here tonight, He said those who are mockery you now, will turn round and say, you are not only the best thing that has happen to our town, you are the best thing that has happen to our nation.

Glory is heavy, is weighty.

Paul talks about our sufferings; there is nothing to be compared to the weight of the glory that is to come.

So, when we talk about the carriers of His glory, you need to understand that is load – the glory is load, is heavy, it has weight. It is not something you treat lightly, it is something you carry: you have to carry it has carrying a load.

Now, the greater the glory you carry, the more jealously He guides you and protects you.

You are the carrier of His glory, He guides you and protect you; and the greater His glory you carry, the more jealously He guides you and protects you.

I mean take Numbers chapter 12 verse 1 to 15.

Because Moses was a carrier of His glory, his sister criticized him – and said are you the only one hearing from God, we too hear from God.

God said, you are talking to My servant, the carrier of My glory like that.

He said alright, become leprosy, just to show you… you know the Bible says touch not My anointed and do my prophets no harm.

Moses went to God and say please; she is my sister, Haa! Lord, have mercy; she was the one there when they put me in the river nigh, she is the one who came to call my mother, please Lord.

The Lord said I know history but you are carrying my glory; let her be leprosy for seven days to teach her a lesson.

Because of you I will heal her but let her learn.

When someone is carrying God’s glory don’t treat him likely.

He may be your son, respect the fact that he is carrying God’s glory.

In Daniel chapter 6 verse 19 to 24; they threw Daniel into the Den of lion.

The lions saw the glory and backed away. And those who threw him into the Den of lion became food for the lions.

As you go home from here tonight carrying the glory of God, lions will see you and backed off in Jesus’ name.

And anyone who tries to push you down will soon discover that the grave they have dug for you they will be buried in it.

Now, my children have spoken quiet a lot of those who will be carriers’ of His glory, and so, there is little left for me to say on that.

But when you read Exodus 15 verse 1, you will see again that, glory is linked to something very precious.

When he was talking, he said who is like unto thee oh Lord, who is like unto thee among other god, who is like unto thee; glorious in holiness – glorious in holiness

Glory and holiness go together.

That is why you see me from time to time crying be holy, be holy, be holy because inside holiness is embedded glory.

In Genesis 39 verse 7 to 9, when a lady came to Joseph and said come and lie with, he said no no no, I am a carrier of God’s glory.

Remember what he said, I can’t do this and sin against God – I am carrying His glory.

I mean Daniel chapter 1 verse 8. Daniel again, one of the carriers’ of divine glory, said I have purposed in my heart, I will not defile myself.

And I hope the youth are listening – you must be able to stand and tell tempters I refused to be defile.

Because there are people who would tell you, what is wrong with you, you are outdated, you are not modern, everybody is going out, everybody is doing this, everybody is doing that, everybody is fornicating,… Haa! All eyes closed.

Everybody please close your eyes, and keep the eyes closed until I tell you to open them.

The Lord said that, there quite a few people here tonight, that this year alone you have slept with at least six different people, and the Lord ask me to tell you, if you want to see the new year, you should come forward right now, right now.

Please all eyes closed – nobody looking.

Now, I am going to count from one to seven, by the time I say seven, you are not either standing before or already running; I will pray for those who are already in front and I will continue with my message.

I think God just want to be merciful unto you because you would have died before December.

He asked me out of His infinite mercy to call you forward.

You have been sleeping with all manners of people, particularly since the beginning of this year, and the Lord just wants to be merciful, He asked you to come.

Please all eyes closed. This is not a joking matter.

When I asked you to close your eye, if you opened them, you are asking for trouble.

We don’t want to embarrass anyone, we don’t want anything to be on show – the cameras are not focusing on you now, so nobody is seeing you, the camera is on me.

So those who are watching by television, those who are watching on the internet, they won’t see you, they will only see me. So, is in your own interest to hurry forward.

I count now.

One, those of us with our eyes closed, let just begin to ask for mercy for these people that the Almighty God is calling forward.

Two, oh! Thank You my Father, three, four, now it will be good if you continue to ask God for mercy, and promising from now on I will live a pure life, no more messing around, begin to talk to God, ask Him for forgiveness of what you have already done.

Oh! Thank You Father. Daddy says there is someone here, you are going out with another man’s wife, and you think the husband doesn’t know, the Lord ask me to tell you, He will spare you if you come tonight, so step forward right now because the husband as prepared a plan for you that he see to it that you don’t see the new year either.

And He said there is a lady here too, going with another woman’s husband, and you think the wife doesn’t know, the Almighty God says, she had discover, and she had cried to God for vengeance. Lord says you better come forward now and repent, otherwise you won’t see the New Year.

I am not the one talking; I am just being the mouth piece of the Most high God. You are still sitting down there.

Now, I have counted up to four;

Five, you better hurry up; God is just giving you… oh Lord! Thank You, for being so merciful, hurry up, and don’t come to me in the office and said I should have come out but I didn’t, God want to solve the problem here, not in my office. Thank You Father.

Six, now, if you are coming hurry up because I am about to pray, I want to continue with my sermon. Thank You my Father.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God, all of you who are in the front call on the Almighty God, say, please Lord just forgive, I won’t do so again, I won’t do so again, I won’t do so again, please forgive me, please forgive me, please forgive me!

From now on Lord I will live a life of purity, I will live a live holiness, I will not mess around anymore. Thank You my Father and my God.

And so my Father and my God I just want to say thank You, please all eye remain closed, I want to give You all glory and honour, for this divine intervention; merciful God I give You glory, I give You honour, I ask for mercy for all these Your children who have come forward, please forgive them, with Your blood wipe away their sin, and as You are forgiving tonight my Father and my God, every deadly disease that has already crept into these people uproot them in Jesus name.

Please Lord, that appointment with death cancels it for them in Jesus’ name. And the grace from now on to leave pure, to live holy, give unto them in Jesus name. Thank You my Father and my God.

All eyes remain closed as you people go back to your seat now. You can return to your seat. All eyes please remain closed. I don’t want you looking at anybody, this is not for show, this is divine intervention, for God who has chosen to be merciful.

Now you move fast, so that I can release the people and I can continue with my sermon.

In the next one minute, I am going to ask people to open there eyes, so make sure you are back on your seat before they open their eye.

Yeah, with our eyes closed we can still clap for Jesus, He has done a marvelous thing for us tonight.

Thank You Father. Thank You Almighty. Just ten seconds more, keep your eyes closed for ten seconds more, some of them came from afar, thank You Father.


So Joseph said, no, I am a carrier of God’s glory, I won’t mess round.

Daniel said, no, I am a carrier of God’s glory, I will not defile myself.

So, holiness, purity, they are all associated with divine glory and are required of carriers’ of His glory.

It looks as if this time they are clapping now for the Engineers.

And then, required of carriers’ of divine glory, as have been mentioned again by some of my children is soul winning in a serious manner.

Isaiah chapter 60 verse 1 to 3, when God says, arise, shine, your light is come and the glory of the Lord shall be risen upon thee. He tells you the purpose, He said, so that Gentiles will be drawn into your light.

Carriers of God’s glory are addicted soul winners.

So, if you are not ready to be a soul winner – morning, afternoon, evening, in the bus, in taxi, in the market place, anytime – convenient or inconvenient, then forget about divine glory.

Proverbs chapter 10 verse 5, says the one who gathers in summer is wise, but the one who sleep in the harvest is the who causes shame.

It is harvest time – time to harvest the Word, time to win souls into the kingdom of God.

If for example you look back and since the beginning of the year you have not won a soul into the kingdom of God and say you want the glory of God, and God will say what for?

Carriers of the glory of God must be addicted soul winners – addicted soul winners.

And then, if you want to be a carrier of God’s glory, you must learn to listen to instructions.

When you are corrected you take correction immediately.

Proverbs chapter 13 verse 18, it says poverty and shame be to him that refuses instruction, but he that regards reproof shall be honoured.

The one who takes correction seriously, the one who would yield to correction immediately, shall be honoured, shall carry glory.

But the one who doesn’t want to hear corrections or would hear correction and ignore corrections, the Bible says he would have plenty of poverty in shame.

Let us conclude.

Haa! Thank You Father. The Lord says this is for someone very special, He said one day whenever you enter into a room, everybody will stand up.

I think this one is for me. I want to thank God for it in advance.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, I have heard your cry, I will enlarge your coast rapidly.

Conclusion, there is no middle way between glory and shame – it is either you choose glory or you choose shame. I think one of my boys said it.

It is either you are a carrier of God’s glory or you are a carrier of your own shame like the text I read at the beginning. “The wise shall inherit glory but shame shall be the promotion of fools”.

In order words, as far as God is concern, you cannot be neutral. It is either you are wise or you are foolish.

And Jesus Christ said, in Mathew chapter 7 verse 24 to 27, He said I will tell you the different between the wise and the foolish.

He said the wise is the one who hears My words and decided to receive them, act on them, He said, I will compare him to somebody who build his house on a rock.

Then, when the rain fell and the flood came, it beat upon the house and the house stood firm, because it was built on the rock.

What was He saying there?

Whether we like it or not brethren, sooner or later, we will be tested – rain will fall, flood will come, to check our house, to find out if it is standing on the rock of God or not.

He said when you pass through the rivers they won’t overflow you; it is when, not if.

Sooner or later test will come.

If you listen to the word of God, if you choose to receive the word of God, if you choose to apply the word of God to your life, it doesn’t matter the flood that may come, you will stand.

He said if I tell you about the foolish one: he is the one who heard My words, ignored them, He said he will be like someone who built his house on sand; the rain fell, the flood came, beat upon the house and the fell; and He said great it is the fall of it.

My young sons and daughters because this is your convention, many at times you hear a preaching like this and you say don’t mind daddy, he is old fashion, I mean he is seventy-three years old, he doesn’t know what is going on now.

He doesn’t know that we are living in the internet age, hmmm! Mark my word; it is either holiness or hell. It is either glory or shame, mark my word.

Sooner or later, you will remember that you heard these words.

You know have not been telling you story tonight I just decided to give you word of God solidly and let it go.

But there is one little example I will give you.

When I was recently born-again, I mean when I was just a young Christian, in our church at Ebute-metta headquarters here.

There was this young girl, I mean when you are talking about beauty, she was world Beauter – she was beautiful.

Somehow the beauty entered into her head, and everything the parent was saying she wasn’t listening.

She thought our own kind of Christianity is too tough.

I mean what is wrong with little bit of fun.

And she had fun and became pregnant and attempted abortion and the abortion failed.

She didn’t die but if you look at her by time she came out of it all, she looks like a ghost.

The choice is yours – you can choose glory or you can choose shame, you can choose holiness or you can choose hell, you can choose self-discipline or you can choose looseness: each one has its own reward.

I want you to pray for you tonight those of you who have not surrendered your life to Jesus or those of you who claims to be Christian and you are still pulling around in sin.

Thank You Father. Closing but the Lord says there is someone here this time, He is not even asking you to come forward, He said there is someone here who have been steadily taking money that does not belong to him, steadily; You know this is not rightfully yours, you have been taking it steadily, and you are here tonight, Daddy ask me to tell you to do two things: (one) repent. Repent means to stop - I am not doing it anymore. (Two), restitute, or else get ready for an accident that is going to leave you paralyzed for life.

If you think that is just me dreaming it all, forget it. When the result comes you will remember.

So, If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, you want Him to save your soul; you want Him to give you that ability to live a brand new life, because the Bible says if anyone be in Christ he is a new creature, you can come forward tonight, I will join my faith with yours, we will cry to God for salvation.

If you are a backslider, you are born again once. There was a time you are burning for the Lord but you have already backsliding, and you want to come back to God, you can come also, I will join my faith with yours, we will cry together to God restoration.

Because there are quiet a crowd out there I will count from one to twelve.

Before twelve if you want to give your life to Jesus make sure you are already standing before me.

I will pray for your salvation or restoration before we begin to round up.

So, I am counting now.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven…

Now, those of you in front and those of you who are coming cry unto the Lord, ask Him to please save your soul, ask Him to give you a brand new beginning, ask Him to write your name in the Book of Life, ask Him to wash away all your sins with His powerful blood. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

And the rest of us will you please stretch your hands towards these people and intercede for them, that the One who saved your soul will save their own soul also. Let us pray for this people. Let us intercede for them for about two minutes, and those of you who are on the way hurry up before I pray -Come very quickly. Hurry up hurry up those of you who are still on the way, thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Saviour I want to thank You for Your word, I want to give You all glory and all honour for Your word that has gone forth tonight. And for these Your children that have come forward to surrender their life to You. Father, please remember Your promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will know wise cast out, they have come now Father please receive them in Jesus’ name, save their souls in Jesus’ name, cleanse them in Your blood in Jesus’ name, write their names in the Book of life in Jesus’ name, Father give them a brand new beginning in Jesus’ name. From now on, the grace to live holy release unto them in Jesus’ name. And every backslider that has come to You today restore fully in Jesus’ name. And I pray from now on when they cry unto You, You will answer them by fire and that in Your kingdom they will not missing, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


And those of you in front let me hear you shout halleluyah.

I am rejoicing with you tonight, because from now on by God grace I will be praying for you. So, I will need your names, your address and your prayer request, so that I can continue to intercede for you.

So, if you will turn to your left, you see a man there lifting up a piece of wood, please follow him, he will take you to where some Pastors are waiting, they will collect information I need and they will bring you back very quickly. God bless you, you can begin to go.

Now if you are clapping, clap for Jesus Christ very well.

Now, you may want to write down these prayer points.

We will be doing two things simultaneously tonight but get down your prayer points first.

(Number one) You want to praise God that you have the privilege of becoming a carrier of His glory.

(Number two). You will say Father, this very night, please turn my shame to glory.

(Number three). Please turn my foolishness to wisdom.

(Number four). Please turn my problems to testimonies.

(Number five). Father, please make me a carrier of Your glory.

(Number six). Father, please empower me to do exploits for You, winning millions of souls for You.

(Number seven). Father, don’t let me ever know shame again.

Now, the altar is open for prayers, you have already got your points, you can come to the altar if you want to pray, hurry up and take your position.

If you want to pray standing, or kneeling or lying down just go ahead now and talk to the Almighty God.

Praise Him, and ask Him to turn your shame to glory, to turn your foolishness to wisdom, turn your problems to testimonies, make you a carrier of His glory, empower you to do exploits for Him, and to never let you know shame again.


In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to join your hands with your neighbour; we are going to pray some powerful prayers.

You are going to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, everything attacking the glory of God in the life of my neighbour, Father destroy it. Go ahead, open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God. Everything attacking the glory of God in the life of my neighbour, Father, destroy it, destroy it, destroy it. Everything attacking the glory of God in life of all these Your children, Father destroy it, Father destroy it. Everything attacking the glory of God in the life of all these Your children, every one of them, Father destroy it. Thank You Father.

(Speaking in tongue)

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, every reproach in the life of my neighbour, erase it tonight. Go ahead call on the Almighty God. Every reproach in the life of all these Your children my Father and my God, erase tonight. Erase, wipe out every reproach in the life of all these Your children, wipe it out.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Finally, lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, as for me and my neighbours please move us from glory to glory. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. As for me Lord and all of these Your children, please Father move us from glory to glory, from glory to glory, from glory to glory; Father move us from glory to glory, from glory to glory, from glory to glory. Move us Lord from glory to glory, from glory to glory. Thank You Ancient of days.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will grant your request, He will turn your shame to glory, He will turn your foolishness to wisdom, He will make you carrier of His glory, He will empower you to do exploits for Him, and you will never know shame again, and every force attacking the glory of God in your life shall be destroy. The Almighty God will move you from glory to glory. Every reproach in your life shall be erased tonight. And the mighty name of Jesus you will see the new year. It shall be well with you and you too you will serve the Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If you receive that let me hear you shout halleluyah.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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