THE BURDEN BEARER 2nd of January, 2015

Thank you Jesus. Halleluyah. Let somebody shout hallelujah. Before you thank God this evening, I want to share one or two things with you, so you will know how to thank Him appropriately.

Eheeem, several years ago I visited a nation in Africa, am not going to mention the name because they are also watching us even there right now; in that nation, in the capital of that nation, there is the biggest cemetery in the whole  world.

Is a place where many people who died during the Second World War were buried.

On top of every grave there was a slab, a concrete slab, but some people in that city who was no accommodation built tents over these slabs, that’s where they sleep, that’s where they live; so that place is called the city of the dead – that is one.

Two, the first time I visited Kirikiri prison 1975 I think; I followed an elderly pastor there and there was a young man at the organ, the way he was playing the organ – singing, dancing, attracted my attention.

So I asked the old Pastor who took me there – I said, sir, are they going to release this young man this coming week? 

He said no, he said he’s in for life. How can he be so joyful?  He said because when he got into the prison, he met Jesus Christ.

Today, Brothers and Sisters, no matter how bad your situation may be, you are not sleeping in the graveyard, no matter how bad your situation, you are not in prison right now.

I want you to go to the Almighty God and give Him thanks and bless His Holy Name, praise Him from the bottom of your heart.

In spite of everything, you are not sleeping in the graveyard, right now you are not in prison. Give Him glory, even if only for those two things not to talk of several other things.

Give Him thanks, praise His Holy Name, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration.

He’s worthy to be praised, He’s worthy to be praised, He’s worthy to be praised.

Magnify His Holy Name. It is because of His mercy that we are not consumed. Praise Him, magnify His Holy Name.

Adore Him, He’s worthy to be praised, He’s worthy, He’s worthy, He’s worthy, He’s worthy.

Thank Him for all He did last year.

Bless His Holy Name, give Him glory, give Him honor, give Him adoration, bless His Holy Name, bless His Holy Name, He’s worthy to be praised, He’s worthy to be adored, He’s worthy to be magnified, praise Him, praise Him while you are still free praise Him; someone was praising Him in prison, you are free, praise Him praise Him outside.

Many of us slept in our homes last night praise Him. We are not in detention praise Him.

We are not even sleeping under the bridge praise Him. We are not even sleeping in the graveyard praise Him.

Give Him glory give Him glory give Him adoration. He’s worthy to be praised; He’s worthy, o yes!

He’s worthy, magnify His Holy Name magnify His Holy. O yes!  We bless Your Holy Name – our help in ages past, we bless Your name; Our hope for years to come we bless Your Name.

Thank You for health, thank You for strength, thank You for  life, thank You LORD God Almighty for provision, thank You we are not sleeping in the graveyard, we are not sleeping in the city of the dead thank You, thank You for freedom, thank You Almighty God thank You, thank You Ancient of days thank You.

Thank You the Lover of our souls thank You, thank You for a New Year thank You, thank You for a new beginning thank You; blessed be Your Holy Name, blessed be Your Holy Name, blessed be Your Holy Name.

Thank You Daddy, from the bottom of our heart we say thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You.

We keep asking for more without thanking You adequately for what You have done, thank You Daddy, thank You for every blessing thank You, thank You, thank You, You are worthy, You are worthy to be praised, You are worthy to be honoured, You are worthy to be magnified thank You. Ancient of days thank You.

Unchangeable LORD thank You, we magnify Your Holy Name, we praise You LORD, we praise You LORD, thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You so so much.

Blessed be Your Holy Name, blessed be Your Holy Name, thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You, oooh thank You Father, thank You, thank You, thank You, thank You Almighty God, thank You, thank You - in Jesus mighty name we have given thanks. …

Alpha, Omega

You are worthy of my praises today

You are worthy of my praises today


Father, we bless Your Name. Alpha and Omega we bless Your name, Ancient of days we bless Your Holy Name. We thank You for all You did last year, we thank You for health, we thank You for strength, we thank You for protection, we thank You for fighting our battles for us, we thank You for provision, we thank You that we are still here –

Father, accept our thanks in Jesus Name. …

Just in Your own wonderful way, throughout this New Year be glorified… Father be glorified… 

God the son be glorified… God the Holy Spirit be glorified… blessed Trinity be glorified.

Alpha be glorified, Omega be glorified… the All sufficient God, please be glorified… in Jesus mighty name we have prayed… amen.

And let somebody shout hallelujah…

Well! Shake hands with one or two people you have not met this New Year and say happy New Year God bless you and then you may be seated.

You know several years ago when the camp was still very small, I came here to pray on one December towards the end of the year and I was about to prepare a sermon for the Thanksgiving Sunday, and then I was alone with God and when am with my Daddy we discussed frankly.

So I was alone with my Daddy here alone in the camp, then we began to talk frankly and I said Daddy, am going to encourage Your children as usual to thank You very well on Thanksgiving Sunday.

I said, but between You and I, nobody has heard just You and I, I don’t see what I should really thank You for in the year passing away and He answered and He said oh is that so!

And I said yes, Daddy I will tell Your children to thank You beat me, I really don’t see why I should thank You this year.

Haa! He said fine. He said well take your notebook and your pen; so I took my notebook and my pen.

He said in the year that is ending, how many times did you sleep and wake up?

I said quite a few times and He said is it everyone who sleeps and wake up? And I said no. He said can we write that down as point number one; so I wrote it down.

He said how many people traveled and never come back home, I said quite a few, He said how many times did you travel this year and you returned home? I said quite a few. He said can we put that down.

He said how many people have food and can’t eat and said how many times did you want to eat that you have food and you were able to eat?

I said quite a few times. Within less than ten minutes I was on my face thanking the Almighty God. Is anybody here tonight who has anything at all to thank God for? Anything at all to thank Him for?  Sleeping, walking, going out, coming in, you are hungry - He provided you food, you were able to eat.

How many battles has He fought for you that you don’t even know about, how many times did you go to bed that your enemy said you are not going to wake up and the LORD said you are lying, how many times. Let me hear you shout a really big hallelujah to the Almighty God.

So I want to appeal to you this year… you may please be seated. …take thanksgiving seriously; I appeal to you in your own interest.

And whenever it is time to praise God don’t regard it as something for the little ones to do.

Let the little sing, let them dance; How old are you anyway in the hand of the Ancient of days?

We are all children as far as God is concerned, there’s nobody here who is a day old because a thousand years is just like one day to Him.

Every little child, anyone here who regards himself as a child in the hand of the Most High, let me hear you shout another hallelujah to Him…

Now, we want to talk about “The Burden Bearer”. Isaiah 53 verse 4-5. ‘Surely He has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows, yet we did esteem Him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed.’

What is a Burden?

A burden is a heavy load that attaches itself to you, is not a load that you willingly picked up – a load that you willingly picked up, you can willingly put down.

A burden is a heavy load that attaches itself to you, whether you like it or not, it says wherever you go am going there with you.

I mean for example in 1king 17 verse 10-12, the widow of Zarephath had little food left not because she want to be poor, not because she want to be destitute, but because a prophet had prophesy in 1king 17 verse 1 that there will be no rain, no dew until he call for it as a result of the idolatry of the king.

The widow was suffering not because of her offense, but because of the head of her nation; and there was nothing she could do to get rid of the poverty.

A burden is a load that attaches itself to you that refuses to go, you didn’t pick it up voluntarily. Or if you consider 2king 5 verse 1, talks about Naaman.

Naaman was famous, he was successful, he was prosperous but he was a leper and there was nothing he could do about the leprosy. Leprosy was incurable, at least in those days.

If money were to solve the problem, oh! Naaman would have done it. If fame could have helped him, fame could have done it.

If leprosy is something you could cut away with a sword, because he was a General, he would have done it. But everywhere he went, leprosy went with him, that was a burden.

And so even from that definition, some of just know we have some burdens. Some problems that wasn’t even our own making, for which we have no solution on our own.

And that is while am rejoicing with you today because in the Name that is above every other name, there is someone who is called the Burden Bearer who will help you in Jesus Name.

Now, who is a Burden Bearer?

Well! A burden bearer is someone who comes along and says that load that you cannot carry or too heavy for you to carry; that load that says am going to attach myself to you and say ehen ehen don’t worry I will carry it for you, that’s the One called Burden Bearer.

For example, in Mathew 27 verse 32. They were leading Jesus Christ to be crucified and they put a heavy cross on Him, they said carry it, we  are going to crucify you on it carry it.

He didn’t want to carry the cross by Himself; by then, He had been thoroughly beaten, He was tired, He was weak but  said you must go ahead and carry the burden.

But then a man came along called Simon, a man from Cyrene, when He came along to see; somehow God prompted the solider to say, you come, come and carry this cross this cross for Him.

A Burden Bearer is someone who comes along and say let me help you to take away that burden.

Some years ago, we had a house help, anytime we want to pray, we always ask who are with us to give suggestions of choruses.

And every day her chorus has been always one – Eeee, ‘the fire is burning the bush and the bush is not consumed, how great is our God’.

One day it just occurred to me, why? Which is the bush that is burning that is not consumed?

So we interviewed her, we discovered that she became a house-help because are parent were heavily in debt. A debt that they could not pay. Oooh!

We say alright, that’s simple. By the grace of God, we paid off the debt. The following day we asked her to sing a chorus, the chorus changed.

It became ‘He hath done it for me He has done it for me, what my Father cannot do,…’ that’s going to be a song you before you leave here tonight.

So burden bearer is the one who comes along and says that burden you cannot put down, that burden you cannot carry, that burden that is bending your back, I will pick it up and take it off you.

So, there are categories of burdens.

·       Physical burden, like the case of Naaman that we mentioned earlier on. In 2king chapter 5 verse 1, an incurable disease; or as you’ve seen in Luke 13 verse 10-17 talks about a woman with the spirit of infirmity, she bent double, everywhere she goes people could see her coming bent double. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t straight up. That was a physical burden. Or in John chapter 5 verse 2-9, the man who had a physical burden, he couldn’t go home because there was no cure at home. In the pool here before he could get in somebody get in before him. He had a physical burden.


·        I pray in the Name that is above every other name that those of you who have any form of physical burdens, the Burden Bearer will take it away today in Jesus Name.


·       And then of course, there is Material burdens. Like the widow I mentioned, the widow of Zeraphath, 1king 17 verse 8-16.


·       This woman had a son and she watched on a daily basis as the little food they had become less and less and less, until there was only one meal left.


·       No income, in fact, there was no harvest, everything was dry. She had a material burden.


·       There are some of us who are into business, once upon a time the business was robust and the for no cause of our own no reason at all everything just began to dwindle and dwindle and dwindle; but the Almighty God is going to intervene tonight.


·       In 2king 4 verse 1-7, we have another case. There was a woman just the widow of a man of God again heavily in debt.


·       The debt was not her own making, it was her husband who got her into debt before he  died.


·       And now creditors were accusing, the banks said if you don’t pay us between 24 hours we will close you down, we will sell your son and there was nothing she could do on her own, until she carried to the Burden Bearer and the tide turned.


·       In John chapter 2 verse 11, the bible tells us there was a wedding, the was on, the bridegroom thought everything needed had been provided all of a sudden they ran out of wine and it was in the middle of the night, all shops were closed, even if they were not closed, these people had spent all they had for the wedding. It looks as if shame was staring them in the face until the Almighty God stepped in.


·       I pray for someone here today before the end of this month you will sing a new song.


Some of you will remember a story of a man, a very wealthy man, who had a quarrel with his wife, he didn’t know the kind of wife she married to, and the wife told him by time am finished with you, you will trek in Lagos and the man laughed because at that time the man had fourteen cars – how can somebody with fourteen cars trek? But he didn’t know the kind of wife he was married to.


Little by little, a contract that he had done that, they have paid for developing problems, he had to pay back everything.


Little by little he got to a point where he had only one car left with only 50kobo in his pocket.


50 kobo was still some money in those days. He said to himself if I use this 50 kobo to buy fuel for my car what will I eat?


If I eat with the 50 kobo, then I will trek like my wife prophesied that’s when he came to Jesus Christ.


And Jesus took over the situation. The day he was sharing his testimony he was dedicating two new houses the same day.


I prophesy to someone's life today the Burden Bearer will carry away your burdens in Jesus Name.


·       And then there are Marital burdens. In Mark 5 verse 25-34. Is the story of the woman with the issue of blood; that was a marital problem.


·       Because she was bleeding constantly. She was considered unclean. No man can come to her and say how now; not in that situation.

·       Even if any man should come and they should marry her, she can’t have children – that was a marital burden. Or, in 1Samuel 1, if you read from verse 1 – 20, you have the story of Hannah there, who was barren and the adversary, the lady in the house was given it to her every day, rubbing it in.


·       What are you doing in my husband’s house? Eating our food, not producing anything, get out of here.


·       She didn’t want to be barren but barrenness came and there was nothing she could do about it until the burden get on.


·       I decree in the name that is above every other name, every one barren in the church this year, you will sing for joy.


Or shall we talk about Sarah, the mother of them all. I mean you know the story in Genesis 18 verse 9-14.


By the time the Burden Bearer came to visit, am sure the name must be barren, because she had been barren for 90years, that’s why she laughed when they told her within the year she will have a child.


I know that there may be one or two people here who have lost hope, but I want you to know that there is someone called the Hope of the hopeless.


I want you to know that the Bible says Christ in you the hope of glory. I want you to know that there is a God who can bring the dried bones live again.


And that Burden bearer is here tonight and He will surprise you in Jesus Name.


·       And then of course there is Spiritual burden. In Mark chapter 1 verse 23 – 27… thank You Father.


·       The LORD says there is someone here tonight, He said several efforts had been made to stop your son form rising, He said the son is already rising


·       Mark chapter 1 verse 23 – 27. The Bible tells us of a man who was in the. temple and he had an unclean spirit.


·       He was there in the temple, he was coming to the church regularly and when he was coming the  demon was coming with him; he had this demon dwelling with him, he was like a sticking bomb waiting to explode; he didn’t like it but there was nothing he could do about it until Jesus came in and all of a sudden freedom came.


·       I pray for somebody here tonight, if there are evil forces that has been following you into the Church, they won’t follow you back home today. 


·       His own case was even almost tolerable at least he would come to church, he will sit in the crowd, nobody knows what was happening, but what are well going to say about the man, the madman of Gadara, that you know very well.


·       Is own case, is madness was superb, everybody knew him to be mad, he was like, I mean he was living in the graveyard.


·       The bible says they tried to bind several times. And he wanted to be free, so when they bind him, he will tear the iron chains with ordinary hand, but until the Burden bearer came, remained captive.


·       Several years ago, I remembered when I went to visit my mother and then they brought a man when he came in he said, sir, I need help.


·        I looked at him I can’t see what was wrong with him, but he said watch; so I watched.


·       He scratched his head and brought out a cockroach he said was not a magician, he said, was just showing the kind of problem I have. He put his hand into his ears and brought out another kind of insect, he said listen very close, he put his hand near my ears and you could hear the sound of motorcycle, even, everywhere he went he was carrying that problem and some of us sitting down here looking nice carrying spiritual bombs, ha, in the Name that is above every other name you shall be free tonight. 


·       I asked him to give his life to Jesus, I didn’t have to preach long, he surrendered his life and I cried to the Great deliverer and that man left.


·       Two weeks later I went back and the same man came back. Just looking at him I didn’t need to ask questions, everything has changed. The colour of his face had changed, life has come, the light has come; ha.


·       In the Name that is above every other name before you get home everything about you will change for better.


·       And of course, there burdens that are related to the Career.


·       Ha! There are people who graduated after you who are now far, far ahead of you, I mean there are colleges that when you see them coming you hide your face, there were not better than you in school, but somehow; I mean I still remember very well when I was a lecturer at the University of Lagos.


·       There was an advertisement for a position in a company and a Professor applied to attend the interview, when he got to the board room where they are going to interview him.


·       The chairman of the  Board of Director of the interviewers happens to be one of the students who recently graduated, one of his own students.


·       So he said am sorry have come to the wrong room, the boy said no sir, Prof you have not come to the wrong room, oh oh, he said, have come to the wrong room.

·       Many of you know that you are not where you are supposed to be, you know it.


·       There are people you interviewed that they are now superior in the same office, but I believe that my Father tonight as sends me to tell somebody here tonight, this year things will change…

·       I mean Luke chapter 5 verse 1-7,


·       Oh thank you my Father. The LORD says, there is someone here tonight, He said… thank You Daddy, He said all your allocations of blessing shall be fully delivered this year.


·       In Luke chapter 5 verse 1-7, Peter fished all night, he caught nothing.


·       Threw the net again and again and again, he kept on bringing it up empty, empty, empty and I can relate to him because I love fishing, anytime I want to relax I take my hock I go fishing and I know from experience, there occasions when I will spend a whole hour I won’t catch one.


·       Abba! I remember not too long again, the only one I thought I had caught as I was pulling it out of the river it jumped out again.


·       You can go into the river and go and be searching for a fish. Peter fished all night caught nothing, he couldn’t help it.


·       Some of you have failed not because you want to fail, some of you where you are, not because you are lazy, but in the name that is above other name things will change tonight.


·       I mean, some of you know the story of a young man who was working in an office and because he happened to be Christian the boss said, because you won’t do what I asked you to do, you won’t falsify records, he said as long as I remain here you will not be promoted, he said so.


·       And there was nothing this young man can do. He was the boss until he reported him not to anyone else but to Jesus Christ, he told me this is the situation and I said no problem, my Father said if you have faith you doubt not, you shall say to this mountain, mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and it shall be so.


·       One-night


·       In the name that is above every other name I stand on this Holy altar and I say every mountain blocking your way shall be removed in Jesus Name.


·       I mean shortly after they moved the boss…, you know there is somebody higher than the highest, they transferred the boss they promoted my son to his position and after they promoted him they brought the boss back so that the two of them are now equals.


·       All those who says you will not reach the top, when you get to the office on Monday to tell them “na lie”.


·       Ehe eh eh… let somebody shout hallelujah. And if they ask you what do you mean by ‘na lie’ tell them things have changed – the Burden bearer as a step in my situation. If you believe that say amen loud and clear.

Now for burdens to be lifted, certain conditions must be met.

Condition number one, you must admit that you have a burden. If you are okay where you are, en, no problem; if you are satisfied with your sickness, no problem; if you are satisfied with loneliness, with barrenness, with sorrow, no problem.

Have told you of a man who sick, who was coughing very badly and then he asked us to come and pray.

If it were in the past, we will just go ahead and pray without asking questions but from experience we learnt.

So I said, sir, how can I help you? It’s clear, he was sick, but then Jesus asks Bartemaeu even though He saw that he was blind.

You know what he said I want you to pray that the cough will be going slowly, slowly, slowly. Ehe ehe ehe, I said if you want your sickness to be going slowly slowly, slowly don’t invite me to come and pray because in the name that is above every other name, your sickness will go tonight.

Revelation chapter 3 17, the LORD says some people thought that everything was okay; we are rich, we are made of nothing, well everything is going fine, the LORD said now I wish you see yourself that you are blind, you are naked, if you don’t agree that you have a burden the Burden bearer can come and say let me help you, let me help you.

I told you of a story of the man who brought his wife from Otta that’s not just too far from here- he said daddy help me, I said what is the problem. He said my wife is a witch, I said sister is that so? Sister said don’t mind him, it is his mother that is a witch.

I said sister we can solve the problem, we can pray a simple prayer and you will be set free. She said don’t mind the stupid fellow.

I said okay! If she said don’t mind him, we don’t mind him, but I said, sir we will do one thing, sister you said you are not a witch?

I am not. I said fine. The prayer is about pray will not offend you. If you are not a witch may you continue to prosper, may it be well with you.

But if are a witch and am not saying you are, but if you are and you are disturbing my son, I bind you, that demon in you and I want you to know that demon won’t be able to travel out of you to go and hunt, he will stay inside of you, defecate inside of you and because he can’t go out to feed he will be feeding on your inside.

She said amen. I said good. By the time they brought her back 3months later she was swollen almost double are size because I told her the demon will be defecating inside.

Anyone here who is troubling a child of God, any wife, causing trouble for the husband, any husband, causing trouble for the wife and you don’t want to be free, in the Name that is above every other name that evil false in you will remain bound until you confess. You must admit you have a burden.

Number two – willing to be helped. In John 5 verse 2-9, Jesus Christ asked the man who had been sick for 38years do you want to be made whole?

You will wonder why are you asking him, why don’t you just go ahead, because not everybody want to be helped, not everybody.

You will be will amazed that not everybody wants to be well. I told you of a woman who was sick, we prayed and prayed, she didn’t get well, I said God, what else – you have not asked her do you want to be helped.

How can people be asking that kind of question, but okay, do you want to be well? She said no. Why not?

She said when I was well, my husband finishes in the place of work, he goes to club house, since I became sick the moment he finishes from work he comes back home.

She said let me be sick and retain my husband.

No, am telling you the true stories. Or the witch who didn’t want deliverance, you have heard about that too.

We prayed and prayed and prayed she remained a witch and when we ask do you want to be free? She said no. why not?

She said the power she used in controlling my husband, you want to take it away from me. I don’t want to be free.

If there is anyone troubling your life, who does not want to be free my Father will uproot such fellow in Jesus Name.

Number three.. If you want your burden to be lifted, you have to cry to the Burden bearer for help. Ha,

Thank You my Father. Let me say amen to this one before I tell you, because He says that there is someone here tonight He said out of your mouth shall flow rivers of praise.

You cry to the Burden bearer. Bartimaeus cried. Mark 10 verse 46-52, he kept on crying Jesus, thou son of David have mercy on me.

He cried until God answered. Mathew 15 verse 21-28, that woman came and kept on crying to Jesus for help for the daughter that was at home grievously vex with the devil, until the LORD answered.

You must be will pay the price in prayer.

Cry to God until He hears you. Many of us when it is time to pray we still pray like ladies and gentlemen.

It is because we don’t have burdens. If you really have a burden you will forget who cares who is looking at me, just let me problem be solved and God will solve your problem tonight in Jesus Name.

Then after the burden is gone, what next? What are you the things expected of you when the burden bearer has lifted your burdens? How are you to respond?

Number one. You must have to praise Him.

I can understand out of the mouth of somebody rivers of praise will flow because God is about to something special in their lives.

In Act chapter 3 verse 1-8, is the story of the man born lame by the Beautiful gate.

When all of a sudden God took away burden of stagnation, burden of poverty because he was always begging before he could eat, burden of sorrow.

The bible says when the man got up, he was walking and leaping and praising God – walking, leaping, praising God.

He couldn’t care who was watching him for forty years he hadn’t moved. When he entered into the temple, ha! He over turned the service because of forty years he had been looking at people who went in, they say they are praising God, they hardly moved, and he must have been saying haha oh God, how I wish I have legs, I would have shown these people how to dance for God and then all of a sudden God heard him and give him two legs and he said I will show you people how to praise God.

By the time God has finished with somebody here tonight, you become an example of how to praise God to others.

Praise Him. …he was walking, he was leaping, he was praising God.

Number two. You must give Him thanks generously. Not the kind of thanks that they have to squeeze out of you.

Gratitude, overflowing gratitude. Luke Chapter 17 verse 12-19. Jesus cleaned ten lepers.

Leprosy is a burden that cannot be hidden. Is a burden that could summarize all other burdens because a leper has physical burden.

Sooner or later his going to have material burden because he can’t go to work, he can’t come to town without ringing a bell and driving people away.

Is going to have a marital burden, nobody is going to marry a leper and spiritually a leper is considered a man who is cursed. Spiritual burdens, ten lepers.

They saw Jesus Christ, they stood afar off because they were not allowed to come near, they cried for help, Jesus heard their cry and say okay go you are cleaned.

As they were clean, oh, the Bible says of the ten, only one returned and he was coming back, praising God, giving glory to God very loudly and not quietly, very very loudly.

Some people will ask me, do you love noise? I said yes I do. They said because when you ask people to shout hallelujah no matter how they shout you will still say is not loud enough.

Ha! I said if they know what God had done for them, they will shoot much more than am asking them to do. ….amen.

When somebody asked me why are you always praising God? Oh! I can tell you several reasons.

I can tell you several reasons. I mean ehee, oh man I can tell you several reasons.

Maybe I just tell you just one. I was in Ilorin; I was a Lecturer in the University. In those days you can travel from one end of Ilorin to another in 15minutes by car.

So I will leave the campus come home to take lunch, something I dear not do when I was in Lagos, and rest for a while before I go for my evening lectures. So this afternoon I came home, finished my food and lay on the porch to rest because if I lay on the bed, I might not wake up until the lectures are over. As I lay on the porch, I closed my eye because I was also the pastor of our parish there, so a lot of people are always coming in and going out of our living room.

If they see my eye close they will think am sleeping, they won’t boarder me.

So I closed my eye, put my two hands together, my head on my two hands and all of a sudden someone came into the room with one hand he held my two hands, with the other hands he held my two legs and whoever that thing was, was about to kiss me.

Aside, I thought it was my wife, but I said ehe ehe, my wife knows that tour living is a public place she wouldn’t want to do that in a public place and suddenly I realized the fellow with one hand can hold my two hands near my head and with the other hand hold my two legs must be a tall fellow, so I open my eye and the thing disappeared.

Haha and then felt something very cool going right through my body. What is this! Anyway, I forget about it, get into the car, go to  campus finished my lectures… ehe ehe ehe and then trouble began.

I was vomiting, I was stooling, I was doing everything, I mean by the time I drove myself back, I had to practically crawl out of the car into the toilet and I got to the toilet and said Daddy what is this and am Your son? How can this happen to me?

And He said… somebody here will of God tonight. … And He said son I just want you to see a little bit of the battles am fighting for you. Battles you don’t know anything about that am just fighting for you.

Many of you are here tonight, you think you are life because you are wise, you think you are life because you can pray, you think… no no no no, there is somebody fighting a battle for you.

May I hear shouts hallelujah to him?

How can you defend yourself when you are sleeping, there is somebody who neither sleep nor slumber.

There is somebody who never travels; there is somebody who is taking care of you. So when I ask you to praise Him and you find it difficult I wonder what’s wrong with you – let me hear you shout another hallelujah. After He has lifted your burden praise Him that’s number one. Two, give Him thanks generously.

Number three, worship Him perpetually.  In 2king chapter 5, you can read the story from verse 1 -17.

We have the story of Naaman, he had physical burden. The Burden bearer took the burden away; he came back to the man of God to testify.

Look at what God has for me your God had done it. Now have come to say thank you to Him. He brought a lot of money, a lot of gold and raiment, the man of God says  sorry, sir free I was given freely I give am not taking any money from you, I don’t want to take your money and take your leprosy.

He said fine, you are not taking the money? He said okay, please help me, I want to take a little soil from your land when I get home am going to build an altar for the rest of my life I will serve no other god except your own, he said for the rest of my life I will worship this God perpetually.

When He has taken away your burden learn to worship Him. There are many of us who don’t have any altar in our home.

The altar we are taking about is not the one build with mold, we are taking about of a place you have consecrated just to go and praise God there.

But I have only one room, yeah, just one corner of the room that is where you say Father when I will really want to worship, I will come to this corner of the room when nobody is watching me and I will worship you here.

There was a time the only place I could do that one without disturbance was the bathroom. At least when am in the bathroom no body is listening to my song.

So whether the song goes with the organ or it does not it doesn’t matter when am in the bathroom, I can dance for God, I can sing, I can jump, I can do what I want.

The door is locked is between me and Him. You need a place where you will worship God permanently – perpetually.

Number four. After He had taken away your burden, your service to Him must become committed.

Don’t serve Him casually anymore. When your burdens are gone, serve Him with everything you have, throw everything into the service of the Most High God. Luke chapter 8,... ha,

Thank You Father, amen and amen, I know this is for me but somebody can share, the LORD says there is someone here tonight, your ambitions is very great, He said but if you stay close to Me you will achieve them all. Ha, hmm, thank you Daddy, is a very good one for the beginning of the year for me, yes and yes and yes.

The LORD says there is somebody here tonight, He said I will increase your anointing so you can serve me better, and works miracles for me.

I know that’s not for everybody.

Oh, thank You Almighty, even if we stop preaching we have done enough but the LORD is speaking and He says there is somebody here tonight and am saying amen to it, He said I will not only pull sown the wall that the enemy has built against you I will see to it that it is never rebuild.

Luke chapter 8 verse 1-8, Bible tells us of a woman called Mary Magdalene, she has seven demons in her, but the moment the LORD set her free she became a divine treasure.

Father, I will serve You with all I have. I used to serve the devil now I will serve the LORD. Committed to service.

Number five, after he has taken away your burden, your testify, witnessing must become incurable.

You must go everywhere telling everyone what the LORD has done for you. In Mark chapter 5 verse 18-20, when the LORD set the mad man of Gadarene free, the Almighty God sent him go and tell everyone what God has done for you. Do you know that what the LORD had told is people, the more you testify the more miracles you will get so I pity those of you who are still keeping your testimony quiet.

If I were  you I will just go everywhere to testify, nobody will be able to keep me quiet.

You know me by now, everywhere I go I share my testimony and I will share it more and He will bless me more and more.

I was telling my children long, long ago, even when things were very, very tough anytime they say daddy how are things – God is working overtime taking care of me, how many of you have heard me overtime say that one before?

I was saying that at a time when I didn’t even have enough money to go to Lagos because I didn’t have two naira to pay a toll gate fee but I kept telling people He’s working overtime taking care of me.

Today, by the grace of God, I can say it louder than ever before He’s working extra overtime taking care of me.

Is anybody here God is working overtime taking care of? Wave your hands to Him and shout hallelujah.

But then, why don’t you testify?

Why don’t you tell your co-worker?

I mean the way all those who worship idols get disciple is because they kept on sending one fellow out to keep on telling people, is if you can come to this baba he’s a special baba this one has swallowed the oracle, so they recruit  for the  devil.

You can recruit for Jesus Christ just by testifying tell them, even when He hasn’t done anything for you, why not don’t you tell them what you heard He has done for others.

Number six. After His taking your burden away put Him first in everything.  Genesis 22 verse 1-18, after He took the barrenness away from Abraham, He gave him a test to find out who is first – the Giver or the Gift.

He said that your son comes and sacrifice him to me and He told him I want you to travel for three days so that you have plenty of time to change your mind, thank God Abraham passed the test.

He said you gave him to me, if You want him You can have him, after all my body was dead before you gave him to me, so if the boy die if You want You can raise him up if You don’t want no problem.

Put Him first and see what He will do. When Abraham passed the test the Almighty made a promise He said I will multiply your seed, the one you give me back voluntarily I will multiply him to you.

Today all over the world we have Abraham seed including here right now. Every Christian is of the seed of Abraham.

Every seed of Abraham wave your hand to the Almighty and say thank You for Abraham.

That’s why I find it funny when some people find it difficult to give their first fruit to the Almighty God. Is a test.

In  Proverb chapter 3 verse 9-10, says honour me he doesn’t say without your first fruit He can’t survive, He said honour me with your first fruit and then watch me and see me in action. When He has taken away your burden put Him first.

Finally, when He has taken away your burden, abide- abide with Him.  Mark chapter 10 verse 46-52.

When He took away the burden of Bartemaeus, the bible says he followed Jesus in the way. He followed Jesus in the way.

Many of us who come to Jesus when we have a problem, as soon as the problem is solved, we feel that’s enough, you don’t come to the Holy Ghost Service to be healed and to be set free alone.

We come to learn, we come to study the word of God, and we come to grow spiritually.

We come so that we can become vessels unto honour in the hand of the Almighty God, we come to abide.

The Bible says he, that dwelleth in the secret place of the Almighty God shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

David said surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and what will I do? I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

Abide. Abide. Don’t treat God as a fan then when things are hot you on the fan as soon as it becomes cool you put off the fan.

God is not like that, He wants you to be by His side all the time. I mean I was amazed when one came to me and said what else do you want?

Why are you always praying?

Why are you always fasting?

What else do you want?

I said so you pray and fast only when you want something from God? Abide.

Some of you remember the story of a man who was a thief I mean all his ribs were like iron he couldn’t bend his hands, he couldn’t bend his knees, and he couldn’t bend anything.

His hand were like this, the leg like that and they carried him like that to Ebute-Metta several years ago and we prayed a simple pray and the Almighty God set him free right there and then he was kneeling down, waving his hands, he was rejoicing, after two we didn’t see him church again and we followed him up.

Sir, we didn’t see you in church that’s while we came, he said haha, is it your church that healed me? We said no sir, it is God.

He said when you go to the hospital and you get well, don’t you go back home?

We said yes sir, yes sir, we don’t argue with that , he said thank you very much for praying, I was sick, you prayed and I’m well and now am back home.

Couples of week later I was driving from the University campus going home and I saw the same man walking in the street, this time the hands are not backed the way they were , the legs backed they were, this tome the mouth open and can’t close and saliva was dripping and I saw the man who didn’t abide.

I pray for every one of you here tonight you will abide under the shadow of the Almighty forever.

Let me conclude because tonight you want to pray being the first Holy Ghost Service you really want to spend some time in prayer.

The Burden bearer gave an invitation long time ago and that invitation is still valid now.

Mathew 11 verse 28-30. He said come on to me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

He said just come just come, I will give you rest, I will take away your burden, I will solve your problem, come.

But He added if you come to me to take your burdens away you must be willing to take my yoke upon you and learn of me.

You must be willing to come under a new management; you must be willing to do whatever I ask you to do.

He said if you think that is a burden, He said oh! Compare it to the one you are carrying before.

He said my burden is light, my yoke is easy, come to me and there will be rest for your soul.

So tonight if there is anyone out there who has not yet come under the Ownership of the LORD Jesus Christ and you want Him now to become your LORD, your Saviour, your Burden bearer, am going to count from one to fifteen because I can see some of you very far away, come and surrender your life to Jesus Christ tonight let Him safe your soul, let Him wash away your sins, let Him pick up your burdens from off your shoulder, let Him give you a brown new beginning and you will know the meaning of peace like a river.

So if you want to come, come now as I count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,.. now those of you who are in front and those of you who are on the way begin to pray now. Call on Him, ask the LORD to have mercy on you ask Him to save your soul. Tell Him have come to surrender your life to Him. Is the only one who can carry away your burden of sin. Ask Him to be merciful, ask Him to become your Saviour, ask Him to take away your burden of sin.

Call on Him, tell Him that from now on you will serve Him and Him alone. And those of you on the way hurry up, keep coming because very soon am about to pray.

And please the rest of us can we stretch our hands to this person, intercede for them, pray that the Almighty God will have mercy on all of them that He will forgive them, He will wash them clean in His blood, He will save their souls and give them a brand new beginning.

Intercede for them brethren, pray for them and those of you on the way you have to hurry up now because am about to pray for salvation, so if you are still far away then you have to move a little faster.

Hurry up.

I can still see so many of you there the LORD is still waiting cry to Him as you come.

LORD have mercy on me, save my soul also, I will serve you for the rest of my life, am surrendering my life to you completely I know the only One who can carry away my burden, please have mercy on me save  my soul, cleanse me with Your blood, give me brand new begging in every facet of my life. Hurry up, hurry up, those of you who are still on the way I can see you come very quickly, get here before I finished praying. Thank You Jesus. Hurry up. Hurry up.

Hurry up the LORD is still waiting. This is your night of salvation, when your burden will be rolled away.

Thank You Jesus. Just hurry up, just hurry up, just keep coming get here before I finished praying because I must pray now – in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Savior just wants to say thank You.

Thank You for Your word, thank You for Your that have come forward to surrender their lives to You, thank You because You said whosoever who come unto You, You will know wise cast out, they have come now pleased receive them in Jesus Name. Save their souls, forgive their sins, wash them clean in Your blood, write their names in the book of life. And please LORD do not let them go back into sin.

Please from now on, my Father and my God anytime they call on You answer them by fire. Thank you my Father and my God in Jesus Name we have prayed. … Amen.

Now those of you who have come forward, let me hear you shout hallelujah.

Now am rejoicing with you because by the grace of God, I will be praying for you, very soon you will be receiving miracles that will show you clearly that somebody is somewhere praying for you.

If you turn to your left you will see a man waving a piece of wood please follow him so Pastors are waiting down there to collect the information I need and bring you back very quickly.

You can begin to go now.

God bless you, God bless you, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

And if you are clapping, clap very well. Clapping is a way of thanking God. Thank You. And if you hurry still on the way up, hurry up, hurry up, keep clapping.

Thank You Father. Okay you want to write down the following prayer points.

Number one. Is to keep thanking Him. Like I told you we can't even thank Him praise Him more, spend quality time tonight in praisng Him.

And then number two. You say Father, please help me carry my burdens from now on and forever.

Number three. Father, please let the era of the suffering end permanently in my life.

Number four. Father, please don’t let me ever know failure again – I don’t want to ever fail again, ever.

Number five. Father, please don’t let me ever know sorrow again.

Number six. Father, please let a new era of joy, success, victory, promotion, anointing, testimonies open to me permanently.

Number seven. Father, Great Shepherd, please carry me and all mine throughout this year and forever more.

You then add whatever else you want to add.

You can come if you want to the altar. And this time you are going to cry to God, you are going to pray, you are going to talk to the Almighty God forget anybody who is around you who’s murmuring that means they don’t have burdens.

If you have burdens pray like warriors and will tell you when to stop, just go ahead and begin to cry unto the Almighty God tonight. …

Thank You LORD. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Now I want you to join your hand together. I want you to pray for a neighbor. Remember the law of the harvest – whatever you wish your neighbor that is what God will for you.

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, this my neighbor defend with all You have against all attacks from above, from beneath and from everywhere, defend my neighbor against all forms of attack….

Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty Name we have prayed.

You lift your voice to Him and say Father, if anyone tries to stop my neighbor from reaching his goal Father destroy such a fellow.

Go ahead, talk to God. Burden bearer if anyone tries to stop these children of God in reaching their goal to destroy such a fellow.

Thank You Father. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And one more prayer you pray it with all your heart.

You say, Father this Your child, let this year be a year of open doors- go ahead and talk to the Almighty.

Open doors year for all Your children LORD, mighty open doors. Thank You Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will answer your prayers.

The Burden bearer will help you carry your burdens.

The era of suffering will come to an end in your life. A new era will begin for you – an era of victories, of anointing, of testimonies, you will never know failure again, you will never know sorrow again.

The Almighty God will carry you, He will carry your burdens, He will stand by you, He will fight for you, He will defend you, He will open mighty doors for you and you too you will serve Him, so shall it be in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

If you receive that let me hear you shout a big hallelujah.  

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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