ABBA FATHER (PART 1) 6th of January, 2017



6TH JANUARY, 2017.


Thank You Father.


I want you to shout hallelujah that God will hear from heaven.

Thank You Father.






Glory be to God.

I want you to do something again


I want you to shout just one more hallelujah to show the devil he has lost the battle over you.


Glory be to God

Glory be to God.

Glory be to God.

Hallelujah Father.

Blessed be Your holy name.

Blessed be Your holy name.

Thank You.

Thank You Lord.

Then, I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, throughout this year, let me have cause to shout for joy.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Father, throughout this year, let me have cause to shout for joy; let me have cause to shout for joy. Throughout this year, throughout this year, let me have cause to shout for joy. Throughout this year, let me have cause to shout for joy. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

We are grateful O Lord

(we are grateful Lord)

We are grateful O Lord


For all You have done for us


We are grateful O Lord.


(we are grateful Lord)


We are grateful O Lord


We are grateful O Lord


For all You have done for us


We are grateful O Lord.


(I am grateful Lord)


I am grateful O Lord


I am grateful O Lord


For all You have done for me


I am grateful O Lord.

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, we bless Your holy name.

Thank You for all You did for us last year; thank You in advance for what You will do for us this year; Father, accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

Father we pray, throughout this year we will have cause to praise Your name. Throughout this year, let us have cause to dance. Let have cause to sing; let us have cause to shout hallelujah. Thank You my Father and God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now, let somebody shout hallelujah.

Well, look for two or three people you have not seen this year and shake hands with them and say Happy New Year.

And then you may be seated.

The Holy Ghost service even though is taking place here; it is watched all over the world; particularly in those nations where we have the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

So, the Holy Ghost service is watched in at least one hundred and ninety-two nations of the world.

And so, if something is missing here, even though it may be little to us, it is a great miss to those who are far away – those in Australia, in New Zealand, in Papua New Guinea, in Vanuatu,  in Solomon Islands, those in Haiti and other nations of the world like that.

So, there was a little mix up between the Television people and the one who is suppose to give them the special for today.

And I have told them we will sing that song again. Because many of us did not get the words and we are singing to our Father – it is a very special song met for Abba Father.

So, the choir will please come and help us.

Again, we will allow the choir to sing the first verse and then we will join from the second verse.

This year, none of your joy will be missing.

Every one of your miracle shall be complete.

So, we will wait for the choir.


My Dad is King of kings

The Lord of lords

The Lord most high

My Dad is El-shaddai

Great Provider



Alpha and Omega

Will never die

He lives ever


Will never faint



Jehovah El-Shalom

Stiller of storms

The Prince of Peace

Winds, sea obey Him

Will obey Him



Sing hallelujah

To Jehovah

He reigns ever

Shout hallelujah

To my Father



Wondrous Counselor

The Mighty God

The Prince of Peace

He is everlasting

Never ending



Jehovah El-Rapha

The Physician

He healeth me

Wiser than the wisest

Ancient of days


My Dad is Almighty

The Lord of hosts

Mighty in war

When I call on His name

All knees must bow



My Dad is my Saviour

My Provider

My Defender

My Dad is my shelter

My Promoter



Sing hallelujah



Shout hallelujah




That is better.

Please be seated.

As usual, we are going to start by addressing those who need to give their life to Jesus so that they won’t miss their miracles in the part two.

God made all things in twos.

In Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 to 3 - He made darkness and He made light.

According to Psalm 30 verse 5 – He made sorrow and He made Joy. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. As we have night and morning; we have sorrow and joy.

He made the wise and the fools; just like He made glory and shame – Proverbs chapter 3 verse 35 says the wise shall inherit glory but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

You have the wise and you have the fool. And one is heading for glory; the other is heading for shame.

And whether we believe it or not, He categorizes all human beings into two categories: children and dogs. Mathew 15 verse 21 to 28 – He said, I cannot give the children’s bread to dogs.

We have children of God; we have dogs and you are either of two.

Now, in Mathew chapter 5 verse 45, this Almighty, this God that is so difficult to fully understand allows the sun to shine on both the evil and the good. He allows the rain to fall on both the evil and the good.

So, the sons and the dogs; the sinners and the saints; can cross into the new year; enjoying the same sun, the same rain fall.


Revelation chapter 4 verse 11 says God made all things for His pleasure. Everything He made: darkness, light; sorrow, joy; sinners, saints; children, dogs; He made everything for His pleasure.

And then Proverbs 16 verse 4 says, He even make the wicked for the day of evil. He created wicked people for His special purpose: for the day of evil, so that He will have people to use as examples to show why it is not right to do evil.

He made wicked for the day of evil; for the Day of Judgment; for the day of sorrow.

He made all things in twos and that is my Father, and nobody can query Him; nobody can say why did you do it this way.

The only thing is, as mighty as He is; as sovereign as He is; as unquestionable as He is; He leaves a door open so that the destiny of the wicked can be changed by the wicked.

In Ezekiel 33 verse 14 to 16: He said, when I say to the wicked you are going to die and the wicked man say no no no, I don’t want to die; and he turns from his way and he begin to do the lawful things and begin to do what is right, God says, I will look down from heaven and I will say: alright, I said you are going to die but I change my mind, you shall live.

He said, if the wicked should change his ways, all the wicked things he had ever done will not be remembered.

He said, I will just forget every evil that he had ever done.

He says because I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner – Ezekiel 33 verse 11: says, I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner. All I want the sinner to do is to repent and live.

And that is why the Bible says in 1John chapter 1 verse 7: that the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sins.

So the wicked who ends up in hell, ends up in hell because he want to. Because he has the opportunity to repent to change his ways and he refuse to do so.

When we get to heaven, there will be many surprises.

There would be people who you never thought will be heaven that would be there.


Because they had an opportunity to change and they changed.

I will tell you a story and I will give you the altar call.

Some of you would remember this fellow, he was an Alhaji. We met when I was in Ilorin.

He heard the gospel and gave his life to Jesus.

He was overwhelmed with joy and we rejoiced with him.

But after three days he came back: he said, are you sure Jesus can forgive all sins?

We said yes.

He said, haa! Ehn! You have not heard all that I have done.

The evil I have done, they are so much…; I don’t think He can forgive all.

We said, haa! Have you given your life to Him?

He said, yes

Please, go home rejoicing, He has forgiven all.

He left rejoicing.

Three days later he came back: he said, you have not heard all I did.

I did this; I did this; I did this; I did that.

We said, once you give your life to Jesus, He gives you a brown new beginning.

He went home rejoicing.

He kept going on and backwards.

Finally he came one day.

I will tell you this one: if Jesus can forgive this one I am about to tell you, I won’t worry any more.

He said, I wanted to make a charm and to make that charm I need the heart of man.

He said, one of my relatives died, a young boy died and they buried him.

In the night, I went there, I exhume his body; I toil the body open and toil away the heart to use for the charm.

Do you think Jesus can forgive that?

So I opened my Bible to 1John chapter 1 verse 7; fortunately he can read.

I said, read that.

The blood of Jesus Christ the Son, cleanses from all sins.

I said, what is the meaning of “All”?

He was quiet for a while.

He said, I think all means all.

I said, correct.

He does not matter how many sins you have committed up till this moment;

If you give your life to Jesus; not only will you be saved, you will cease to be a dog and become a son.

You will cease to be somebody destined for the day of evil and become somebody destined for glory.

So, if there is any one here tonight, you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, I am going to count from one to twelve – only twelve - so, those of you who are far away, you better begin to move.

And those of you at the various viewing centers, this is the time to move toward the altar too.

And if you are viewing in your home and you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, this is time to stand up and let Jesus know that you are standing up for salvation.

There is blood that can clean from all sin; that blood is still flowing now.

So, if you want to give your life to Jesus, before I count twelve, come and stand before me and we will pray for your salvation.

And I am counting now.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven


Those of you who are already in front and those of you on the way, talk to the Jesus now. Ask Him to be mercy unto you. Ask Him to save your soul. And the rest of us let us stretch our hands towards these people and intercede for them: that the One who saved our souls, that from this moment onward they will become children. Those of you on the way, hurry up and make sure you get here before I finished praying.

My Father and my God I want to bless Your holy name. I want to thank You because Your words says, no one can to You except the Father draws him. Thank You for drawing these people. And thank You for Your promise that whosoever come to You, You will in no wise cast out. They have come to you now Father, please, receive them in Jesus’ name. Save their souls today in Jesus’ name. Let Your blood wash away all their sins in Jesus’ name. Please write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus’ name. Give them a brown new beginning in Jesus’ name. From now on Lord, let them be children of the Living God; so that whenever they cry unto You, please answer them by fire in Jesus’ name. Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

I hope the Counselors are nearby.

I want to rejoice with those of you who are here.

Get somebody to write for you, the Counselor will be willing; and when you finish, you can go back to your seat after returning the card to the Counselors.

God bless you.

In the main time while we wait for these people, we could have some worship hymn or songs and you can praise God even for the salvation of your own soul.

I thank you Counselors.

Now, we want to move on to section B.

Romans chapter 8, we are reading from verse 14 to 17 (Romans 8:14 to 17).

While you are opening your Bibles let me encourage you that this year, you will pray like you have never done before.

Because those of you who are here at the watch night service, I told you how to compel your prophecies to come to pass.

And those of you who are not here, I will encourage you, get that tape.

When God has spoken concerning you, there are certain things you must do for the prophecies to manifest.

One of course is to believe the God who sent the word.

Two is to believe the prophet through whose mouth the prophecy has come.

A man is called a prophet because he speaks forth the prophecies that have come from the mouth of God to him.

Then, one of the things you must do for your prophecies to come to pass is that you must fast and then you must pray, and you must avoid distractions.

I am just trying to tell you some of them that I can remember off head: you need to fast; you need to pray; you need to focus on your God and ignore all others.

Then, what came to you as a sound would become a reality.

I am praying for every one of you here today, all the prophecies of God concerning you shall be speedily fulfilled in Jesus’ name.

Now, Romans 8 from verse 14 to 17:

14) For as many that are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

15) For ye have not received the Spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

16) The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God:

17) And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together.

Abba Father

What is the meaning of Abba?

Everybody can call God Father because that is a general name for Him – it is a general title. Even when Jesus Christ was teaching the Disciples to pray, He said this is how you should pray: our Father which hath in heaven.

The first fellow to altar the word ‘Abba’ was Jesus Himself.

In Mark chapter 14 verse 36, He said, Abba Father, all things are possible with You.

The word Abba is a pet name for Father that can only be use by someone very close…, in modern land when you want to say Daddy, or if you really want to get modern – you want to say Popsi. That is somebody so close that you can call him something nobody else can call him.

When I started calling God Daddy in 1981, several people challenged me. They said I was being rude to God; I was being black famous.

God is Father, not Daddy!

I said, don’t let us quarrel.

He is your Father but He is my Daddy.

There is different between the two.

How many of you feel you are close to God enough to call Him Daddy?

Let me hear you say, Abba Father.

Everyone that is born again is a child of God – 1John chapter verse 1 to 3: He said, behold beloveth, what manner of love that God as bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God.

So we have a Father, the Almighty.

Now, if I have a Daddy, I think I need to know Him.

Who is He? Because it is important to know who your Daddy is.

Knowing who your Daddy is can make a lot of difference in your life.

Daniel 11 verse 32 says they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

Many of things I have attempted in the Name of my Daddy is because I know who He is; otherwise, it would have been madness to attempt any of them.


Psalm 91 verse 1 calls Him the Most High and calls Him the Almighty – that is my Daddy.

Who is my Daddy?

Genesis 17 verse 1 calls Him Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough, the Almighty.

Who is my Dad Exodus chapter 3 verse 13 and 14: He is the I AM THAT I AM.

And I can go on and on talking about my Dad.

There is always a tendency for me to want to boost when I talk about my Dad.

But because of limited time, the next thing we ought to know about our Dad is WHAT HAS HE?

Because the Bible says, I am heir of God, a joint heir with Christ – so, I need to have a rough idea of what I can inherit – ‘What has my Dad?’

Psalm 24 verse says: the earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof – everything that is inside the earth belong to my Daddy.

Haggai chapter 2 verse 8, my Dad said, silver is mine; gold is mine. So, whatever money you have in your pocket is my Dad who gave you.

Psalm 50 verse 10 tells me that the cattle upon a thousand hills belong to my Daddy.

Psalm 62 verse 11 says, God has spoken once, twice have I heard it that power belongs to God (not to witches and wizards) – power belong to my Daddy

1chronicle chapter 29 verse 12 says, both riches and honour come of Thee – that is talking about my Daddy.

He said, thou reigneth over all – He is the Supreme ruler.

He said, in His hand is the power and might to make great – that is my Daddy.

So, I know what He has.

I know who He is; I know what He has.

The next question of course is: WHAT CAN HE DO?

My Daddy can do practically anything – practically anything.

I thank God for some of the testimonies we have already heard; and we have not heard anything yet that He could ask me to lay hands on some handkerchiefs, give it to the Pastors to lay on the people, told the Pastors to take the handkerchiefs home, and then, far away from here, that handkerchief is raising the dead – that is my Daddy.

That is what He can do; that is what He can do – anything.

Luke 1:37 - with God nothing shall be impossible.

Jeremiah 32 verse 27, He said, He is the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Him? -that is my Daddy.

In Mathew 19 verse 26, He says, what is impossible with man is possible with God.



Because when somebody is applying for a job, they ask for the CV. They want to know his track records.

And I can begin to tell you lots and lots of things that my Daddy has done.

Exodus 14 verse 21 to 28: He made away where there was no way in the Red Sea.

Exodus 17 verse 6: He brought water out of the rock – my Father can produce something out of nothing.

Where you are seated now is an example of producing something out of nothing – that is my Daddy.

I was telling someone not too long ago.

When we came to this camp ground, it was the headquarters of highway robbers; nobody wanted to live near here at all.

The only other things that are common here were pythons, big snakes, 6meters long, big like a palm trees; nobody wanted this area, but my Daddy said, this is where I have for you; He said, I am going to build a city for you.

We came here when an acre of land was being sold for one thousand naira because nobody wanted it.

And look at what my Daddy has turned the place too now.

He can produce something out of nothing.

So, I have good news for somebody here today, right now they may consider you as nothing, before you die, the world will celebrate you.

What has my Father done?

Throughout the congress we were looking at Ezekiel 37 from verse 1 to 10 - This same God we are talking about can make dry bones lives again.

After the congress, Daddy began to show me several things that I did not even see before in the same Ezekiel 37 verse 1 to 10.

It was as if we should go back and look at thing again. But He said son, the one for the masses they have already received; the remainder is for you.

In order words, He is saying to anyone who have been here today, don’t you ever believe it when they tell you your case is hopeless because there is no hopeless cases with my Daddy.

He can make dry bones live again.

Now, this is where we need to get ready to pray.


Because what I can expect from my Daddy is determined by: who He is; what He has; what He can do; what He has done before.

What I can expect from my Daddy is determined by those things I have already mentioned.

Some children are playing in Ilesha several years ago.

One of the came to me and say Daddy, I want a new pair of shoes for Christmas.

I said okay, what is the size of your leg, of your feet.

I said, you will get your shoes for Christmas.

He ran out and told all his colleges: I have shoe, brown new shoes for Christmas.

One of them said, who told you that.

Lagos Papa

And one of them also said, yeah, I also have new shoes for Christmas.

And they ask him, who told you?

He said, my father.

They said that is joking shoes.

If it is Lagos Papa that said you have shoes, you have shoes.

If it is your Dad, he is just joking with you.

I have a God who can never fail; when He speaks it is done.

How many of you believe that this year, it is going to be well with you?

Let me hear you shout hallelujah.

So, what can I expect as a child from my Dad?

Number One) What can I expect from the One who is called the Most High?

What can I expect from the One who according to Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verse 8 is Higher than the highest?

I can expect Promotion.

Because according to 1Samuel chapter 2 verse 7 to 8:  Bible says my Father rises up one and push down another.

He makes poor and make rich.

He makes low and He lifts up.

My Father is so powerful according to what is written that He can pick up a beggar from the dunghill and make him seat among princes – that is my Dad.

So, I can expect promotion from him.

Not too long ago, there was a state occasion some three or four years ago and all the great people were there; and by the time I was walking in, you know in a situation like that, every chair is labeled; and they began to lead me forward.

I was wondering where they are taking me because I was looking in the direction of my colleagues; in fact, I cannot call them my colleagues, they are my elder brothers: the Bishops, the Apostles.

But they took me straight to go and seat at the same table with the Head of State and I remember the word: He can pick up a beggar from the dunghill and cause him to seat among princes.

There is somebody here tonight, before you die you will seat with princes.

From my Father who is Higher than the highest, I can expect uncommon promotion.

Daniel was a slave, but according to Daniel chapter 6 verse 1 to 3, he became one of the three topmost men in the nation – that is unusual promotion for a slave.

I can expect rapid promotion, not just uncommon, but rapid.

According to 1Samuel chapter 16 verse 11 to 13, the Bible says, one night David slept as a shepherd boy, by the following day he was a king – that is rapid promotion.

I want to decree to somebody here tonight, this year your promotion shall be rapid.

I can expect continuous promotion.

I have always told you; I think I have given you the illustration before, how high I can lift this tambourine, is determined by how tall I am.

If I want it to go high…; now, where it is now…, I think the camera should show us the tambourine. Thank you.

If I want it to go high, I can go on my toes.

But after some times, my toes will begin to pain me and I will go down on my feet, by then, the tambourine has come down lower.

After some time, my hand will be paining me and I will bring it lower down still.

When human beings promote you, they will bring you down.

But when my Daddy promotes you…, because the Bible says, His arms are everlasting arms; your promotion will be continuous.

I can expect from my Father the Most High, permanent, irreversible promotion.

Oh thank You Father.

The Lord says there is somebody here tonight, He said, since the beginning of the year, your cry to God has been help me Lord, help me Lord; He ask me to tell you,  I will help you.

Daddy asks me to tell someone, He said, this year 2017, the garment of shame will be permanently removed from you.

I said I can expect permanent irreversible promotion.

Deuteronomy 28 verse 13 says, you will be above only and not beneath; you will be head and not be tail – permanent promotion.

Thank You Father.

The Lord said, there is someone here tonight who thought he has come because it is the first Holy Ghost service of the year, He said let me tell you, you have come to have an encounter Me.

So, what can I expect from my Father the Most High?

Promotion – and there is no promotion like spiritual promotion because that is the one that is most permanent.

One day in America, we are coming down in a Lift and there was a young man there with us in the Lift and several others.

And Mummy wanted to speak to that young man and said, hey, Pastor, this this this.

All the other boys with us in the Lift said, no no, Mummy, he is not a Pastor, he has just become a Deacon.

Now, I know some people, you must have heard from some people say that if you want to become a Pastor join the Redeemed, within six month you will become a Pastor.

I always laugh.

Let them come and find out.

Those of you who are in, you know.

You know how many years before you can become a Deacon.

You know how many years you can move from a Deacon to Assistant Pastor.

You know how many years after you become Assistant Pastor before you become a Pastor.

So when Mummy mistakenly called that young man Pastor; all the others say no no no, he has just become a Deacon.

And I heard God say to me loud and clear: ordain him a Pastor.

My Commander-in-Chief has spoken, the Owner of the church has spoken, and when He speaks, there is no protocol. When He speaks, there are no rules and regulations. When He says this is what I want, that is what will happen.

Stand on your feet; lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, regardless of rules and regulations, promote me this year.

Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.

Regardless of human rules, human regulations, promote me speedily my Father, You are the Most High. Promote me speedily. Promote me eternally. Promote me permanently. Regardless of human rules and regulations, just move me higher. Promote me Lord. Promote me speedily. Regardless of human rules, human regulations, human laws; regardless of named protocol, just promote me this year Father. Promote me. Promote me particularly spiritually, I want to be closer to You this year; much more closer to You than ever before; promote me speedily. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And so shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

What can I expect from the One who is called the Almighty?

I can expect victory without a fight.


Because my Father is the Lord of host – He controls all host in heaven, in earth, underneath the earth (Psalm 24 verse 7 to 10)

Philippians 2: 19 to 11 says, at the mention of His name, all knees bow.

Daniel chapter 3, they threw Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego into the fiery furnace…

What fight can you fight when they bind you and throw you into the fire anyway?

But they landed in the fire and the only thing that got burnt was the ropes that bound them.

In the Name that is above every other name, before Sunday morning, any yokes that maybe left in your life will already be consumed.

They threw Daniel into the den of lions, hungry lions; and the only people who got eaten by the lions were the enemies who threw in Daniel.

As a matter of fact, by the time they brought up Daniel from the den of lion, it was promotion.

I just have that feeling within me…, I am not saying thus says the Lord now, this is me now talking from a conviction deep within me; that all those who have been standing in the way of your promotion, unless they repent, they shall become food for the lions.

In 2Chronicles chapter 20 verse 1 to 25 – when God saw one young king that was good very well but he was poor, he decided that the three richest kings in the neighbor should combine their armies, come with their wealth, to come and attack him.

And when the little king heard about it, he said, haa, O God I am finished. God said don’t worry yourself, you won’t even have to fight; I will fight for you and the wealth of sinners will change hands.

That will be the testimony of some here today.

By the time the enemies finished themselves, the Bible tells me, for this, all the people belonging to this new king were carrying loads of money from the enemy.

You know I use to make a prophecy long ago…; probably the reason it has not come to pass is because nobody was bold enough to receive it.

Now, I believe your faith has grown, so I am going to repeat it: that one day, when you take your money to the bank, they will close their door to other customers.

Victory without a fight

I can give you several examples but I think what we should do is just pray straight away.

Stand up on your feet and lift your voice to the Almighty God…, and I beg you pray, pray with all your heart; and say: Father, this year in particular, fight my battles for me.

Open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God.                                                          

Fight my battles for me. Fight my battles for me O Lord. Fight my battles for me. I want victory without a fight. You just do the fighting Lord while I just do the enjoying. Fight my battles for me. Fight my battles for me. Fight my battles for me. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

In you believe you are going to be victorious, shout a big hallelujah.

You can please be seated.

What can I expect from the one who is called the Helper of the helpless? That is my Dad.

Because David said in Psalm 122 verse 1 to 2 – he said, I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help, my helps come from the Lord who made heaven and earth.

I have a Father; He is the Helper of the helpless.

The Bible calls Him the Ever present help in time of trouble (Psalm 46 verse 1)

What can I expect from the Helper of the helpless?

Among other things, I can expect total security.

What do you mean by total security?

You can try to protect yourself when you are awake; can you protect yourself when you are at sleep?

Many at times we think we are secured because we have security guards.


Security guards are human beings; they too fall asleep.

Years ago…, things have change now; but years ago we finish a convention on Sunday.

And then in the night, around 2:00am, I decided to go round the Camp praying thanking God for the convention; I did not see a single guard.

As I was going round, I saw one seating on a chair fast asleep.

I sat next to him but when he was trying to drive away a mosquito, he nearly slapped me - So, I got up quickly and left.

I walked about two kilometers and I saw another one;

This one did not even pretend. He arranged four chairs removed the shoes and lay flat.

I wanted to take his shoes and the touch light away, but then, I heard God says, son, you yourself you should be sleeping now.

So, I left the fellow alone.

But I thank God I have a Father who neither sleeps, who neither slumbers – I can trust Him for complete security.

If He is your Father, let me hear you shout hallelujah.

In Psalm 121 verse 3, He said, you won’t stumble, you won’t fall.

In Psalm 121 verse 8, He said whether you are going out or you are coming in, He will keep you.

In Psalm 121 verse 6 and 7, He said, you will have to worry nothing about danger whether day or night.

In Psalm 91 verse 5 to 10, He said, you will have nothing to fear whether seen danger or unseen ones

Total security from my Daddy

Some of you will remember the testimony I gave you years ago.

When I was in Ilorin, in those days, you can go from one end of Ilorin to another in 15minutes – no traffic jam at all

So, I always went to the University and then returned for lunch and go back for my lectures.

So I came home one, after I finished my food, I looked at the time; I still have some time I could rest before I return to the University.

But I did not want to go and lie down on the bed so that I won’t fell asleep completely and forget myself.

So laid on the couch in the living room; and because I was Pastor there, member from the congregation from time to time they come in and out of the house.

So that they won’t great me, I closed my eye, pretending to be asleep.

And all of a sudden…, I was putting my two hands to support my head; all of a sudden, I felt somebody holding my two hands with one hand and my two  legs with another hand; and I could feel that whatever-it-is about to kiss me.

At first I thought could it be my wife?


My wife won’t do that in the open where people are coming and going.

Number two: the fellow who can stretch one hand to hold my two hands by my head, my two legs down there, must be huge fellow.

So, I opened my eyes and the thing disappeared.

Haa! God what is this?

And I felt a very horrible coldness all over my body.

Well, I dropped it aside; I got into my car; drove to the University; did my evening lectures.

By the time I finish the lecture, by the time I got into my car, I was dying.

By the miracle of God, I drove home.

But I practically had to crawl out of my car to the toilet where I started vomiting and stooling and …

Haha! Almighty God, what is going on?

I am Your son; how can this happen to me?

And I heard Him say, I just want give you a glimpse of the battles I fight for you without your knowing.

Haa! Thank You Lord. And I became well immediately.

I want you to stand on your feet; I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God loud and clear and say: Daddy, please keep me secure forever.

Go ahead talk to the talk to the Almighty God.

Keep me secure forever; from enemies known and unknown; from enemies seen and unseen, keep me secure forever. Keep me secure forever. Oh! There are enemies you don’t know about; there are enemies that can pass through close doors but thank God for the One who keep us, who will neither sleep nor slumber; He can keep you secure forever. Keep me secure forever. Keep me secure. Almighty God, Keep me secure forever. I know that there are dangers everywhere; there are dangers from my Father’s house, dangers from my mother’s house, danger’s from husband’s house, dangers from wife’s house, danger in the place of work, everywhere Father just keep me secure forever. Keep me secure forever. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Place be seated.

What can I expect from the One who is called the Great Counselor?

Because according to Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6, the name of my Father is not just Wonderful but Counselor.

I can expect from Him divine guidance.

Because as I go through this year and the other years ahead, from time to time I need to know what to do; where to go; where to turn; which door to knock at; etcetera etcetera

Because according to 1Corithians chapter 10 verse 23, He said, while all things might be lawful, not all things are expedient.

Proverbs 14 verse 12, says, there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the ways of death.

So, how do I go through the rest of my life without making mistakes?

Isaiah chapter 30 verse 21 says, you will hear a word behind you saying this is the way. This is where you should turn to the right. This is where to turn to the left.

Because if He is guiding you, like in the passage we read as the text: as many that are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God; if He is guiding you, you won’t fall into a trap.

Those of us who grew up in the villages, we know how to catch Rodents and Rabbits – we set a trap and put a bat. The animal sees the bat and not the trapped and sees the bat as God’s provision.

It is when the trap snapshot that he realizes that this is devil’s provision.

Anything that the enemy may want to us to lure you into a trap this year, the enemy will fail.

In Acts 16 verse 6 to 10 – Paul and Silas wanted to go Asia, God said, no.

That seems to be the right to do; You said we should go to all the world!

He said, I said so, but for you that is not my plan.

It is good to be able to be guided by God.

I was seating in my office at Ebute Metta when a young man - prosperous looking young man, came in for prayers and counseling.

By the time we finish he was talking the conference that was going to take place in America.

I said, wow, who are the speakers?

So and so and so

I said, O that is going to be a wonderful conference.

Suddenly he said, would you like to go?

I said, ye; but I don’t have the money.

O that is no problem, I will pay the money – I will buy the ticket; I will pay for your accommodation; I will pay for your feeding; I will even give you some pocket money.

Haa! Lord, thank You. Open heavens

I collected information; I was glad.

I pray for you my brothers and sisters, the ability to know when the enemy is presenting you with poison; you receive it tonight in Jesus’ name.

He left my office and left.

And I was saying thank you O my God how good you are.

Suddenly he spoke and said, son, you are not going.

Haa! I almost said why?

Because if He says so: you are not going; that settles it, I am not going.

I said, this is something that will benefit me spiritually, that will help the work I am doing.

He said you are not going.

Okay Lord.

I waited a little bit for the man to get home…, because in those days there were no mobile phones; and I picked the land phone and I phoned him.

I am sorry Sir; I won’t be able to go on that trip.

Why not?

Haa, sorry Sir, my Daddy said no.

He went; he came back.

Two weeks later or so, it was news because the young man was working in the central bank; it has been discovered that he had been stealing a lot of government money and they discover that part of the money is what he even used for the journey he had just gone.

Can you imagine me?

Pastor Adeboye went to America on money stolen from Central Bank.

Stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, for the rest of my life, guide me every step of the way.

Guide me Lord. Guide me. Teach me when to say no; teach me when to say yes; teach me when to turn right; teach me when to turn left; guide me all the way. Guide me every step of the way. Guide me every step of the way. Please guide me every step of the way. Guide me every step of the way. Guide me every step of the way. Guide me Almighty. Guide me every step of the way. Every step of the way, guide me. For the rest of my life, let me know what to do so that I don’t fall into the trap of the enemy, guide me. Guide me every step of the way. Guide me. Guide me every step of the way. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be.

Please be seated.

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight. He asked me to tell you to stop thinking of death; I have not finish with you yet.

He said there is someone here tonight; He said by the time the first rain of the year falls, your harvest will begin.

Haa, this is my own.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, whether you are coming in or you are going out, you will always have something to rejoice about.

It is as if He is about to conclude the evening with me.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, one of the surprises that you are going to get is that you are going to live in divine health throughout this year.

I like that. Amen Lord.

Daddy says there is somebody here tonight, He said those who have the ability to help you will be willing and they will be eager this year.


There are so many other things I can talk about but I need to round up because of other meetings early in the morning.

What do I expect from the one whose name is I AM THAT I AM? Because that is what He says His name is in Exodus chapter 3 verse 13.



Daddy says there is someone here, He said, last year you are running, this year you will be flying.

Oh Lord!

I want to say amen and amen to this one.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said, you will be one of the first hundred to receive a mighty pleasant surprise.


Now, what do I expect of the One who is I AM THAT I AM.

All I can expect is that wherever I go He will be there with me because He is I AM THAT I AM – not I was; not I will be; but I AM.

When you consider the story of Joseph you will understand.

When the boy was at home God was with him: he was the favorite of his father (Genesis 37 verse 3)

When He was Potiphar’s house (Genesis 39 verse 1 to 6) as a slave, God was with him.

He was slave but he became Managing Director in the house of his slave master.

When he was thrown into prison for an offence he did not commit (Genesis 39 verse 20 to 23), the Lord was with him there because the Jailer put everything in his charge.

And like somebody said, if you are the one in charge in the prison, the prison life will not be as bad as with others.

Because he was the one sharing the food; he was the one giving instructions – God was with him.

And then of course, he got a rapid promotion from prisoner, he became President.

You have heard the story before of the three fishes; For those of us you who have never heard it before I will tell it.

There were these three small fishes in an ocean and in the ocean there were two sharks (mother shark; baby shark) terrorizing every fish in the ocean – just eating every fish they can find.

So, these three fishes held a prayer meeting; they call on God to come down: Lord, come down we want to talk.

So, the Lord came and said yes, what do you want?

The first fish said, what I want is that every part of my body will be ice, every skin become an ice so that I see behind me, see to my right, see to my left; before the shark can come near me I will have seen the fellow; so, I will be able to escape.

The Lord said, are you sure that is what you want?

He said, yes.

That is okay, you got it.

Second said, I want wings – two pair of wings so that I can fly.

So, if the shark should come after me, I will just fly out of the water and they cannot fly.

The Lord said, is that what you want?

He said yes.

Okay, you got it.

Then He turned to the third fish and what do you want?

That one said, all I want is that wherever I go, You go with me.

The Lord said Okay.

And so, the Lord left.

And immediately He left: the fish who wanted ice had ice all over the body; the one who wanted pairs of wings – two strong wings.

Not long after that the sharks began to hunt and the first fish they saw is the one with many ices – oh! What a beautiful fish;

And they began to swim toward it; and he swam rapidly to the beach and he could see a little pool of water away from the ocean on the beach – because of so many ice, he could see and so, he made one big jump and landed in that little pool of water and began to laugh at the sharks: come and get me if you can.

But then soon, the sun rose; the little pool of water dried; and fish with many ice died.

When the sharks find out that the fish with many ice had escape, they turn round to look for another one and they found the one with two wings.

And as they began to push that one, it flew out of the ocean and began to laugh: you cannot fly; come and get me if you can.

But at that moment, an eagle was flying overhead and looked and says: what am I seeing?

This is a fish.

O Lord, how good you are: I have always wanted to eat fish but I cannot swim.

Now, you have brought one to me in my domain.

So, the fish with two wings ended up in the stomach of the eagle.

And then, the baby shark said to the mother shark, hey, there is a third one here, he is not even afraid of us; just roaming about as if we don’t exist; let us go and get it.

And the mother said to the little shark, are you blind? Can’t you see wherever this fish goes, the shadow of man is following him?

You go near that fish; the man whose shadow you see will kill you.

The Bible says, the Lord is your shield on your right hand.

Stand on your feet and cry to the Almighty God and say: Father, everywhere I go this year, just go with me.

Open your mouth and pray.

Everywhere I go, please go with me; go with me Lord. Everywhere I go, go with me. This year, everywhere I turn to be there. If I turn to the left be there with me. If I turn to the right, be there with me. Anywhere You are not going to follow me go, don’t let me go there. Father, please abide with me every step of the way this year. Abide with me, everywhere I go, please go with me; please go with me; please go with me; please go with. Everywhere I go this year, go with me O Lord; go with me O Lord. Everywhere I go, please go with me. Thank You Father. Everywhere I go, go with Lord; go with me my Father and my God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

So shall it be in Jesus’ name.

Please be seated.

Now comes the question, WHAT DOES MY FATHER EXPECT FROM ME?

We have been talking about what I can expect from my Daddy.

What does my Father expect from me if I am good son; if I am true son?

Like the man who took the offering said in Malachi chapter I verse 6 – God said, a son honoureth his father.

If I Am your father, where is My honour?

God expect you to honour Him.

He does not expect a son to disgrace Him.

No father will expect disgrace from his son.

When a son did something to his father too long ago somewhere and we said your son did so so and so.

He said, no, no no, not my son.

So so and so by name

He said, haa that is a bastard.

You will never be called a bastard.

Because God said in 1Samuel chapter 2 verse 30 – he who honour Me I will honour.

He who disgraces Me, I will disgrace – that is another language.

He expect you to honour him (Proverbs chapter 3 verse 9 to 10)

That is why the Bible says: honour the Lord with your first fruit – it is a honour to Him; not that He is in need – honour your Dad.

A father does not expect you to rob him.

No good son will steal his father’s money.

The few places where God got so angry that He pronounce a curse on those who are suppose to be His children is in Malachi chapter 3 verse 8 to 11.

That’s why He said, why are you robbing Me?

Then, He said okay if you chose to rob Me; then I will curse you.

God expects you - as a son, as a daughter - not to rob Him of His tithes and offering.

God expects you to boast about Him.

Psalm 119 verse 14 says: David said, I will witness about You without shame. I will tell everybody who my Father is; what He can do; what He has done and I will do it without shame.

When you say the reason you cannot witness to sinners is because you are ashamed; you are telling God you are ashamed of Him – that is dangerous.

God expects you to be actively involved in the Family business.

He expects you to be building His kingdom along with Him.

He expects you to be Labourers together with God.

Zechariah chapter 1 verse 17, He said, through your prosperity my city shall yet be build.

He expects you as a son to be involved in the building of His kingdom.

God expects you as a true child of God to make your Father happy (Luke 15 verse 10).

Like I told some of you during the Let’s-go-and-fishing Programme; every time a soul is saved, Jesus gets up and dances before the angels every time a soul is saved.

He dances.

The Bible says, there is rejoicing before the angels.

Who is the one rejoicing?

The Saviour – Haa! another sinner has come home. Haa! my effort is not in vain. Haa! My blood is working again.

Every time you win a sinner to Christ, Jesus gets up and dances.

He expects you to make your Father happy.

I am sure of course you know, this is most likely where we will be ending for now.

He expects you to be holy.


Like Father, like Son.

1Peter chapter 1 verse 15 and 16: as He who as called you is holy, so, be ye holy in all manner of conversation. For it is written, be ye holy, for I Am holy.

Don’t disgrace your Father; don’t steal from Him; honour Him; be partakers of the family business which is soul winning, building churches, establishing parishes, that is called family business and be holy for He is holy.

Because this is the first Holy Ghost service in the year, I am going to give about ten minutes to come before Abba Father and ask Him for mighty things for 2017.

Let me assure you of one thing, my God is more than sufficient to meet all your needs.

Anything you can ask for, His name is Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough.

So, the altar is open; I will give you ten minute if you want to come to the altar you can come – and come and talk to God.

This year Abba Father, You are my Daddy, this is what I want You to do for me. I want You to show Yourself mighty on my behalf. I want You to fight my battles for me. I want You to accelerate my promotion. I want You to give me the grace to do Your will. To please You Abba Father. This year do for me what You have never done before.

Let us go ahead and talk to the Lord

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The God I served, my own Daddy, will grant all your request.

Because my Daddy is the Most High, He will promote you.

Because He is the Lord of host, He will fight your battles for you.

Because He is the great Counselor, throughout this year He will guide you.

Because He is the Helper of the helpless, wherever your help may be hanging, He will bring it speedily. All those who should help you who are withholding the help, until they release it they won’t be able to rest.

Wherever you go this year, my Daddy will go with you. You will not fall into the trap. Every plan of the enemy concerning you shall fail.

It shall be well with you.

The grace to please Him, the grace to win souls, the grace to establish churches, receives it right now in Jesus’ name.

In all your actions this year, God shall be glorified. God shall be honoured. And He will honour you in return. It shall be well with you and your joy shall be full.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.



















Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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