ABBA FATHER (PART 5) 2nd of June, 2017



2ND JUNE, 2017.


Thank You Lord.

Let us lift our voices to the Almighty God and bless His holy name.

Let us give Him glory, let us give Him honour; let us give Him adoration.

Bless the King of kings and the Lord of lords; magnify His holy name.

Praise Him

Praise Him

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration

Bless the All-sufficient God; bless Abba Father; bless the One who lives forever, bless His holy name.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

Magnify His holy name.

He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy to be adored; magnify His holy name

Praise Him

Lift Him high

Worship Him

Give Him all glory, give Him all honour, give Him all adoration

Bless His holy name.

Bless His holy name.

Thank You Father.

We worship You.

We give You glory, we give You honour, we give You adoration

May Your name be forever be glorified.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

Brethren I want you to join me in praying a very specific prayer tonight.

Some days ago, Kidnappers kidnapped some school children; I want you to call on the Lord of Host:

Number One) All the Kidnappers, whether this one that kidnap these children or those who are planning to kidnap anybody, wherever they may be I want the Lord of Host to send down His fire and deal with these kidnappers.

Number two) All those who are co-operating with them among security forces – who are cooperating with these kidnappers so that they will do what they are doing – I want the Almighty God to expose them and disgrace them.

And then number three) Long before Sunday I want these children back home.

I want you to lift up your voices to the Almighty God and say: my Father and my God, the Lord of Host, every person involved in any form of kidnapping, whether the kidnapping of these children or other form or any other kidnapping anywhere else, send down Your fire right now as we pray. My Father and my God, send down Your fire on them; don’t let them rest; don’t let them feel at peace; don’t let them know joy; send down Your fire. And if there is anyone among the security forces cooperating with these criminals so that they can be able to perpetuate the kind of evil they are doing; my Lord and my Saviour, expose such people, disgrace them, deal with them in Your own magnificent way, in a way that will bring glory to Your name. And my Father and my God, before Sunday let these children be back home completely, be united with their parent without any harm, please do it for us Father, do it for us Almighty God. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

We will continue with this prayer and call on the Almighty God and tell our Father, enough is enough: all those who are shedding innocent blood by whatever name they are called, whether the remnant or bokoharam or whatever, all those who are shedding innocent blood, Father, before the end of this month we don’t want any of them left on this earth unless they repent.

Let us talk to the Almighty God.

All those who are shedding innocent blood, by whatever name they are called, before the end of this month we want all of them dead unless they repent; we want You our Father and our God to uproot ever plant You have not planted, enough is enough; enough is enough. Almighty God show Yourself mighty, deal with all these people who are shedding innocent blood - if they don’t repent - immediately and stop their atrocities; Father, remove them from the face of the earth and do it this month Lord; do it this month to the glory of Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let us pray one more prayer.

We want to call on Abba Father and say: anyone causing heart-ache in any of our families, we want the Lord to deal with them and do so now.

Let us lift our voices to the Almighty God.

Any one causing heart-ache in any of our families my Father and my God deal with them now. Any one, whoever they may be, wherever they may be located, no matter their disguise, anyone causing heartache in any of our families, Father, enough is enough, deal with them now; deal with them now; deal with them now that Your name might be glorified; deal with them now and we will give You all glory and honour. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I have Father

Almighty Father

He is King of kings and Lord of lords

I have Father



I have Father

Almighty Father

He is King of kings and Lord of lords

I have Father



I have Father


Almighty Father

He is King of kings and Lord of lords

I have Father



I have Father


Almighty Father

He is King of kings and Lord of lords

I have Father

King of kings, Lord of lords, the Father of all fathers, the Almighty God we worship. Thank You for the rest of the year, please accept our worship in Jesus’ name. Father, You are lover of children, those people that have turn themselves to terror to little children, this very night my Father and my God deal with them. You told us that the angels of these children are there beholding Your face, please send at least one of those Angels; set Your children free. My Father and my God before the end of this month let kidnapping come to an end in Nigeria. You are the Almighty God, You are the Lord of Host and You know where these evil people, all those who are terrorizing people, shedding blood innocently and those who are colliding with them, if there be any among the security forces, Father, any plant You have not planted, uproot in Jesus’ name. Anyone causing heartache in homes, in all our homes, Father, enough is enough, if they don’t repent, take them away. Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.

Shake hands with one or two and say God bless you mightily today and then you may please be seated.


Now, after those people who have preached it is difficult for me to preach but I have to.

Matthew chapter 6 verse 9:

After this manner therefore pray ye: our Father, which art is heaven, hallowed be thy name.

You know June is when we want to say thank You to God for the first half of the year so that He can bless us more for the rest of the year.

So, June is actually a very special month, our thanksgiving month in this church.

But then before I go on to the sermon proper, as usual I want to spend a little time giving an opportunity to those who are yet to surrender their life to Jesus Christ to do so before we move on to part two.

Because like I explained to you before, the Lord told me earlier this year that some people come to the Holy Ghost services and cannot benefit from all the miracles because we leave altar call to the last; and because they are not yet children, all the miracles just fly over them.

So we want to be sure that anybody present: among those who are listening to us in the various viewing centres, on the internet, on television all over the world; they should become children of God first before we do anything further – that is the greatest miracle that you can have anyway.

So, for this people, I want to quickly look at Proverbs chapter 21 verse 27

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination: how much more, when he bringeth it with a wicked mind?

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to God.

You see, God loves praises very very much; He loves to be praised

Psalm 50 verse 23 says whosoever offereth praise glorifies Me.

God says if you offer praise, you are giving Him glory and if you do that, He says I will show you the salvation of my Lord.

In John chapter 4 verse 23 to 24, the Almighty God said, God seeks worshippers; He goes after them: He says God is a Spirit, he that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth for the Father seeketh such to worship Him.

He is constantly looking for worshippers and when He finds one He is delighted.

So that was why when He found David He said I have find a man, I have found a worshipper.

When He finds somebody who was a shepherd boy nut who was committed to worshipping God, He said, I will make you a king.

God is interested in praise that when you read Joshua 6 verse 20, it is just the shout of hallelujah that brought down the wall of Jericho.

When people praise Him He removes obstacles.

When He will find people who will praise Him, He will open prison doors like in Acts chapter 16 verse 25 to 34: when Paul and Silas begins to praise Him in prison, He refused to let them stay on in prison. He sent an earthquake; He forced open the prison doors; He destroyed all their yokes; He turned their tormentor to their servant; when people begin to praise Him, He loved to be praised.

In 2Chronicles chapter 20 verse 20 to 25, we will found that when people began to sing and to praise God He cause the enemies to destroy themselves and transfer the wealth of the enemies into the hands of His children

If only we will praise Him, all manners of miracles will follow.

And because I am believing God that from tonight, every obstacle to your joy will collapse.

I am going to ask you one more time to shout a really big hallelujah.

But the Lord says O yes I love praises, O I love praises! But if it is coming from a sinner, He says I don’t want it – it is an abomination.

It is an abomination because their way of life is an abomination to Me - Proverbs 15 verse 9, He said: the way of a sinner is an abomination to Me so I don’t want him praising Me, his praise is an abomination

He says their thoughts are an abomination to Him - Proverbs 15 verse 26 says I know how sinners think; the way they think is an abomination to Me.

So, somebody whose action is an abomination, whose thought is an abomination, how can he then come to church and say I am praising God?

God says I don’t want his praise.

I have told you before a story of a man when we are still very very small at Ebute Metta and our Amplifier was so bad, so old; many a times we have to slap it before it work.

And then one rich man who has just joined the church came in one day brought the microphones, amplifier, everything and brought them in and suddenly God said tell him to take them away, I don’t want them.

We were already rejoicing, at long last we have equipment that is working but God said I don’t want them; ask him to take them away, he is a sinner; his ways are not pleasing to me.

I told you the story before.

When we told them man, the man said, what do you say?

God said, take away your equipment I don’t want them.


He said, this God has rejected me!

He did not say anything; he went to one of the pillars…, I have never see that kind of sorrow before; I pray I won’t see it again; … and began to bang his head against the pillar and he was surfing like a little child.

Thank God after that he surrendered his life to Jesus.

God says I don’t want the praise of a sinner; I don’t want the sacrifice of a sinner, it is an abomination.

He compares the sacrifice of a sinner to the same thing as shedding of innocent blood.

Look at it Proverbs chapter 6 verse 16 (when you get home, I want you to read it – Proverbs chapter 6 verse 16), the Bible tells us it said there are certain things God hate – six things God hate and seven are abominations onto Him and He began to mention these things that are abomination to Him: proud look; lying tongue, hand that shed innocent blood…; he was describing what God called an abomination an included shedding of innocent blood.

When I was a younger Christian anytime I came across something I don’t understand, I turn to God to give me explanation.

When I said to my leaders then, what is exactly an abomination?

The answer they gave me was: an abomination is abomination.

I said give me an example.

Haa! this academician has come – abomination is an abomination.

So I turned to God: Father, give me an example of an abomination

And then He said, you just read the story in the newspaper that cause you to shake?

I said yes

He said what is that story?

During the civil war, I won’t say which side of the Army but one side of the Army override a village, drove the Army that was there before and because the villagers co-operated with the one they have just driven away, they decided to punish the people and one of the punishment they gave was that they took a woman who was pregnant and use the bonnet of a gun to reopen her belly

How do you feel?


God said that is an abomination.

God is saying the hallelujah of a sinner is an abomination; the praise of a sinner is an abomination; the sacrifice, the offering of a sinner is an abomination.

No wonder He says in Proverbs 28 verse 9 that the prayers of a sinner are an abomination to Him.

No wonder He did not hear the prayers, no wonder He did not answer the prayers because He knows what nobody know – He knows those who are pretending to be a Christian who are not; He knows those who are coming to church who are shouting hallelujah; some of them can even be singing in the choir and yet they continue with sin – He said the prayer of a sinner is an abomination to Him.

That is why the only prayer a sinner can pray is Lord just have mercy on me.

When a sinner has made up his or her mind no more sin, then he can cry to God and say have mercy on me.

In Luke chapter 18: 10 to 14, two people went to the church to pray: one was telling God how good he is; the sinner said, God, I know who I am, just have mercy.

So, when you come to the Almighty God to surrender your life to Jesus you are doing yourself a whole lot of good because after His blood has cleansed from all your sins suddenly your praise we no longer be an abomination; your sacrifice will no longer be an abomination; your prayers will no longer be an abomination and you yourself will no longer be an abomination; but if you continue in your sin, everything you do will be regarded as an abomination.

So, I am going to stop briefly and give an opportunity to those of you who want to surrender your life to Jesus, you don’t want to pretend anymore; you don’t want to be an abomination to God anymore.

You want His blood to wash you from all your sins so that from now on your life will be acceptable to Him; your praise will be acceptable to Him; your sacrifice will be acceptable to Him, you better come forward and surrender your life to Jesus Christ; and I am going to count very quickly from one to ten.

If you want to give your life to Jesus come now; if you are a backslider come now.

Everything a sinner does is an abomination to God; come, let His blood wash away your sins.

I am counting now.

They have come to You now Father, please receive them in Jesus’ name. Let Your blood wash their sins in Jesus’ name; save their souls; write their names in the Book of Life and please Lord don’t let them go back to sin in Jesus’ name. And if there is any backslider who have come back to You today Father please restore fully in Jesus’ name. And I pray Lord God Almighty that from now on their prayers will no longer be abomination to You so that when they call on You, You please answer them by fire. Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


I want those of you in front let me hear you shout hallelujah.


Let us go ahead to the Matthew chapter 6 verse 9 and see: Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray and the first thing He said is when you are praying do it this way and said, our Father which hath in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

This Law is called the Law of priority

And what He simply says is that what is most important to you is what you put first.

In Luke chapter 6 verse 45, the Bible says out of the abundant of the heart the mouth speaks.

If you see somebody who has been stranded in the desert for weeks and finally somebody found him; if you ask him, how are you?

The first thing that we come out of his mouth is water, water, water.

Jesus Christ said, the priority is after you have said Abba Father, the next you must say is ‘glory be to Your name’ - Praise Him.

He said, more than anything else praise God.

And when you study the Lord Jesus Christ carefully…, I have tried, I am still studying Him; …you will discover that has He goes on in His ministry He kept on putting words that will show those who will pay attention that He just want to praise His Father; He want to glorify His Father.

Because of time I will just show you about five very quickly of these statements.

Statement number one: He said in John chapter 14 verse 28, He said, my Father is greater than I.

You know what that mean?

He is saying, I AM great but My Father is greater than I.

And then He went ahead and even in John chapter 10 verse 29, He said, My Father is greater than them all; My Father is greater than them all.

What is the meaning of that?

He is simply saying My Father is the Greatest.

We have been talking about that before but we can see it in the words of Jesus Christ My Father is greater than them all: He is the most High; the One higher than the highest; Heaven is His throne, the earth is His footstool.

In Daniel chapter 3 verse 13 to 29, you will remember one king said Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego did not worship my idol, we will throw you into the fire and who is that God who will come deliver you from my hand?

God said, is that so!

We will show you.

By the time you we get to the next chapter Daniel chapter 4 from verse 28 to 37, He showed that king; He said, you think you are the greatest, I will show that I can make you an animal for seven years; until the fellow said, ehen, ehen, the Most High rules in the affairs of men.

He is the greatest, Jesus said so.

And so, you find that, the first thing you should do about your Father is praise Him.

Tonight because our time is far spent, I am not going to be asking you to pray as we used to do and pray; I will let you pray together when I finished.

Several years ago there was a misunderstanding between Guidance Newspaper and the Government (Military Government) and the Editor of the News Paper at time happen to be one of our worker and they have taken them to court and they were going to close down Guidance Newspaper, they have made up their minds.

And the Lawyer of the Guidance Newspaper then, the late Rotimi Williams of blessed memory the giant among the Lawyers, seeing the worse situation and said maybe we better go and see these people and see if we can settle with us.

When they got to the fellow who was in government at that time; he told them it is impossible, we have made up our mind, the Guidance is gone.

Please Sir, let them fine us, we will pay any fine

No! no! the Guidance is gone.

My son who was the Editor then, came back and said, Daddy, there is no hope.

I said, haa!

He said we have gone to the highest person

I said, haa!

There is somebody higher than the highest – my Daddy is higher than the highest.

The following day they went to court and the Judge fine them Four Hundred naira or something and ended the case.

My son came back he could not talk.

We are ready to pay millions.

I said, I told you there is somebody greater than the greatest.

If you believe that Father who is greater than the greatest is your father, let Him hear you shout hallelujah.

And then in Matthew chapter 3 verse 9, Jesus was speaking again, look at what He said: He said, My Father can bring children out of stones.

You can see Him bragging about His Father; bringing glory to Him.

My Father can bring children out of stone!

What kind of father is that?

He said you don’t know My Father.

Then, in Luke chapter 19 verse 37 to 40, He said, My Father can even cause stone to speak.

 You know people were praising Him, children were praising Him and then the religious leader of the town said tell these people to keep quiet, can You hear what they are saying?

If they keep quiet, stones will begin to cry out – My Father can make stones speak; My Father can produce children out of stones.

What He saying?

My Father can do the impossible.

My Father can do incredible.

My Father can do something that you just won’t able to believe.

And then of course, glory be to God, and He knows what He is talking about because in Exodus 17 verse 1 to 6 that Father has brought water out of rock – He can bring water out of rock; He can bring children out of rock; He can make rock sing.

Tell your neighbour that what they say is impossible is a joke because my Father can do it.

One of my children who preached has already spoken about Luke chapter 1 verse 37, Jeremiah 33:27 etcetera

So, I will probably just give you one illustration; some of you have heard the story before.

There was a woman who had been barren for several years and then…

Thank You Father.                                                           

 The Lord asks me to tell somebody here tonight, He said, I have already heard you.

Thank you.

So, there was this woman, she had been barren for a long time; she spent all manners of money.

Finally, she got to a professor who did said let us do a thorough test.

After the test, she called the woman and the husband and took a balloon and said what is this?

They said this is a water balloon.

And he took it near the fire and the balloon melted so that one part got burnt to the other and he showed them and said, that is how the womb of your wife is.

It is gummed together, there is nothing anybody can do to make this woman have a child – the womb is gummed together.

And then, one of our pastors in Ibadan- because they live in Ibadan - brought the lady here;

I now said, the Doctor said impossible, well let us try somebody who can do the impossible and we prayed a simple prayer and nine month later, I don’t know how God did it, maybe He replaced the womb but nine month later from the womb they say it was gummed, my Father who can bring children out of the stones brought a child out.

I decree tonight to all of you that they have told you that you have impossibilities, next month you will testify.

And then,

Thank You Father.

The Lord says there is someone here tonight, He said, there will be two surprises this month; He said, a pleasant one for you and unpleasant one for your enemy.

Let me take number three: Jesus was speaking and He said in Matthew 26 verse 53 – you people they have come to arrest Him and Peter wanted to defend Him and he took a sword that he saw with Soldiers; and Jesus Christ said, I can ask My Father and He will send me twelve legions of angels.

Now, if you read that casually, you don’t know the meaning.

What’s He saying?

He said, if I ask My Father, He can send Me seventy-two thousand angels.

So what does that mean?

If you check the scriptures 2Kings chapter 19 verse 35 – the Bible tells us that one Angel destroyed in one night one-hundred and eighty-five thousand human soldiers (one angel versus one-hundred and eighty-five human soldiers in one night).

And because I am a Mathematician I got excited when I heard about twelve legions: twelve legions mean seventy-two thousand angels; one angel can deal with one-eighty-five thousands soldiers.

So, twelve legions of angel can deal with Thirteen Billions, Three Hundred and Twenty Millions soldiers (13,320,000,000 soldiers).

You know what means?

The population of the world today is around six billion.

Twelve legions of angel can wipe out the whole world in less than one night.

What is Jesus trying to say?

He simply says My Father is the Mightiest.

When we are talking about the mighty people, hey, they don’t know anything, let my Father stand up.

That is why the Bible say, let God arise and His enemies will scatter.

If you are true child of God, the Abba Father is your father, you enemies are in trouble.

That is why when you praise Him, God arises and His enemies scatter.

That is why if He can just hear a thorough shout of praise from the bottom…



I don’t have all the time, I would have wanted but my children have used the time very very well.

If you belong to church where they praise God the way He should praised, every battle will crumble because Abba Father is the Mightiest.

I still remember very well the story of a brother who came to church with his wife and the husband gave his life to Jesus; we thought the wife will do the same thing but we just discover the wife stopped coming to church.

And after sometime we decide to do a follow-up: when we got to the house the woman said, I am not coming again.

Why not?

She said, since we have started coming to your church, I can no longer fly at night.

You know why?

My Father controls the air.

When a witch comes to where they are praising Him, He will begin to drop bombs upon them.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ any witch in your family will no longer fly.

Let me move quickly to number four because of time.

Jesus said, in My Father’s house (that is in John chapter 14) there are many mansions - He is boosting

John chapter 14 verses 1 and 2, He said, let me tell you about My Daddy; He said you people think you have houses, come to My Father’s house and you will see mansions; and it is not one, not two, He said many.

And the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter 21 verse 21, He says the street in heaven are made of the purest gold and whatever that is on the ground that is use to build houses

So, the mansions in heaven are made of pure gold.

The Bible said the gold is so pure that you can see through it.

What is Jesus trying to tell us?

He is trying to say My Father is the Richest; My Father is the Richest.

I wish I had all the time to show you the scripture: Abraham was rich but his Daddy, my Father, Abba Father, who gave him wealth - Genesis 24 verse 35 to 35, the servant of Abraham servant said, I am Abraham’s servant and God has blessed my master greatly.

Isaac was very rich but if you read Genesis 26 and you read from verse 1 to 14 (Genesis 26 verse 1 to 14) you we know that the reason Isaac was very rich was because it is my Father who made him rich, He was the One who guided him.

Jacob was exceedingly rich: Genesis 30 verse 33, but it is my Father who showed him how to be very rich.

The Bible says, all silver belong to Him, all gold belong to Him, He is the One who gives power to get wealth, my Father is the Richest, Jesus said so.

That is why one of my brother who spoke.., I cannot remember which one now; …said that, it is when God want to give, He gives according to His riches.

When Abba Father is truly your father, even before you pray He answers and when you ask for one thing, He can give you seven just to show you how rich He is.

I have told you a story before

I said, we were going and fishing in December one year and I saw a signboard that says turkey for sales and I just said to myself: it is interesting, I never had turkey for Christmas; never had turkey for Christmas! And I went on

I had no money to buy turkey and nobody ever gave me one.

We went go-and-fishing, by the time I returned, there are three turkeys waiting for me at home.

I got to church following Sunday and I said brethren, look at what happen, I just thought how I wish I had turkey for Christmas and now I had three and I said to them jokingly, that is not an invitation for you to come tonight for dinner.

Before I reached home, my turkey had increase to seven.

You can ask for one thing and He can give you seven.

I have faith in Him that there is somebody here today trusting God for one child, get ready for three.

I believe there is somebody here trusting God for a promotion, get ready for double.

Thank You Daddy.

You know what He said to me just now?

He says you are not behaving like Jesus: why did you say double?

They will think it is done by human being.

If you are getting ready for promotion, get ready for triple.

Thank You Daddy.

Daddy asks me to tell somebody, He said right now nothing is moving, He said but very soon things will be accelerating.

Thank You Father.

Daddy asks me to tell someone, He said I will use your case to show that I can still deal with Goliath.

Let me give you one more that we can have some few minutes at least to praise God before we begin to pray.

Jesus made another statement that is very very illustrative.

In John chapter 8 verse 58, He said, before Abraham was, I AM

What’s He saying?

Well, in John chapter 1 verses 1 and 14, the Bible says in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, the word was God. It was the word that became flesh; it was the word now that is working in Jesus Christ – He said before Abraham was, I AM

He is saying that My Father is the Oldest – He has been there from the beginning.

If you go to Exodus chapter 3 verses 13 and 14, He said, tell the children of Israel I AM THAT I AM sent you.

My Father is the Oldest - that is fantastic.

That means before the mountains were brought forth He’s God.

Psalm 90 verses 1 and 2 – before the mountains were brought forth He’s God.

Before cancer came He’s God.

Before hypertension came He’s God.

Before heart problem came He’s God.

Before diabetes came He’s God.

Before barrenness came He’s God.

Very few of you probably heard me tell this story but there are some people who are here who were there when it happened.

We had what we used to call Christ Redeemers’ Congress in Ibadan, Ibadan grammar school, several years ago, 1978 or something and we are having a wonderful time and there was a woman there with a child who were seating in the sun.

So, the child was feeling uncomfortable, so the woman thought it was heat; so, she tried to remove the shirt and something happen.

From the day the child was born the child had been going from one illness to another to another to another, all doctor had tried; every herbalist had tried; and finally they came to one herbalist who said, take this child to Jesus.


And the woman said, Babalawo! you are recommending Jesus!

He said, I am just telling you, you want this child well?

Take this child to Jesus.

And then, the woman heard that we were having the programme, do you know my brothers and sisters, we were not praying, we were not preaching, we were just worshipping God and all of a sudden, a snake came out of that child.

When you praise the One who know the origin of your problem; when you praise Him, whatever it is that the enemy has hiding in your body, hiding in your business, hiding in your marriage, hiding in your home, hiding in your ministry, hiding in your church will be forced out.

All you need to do is praise Him – praise Him to the extent that He would stand and when He stands, enemies will scatter.

He had done so much for us; even if He does not do anything else at all, praising Him is a debt.

But when you praise Him, He will do more.

Maybe I will tell you one more story and then I will let us go and praise Him for a while.

Some of you will remember this one.

There was this woman, anything she ate she will vomit – anything at all.

The Doctor said, haa, what is the problem!

They gave her all manners of medication; they told what to eat; they told her what not to eat – she just kept on vomiting.

Finally, somebody directed her to Headquarters at Ebut-metta.

She came and all I said is ‘let somebody shout hallelujah’

Has she opened her mouth to shout…

Thank You Father

I will complete the story but Daddy asks me to tell somebody, He said because of what I AM about to do for you, very soon people will begin to notice how you dance for the Lord.

Like I was saying, all that I just said, I was just asking people to shout.

As the woman opened her mouth to shout hallelujah, a big worm jumped out and from that day onward she became completely well.

I don’t know what the enemy had hiding in your system but I want you to stand now…; first of all I want you to shout a really big hallelujah to the Lord; …and then I want you to go ahead and praise Him.

Just go ahead praise Him; praise the Almighty God; give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration; bless the King of kings, bless the Lord of lords, bless the Ancient of days; give Him glory, give Him honour; say I thank You. Thank You for all You have done for me in the past; thank You the Greatest; thank You because You are the Mightiest; thank You because You are the Oldest; thank You because You are the Richest; thank You because there is nothing You cannot do; thank You my Father and my God, I bless Your name; I give You glory, I give You honour; I give You adoration; I just want to say thank You Daddy; thank You my King; thank You my Lord; thank You my Saviour; I bless Your holy name; I bless Your holy name; I bless Your holy name. O blessed, blessed, blessed be Your holy name. Thank You for all You have done for me: thank You for providing; thank You for health; thank You for strength; thank You for victory; thank You for joy; thank You Lord God Almighty for making me, me; Thank You for the salvation of my soul. Thank You Lord God Almighty I bless Your name; I bless Your name; I bless Your name. Ancient of days I worship You today; I give You glory, I give You honour, I give You adoration, blessed be Your holy name Lord; blessed be Your holy name Lord. Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed be Your holy name Lord. Thank You Almighty God. Thank You King of kings; thank You Lord of lords; thank You the I AM THAT I AM; thank You the Ancient of days, I blessed Your holy name. O Father thank You. Thank You. Thank You Lord I worship You, I bless Your holy name, I bless Your holy name, You are worthy to be praised; You are worthy, You are worthy, You are worthy of my praise, I bless You Lord; I will praise You Lord; I will magnify Your holy name. Yes Lord, I will praise You; I will praise You; I will praise You forever more. I will give You all glory, I give You all honour, I will give You all adoration; all the days of my life I will praise You; I will praise You; I will praise You Ancient of days; I will praise You Unchangeable changer, I will praise You Almighty God. I will praise You. Lord You are worthy to be praised; You are worthy, You are worthy; there is no one like You; my Father the Greatest – on earth there is no one like Him; my Father is the greatest, is the Oldest, is the Wisest, I bless Your holy name. I will keep on praising, keep on magnifying Your holy name; I will keep on praising You forever; blessed be Your name Lord. Thank You my Father. Thank You my Lord. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have given thanks.

I have told you before, I am saying again: when prayer fails, try praise.

If you have prayed and nothing seems to be happening, begin to praise Him and you will see Him move.

This month like never before you will have testimonies.



Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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