MIGHTY TO HEAL 8th of August, 2003

Let the sister’s alone shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) Good! Now let’s hear the brothers shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) As you have been told, the history of somebody is about to change tonight! If you are the one let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)  

As at 5pm last night, the number of babies born during this Convention has increased to 51: Girls 24, Boys 27. So let the girls shout “Glory” And let the boys shout “Alleluia!” (Alleluia!) 

I told us at the beginning that this Convention we will never forget. You will not forget this Convention for blessings! You will not forget it for miracles! You will not forget it for signs and wonders! You will not forget it for master breakthrough! You will not forget it for uncommon favour! You will not forget it for divine wisdom! 

In Num 14:28 God said to Moses: Tell the children of Israel, as I’ve heard in my ears so will I do unto them. As I have heard in my ears so will I do unto them. So now I want you to talk to God – He says whatever He hears from you is what He will do for you. So tell Him: You are the Great Physician! All power belongs to You! It’s impossible for You to fail!  My problem is not too big for You to solve!  You are the King of Kings, You are the Lord of Lords!  You are the Rock of Ages! You are the Unchangeable Lord! You are the most high God! I know you are stronger than the strongest! I know you are stronger than all my enemies! I know you are going to give me a testimony tonight! Tell Him what you think about Him and as He hears from you that’s how He will do for you! Tell Him that all power belongs to Him! Tell Him He’s the Almighty God! Glorify His name! Praise Him! Tell Him how wonderful He is! Tell Him how loving, how glorious, how mighty! Tell Him - You are the King of Kings! You are the Lord of Lords! You are the Unchangeable Lord! You are the Lord of Hosts! You have never lost a battle! You have never failed. You are not going to fail tonight! Oh yes. You will fight my battles for me and You will give me victory tonight! You are the Alpha and the Omega so You can re- write my story tonight and I just want You to know that I love you Lord that You are powerful! You are kind! You are good! You are wonderful and I will worship You. I will bless You! I will bless You! I will bless You! I will bless You! In Jesus name we worship! (Amen!) 

If anybody were to ask Solomon, “What is the greatest day of your life? Is it the day you became a king or what?” Solomon would have answered, “It was not a day, it was a night. A night that God visited me and asked me to ask for what I want.” God is going to visit somebody tonight! (Amen!) I didn’t hear your “Amen!” (Amen!) I said God is going to visit somebody here tonight! And then if they now  asked Solomon further, “How did it happen?” He would have said, “Oh, some few hours before I had really thanked God. I said thank You to Him one thousand times. I thanked Him like nobody had thanked Him before. Then He visited me”.  

God is visiting somebody tonight! (Amen!) And that fellow, if you can find a place where you can kneel - you go on your knees before Him and just worship Him… just worship Him, worship the Almighty God! Praise Him along with me. If all you can say is “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” Just keep on worshipping Him! Magnify His Holy name! Say,Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You for saving my soul! Thank You for healing me! Thank You for blessing me! Thank You for doing marvellous things in my life! Thank You for being there for me! Thank You for forgiving all my sins! Thank You Lord! Thank You King of  Kings! Thank You Lord of Lords! Thank You the I Am that I Am! Thank You Ancient of Days! Thank You The Bright and the Morning Star! Thank You the Unchangeable Lord! Thank You Daddy! Thank You  for loving me! For saving my soul! For promoting me! For standing by me! For defeating my enemies! Thank You! Thank You for what You did in the morning! Thank You for what You did in the afternoon! Thank You for what You did in the evening! Thank You for yesterday! Thank You for today! Thank You for tomorrow! Thank You Jesus!  Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For being good! For being kind! For being wonderful! For being powerful! For being glorious! Thank You Jesus! I can never thank You enough! Oh glory be to Your name! I know You are going to visit me tonight! I’m thanking You in advance. I just want you to know I love You! I appreciate You! I thank You for what You have already done! I give You all glory! I thank You for what You are doing right now! Thank You Jesus! Thank You King of Kings! Thank You Lord of Lords! Thank You the I Am that I Am! Thank You for the food I eat! Thank You for the clothes I wear! Thank You for the water to drink! Thank You for the air I breath! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for the land to walk upon! I thank You Daddy there was no earthquake to swallow me up! Thank You Father that when the enemies rose up against me, they fell. They wanted to swallow me but You rescued me! Thank You my deliverer! Thank You my Lord! Thank You my King! Thank You my Priest! Thank You my Priest! Thank You my Prophet! Thank You my Friend! Thank You my King! Thank You my Pastor! Thank You my leader! Thank You my Saviour! Thank You for everything you have done for me! Thank You Jesus! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You King of Kings! Thank You Lord of Lords! Thank You, the I am that I am! Blessed! Blessed! Blessed! Blessed be Your Holy name! Blessed be Your Holy name! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Glory be to Your Holy name! Glory be to Your Holy name! Glory be to Your Holy name! Glory be to Your Holy name! Oh Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Alleluia, Father!

Angels are singing, you are worthy oh Lord…………. You are worthy o Lord………..  

And the Lord is saying, it shall be said of this Convention that the Almighty was there. (Amen!) And I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty and say, “Father be here for me! Be here to solve my problem.” Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! It shall be said of this Convention  that  the Almighty God was there. Almighty God be here for me! Be here to solve my problem! Be here to heal me! Be here to set me free! Be here to give me a breakthrough! Almighty God! Be here for me! Be here for me! Open your mouth and talk to Him! Almighty God be here for me! Be here for me today Lord! Meet all my needs! Show Your power on my behalf today! Be here for me Lord! Be here for me! Be here for me Almighty God! Be here for me! So that Your name might be glorified - be here for me! Thank You my Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) 

Father, we thank You for Your goodness! For Your faithfulness! For Your patience! For Your abundance. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) We thank You for January! Thank You for February! Thank You for March! Thank You for April! Thank You for May! Thank You for June! Thank You for July! Thank You for August! Thank You for Nigeria! Thank You for peace in our time! Thank You for Your church! Thank You for the young! Thank You for the old!  Thank You for the choir! Thank You for the Ushers! Thank You for the guards! Thank You for the Engineers! Thank You for the midwives! Thank You for the Doctors! Thank You for the Pastors! Thank You for everybody! Glory be to Your Holy name Lord! Glory be to Your name! Tonight Father, like never before! Visit Your children! Do marvellous things! Glorify Your name! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) Shake hands with two or more people and tell them God will surprise you tonight! (Amen!) God will surprise you tonight!  (Amen!) And then you may be seated. 

I want to thank God for the lives of all of you who are here, I want you to know that the Almighty God himself had spoken. He said “It will be said of this Convention that He was here,” And I can assure you that wherever He is there will be miracles, there will be signs, there will be wonders and they are going to happen in my life! (Amen!) I said they will happen in my life. If they will happen in your life too let me hear you say “Amen” (Amen!) 

Now they are here with their babies. Then two years ago some people also came trusting God for the fruit of the womb and when they came to last year’s Convention they were already pregnant but I told them it is not the pregnancy we want to see but the babies. So those who came two years ago and came last year pregnant but now they have already got their children and those who came last year and the children had already come, both of them I want them to bring their children forward now so that we can bless them. So either you came last year and now the babies have come or you came two years ago, the baby came after last year’s Convention – bring the children now for blessing. Bring them from all over the place and as they come let us sing and praise God. I will worship Jesus forever……….That’s alright we will dance a little more….  

So the Bible says we should rejoice with those who rejoice. Look at these thousand of families where sorrow has changed to joy. I can’t see why anybody should see this one and not want to dance! These are people who were considered barren who are now bringing their children and they are still coming, they are still coming! Let’s rejoice a little more. All those who are going to have children they said they should rejoice with those who have children. Lets have another one! And they are still coming, I can see them coming, I can see them coming, I can see them coming like a river on my right hand side. Only God can do this. Let somebody shout “Alleluia” to that God. (Alleluia!)….. Look at that. Oh Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! E wa wohun ti Jesu se………. And they are still coming! They have not ended yet! Oh, what a great God we serve! There are some people who said that the miracles we talk about are things we arranged. Did we arrange this one? Can this one be stage-managed? Now let me check how many twins did we have? 1..2.. let me go and begin from this corner – that’s wonderful! Let me check… Those who are barren for more than ten years before the baby came let me see your hands. Ah! So many! I think the record last year was 19 years. Is anyone here who had been barren for more than 19 years before the child came? Ok, thank God that God is already reducing that one. Glory be to God! Now those of you who are still coming, keep coming. How many years was that one? 19 years! That fellow had been barren for 19 years? That equals last year’s record! Ah isn’t the Lord good? Those of you who are in front let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)  

You know it’s not possible for me now to begin to take your testimonies because time is against us. But make sure you share your testimonies in your various branches to the glory of God. And I also want you to tell all your friends, all relatives, even your enemies but by the special grace of God next month’s Holy Ghost Service will be specially for the fruit of the womb. (Amen!) As the Lord lives, we are going to drive barrenness outsides of  Nigeria! 

Now I want everybody to please stretch their hands towards these children and just bless them - that God who had given them to us will let our joy last forever; that sickness will stay away from these children; demons will stay away from them; they will not die, but they will live to become vessels unto honour in the hands of the Almighty. Pray that God will provide for their parents so that they will be able to train these children in the fear of the Lord. Pray for them and then go ahead and pray that barrenness will become a stranger to us in Nigeria. Pray for them brethren, for another one minute just pray for these children. And those of you who are still bringing your children forward, keep coming, keep coming – make sure you get here before I pray. Thank You Jesus! 

Father! I just want to thank You for these thousands of homes where sorrow has been changed to joy. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) Thank You for bringing your children to conception and You brought them to safe delivery and now we can see the parents and we can see the children. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen)  Father bless these children! (Amen!) Keep sickness away from them! (Amen!) Keep demons away from them! (Amen!) Keep death away from them! (Amen!) Let them grow to become mighty men and women of God! (Amen!) Prosper their parents! (Amen!) and let it be well with them! (Amen!) And all those who are trusting you for the fruit of the womb even before they come in September surprise them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Thank You my Father! Glory be to Your Holy Name! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) Next month we will pray again, specially for those trusting God for the fruit of the womb. We will have the Holy Ghost Service as usual but we will definitely give special attention to those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb. 

Tonight we want to talk about the “Mighty God”, The God we serve is mighty to heal. in Gen 17:1 The Bible said when Abraham was 90 years old and 9 the Lord appeared to Abraham and said unto him, I am the Almighty God. The Almighty God. How mighty is He? The Bible says inGen. 2:7 that He breathed into ordinary clay and it became a living soul. That’s how mighty He is. In John 9… 

Thank You Father – God said He’s going to breath on somebody here tonight. (Amen!) I said God is going to breath on somebody here tonight! (Amen!)  

In John 9:1-7 this mighty God touched ordinary clay and it became eyes – ordinary touch from Him. In Matt 8: 1-3 He touched a leper and leprosy disappeared. That is good news for all those who are here tonight who might have sickness or disease that are considered incurable. God is going to touch you tonight. (Amen!) And you will be healed in Jesus name! (Amen!) We have had series of testimonies of those who had been considered HIV positive and Jesus touched them and they were made whole. He will do the same thing here tonight.  

How mighty is He? Just a word from Him is enough to heal – just one word!  In Matt 8: 5-13 The Bible said the centurion came to him and said, “Please, my servant is sick and I want him to be healed.” Jesus said, “That’s no problem. I will come and heal him.” The centurion said, “ You don’t have to come. I know who you are. You are the Almighty. Speak a word only.” God is going to send a word to somebody here tonight! (Amen!) 

He’s so Almighty that His voice raised the dead. He stood before the tomb of Lazarus and said “Lazarus! Lazarus! Come forth!” And problem started in the grave. Death said, “Which of you is Lazarus?” Lazarus said, “I am the one!” Death said, “You want to get me into trouble? I can hear the voice of somebody calling you. What are you doing here?” Lazarus said, “You are the one who brought me.” Death said, “In that case get out quickly!” Everyone of you that the enemy had captured, my Father will speak to you tonight. He will hear His voice and he will let you go in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

Thank You Father!  

The Lord said there is someone here, they said you have slipped disc. The Lord has put it back into position now. (Amen!) 

He said there is someone here, your eyes have not been focusing and when you are looking at something you see double. Check now you are seeing one. (Amen!) 

In Luke 7:11-17  

Thank You Father!  

The Lord said there is a woman here, your peculiar problem is that your belly will be big at night and by afternoon it will be normal God asked me to tell you check your stomach its not swelling anymore. The problem is over completely

In Luke 7:7-11 I hope you will let me preach tonight…… 

The Lord said there is someone here the doctor told you that the problem with eyes is that of a detached retina. The Lord said what is detached he has already re-attached. 

How mighty is He? A woman was going, a widow, going to bury her only son and my Father met this woman on the way and said, “Stop”! He said to the woman, “Weep not” And the Lord is saying to somebody here today, after tonight the only time you will weep it will be for joy! (Amen!) And He then touched the coffin… like I can share with some of my children recently when He touched the coffin He was saying to that coffin, “ Enough is enough! That’s how you carried the husband of this woman and now you are carrying the only son. If I don’t stop you, very soon you’ll carry the woman.” Everything that has been carrying you into sorrow God will stop it tonight. (Amen!) You better say “Amen” loud and clear. (Amen!) And then He spoke a word to that boy and said, “Come back to life!” And immediately the source of sorrow became a source of joy. Everything that is causing you sorrow shall soon become a testimony (Amen!)  

How mighty is He? In Jer. 18:1-6 He said, I am the potter you are ordinary clay and I can do whatever I like with clay. That’s good news…. 

The Lord said there is someone here, the problem is that suddenly your eyes started protruding. The Lord said I should ask you to check-it has gone back to normal. Everything is back to normal now. Glory be to God! I told you I don’t know whether He will allow me to preach tonight.  

He said there is someone here, you have always been very embarrassed by the size of your nose because you think it is too big. Ask your friend to check. Since I started preaching, your nose has gone back to the normal size. Let somebody shout “Alleluia!” (Alleluia!)  

But because He is the potter and we are the clay that’s why He can replace anything in our body that needs to be repaired. If the potter is working with a clay and something went wrong he will start all over again and put it right. In Mark 3: 1-5 the Bible tells of a man who had a withered hand. The hand was okay before but little by little it shrunk and became withered. When the potter came in he spoke to the hand that was withered. He told the man, “Stretch forth your hand! “He wasn’t able to stretch it before, but now because the potter has spoken, suddenly the withered hand became whole. There are many of you here who used to be absolutely whole but now certain things had withered. I have good news for you. There will be full restoration tonight. (Amen!) You better answer “Amen!” loud and clear! 

In Mark 2:1-12 They  brought a man to Him. He was paralysed from the neck downwards and my Father, the potter, spoke. He said, “Get up, take your bed and go home.” The man who was paralysed from the neck downward suddenly became whole again. It doesn’t matter what the nature of your sickness may be, the Potter will repair you tonight. (Amen!)  

And it doesn’t matter how long the problem had been there. In John 5: 1-9 The Bible tells us of a man who had been sick for 38 years. When the potter came there, He spoke with His word of power and immediately the one who has been sick for 38 years became well. I don’t care how long you have been sick, the Almighty God will heal you tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!)  

Not only can He repair, He can replace. If you read 2 King 5: 1-14, when he decided to heal Naamon, the Bible said, his skin came back to him like the skin of a new born baby. The skin was replaced with a brand new one! Somebody is going to get a brand new heart from God tonight! (Amen!)  

About 2 years or 3 years ago some of you will remember we held a Holy Ghost Service at National Stadium and the word of God came while I was preaching that there was a man there, one of his kidney has been removed, the second one is also malfunctioning and the Lord said I should tell the fellow that He has give him two brand new kidneys. The only man who had that problem said, “Glory be to God!” Monday, he ran to the hospital where they normally do the dialysis for him and asked them to do a test and they did the test, And they said, “What happened?” The Doctor said, when they were giving the testimony he said, “I know this case, I know this case because when we were removing one of the kidneys everything went wrong and the operation took us 17 hours so I know this case very well. But what am I seeing? This man should have one kidney but now he has two!” Today somebody here will get a new heart! (Amen!) I say you will get a new heart (Amen!) You will get new eyes! New ears! new brain! new womb! new hands! new legs! New back-bones and whatever you need that is new, you will get it in Jesus name! (Amen!) If you believe it let me hear you shout “Alleluia!” (Alleluia!) 

How great is He? He said, I am the God of all flesh. Jer. 32:27  I can see him standing upright, beating his chest just in case you don’t know me, I’m the Lord, the Lord of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me? Tell your neighbour, “My own will not be too hard for God!” That’s how mighty He is. I mean, can you imagine somebody telling a woman who was 90 years old that she is going to have a baby? “Sarah you will have a baby boy”. Sarah laughed, “What kind of a joke is that! At 90? The last time I menstruated was more than 40 years ago! If you are going to give me a baby what were you looking at all these years?” Everyone of you that doctors have told you cannot have your own baby when we come for next year’s Convention you will be among the crowd dancing! (Amen!) So shall it be in Jesus name! Thank You Lord! 

Daddy says there is someone here, your problem was a weak bladder and you normally go to the toilet at least once every one hour or so, The Lord asked me to tell you, you should have noticed that since we started this evening you have not gone to the toilet because He has given you a brand new bladder. Let me hear somebody shout “Alleluia!” (Alleluia!)  

The Lord said there is someone here, He said it a woman. It is not your period yet and yet you are bleeding profusely. He asked me to tell you to check, the bleeding has stopped. 

The Lord said there is someone here, that you had this strange cough, It’s like a dog barking. He said but you should have noticed you have not coughed since we started and you will not cough again. (Amen!) 

So we know He’s the Almighty. He can breath to clay and the clay will become a human being, Touch clay and clay will become eyes, He can touch coffin and the coffin will stop carrying you to the burial ground. He can replace, He can repair. He’s the God of all flesh. Nothing is too difficult for Him. Like I told my children some weeks ago. He loves to hear a challenge. When he hears somebody say, “It is impossible!” then He gets happy. When the doctor says you are incurable then God says, “Now let’s show them who is the original doctor!” Anytime He hears “impossible” then He says, “Right, now let me show them who I am!” Everyone of you here who had been told that your sickness cannot be cured, you will have a testimony very soon! (Amen!) 

Now we know He’s the Almighty but does He want to heal? Oh Yes! Matt. 8:1-3 A leper came unto him and said, “I know You can make me clean, if You are willing.” “In fact, I am willing, that’s why I came!” In Act 10:38The Bible says He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. Some people said that the sickness in your body is put there by Jesus. That’s a lie! Some people said sickness on you has been brought there by God. No, don’t listen to them. There is no sickness in heaven. It is whatever a man has that he can give out. In heaven no sickness: Satan is the owner of sickness. And every load that belongs to Satan in your life shall go back to sender tonight! (Amen!) You better say “Amen!” loud and clear! And that’s why I want to advise you - The way some of you talk shows that you are ignorant of this important fact. You sneeze two times and they say, “How now?” And then you answer and say you have cold. Cold does not belong to you it belongs to Satan! Tell them, “I’m sneezing but cold belongs to Satan!”  

You want to pray for somebody – what is the problem? He said he has diabetes. If it is your own keep it. Say that the doctor says the devils want to put diabetes on me and I refuse. Sickness is not my own! Say it loud and clear! If anybody asks me what do you have? I will say I have joy, I have health, I have strength, I have power – sickness belongs to the devil. The devil will want you to keep it if you want but send it back to the sender! 

He’s not only willing to heal you. The Bible says in Matt 8:16-17, it said when the evening was come, they brought all manner of sick people to him and He healed them all! How many of you will agree with me tonight that God will heal everybody? So shall it be in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

Now thank You Father!  

The Lord said there’s a woman here, the pregnancy in you has not been moving for the past one week but about two “Alleluias” ago the baby jumped back to life and you can feel the baby already kicking!  

The Lord said there is someone here tonight it’s not only your palms that are always sweating even the soles of your feet are also sweating. The Lord asked me to tell you to check, they are all dry now and that problem is gone forever! (Amen!)  

Ah!  the Lord said there is someone here, you had a dream and they stabbed you in the chest in the dream and you woke up. From that moment it was serious pain! You’ve gone to all hospitals and they say there is nothing wrong with you but you know that the pain was there. God asked me to tell you to check. The problem had been sent back to the one who brought it to you! (Amen!) 

Now while the Almighty was here He went about doing good but even then in those days because of how mighty He is, once in a while when He wants to do something extraordinary, He will just pick one of his prophets and work through their mouth. 

In Eze 37:1-10 The Bible says God took Ezekiel to a valley full of bones, dry bones. The Bible says, And lo they were very dry! So God asked His servant: “can these bones live?” “If these people were just freshly dead, I would say, with You all things are possible. Even if they have just started decomposing I know how mighty You are,  but they decomposed, they became only bones - dry bones, very dry bones.” He said, God I don’t want to annoy you, My answer to your question is that You are the only one who knows the answer to this one. God said, “That’s good enough. Now you, you who said I’m the only one who knows the answer, you are the one who will speak to these bones. Tell the bones - live!” Ezekiel said, “That’s not too hard to do! You want me to say it? I will say it and leave the rest to You. Bones live!” The bones lived. The same God asked me to speak tonight to all dry bones, dry wombs, dry heads, dry eyes, dry ears, dry pocket accounts, live in Jesus name! (Amen!)  

One of my daughters just went to the hospital for a check up and what they saw so frightened the doctors they gave her a report and said, “Hurry now go abroad immediately”. So she came to London and booked an appointment with the top hospital there. But I happened to be in London at the time. So she came and we talked and I said, “Don’t mind the doctors, there is nothing wrong with you”. She said, “Amen!” And then went to the hospital the following day.  

Thank You God Almighty. I can see one of my daughters already moving. Keep moving! You will get stronger as you move, keep moving you will get stronger as you move! Glory be to God! Every wheelchair shall be emptied tonight. Just keep moving! Glory be to God! 

And so this my daughter went to the hospital and you know the Bible said, “Say ye to the righteous, it shall be well with him”. Everyone of you here tonight, it shall be well with you in Jesus name! (Amen!) So she got to the hospital and the doctor read the report and said, “And where is the owner of this report?” She said, “I am the one”. The doctor said, “No! if this report is about you…… whoever they wrote this report about should come here in a wheelchair” “I am the one!” “Ah! In that case, straight! We will admit you! Let’s conduct a test!” And they conducted a test and there was nothing there at all! Every report that is evil about you, I tear it tonight! (Amen!) You better say “Amen” loud and clear! (Amen!) 

Some of you will remember a brother, he gave his testimony here. He was sick. They said his heart was bad beyond repair and he was running around to gather money to go abroad to see if there can be somebody who will give him a new heart. And then he heard that we were having a Holy Ghost Service in Port Harcourt and said, “Let me go there, you never can tell.” And as he was stepping on the stadium ground the word of God came that somebody is getting a new heart. He said, “Ah! Nobody knew I was coming! God! Can this be true?” That was Friday night. Monday he went back to his doctor. The doctor examined him and said, “What happened over the weekend because this is not the heart that I saw last week?” Everyone of you here in need of a new heart, a new lung, a new womb, anything new, receive it now in Jesus name! (Amen!) I say receive it now in Jesus name! (Amen!)  

Now all you need to receive this miracle from God, after you have surrendered your life to Jesus like the first preacher said, after the quarrel between you and God had been settled, all you need left is faith. I have said it before – God is not a talkative. The Bible says God has spoken once, twice have I heard this, the power belongs to God. Let there be light and there was light. He doesn’t have to waste His words because He’s the Almighty. Even me, a small boy under Him, when I tell a Pastor, ‘Pastor you are moving from Lagos to Port-Harcourt.’ I don’t have to repeat myself. As soon as I said that, he will go to his church and say bye-bye and tell them in Port-Harcourt, “here I come”, not to talk of the Almighty. He speaks and it is done. So when God speaks twice you must pay attention. It means what He’s saying is very serious. When God speaks the same thing three times that thing is dangerously important. But four times! Four good times God said, the just shall live by faith: Hab.2:4, Rom.1:17, Gal. 3:11, Heb 10:38 – four times God repeated himself. That should tell you clearly that all you need to live, to be healthy, to be strong, to receive miracles from God is faith. The just shall live by faith. He also said if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

Thank You Father! 

The Lord said there is someone here the doctors told you that one of your lungs had collapsed and the second one is even giving you trouble so that breathing was quite a problem. He asked me to tell you, you have two brand new lungs now. (Amen!) and you can breath very, very, well. 

So he said in Mark 9:23 if you believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. I heard a testimony recently. Somebody was terribly sick. The skin of the body was clinging to clothes. If she covered herself with clothes the clothe will just pull the skin up. So in the hospital they keep her naked, under a net, to keep the flies away and she kept saying, “Ask Pastor to come and pray for me. Tell Daddy GO to come.” And they told her Daddy GO is not in. It was Easter period – Daddy GO is not in. And suddenly she had an idea. You know the Christmas greetings cards that I normally send out where my picture is? She said, “Ah bring that one. That’s his picture. If I can touch that picture I know I will be well!” She touched the picture and that was the end of the problem. Now what is in ordinary cardboard? It wasn’t the cardboard that healed her – it was her faith! 

I know somebody who said he was mad but before he went completely ‘gone’ he told the people, “Take me to Redemption Camp. If I get there I will be well.” By the time they brought him, they have to handcuff his hand, shackle his leg and as soon as they brought him in, mad as he was because his faith has spoken before he went gone. They told me what he said. I said. “In that case let him step on the ground.” I think about four police men came with him because he was violent. “Pastor we can’t remove his handcuff.” I said “Remove everything! Are you not the one who said if I can just get to Redemption Camp I will be well?” They said that is what he said. That’s all! Remove the handcuffs Remove the shackle! Ok it is at your own risk.” They removed the handcuff, they removed the shackle and he was completely normal. Who healed him? I have not even prayed! And in any case he didn’t say. ‘Take me to the GO!’ he said, ‘Take me to Redemption Camp!’  

Let me ask you a question how many of you believe that God will solve your own problems tonight? Let me hear you shout “Alleluia!” loud and clear (Alleluia!)  You better say it loud and clear (Alleluia!)  

Once you have faith, only one thing remains for you today, that’s to pray – to ask God to heal. And He will. He has never said no to prayers of faith. After He has healed you of course, then you must be willing to live a life of holiness. Because He said to a man that he healed after 38 years he said, “Sin no more or something worse will happen to you.” So if you are not ready to live holy don’t ask him to heal you tonight. Continue to manage the one you have now, instead of asking for something worse. But if you are ready to live holy, we will be praying very soon and He’s going to surprise you. I didn’t hear “Amen!” to that! (Amen!) 

Everyone that God healed, He kept on saying, “Thy faith has made thee whole.” And like I used to tell my children who will say, “We prayed before and nothing happened!” Then pray again! The Bible says, He that knocketh to him shall the door be opened. If you knock at the door and you know the landlord is in - You knock the first time and he didn’t answer, knock the second time he didn’t answer - if you like you can go but if you like you can say, “If you don’t answer me, here will I stay and keep knocking.” After some time he will say, “Let’s answer this trouble-maker so that this knocking will stop.” God is going to answer somebody here tonight. (Amen!) Are you ready to pray? Are you ready to pray? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) 

Now our prayer tonight is going to be in this form.  

Thank You Father, The Lord said there is someone here, there is something like fire going up and down your back bone….so before I finish the fellow has got it! The Lord says he has put out the fire!  

And there is one…. I like this one I like this one. This must be me: the Lord say there is someone here that He is about to do a special favour for. (Amen!) Now listen to the special favour: He says He’s subtracting 15 years from your life! (Amen!) So those of you who have been saying I am 61, go and do your mathematics again. I am only 46 from now on! (Amen!) Whether you believe it or not there is someone here who is going to be 15 years younger! (Amen!) 

Now the way we are going to do the prayers tonight, because the Lord spoke to me once and said that many people who came for healing they didn’t get their healing because of the spectators. They are watching to see, ‘Will God do it? Will God do it?’ and He says He’s not an entertainer, He’s a miracle-worker, so the time we are going to pray for those on wheelchairs and other people who are brought on beds is also the time you too will be praying. So if you like, leave your own prayer and be watching. So please ministers of God as soon as we begin to pray, you please go to that section and minister to these people. God is going to surprise us tonight. (Amen!) In the meantime maybe those people could move just a little bit forward. Not much, just a little so that there will be room for ministers of God to reach them. Thank You Jesus! 

Is that all you are able to do? Let me hear you shout “Alleluia!” (Alleluia!) Now you are going to close your eyes – don’t cheat yourself of your miracle and don’t bother about the others. Close your eyes! Cry to God and say, “Father be merciful to me! Anything between me and healing tonight put it under Your Blood.” Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! Lift your voice to the Almighty God! Father be merciful unto me, anything between me and healing tonight put it under Your Blood! Put it under Your Blood! Put it under Your Blood! Glory be to God! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)  

Now this is just to help you pray more. At least two of the people on the wheel chairs are already walking. At least I’ve seen two now. Like I said, take your attention off them, concentrate on your own. Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father increase my faith! Call on the Almighty God now. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed!  

Now the miracles had continued. There are many more now that are already moving. So it is your own turn too to receive your miracle. Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father repair whatever needs to be repaired in my body and replace whatever you have to replace!” Let’s talk to the Almighty God. Glory be to God in Jesus name we have prayed (Amen!) 

And now you will lift up your voice to God and say, “Father make me whole! Not just my body, but my soul, my spirit, my business, my marital life and my children! Make all of us whole!” Lets talk to the Almighty God! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)  

Now it’s time to pray for Nigeria. You just say, “Father, heal Nigeria!” And if you come from any other country substitute the name of your country. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. “Heal Nigeria oh Lord! Heal our economy, heal every sickness that is befalling this nation! Make Nigeria whole O Lord!” In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)  

Now maybe you have somebody precious to you, who cannot be here tonight. You can send prayers to the person. Pray for such people now. Somebody you know to be sick or is in hospital. Somebody precious to you. Pray for the fellow now, that the Almighty God will heal that person now - even now as we pray! Pray for the person now and say, Lord heal, heal this person, heal this person! In Jesus name we have prayed!  

I want you to join hands now. The word of God says one of you will chase a thousand but two of you will put ten thousand to flight. When we combine, the miracle will be more. Pray for the fellow you are holding and say,Father make this your child whole!” Go ahead pray! Almighty God make this your child whole! Make him whole – completely whole! Body, soul and spirit – make him whole! Make him whole! Make this your child whole Lord! Make this your child whole! Make this your child completely whole! Make this your child completely whole! Make this your child completely whole! Make him completely whole - let him become whole body, soul and spirit from the top of his head to the sole of his feet. Make him whole Lord! Make him absolutely whole! Even as we are praying make him whole – to the glory of your name make him whole! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)  

Now I’m about to pray for you and I want your “Amen!” to be loud and clear. This is the moment, so raise your hands to heaven. In the mighty name of Jesus! (Amen!) Thank You Father! In the powerful name of Jesus! (Amen!) Father, I thank You because You always hear me and I know You have heard me again tonight. Glory be to Your Holy name! Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) Father, tonight heal Your children! (Amen!) Body, soul and spirit! Heal them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Heal their businesses! (Amen!) Heal their marriages! (Amen!) Heal their homes! (Amen!) Heal all those who are precious to them! (Amen!) Father, healNigeria in Jesus name! (Amen!) Heal every nation represented here! (Amen!)  All those who are precious to these your children who are not here, heal them also in Jesus name! (Amen!) And those who are well and have no sickness at all whatever miracle they need that will make their joy full – give to them in Jesus name (Amen!) Father give them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Father, give them now in Jesus name! (Amen!) Thank You Father! Glory be to Your name! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)  

The Almighty God has raised up and they are walking. Link them with those people who are going to get down their testimonies and then you can go back to your seat for now. We may come back to you later. All those who are already walking let them go and meet those who will listen to their testimony at the back of the altar. If you are the one that prayed for that fellow please make sure you lead that fellow to the place. And you are one of those who pray for the fellow rather because we need the front here for the next set of ministrations. Glory be to God! Thank you Jesus! Give the Lord a big round of applause for what He has done. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!  

Is that all you can do? I don’t want to tell you how many He had healed. Like I told you He says He doesn’t want it to appear as if its entertainment. If you can walk now, walk now. Don’t go back to the wheelchair, walk! No matter how little the steps you are taking, keep taking them. As you walk now you’ll get stronger, stronger and stronger. I may have to seize some of these cameras. They don’t even know when to take pictures and when not. Glory be to God! Keep moving -  don’t stop! Congratulations! You will get stronger now – everyday, every moment. Glory be to God! Glory be to God! 

Now we come to a very serious section of this service while I was praying in preparation for this meeting………  

Congratulations there! Congratulations! The Lord told me that there will be special cases here tonight and there are four groups of them that He told me about. …..You should have helped her so she doesn’t get discouraged. God who has got you moving will keep you moving forever. Thank You Jesus! Come on give the Lord a big round of applause encourage these people! They couldn’t take a step when they came but God raised them up. What you are watching is a miracle. It’s a miracle, the miracle will continue. Thank You Jesus!  

Now I told you God said there will be some special cases. I’m going to call all of them together so you will not know which is which so that you won’t embarrass them. 

Now the Lord said there is someone here tonight and you had sex with a dead woman and the Lord wants to set you free from the curse that you brought upon yourself as a result of this action. That is, of course, if you come forward for prayers tonight. Don’t come yet, wait till I have called the others so they won’t know which one is your own.  

And He said there is a second group of people. He said there is someone here tonight who partook of the body of a baby that died. Now since you ate that child you yourself know that something was happening within you that was not there before. God in his infinite mercy wants to set you free tonight. So if you come He will set you free. Don’t come yet until I call all the four. So they won’t know who is who. 

And the Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said you used a scorpion to make a charm against your enemy and the Lord asked me to tell you that the problem is the charm is turning it’s head now and is coming back to attack you. But if you come tonight, God said He will neutralise the effect of that charm and you will be free. 

And then He said there is someone here, you made a charm against your competitor in business so that they won’t sell. He asked me to tell you an end is about to come to your own business. Now all this happened before you became a Christian and now that you have surrendered your life to Jesus, He has forgiven you and He wants to put an end to the problem you had created for yourself. 

So if you are in one of these four groups I’m going to count up to 10. If you don’t get here before I count ten I will know you don’t want to come and I will just continue. I’ve done what God asked me to do. And don’t come and meet me in the office and say “Ah I couldn’t come then, I’m coming out now.” He didn’t ask me to pray for you in the office He asked me to pray for you here. So I’m counting now 1……2……3…..4…..5…..6…..7 …Remember, I’m not the one calling you. I wasn’t there when all this thing happened. It’s God who saw everything and He wants to be merciful, that’s why He asked you to come. If you refuse this offer, then don’t blame Him. 7 now…..There is power mighty in the Blood………………….8 now. There is healingmighty in the Blood…………………..9 now this is the final call. There is power mighty in the Blood.  

And I know to some of us, these kind of people should not even be prayed for…. but we are all what we are by the grace of God. He may not mention your case tonight maybe you have even done worse things but He has called these ones out and I want you to please stretch your hands towards them and plead the Blood of the Lamb and ask the Almighty God to forgive and remove every curse upon these people. It is a terrible thing definitely to have sex with the dead. It’s a terrible thing to eat the flesh of any human being. It’s not right to make charms against your competitor bur God is full of mercy. Ask God to be merciful and forgive and forget and neutralise every curse upon these people. Pray for them brethren! Pray for them for one more minute that the Almighty who has seen it fit to call them forward today, will wipe away every curse upon them. Forgive and forget Lord! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)  

And so Father we want to bless Your name. In this crowd, only You can pick out these people because of Your special love. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) Every curse upon any of these Your children, I hereby decree that it will become a blessing. (Amen!) The grace never again to do evil, give to them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Even as they served the devil let them now begin to serve You! (Amen!) Thank You my Father! Glory be to Your name! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)Praise the Lord! God bless you, you can go back to your seats. You are free now in Jesus name. Let give the Lord a big round of applause! That’s quite a miracle on it own. 

And the next group of people that God wants me to pray for, they don’t have to come forward, they will just stand where they are because I know they will be quite many. This is a group of people no matter how hard they try they have never had financial breakthrough. They have never had financial breakthrough and the Lord wants to tackle that tonight. So if that is your own problem stand where you are, I want to pray for you now. No matter how hard you had tried, it had not produced results. I have good news for you. God singled you out tonight because things are about to change now. I want you to promise God that if He gives you the breakthrough, you will use it to serve Him. Is that alright? I didn’t hear your “Yes” now! (Yes!)  

Father in the mighty name of Jesus! I commit these Your children into Your hands, Whatever it is that has been causing them to fail, whatever has been stopping their breakthrough, destroy tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!) Destroy it today in Jesus name! (Amen!) As they go from here, everything they touch now, let it prosper in Jesus name! (Amen!) Every door that the enemy has shut against them, Father break it open in Jesus name! (Amen!) Everyone of them Lord, before the end of this month, let them have a major testimony! (Amen!) Father let them have a major breakthrough! (Amen!) And when You’ve done it for them, don’t let them forget You! (Amen!) In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) Good! Let those people shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) 

Then He asked me to pray specially tonight for every minister of God. So if you are a minister of the gospel wherever you may be, just stand. You don’t need to come forward. The prayer I’m about to pray is a strange prayer. So you have to think twice before you ask me to pray it. Daddy asked me to pray that God will set you on fire. (Amen!) when that fire comes, you will become a bit restless. So you will compelled be to work. So if you are not ready for hard work sit down now but by the time we say the final “Amen” the fire will begin to burn. Are you ready? You want me to go ahead and pray? Well, Ok, raise your hands. You asked for it. In the mighty name of Jesus! (Amen!) Your word says You have made your ministers flames of fire. These Your ministers that I’m presenting before You today at Your prompting, they are saying that they are tired of being lukewarm. They want to be able to wave their hands and the blind will see. They want to be able to breath on the sick and the sick will be healed. They want the breathe coming out of them to cease to be carbon dioxide and become life. Father set them on fire in Jesus name! (Amen!) Everyone of them, the kind of fire that is burning in my bones let it begin to burn in their own bones also. Father set them on fire! Set them on fire! (Amen!) So that all over the nations where these Your children will go, there will be Holy Ghost Services! (Amen!) There will be power services! (Amen!) Right now Father, set them on fire! (Amen!) Thank You Father. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody give the Lord a big round of applause. (Amen!) Now don’t worry we are already rounding up. 

Somebody said “No.” You don’t want us to go? While the programme started-even before the programme started - God told me how many people will be healed tonight. He promised me tonight that there will be more than 100,000 people healed but now we cannot ask all of you people to come forward, all of you who had been healed because there is no place to put you here. I need that space. I don’t want anything between the poles and here please. Thank You. So when Daddy says more than 100,000 I have no doubt about that - it’s already settled. Glory be to God!  

Those of you whose cases were specifically mentioned and you checked and you find that you are already whole, let those people come now, “What shall I say unto the Lord…….. Now look at what the Lord has done!  They are there in the corner there, all the way and many more are still coming!  Now if these are just the only people healed tonight definitely God has been good, the Lord has been good. I’m going to ask…. please the Pastors, could you just mingle among them and just get us 3 or 4 good ones. I mean Pastors just listen to them and select for us just about half a dozen. You see the Bible says they overcame the devil by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.  

For example they gave me some names here. Is Gabriel Ogunmade anywhere here? He’s here! Where is he? If he’s here – You are the one who was urinating before and now the urination has stopped? Now please let one of the ushers bring him to where he can give his testimony. Take him to the other side where there is microphone. 

Pastors I said mix among these people. You are not tired, I’m sure! I’m sure those who are looking at me are still Pastors. Pick some of the big ones for us. We just want to hear one or two. Yes sir: The testifier has just said he has been healed from his kidney and the eye. He is the man who has been urinating frequently but now God has given him a brand new bladder. Just get us some very big ones among the special cases mentioned. 

Praise the Lord! My name is Sister Florence Obot since I woke up one morning in March and I started feeling fire moving on my back-bone so since then I will be feeling that fire moving all over me especially on my back-bone but today as I woke up this morning I said I will go to Redemption Camp today as soon as I set my feet on the camp ground I will receive my healings. As the ministration was going on and our Father in the Lord said there is somebody here there is fire moving on your back I shout “Alleluia” and I praise God that I have received my healing and immediately the pains disappeared. 

Praise the Lord! Before I sweat on my palm and my foot but I thank God when the Pastor said there are people here that sweat on their palm and their foot and I thank God that am of them I don’t sweat on my palm and foot anymore. Praise the Lord. 

Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Before this ministration started tonight this child has been having epilepsy for years. So the moment our Daddy call, the thing wanted to manifest. I said, in the power in his word you will not! stop! Normally if we don’t give him drugs he will not sleep throughout the night but since last night the thing did not manifest. That means God has healed this boy forever in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

I want those cases that were specifically mentioned. Can’t you remember some of them? Bring them forward!  

Praise the Lord! Pastor mentioned the person that has been having flow of blood without the time being your menstruation. I’ve been having it for the past 5 years. But it has just stopped now I just went to check it and it has stopped.

Quickly give us five more….. 

Praise the Lord! Now it’s going to 3 years now. One day I slept in the night, in the dream then I was stabbed in my heart – 3 times. Since that time I begin having pain in my heart. Sometimes I will go and meet doctor, doctor will write medicine for me. I will buy. I will drink. So I said: God as I want to come to camp, Father, I want this pain in my heart to go and this night the man of God mentioned my case. He says there is one woman she slept in the night and she was stabbed in the chest and now she received healing I said I will come out and say what God did in my life. Praise the Lord! 

Four more!  

Praise the Lord! This my child cannot walk before but I thank God he has started walking now. 

Praise the Lord! For sometime I have been having breathing problem and they’ve been suspecting asthma or whatever they call it. So as our Daddy in the Lord was ministering he said that there is somebody here, the Lord has given you a new lung. In fact since morning I’ve been having freedom in breathing. I’ve not noticed any problem in my life anymore. 

Praise the Lord! That is the woman that is pregnant. That pregnancy stopped moving and God has touched her tonight and the baby has started bouncing back in her womb. Praise the Lord! 

Praise the Lord my name is Iyala Eretrepoma (Mrs) I came all the way from Port-Harcourt. I have skin problem for the last two years. Every time I take two Banocide and two Pruritine, I take it six hourly. But since I came from Port-Harcourt to Camp I’ve not even remembered my drugs inside my bag! Then secondly every night my stomach used to swell and my waist will be paining me. I used to tell my husband to rub my back – he’s even here with me sitting at the guest side. He’ll be telling me - it’s gas! But as Daddy mentioned my case my tummy just did purrpr……! Alleluia! 

Praise the Lord! My name is Omolara Ojike That’s another woman who is pregnant and the baby is no more kicking. The baby is kicking now! The pregnancy is restored. Praise the Lord! 

Praise the Lord I am a minister of God. Who says a minister of God cannot get his miracle? Since 1994 I had this bad cough. It has been tormenting me. I had prayed and prayed and I’ve fasted, Nothing has happened! But when our Father in the Lord was ministering tonight he said there are some people here that they have cough, God has taken care of them. Believe me sincerely something like a needle came to prick my lungs and I felt that the cough is already gone. Praise the Lord!  

Ok two more. 

Praise the Lord I’m a Redeemer and my husband is even a deacon in my church. My Pastor is here with me. This my son is about eight years. He has been seeing. He has been doing vacation… He went to school about 3 weeks ago now and he came back from school and said he cannot see. I say why. He said he cannot see anything! I rushed him to National Eye Centre, NEC. They did not see anything wrong with his eye…… that which church am I attending? I say Redeemed. They said I should take him to my Pastor so that he can lay hands on him. I rushed him to 44 hospital. The Medical Director confirmed that there is nothing wrong with the boy, that maybe his eyes are not functioning well since I gave birth to him. I said no – he’s seeing. So I rushed him to my Pastor. He said  I should not worry. And today now immediately GO was ministering he mentioned his case and I wake him up – the boy can see now. Praise the Lord! 

Praise the Lord! She has been healed from cancer of the breast. Praise the Lord with her! Thank you very much.  

Last one. 

Praise the Lord! The problem I always have is that in the afternoon my stomach will be normal then in the evening it will be as if….. and in the night I will be stooling throughout. And in the morning it will be back to normal until about 7 0’clock in the night I don’t eat what I like but this evening I took two minerals - to the Glory of God! I’m thoroughly alright now. Praise the Lord! Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)  

Now I know you all have a testimony that is why you came out here, Let me assure you of one - thing your miracle will last forever! (Amen!) 

There were one or two funny cases that I would have loved to see, If you remember very well, He talked about somebody who thought that the nose was too big! New heart, a new brain, new eye - is that fellow with the nose? He’s over there? Shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) 

What I want you to do is this - please in all your churches share these testimonies or in the Holy Ghost Service that will follow. We want to record all these testimonies for the future. Now you stay where you are right now. All other people who had been healed tonight wherever you are I want you to stand, Don’t come forward, just stand because this place is already full. Then you received the healing tonight – stand! All over the place. That’s very good. And I want you to look around and try and see if you can count this number. Now I want to pray for you because since you have testified then the devil can’t take your miracle from you. (Amen!) 

Father, I thank You. What a wonderful night! What a mighty God we serve! Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) For healing all these people-so many thousands of them for everyone of them, receive our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) Now, my Father and my God everyone You have healed tonight let their healing be permanent in Jesus name! (Amen!) The miracle you have given them now, don’t let the devil steal it in Jesus name! (Amen!) Thank You my Father. In Jesus mighty we have prayed! (Amen!)Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) God bless you. Now you may return to your seats. Glory, glory Lord we give you glory Lord……… O Lord I want to sing your praises. 

Three more items and we will be on our way. The three very quick ones. The first one. How many of you would like to say “Thank You for what You have done tonight” to the Almighty? So many souls saved, so much so that this place will not contain them. So many healed, the barren who became fruitful and several other miracles that we cannot see with our eyes. So it is time for us to say “Thank You Jesus” We will be seated while the ushers come round and we give our thanksgiving offering to God. Thank Him to the extent that you felt that He has been good tonight. Thank Him. And when we finish that one we will take the two other items very quickly and then we will be on our way. So over to you brethren….. 

Alright now if there is anyone that the ushers have left out, please you alone shout Alleluia! We have one or two there. Ushers please locate them one more time if you have been left out by the ushers shout “Alleluia”……… one more time…. old section and somewhere in front here. I will wait for them because the prayer for this offering is a special one. 

Two items only left  and we will go now. One, there are some people who still feel “Oh God how I wish, I can go to GO’s office so he can pray for me”. Automatically you know that the office is not big enough to take all of us. But since your faith is in that direction I want to pray for you now. So such people should please stand so I can pray for you now. Now you have one minute to tell God what you would have told me if you came into my office. So go ahead talk to God now and say, “This is what I would have told the GO in the office. Help me, Lord. As he prays now let this problem be solved.” So talk to God for one minute……. 


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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