A NEW SONG 19th of December, 2003

Blessed be the name of the Lord! Thank You Father! Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) There is someone here tonight who will surely see the New Year! Let that fellow shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!) There was a night in the life of a certain man that I’m sure he never forgot. That night several things happened to him. First there was an earthquake. Second, his prison doors were flung open. Third, his yokes were destroyed. Fourth, his enemy became a servant. Fifth, those who were oppressing him began to beg him. And I know there is someone here tonight, for you, there is going to be an earthquake! (Amen!) For you, your prison door will be open! (Amen!) For you, your yokes will be destroyed! (Amen!) For you, your enemy will become your servant! (Amen!) For you, those who are oppressing you, will begin to beg you! (Amen!)

Now who is this man? And what did he do? He did something unusual. Instead of complaining, instead of grumbling, instead of talking about his problem, he praised God. He praised God! Just go ahead now if you are the one, Praise God until there will be an earthquake, praise God until your prison doors are open! Praise God, till your yokes are destroyed! Praise God, until your enemy becomes your servant! Praise God until your oppressors begin to beg you. Praise Him! Praise the King of Kings! Praise the Lord of Lords! Praise the I am that I am! Praise the Ancient of Days! Glorify His Holy name! He is worthy to be praised! Praise Him! Praise Him like you have never done before! Glorify His Holy name! Until the earth will shake! Until your prison door will be opened! Until all your yoke will be destroyed! Until your enemy become your servants! Until your oppressors begin to beg you! Praise Him! Praise Him like you’ve never done before!

Magnify His Holy name! He’s worthy! He’s the King of Kings! The Lord of Lords! The I am that I am! The Ancient of Days! The unchangeable Lord! Magnify His Holy name! Go ahead! Praise Him! Worship Him! Adore Him! There is no one like Him! He is the Ancient of Days! He’s the Rock of Ages! He’s the Bright and Morning Star! He’s the Lamb of God! Lift Him high! There is no one like Him! He’s the Alpha His Omega! He’s the beginning! He’s the ending! He’s everything! He’s the Almighty! His name is Wonderful! His name is Counsellor! He’s the mighty God! He’s the everlasting Father! He’s the Prince of Peace! Oh Blessed be Your Holy name Lord! Blessed be Your Holy name Lord! Blessed be Your Holy name Lord! I will praise You Lord! I will adore You! I magnify Your Holy name! We tell You how great thou art! How wonderful! How wonderful! How wonderful! How glorious! How Holy! How powerful! How mighty!

Ah! Thank You Father! Forever I will adore You I will lift You high! I will let the world know there is no one like You! The whole wide world that You are the Almighty! The Ancient of Days! You are the Rock of Ages! You are the unchangeable Lord! Blessed, Blessed, Blessed be Your Holy name! You are glorious in holiness and fearful in praises doing wonders! You are the only One who can perform wonders! You are the only One who can save! You are the only One who can heal! You are the only One who can deliver! You are the only One who can set free! What a mighty God we serve! What a glorious God we serve! What a Blessed God You are! I praise You Lord! I adore You! I magnify Your Holy name! Blessed be Your name forever and ever! Blessed be Your name forever and ever! Thank You Lord! Thank You King of Kings! Thank You Lord of Lords! Thank You Lord! The I am that I am! Thank You the Ancient of Days! Blessed be Your name Lord! Blessed be Your name Lord! Blessed be Your name Lord! Blessed be Your name Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Glory be to Your name! Alleluia Father! Alleluia Father! Alleluia Father! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! Blessed be Your Holy name! Thank You Lord! Alleluia Father! Alleluia! Thank You Lord! Angels are singing you are worthy oh Lord…………Oh Thank You Father! Glory be to Your Holy name!

The Lord says there is someone here, those who said that you will not see the New Year are in for a surprise! (Amen!)

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, at your request I will teach your hands to war. I will teach your feet to make progress and I will give you wings to fly. (Amen!)

Daddy we bless Your name! We give You all glory! We give You all honour! We give You all adoration! There is no one like You! You are the Almighty! You are good! You are kind! You are glorious! You are Holy! You are powerful! You are wonderful! You are awesome! Glory be to Your name! Father glory be to Your Holy name! God of wonders, let there be wonders tonight! Wonders of salvation, wonders of healing! Wonders of deliverance! Wonders of joy! Wonders of breakthrough! Wonders of progress! Wonders of anointing! Let there be wonders tonight. At the end of it all, take all glory! And give us all the blessing! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) when I say ‘Shout’ I mean shout! (Alleluia!) I want you to shake hands with about seven people and tell them “Tonight is my night of wonders – my own night of wonders. My own night of wonders! Glory be to God! You can go ahead and give a big round of applause. God bless you, you may be seated!

Tonight we want to talk briefly on the God of wonders. And then we are going to pray. Alright

Isaiah 9:6 Unto us a child is born, unto a child is given and the government shall be upon His shoulder and His name shall be called wonderful, His name shall be called 'wonderful'. The word ‘wonderful’ is a combination of two words. A combination of 'wonder' and 'full' It’s a combination of wonders and full. So wonderful means “full of wonders” and His name shall be called Wonderful.

In Ex.3:13-14 Moses asked the Lord, “What is Your name?” and God answered and said, “I am that I am.” In other words, He says, “I am whatever you say I am. Whatever you say I am that is what I will be unto you.” And I’m saying to the Almighty God today – You are a wonder to me. You are wonderful!

When we talk about God being a God of wonders we want to look at it in various aspects.

Number one God himself is a wonder. Everything about God is a wonder. Take His size for example. In 2 Chr.6:18 the Bible says the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him. Imagine someone so big that the Heaven of Heavens cannot contain and yet He lives inside a man. I know He lives inside me because in 1 John 4:4the Bible says, “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.” Who is in You? The One whose name is wonderful. So tell your neighbour, “There is a wonder inside of me.”

And then think about His nature. In 1 John 4:8 the Bible says, God is love. When we think about love, we think of embrace, we think of kiss, we think of patting one another. God is love but in Heb.12:29 the Bible says, God is a consuming fire. How do you embrace fire? Yet that is God. He’s love and consuming fire. He’s the Lamb, who at the same time is a Lion according to Rev. 5:1-9

And then let’s think about His stature. Psalm 91:1 It says He’s the Most High - higher than the highest, According to Eccl.5:8 it says he is higher than the highest.

Thank You Father. Somebody is receiving healing for pain.

And so when we talk about somebody who is the Most High, that should be somebody that everyone else must respect, who will respect nobody because He’s the Most High. But in the case of God, even though He’s the Most High, the Bible says He respects the humble. According to Psalm 138:6 God respects the humble.

Let’s talk about His power, power, power. Psalm 91:1, the Bible calls Him the Almighty, the Almighty. In fact He himself said it in Psalm 62:11. The Bible says God has spoken once, twice have I heard it that power belongs to God. In other words, God himself stood up and said, with his chest pushed out, He said power belongs to me and nobody could challenge Him. He’s the most powerful. The Bible calls him the Commander-in-chief of the Host of Heaven. He calls Him the Lord, strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. He calls him King of Glory. He calls Him the One who speaks and it’s done. He’s the one who said, let there be light and there was light. That’s how mighty He is and yet in Isaiah 45:11 He said, "Concerning the works of my hand command ye me." The Almighty, Commander-in-Chief of the Hosts of Heaven says, any of you interested can command me. God is a wonder!

Thank You Father! There is a woman here, you have very deep pain underneath your breast, The pain is gone now. It won’t return.

Let’s think of the location of God. In 1 Tim.1:17 the Bible calls him the King eternal, immortal, invisible the God that cannot be seen. Where is your location oh Lord? Oh we know heaven is Your throne. We know the earth is your footstool but where are You? Invisible and yet He said in Pro.8:17, He said I love them that love me. They that seek me early shall find me. Somebody will find God today.

So God is a wonder which ever way you talk about Him. He’s a wonder in size, His nature, His stature, His power and location everything about Him is a wonder. How do you think of somebody who created all things and He himself was not created? The Bible says in the beginning God created heaven and earth? How do you understand somebody who has no beginning, who has no end? Because the beginning and the end coincide in Him. How do you understand somebody who said I am the Alpha and Omega? How do you understand somebody who never grows old? God is a wonder and he’s going to surprise somebody here today! I say He will surprise somebody here today!

Now not only is He a wonder, He does wonders. Which will be easy to understand because whatever you are is usually determined by what you do. When we say somebody is a carpenter it is because the person does carpentry. When we call somebody a teacher, it is because he does teaching. When we call somebody a ruler it’s because he rules. So when we call God a wonder, it’s because He’s doing wonders and He’s going to do wonders in the life of somebody here tonight!(Amen!) Tell your neighbour he’s talking about me now. It’s in my life that the wonder is going to begin tonight.

Ex.15:11 said, Who is like unto you oh Lord, among the gods who is like thee? Glorious in holiness, fearful in praises doing wonders? In Daniel 6:25-27 ……………….

Thank You Father! Oh the Lord said there is somebody here, you came here tonight, thinking that you have failed. The Lord asked me to tell you, not really. You are just about to go into a new level of success (Amen!) A new level of success! Whoever that one is should really shout a big Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

In Daniel 6 an idol worshiper gave a testimony about our God. Daniel 6:25-27Then king Daniel wrote unto all people, nation and languages that dwell in all the earth that peace be multiplied unto you. I make a decree that in every dominion of my kingdom men tremble and fear before the God of Daniel because he’s the living God and steadfast forever and his kingdom that shall not be destroyed and his dominion shall be even unto the end. He delivereth and rescueth and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth” and you will be the next one to receive that one in Jesus name! (Amen!) And then let’s just look at some of the ways he does wonders.

First he performs wonders with the land  He took ordinary dust, moulded it, breathed into it and ordinary dust became a man. That’s Gen.2:7. I mean God just looked at ordinary dust and said let me perform a wonder and He moulded it into the shape of a man and breathed into it and it became a man. You should know that you are a wonder. I mean you, you yourself, coming from ordinary dust with the breath of the Almighty God. That is why David said I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Tell your neighbour, “I am a wonder!” say it loud and clear!

Do you know that the best computer in the world is less than ten percent  as good as your brain? Your brain is 10 times better than the fastest computer that had ever been made! Now scientists have spent years to get to where they are and yet my God just took a little bit of dust, moulded it, breathed into it and it became a living man. And that’s why when the doctor spends months examining your body and they still don’t even know what is wrong with you, my Father will just send a word, just one word. He sent his word and he healed them and delivered them from all their destruction. Let me hear somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

Last Friday at the Holy Ghost service in Abuja, God said, somebody is getting a blood transfusion. That everything that is wrong with the blood is gone. Just like that. That was Friday. On Saturday I came back to Lagos. Monday morning I went back to Abuja for another programme and as I wanted  to visit somebody in hospital to pray for him as I entered the hospital there was a woman, young lady with tears in her eyes and a report in her hand. On Friday she came to the Holy Ghost Service as SS. Now the blood is reading AA! How? The wonder breathed into her, that wonder that wonder–working God, He’s going to breathe into someone tonight! (Amen!) If you are the one let me hear you say Amen! (Amen!)

In John 9:1-7 the Bible says Jesus was passing by and saw a man who had been blind from birth and the disciple said, Lord who sinned that this man was born blind? Himself or the parents? He said, “No this wasn’t a matter of sin, It’s just so that I can show you, how I made you. This man came into the world, he was in a hurry, He didn’t wait for eyes. He said, “So I want to show you how to correct that. He spit to the ground. Made some mud out of it and put the mud where the eyes were supposed to be and told the man to go and wash. He went. He washed. He came back seeing. Ah! I’ve told you before. God has your spare parts. I want you to tap the ground with your feet – very gently, very gently and  say it loud and clear! “Ground listen to the word of God. Any spare part that I need, supply now!” If you believe that say, ‘Amen!’ (Amen!)

He works wonders with the land. Do you know that it is a wonder how the seed that you sow becomes a harvest. You sow just one corn. When it is time to harvest, how many corns do you get? How does a corn going into the soil multiply itself? The Bible said in 1 Cor.3:6 It says, Paul may plant, Apollo may water but there’s a God of wonders who gives increase. From tonight onwards, anytime you plant there shall be increase! (Amen!) I say anytime you sow there will be an increase! (Amen!)

The Lord say there is someone here you have a thing as if somebody is tapping you by the back of the head. He said, the thing is gone and it will never return. (Amen!)

Then there are other kinds of wonders God performs with the land. In Num. 16:13-34 the Bible tells us the story – one day some young men gathered themselves together against the anointed of God and they said, “Moses, are you the only one anointed? How come you have turned the nation of Israel to your family business? You are the prophet. Aaron your brother is the priest and Mariam your sister is the choir mistress. Who told you that we too cannot hear from God?” “Ah!” Moses said, “I didn’t choose myself! I didn’t call myself.” They said, “We didn’t want to know, we are going to remove you from position.” Moses said, “That’s no problem, let’s refer the case to the one who called me.” And God said, "Just tell those who are on your side to come to your side. Those who are on the side of the enemy let them go to their side. I will show them that I can perform wonders on land. Then ask the ground to open its mouth and swallow these people and close it’s mouth as if nothing has happened.” Every sickness in your body, every pain, tonight the ground is going to swallow them up! (Amen!)

Unlike the case I shared with you earlier on in Acts 16:25-26 the Almighty God told the ground to shake. You see some enemy thought that they have already got God’s children chained, that they shut the door against them so that they can never escape. God said, I don’t need keys all I need to do is to get the earth to shake and the ground began to shake and it shook sufficiently till every door was flung open and every yoke was broken! Tonight, the ground is going to shake for somebody. (Amen!) I said there will be an earthquake for someone! (Amen!) Prison doors will open! (Amen!) and yokes shall be destroyed! (Amen!)

So He performs wonders on  land. And then He performs wonders with water.In Gen.1:20-21 God spoke to water. He said, bring forth and it brought forth abundantly. You know He didn’t waste His time creating a fish and then creating this, He just said to water, "Water bring forth!” Every miracle you need, God will speak the word and they will come forth. I said they will come forth! He performed wonders with water. In John 2:1-11 He spoke to water and it became wine. You know the story very well.

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is someone here, there is a pain like a fire in your lower abdomen. He said the fire as been put out. The pain is gone never to return!

There was a wedding in Cana of Galilee and they ran out of wine and they now found themselves facing shame, finding themselves looking at defeat, reproach, all kinds of horrible things. My Father spoke to water and the water became wine. The shame changed to glory, defeat became victory which is exactly what is going to happen to somebody here tonight! And at the end, just like the first preacher said, the end came better than the beginning. Let me prophesy to somebody here tonight, the end of this year is going to be better than the beginning for you. (Amen!) And the end of your life is going to be better than the beginning of your life. (Amen!)

When he spoke to water and it became wine, what He actually did is He accelerated a miracle because water normally when it goes to a tree like orange it will become a kind of wine. Then God decided to accelerate…….. Your miracle shall be accelerated tonight (Amen!) I say your miracle shall be accelerated tonight! (Amen!)

He spoke to the Red Sea and the Red Sea produced a highway. You know the story. Ex.14:21-22, Therefore tonight, whatever is the Red Sea blocking your way to progress it shall hear the voice of Lord, and there will be a way where there is no way before, in Jesus name! (Amen!) And then of course He spoke again to the Red Sea and it came together and drowned the enemy of Israel. All those who have been pursuing you, who say you will not reach your goal, God will speak to the Red Sea and the pursuers shall be pursued.

I don’t know if you have ever heard the testimony of some missionary in a Communist country. They wanted to kill them and they were running from them. Suddenly they came to a river, very big river that had been flooded. Those who were pursuing them, deliberately were pursuing them towards that river, knowing that that’s where they will catch them. When the missionaries got to the river, they lifted up their eyes to the Almighty God. They said, “God, You opened the way in the Red Sea before Your children. Do it again!” And they heard the spirit of God saying, “Go ahead!” So they began to walk in and as they began to go, they suddenly discovered that there was a bridge under the river. So they kept on walking. But when those who were pursuing them came, they said, “We didn’t know that there is a shallow section here! So they followed them. And  God allowed them to follow until they got to the middle and then God removed His bridge. The missionaries were saved. Those who were pursuing them began to drink water. Those who say you will not see the New Year, they are in for a surprise I say they are in for a surprise.

In Matt.14:22-32 Jesus Christ told His disciples, He said, “Go ahead, I will come and join you. I want to go and pray first.” He went. He prayed and because He enjoy praying, He forgot time. By the time He came, all the boats were gone but He had promised that He will come and meet them. So He just stepped on water and began to walk on water to fulfil His promise. Whatever He has to do to fulfil His promise in your life, He will do it tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!) Then He performs wonders with the wind. Like I told you earlier on it is the wind from his nostrils that changed us to a man and we all know the story inEze.37:1-10 It was his wind that blew on dry bones that they became an army again. Tonight the wind of God is going to blow and dry bones will live again. I didn’t hear your ‘Amen’ to that. (Amen!)

The Lord said there is someone here, your palm is usually unusually hot. Anybody who shakes hands with you will quickly withdraw his hand. The Lord asked me to tell you, He has solved that problem, He has solved the problem.

The Bible says in Mark 4:35-41 It tells us a story. The disciples and the Lord were in the boat. He was sleeping and there was a storm and the boat became full of water. And they woke Him up and said, “Don’t You care that we perish?” “What is the trouble? Can’t you see the storm?” He said, (I’m sure he must have yawned) “Oh peace, be still!” And immediately, immediately all was still. Every storm in your life shall be stilled tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!) One word from Him. So when He spoke to the wind, the wind needs to obey because He made the wind. When He spoke to the sea, the sea Had to obey because He made the sea. He didn’t swear at the sea. What manner of man is this, that the sea and wind obey him? The Bible said they were afraid. I’ve said it before, when the miracle is a real kind of miracle even the recipient will become afraid. The kind of miracle that frightens you, you are going to get one tonight! (Amen!)

Some years ago I went to hold a programme for one of my sons in the North and in the afternoon we were just talking about the wind storm that they normally get there, that when the storm comes, the wind from the desert will become very big, the sand will cover everything. Suddenly, even in the afternoon everything will become dark. He said, whenever that happens if you are in the house, stay in the house. If you are outside run inside. If you are in a car, park your car and stay there. He said that’s how to survive. So I said, I see. And then in the evening, we were holding the programme outside because the people who came were far too many for the little church and suddenly the wind arose and before you knew it, by the time you move towards your right you couldn’t see anything other than several storey buildings. On your left the same thing. In front, the same thing and everybody began to panic. Suddenly I heard my Father say to me, “Stretch your hand and say, “Peace”. And immediately, immediately the wind stopped, the sand collapsed and we had a wonderful programme. Tonight, on behalf of my Father, I am stretching my hand to all of you and I am saying, ‘Peace’ I say, ‘Peace!’ and then I say, 'Peace' and I say, 'Peace'. There will be Peace in Jesus name! (Amen!)

He performs wonders with fire. Psalm 68:1-3 It says, let God arise and his enemies be scattered. And then He’s telling you why His enemy must scatter whenever God arises, The reason is the fire goes before him, fire goes before Him. In other words the despatch rider of the Most High is fire. Whenever God is going somewhere there is a fire that is going  ahead of Him. What is the purpose of that fire? To cleanse the front. Anything that is not of God that’s in front, the fire will go ahead and consume. Whatever is in your life that is not of God, the fire of God will consume it tonight.

And one of the reasons why I liked Elijah is because he knows how to deal with his enemies. In 2 King 1:9-12 Elijah was sitting on a hill praying to God, having time with the Most High and then suddenly one king decided that he wanted to arrest him. And the soldiers came. Because they had swords and spears they thought they can kill the man of God anyhow. So they said, “Man of God come down, You are under arrest.” He said, “Me?” They said, “Yes.” “You are talking to me?” They said, “Yes.” “And you know that I’m a man of God?” “You said it with your own mouth.” He said, “If I am a man of God, I hereby command that all of you become blind. “Every demon that is trying to arrest you, every evil covenant, every curse from your generation, the fire of God will consume  them now! (Amen!)

But the story that I love most about God performing wonders with fire

Thank You Father! God is healing somebody with bone problem. He said there is someone, it’s as if there are holes in your bones. The bones have been healed right now. (Amen!)

In 1 King 18:36-40 God answered the prayer of Elijah by fire. He will answer your prayer by fire tonight! (Amen!) And in answering that prayer by fire, the fire consumed the offering. Which means He accepted the offering of Elijah. All your offerings will be accepted from tonight onward. (Amen!)  You see the fire does more than that, it also consumed the wood. There is a very important point there. There are many wood that can never become fire. They will live and die, never becoming fire, That means there are many people who will never fully achieve their potential. What God wants them to become, they will never become it before they die. Because this fire fell on the wood it became fire – it fulfilled the purpose for which it was created. Because the fire of  God is going to fall tonight, the purpose for which God created you shall be fulfilled. (Amen!) And then the fire consumed the rock, If real fire can consume rock and you know what rock stands for. In Africa when somebody is poor and comes from a very poor background, when poverty is the history of their generation, they always say this is somebody from a rocky town. Whatever poverty that has been in your generation the fire of God is going to take care of that tonight! (Amen!)

Then the fire licked up the water. Wonder of wonders! Water is supposed to put out fire but when God wants to perform wonders with fire He will use the fire to lick up the water and what does that mean?  It means God is going to change every law in order to be able to wipe away all tears from your eyes. I said he will change all the laws. If you say you are already too old to marry, He will make you younger. If you say you are too old to have children, He will make you younger! If they say your faith is already finished, God will say, I’ve just started. One thing I know, there is somebody here tonight who will never weep again. If you are that one let me hear you say ‘Amen’ loud and clear! (Amen!)

And the fire consumed the dust. It consumed the offering, it consumed the wood, consumed the rock, licked up the water and went ahead and kept on eating even the soil. Everything that is trying to pull you into the ground, that weakness in your body, immoral thoughts, everything that is contrary to the heavenly goal shall be consumed by fire in Jesus name! (Amen!)

So He performed wonders with land, with water, with wind, with fire……..what about wonders or let me give you one example. I heard a story, true story, of a child of God whose house was in a street of houses. There were fifteen houses next to one another and then there was a fire outbreak. It started from house one and came to house two and then to house three and then to house four and this child of God is house was house no 8.  So she ran out – “Lord stop the fire! Stop the fire! You know I don’t have the money to build another house!” The fire kept coming. House four, house five, house six, house seven and then the fire jumped to house nine, house ten, house eleven, house twelve, thirteen, fourteen fifteen. By the time the firemen arrived, out of the fifteen houses only one was standing – house number 8. It doesn’t matter how many houses fire may destroy, your own is not going to burn. (Amen!) I say your own is not going to burn! (Amen!)

He performs wonders with animals. He can command lions to eat or not to eat. You know the story. In Daniel 6

Thank You Father! The Lord said there is somebody here tonight, the one pursuing you is going to receive a shocking news that will keep him busy for the rest of the year and he will forget about you completely.

Daniel 6:16-24 You know the story. They threw Daniel into the lion’s den and the lions saw him coming and they thought this is good food but God said, “No you can’t eat this one because he’s a lion too!” But they said, “No, this is a human lion!” But God said, “No, he’s the son of the Lion of Judah and the son of a lion is a lion!” How many children of the lion of Judah are here tonight? Let me hear you roar like a lion! Glory be to God! You know the rest of the story. The following day, because the lion said, “God we are hungry.” God said, “Don’t worry. I will give you food.” The following morning they brought out Daniel and God told the king, “Send for those who threw Daniel down here. Ask them to come with their wives and their children. They must not leave a relative behind!” Everyone that have been pursuing you, you will not see them again. (Amen!) I say you will not see them again. (Amen!) And when they came, the king said, “Who is this man?” They said “That’s Daniel! We threw him into the den of lions. Has anyone ever gone to the den of the lions and returned alive?” They said, “No.” So the king said, “Something must have happened to my lions. Either somebody stole them or they are all dead. I want you to help me to go and find out. You, your wives and your children – go down and find out what happen to my lions.” Those who wanted to kill you tonight they shall become food for the lions from today. (Amen!)

God performed wonders with animals. In Num.22:22-35 the Bible caused an ass to speak like a human being. God can cause an animal to speak. He can perform wonders with an animal. I can tell you several stories. I can tell you the story of a friend of mine who was sick and everybody thought he was going to die. But he had a dog, a dog that he loved and as he was lying down on his sick bed, the dog was sleeping on the floor by his side. Suddenly the dog saw the angel of death coming for his owner. He jumped up and barked. Apparently the angel of death knocked it on the head and he died. And immediately the owner recovered. That’s one example.

And some of you probably have heard one of my testimonies. When I wanted to visit my sister on the farm, I thought I knew the road but when I got there I saw this one branching to the right, this one branching to the left. I didn’t know which one to take, And as I took one turn, took another turn, I became desperately lost, and I was very young. I don’t know the way back home. I didn’t know the way to my sister’s farm and I didn’t know what to do but all of a sudden I saw a small white dog. And he began to wag his tail as if to say we are friends and he began to move. Something within me just said, “Follow.” And I followed the dog. My sister was so happy to see me! “How could you possibly find your way here? This place is far from home! This road is complicated! How did you find your way?” I said, "I followed that white dog." And they said, "There is no white dog here." We searched everywhere - there was no dog. Whatever God is going to use to lead you to your goal, whether a dog or a goat, or a lamb, He will provide you in Jesus name! (Amen!)

He performs wonders with birds. In Ex.16:11-13 when the children of Israel said they wanted meat, God spoke to quails. He told them, I want you to go and soar around the camp of the children of Israel and they surrounded the camp and they did not run when the children of Israel were coming for them! Whatever way God is going to use to meet your needs, He will do it tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!)

I’m sure many of us know that the most beautiful thing about God performing wonders with birds is found in 1 King 17:2-7. When God spoke to Elijah and said, “I want you to go and sit at the Brook Cherith. I have commanded the ravens to bring you food, to feed you there.” Each time I read this story I get something new. God sent ravens to bring food to His servant. Do you know the birds called ravens? They are notorious for being gluttonous – they know how to eat. When somebody can eat and eat a lot they say he’s ravenously hungry. When you say you are very, very hungry, you want to consume as much food as possible, they use the raven as the adjective to describe your hunger. And yet they are the ones that God used as messengers to carry food to His servant. And they didn’t eat the food on the way and they didn’t miss the address! Your miracle is not going to miss the way (Amen!) Nobody will stop your miracle on the way (Amen!)

God can perform miracles with birds. When we first got here I had a little encounter with birds. There were these little, little birds. Whenever they come on a tree within one day they will remove all the leaves. Suddenly they took over the Camp. They were so many I didn’t know what to do with them. One of the Pastors had a Dane gun. I asked him to come and shoot at them. He will just shoot into their midst. Dozens of them will fall down dead because they were so many but it looks as if when he killed about a dozen, it looks as if a hundred of them will come and take the position. “God what am I going to do? Convention is coming. Am I going to….. what am I going to tell the people – birds can’t allow us to hold the Convention?” So I said, “Father help!” Let somebody shout, “Lord help me!” Say it one more time! “Lord help me!” That was my cry when I travelled. When I came back the following day, I saw eagles. I don’t know where they came from. There were hundreds of them and they just went and kept on eating these birds. They just went after them, swallowing them, eating them! Within two days those disturbing little birds had been finished. As soon as they finished them, the eagle disappeared. Now every bird of Satan that has surrounded your family, surrounded your home, surrounded your business – the eagles of God will swallow them! (Amen!) Say one more time – “Lord help!”

So He performed wonders with birds. He performs wonders with fish, either to swallow a disobedient child, like the story of Jonah in Jonah 1:13 so that the disobedient child can still be preserved until he will repent. Or as we read inMatt.17:24-27, You can use the mouth of a fish as a bank. You know, anytime we had a special program coming, I always rejoiced with everybody who will participate because I have discovered, for every man there is a fish with your money in it’s mouth. All you need to do is find the fish! So when you have an opportunity to go witnessing, whether you know it or not, you are getting closer and closer to your fish. Among those people that we are going to invite for the Congress for example there is a fish with your money in its mouth. You will catch that fish in Jesus  name! (Amen!) I say you will catch the fish in Jesus name! (Amen)

He performs wonders with fish, He performs wonders with angels and I like that one – either to shut the mouth of lions in Dan.6:22 or to open locked doors and frustrate the enemy as in Acts 5:17-24. The enemy locked Peter and John in Prison. An angel came at night, set them free and told them – go on preaching! When those who locked them in heard that the prison doors were securely locked but when they got inside Peter and John were gone. Somebody said, “Ah! They are already in the church preaching!” The enemies became frustrated. God is going to frustrate your enemy! (Amen!) 

The Bible says angels are ministering spirits that are sent to minister to the heirs of salvation. You may not see them but if you are truly born again you have your own bodyguards and they are angels. Human body guards will run when they see them. They are going to say, “I don’t think I want to lose my life because of one man!” But angels, they can’t die and they are around you. The word of God says he will give charge to his angels concerning you, so that wherever you go they will be there to guard you and to protect you. Some of you know the story.

An evangelist went to preach in one town in Ogun State years ago and he was criticizing all the worshipers of a particular idol and so they decided they will kill him. So they announced to him if you come back here to preach tomorrow – you are dead! So the evangelist called those who were ministering with him said, “Tomorrow I am going to preach. Those of you who don’t want to die, you better go.” And those people said “Well, you are the one they want to kill. We will come all the same.” And then the news spread that they were going to kill the evangelist tomorrow. So those who didn’t want to come to the programme came to see how they are going to kill the evangelist and the man preached the sermon of his life – got several souls saved. As soon as he finished preaching six huge men came on the stage, surrounded him, they said, “Come let’s go! “Ah!” everybody said, “Eh they’ve come to kill him!” They took him outside the town and when they got outside the town they told him to go and……And now as you go back to your seats, you and as many of us still have something to ask God, we have called on God to answer us by fire, He’s going to answer us by fire – your individual prayers. Now you can begin to talk to the Lord. Talk to Him as you go back. Those of you on seat, talk to God. From now on wherever you go He will go with you and take care of you.

And then God performed wonders with weather. He can seal the heavens as we found in 1 King 17:1 or He can rain bombs on his enemies from the sky as we find in Joshua 10:8-11. And yet He can open the windows of heaven and give you  a breakthrough, according to Malachi 3:10. He said if you bring all the tithes into his house He said he will open the window of heaven and pour you a blessing that there will be no room enough to receive. He can open the windows of heaven and pour you showers of blessing. So He can perform wonders with the weather. I am believing God that one of the new songs we will sing is that “I am surrounded in showers of blessing.” So shall it be in Jesus name! (Amen!)

So He can perform wonders with land with wind, with water, with fire, with animal, with birds, with fish, with angels, with weather, I can continue on and on. I can tell you how he can perform wonders with insects, and so on and so forth but the major question is – will He perform wonders for me?  That’s the major question. I believe the answer is ‘Yes’. If you believe so let me hear you also say, “Yes!”  Will He perform wonders for you? You are not sure? If you are sure let your ‘Yes’ show that you are sure. Now, how am I sure He will perform wonders for you? How am I sure? Because he says in His word that you are for signs and wonders. He said all the children He has given me are for signs and wonders. You better say it with your own mouth, “I am for signs and wonders!”

Not only can He perform wonders for you, He can even turn you to wonders to the world. In Acts 3:1-10 when the man who had been lame from birth began to walk leaping, jumping praising God the Bible says, everybody was amazed. There is a miracle coming your way that will turn you to a wonder to the rest of the world. But He can do more than that. He can perform wonders through you. He can use you to perform wonders. If you believe He will use you to perform wonders, say, “Amen!” In Acts 19:11-12, the Bible tells us, God performed special miracles by the hand of Paul, that through his body they took handkerchiefs and aprons to the sick and they were healed and the demons in their body disappeared.

It is that passage in the Bible that I held on to one day when somebody came to me and said my grandmother is sick. They’ve operated on her and because of her age the place they operated refused to heal. So whenever she ate, the food was coming out from the stomach. The people could have sent her home to die but because she came from a wealthy family they kept her in the hospital. So the granddaughter came, “Mama is old if she dies she’s old  enough to die but I don’t want her to die in a messy manner. Let God heal her and then after that if she wants to die she can die.” So I said, “Bring me a handkerchief.” And I prayed over the handkerchief. And she took the handkerchief to the grandmother and they laid it on the grandmother. The following day when they came to check whether Mama is alive or dead, not only was she healed, they couldn’t even find the place where they operated on her! That’s what God of wonders can do!

That’s not all, because you may say well because you are General Overseer that’s why God can do it through you. Sometimes ago we had a programme for Full Gospel Business men fellowship. They had a programme in Port Harcourt and there was a woman there she heard all kind of testimonies that I shared with them and she wanted to come to me. They wouldn’t allow her. The crowd was much. When I got into the car and I was driving away she was able to rub her handkerchief against the car and said – I have got the anointing and she kept the handkerchief. When she got home she discovered that her junior sister had gone mad. Small little thing – six men had to hold her down. She said, “Ah! Don’t worry! I have an handkerchief – give way!” And she laid the handkerchief on the girl and all the demons left her. And everybody looked at her – so you too can perform wonders! Is there anybody here who will go from here performing wonders? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

So God is a wonder He can perform wonders. He can perform wonders for you. He can turn you to a wonder He can perform wonders through you. It’s really up to you. If only you believe. Mark 9:23 If you can believe all things are possible to him that believeth. Do I hear somebody say, “Lord I believe!” Say it loud and clear! Believe and then ask. John 14:14 if you ask anything in my name I will do it. However before you ask there are two kinds of wonders…….

The Lord said there is someone here, you had a dream recently and an angry crowd of people was marching towards you, marching against you. The Lord asked me to tell you, I will meet them half way.

Before you ask – there are two kinds of wonders – good wonders, bad wonders. When God healed Naaman by asking him to go and bath in River Jordan that was a good wonder. When the leprosy was taken from River Jordan and it was put on the body of Gehazi that was a wonder – a bad wonder. When God turned  a mad man to an evangelist in Mark 5:1-20 that was a good wonder. When God turned a king to an animal in Dan. 4:30-33 that was a wonder too - a bad wonder. Now the question is what kind of wonder do you want good or bad? Ah! You better answer! You better let God hear you! What kind of wonder do you want? You see, in Pro.28:13 the word of God says he that conceals a sin shall not prosper but he that confesseth them and forsaketh them shall obtain mercy. There will be wonders here tonight! Wonder are already happening. More wonders are about to happen. But if you are still in your sin, if you refuse to surrender your life to Jesus. If you say I want to continue to live in sin, you too will receive a wonder but it will not be a good wonder. Demons will fly out tonight but as they are flying out, if they discover that you are not already washed in the blood of the Lamb or you claim to be born again and you are still in sin they may change accommodation and take over a new one because this is a night of wonders.

If you are not yet born again, before we call on the God of wonders, come and surrender your life to Him. Once His blood covers you, He promised that when danger is passing by He will see the blood and pass over you. Come and surrender your life to Jesus Christ now! I will count up to ten, if you want to surrender your life to Jesus get here before I say ten. The choice is yours – good wonder or bad wonder the choice is yours 1……..2……..3………4………..5

You have to hurry up. Some of you know you are coming up from a far distance and you have to get here before I say ten. The choice is yours. God of wonders is here. He performs good wonders for his children and bad wonders for his enemies and all those who are yet to surrender their life to Him they qualify as enemies of God. So if you want to give your life to Jesus, come now 6……..7…….

The gates of mercy are still open but they may close very soon. It’s the Lord that is calling you, not men. He’s asking you to make a choice tonight. Are you for Him or are you against Him? The God of wonders is very good friend but He’s a very dangerous enemy. If you want to give your life to Jesus you have to hurry up now 7…….8

I can see many of you coming from a distance but you have to hurry up! And there are some of you who might still be sitting down there and you are not sure of your salvation. Don’t say I did not call you. Don’t say I didn’t give you an opportunity to surrender your life to Jesus! This is the day of salvation If you miss it you may never find another opportunity! and 9!

It’s the last call. Anybody who wants to come, you better come now! And those of us already in front let’s lift our voice to the Almighty God and say, Lord I’ve come to surrender my life to You. Save my soul! Forgive my sin! Give me the wonder of salvation! Let me become a true child of the living God! The grace to forsake sin, give it unto me! Be my Lord! Be my saviour!

The rest of us let’s stretch our hands toward these people and pray for them. The God who saves our soul will their soul also! Pray for them brethren! Intercede for these people that the Saviour will save their souls! Pray for them brethren! Call on the Saviour, that He will save their souls. That today too they will experience the wonder of salvation; that they will become brand new creatures In the mighty name of Jesus pray for them!

And those of you who are still coming hurry up quickly now! Because we want to end the prayer now! Get here before we stop praying! The Lord is calling you now and saying ‘Hurry up!’ This is your last call! Get here before we finish praying! I can still see some of you walking – you better run! This is your day of salvation! God is calling you now! saying hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Come and cry to him and say, Lord save my soul! Forgive my sins Lord! Be merciful unto me! Cleanse me in Your Blood! Write my name in the Book of Life!” Hurry up those of you who are still coming on the way. And the rest of us let’s pray for these people for another one minute, that the Almighty God will save their souls! Pray with all your hearts! The greatest wonder is the wonder of salvation. Ask God to save the souls of these people. Intercede for them for another thirty seconds pray for them! That today they will also receive their own salvation! Pray for them brethren – that every one of them will receive salvation now! That the Blood of Jesus that cleansed you from your own sin will cleanse them also from their own sin!  Pray for them brethren! And if you are coming, you better come now because we want to close now. We want to round up this session right now! Hurry up those of you who are still on the way! Thank You Father! Glory be to God! Thank You Almighty! In Jesus name we have prayed!        

Father we thank You! We thank You because You always hear us. Thank You for Your word that has gone forth today. Thank You for those who have responded. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! Daddy, you said if any man will come unto me I will no wise cast him out. They have come to You now. Receive them in Jesus name! Forgive them in Jesus name! Cleanse them in Your Blood in Jesus name! Write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus name! And from today Lord let them begin to do Your will! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! Amen!

Now those of you in front let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) I want to promise you that right now even as the angels are rejoicing in heaven over you, those of us here are also rejoicing. Even though they are not showing it yet but they are rejoicing. I can see some of them clapping because they are rejoicing with you that in one single day seven wonders can happen. Let me tell you the truth it can even be more. God brought you here tonight to give you unlimited wonders. Do you believe that? Let’s stand on our feet. If you believe that this really is your night, I want you to first of all lift up your hands to the Almighty God and just begin to thank Him in advance for the marvellous things He’s about to do in your life. Talk to the Almighty God! Praise Him for what He’s about to do in your life!………..I believe. Yes Lord, I believe, Yes Lord  I believe it is well with me………If you believe that shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) God bless you, you may be seated. Very soon we’ll be going to a session of serious prayers but before then we have some visitors with us and we will love to welcome them.

Is anybody ready to pray? The elders have a saying, anybody who wants to get the kernel from palm kernel will have to use a little bit of force. Anybody who wants wonders must be ready to pray for wonders. I want to teach you a song many of you will probably know it. It’s very simple. It says. “Oh, oh Lord, Oh, oh Lord, Oh, oh Lord here we pray today here we pray…………Oluwa, Oluwa, Oluwa………..I want somebody to shout a mighty Alleluia!

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, thou God of wonders, let Your wonders begins in my life today! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! “Oh God of wonders, let Your wonders begin in my life today! Let Your wonders begin in my life today! Oh Lord hear me as I pray today. Let Your wonders begin in my life today! Oh Lord hear me as I pray today – let Your wonders begin in my life! Let Your wonders begin in my life! Almighty God of wonders, wonders in my family, wonders in my home, wonders in the life of my children, wonders in my business, wonders in my ministry! Oh Lord of wonders perform wonders in my life today! Perform wonders! Perform wonders! Oh Lord here me as I pray today! You are the One who can answer all my prayers! You are the God of wonders! Oh Lord hear me as I pray! Let Your wonders begin in my life today! Let Your wonders begin in my life today! Let Your wonders begins in my life today! Let Your wonders begin in my life today! Oh God wonder-working God! Let Your wonders begin in my life today! You are the only One who can perform wonders in heaven and on earth! Let Your wonders begins in my life today!

Now we are praying and some are looking around! Eh! Open your mouth and say, "Father! Command my body to reject whatever is not planted by You. Call on the Almighty God! “Father, command all my body to reject every sickness, every disease, every ache, every pain and demon, everything that is not planted by You! Father, command my body! Speak to my flesh! Speak to my body now! Speak to my blood! Speak to my bone! Speak to my marrow! Speak to every bit of me! To reject everything that is not planted by You! Speak to my body now! Almighty God wonder-working God! Command my body to reject everything that is not divine! Command my body to reject whatever is not planted by You! Alleluia! Father! In the mighty name of Jesus!”

May I encourage you one more time. After this you can pray the way you like. It’s up to you. The word of God is clear from the day of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent have taken it by force. I want you to cry to the Almighty God and say, "Father! Ask the earth to shake loose every prison door that has been shut against my progress!" You go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! "Father in the mighty name of Jesus! Command the earth to shake lose every door that has been closed against my progress! Right now! My Lord and my Savour, command the earth to shake every prison door that has been shut against my progress! In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, shake lose every door, every prison door against my progress – shake them loose! King of glory shake them loose! Right now as I pray let the earth tremble! Let there be an earthquake to shake loose every prison door that has been shut against my progress! Let every yoke, every yoke be broken!” Alleluia!…………Thank You Father! Thank You Lord! Glory be to God! Blessed be the name of the Lord! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen!)

Now you are going to command, in the mighty name of Jesus, and say Earth, earth! Hear the word of the Lord! Open your mouth and swallow all my problems.” Go ahead! Command in the mighty name of Jesus! Earth hear the word of the Lord! Tremble before Your maker! Open your mouth swallow all my problems! I command in the mighty name of Jesus! Earth! Earth! Hear the word of the Lord, tremble before your maker! Open your mouth! Swallow all my problems! Every demon, every evil covenant, every evil plan in my family – earth open your mouth and swallow them all! Swallow them all! swallow them up! Swallow them up! Hear the voice of the Lord O, Earth! I command you in the mighty name of Jesus, Open your mouth – Swallow every bit of my problem today! Right now as I pray! All those problems ganging up against me, trying to frustrate my destiny, trying to frustrate the purpose of God for my life, earth swallow them up! In the mighty name of Jesus, swallow them up! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! Glory be to God! In Jesus mighty name we pray! (Amen!)

When God wanted to perform a special wonder He will, at times, speak through men. He said to Ezekiel, “Can these bones live?” Ezekiel said, “Lord I don’t know. Only you can tell.” He said, “In any case prophesy! Ask wind to blow on these dry bones and they shall live.” I want you to prophesy with your own mouth and command the wind to come from the East, from the West, from the North, from the South to blow on you, that your dry bones may live again! Open your mouth and command in the mighty name of Jesus! Wind! Blow! In the mighty name of Jesus! From the East, from the West, from North from south! Blow, blow! That my dry bones may live again! Wind blow! In the mighty name of Jesus! Wind I command you to blow! Blow from the East! Blow from the West! Blow from the North! Blow from the South! Wind blow! Let the wind of the Holy Spirit blow on me!  Let my bones live again! Wind blow! Wind blow! Wind blow and let my dry bone live again! Wind blow that every lost hope might be renewed! Wind blow! That blind may see, that the deaf may hear, that the lame may walk, that the barren may become fruitful! Winds blow! In the mighty name of Jesus! Wind blow! That the irreversible might be reversed! Wind blow, blow today! blow right now, blow right now!” Glory be to God! Thank You Father! Blessed be the name of the Lord! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Then you are going to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, “Father turn my water to wine!” Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! He knows what that means, “Lord! Turn my water to wine! Turn my shame to glory! Turn my failure to success! Turn my defeat to triumph! Turn my poverty to success! Lord God Almighty, turn my water to wine in the mighty name of Jesus! In the mighty name of Jesus turn my water to wine! Turn my tears to laughter! Oh Yes, God Almighty, tonight God of wonders turn my water to wine! Turn my water to wine! Turn my water to wine – right now! King of glory turn my water to wine that Your name might be glorified! Turn my water to wine! Right now as I pray turn my water to wine that the world may know that you are the living God! Turn my water to wine!” Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we prayed! (Amen!)

As we are about to pray our next prayer I want all indigenes of Niger Delta to begin to come forward. We want to pray for you after our next prayer point. Now while they are coming, the rest of us let’s lift our voice to the Almighty God and say, Father, answer my prayer by fire tonight!” Go ahead talk to the Almighty God! “Father answer my prayer by fire tonight! Almighty God answer my prayer by fire tonight! King of glory! You are the unchangeable Lord! Answer my prayer by fire tonight! As I call on You tonight, answer my prayer by fire tonight! You are the consuming fire yourself! Answer my prayer by fire tonight!

I want you to use these indigenes of Niger Delta who are here as a point of contact for your various States. When there was constant violence in Ife Modakeke we cried to God here and peace came. We want peace in Niger Delta, We don’t want any more violence, No more poverty! (Amen!) No more bloodshed (Amen!) No more death! (Amen!) No more sorrow! (Amen!) Brethren I want you to join me as we pray for these people. Raise your hands towards them and as they raise their hands towards God and let us decree that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, in Niger Delta State there will be no more violence, no more death, no more sorrow, no more poverty, no more failure, no more sickness, no more demons. Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God. In the mighty name of Jesus, we stand as one and we call on the Almighty God for our brothers and sisters in Niger Delta and we decree in the Name that’s above every other name that there will be progress, there will be success. There will be no more sorrow, no more death, no more violence, no more evil! That all the bloodsucking demons in Niger Delta will be cast into the sea, never to resurface again! We decree peace, tranquillity progress, joy, victory, abundance! In the mighty name of Jesus the permanent solution to all the problems in Niger Delta! Oh Yes, we pray that beginning from now every intertribal war will end, every conflict will come to an end. There’ll be peace again! There’ll be joy again! There’ll be progress again! There’ll be no more death! There’ll be no more sickness! There’ll be no more sorrow – not again in the mighty name of Jesus! In the mighty name of Jesus! In the mighty name of Jesus! So shall it be! So shall it be! Anyone who says it will not be so God himself will uproot! Thank You my Father!

Lord I stand before You today, as Your representative to these people and as their representative to You and I decree that from now on the Blood that conquered Satan will conquer for Niger Delta! (Amen!) That every demon in Niger Delta will be cast into the sea! (Amen!) In Niger Delta there will be no more sickness! (Amen!)  No more sorrow ! (Amen!) No more violence! (Amen!) No more death! (Amen!) No more poverty! (Amen!) No more failure! (Amen!) in the mighty name of Jesus! (Amen!) There will be peace! (Amen!) There will be success! (Amen!) There will be progress! (Amen!) There will be abundance! (Amen!) There will be joy again! (Amen!) So shall it be in Jesus name! (Amen!) So shall it be in Jesus name! (Amen!) Anyone who says it will not be so that fellow shall be uprooted in Jesus name! (Amen!) Anyone who says I don’t want peace in Niger Delta, the fire of God will consume them in Jesus name! (Amen!)

Tell Him now, "Lord God Almighty today do something new in my life, do something great in my life, do something wondrous in my life! Wonder–working God perform wonders in my life today! Perform wonders in my life today! Almighty God today let there be wonders in my life! Wonders in my home, wonders in the life of my family, wonders in Your Church, wonders in Nigeria, wonders in the life of all those who wish me well! Give them good wonders. Those who do not wish me well give them wonders too – wonders that will keep them occupied for the rest of their lives that they won’t bother me anymore! God of wonders, perform wonders in my life today! Do it Almighty God and we will glorify Your name! Thank You my Father! Thank You Lord Jesus! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed!

Thank you ministers of God, I think you are less busy. You can now return to your seat. Let’s give the Lord a big round of applause for the Almighty God, for hard–working ministers of God. God will renew your strength and increase your anointing. Glory be to God! Now I’m aware that there might still be a few dozen people who may still be coming but we have to keep moving.

What is going to happen next month who can tell me? What do you say is it? Alright we have Holy Ghost Congress. That’s correct but, eh, what is it again “A new song!” How many of you will sing a new song? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Now this year’s Congress is going to be different from any one you have ever seen before. (Amen!) Far, far powerful than ever before. People are coming from all over the world. In fact I know a man of God in America who said he’s going to charter a plane so he would bring a hundred people. And then, because if you want a ticket from Europe to Nigeria in December now, you can’t find a seat – all planes are full because people are coming to Holy Ghost Congress. The Lord is good. In addition to the fact that the anointing of God is going to flow like mighty waves of the ocean, we have decided, instead of the afternoon remaining free, we want to put action to our prayers, action to our faith. We have discovered one of our major problems is that we don’t know how to make wealth.

For example there is one man who is a graduate of many years. All he does now is to rear snails and mushrooms in his backyard and he’s making millions. There are little, little things you can do, that can bring in tremendous money but we just don’t know. That will not even touch your normal daily work. So we have decided this year we will bring all these experts to come and teach us how to do small-scale industries, small-scale farming. There are tremendous opportunities in Nigeria that we don’t know about, everybody is waiting for the government. Now by the grace of God very soon we will say the government can take their own policy it doesn’t matter – my mushrooms, people must buy. So that will be in the afternoons Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday the only afternoon that is free is Friday because of the – you know, Friday night. And then Saturday, all afternoon there will be programmes to teach us how to turn little to much.

And we are going to bring experts to talk to our youth on career counselling. For example I know somebody who during his youth corps year, he did so much in addition to being a youth corper that he bought a car. By the time he finished his youth service he was already employing labour. We want our own children to be employers of labour not somebody who will have to apply before they can eat. So all that we are going to handle. We are going to make this practical Christianity in the afternoon. And so we appeal to you to advertise this year’s Congress like you have never done before!

God will bless your offering, He will accept it and use it for His glory and you will never, never want again in Jesus name! (Amen!) From now on whatever you touch will prosper (Amen!) and wonders of abundance will be your portion in Jesus name! (Amen!) So shall it be, in Jesus mighty name we pray! (Amen!) God bless you!

Now let’s take the testimonies quick:

My name is Mrs Oluwatoyin Temitope Ajayi. I’m standing here to give glory to God for what the Lord has done in my life. I give all the glory to God and I return all the praise unto Him because He only is due. I’ve been trusting God for the fruit of the womb after I had my first born in the year 1989, 14 years ago. Nothing happened. But it got to a time my husband was to bring our Daddy in the Lord, the General Overseer, to the Auditorium to listen to the choir as regards the Convention last year and I told my husband, after taking Daddy back to the office I will like to sit at the exact place Daddy sat just to have a prayer and he did. When he took Daddy back to the office I quickly ran into the car and I sat there and said, Father if truly this is Your man and he’s a servant of God and he’s a God-sent man during our own time, let it be unto me according to my faith that by this time (that was July) by July I will like to be here having my baby in my hand, testifying to the goodness of God in my life. And I said that prayer and left. I was to go to London for my profession. On getting to London everything was ok with me but I never knew I was pregnant until November 24thwhen I was feeling somehow and the doctor said I should go for a scan. On getting there I was told this is your baby’s head, your baby’s hand. I was like, God you can be so merciful! So I  give God all the glory, all the honour and I thank my Father in the Lord for the support he gave to me during pregnancy, he called me several times without number praying with me on the phone. Here I am with the baby Adebayo Iyinoluwa. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! My name is Glory Okogie. When Daddy came to Enugu for Divine Involvement, God miraculously healed me from the disease called HIV. Praise the Lord! I have testified in Enugu. A brother advised me to come. But when I came in March to testify the theme then was, “Beginning of greatness.” When I had this problem I don’t normally see my period but after that programme that day God restored my period. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! My name is Brother Akin Oluwadare. During the last Holy Ghost night Daddy mentioned my case. I discovered sometimes ago that my genital organ has been increasing in size but God met me and restored me back to normal. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! My name is Adewole Makinde, City of David parish, Ilorin, Kwara Province. In July this year my son went to the teaching hospital, Ilorin for sickle cell crisis but when we got there series of tests were conducted upon him. Series of X-ray were taken and so on. Then suddenly we were told he had a hole in the heart and there were perforations and the size of the heart is abnormal and that the heart is completely damaged. They did the tests several times and confirmed at the Teaching Hospital  then we were referred to Bisket Medical Centre, Oshogbo. Not to confirm whether the heart was damaged or not but to determine the extent of the damage and the size of the hole they said they detected at the Teaching Hospital, Ilorin. I decided that I will not go to Bisket Hospital until I had come for the Convention in August. When we came in August I had the rare opportunity of meeting our father in the Lord in his office and Papa took time to go through the hospital document and Papa said this is bad, this is not right thing for a child and I quote Baba, my Father, "This result I cancel in Jesus name and that Father, supply a new heart into Adebayo." He just said, “Thank you Lord you have supplied it.” Adebayo you have received a new heart.

 GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!            



Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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