I know there is someone here tonight who will never borrow again. (Amen!) If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). There is someone here tonight, very soon this fellow will be lending to nations. (Amen!) If you are the one let me hear you shout a real big Alleluia! (Alleluia!). There are twelve baskets of blessing here tonight and they are going to the home of somebody (Amen!) That fellow will shout the loudest Alleluia! (Alleluia!). 

Let’s go before the One who is going to make this one happen and worship the Great Provider. Let’s Magnify His Holy Name! Holy Holy Holy……….Thank You Lord! Blessed be Your Name. You are high and lifted up………………………Jehovah You are the most High…………….Lets go ahead and Worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The I Am that I Am, the Ancient of  Days! Lets praise Him!  He is worthy to be praised! Worthy to be Magnified! Praise Him! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!  Father we bless You! We give You Glory! We give You honour! In Jesus mighty name we worship! (Amen!). 

Father we bless Your Name. King of Kings and Lord of Lords! The I Am that I Am! The Ancient of Days! Glory be to Your Holy Name! Father Glory be to Your Holy Name! Thank You for Nigeria! Thank You for peace! Thank You for Your faithfulness, Thank You for answered prayers,. Thank You for  what You did in January! Thank You for what You did in February! Thank You for what You did in March! Thank You for what You did in April! Thank You for what You did in May! Thank you for what You are going to do in June! Glory be to Your holy name Lord! Accept our worship in Jesus name!  

Tonight Father in a way we have never known before - visit your children! Daddy I have a very special request tonight. In the lives of all these your children gathered, that thing that is called garment of poverty remove it far away in Jesus name! Father whatever you have to do tonight so that these Your children will never know poverty again do it in Jesus name! At the end of everything Lord, take all Glory. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed!(Amen!) Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). Shake hands with one or two people and say “Happy New Year! Happy New Year  It is going to be a new year for you even as it is a new year for Nigeria”. Then you may be seated. 

As you have been told, tonight is not like any usual night, I want to encourage you to be absolutely on the alert. Some years ago an incident happened here in Lagos at a bus stop. And you know whenever the bus stops people selling bread will come and sell and as the bus was moving away…… Glory be to God! The story I want to tell you is important so we will wait a little bit for them to hear. Some people are here that come with commercial bus but they will come in next year with their Mercedes! (Amen!)  

Everybody knows that by the grace of God I am a holiness preacher. Glory be to God! But I have also discovered that one of the blessings of holiness is prosperity. You see if the Holy ones prosper only then we can really convince those who are living in sin to forsake their sin and come in the way of holiness. You are all going to prosper in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

So there was this incident at the bus stop. As the bus was taking off, a man jumped on the bus and from inside the bus he grabbed a loaf of bread from the head of the hawker and began to eat it very, very fast. The hawker began to cry, “Thief! thief! he took my bread!’’ The bus stopped, pushed down the man. They began to beat him. But he kept on eating the bread. After some time he said, “Stop beating me! I Have not eaten for three days’’. And suddenly all those who were beating him began to pity him and they began to give him money and suddenly he began to cry and said, “God look at me! See what I have been reduced to! Stealing bread to eat and now receiving money like as a beggar!’’ 

 When I heard of that incident  I made up my mind I will teach those who will listen, how never to be poor again. Tonight those who have ears let them hear but I am confident of one thing, if you will pay attention to what God wants to share with you tonight, poverty will become a stranger to you! (Amen!). If you don’t want to prosper no problem! When it is time to pray, you can call on the Almighty God and say that the prosperity that should have come your way He should send it to Pastor Adeboye. I will receive it. But I made up my mind, My children will not beg for bread. Say it with your mouth! Make it loud and clear!  

John 6:5-13

5 When Jesus then lifted up his eyes, and saw a great company come unto him, he saith unto Philip, Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat?

6 And this he said to prove him: for he himself knew what he would do.

7 Philip answered him, Two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may take a little.

8 One of his disciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, saith unto him,

9 There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?

10 And Jesus said, Make the men sit down. Now there was much grass in the place. So the men sat down, in number about five thousand.

11 And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would.

12 When they were filled, he said unto his disciples, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.

13 Therefore they gathered them together, and filled twelve baskets with the fragments of the five barley loaves, which remained over and above unto them that had eaten. 

This is a story that you know very well and we want to approach this story tonight from four different angles. First of all we want to look at the story very briefly. Then we want to look at the twelve baskets of blessing that the boy got who gave us his lunch. And then we want to look at the twelve baskets of blessings that are available for you to carry home tonight. And then finally we will look at what you have to do if you are to carry home these baskets of blessing. 

The first thing in this story that is very important for you to know  is that the Bible said Jesus knew what He would do. God knows the end from the beginning. The Bible says known unto God are all His ways from the foundations of the worldand the Bible tells us  in Rev 1- 8 that God is the Alfa and Omega, the beginning as well as the ending. Before you came here tonight God knew you will be coming. Before you were born He knew you were going to hear this sermon today. I have a rough idea that God knew long ago that tonight is going to be the turning point in your life. (Amen!) 

The second thing to note in this story is that God knows your problems even before the problem started and He has already prepared the solution. The Bible says in Psalm 90:1-2 It tells us that from everlasting to everlasting God is our God, And that before the mountains were brought forth He is God. Before that mountain of your problem ever came into your life he was God. And because He knows the foundation of your problems He can solve the problem, from the foundation. I have a rough idea that somebody is going home with no more problems in his life today. (Amen!) 

And then the third thing to learn from this story is that God can use what you have to give you what you need. He can take what you already have and turn it round to give you what you need. In the story in 2 King 4:1-7 when that widow came to the man of God asking for a miracle to pay her debt, the man of God told her ‘there is something in your house what is it?’ And she said, “It is a pot of oil.” And he said, “That is the instrument that God will use to give you your miracle.” Even where you are seated now the miracle that God wants to give to you is already in your pocket. (Amen!) But you cannot turn what you have to what you need unless you surrender it to God first. In 1 King 17: 8-16 when the widow of Zarephath had one meal left and God sent a prophet to her to turn her last to her first, the man of God said “ Do my own first.” I pray that tonight you will be willing to do God’s own first. 

The next point you must learn from this story is that our God is always more than enough.  By the time He has finished solving your problem there is always an extra twelve baskets of blessing. Like the preacher who spoke before us said, the boy left home with a little lunch. He surrender the little lunch to Jesus. In return Jesus fed him. Jesus fed five thousand men not counting women and children and yet there were still twelve baskets left over. Because our God is called Jehovah El-Shaddai, the God who is more than enough or if we are to use the African Language “ The sea that never dries” because He is that great, that is why He’s able to do more than you can think or ask for. That is why when He started pouring oil on the head of David and the cup was full and the cup was running over and David said Lord but the cup is already running over, The Almighty God said, “I have just started.” There is somebody here tonight very soon you are going to tell Almighty God this blessing is too much. (Amen!)  I didn’t hear your ‘Amen’ to that one (Amen!) And the Almighty God will tell you,  ‘I have just started’. (Amen!) 

The fifth point that you need to learn from this story is that this God is a just God. Years ago when I first studied this story with my children, I asked them, the twelve baskets of extra bread and fish what happened to it? And I got all kinds of beautiful answers. One of the beautiful answers was, there were twelve disciples so each one just took one basket and for along time after that they were eating bread and fish. When I asked them what about the Lord Jesus Christ He was number thirteen man? The disciples were eating and Jesus was just watching them? They had no answer to that one. Finally I had to tell them. Yes, there were twelve disciples Yes, each one took a basket but they  carried a basket to the house of that boy. Why? Because of the law of harvest - whatever you sow that is what you will reap. Ecclesiastes 1-7, The Bible says all rivers run into the sea and the sea is not full. Why? Because where the rivers comes from that’s where it will return. It is the boy who gave the fish and the bread is the one who will get back the extra. It will be wrong of God to take the harvest of somebody and give it to another. 

 When we say it is offering time some of us rejoice and some people frown. Our God will never take the blessing of those who give and give it to those who did not give. He is a just God. I am sure you heard  the story of a brother in Port-Harcourt in a group called Full Gospel Businessmen’s fellowship. He had an inspiration and he called all the brethren together and said, “Brethren for the next one year, every programme we hold, I will pay for it’’. They clapped for him “Ah nice brother, generous brother!” At the end of the year they saw where he was, they saw where he is now, They looked at themselves, they saw where they were last year, They saw that they were still there this year. So when that brother said, “Brethren the next one year any amount we spend for any programme I will be responsible.” Everybody said, “No way, no way! Last year we didn’t know the secret. Now we know the secret! By the end of next year there’ll be  somebody here who will stand to testify that I was nothing last year. I am something this year. (Amen!) If you are the one let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!). Now very quickly, Let us look at the twelve baskets of blessing that that boy got. 

Number one he got divine attention. They brought him to Jesus “this is the boy who wanted to give his lunch to you.” He was just an ordinary one in the crowd before. Nobody knew him. He was there, but he got divine attention. Somebody is going to get divine attention tonight. If you are the one let me hear your “Amen” loud and clear! (Amen!) 

Of what use is divine attention? Divine attention gives you a personal miracle.In John 5:1-9 the Bible talks about a multitude at the pool of Bethesda. All those who are there were sick. All of them were looking for healing, only one fellow got divine attention, only one fellow got healing. I don’t know what is your problem, but if you can only get divine attention then your problem will be over. Tonight you will get divine attention in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

Number two basket that the boy got was divine approval. God was saying to that boy, “You want to give me your lunch? That’s good!’’ I pray God will say to you ‘that’s good’ tonight in Jesus name! Divine Approval - what is the benefit of divine approval? Divine Approval is crucial to a life of peace. Proverbs 16: 7, the Bible says when a man’s way please God he will cause even his enemy to be at peace with him. Let me tell you the truth brethren it is good to fight your enemies and defeat them, but it is better that the enemy will leave you alone and for somebody here tonight, from tonight onward the enemy will just forget about you. (Amen!) I say the enemy will forget about you completely! (Amen!) 

Basket number three that the boy got was divine favour. Now what do we call divine favour? That is when God looks in your direction and He smiles. I pray that God will smile on you tonight (Amen!) If you don’t say “Amen” loud and clear I will stop praying for you. (Amen!) When God looks at you and He smiles that solves a lot of problem. I remember years ago I was in a major crisis I didn’t know how I could  ever get out of that crisis, and you know when God wants to appear to you in a dream, He will put on the figure of somebody that He knows you love respect. I was in that great crisis when my father suddenly appeared to me in a dream and he just smiled. He didn’t say a word, he smiled. When I woke up I knew my problems were over. And do you know before the end of the day my problems were over. Tonight God is going to smile at somebody! Amen! Divine favour is crucial for promotion. When God smiles at you your promotion will begin quickly. In 1 Samuel 2: 26 The Bible talks about Samuel finding favour with God. In 1 Samuel 3:19- 20 very soon after that the Bible said everybody knew in the whole nation that God had raised up a prophet for Himself. As you go tonight you will go with divine favour!(Amen!) 

Basket number four was the basket of Abundance. I am sure like the first preacher told you, that barley loaves are the food for poor people and only God knows how precious the little lunch was to that boy. But now he had twelve baskets of them because 2 Corinthians 9:6 says, if you sow bountifully, you will reap bountifully. From today onward your harvest will always be bountiful in Jesus name! (Amen).  

Basket number five. If you say last month the doctor had said that I had terminal cancer, that I have three days to live then all of a sudden Jesus came in my dream and smiled at me. When I woke up the cancer has disappeared! Ah! Everybody will clap! Somebody will have a giant testimony here tonight! (Amen!) Now let me give you another example very quickly. All the choir that sang tonight sang very well. We thank God for that even though some of them made a joyful noise because we didn’t hear what they were saying but it was a joyful noise. But you all remember the second choir when they sang that anthem where they said  ‘clap your hands’ and so on before they finished we clapped three times. They were at the centre of attraction because their own happened to be different. Tonight you will become the centre of attraction! (Amen!)  

You know the story of Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52 He was a beggar by the roadside  begging for alms but  because he got  divine attention, because he obtained divine favour by the time the story ended, he was no longer by the side of the road, he was in the centre of the road following Jesus. All of you that have been forgotten, all of you who have been relegated to the side of the road because you came tonight God is going to bring you into the centre of the road! (Amen!) I say you will become the centre of attraction! (Amen!) 

Basket number seven. That boy became a divine partner. You know Jesus could not have fed those people without that boy. Oh he has power to change stone to bread but he wouldn’t do so because that will satisfy the devil. But when the boy said, “Take my bread, take my fish.” the One whose name is Bread of Life had something to work with. That boy became a divine partner. Somebody here tonight is going to become divine treasurer! (Amen!) I say somebody here tonight is going to become divine treasurer! (Amen!) And you know the benefit - one of the greatest - of being a divine partner is that, that will guarantee you permanent victory. Rom 8:31 If God be for us who can be against us? If God and I happen to be partners then who can stand in our way?  

That is why I thank God for all those of you who are either in group 1,2,3,4,5,6 Those of you who have been faithful as a divine partners - anybody who decides to attack you is in trouble (Amen!) because you are a divine partner, and as the elders will say, if the dog has somebody behind him, he will kill even a tiger. If you have God behind you then nobody can dare stand in your way! From tonight onward, it will be victory all the way for you! (Amen!) 

Basket number eight that this boy took home was that he became a blessing to his family. When he left home, he left with a lunch. When he returned there was abundant food for the entire family. There are sons and there are sons, There are sons that cause sorrow there are sons that bring reproach. There are sons that bring blessings. May you be a blessing to your family in Jesus name! (Amen!) InActs 4: 36-37 they called Barnabas the ‘son of consolation.’ I pray that from today you will be a child of consolation to your family. (Amen!) 

One day years ago, I was very little. I was sitting on the floor in my father’s house. The roof of the house was thatched, the floor was not concrete. What is called concrete? It was ordinary floor. Whenever we want to decorate the house we get some leaves and get the meat of a cow, some of you know what I am talking about. How many of you know what I am talking about? When we say paint the house, we take some leaves and the cow dung and we use it as paint. I was sitting down there - very, very young and one elderly man came into the house. He looked at my father and said, “Take good care of that boy he’s the one who will make your name to be heard throughout the world.” I didn’t know what he was saying but I paid attention because they were talking about me.  

Now there is one old man coming into the auditorium tonight, they call him Daddy GO and he’s saying to somebody here, right now, ‘Through you, the name of your family will be known throughout the whole world! (Amen!) If you believe that, give the Lord a big round of applause. 

Basket number nine was that that boy got a divine surprise, I pray tonight that God will give you a good surprise. (Amen!) He got a good surprise because how can twelve baskets of food come from one little lunch? Exodus 17:1- 6 tells us the story of how God brought water out of the rock, not just a little water but water enough for a whole nation to drink. I am prophesying to somebody here tonight - people may think that you are poor, they may think that you are a dry rock but out of you will come blessings for the whole nation (Amen!) And I am prophesying specifically to a woman here tonight, that is considered  barren - out of your dry womb will come somebody who will be a blessing to the whole nation! (Amen!) So shall it be in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

Basket number ten that that boy carried home was the basket of joy. You don’t have to be a prophet to know that that boy went home with great joy. Number one that small boy had the opportunity of getting close to Jesus. They introduced him to Jesus the great Rabbi! I remember years ago, one of my spiritual children went with me to visit a Governor and the Governor had prepared breakfast but I wasn’t going to eat because I was preparing for a programme. So he said let’s go and eat but I said, “Sorry sir” And then we left. Suddenly, I realised what I had done. I didn’t allow my boy to eat with the Governor! I looked at his face and I saw sorrow there. So I said Oh my dear, the bread there is the same bread we buy in the market. The egg is the same egg we buy in the market but I found out that I didn’t break through at all! It may be the same bread, it may be the same egg but the table is the table of the Governor. Somebody will dine with the King of Kings(Amen!) That boy had great joy that day because he had come into the presence of the King of Kings and of course the Bible said he had the joy of harvest. There is a joy called the joy of harvest. Isaiah 9:3 he talks about the joy of harvest. That boy sowed and harvested, so he had the joy of harvest. Everyone of you that had already sowed tonight you will go home with the joy of harvest in Jesus name!(Amen!) 

Basket number eleven, the boy got a mention in the Book of Life. We are reading about him now, in the Book of Life, in the Book of books. They did not mention the names of the men and women who ate the food, they only gave us their number, but they said “a certain boy” I can assure you when we get to heaven he will come and say, “I am the certain boy.” Rev 20:15 it said if any man’s name is not found in the Book of Life he will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. That boy is not going to the Lake of Life, and I’m praying for everyone of you here tonight, one way or the other you will make it to heaven in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

Basket number twelve was that his offering was accepted. And his offering being accepted means that he himself was accepted. In Gen 4:3-5 the Bible said God accepted the person of Abel  and his offering. God must accept you first before he can accept your offering. If he rejects your offering it means you too had been rejected. That is why you have to be careful when it is offering time. If you don’t give your offering correctly that means you have just given it to the ushers. If you give it correctly, God accepts the offering and He accepts the one giving the offering. May God accept your offering in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

Those are the twelve baskets the boy carried home. Now what about you? What are the twelve baskets waiting for you to carry home tonight? 

Basket number one is physical blessing. Psalm 107: 20 he says He sent his word and he healed them and delivered them from all their destructions. Just because you came tonight to hear the word of God you already have a basket of blessing because His word will not return to him void. That word is going to heal you! (Amen!) I didn’t hear your “Amen!” to that. And I know by the grace of God  many of us are not sick. And we shall never be sick, again in Jesus name! (Amen!) But for those of you who are sick, even as the word of God is coming to you now, you shall be healed in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

Basket number two is that you will go home with material blessing because of the law of harvest. If you sow, you will reap no doubt about that. The Bible had already said if you give you shall be given! And all of you who at one time or the other had given, you will be given in Jesus name! (Amen!) 

The third Basket that you will carry home is mental blessing and I think the students should say “Amen” to that one. And believe me honestly all businessmen should say “Amen” to that one. (Amen!) How come you can have mental blessing? Simply because you came. Psalm 119: 130 The Bible says the entrance of thy word giveth light, giving understanding to the simple. The Bible will not want to say  “stupid” the Bible says, ‘to the simple’. When the Word of God comes to you now as you are listening, suddenly wisdom comes. For several years, like the first preacher said, we believed that if you were rich you will go to hell. It was hearing through the word of God that we realised that the entrance to heaven is determined by holiness not poverty. Many of us would have died poor and would have gone  to hell anyway but the entrance of His word brought light and brought wisdom. I am prophesying to you tonight the wisdom to succeed in your education, wisdom to succeed in your business, wisdom to succeed in your marriage, wisdom to succeed in every area of life shall come to you now in Jesus name! (Amen!)  

 I have told you the story before of an Accountant, a senior Accountant, well paid, who woke up one morning and said, “God, I am tired of saying ‘Yes sir, Yes sir.’ to people. At the end of the day I don’t even have enough money to serve You as I want to. Help me Lord! Give me a divine inspiration!’’ And God said, “Well you want that? Will you do what I ask you to do?’’ “Yes Lord.” “Begin to sell groundnut but roast your own with honey.” He resigned as an accountant and began to sell roasted groundnut. The last time I heard about him he had three jets. How many accountants do you know that have a jet? The inspiration that God will give you tonight will take you to the top in Jesus name! (Amen!)  

You may say, Oh that’s somebody in America, That’s true but I know one young man, here in Nigeria. He had HSC. No job, he was a very poor fellow, One day God gave him an inspiration - go and begin to roast  “Akara” “But I am a man.” Well he got the corner of somebody’s house and began to sell akara. From selling akara he bought a motorcycle, from selling akara he got married, from selling akara he was able to rent his own apartment. I don’t know where he is now but he started from somewhere. I don’t know what God is going to say to you to begin to do. If God asks you to sell water, you  sell water and become a millionaire. Divine wisdom, divine inspiration something that will take you to the to the very top will be your portion tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!) Tonight is a very special night because since we started the Holy Ghost Service there had never been so much rain on Holy Ghost night as we had last night. So I know God must be saying something - that there will be showers of blessing.  

Then another basket that is waiting for you to take home is the basket joy.You know that there is somebody here who will never know sorrow again. (Amen!) Now how do I know that that basket is waiting for you? Simply because you came.Psalm 16: 11 the Bible says in the presence of God there is fullness of joy. And do you know - because you came tonight all the enemies that had been pursuing you before will never come near you again! (Amen!) By the time you get back home they will discover you are different! (Amen!) They will know you are different because you have become a divine partner and when God is on your side who can ever be against you? 

Basket number five is the basket of spiritual blessing, The Bible says in  Psalm 119:9 It said how will a young man cleanse his ways? It said by taking heed to thy word. As you hear the Word of God coming to you now, you will find that even without your knowing it you are already taking a decision, that you are going to leave wicked ways, ways of sin because the speaker who spoke first said that, one of the secrets of prosperity is holiness. And when the Word of God comes and you decide to begin to live in obedience to the Word of God, holiness comes and when holiness comes, anointing follows according to Heb. 1:9  It said because you love righteousness and you hate iniquity therefore God, even your God has anointed you with the oil of gladness above thy fellows. Somebody is going home tonight with the oil of gladness on his head and when that anointing comes upon you it will destroy every yoke in your life in Jesus name!  (Amen!) 

Another basket that you will carry home, basket number six, is blessings for your family, because when you come to a meeting like this and you hear the Word of God and you hear about the power of God and the beauty of God and His mercy and His love and His faithfulness you begin to believe in Him. Now the Bible says inActs 16 : 31, it says believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved and your household also. I am prophesying to somebody here tonight, not a single member of your household will go to hell! (Amen!) Not only that, the Bible says the generation of the upright shall be blessed. In other words because you have come, you’ve heard the Word of God, you’ve made up your mind to live a life of holiness, even your generation - children not yet born - because of your blessing they too will be blessed. (Amen!) 

Basket number seven that you will carry home is the blessing of popularity.Oh I told you before that that boy became the centre of attraction. You too very soon will become the centre of attraction in your city. (Amen!) How do I know that? God made a promise in 1 Samuel 2:30. He said those who honour me, I will honour. I don’t know who God is talking to in addition to me, but there are at least three people here that God will honour tonight - myself, my wife and somebody else. Who will God honour tonight? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!).   

You know each time we read in the Bible and it talks about some people it will say, ‘Before him, there is nobody like him, after him there is nobody like him.’ I always pay attention to that one very much. Well there is somebody here tonight, after God has decided to honour you it will be said of you, ‘Before you no one like you, after you no one like you. (Amen!) 

How do we honour God? The preacher who spoke before me had already told us. InProverbs 3:9-10 that’s where it says you honour the Lord with your first fruits. Offering is a different thing, seed sowing is a different thing, tithe is a different thing. It is only when it comes to the first fruit that God associates it with honouring Him. It said honour Him, honour the Lord with your first fruit. I will advise  all of us who are here, take the issue of the first fruits seriously. By so doing you are honouring God and when you honour Him, He will honour you. 

And then, basket number eight that you will carry home is the basket of personal divine visitation. You know God is here, No doubt about that. Like the brother who spoke before also said, where two or three are gathered together in My Name, I will be there. So God is here. Not only that, when I was coming He came with me because He told me I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. So I know God is here. But you know when God is walking in a crowd, He would  look at this fellow and say, “I don’t think I want to stay with this one, I’m not sure I want to stay with this one. But then He will come to somebody and say, Ah I think this is the one I’m going to stay with. God is going to visit somebody here tonight.(Amen!)  

How? Whenever God is pleased with the offering from someone He will pay the fellow a personal visit. You have already read the story before in 2 Chron. 1: 6-12 I don’t have the time to tell you stories but there have been occasions when somebody had done something for God that pleased God and God has told me, “Son I want to visit so and so. Since he can’t  see me, you be My representative, and those families, there are some of them here, they will tell you, from that day of visitation things were never the same again. I am praying for somebody here tonight that the Almighty God will visit you. (Amen!) 

And then, basket number nine and that is the basket of the blessing of hope.You see many people when they look at their lives they think everything is hopeless: “They are talking about people becoming millionaire. Is it me they are talking about?” When you hear the word of God hope begins to well up in you. Col 1:27 it said, ‘Christ in you the hope of Glory.’ Let me tell you one thing brother, let me tell you one thing sister, as long as you are still breathing there is hope for you! I say there is hope for you! Tell your neighbour, “There is hope for me.”  

I was talking to someone the other time. He said I came to the Holy Ghost Service and I heard a testimony. Suddenly I knew that it will still be well with me. I said what was the testimony you heard? He said I heard the testimony of your house help who went to Israel. Somebody came all the way from America, heard when I was saying one day… I was just prophesying like this to my children: “One day you will all go abroad….” And they all said ‘Amen’ But many of them didn’t believe. But there was this woman who jumped up and was saying  “Amen! Amen!’’ and so that fellow from America noticed  her: This fellow will be really happy to go abroad, I better help her. Like a joke, she got a passport. Like a joke, she got the ticket. Like a joke she ended up in Israel. There is somebody here tonight, you may not even believe it yourself now, but you are going to praise the Almighty God over the world! (Amen!) Oh yes that’s the truth of the matter. 

Basket  number ten because of time, You too can carry home the basket of the blessing of being a blessing. From tonight onward your life can change and you can become a blessing. Anybody can become a blessing to somebody else. There is nobody in this world that is so down and out that he cannot  be a blessing to someone.  There were two people they put in prison. One was an old man and the other a young boy and they were giving them two slices of bread per day and the young boy was always hungry. The elderly man will take one of the two slices of bread and cut it into two and give it to the boy and say, “I am paying my tithe to you.” He was being a blessing in prison! From two slices of bread he was being a blessing in prison. There is somebody here  tonight who is going to become a blessing! (Amen!) I say you will be a blessing from now on! (Amen!)  Proverbs 11:25, the Bible says he that watereth shall be watered. It said the liberal soul shall be made fat.  

Even though our time is running fast, there is a  story I must tell you on being a blessing. Some of you have heard the story before, Years ago when I was still in my first office here, I came here to the camp. I was alone here so that I can make as much noise as I wanted, praying in the night. I prayed all night. When it was morning I was tired and all of a sudden discouragement came. “Why am I killing myself? The people I am praying for did they care? I mean they don’t care - all they want is ‘Solve my problem! Solve my problem! Solve my problem!’ They don’t even want to know whether you eat, whether you drink! Their own is ‘Solve my problem!’ I am not going to kill myself!” I was in that mood when I dozed off. When I woke up, there was this young girl standing in front of my office, and said, “Daddy I don’t know whether it is the voice of God or whose voice but I heard somebody saying take this cake to Daddy GO.” That girl will never know what a blessing she was! I  took the cake, I blessed her, She left. I am not really a cake man but after she left God said to me, “I thought you said nobody cares.” I have never known discouragement since that day. An ordinary cake solved a major problem.  

Now I never really have to worry myself whether you care or not, It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter anymore. I know there is somebody out there who loves me. He might not be able to say so, He might not be able to come forward with a cake. As long as there is someone out there, I will keep praying. I will keep fasting. I will keep doing whatever I have to do because somebody was a blessing. Who is going to be the next blessing? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) 

Basket eleven that you can carry home is the basket of becoming a vessel unto honour. A vessel unto honour. In 2 Timothy 2 : 20-21 the Bible says there are all kinds of vessels. There are some vessels unto honour and there are some vessels unto dishonour and you can choose which vessel you want to be. There are some vessels who are always criticizing the Pastor: “They’ve come again. They want to take an offering – “Oooo! Money, money, money! That’s what they talk about…….” And there are some vessels who will be saying, “God keep our Father for us. This man who is working so hard, please don’t let him get tired.” There are some vessels who when they come, you don’t allow them to sit where they want to sit, Oh they will be angry with you for the rest of the day. And there are some vessels when they come in, they will thank God for those who clean the auditoriums. They thank God for those who clean the chairs. There are some vessels they are the ones doing the cleaning. There are some vessels before they go home now they will eat their bread and throw down the paper, they will drink their holy water or whatever they call it and drop the paper and they want somebody else to come and do the cleaning later. There are some vessels as they are going, every rubbish they see they pick it up: “This is the house of my God I want it to be clean!” There is somebody here who is going to become a vessel unto honour. (Amen!) I didn’t hear your “Amen” now to that. (Amen!). 

Basket number twelve is the basket of the blessing of divine favour.Somebody’s is going home tonight with divine favour. (Amen!)  The “Amen” to that one should be bigger to any other one! (Amen!)  I’ve told you, if you can only have divine favour, Oh everywhere you go, people will be  falling over one another to help you. You yourself begin to wonder how? how? People have asked me again and again, ‘How did you manage to get to this place twenty years ago?’’ At that time this place was jungle, nobody is here. Now everybody wants to have a camp at the express way. At that time they all called me a mad man. But now they ask where did you I get the wisdom from? To come  at that time? How come little by little a city is already being built here? How come your own things are easy? How come? One word: “divine favour” that’s all. Somebody will go home with divine favour tonight. (Amen!) I say somebody will go home with divine favour tonight! (Amen!) How?Proverb 12: 1-2 it said if you will take your instructions from him then you will obtain favour of the Lord. If you will take instructions from Him. You will obtain favour of the Lord. And I’m sure somebody is here tonight who is ready to do whatever God says. Is there anybody like that here?  Are you sure? Let that fellow shout ‘Alleluia’ (Alleluia!)  

I wish  I have the time, I can tell you  stories upon stories what is called divine favour. I will tell you just one quickly - just one. There is an association in America, they wanted to sell a piece of property in a very big city where land is very costly. They wanted to sell about 6.5 acres of land on which they built a big auditorium, forty rooms as offices all kinds of equipments. They advertised it for sale. It should cost millions of dollars, and we have one little church in that town and one of the Pastors who is just a very  funny  boy, decided to apply - he wanted to buy. And he told them he will pay three hundred thousand dollars that is not even enough to buy a plot of land not to talk of 6.5 acres of land. They said everybody should apply, I’m applying now! Let them throw my application away but I have applied. They got his application. What a joker! But they have to present the application to the Board. The Board took a look at the application and said ‘Sell it to him.’ So they wrote to him: Your application has been approved. Come and pay. He said, “I’m joking. I don’t have three hundred dollars, not to talk of three hundred thousand dollars. Sorry for wasting your time.” So they went back to the Board: “We told you that man is a joker. He has no money.” The Chairman of the Board said, ‘I will buy it for him. Let him begin to pay when he can”. Is there  anybody here who is going to find divine favour? Are you going to find divine favour? Let me hear you shout “Alleluia” (Alleluia!) 

Alright now we come to instructions. This is the most important aspect of tonight - pay very close attention now. From the story of this boy, it is easy to see that the key to all- round prosperity plus twelve extra baskets of blessing is total surrender. The boy surrendered the entire lunch. But please listen to me carefully - this is where your life is just about to change. You will need to answer two questions quickly. 

Number one: Will the abundant blessings God is about to give you hinder you from serving him? (No!) In Luke 5:1-11 the day God was going to call Peter into full-time  ministry He loaded his boat, two boats. The boats began to sink. And some of you very soon, because you came tonight, you will become so rich you won’t even know how much you have (Amen!) But will that hinder you from serving him? (No!) 

Question number two. Will abundant prosperity become an idol in your life blocking your way to heaven? (No!) In Mark 10:17-22 A rich young ruler came to Jesus, “Ah I want to go heaven! What must I do to go to heaven?” “Oh be holy.”  “Ah I’ve been doing that.” The Bible said Jesus looked at him and loved him, Oh what a wealthy man! Holy young man! Wanting to go to heaven! And then said to him, “Only one thing remains, Go and sell all you have - give to the poor and come and follow me”. ‘Oh, he said, You have asked for my idol. I can’t give that!” The Bible said he went home with great sorrow. Prosperity became an idol in his life as a result of which he can’t even make it to heaven. God wants to prosper you in a way you can’t even dream possible now. Will the prosperity become an idol in you life?(No!) Answer my question! (No!) Good that is settled.  Then the following things must be noted. 

Number one. Just one divine encounter is enough to set you up for life. Just one divine encounter. Solomon had only one major divine encounter with God, and very soon the Bible said silver and gold became like ordinary stones in Jerusalem. You can read the story from 2 Chron.1:6-15 Solomon gave a thousand burnt offerings to God and God decided to pay him a visit. God asked him, “What do you want? He said, “I want wisdom. I want understanding to serve you.” God said, “Fine everything you ask for I give to you. What you did not ask for I will add it so that there be no king like you before you and no king like you after you. ‘I don’t know what God is going to ask you to give Him. We are not talking of offering now. We are not talking of even a seed now. We are talking of  the Almighty God coming to you and saying, “My son, my daughter I want this from you!” Then you give Him and he decides to pay you a visit. One encounter - just one, for the rest of your life you won’t even know what is called poverty anymore. 

Second thing you must know is that whereas one divine visitation is crucial, however, a divine habitation is better. One visit from Him is enough to solve all your poverty problems but you need divine habitation to keep life in and keep death out! Of what use is prosperity if you don’t have divine health? Of what use is a lot of money if you can’t even eat the food? Of what use is money on the day of death? 1 King 17:8-23 tells you the story of the widow of Zarephath she gave her last meal and prosperity came. But that was not all. She now housed Elijah - that the prophet of God was now dwelling with her. When death came knocking at the house, God chased death out. I am praying for you tonight that you will not only prosper but death will never come near your house again in Jesus name (Amen!) Please listen to me my beloved, I  am so concerned that I want you to prosper that’s why I am sharing this with you. 

The third thing I want you to know is that the grace to give is a gift from God. For those whom God wants to prosper, when God gives you the grace to give it is because He wants to prosper you and anytime God wants to prosper somebody mightily He gives  him a little test, If you pass  the test God will have an excuse to say, Because you passed my test therefore I will do the following for you: Gen 22:1-18 God gave Abraham a test. Abraham passed and God beat his chest and said, “By myself have I sworn in blessing I will bless you. In multiplying I will multiply you”. I am praying for all of you who are here tonight, whatever test God will give you, you will pass in Jesus name! (Amen!)  

Let me go a step further, the grace to be generous is a rare gift given to a few that the Almighty God gives to those whom He wants to honour and promote above all others. If you find that it is easy for you to be generous it can only mean one thing - God has loved you from the foundations of the world and sooner or later He wants to make you the head not the tail. 

 I was searching the Scriptures. What is the secret of Solomon? What is it that made this boy decide that he was going to give God a thousand offerings? There is nobody who has given a hundred before. This boy decided to give a thousand! Is it that God fell in love with him after the offering or before the offering? Because the Bible says God loves a cheerful giver and then I discovered no! Long before Solomon gave, it is already recorded in 2 Sam 12: 24 and God loved Solomon. God loved Solomon. So God had to look for an excuse to make this fellow he loved the richest man who ever lived. So he pushed him to give him a thousand burnt offering, so that if anybody should ask God, God why should you bless this fellow more than anybody else? God will be able to say, Tell me any other fellow who had given me a thousand burnt offerings? There is somebody here tonight, you know it yourself, that God loves you specially. Who is the fellow? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Then get ready for promotion! Get ready for what? Say it loud and clear because God will keep on pushing you. Give! Give! Give! When others are holding back, something in you will say, “I want to do more. I want to do more!” When God loves you specially He will put a generous spirit in you so that as you give generously He will respond generously.  

Let me begin to round up. This is the probably the most serious of everything I have said so far. The brother who spoke before me said there are categories of soil That is true. Mark 4:2-9 told us categories of soil when a sower went to sow. It’s not every soil that is suitable for planting your seed. If you come and plant yam inside the auditorium, you know you are not going to reap anything. And let me very quickly rush over the categories of soils. 

Wayside - What does wayside mean when we are talking of prosperity? The parties that you invite your friends to, that is sowing by the wayside. Luke 14:12The day they too invite you back to come and eat in their house your reward is already given to you. 

Stony ground – is the giving you gave for show. Matt 6: 1-2 When you want to give and you give and say, “Everybody come and watch, I am the one! Look at the shirt Daddy GO is wearing, I am the one who bought it o!” You’ve already got your reward. That’s on the stony ground. 

Among the thorns: 2 Chron. 9:7 Every offering that you give grudgingly that one is planted among the thorns. It is not going to produce any fruit. But then there is the good soil and the good soil are in three categories. Do you want to hear the three categories? I didn’t hear your “Yes”. Your “yes” has to be really loud. (Yes) 

Thirty-fold: that is every gift you give to a brother or a sister or a member of the household of faith. Gal 6:9-10.  

Sixty fold: the sixty-fold kind of soil that is when you give gifts to Pastors.Matt.10:41-42 the Bible made it clear that anyone who will give anything to a prophet will get a prophet’s reward. So those of you who don’t take care of your Pastors, you don’t know what you are missing. They are a very good soil. Sixty-fold kind of soil.  

Hundred-fold kind of soil that is the High Priest. That is the gift you give to the High Priest. It is a pity that time has gone I would have wanted to take time to explain this one to you. The hands of the High Priest they are not ordinary hands,they are the hands for multiplication. When Andrew brought the five loaves of bread and two fishes. In the hand of Andrew they were five loaves and when he got to the hand of the priest it became enough food to feed five thousand men and there were twelve baskets left over. The hands of the High Priest, they are the hands that can pronounce special blessings. Mark 10: 13-16 when they brought little children to Jesus He carried them in His arms, and laid the hands of the High Priest on them and blessed them. Let me tell you the truth my children - a “God bless you” from the High Priest is more than one year of prayers and night vigil by you. Why? Because when God says, this is my High Priest it means this is my representative. It means, I will not allow the word that comes from his mouth to fall to the ground. So when the High Priest says “God bless you”, before the saliva in his mouth will touch the ground, the blessing is already on you. That is why I am saying, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who are here tonight: God bless you! (Amen!)  

When you put a gift on the hand of the High Priest and he says ‘God bless you’ it means so many things. One of the things it means is that every curse that may be in your life up to that moment is already cancelled. It may sound very simple, you look at it and say how can that be? But you know yourself, that if somebody who had been standing trial for murder for several years, finally they find him guilty. The high court judge says go and kill him and he appeals to the Supreme Court, there is somebody called Chief Justice. If the Chief Justice says discharged and acquitted, what does it mean? Nobody dare stop him. It means  death is cancelled. It means sorrow is cancelled. It means retardation is cancelled. I stand here today as the High Priest of the Most High and I am saying to you: Every curse in your life is cancelled! (Amen!)  I don’t know why God should do it like that. That’s His way. That is why God says when you are taking your first fruit take it to the High Priest because one statement from him will be a statement directly from God and it will change your life completely.  

This is the longest sermon I have ever preached at a Holy Ghost Service. I checked my time now and I discovered that I have been talking to you now for over three hours. There must be a reason. There must be a very serious reason. And what is the reason? I want poverty to become a stranger to you (Amen!) I want your joy to be full! I want the Almighty God to take you to the top! (Amen!). I don’t want to be father of a wretched people, I want to be the father of  the wealthiest people in the whole world! (Amen!). Is there anybody here who is going to be one of the richest people that ever came to this world? Let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) 

Therefore if you are here and you have not given your life to Jesus why should you attend a glorious meeting like this and still go home without a single basket? Surrender your life to Jesus! Forsake all your sins and everything will change completely for you! So if you want to give your life to Jesus I will begin to count now to ten. If you don’t get here before I say ten I will know you don’t want to surrender your life to Jesus and I will not bother you but I have done my best. I have told you that our God is a good God. He’s willing to forgive your sins. He’s willing to save your soul. He’s willing to give you twelve baskets of blessing. If you want to give your life to Jesus come now. 1….2….3….4…..Remember, I am going to stop counting at 10 so wherever you are coming from you have to hurry up. 5…. This is your day of salvation! God has to have  your soul first before he can begin to do any other thing for you. You cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound. The Bible says, ‘God forbid.’ 6….. No doubt about it, God is love but that God is also a consuming fire. If you are not ready to surrender to Him then He will be your enemy and then you will have to pay the price. 7…… Please let me finish before you switch on your something over there. Don’t switch on any other thing let me finish please. Thank you. I don’t want any other problem with the microphone. Anyone who wants to give his life to Jesus, wherever you are hurry up now! I know some of you are from a fairly long distance but hurry and get here because it is now 8……. 

 When you come to the Almighty God He will forgive your sins and everything will become brand new. The Bible says therefore if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. But if you are coming to him you must come with the determination to repent of your sin and forsake all your evil ways and then he will receive you, he will forgive you, he will give you a brand new beginning 9 now. Those of you who are already in front you begin to pray! Call on Jesus Christ! Say, ‘Save my soul! Oh Lord! I Have come to surrender my life to you. Be merciful unto me! Be merciful unto me!’’ Those of you who are still coming hurry up! Make sure you get here before we finish praying. And the rest of us who are already sure of  our salvation, let’s stretch our hands towards these people and begin to pray for them, that the Almighty God who saved our own souls saves their own souls also. God will be merciful unto them that God will forgive all their sins, that God will write their names in the Book of Life, that God will give them a brand new beginning’’ 

 And those of you who are coming hurry up you have one minute to go. Pray for these people brethren! Ask that the Almighty God will have mercy on them and the Almighty God will save their souls that He will be merciful to everyone of them. Pray for them brethren!  Let’s pray for them! Let ask the Almighty God to cleanse them in His blood, wash away all their sins. That from today things will change for the better for them, that they begin to do the Will of the most high God. Let’s pray for them brethren! Pray for them! Thank You Father!  

Those of you who are still on your way hurry up now because we are about to pray. Make sure you get here before I finish praying. Cry to God, “God save my soul! I will do Your Will from now! Just be merciful unto me! Forgive all my previous sin! By Your grace I will not sin against You anymore! I will not sin against You anymore! Have mercy on me Lord! Thank you Father!’’ This is the last call. If there is anyone that is still coming this is your last opportunity! Last call! Almighty God is calling you for the last time! Tomorrow is not yours, it’s only today that you know. You have only this last opportunity now to surrender your life to Jesus, so hurry up quickly, hurry up quickly! Tomorrow may be too late, Tomorrow may be too late! tomorrow may be too late. Thank You Father! Glory be to God! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) 

My Father and my God I want to thank You for all these Your children who have come forward including those who are on the way, who are  already coming. Every one of them Lord, receive them in Jesus name!(Amen!) Forgive their sins in Jesus name.(Amen!) Cleanse them in Your blood in Jesus name.(Amen!) Save their soul tonight in Jesus name (Amen!) Write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus name.(Amen!) and beginning from now Lord, anytime they call upon You, answer them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Don’t let them go back to the world and let them serve You for the rest of theirlives. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Amen! (Amen!) Praise the Lord Alleluia! (Alleluia!).

Those of you who are in front let me hear you shout “Alleluia” (Alleluia!) Good. I am rejoicing with you also and the Angels in heaven are rejoicing over you too. I promise you by the grace of God that as from tonight I will be praying for you so I need your names, your address and your principal prayer requests. So there are some Pastors that are waiting who will help me collect this information from you. After that you will return and then we will continue with the programme. So if you turn to my left, you see a brother who is waving a piece of wood, follow him, he will take you to where the Pastors are waiting. You can begin to go now. Congratulations. Let’s give the Lord a big round of applause for these people. Yes. Thank You Jesus! You can sing now if you want to. 

You are about to cross from poverty to prosperity forever. So I want you to thank God that you came tonight, that the devil did not succeed in killing you before tonight, that everything he tried to make you sure you would not come tonight failed. I want you to thank God, just for a few minutes before we continue. I believe later on we’ll have an opportunity to dance, I was in Abuja last week and I saw great men and women competing with themselves to see who can dance the more. And I said when I get here I will tell you. When the big ones are competing on who can dance better and we smaller ones we can’t even dance things must change! I said things must change! (Amen!) I said things must change! You know why it must change? You have to begin to practice now, how you will dance when your prosperity comes (Amen!). So tonight when the time comes you will show God how you will praise Him when He has prospered you.   

Oh Thank you Jesus! The one who is going to be the richest of us, let me hear him or her shout the biggest Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank you Jesus! Blessed be the name of the Lord!   

Now you lift your voice to the Almighty God and say, “Father, I will obey you, Let me find favour with You tonight! ‘Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God. ‘Father as for me I will obey You. Let me find favour with You tonight! Let me find favour with You tonight! Almighty God let me find favour with you tonight!  

Father let my case be different tonight! Treat my case as special tonight! Let’s talk to the Almighty God. Father pay me a visit tonight, Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God!  

Father – “Pay me a visit tonight.’’ Go ahead and talk to the Almighty. 

And now you will say,  

“Father very soon let me become the centre of attraction.” Let’s talk to God. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) 

Now you say, “Father carry me in Your arms, lay Your hands on my head and bless me!” Go ahead and talk to the Almighty God. 

We are going to pray that prayer one more time and say,  

‘Father, bless me in the morning, bless me in the evening, bless me in the night time, bless my body, bless my soul, bless my spirit give me all round blessing”. Let’s talk to the Almighty God! 

 “Father prosper me so much that I will be a blessing to nations of the world.” Let’s talk to God.  

“Father every garment of suffering remove it from me permanently.” Let’s talk to the Almighty God. Amen! 

Your last prayer is your own personal request whatever you want God to do for you the twelve baskets of blessings you want from Him. Ask Him now! Talk to the Almighty God! Amen!  

Now I want you to join hands with your neighbour and pray for your neighbour that he or she will not go home without his or her twelve baskets of blessings Pray for him or her now.  

‘Father, I am praying for my brother. Don’t let him go away without his twelve baskets of blessings, twelve baskets of blessing for your son! Give him his twelve baskets of blessings O Lord Almighty God, give him twelve baskets of blessings, give him his twelve basket of blessing O Lord and Your name will be glorified as a result!  

And now before I pray for you I want you to stretch your hand towards me and wish me whatever you wish yourself. 

Now I want you to join me on your knees. I want you to please stretch forth your faith now. I want you to know that by the grace of God, the one who is about to pray for you not because he is in anyway better than you, but by divine choice - He’s the High Priest of God, so get ready for the prayer that is coming now. Receive it by faith, The result will come quickly. (Amen!) 

In the mighty name of Jesus! (Amen!) Daddy, I just want to thank You for this extra ordinary night, a night that destinies have been affected, a night when You are changing curses to blessings. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) First and foremost Daddy I am  asking for mercy for all these Your children. If there is anything in the life of any of these Your children that can stand between them and their own blessings, forgive in Jesus name! (Amen!) Let Your blood wipe away their sins in Jesus name! (Amen!) My Lord and my Saviour, I am also taking authority over all evil forces operating in the lives of these Your children and I hereby decree that they be bound in Jesus name.(Amen!) I hereby decree that they will loose their hold on these Your children and let them go. (Amen!) Father I decree as your representative that every curse upon any of these Your children be broken today in Jesus name. (Amen!) Every curse upon any family represented here, I decree that they be broken in Jesus name. (Amen!) Father I pronounce Your blessing on every child of God here now in Jesus name.(Amen!) Father, I decree that every child of God here tonight will obtain favour from you in Jesus name. (Amen!) One way or the other, everybody here tonight, let them become a centre of attraction in their life in Jesus name. (Amen!) Prosper them Lord! (Amen!) Promote them Lord! (Amen!) Accelerate their promotions O Lord! (Amen!) Make them very great in Jesus name! (Amen!) Wherever they go from now on, let doors be open unto them! (Amen!) And when you have prospered  them when they begin to lend to nations, don’t let them forget You in Jesus name. (Amen!) Thank you my Father! Glory be to Your Name! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen!) And then you may be seated. Glory be to God!  

Now it is time for ministration. Ministers please take your position. Anyone who needs the laying on of hands………….. 

Now we will take only three testimonies tonight one from Mrs Hannah Okediji Another one from Wole Familusi and the third one from Rachel Faduroti. Those three people should come forward so that we can take their testimonies shortly. Now while we wait for them we will want to say thank You to God for a very, very wonderful night. 

My name is Hannah Okediji from Ibadan I want to testify to the goodness of God based on the vow that I made to the Lord. We got married in the year 1990. Somebody informed us of the Holy Ghost miracle Service that was going on, on camp in 1992. First in the special Holy Ghost March Service of 1992 we started coming to the Holy Ghost Service. That time there was two major burdens in our heart, me and my husband - my job and the miracle of the fruit of the womb. That particular month Daddy ministered on “the barren shall conceive” and he ministered this message on different lines of life. That very month, at the end of the month I got my appointment letter. Then we started to remind God of the second testimony which is what I’m holding now. Between then and now God has blessed us with other miracles like academic breakthrough, ministerial breakthrough and some other prosperity. Like in 1995 and 2002 he added two degrees to my degree. Glory be to God! 

Now on the issue of the child that I am holding. In 1999, I gave birth to a baby boy. We named him. After two days the baby passed to glory. The Year 2000, June 18 I gave birth to another baby and before we were discharged from the hospital, the baby passed away also. The devil trying to tell us that the vow will not be performed. But I give God the glory that today the vow is performed because in May 8 this year this baby arrived - Glory Okikioluwa Okediji and I want to use this opportunity to thank the Lord for the life of our Father in the Lord. When this journey became too rough I have occasions of coming to camp and few other places for personal ministration. Despite his tight schedule, I remember a day I met him praying in his prayer room he had to come out one way or the other miraculously he had to pray for me. My prayer is that God will continue to promote him and all his entire family in the mighty name of Jesus. My charge to everyone believing God for miracle either child or any thing is that I want you to continue to persist with the Lord despite any threat of the devil because with my God all things are possible. Jesus will do it for you. He has done it for me in this past almost thirteen years He will do it for you. Praise the Lord! 

Praise the Lord. The testimony of our mother is that she had breast cancer She came for Holy Ghost Service and God healed her. Praise the Lord! 

Praise the Lord! My name is Wale Familusi I am giving this testimony to the glory of God. It all happened in 1990. I had a motor accident and I had an injury on my hand, so it involved to be stitched. I took it to the hospital, the first aid they gave me there, they stitched  the hand they did not bother to clean the wound inside the wound. I had broken windscreen inside it but they stitch it along with the broken wound. After some month when the thing got heal up I started feeling something inside it. So I took it back to hospital they open the wound again and took out a broken bottle from it. They believe they have taking all not knowing that one of it was still hiding somewhere. So after they stitch it again I left the hospital since that time I never felt anything again. 

Not until about a month ago - after thirteen years I started feeling pains on the same spot. I was wondering what happened, I didn’t know. I press it and I saw that pus was coming out of it. I was wondering what happened but to the glory of God about three days ago I discovered I was feeling some sharp object from that wound and I started praying that this thing God has shown it to me that it is a broken bottle that is inside there. So I called somebody and him them what can I do they said I have to take it to hospital to operate it. Glory be to God! 

We thank God for all the testimonies the problem is that my people are yet to learn how to just summarize it. He hasn’t got to the meat of his testimony. Like he said, there was a broken bone in the  hands. He prayed, had dream and he saw the GO visiting him and when he woke up he discovered that the broken bone had disappeared.  

The testimony can be given in one minute then we would have been able to take many more. But there is somebody here tonight who is going to give the next testimony. (Amen!) I know because God told me that there is someone here tonight, he said I will lift up your head (Amen!) and you will testify very, very soon! (Amen!)   

Now let’s stand on our feet. Father we want to bless Your holy name for a fantastic night. We know Lord that the back-bone of poverty is broken in our lives. Accept our thanks in Jesus name (Amen!) This is the offering of Your children. Father bless it, Use it for Your glory and everyone that had given tonight don’t let them ever lack again in Jesus name (Amen!) Beginning from today, everything your children will touch let it prosper in Jesus name (Amen!) As they go home now, go with them Lord! On the way let there be miracle! (Amen!) At home let there be miracle! (Amen!) By the time we meet again let everybody be full of testimonies! (Amen!) Thank You my Father. In the mighty name of Jesus I ask you to go in peace. God will go with you! (Amen!) God will bless you! (Amen!) God will prosper you! (Amen!) God will smile on you! (Amen!) From today everyday, you will have beautiful testimonies! (Amen!) You will never be weak! (Amen!) You will never be tired! (Amen!) You will go higher day by day! (Amen!) and in the kingdom of God you will not be found wanting! (Amen!) Very, very soon you will become unusually great! (Amen!) You will understand the meaning of a new breed of greatness (Amen!) So shall it be. You will not fail! You will not fall! God will be with you! God will prosper you! God will protect you! God will support you! Your joy will always be full! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) If you believe that shout “Amen” loud and clear. And let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) 





Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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