REVERSING THE IRREVERSIBLE - 7 3rd of January, 2003

In the passage read to us by the first speaker tonight he told us what the one leper did that was cleansed. He said he gave glory to God with a loud voice…. There is a lot of relationship between leprosy and sin. Leprosy can kill. The Bible said, "the wages of sin is death". Leprosy separates someone from the gathering of peoples. Leprosy is a curse. The greatest curse that can ever be is upon the sinner. The leper who was cleansed has cause to be grateful. The sinner who has been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus has a greater cause to glorify God. Let me hear you lift up your voice to the Almighty God with a loud voice - The Prince Of Peace who saved your soul. The One who cleansed you in His Blood! Please lift up your voice to the Almighty God!

Tell The Almighty that I praise You for the salvation of my soul, for cleansing me in Your Blood. Father I praise You! I give You all glory! I give You all honour! I bless Your Name! I bless Your Name! I bless Your Name! I bless Your Name! I will praise You! I will magnify Your Holy Name! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You Lord. That one leper praised God loudly as if to say I don’t care what others do! I don’t care what they think of me!, I will praise God! I will magnify His Holy Name! I will praise Him! Thank You Jesus! …. Alleluia is our heavenly language, is our heavenly language!

Let’s go before our Maker, and just sing ‘Alleluia’ to Him! Let’s fall before Him! Let’s magnify His name! He’s worthy, worthy, worthy; He’s worthy to be praised! Thank you Jesus! Blessed be your Holy name! Thank You Jesus! glory be to Your Holy name! Go-ahead worship Him! Bless His Holy name! Magnify His Holy name! He is worthy to be worshiped! He is worthy, worthy, worthy! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we worship! Amen! Thank you Father! Thank You for Your Goodness! Thank You for Your mercy! Thank You for Your faithfulness! Thank You for Your support! Thank You for Your protection, promotion, provision, for answered prayers, fulfilled prophecies! Glory Glory! Glory! Glory be to your Holy name! Thank You for last year! Thank You for everything that happened last year! Thank You for the ups and downs, joys and sorrows! Thank You for everything! Glory be to Your Holy name. Accept our thanks in Jesus name! Thank You for Your Congress! Thank You for tremendous success! Thank You for taking control of everything! Glory be to Your Holy name Lord! Accept our thanks in Jesus name! Father Thank You for the New Year! Thank You that we are alive to see yet another year to be spent for your Glory! Accept our thanks in Jesus name!

Thank you for the first Holy Ghost service in the New Year, thank you for the miracles that are already happening! Thank You for the healings that already going on! Thank You for the holiness that shall be our own today! Thank You because we shall be your tithes for the people!

Accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!) Tonight Father, meet us at every point of our need (Amen!) At the end of everything let Your name be glorified! Thank You Daddy! Glory be to Your name! in Jesus mighty name we have prayed! Let somebody shout Alleluia! Alleluia! If you are going to spend this year with joy then let me hear you shout Alleluia! Alleluia! If you are going to have testimony everyday of this year, let me hear you short a big Alleluia! Alleluia! Now shake hands with one or two people and say. Happy New Year to them: Happy New Year Happy! Happy New Year! Glory be to God, Thank you Jesus! God bless you! you may be seated.


Ezekiel 37 5-10, we want to continue our series on "Reversing the Irreversible’’ Ezekiel 37 5-10

Thus saith the Lord GOD unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live:

6 And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you, and ye shall live; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

7 So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone.

8 And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above: but there was no breath in them.

9 Then said he unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe upon these slain, that they may live.

10 So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army.

Somebody shall live this year (Amen!), and live mightily (Amen!) I don’t know how long God will allow us to spend on ‘Reversing the Irreversible’ because there are still so many thing to learn from this passage. One, we will begin to talk about tonight which we would conclude next month and then have a break for The Special Holy Ghost Service.

By the way, the theme for the Special Holy Ghost Service this year is "The Beginning of Greatness". Somebody is going to become very great this year!

But in the meantime we discovered that it was an army that was in this valley and the army had been slain. They rotted. They became bones and they became dry bones but God stepped in and reversed the irreversible and brought an army that was already dead back to life! Every good thing in your life that had died shall come back to life this year in Jesus Name (Amen). And then let me move very quickly tonight because tonight actually is a night for intensive prayer. Those of us who came to the night vigil, the New Year Eve, The Lord told us that we are starting a new beginning of answered prayers and if He says He’s beginning to answer prayer it will be our fault if we don’t pray. I am going to pray this year like I’ve never prayed before and I’m going to lead you into praying like you have never prayed before because this year we are going to have giant testimonies. (Amen!) Let me hear a giant ‘Amen’ to that one. (Amen!)

 Our God is a God of purpose. Everything He does has a purpose behind it. Everything He created, He created for a purpose. The Songs of Solomon 2:12 made it clear to us that birds were created to sing. Psalm 94:9 tells us that the One who created the eye, shall He not see? The One who planted the ear, shall He not hear? In other words, He made eyes to see and ear to hear and some eyes will see the glory of God this year! (Amen!). And some ears will hear good news all through the year. (Amen!) If you are one of them let me hear you say ‘Amen!’ (Amen!)

Psalm 51:15 David said, Lord open thou my lips and my mouth shall show forth Thy Praise. It means the mouth is meant to praise God, not just to eat, not just to talk but principally to praise God and if your month is still talking, let my hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

. Everything God created, He created for a purpose - legs to walk so that we can go and spread the gospel of Jesus and to dance to glorify His Holy Name! Hands so we could clap, so that He can hear the sound of our clapping hands so that we can lay them on the sick so that they can be healed … but the ultimate purpose of all His creations is to give Him pleasure. Rev 4:11 He said He has created all things that were created and for Thy pleasure… and for Thy pleasure… Rev 4:11 read it in Yoruba. He created them so that they can give Him pleasure. He made me to give Him pleasure, He made you to give God pleasure and I want you to lift your hands to the Almighty God and make a solemn promise and say, "Father I will give You pleasure throughout this year. I will give you pleasure for the rest of my life. I will give You pleasure! So shall it be in Jesus Name.

Is.55: 12 gives us a strange insight into what God had created. It gives us a great insight, it said even mountains and hills shall sing and the trees shall clap their hands. In other words, if human beings will not sing, if they will not clap, God has made a reserve provision that mountains and hills shall suddenly begin to sing and the trees will clap their hands. But God is not going to replace me with trees! Put your hands together and give the Lord a real big clap and shout unto Him with a loud voice of triumph! Thank You Jesus!

So we find that our God is a God of purpose and the main reason He created everything is for His pleasure therefore, If there is anything that He created that is not fulfilling His purpose it upsets God. I created you for a purpose. Why are you not fulfilling your purpose? 

In Matt. 21: 19 He came to a fig tree expecting to find fruit thereon because fig trees are supposed to produce fruit so that people can eat. He got to the fig tree and found no fruit and cursed it. In Luke 13: 6-9, He tells us the story of another fig tree. He said the owner of the garden came to his garden and found a fig tree that had been there for years and was not producing fruit. He said to the vinedresser "cut it down!" It’s not fulfilling its purpose! Cut it down!" but the Gardner begged – "give just one more year!" I pray that God will not cut you down this year in Jesus Name! He created us so that we could give Him pleasure. He saved our soul so that we could go and bring other souls into the Kingdom. He expects you… at least one person per month to be saved by you! He expects that next month now when you are coming you will not come alone to the Holy Ghost Service.


He created you to give Him pleasure so when anything is not fulfilling the purpose for which it was created He gets upset. Now this explains His eagerness to reverse what may seem to be irreversible. For example when you go through the Scriptures you will find Him again and again opening blind eyes. Every blind man that came across His path He opened their eyes. In Mark 10: 46-52, He opened the eyes of Bartimaeus. In John 9: 1-7 the man who was born blind, He gave him brand new eyes. Mark 8:22-25 they brought a blind man to Him. He took him outside the city; He spit on his eyes, touched him and said, "what can you see?" He said, " I can see men walking like trees." He said, "No, that’s not what God created your eyes to do! Your eyes are not to see men like trees!" so He give him a second touch and the man began to see clearly. God is going to give somebody a second touch today! (Amen!)

In Matt 12: 12, they brought a man who was blind and dumb. He healed him so that the blind and dumb both spoke and saw. He opened blind eyes everywhere He found them. He's going to heal your eyes today, in Jesus Name! He made the dumb to speak. Everything that had been blocking your mouth that had not allowed you to praise God the way you ought to praise Him, He shall remove tonight, in Jesus name!

So we discover that whenever something fails or is hindered from fulfilling its purpose. God regards that as an insult to Himself. He regards it as an affront to His majesty. He had said and some of the things He said I think I better read this one to you. Is.46: 9-11 God was speaking and He said:

Remember the former things … I will also do it

In this passage, let me tell you ten things God said quickly just to let you know why He feels insulted when what He has planned is being thwarted.

Number one, He said ‘I Am God.’

Number two, He said, ‘I am the only God.’ so when you find any crazy man somewhere whether near Ibadan or in Ikot Ekpene saying he is God, just know that they are either drunk or mad.

 Number three, He said, "I am incomparably God; there is none like me.


 Number five, He said, from ancient times I have already spoken about things that are not yet done. For example whether the devil likes it or not myself and at least two or three other people here tonight - we are gong to see year 2004. "Oh you are just starting year 2003!" it doesn’t matter I’m going to see the next one if the Lord tarries. He said, Things that are not yet done; I talk about them long before."

Just before the Congress, I had a phone call from Mr. President: My wife will be coming to represent me. Will there be a place for her to sleep? I said God told me 14 years ago that one day the President is coming to worship here, I had built the Presidential house 14years ago! I had built it when nobody believed that a Christian can ever become a President in Nigeria! You want me to tell you something else? He has told me one day not just the Nigerian President but Presidents from all over the world, they are coming here to attend a Congress! How many of you will be alive to see that day? Let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ (Alleluia!)

Number six, He said, "I say my counsel shall stand." I say it shall stand! My counsel is that your eyes shall see. Even if they are blind, they shall open. My counsel is that your womb will produce children (Amen!) Even if they say it is dried up, it shall come back to life. (Amen!) My counsel is that your legs will walk and dance for Me. All those who call you cripple now, they will soon be surprised (Amen!) He said, ‘my counsel shall stand.’

Number seven: He said, ‘I will do all my pleasure.’ how many of His pleasure shall be done? All! I can’t hear you!… How many of you know that it is the pleasure of God that your tomorrow will be all right? And He says I will do all my pleasure! All! All! Not some! All my pleasure shall be done!

 And then He went on to say - number 8. He said. ‘If need be I will bring a bird from the East or from a far country just to make sure that my purpose will come to pass. If I have to use a bird I will use a bird, if I have to use a man, I will use a man but my purpose shall come to pass.

 In number nine He said, ‘whatever I have spoken I would bring to pass.’ I rejoice with some people here today because God had already told us that this is a year of fulfilled prophecy. Have you received any prophecy from the Lord? Tell your neighbour, you will rejoice with me soon! I say you will rejoice with me soon!

 And then number 10 - He said, ‘whatever I have purposed I will do it.’ Anything I’ve just decided I’m going to do I will do it. He said, ‘I am God, the only God. None like me.’ Even just that! Isn’t that enough?


For example there was a time in Acts 12:20-23 a King called Herod said he’s going to stop the preaching of the word of God, he said he is God himself! And The Almighty God asked worms to eat him up alive: ‘You say you are God? Ok let’s find out who is God. He said, ‘I won’t even send soldiers to kill you, I won’t send another king to defeat you in battle. I will call on my smallest creatures, the worms, and I will tell them to eat you up alive!’ That is why I pity all my enemies this year because they are in trouble. Oh, oh they are in trouble! I mean they are in serious trouble because if they don’t repent worms will just eat them up.
Number four; He said, ‘I declare the end from the beginning.’ because the end and beginning meet in Him. He is the Alpha as well as the Omega. He is the Beginning as well as the End.

And when you read Acts 12:24 … oh thank you my Father. Daddy asked my to tell you that the miracles are continuing… we just want to listen to the Word...... for example He said there is someone here, He said your enemies will flee this year. (Amen!) He said you must not let one of them escape! (Amen!) Pursue them to the very last.

 In Act 12: 24 after worms ate up Herod, the word of God that he is trying to stop, the Bible said the word of God grew and multiplied. Anybody who says he will stop you – long after they are gone – you will still be growing. (Amen!) When they have gone you will see the glory (Amen!) you will still be multiplying! So shall it be in Jesus Name! (Amen!).


You remember when Nebuchadnezzar tried to say I am like God, God said, "in that case I will teach you humility for seven years. For seven years just eat grass like an animal. You think you are wise, you think you are a great one; you are a great achiever so therefore you are like me? Ok I will take your brain away, I will give you that of an animal for seven years.’ You know the story in Daniel 4:28-37. The Bible says for seven years the king became like an animal, until suddenly he realized that the Highest ruleth in the affairs of men. When God says ‘I Am God and there is none else that should give you joy because all those who are threatening you, they are not God. All those people who have said they will stop you from progressing, all those who are sitting on your promotion this year my Father will set fire to their buttocks! (Amen!).

Now He went on to say …. You just follow me because I am leading you somewhere today, I just want to show that He is a God of purpose and what He says He wants to do He will do and then we will show you where you come into the picture somewhere later. For example He said to Moses in Exodus 3:10-12. He said to Moses, ‘I want you to go to Egypt. Go and bring my people there. Moses said,’ ah, ah who am I? I can’t do it! That king is waiting for me to kill me!’ God said, ‘I will be with you.’ Is there anybody here that is sure God will be with him or her let me hear you say ‘Amen!" (Amen!).



And then God went further to say, ‘When you have brought the children of Israel out of Egypt they would worship me on this mountain.’ They were still slaves in Egypt but Daddy said "they will worship Me on this mountain." Once He said that one, He got ready to make sure that everything possible will be done to bring that to pass. When Ephraim- Pharaoh said it is not going to happen, God drowned him. Everybody that will say you will not worship God this year, they will drown! (Amen!). I say Pharaoh shall drown! (Amen!) God had said it before! I believe this year He will bring that one to pass. (Amen!)

When the Red Sea blocked the way and said, "You are not going! You will not get to the mountain to worship God!" my Father sent the East wind against it. Oh the story is there in Exodus 14. He sent the east wind against the Red Sea. The Bible says that when the Red Sea saw the east wind coming he fled. Every Red Sea blocking your way in this New Year they shall be hit by the East wind in Jesus Name! (Amen!). And they shall be separated so that you can pass through in Jesus Name! (Amen!).

And then the children of Israel passed through the Red Sea and then God spoke to Joshua "Joshua, Moses has done his bit, he’s come to his rest now, it’s now your turn, you will take the people into the land and divide the land for the people." And Suddenly, Joshua came across the wall of Jericho and the wall of Jericho said, "you are not going anywhere!" and God said, "that’s fine! I will come down myself."

You know when the preacher was preaching this evening; I was so tremendously blessed. He was talking about one of the reasons why we should praise God, and he called it Divine Presence… that God is even present at all! And when God is present, anything can happen. That’s why the only thing I will not want to happen to me and that is I do not want God to leave me alone. There is somebody here; God will never leave you alone (Amen!).

Joshua saw the man and he drew his sword: Are you for us or are you for the enemies?" And the man he saw spoke and said "This wall is too thick for you to handle and yet I have made my mind up, I have spoken, that these people you are leading they are going to worship Me on Mount Horeb so I’ve come to take charge of the whole operation." This year it is God Himself that will take charge of your own operation (Amen). Every wall of Jericho in your life is going to fall! (Amen!) If only you can open your month and shout a big Alleluia. (Alle!)

Now on one occasion, God said to Jonah, "Jonah go to Nineveh and go and preach to them," Jonah said "No way, I am not going to Nineveh at all. I will go to Tarshish" God said "I have spoken I said go to Nineveh" and he said "no I am going to Tarshish". How are you going to go to Tarshish? Are you going by land? You will discover that the earth is Mine. And the fullness thereof. Are you going by Sea? Ah I am the one who said let there be Sea. Or you want to fly. Oh, you will discover that’s my territory.

 So Jonah tried to run and my God said, "My purpose shall come to pass!" So He sent a storm and then when the storm came and they woke up Jonah, "we believe what is going on … are you the reason why we have a storm? He said, "yes, I’m the reason! God sent me to go and preach, I said I am not going…" "What shall we do?" "He said, "kill me! Throw me into the river! I am not going to preach! I will drown instead!" God said, "Jonah, you are joking! I have said you will go to Nineveh to preach. Die, you will not die!"

Three is somebody here tonight, you are not going to die until you do what God asks you to do (Amen!). If you are the one shout ‘Alleluia!» (Alle)


So he told a fish to swallow him. Swallow him but don’t digest him, he is not your food. I just want to keep him in prison. After three days and three nights Jonah said I want to die but death did not come. Ok God I’m ready and then God spoke to the fish in Jonah 2:10 "go and vomit him, get him out of prison now because he is ready to My will now". How many of you have made up your mind, you will do the will of God this year? You will come out of prison this year (Amen!). Every form of prison that the enemy has put you in, you will come out this year in Jesus Name (Amen!).


And when the fish landed him on the beach – because God told the fish "The boy can’t swim. Don’t vomit him in the sea take him to the beach. I just want my purpose fulfilled that’s all! Then in Jonah 3:1-4. God said Jonah will you go and preach now? He said, "I will go!" The purpose of God in your life shall be fulfilled in Jesus’ Name! (Amen!)

Now, Where do you come into this picture? You see because the army that God raised up is an army that had not fulfilled its purpose before it was slain. That’s why He raised them up: He said, ‘You haven’t finished your job!" That’s why when some people say to me "Thank God you have arrived!" I say, "God said I have not started! When I start you will know." Some people are just about to begin their life now. (Amen!) When Daddy told me that the Special Holy Ghost Service is going to be entitled The Beginning of Greatness – I danced! Because I can see around me a lot of great people..... Some of them are 70 years old. Some of them are approaching 80 and some of them are just getting ready to die. You are joking! You are just about to begin to lead! (Amen!) And I can see some messengers, some typists, some people that they think, "Well, I will just manage to survive…" I have good news for you! Greatness is coming your way! (Amen!) I say greatness is coming your way! (Amen!)


Where do you come into the picture? Number one: God loves you so much - let me repeat that one - God loves you so much. Tell your neighbour: God loves you so much, God loves me so much’’God loves you so much that if you die without fulfilling your purpose he will raise you up again! He said it in John 11:25. He said, ‘I am the resurrection and the life if any one believe in Me though he were dead he shall live.’ Even if you die before you fulfil your purpose, he will bring you back to life.

Oh, in Acts 14:19-23. They stoned Paul to death; they dragged his dead body to outside of the city. They thought "ah we have finished with him!" but the wind blew, the wind blew... God said you have not finished your job boy and he woke up again. The interesting thing is when he woke up; he first of all went to another town so that the enemy will think, oh they have buried him. Then he came back, to that very town where they stoned him and ordained elders to continue the work that he had started.

All those who think you have finished; you will surprise them this year (Amen). I say you will surprise them this year! (Amen!)


In John 11:43-45. Lazarus had been dead for four days, but God said I’ve not got all the glory I want to get from your life. So after four days He said, "Come back to life!" Three are people who will believe in me because of you. There’s a song we used to sing it says "the world will glorify God because of me" ……If you believe that the world is going to glorify God because of you, let me hear you shout Alleluia. (Alle!) God loves you so much that if you are alive and thank God you are alive you will not die until you fulfil His purpose for your life. It does not matter the odds against you. He said in John 11:26 He said if you believe in Me and you are alive you will not die… until His purpose for your life has been fulfilled!

In I King 19:1-8, Jezebel said to Elijah by this time of tomorrow your head will be off. Elijah ran. When he became tired he said to God "kill me! Let me go now! Do not let me fall into the hand of Jezebel" God said you have not finished your job! No I am not going to kill you. I am going to feed you!" God is going to feed somebody double this year (Amen). You cannot die until you have fulfilled the purpose of God for your life this year. (Amen!)


Some weeks ago, I was telling my children some of things I have gone through, just to show you can’t die until God says it is time. One of the stories I told them is very long time ago and I was still a very small boy. I went to the farm with my mother and my sisters and there is a particular tree that has leaves, that when the leaves drop down and dry off, the stalk of the leaf is like the what you call this thing you use to beat drum…. "Kongo .. What do you call that one? … "kongo is Kong; drum stick, that’s the drum stick of the Africa drum, just exactly like that! Some of you will know the tree I’m talking about so because I was a little child, oh, my sisters gathered some of these drumsticks for me, so that when I get home I can get a calabash and begin to beat and we were returning home, and we got to a river, the last river before we get home, which is where everybody will take their bath. We put everything down, took our bath at the shore, and then we got dressed, It was a big river, It s still a big river, and the bridge on it is a tree that the farmers cut and rolled over it, you must know how to balance yourself on that tree. No two people can cross; it’s just for one fellow. How many of you know the kind of bridge we are talking about? (Okay)

 So I was on the bridge balancing very well on the way, suddenly I remembered my drumstick and I turned. My drumstick! The next thing I landed – Boom! - In the river! And it’s a deep river! And there is no man around just my mother and my sisters and none of us could swim. My mother said to my sisters’ "get him! Every one of us! (Because I’m the only boy) we will all drown here! It’s either you go and get him or we all drown here!" And then they were there, searching for me where I landed, not knowing that the river has already carried me downward. But as the river was carrying me down, somehow my hand grabbed the tree, a small tree that was growing in the river and I held onto that until they found me. To know how strong that tree was, when they tried to get me out, the tree came out with me (laugh) let somebody shout Alleluia!’ (Alle) .By the time they got me to the beach I was unconscious, I was drunk with water. At that very moment a man came, saw what had happened and began to do First Aid. And water was coming out from my mouth, from my nose, from everywhere. By now my mother was almost crazy with fright; the sisters were already weeping. But all of a sudden I came back to life that’s why I’m standing before you today! Tell your neighbour, 'I will not die!' I am going to live to declare the glory of God!’ If you believe that say ‘Amen!’(Amen!)


God loves you so much that if what you are doing now … if you think you are succeeding, that you are doing very well and yet what you are doing is not according to His Perfect Purpose, He will disturb everything. Elisha was doing very well; he is the son of the richest farmer in the village. His father has twelve tractors and many, many servants. He was doing very well but God said, "I do not create you to be a farmer. You are going to be the most powerful prophet that I created in the Old Testament. So in 1 Kings 19:19-21 a man came and threw his mantle on him and everything changed! And by the way those of you who come to Divine Encounter, that is what we will be talking about on Monday. If you think you have succeeded and yet you are not in the perfect will of God, the full purpose of God for your life is not yet fulfilled, He is going to change everything and interrupt everything.

 When I was a student at University of Nigeria, Nsukka about some forty years ago now there was an old man there - 2.00 am, he will come and bother me when I am studying: Please my son, explain this thing to me." I looked at this old man, "Papa what are you doing here, studying mathematics at this age?" he will say, "Please my son please!" I kept on helping. One day exam was nearer - Papa don’t bother me today o!’ He said, "my son I will bother you! Let me tell you my story." He said, "I was a senior tutor, senior tutor then, means he had done Grade 2 and got Cambridge combined - combined - he was a Senior Tutor in a Grammar School. And then one day, one of the student that passed out through him became a graduate and came back and became the Principal and that boy now sent Papa on a particular errand and said, "hurry up, hurry up old man!" and Baba said, "Joseph! Whatever the name… I was a Senior Tutor here when you were a student! The boy said, "that was then! This is now!» That is when Baba said I will go to University …. You are a graduate? I will also become a graduate.

 Whatever it is going to cost there is somebody here who is going to reach the top! (Amen!). You will not die until you reach the top! (Amen!). Whatever God has to do to get you to the top, you will make it to the top! Even if right now you are about dying, God will reverse the irreversible! (Amen!) You are not going to die until you reach the top. Even if you are already dry bones my Father shall reverse the irreversible!

So what is God’s purpose for your life? it’s not possible for me to finish that one tonight. I will just tell you a few, just to give you a hint and prepare you for next month. Number one, before God formed you in the belly He has a plan, a purpose, a program for you. Jeremiah 1: 4-5, He said, "before I formed you, I knew you, I set you apart, I programmed you!" I know the Bible says ‘I ordained you....’ but the modern language is’ I programmed you…’ because this is the Computer Age He said before I even formed you, I programmed you that you will be a prophet or a voice to the Nations.


Let me tell you brothers and sisters, like I told you, those of you who were there on Tuesday of the Congress, when God made you, he made you a world champion. In Genesis 1:26 he made you a world champion! Tell your neighbour: "you are sitting next to a champion. I may not look like one but you are looking at a world champion!" I know some of you will say me? World Champion? What are you talking about? I just remember that God calls things that be not as though they were and whatever He says shall come to pass (Amen!). How it will happen, leave that to Him!

He called Abraham in Genesis 17: 1-5, He said, ‘You are going to be the Father of Nations" At a time when the man was barren! One of the stories that I am sure you’ll be interested in hearing has to do with one of my house helps. Any time I travel and I come back and I share the testimony of what has happened, she will say, "one day I will also go abroad." and all other house-helps will say ‘Amen!" We will see how you will do it! Maybe you think they will ride bicycle there!". And one day we just said we want to go to Israel, all those who are interested in going to Israel should put down their names. She said, "one day I will go to Israel." and you remember God said that when I want to fulfil My purpose I can bring a bird from the East or bring a man from a far county somehow before I even knew what was happening an American just saw this lady, you want to go to Israel? She said, "yes I will go there! I will go there one day!" He said: "Put down your name!"

The one that will help you so that the purpose of God for your life will be fulfilled, if he is in Australia, God will bring him. (Amen!) If he is in America, God will bring him here, if he is in Kuwait God will bring him here (Amen!). I could remember when we were having the Holy Ghost Night in Israel and the Power of God came down and joy filled the place and people were dancing, people from all over the world and they were dancing like people were dancing during the Congress and they formed a circle. They were putting one hand on somebody in front and they were all dancing round, and who did I see among them dancing more than anybody else? My house-help!

.How many World Champions are here? Come on let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ Alle. Now He just didn’t make you a World Champion, He made you an undefeated World Champion. Romans 8:37, He said you are more than conquerors because of him that loved you so much, He said there may be many battles for you to fight, but you will win all of them. (Amen!) Psalm 34:19 "He said many are the afflictions of the righteous but The Lord delivered him from them all".






 There is somebody here tonight who is more than a conqueror. (Amen!) let me hear that fellow say ‘Amen! (Amen!). He made you a world champion, an undefeated one - not just undefeated, you are undefeatable! (Amen!). He said in Isaiah 54: 17, He said there’s no weapon fashioned against you that shall prosper! If he’s talking about you let me hear you say ‘Amen!’ He said in Deuteronomy 28: 7, He said all the enemies that rise up against you shall be smitten before your face. This year you will not do the fighting! God will do the fighting for you. Every enemy that comes against you one way, they shall scatter in seven ways. (Amen!) He made you a world champion, an undefeated world champion, an undefeatable world champion, a forever champion.


In Deuteronomy 28: 13, he said the Lord shall make you the head and not the tail so you shall be above only and never beneath. Do you know you are looking at somebody who will never be an ex-champion? I will never be an ex-champion! I’m going to be a champion forever! I say am going to be a champion forever! (Amen!). Not only did He make you a forever champion - beautiful as that is - He made you an ever-rising champion, going from one championship level to another level of championship.

 You know I told you I used to be a Boxer and so I took great interest in boxers and there is a particular boxer who is about my age-mate, his name is Mohammed Ali. I followed his progress. When there was nobody else to beat at the light heavy weight level - he has finished every one of them there – he climbed to the heavyweight. And when he got to the heavyweight there was somebody there who was champion. His name was Sonny Liston, they called him ‘the Bear’ he was so big, so strange. Mohammed Ali said… at that time he used to be called Cassius Clay - he said I will beat the bear. Everybody thought he was going to die. You against Sonny Liston? You a small boy? take a look at the man! He said, "I will finish him!" I want you to open your mouth and say "I will finish every Goliath in my path! Anybody that stands between me and my crown I will finish!


I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I watched the fight on television. Oh how happy I was when he knocked down and knocked out the Bear. You are not going to wait till the end of the year before you defeat your Goliath! Before this month ends you will already be reigning as a champion. When you come next month by the Grace of God, God will take you to a higher level of championship.2 Corinthians 3: 18 talks about God transforming us from glory to glory.


Let me conclude because of time - because God loves you so much, He made you a world champion, an undefeated world champion, an undefeatable world champion, a forever world champion, an ever-rising champion and an untouchable champion. You know the Bible says, in Ephesians 2:4-6, He said we are seated with Christ in the Heavenly Places. And according to Ephesians 1:20-22 the Bible said we are seated with Christ far above principalities and powers. Mohammed Ali always told those people he fought, he said, "Look at me, am I not handsome? your blow can’t even touch my face! By the time I finish with you, I will still be looking as beautiful as before." This year, some of us will be so victorious - without a single scar! (Amen!) if you believe that will be you portion let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’ ALLE.

I have more to say but I have to stop now. We will pick it up form there next month. Don’t worry by the time you come you will have giant testimony. (Amen!) tell your neighbour "I will not fail again!" say it as if you mean it! One more time! "I will not fail again!" Glory be to God! Yes, go ahead; give the Lord a big hand for that! give the Lord a big hand for that!

The only one that can be a loser, forever loser, he’s the one who hasn’t got Jesus Christ by his side because what makes us an everlasting champion is like Paul said "I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me." if you have no Christ, the enemy will knock you down, grind your nose in the dust. That’s why I’m calling on those of you who are not yet Born Again - you better come and surrender your life to Him! You cannot face the world without Jesus Christ! Impossible! you face the world without Jesus Christ, you will be an ever-lasting defeated champion. But if you want to surrender your life to Jesus Christ so that you too can say ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! come quickly now and give your life to Jesus. I will count up to ten; I am not begging you to come. If you don’t want to come, sit down there. I am calling on those who want to become champions, those who want to live for God, those who want to be strengthened by the Almighty God…. come and surrender your life to Jesus now! I will count up to ten, after that, I will pray


1,2,3,4,5, today is the day of salvation, the Almighty God is willing to accept as many as will come onto Him. But you have to come. If He asks you to come and you refuse He can’t force you. If you want to stay in darkness, that’s your headache, if you want to continue to be defeated that’s your own choice, but there is a God who is willing to fight your battles for you if you are willing to surrender your life to Him. 6 now! 7, 8 now those of us who are already in front, let’s begin to talk to Jesus Christ and say, "Lord, I’ve come to surrender my life to You. From now, I will do Your Will just forgive my sins. Give me a brand new beginning. From now on I will obey You, I will do your Will!

 Now if there is anyone who is still coming, the door of mercy is still open but it will close any moment from now. I know some of you might be coming from a long distance but you have to hurry up. You can’t drag your legs when you are coming to the cross for salvation! The Bible said you must seek the Lord while He may be found. Call on Him while He is near…. that means He may not be near for too long.


9 now! 9! Anyone who wants to come - get here right away and begin to call on Jesus Christ. Say,» I’ve come to surrender my life to You. have mercy on me!, forgive all my sins! Save my soul! Save my soul from today! I will do Your Will! Just have mercy on me! have mercy on me!". The rest of us let’s stretch our hands toward these people, and pray for them, that the One who saved our soul, will save their own souls also! Let’s pray for them brethren! lets pray for them!. And if you are still coming, hurry up now before it is too late! Lets pray for them brethren! lets call on the Almighty God for them - that the Almighty God will save their souls… and if there is anyone still coming, you better get here before I finish praying! Come and call on the Almighty God for the salvation of your soul! Call on Him now! Thank You Jesus! Blessed be Thy Holy Name! In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen!). Father, we want to thank You, because You are such a good God! Accept our thanks in Jesus Name. We thank You on behalf of these Your children who have come forward now. Every one of them, receive them in Jesus Name! Save their souls! Lord forgive all their sins! Cleanse them in your Blood! Father I pray, that beginning from today, their names will be entered into the Book of Life! From this day, anytime they call upon You, answer them in Jesus Name! In all their lives, reverse the irreversible in Jesus Name! (Amen!) thank You my Father - in Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen). Praise the Lord! Alleluia!

 Now I rejoice with those of you who have come forward today. You are the new members of the Kingdom of God in the New Year. Heaven is rejoicing and we are rejoicing with you also! Congratulations! Now I promise you I will be praying for you so I need to know your names, your addresses and your prayer requests. Write the correct addresses because when I ask God to send your miracle it will be sent to the address you put down. So if you will follow that brother to my left or the one to my right whichever is closer to you, they will lead you to where some Pastors are waiting to collect this information. We will wait for you to come before we continue. So you can begin to go now. Let’s give the Lord a big round of applause as they go! Let’s glorify God!

 Thank God you are a champion. There is no way you can die until you reach your goal. Thank God that your enemy is in trouble this year. Thank Him because from now on it is going to be well with you. Go ahead praise the Lord! Lets begin to bring our prayers to a close. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed! Now we want to pray like champions. Let me say it before we start - at any time you get fed up, stop and sit down and watch the rest of us … the rest of us, this year we are going to pray until heavens come down! So if you feel like sitting down, fine! No problem! If you want to kneel down, no problem! That may be a good excuse to fall asleep! The rest of us lets stand on our feet. Lets stand now.


First of all, in order to pull down the wall of Jericho, let me hear you shout a big ‘Alleluia!’ One thing about champions is that they know how to fight. Your first prayer tonight: you are going to lift your voice to the Almighty God. You will say Father, anyone or anything sitting down on my promotion set fire to their bottom!" Go ahead talk to the Almighty God!…. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed! Amen.

"Father, send confusion into the camp of my enemies! let them begin to destroy themselves!" Now go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! …. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed! (Amen).

I want you to look at me. When you want people to clear out of the way for you, you do like this … you are going to do that in faith. You will say: in the Mighty Name of Jesus, ways open, ways open! Ways open! Go ahead pray! In the Mighty Name of Jesus we’ve prayed! (Amen).

Remember the Bible says it shall be to you according to your faith. you are going to find a space no matter how small it is because you are going to use your legs… you are going to say: in the name of Jesus, every door the enemy has shut against me, I kick you open, I kick you open! So shall it be in Jesus name!



If you can reach the ground where you are, you are going to bow down and slap the ground. Say "ground! Hear the word of the Lord! Swallow my problems now! I command you swallow all my problems!"…... Thank You Jesus! Glory is to Your Name! Thank you Father! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)


God said to the son of men, He said. Prophecy to the wind! Everyone here that is born of a man you are going to prophesy now! In the mighty name of Jesus, Wind, blow every evil away from me! I command in the mighty name of Jesus!…. Thank You Father! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

And then you are going to prophesy again … In the mighty name of Jesus, wind blow my blessings in! Go ahead, talk to the Almighty God ….. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

The Word of God says, if you believe, and doubt not, you will eat the good of the land. You will say to the mountain: mountain be though removed to the sea…. Today, we have learnt that we are champions, created champions, world champions. with that confidence. I want you to mention every mountain in your way and say in the mighty Name of Jesus, mountains move! Move! Move! Go ahead talk to the Almighty God! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!).


Oh, thank You Father! the Bible says, God remembered Sarah and everything changed. The woman of sorrow became the woman of laughter. I want you to cry to God and say: Father! Remember me today! Go ahead - talk to the Almighty God! ….. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!).

How much blessing you can take depends on your capacity to receive. The woman who went to the well, went with a pot but the Almighty God is willing to give even a well to you! Cry to the Almighty God! Say, Father! Enlarge my coast! Lets cry to the Almighty God! Thank You Father! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!).

Then you will cry to Him and say, "Father, visit me this year, let this year be my year of visitation!" Lets call on the Almighty God! ….. Thank You Father! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)


There is a group of people that we always forget to pray for …. Several times people want to help you but they don’t have what to help you with therefore you are going to cry to God and say, ‘Father all those who will help me, provide for them, all those who will lift up my hand, Father provide for them! Bless them! provide for them! Let them have abundance! All those who love me, those who want to assist me! Father, help them! provide for them!, prosper them!, give them abundance and bless them Lord! Glory to God forever more! Amen! Thank You Father! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

We are going to pray a very significant prayer now. We will say, "Father, any day the road is thirsty for blood, don’t let me travel that day, don’t let any of us be involved in any accident…… In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you are going to pray for your neighbour. Join your hand with somebody very close to you and just say, Father, this your child, give him or her a new beginning….. Go ahead! Talk to God. Thank You Father! blessed be Your Holy Name Lord!, Thank You Father! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

And now for a few minutes, I want you to discuss with God, how you want this year to be for you. Just go ahead and discuss with Him……. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

I want you to pray for me before I pray for you. Just wish me whatever you wish yourself. Thank You Father! In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

I want you now to go on your knees. I want to pray for you. Father in the mighty name of Jesus; thank You for this special night! Thank You for this beginning of special nights! Thank You because you have told me that every Holy Ghost this year will be special! Accept our thanks in Jesus Name! Amen! (Amen!)

.Daddy, you asked Ezekiel to prophesy. He did and things happened. You are the same God, You never change! I am your son Daddy! Ezekiel was just a servant, and I am your son. And I stand, Lord God Almighty, in the authority invested in me as your son, and I am here… by decree concerning all who are here: it shall be well with you! (Amen!) the purpose for your life shall be fulfilled! (Amen!), every mountain in your life shall be moved! (Amen!), any mountain that refuses to move, my Father shall shake! (Amen!), anyone blocking your way shall become stepping-stone to testimony! (Amen!), those who say you will not reach where you are going, they will bow down before you! (Amen!), you shall be champions forever! (Amen!), you will never fail again! (Amen!), you will never fail again! (Amen!), you will never fail again! (Amen!), you will reach the top this year! (Amen!) every good thing that you need, the Almighty God will send to you this year! (Amen!) wherever your helps may be, God will send them quickly! (Amen!), the sick shall be healed today! (Amen!), barren shall conceive now! (Amen!), the single shall be married this year! (Amen!), God will meet all the needs of the widows this year! (Amen!) every student here will succeed this year! (Amen!), anyone sitting on your promotion, God shall set fire to his or her bottoms! (Amen!) it shall be well with you! (Amen!) It shall be well with you! (Amen!) It shall be well with you! (Amen!), it shall be well with your family! (Amen!) it shall be well with your churches! (Amen!) it shall be well with your Nations (Amen!) it shall be well with you in the morning! (Amen!) it shall be well with you in the afternoon! (Amen!) it shall be well with you in the evening! (Amen!) it shall be well with you in the nighttime! (Amen!) it shall be well with you everyday of your life! (Amen!) it shall be well with you and you will serve the Lord, you will do His Will! (Amen!), through you the world shall glorify the Lord! (Amen!), so shall it be! (Amen!). You will not fail! (Amen!), you will not fall! (Amen!), you will not backslide! (Amen!) you will never borrow again! (Amen!) sorrow shall become a stranger to you! (Amen!), God will remember you this year! (Amen!) The Almighty God will enlarge your coast this year! (Amen!) all those who love you, God will prosper them this year! (Amen!) and every enemy of yours shall be confused, so shall it be, I said so shall it be! (Amen!) In Jesus mighty name we have decreed! (Amen!) Amen! If you receive that let me hear you shout ‘Alleluia!’(Alleluia!) Let’s put our hands together and give Almighty God a very big clap offering!



Glory be to God! Now will Pastor Onofegara come to lead us in offering, I want you to shake hands with three or four champions and say," how are you champion?"

It’s only the dry bones in the valley that got up and became an army. Even though the prophecy went out to the whole world it is only the dry bones that were in the valley that were affected. I want to advise you this year – don’t miss any of the Holy Ghost Services . There is certain anointing that the cassette cannot carry to you. When the Word of God begins to blow it’s only those whoa re there at that moment who will catch it. If I were you, I will make up my mind right now this year nothing is going to stop me from being where God wants me at the right moment. I believe God wants you to be at every Holy Ghost Service and He wants you to come with your friends, your relatives and even your enemies.

While we wait for those wha are telling their testimony after which we will listen to 2 or 3 let me share with you the prophecies for the year 2003. Some of them, not all of them because some of them are, I believe, for my own information only. Let’s start with those for individuals:


The Lord said that this year for some people it will be the year of recovery and relief and the word ‘recovery’ there could stand for recovery of health, recovery of material things that the enemies has stolen from you. It could mean recovery of anointing; it could be the gift of the Holy Spirit. For some people it is going to be recovery and relief

Secondly the Lord said for some people it is going to be the year of Help From Above. Help will come their way and they will know that this is definitely from God.

 And then thirdly, He said this is going to be a year of fulfilling prophecy for some people. And I know I will be one of such people in Jesus Name Amen.

Number four; He said it will be for some people it will be the year of restoration and growth.

Then number five; He said for some people it will be the year of abundance.

And then for our beloved Country Nigeria the Lord said it is going to be the year of bumper harvest for hard working farmers. He also said that some evil, some demonic politicians will fade away. And then He said a new breed of politician will begin to gather momentum. There are one or two others for Nigeria that I cannot say now.

Then on the International scene, the Lord asks us to pray against increase in floods. He also said there would be dramatic improvements in the economy of some struggling Nations. Then He said some fires of war shall be put out before the year runs out.


The prophecy for The RCCG will be told to those who should hear them.



Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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