GREAT FRUITS 5th of September, 2003

Thank You! Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Ah! Thank You Father! David started as an ordinary shepherd boy. But he became great and you are going to become great Amen! (Amen!) David started as an ordinary shepherd boy and he brought forth great fruits and you are going to bring forth great fruits. Amen! (Amen!) Two of such fruits that David brought forth are: Solomon who became the richest man that ever lived….. and out of your loins will come the richest children the world has ever seen Amen! (Amen!) Secondly, he brought forth the greatest of all – Jesus Christ, the son of David. Out of you will come children that will rankamong the greatest of the world Amen! (Amen!)

But why did God pin-point David for this honour? Omowale had already told us inPsalm 34:1 David said I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. When David praised God people thought he was crazy. I want you to praise God for five minutes - so much that God will look down and say, “You, you will be great! You’ll bring forth great fruit. You, you will be special!” Go ahead and praise the Almighty God. Praise Him whichever way you like. Sing before Him! Dance before Him! Clap before Him! Do whatever you like before the Almighty God. Praise Him until He will notice you! Magnify His Holy name! Worship Him…….. Thank You Lord! Alleluia Jesus! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name! Thank You Father! Amen! Thank You Lord!

 The Lord says…. listen to me brethren.. Amen! (Amen!) Amen! Amen! Amen! This is very important so you have to listen. I know you have gone in spirit but you have to hear this Amen! The Lord says there will be no disappointments here tonight Amen! (Amen!) No disappointments here tonight! No disappointments here tonight! Thank You Father! So I want you to lift your voice to God and say, “Father, the grace to pray, give me tonight”. Go ahead talk to the Almighty………. Since there will be no disappointments here tonight, since all prayers will be answered here tonight, my Lord and my Saviour – the grace to pray, the grace to open my mouth and cry out to You, the grace to pour out my heart to You today, give it to me Lord! Oh give it to me Lord! The grace to pray, the grace to call on You, to pour out my heart to You, to tell you all my needs, God give to me tonight! Give it to me tonight! The grace to pray! The grace to reach heaven, to pour out my heart to You! Blessed, Blessed be the name of the Lord! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! Amen! (Amen!)

 Daddy says, “And the deaf shall hear.” Amen! (Amen!) And you know what that means? – the Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So you are going to pray now - say, “Father open my ears, let me hear from You tonight and let the fire of faith begin to burn in my heart”. Go ahead cry to the Almighty God! Open my ears tonight Lord! Let me hear from You! Let the fire of faith begins to burn fiercely in my heart tonight. Open my ears Oh Lord! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus mighty name we pray! (Amen!)

 And the Lord said to Peter, Peter you fished all night and you caught nothing but the next throw of the net will bring in abundance. So the Lord is saying, “My daughter you spent several nights with your husband and no result but the next sleep with him will bring forth great fruit.” (Amen!)  The Lord is saying, “Oh business man you have toiled, you have toiled and no result but the next contract will bring in abundance!” (Amen!)  The Lord is saying “Oh Pastors! Oh Pastors the next programme shall bring in the breakthrough!” (Amen!) Alleluia! Father!

 Let’s just go on our knees before Him! Ah Thank You Jesus! Let’s just worship Him! Just worship Him! He’s worthy, He’s worthy to be praised! He’s worthy to be praised! Thank You Jesus! Alleluia Father! Alleluia Father! You are worthy to be praised…………….Oh Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus!  Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Oh my Lord! In the midst of your enemies you will still be singing for joy! (Amen!)

 Father we Bless Your name! You are worthy to be praised! You are worthy to be adored! There is no one like You! You are the King of Kings, You are the Lord of Lords! The I am that I am! You are the Ancient of Days! Glory be to Your Holy name! Glory be to Your Holy name! Glory be to Your Holy name! Thank You for last Convention! Thank You for the miracles, for the signs and wonders! Thank You for January! Thank You for February! Thank You for March! Thank You for April! Thank You for May! Thank You for June! Thank You for July! Thank You for August! Thank You for September! Glory be to Your Holy name Lord! Accept our worship in Jesus name!  Thank You because there will be no disappointments here tonight! Thank You because the deaf shall hear! Thank You because miracles will happen! Thank You because there will be shouts of joy! Take all Glory Daddy and give us all the blessings! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) If you are not going to be disappointed hear tonight let me hear you shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)

 This is the beginning of our own church year so I want you to shake hands with about seven people and say “Happy New Year, God bless you! Happy new year God bless you!” I want to give God the glory for the various choirs that ministered tonight, They did excellently well. But I am sure you will agree with me the greatest of them tonight is the Mega Zone. We will hear you again. I want to thank God for Bishop Omowale Wilson not just because of the message he brought but because he remains in touch with the Holy Spirit. I only saw him briefly at our prayer meeting. We didn’t even have time to greet because that place is not for greetings. So I didn’t tell him anything at all and yet he has preached the introduction sermon to the next month’s Holy Ghost Service!

 Let me explain, I was in my hiding place, praying for the Holy Ghost Service and I heard a sound and I said, Lord what sound is this?  And he said it is the sound of abundance. And He says in October call your people together, share with them about the sound of abundance. I have not shared it with anyone. The only person who could have heard is not in. That’s my wife because she is my prayer partner so nobody has heard from me of what I have just told you. And then he came up here and just kicked off straight away and began to preach the introduction of my sermon next month! I thank God for your life my son! Remain in touch with the Holy Spirit and when the abundance comes you can be sure you get your own share! And I say welcome to my daughter, your wife. Welcome to the elders and all those who came with you. God bless you all.

 Don’t mind me tonight – I’m just trying to get myself back to normal. I was with some of my children recently and I greeted normally; how we normally greet: “How are you?” and they answered the normal way: “How are you”. I didn’t hear you? “I’m great”. Suddenly I had an urge to ask a question and I said, “How are you?” and he said “I am great”. And the question came immediately, “How great?’ and it was as if he’d been waiting for the question. The answer came: “Very great!” So when I’m getting ready, trying to come back to Redemption Camp from the heavenlies … “How are you?” I’m great” How great? “Very great!” I didn’t hear you?.

 Let me give you a little bit of the sermon that may come sometime… I don’t know whether God will allow it to come soon. Don’t worry we shall come to this one later I’m just trying to collect myself…. You know when you speak at least seven people hear you. God hears you, the angels will hear, believe it or not the devil will hear, demons will hear, mountains will hear – let me stop there. God said: As I have heard in my ears so shall I do unto you. (Amen!) So “How are you?” (I am great!) “How great?” (Very great!)

 The Bible says the angel came to Daniel and said, “We heard your words and I have come because of your words.” When angels hear from you, angels are your ministering spirits. When they hear from you that you are great they will come to see to it that you become great. So, ”How are you?”  (I’m great!) ” How great? ”  (Very great!)

 The Bible says……. Thank You Father! ….Resist the Devil and he will flee from you and there is only one way to resist the devil -  it is by letting him hear you. If you tell him that you are finished he will move in, but if you tell him how great you are he will run from you. So, “How are you?” (I am great!) “How great?”  (Very great!) Ah alright I think I can begin now. Glory be to God! Glory be to God!

 Psalm 128:1-6 Blessed is everyone that feareth thy Lord, that walketh in His way….. Thank You Father! The Lord says since He’s listening and it is in the power of the Father to decide the fate of His children by what the father says, He says He wants to hear from me concerning you. That’s good. That’s good, that’s very good! Everyone of you here today and the families you represent, you shall be world champions! (Amen!) And you shall be undefeated world champions! (Amen!) And you shall be productive champions! (Amen!) And you shall be exceedingly great champions! (Amen!) So shall it be! (Amen) I said so shall it be! (Amen!) I didn’t hear your “Amen” (Amen!) Alright now! Thank You Daddy! Thank You Lord!

 Psalm 128 I’m now in verse 2……. for thou shall eat the labour of thy hands, happy shalt thou be and it shall be well with thee. (Amen!) Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thy house, thy children like olive vines around thy table. Behold that thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord, the Lord shall bless thee out of Zion and thou shalt see the good of Nigeria all the days of your life! (Amen!) Yea thou shalt see thy children’s children and peace upon the Redeemed Christian Church of God. (Amen!) Your “Amen” tonight must be really strong (Amen!).

 Tonight we want to talk about “great fruits” and what do we mean by “fruits”?Fruit could be babies, like Psalm 127:3 it talks about the fruit of the womb it said…. Psalm 127:3 it said, Lo children are an heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is its reward. And Deut. 28:4 says, Blessed shall be the fruit of your body. So fruit could mean babies. And fruit can be harvest from the ground, fruit of your ground, fruit of your cattle, fruit of your sheep. According to the same Deut 28:4 fruit can be the outcome of your daily work. Isaiah 3:10 it says, Say ye to the righteous that he shall be well with him, for he shall eat the fruit of his doings. Psalm 128:2 says, For thou shalt eat the labour of thy hands.Fruit can be the result of evangelism, the souls that are won into the kingdom because in John 15:16 the Lord said: You have not chosen me but I have chosen you and have ordained you that you may go and bring forth fruit. So when we talk about great fruits therefore we can be talking about great children.That’s why all of you who are here, trusting God for the fruit of the womb, you will not bring forth ordinary children, you will bring forth great children (Amen!) 

 For example the Bible says concerning John the Baptist in Matt 11:11 it says of all the men that had been born of a woman there had not a risen a greater than John the Baptist. Well I have good news for you, your own children will be greater than John the Baptist! (Amen!) And great fruit can also be the result of sowing on good soil. Like in the parable of the sower in Matt 13:3-8 it talks about a sower that went to sow. Some fell by the wayside, some fell on stony ground, some fell among thorns and some fell on a good soil. The ones that fell on the good soil brought forth fruits. From today you will be sowing on good soil. (Amen!) And you will be reaping great fruits. (Amen!)

 When we talk about great fruits therefore we could also be talking about a little effort bringing in great results. The elders have a saying, it is very difficult to translate into English, it said how you labour does not necessarily determine how you will become rich. In other words it is not how hard you labour it is how correctly you labour. One single sermon can bring in several converts. Those of us who were here during the Convention, you saw what happened on the Holy Ghost Night. One single sermon and the Pastor made the Altar call and there was not enough room in all this place to take the converts – great fruits!

Now we are going to spend some time tonight, if the Lord will allow us, to discuss these great fruits one by one. We will want to talk about the fruit of the womb. We will want to talk about the fruit that is the result of your labour. If God will allow, we want to talk about the fruit that is the result of evangelism. But the way things are going only God knows how far He will allow us to go preaching. . All we know – Thank You Father! All we know is that you will bear great fruit! (Amen!)

 You see the Lord just said, He said: And the dry land shall become wet! (Amen!) That’s confirming what the Bishop had already said – seed will not grow on dry land so I believe God is saying to you that every dry womb shall become fertile. (Amen!) But it is more than that. The elders have a saying when they want to say things are hard financially - they will say, the ground is dry, it’s not for the lack of rain - which means when I say the ground is dry, I’m not talking about the natural rain, I’m talking of financial rain. When God says, “And the ground shall be wet.” I am confident that He’s saying that every dry bank account shall become liquid. (Amen!) I believe that every dry project shall blossom again! (Amen!) And for the student I believe that every dry brain shall begin to function well. (Amen!)

 Let’s looks at the great fruit of the womb. I have found something that is very interesting - that the majority of the great men of the Bible, those who seem to be very, very special, they came out of barren wombs. Isaac, Samuel, John the Baptist, is there anyone here who will not want to have a son like Isaac? Or Samuel or John the Baptist? So let’s just look at those three as examples.

 Isaac: his name means ‘laughter, child of joy.’ There is somebody here tonight, listening to me, the baby that God is going to give you - for the rest of your life he will not cause you one single day of sorrow. (Amen!) What kind of child is Isaac?An obedient child. The Father said, “My son we are going on a journey”. “Yes Daddy.” And he followed  - no question. “Daddy said, let’s go, we go.” I have good news for somebody, Your next baby will be absolutely obedient. Gen 22:9 said when Abraham was about to offer Isaac for a sacrifice he bound him and laid him on the altar. There was an old man, about a hundred and twenty years old binding a boy of about twenty. If the boy did not submit, there is no way the father could have done it. If the boy decided to run, the father can’t catch up with him. If the boy decided to struggle, a twenty year old boy with just one little push and the father will fall down because the father is about hundred and twenty. But he said, “My son I want to bind you.” “Yes, Daddy. “I want to lay you on this altar. You are the one I’m going to use for the sacrifice! ” “Yes Daddy.” The next child you are going to get will never give you a single problem. (Amen!)

 What kind of child is Isaac? He’s a child of multiplication. In Gen 22:16-17Thank You Father! Oh Lord! Daddy says there shall soon be a flood of joy (Amen!) flood of joy that’s coming my way, no doubt about that, you know what that could mean? As a result of our gathering tonight, there’ll be many multiple children born into this world. (Amen!) Many of them will not come singly - they will be twos, they will be threes. (Amen!) And for the business man you better get ready for more contracts than you can handle yourself! (Amen!) And may I tell the Pastors, get ready for more converts than your building can hold. (Amen!) Thank You Jesus!

 Eh Eh sometimes ago, years ago, one of my daughters came to me. That time I was a lecturer at the University of Lagos – “Nobody seems to be saying ‘How now?’” “So we prayed for future partner and within on month six people came. So we have to pray a new kind of prayer. Why am I telling you that story? Because there is someone here among you sisters before we return in October you too will be praying that new kind of prayer. (Amen!)

 So where were we? Gen 22:16-17 the Lord to Abraham: In blessing I will bless you but multiplying I will multiply your seed. Abraham you’ll be blessed but Isaac will be multiplied. Listen to me carefully – this is not an ordinary night. All of you here tonight you will be blessed. (Amen!) But your children shall be multiplied. (Amen!) What kind of child is Isaac? He’s a child who carried on the family blessing. He’s a child who became very great. There are all kinds of children. There are children the father may be great, they will reduce the greatness of the father. Some of us were talking about things that had happened in the past. We remember years ago in a particular village, when you can count the number of storey buildings and the children of those people who built the storey buildings brought it down and reduced it  to just ground floor bungalows. Your children won’t be like that! (Amen!)  Your children will keep on going higher. (Amen!) No matter how great God will make me, you are all going to be greater than I. (Amen!) You better say “Amen” to that one. Say it loud and clear (Amen!)

 What about Samuel? His name means “asked of God” or “answer to prayer or “a gift of God”. You can read that in 1 Sam:20:27 There are children and there are children. There are children that you have and you almost say to God, why should I have this one in my family? But there are children people will know that this is a special favour of God to you. Every child that will be conceived as a result of tonight they will be straight from the throne of God. (Amen!)

 What kind of child was Samuel? He was a powerful child. 1 Sam 3:19 The Bible says God will not even allow his word to fall to the ground. In other words when he speaks, before the saliva on his mouth will touch the ground everything he said will come to pass. Listen to me carefully, Many of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, out of your womb shall come great prophets. (Amen!) Alleluia! The Lord asked me to ask someone here, He said how do you want your twins? Two girls? A boy and a girl? Or Two boys? You better tell Him now! Say it loud and clear so that He can hear you. Oh Lord thank You Father! Samuel, he was a king maker. He was the one who enthroned Saul. He was the one who enthroned David, He was a king maker – He was someone so powerful that when he comes into a town the elders will shake. Until he has spoken they don’t know why he’s coming. None of you will have a useless child. (Amen!) You will have children who will be controlling presidents. (Amen!)

What about John the Baptist? Luke 1:11-14 The Bible calls him a child of joy and gladness. That’s the kind of children God will give to you. (Amen!) In verse 15 of Luke 1 the Bible call him “great”, If God says somebody is great, that fellow is great. Your children will be great. (Amen!) What kind of child was John the Baptist? From the mother’s womb he was a Holy Ghost carrier. He came as an evangelist, revivalist, powerful -  the Bible called him the prophet of the highest. The Bible says he was strong in the Holy Spirit. You will find that, read the whole of Luke 1 you will find it there. Because that’s the kind of child that you are going to have. (Amen!) Powerful Holy Ghost carrier! Prophet of the highest! Strong in the Holy Ghost. Jesus said concerning John the Baptist, He said there is nobody as great as he in his generation. You know in every generation somebody is born and everybody will say this is the greatest in this generation.

 I was talking sometimes somewhere, preaching at a particular place and I said something that I’m sure you agree with me – its true. I find that whenever they are comparing cars they will say, oh Mercedes Benz is the strongest. They will say BMW is the fastest; they will say Lexus is the most comfortable. You know they never talk about Rolls Royce. Why? Because Rolls Royce is in a class of its own. You don’t compare sleep and death! The kind of children you will produce will be Rolls Royce. (Amen!) I mean they will just stand on their own and when people are comparing this they will say don’t talk about him you know he’s superior. You know God told me, I think I’ve shared it with you a little, He said out of the Redeemed Christian church of God, I will raise up a people that will cause the world to have a new definition of greatness. (Amen!) In other words, the smallest of you will be so great that the world will say, if this is what they call small, then we have to redefine great! (Amen!) You haven’t seen anything yet! I say, we haven’t seen anything yet!

 Years ago when we just moved to that segment of this Auditorium which was very big then and I said the old Auditorium beside the expressway will soon become the  Auditorium for the children, Ah Everybody said, Ah – ah, say something else. How can that be?” During this last convention it has become clear that the old Auditorium is becoming too small for the children. You haven’t see anything yet. Take a look at what we now call this big Auditorium. Ah how big? You believe God and I tell you that very soon the children will tell you go and build your own because we need this one. (Amen!) Because multiple children are coming. Do I hear your “Amen” to that one? (Amen!)

 … Thank You Daddy! Daddy says trespassers shall be chased out. (Amen!) I need to explain that one. Number one it means all those strange women causing troubles in your homes shall be chased out. (Amen!) It also means all those spiritual husbands, spiritual wives shall be chased out! (Amen!) It also means that all those illegal consumers consuming your money shall be chased out. (Amen!) It also means that every sickness, every disease in your body shall be chased out! (Amen!)

 I want you to stand on your feet – we’ll continue as God allows us to – I want you to cry to the Almighty God. And say, “Father my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Every trespasser – sickness, disease, doubt, unbelief, demons, curses, evil covenant - I command now – get out! ” Open your mouth and cry out to the Almighty God.

 Every trespasser, Oh Lord God Almighty, every trespasser in this temple of the Holy Spirit every sickness, every diseases, every aches, every pain, every doubt, every unbelief, every demonic influence, every evil covenant I decree right now get out! Get out in the mighty name of Jesus. Every trespasser get out! Every devourer  in my life get out! Get out! The Lord has spoken. He said trespassers shall be chased out. I command you in the mighty name of Jesus, every trespasser  I am chasing you out now! In the name of Jesus I am commanding you to go! Sickness go! Disease go! Demons go! Go now in the name of Jesus! Move out! Trespassers get out! Hypertension go! Diabetes go! Cancer go! Fibroid go! Kidney go! Poverty go! Trespasser go! In the mighty name of Jesus go now! Get out! Thank You my Father! Glory be to God! Thank You Lord! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!) So shall it be in Jesus name! (Amen!)

 Every sickness shall leave your body in Jesus name! (Amen!) Every demon shall leave you alone in Jesus name! (Amen!) Every devourer shall leave your body in Jesus name! (Amen!) Every evil link with spiritual husband, spiritual wife, spiritual child shall go in Jesus name! (Amen!) Every intruder in your home shall go in Jesus name! (Amen!) Every agent of the devil in your place of work shall go, in Jesus name! (Amen!) So shall it be! (Amen!) Ah so shall it be! (Amen!) So shall it be! (Amen!) In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen!) Please go ahead give the Lord a big round of applause. Thank You Lord! Glory be to God! God bless you, you may be seated!

 Alleluia! The Lord said there is a woman who came here tonight looking as someone who is eight month pregnant without any pregnancy at all. The Lord asked me to ask you to check your belly, that the load that the enemy has put there has been removed! (Amen!)

 So we have great children like Isaac, like Samuel, like the John the Baptist.

 The Lord said there is a woman here, you will remember that in your dream it’s always this child following you anywhere you go, The Lord said you may not know it, that is the child that is preventing you from having your baby. He asked me to tell you, you will never see that child again! (Amen!)

 Eh! Eh! So we have these special children but we need to note that these special children are from special parents. Abraham, the father of Isaac, was someone who was chosen by God for blessing. In Gen 12:1-3 God said to him: Abraham I will bless you. I will make your name great. I will make you great. You will be a blessing. Those who bless you I will bless, those who curse you I will curse and through you shall all the nations of the earth be blessed. When God chose Abraham for this blessing, Abraham had never done anything good or bad according to records. God just chose him for blessing. And God is going to chose somebody here tonight for blessing (Amen!) Who is the one? Let me hear your “Amen” loud and clear! (Amen!)

 But then you will notice something about Abraham from that moment on. Number one he was an altar-builder. You heard it earlier this evening. You want the rain to fall, repair the altar. Go through the Scriptures. Everywhere Abraham went he built an altar to the Lord. He was a consistent worshiper He just wanted to worship God, You know, when I get to a gathering, by the time I have been there for thirty minutes I can tell you – I am not talking about hearing from God – I can tell by observation those who are going to be great. You know when people are praising God you can see the reaction of the people. Some people are enjoying it - they just sit down as ladies and gentlemen - you know even though they don’t bear the title, but they may sit down as most senior Apostle, watching little children praising God. At times you begin to wonder maybe they are even the gods that we are praising. Whereas you see others when they see that these people are praising my Daddy very well. Even though I’m not in the choir – let me join. They will stand up and begin to dance and you see people around them looking at them why are you doing that? Let them keep on looking at you; let them remain seated while you are standing. When God is lifting you higher they will still be looking! Oh but you may say, most of the time we don’t see you standing too sir. I’m conserving my energy because I know I’m going to be standing while you are sitting and if you see me where I am sitting my leg is dancing, my body is moving! Oh I’m going on with everything that is going because I’m going to reach the top! How many of you will reach the top! From now on whenever God is being worshipped remember they are worshipping the only One who can promote you. If God does not promote you, nobody can. Whenever they are worshiping God, forget who you are – join the worship! When they ask you to shout “Alleluia” let your own be the loudest! Let me hear somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Ah that’s great! That’s the way it should be! Thank you.

So you see Abraham was an altar-builder. He loves to build altars because he wants somewhere to worship.  Eh-eh! some of you may not want to hear this but it’s true.Abraham was a tither, Father Abraham, He was a tithe payer. Read it Gen. 14:18-20 Oh I won’t spend much time on that. We will come to it maybe some other time. Abraham was a hospitable person that is how unknowingly he entertained God. Abraham was a reliable friend of God. You can read all these inGen. 18 He was a great intercessor. He knew how to pray and Abraham was a sacrificial giver. You heard it again earlier tonight If you want the rain to fall, give God a sacrifice, I will talk more about that later on. What about Hannah mother of Samuel?

 Ah Thank You Father! You know, so many things, are happening it’s just that if I’m announcing everything we won’t be able to do any preaching but

God says there is someone here, He says your eyes are dimming periodically and then it will brighten and then it will grow dim and then it will brighten. He asked me to tell you that what the enemy is using to cover your eyes he has removed. (Amen!) Thank You Father!

 This is a big one too. The Lord said the dominion of the evil one over your partner is over! (Amen!) Eh! Eh! that is good news for somebody.

 What about Hannah the mother of Samuel? She was a prayer warrior - 1 Sam 1:9-10 That woman knew how to pray. She knew how to hold on to God. Not only that, she was a covenant partner of God. She said, “God, give me that boy and I will give it back to you! ” And not only she made covenant with God. She was a covenant keeper. You can still find this story in 1 Sam 1 That’s why I thank God for all my covenant partners I can guarantee you God will keep His own side of the covenant. And if you are not keeping your side you better begin to keep it now because once you hold a covenant with God He will hold you to it. Hannah was a grateful woman. She knew how to say thank you Lord. If you read 1 Sam 2:1-2you will see her thanking God. What about Zechariah and Elizabeth, parents of the John the Baptist?

 You see I have taken Abraham, the father of Isaac, I have taken Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Now let me take husband and wife. Now Zechariah and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Baptist. What kind of people were they?Pure, undefiled, holy, dedicated servants of God, relentless prayer warriors.You can read all that from Luke 1:5-13. Oh, Thank You Jesus!

 ….The Lord said there is someone here tonight inside your mouth are several sores and the Lord asked me to ask you to check, They have all disappeared! (Amen!)

 So what we notice, therefore, is that great fruits come from great people And then when we come down to things of the land because I want to touch that one very quickly before God chases me out of here, every farmer knows that the kind of harvest that you will get will be determined by several things.

Number one - the type of soil. I mean if you take maize now and you spread it over the lagoon, you go back three months later and say you want to harvest corn you, will be wasting your time. Another thing that will determine the kind of harvest you will get, will be the quantity of seed. In 2 Corinthians 9:6 Its says if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly; you sow bountifully you will reap bountifully. Another thing that will determine the kind of fruit you get, is the type of seed that you sow. Gal 6:7 Its says be not be deceived, God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.

I was telling a story in London some days ago, I said years ago, when the church began to grow and the Holy Ghost Service was getting too big for me alone to lay hands on the people, I got seven elders together and I said listen to me, you will be ministering with me and I gave each of them a tie that I had used in ministering, each tie that I know had been soaked in the anointing and they began to wear the ties to Holy Ghost Service and the miracles began to happen through them. But suddenly I discovered everybody that travelled whenever they are coming back they come and give me ties. Little by little – hundred ties, two hundred ties. I said, “God what is wrong with these people? Can’t they see something else other than ties?” And God spoke to me and said, “What a man sows is what you reap. You sow ties you reap ties.” That’s all I told the people in London. What I’m about to tell you now, I didn’t tell them because you are special. You know as a mathematician……..Because if I sow shoes………….. you’ve got it. And then I waited one month no shoe, second month no shoe, third month - no shoes. Father where are the shoes? And He said when you sow corn, you will reap it in three months. When you sow yam, you have to wait for six months……….. ah ah ok. So I waited and then the shoes began to come - black shoes, brown, white, yellow shoes, so much that there is hardly anywhere to walk in the house because of the shoes … because He says the quality of your seeds that you sow, if the quality is high, the day the harvest will come will be a little bit longer but when its begins to come  - get ready.

 So you can imagine, when at the end of last year God told me to give away my two Jeeps. At first it was difficult. Finally by God’s grace, I obeyed and now I’m waiting! Eh-eh! I’ve not seen anyone yet. No problem because those are high quality seeds. I may need to wait for three years - no problem, but when they begins to come, don’t envy me! Don’t envy me at all - whatever you sow - you shall reap! How many of you want great fruits? Let me hear you shout “Alleluia! ” (Alleluia!) Alright, so let’s round up. I can feel the power of God seriously here.

 The Lord said to somebody here, your days of wandering are over (Amen!)

 Now what do we do to get rid of barrenness? You see because barrenness is not only lack of fruit of the womb. Barrenness actually means fruitless efforts - that’s the meaning of barrenness. You work and there is no sign that you are working - that’s barrenness. You study – you keep failing the exams, that’s barrenness. You have been doing the work with all your heart, with all your energy! No promotion. That is barrenness. You preach, you witness, you do house visitation and yet the church is not growing - that’s barrenness! What do we do to remove barrenness? Number one the principal cause of barrenness is curses. Mark 11:12-14 Jesus saw a fig tree, full of leaves and said, “Ah there will be food on this.” He got there – no fruits. He pronounced a curse on it. He said, “No man shall eat any fruit from you ever again.” And that fig tree never bore fruits. 2 King 2:19 Jericho was a city that was under a curse and everything there was barren.   So what do we do to prevent barrenness or to put an end to barrenness?

 Thank You Father! Number one is that you must do everything to make God change curses to blessings. It means that we have to repent of deception and many of us who are pretenders will pretend that we are serving God whereas we are only serving Him because of what we can get from Him. We pretend that we are paying all our tithes. As if God does not know mathematics, as if He doesn’t know how to divide by ten. We pretend that we are co-operating with God fully whereas we are just doing what is convenient for us. If you want God to reverse every curse that is upon us so that an end can come to barrenness in our lives. Prov 28:13 it said he that concealeth his sins shall not prosper but he that confesses and forsakes them shall obtain mercy. You will obtain mercy tonight in Jesus name! (Amen!)

 Let me tell you one thing, those of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb. Only one child is needed to open the door. As soon as the door is open, the others will follow. Samuel was the first one to open the door for Hannah, five others followed. Businessmen I’ve told you again and again what God said in Malachi 3:10 is that if you will bring all the tithes into His house He said He will open the windows of heaven.  He said he will pour out a blessing – one, one blessing that’s all you need – one breakthrough! I want to believe God with you, that before the end of this year some of you here will be saying, God this is too much! (Amen!) God this is too much (Amen!) If you believe that say “Amen” loud and clear! (Amen!)

 You need to repent, you need to confess and forsake them. Then like Hannah you need to pray and not just ordinary prayer, violent prayer! Matt 11:12 since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. I’m sure I’ve told you before - maybe it’s the London people that heard this one recently. Luke 11:9-10 that’s where the Bible says, ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. For everyone that asketh receiveth, for everyone that seeketh findeth, for everyone that knocketh at the door, to him the door shall be opened. And I said there are three things you could do when you knock at the door when you know the landlord is inside. You knock at  the door. If he didn’t answer, you can say, “Well he didn’t answer so I’m going! ” Or you could say, “I’m staying here! I will keep on knocking until you open, I’m not going until you open. ” Or you can say – “door you are standing between and my blessing I am going to kick you open! ” Ah how can we do that? Won’t God be angry if we say, “God whether you like it or not I must take my miracle?” It means many of us didn’t study the Bible very well. When those four boys brought the fellow who was paralytic and they got there and there was no room because people have jammed the doors and the window, what did they do? They went home? They said, “We have tried, we have tried?” No! They climbed the roof! When they got to the top of the roof ah there is no window there and the roof is there and we are gentlemen, ok let us climb down and go home. It must mean that God didn’t want our friend to be healed. Is that what they did? No! what did they do? Ah! they tore open the roof! Check the Bible, the Bible did not tell us who repaired the roof because as soon as their friend got healed, they just went home dancing rejoicing – nobody said anything the roof. Every door standing between you and your miracle shall be forced open tonight! (Amen!)

 I told you a story of my youngest son when he was small. I have a room in my house - my prayer room and everybody in the house knew that when Daddy goes into the prayer room he doesn’t want to be disturbed. I made the room a bit uncomfortable so that I won’t get too comfortable there. It’s supposed to be a place of warfare. So I may be there laying down, naked on my face before God, discussing serious matters with God: Holy Ghost Service, the growth of the church, peace for Nigeria – important things and my youngest son pushes the door open: “Daddy I want biscuit! ” “Ah no, no, no!  Please go, go, go to your mother! Go and ask her for biscuit!” “Daddy I want biscuit!” Does he care about Holy Ghost Service? He didn’t know anything about that! It’s none of his concern about what is going on in Nigeria! He wants biscuit. Somebody is going to tell God tonight – Father whatever you are doing up there – you have to suspend it. Settle my case first. Is anybody going to pray like that here tonight? Let me hear your “Amen” now! (Amen!) Don’t worry that time is coming very soon.

 And then like Hannah make God an offer he cannot refuse. What do I mean by that? You can’t bribe God so forget that He’s too big! But you can make him an offer that he cannot refuse. David said in Psalm 51:15 he said open thou my lips and my mouth shall show forth thy praise. David knew that God is really interested in praise. He said, okay remove that thing that is blocking my mouth and then I will praise you.

 Suppose three of us go to God and one of us says, “God give me a breakthrough and I will pay my tithes.” Ah God will say, “Is that an offer? You don’t pay your tithe I will curse you” The second one says Lord give me a breakthrough and I promise You, we will share it fifty-fifty. God says, “Well I’m listening”. And then the third one comes and says God I want You to be my Senior Partner. Whatever comes in I will give you 60%. I’ll be satisfied with 40%. Who is the first one to get a breakthrough of the three? I mean it’s clear. I’ve told you a story before of a man who started his business in America with 500 dollars and he said to God, God it is an insult for me to be giving you 10% while I’m retaining 90%. I will give you 90% I will keep the ten. Within 3 years 500 dollars became 50 million! Make God an offer he cannot refuse! He’s a covenant-keeping God.  I know Him. We’ve been walking together now for sometime. I will tell you a story and don’t worry, very soon we’ll be praying.

 One of my daughters came to me years ago, she said, “Daddy you must be at my wedding.” I laughed. I said, “You will wait a long time. “And that was when the church was even smaller and I still attended weddings. She was talking to me, I think around May. I said you will wait a long time. “I will wait. ” I said, “Ah, lets look through my dairy.” We looked through. I said, “There is no date left this year.” She said, “ I will wait. ” So we moved down to the following year to see. We checked my year planner and we found that there is only one Saturday that was free for the next year and it was July. And here is a girl talking about marriage in May. “My dear there is only one Saturday free in the next year and it’s in July.” She said, “Glory be to God, that’s the day of my wedding!” “Ah no, you can’t wait that long.” she said, “eh that’s the day of my wedding. ” So I made up my mind, if this lady is so committed then I must honour her. And then the following year came. July came and my mother died. I was in London when my mother died on missionary assignment and because I didn’t write this girl’s marriage on the only Saturday free, my wife saw that Saturday free in my calendar and said, “Ah this is when we will bury mama!” “So they phoned me. I said, No way, no way!” I love my mother. I’m the only son of my mother. I’m the last born of my mother. I’m the apple of the eye of my mother but I have committed myself to this girl. It’s a covenant on this issue. Now what are we going to do? There is no other day! We will bury my mother on Friday. Saturday I will be at this wedding. Make God an offer tonight. Enter into covenant with Him. Reach an agreement that you will not change and I can guarantee you, you will begin to bear great fruits.

Finally you must abide. The Bible says in Psalm 1, if you read from verse 1 to 3 It said the tree that is going to bring forth fruit in its season must be a tree that is planted by the rivers of water, not one that is moving - you plant it today, you uproot it tomorrow. It must stay and some of you who come to the Holy Ghost Service once in a long while and some of you who are Sunday-Sunday Christians, it doesn’t work that way. You have to be planted. You have to be a full-time Christian. Whatever else you are doing must be part-time. Full time Christian, part-time business man. Full-time Christian, part-time teacher, Full time Christian, part-time student. God must come first in everything, everything! In everything! Do I hear you say “Amen” to that? (Amen!)

 So if you are here tonight and you haven’t given your life to Jesus, you don’t know what you are missing.  God has been speaking to me again and again. I’m so surprised that it came so strongly through Bishop this evening when he said prepare for the rain! God has been saying it again and again “ Prepare for greatness! ” And He’s saying the same thing to all of you now – “Prepare for greatness!” But you have to be hooked to the Almighty God. Be separately hooked to the Almighty God. So if you want to give your life to Jesus with a solid determination that from now on you will serve Him for the rest of your life, I’m going to count up to ten. Before I say ten you must be in front here. if you want to give your life to Jesus with a strong determination to serve Him for the rest of your life come forward now. Come now 1……..2…….3…….4……5……6…….7 The choice is yours – if you want to continue to live the life of fruitlessness the choice is yours. If you want to be hooked to the only one who can make you fruitful, the choice is yours. 8……..The word of God is clear – we cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound. The word of God says, God forbid. Until you have come to Him and His Blood has washed away your sins, it doesn’t matter how high you cry, how great you shout as long as there is sin in your life – David said if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me. So if you want God to hear you, you have to be free from your sin. 9 now, This is the final countdown! If you want to give you life to Jesus you have be here and be here now. You have to hurry up from wherever you are coming from. This is the day of salvation. God is willing to save your soul but you have to come to Him first. He says, Come to me all you that labour and are heavy–laden and I will give you rest. If you don’t come the choice is yours.

 Now those of us who are already in front let’s begin to talk to the Lord, “Lord I have come to surrender my life today. I have come for salvation of my soul. Forgive me, O Lord! Have mercy on me! have mercy on me! save my soul! And just make me one of your children. ” Begin to talk to the Almighty God. The rest of us, let’s stretch our hands towards these people and pray for them that the One that saved our soul will save their own souls also. Ask the Almighty God to be merciful unto them. Ask Him to cleanse them in His Blood. Call on the Almighty God for them brethren! Intercede for these people! Intercede for these people! God should be merciful unto them. Ask God to save their soul tonight and write their names in the Book of Life! Pray for them brethren! And those of you who are still coming, come here now because I’m about to pray. I’m about to pray now! Call on Him and say,Lord have mercy on me! Save my soul! Cleanse me in Your Blood! Write my name in the Book of Life! Pray, pray now! Call on Him - the Almighty God.  He’s the Saviour and those of you who are still on the way hurry up now this is the time for your salvation. This is the moment of salvation. Get here before I finish praying because I am about to pray now. We want to pray for the salvation of soul of these people now. Come and call on the Almighty God for your own salvation too! Hurry up now. This is your moment. These is the moment of salvation. This is the hour of salvation. Call on Almighty God. Ask him to be merciful unto you. Say “Be merciful unto me, O Lord! Save my soul! Forgive my sin! Cleanse me in Your blood O Lord! Write my name in the Book of Life! Give me a brand new beginning Lord! I will serve you all the days of my life. I will serve You my Father and my God. Just have mercy on me! Save my soul! Save my soul! Save my soul today! Save my soul today! ”And those of you who are still coming make sure you get here now! Because I am about to pray! I am about to pray now! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 My Father and my God we want to thank You, for Your goodness, for Your mercy. We want to thank Your for these Your children who have come forward. Receive them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Forgive them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Wash them clean in Your blood today in Jesus name! (Amen!) Save their souls and write their names in the Book of Life in Jesus name! (Amen!) From today, whenever they call upon You answer them in Jesus name! (Amen!) All the days of their lives Father let them serve You in Jesus name! (Amen!) Thank You my Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

As we wait for our new brothers and sisters to join us I want you to spend the next two minutes discussing your life with God: where you are now? Where do you want to go? And what you will do if God will do what you want Him to do. This is just between you and God now. Within the next few minutes talk to Him! This is where I am now Lord and I want to reach the very, very top. This is where I want to go Lord and let’s discuss it my Father and my God. If you do this for me I will do this. Let’s settle the matter now. A night like this comes only once in a life time, Lord. This is it! This is the night. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God………Let’s begin to round up our prayers. In Jesus name we pray! It shall be according to our prayers in Jesus name! (Amen!) Praise the Lord.

 Bartimaeus cried unto the Lord. The Bible says Jesus stood still. And when Jesus stands still, the heavens stand still, the angels stand still, everything on earth and in the heaven will have to stand still! Somebody now wants to cry to God so that everything can stand still until their own particular problem had been solved. Someone is going to say to God like I said earlier on: “Whatever you are doing in heaven, O Lord, you have to suspend it for this moment – until you have settled my case!” I know there is someone here who is tired of barrenness; someone who is tired of fruitless efforts; someone who  knows that with God all thing are possible. Someone who wants to say, “God tonight is my night! ” Someone who knows that Jesus never asked anybody to come back tomorrow. All those who came to Him – the day they came, that was the day He answered them. People like me who are going to tell the Almighty God, This is the night! Such people will stand now.

And our first prayer is going to be a shout that is going to pull down every wall of Jericho that may want to stand between us and our miracle. So let me hear somebody shout a big Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Thank You Father! Amen!

Now you are going to lift your voice to God and say, “Father, I am your child and I want to talk to You now. Whatever You are doing suspend it and listen to me!” Go ahead, talk to Almighty God! “Father this is not a night for jokes! I am Your child. You are my Dad, whatever You are doing in heaven please suspend it now! Because I want to talk to You. I want to discuss with You. I have certain things I want to discuss with You tonight. Since you are my Father, since You are all in all. There is no time with You. You move from everlasting to everlasting so whatever You are doing now for this moment because we want to talk Daddy I want to discuss with You now. I want to open my heart to You tonight I want to discuss certain crucial issues of my life with You. I want to discuss with You Lord! Thank You my Father! Glory be to God! I want to discuss with you so Father please pay attention to me now. Pay attention to me now! Pay attention to me now Father! Pay attention to me now, my Lord and my Saviour. I want to discuss certain issues of my life with You. Help me Lord! Pay attention! Blessed be Your Holy name Lord! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you lift up your voice to Him and say, Father, I want to serve You! Open thou my lips! Remove every reproach from my life and my mouth shall show forth thy praise! Go ahead talk to Almighty God! I want to serve You! Open thou my lips remove every reproach from my life and my mouth will show forth thy praise! I will praise You. The world will hear, they will hear how great Thou art. You just open my lips, Lord, open my mouth Lord –with signs, with wonders, with miracles, with anointing, with power, open thou my lips Lord remove every reproach from my life! I will show forth thy praise, I will serve You. The world will hear and they will tremble when they see how great Thou art, when they hear from me of Your goodness, of Your mercy, of Your power! Open Thou my lips, O Lord and my lips shall show forth Thy praise! Yes Lord open Thou my lips and remove every reproach physical, mental, spiritual, financial, ministerial and otherwise open thou my lips and my mouth shall show forth Thy praise! Open Thou my lips Lord! Alleluia Father! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now you go to Him and say, “Father! “You better open your mouth and say, “Father, I am tired of fruitless efforts. I am tired of barrenness – make me fruitful!  Go ahead talk to the Almighty God. “I’m tired of fruitless efforts Lord! I’m tired of barrenness in every facet of my life! I am tired of fruitless efforts-make me fruitful Lord. Make me fruitful! far more fruitful than I‘ve ever been! I know You can do it! It is within Your power, Lord God Almighty within a very short period of time Lord make me fruitful. I know you can do it Lord. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Even if you don’t pray any other prayer pray this one with all your heart. Say,“Father since You are the Almighty – make me mighty! make my fruit mighty! Physically, financially, spiritually, make me mighty! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! Father, since You are the Almighty make me mighty! make my fruit mighty-physically, spiritually, ministerially, make me mighty Lord! Make me mighty! Since You are the Almighty God, since with You all things are possible, since there is no limit with You, Lord God Almighty make me mighty! Make me mighty! Make me mighty! Make my fruit mighty! Make my spiritual children mighty! Ah Lord God Almighty make the fruit of my efforts mighty! The Almighty God make me mighty! Make me tremendously mighty! Make me mighty in every sphere of life! Almighty God make me mighty, make me mighty in every facet of my life. Make me mighty right, left, front, back - make me mighty all round! Mighty! Make me tremendously mighty! Make my fruit mighty! Lord make me mighty! Tremendously mighty! Make me the mightiest in the whole world! Make me mighty, Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Then you lift your voice to Him and say, “Father, raise me far above my enemy and above all my competitors. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God! Rate me far above all my enemies and above all my competitors! Put me in a class by myself! A class of greatness the world has never seen before! Rate me far above all my enemies - far, far, far above all my competitors! Lift me up, Lord let me stand…….. Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Then you lift up your voice to Him and say, “Father make me a blessing to the whole world. ” Go ahead talk to the Almighty God! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

 Now remember what I said: If you knock at the door and the door didn’t open you can kick it open. That’s the moment now. Between you and God, whatever you know you must have that your joy may be full, between you and God now, by force, kick open the door, tell the Almighty God it has to be tonight, tonight, tonight! Lord tonight! This is it, this is it Lord! This is the night, this is the night! This is the night! This is the night! Thank You Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now I want you to join your hands. Now the word of God says one of you will chase a thousand, two of you will chase ten thousand to flight. You are going to pray, for your brother now and your sister. You are going to say, “Father this Your child that I’m holding, from now on let him produce mighty fruits! Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God. This Your child that I’m holding, Lord let him produce mighty, mighty, mighty fruit Lord! Mighty fruit Lord! From now on my Lord and my Saviour let this Your child, begin to produce mighty, mighty fruit beginning from today. Let this Your child begin to produce mighty fruits mighty, fruits mighty fruits Lord! Beginning from now, let this Your child begin to produce mighty fruits mighty, mighty, mighty, fruits beginning from now Lord God Almighty! Let this Your child begin to produce mighty fruits! Yes, Lord let him begin to produce mighty fruits! Biologically, financially, spiritually, mentally, ministerially-let him begin to produce mighty fruits Lord! Mighty fruits Lord! Thank You my Father! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

In a moment I’m going to pray for you but there is a prayer I want you to pray which is for you yourself too – indirectly because you are going to pray for me. Just say, “Let all his children be great!” which includes you. So, Go ahead! Talk to the Almighty God! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! (Amen!)

Now let your “Amen” be loud and clear. (Amen!) In the mighty name of Jesus you shall be great! (Amen!) You shall be very great! (Amen!) You shall be exceedingly great! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be great! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be very great! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be exceedingly great! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be powerful! (Amen!) Your fruit shall be very powerful! (Amen!) Your fruit shall be exceedingly powerful! (Amen!)  Your fruits shall be prosperous! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be very prosperous! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be exceedingly prosperous! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be anointed! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be very anointed! (Amen!) Your fruits shall be exceedingly anointed! (Amen!)  It shall be well with you! (Amen!) It shall be very well with you! (Amen!) It shall be exceedingly well with you! (Amen!)  All the days of your life it shall be well with you! (Amen!) In all your lives there will be no barrenness! (Amen!) No more dryness! (Amen!) No more failures! (Amen!)  No more fruitless effort! (Amen!) So shall it be! (Amen!) So shall it be! (Amen!) So shall it be! (Amen!)………...Go ahead! Give the Lord a big wave offering! Shout unto Him! Praise Him! Glorify His Holy name! Bless His name! Bless His name! Bless His name! Bless His name! He’s worthy to be praised! His worthy to be magnified! Bless His Holy name! Alleluia! Well shake hands with two or more people. Say, “Thank God I am here tonight. Thank God I am here tonight. ” And then you may be seated.

Next August all of you who have come tonight you will also be here dancing with your own children! (Amen!) So shall it be in Jesus name! (Amen!) Now we will give our thanksgiving  offering.

Thank You so much for what You have done tonight! We can never thank You enough for what You have done! Please accept our thanks in Jesus name! (Amen!)  This is the thanksgiving of Your children. Bless it O Lord! Sanctify it!  Use it for Your Glory! Before those who have given tonight will come back in October soak them in the rain of abundance in Jesus name! (Amen!) The kind of blessing that they cannot even dream possible bring it across their path in Jesus name! (Amen!) Even as they go now, let the miracles begin in their lives in Jesus name! (Amen!) And like never before, prosper them in all their ways in Jesus name! (Amen!)

If there is anybody here present tonight who still thinks unless the GO prays for me I can’t get my miracle, I’m praying for such persons now, Father give them their miracle in Jesus name! (Amen!) Wherever they may be, no matter how many, Father touch them in Jesus name! (Amen!) Solve their problems in Jesus name! (Amen!) Before the sun rises tomorrow every miracle that Your children need that will make their joy to be full give them now as I pray in Jesus name! (Amen!) Let their requests become testimonies in Jesus name! (Amen!) Thank You my Father! Glory be to Your name! In Jesus mighty name we have prayed! 

 Let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) I didn’t hear the “Yes”. Alright let somebody shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Let somebody victorious shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Let somebody who will never be barren again shout Alleluia! (Alleluia!)  Let somebody who is going to be great shout a great Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Let somebody who is going to be very great shout a very great Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Let somebody who is going to be exceedingly great shout an exceedingly great Alleluia! (Alleluia!) Let someone whose fruits will be exceedingly great shout an exceedingly great Alleluia! (Alleluia!). 

Alleluia! (Alleluia!) 


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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