WONDERFUL 7th of August, 2020



AUGUST 7TH, 2020.


***Speaking in the Holy Spirit*** Hallelujah ***Speaking in the Holy Spirit***. Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah. Glory be to God forever. Thank You Father. Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we pray.

Let us pray


Holy, holy, holy

Holy is the Lord



Holy, holy, holy

Holy, holy, holy

Holy is the Lord


(Might is the Lord)



Mighty, mighty, mighty

Mighty, mighty, mighty

Mighty is the Lord



Mighty, mighty, mighty

Mighty, mighty, mighty

Mighty is the Lord


(Jesus is the Lord)



Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus is the Lord



Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Jesus is the Lord

Eternal Rock of Ages we worship You, Ancient of days we bow before You, the Unchangeable Changer glory be to Your holy name, please accept our worship in Jesus’ name. From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank You for what You have already done during this very very unique convention; but we are asking Lord God Almighty that tonight You will do much more than we there hoped for. We pray that You save souls, that You heal the sick, that You will set captives free. My Father and my God we pray that You will change sorrow to joy; that in Your own miraculous way You will visit everyone listening to us now in Jesus’ name.

And Father we are committing Your children born in the month of August into Your hands; August is the eight month of the year and eight is the number of a new beginning, all these Your children my Father and my God, let them have a brand new beginning; a new beginning of joy, a new beginning of success, a new beginning of progress, a new beginning of victory, a new beginning of anointing, a new beginning of a closer work with You; let every one of them have new testimonies.

And by the time this programme is over my Father and my God let Your name be glorified like never before. Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let someone shout a great hallelujah.

Please be seated.

As you know, this is very special convention indeed.

Now, the theme of our convention as you know very well is Wonderful and this is the HolyGhost Night, a very very special night indeed and God as said something special while I was waiting.

Our text will be Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6:

It is a passage that I am sure you hear people referred to around Christmas which is a very good idea – Christmas is the period made for joy; and as God as chosen this text for us tonight, it means that in the name of Jesus Christ, your joy begins.

Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6:

‘For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.’

What is the first name given to Him here?

It is Wonderful.

Now, the word wonderful, as I am sure some of you would have heard me teach in the past, it is a combination of two words – Wonder and Full.

So, wonderful mean full of wonders.

Now, you don’t have to be told that everything about is wonderful.

Everything about God is wonderful!

His works are wonderful.

According to Psalm 107 verse 8: oh that men will praise the Lord for His goodness and His wonderful works to the children of men.

Wonderful works!

His testimonies are wonderful – and I am sure you can testify to that.

When you consider all the great things He had done in our lives, you consider all the testimonies you have had in the past, you can only say one thing Wonderful

And you know what, your own testimony will be wonderful.

Psalm 119 verse 129: wonderful are His testimonies.

His knowledge, oh wonderful.

Psalm 139 verse 6 tell us He is our seating down, our standing up, our sleeping down, our waking up, He knows everything about us.

His knowledge is too wonderful.

That is while we will gather in millions and all of a sudden God will just pick your case among so many and He will give in details what and what and what you have been going through and tell you the solution.

Wonderful knowledge.

His counsel is wonderful.

Isaiah 28 verse 29 says wonderful are His counsel.

You can never find a greater or better adviser than the Almighty God; when He give you advice it will be wonderful.

But, tonight, I just want to focus on seven things about Him that are wonderful, and I am only choosing seven because is the perfect number.

Number one: let us talk about the Wonders of His Size

The size of the Almighty God and I am sure there is only one way to describe His size and that is wonderful.

For example:

How long are His legs?

Isaiah 66 verse 1 tells us that He is sitting down in heaven and His leg reaches the earth.

These legs must be wonderful.

What about His hands? How big? How long?

Deuteronomy 33 verse 27 calls His arms everlasting

That means it has no end; the arms are just keep going.

How big is He Himself put together?

Now, you have a rough idea about how long His legs are; about how wide His arms are?

2Chronicles chapter 6 verse 18 says the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him – that is how big He is - the heaven of heavens.

You know, Paul told us about third heaven, that means there is heaven one, heaven two, heaven three.

Now, the Bible now is saying the heaven of heavens cannot contain our God.

I forgot to tell you about the size of His nose because when we are talking about His size, we don’t want to consider the size of His head, but we want to consider the size of His nose.

Exodus 15 verse 8 says when He breaths, the sea parted.

That tells you that must be quite a nose that if He just breath and the sea will get out of is way.

Oh, do I want to talk about His ears?

The Bible tells us that o ye that hear prayers unto thee are all flesh come.

You know what the mean?

His ears are so large, He can hear the prayer of everybody at the same time.

He is very big; my God is very very big.

One of my daughters sang a song in Yoruba, very difficult to translate into English, but it says: Gbangban, Kabitikabiti …

That is just struggling to find a word to describe how big our God is.

But do you know the greatest of it all concerning His size is that He can make Himself small enough to dwell in you.

As big as He is, He can reduce Himself to a small size so He can dwell in you.

1John chapter 4 verse 4 says greater is He that is you than he that is in the world.

So, He comes in, He squeezes Himself to a very small size so that He can dwell in you, but He does not lose His greatness at the same time.

And what does that mean?

One big good news, He is bigger than coronavirus.

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world – that should give you joy; that should give you security; that should give you peace of mind.

You have probably heard the testimony of one traditional ruler who was reigning for a long and some people felt that when will this man die so that we too can become king.

So, they decided that, well, they knew what to do: according to the tradition of the town a traditional ruler must not see a particular masquerade; the day he sees a particular masquerade he will die.

So, they knew the way he normally would take when going out.

And they ranged, they conspired, and brought out that terrible masquerade that he must not see and they were dancing and singing while he was coming;

He drove passed them and laughed because he has given his life to Jesus Christ and he said you are wasting your time – greater is He that is in me than any masquerade.

I am assuring somebody here today, it does not matter all the forces gathered against you, greater is He that is in you than he that is the world

And if you believe that let me hear you shout hallelujah.

Number two: Let us talk about the Wonders of His Love

In 1John chapter 4 verse 8, the Bible calls Him Love, not the He is loving, He is Love Himself.

What kind of Love is He?

The Love that is willing to give His all.

John chapter 3 verse 16 says God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.

You know, when Jesus Christ was teaching us human beings on the issue of love and giving: He said if you have two coats, give out one.

He did not say give out both, but the Almighty God is an all giving love.

I am praying that you will get so close to Him that He will ask on one occasion to give all you have just like Him and you will be amazed how He will respond.

In Romans chapter 8 verse 32, He said in His word, having given you His only begotten son, what else can you ask for that He won’t give to you?

We see how great this love His.

According to the Bible in Romans chapter 5 from verse 7 to 8: He said while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

I mean He loved us so much that He sacrifice His son for us even while we were yet sinners.

And in John 15 verse 13, Jesus Christ said, greater love than this has no man that a man laid down his life for his friends.

Great love! Sacrificial love!

And you know what, in John chapter 13 verse 1, He said in loving His own, He loved them till the end.

Enduring love!

All the people who are calling you my friend my friend now, many of them are calling friend because of what they can get from you.

If situations change, you will then discover there is only one friend left and that is Jesus Christ.

I have told you the story of one governor during the military regime.

He was governor and then his mother-in-law died, and people brought cows by trailers for the burial.

Two weeks before his own mother died there was another coup that replaced him.

His mother died; nobody brought a goat.

You are looking for a kind of friend that will endure; the kind of love that will last till the end, that is God kind of love.

And you know what?

If you are one of the people that He loves and I believed so, He will set you up for major and uncommon breakthrough.

When I was studying 2Chronicles chapter 1 verse 6 to 15, where Solomon offer God a thousand burnt offering.

And God visited him in night and give him a blank cheque and say ask for anything you want and he asked for wisdom

And God said I will give you what you asked for and I will add long life, I will add this, I will add that.

I said, haha, I still can understand what is going on here?

I think I have shared this with some of you before.

Because I know Solomon - the father was an adulterer, the mother was an adulteress; the two of them combined and they killed the husband of the wife and yet a boy was born and God now is beginning to promise Him these all wonderful things.

And God said well he did something what nobody had done before that is while I am giving him things nobody had ever gotten before.

There must still be something!

And I discovered it was all a set up

In 2Samuel chapter 12 verse 24 to 24, the Bible says, when Solomon was born, God loved Him.

When God loves you, He set you up for an uncommon miracle, a breakthrough; and He will do it in such a way that nobody will complain.

Because He will say well, this fellow did something nobody else did, that is while I am doing for him that I AM not doing for anybody else.

And I have shared with some of you before the testimony:

Years ago, my father-in-Lord called all workers together and said well, my children, we have a great need in the church – urgent great need – next week we need a certain amount of money.

He said all of you go away, go and closedown your accounts and bring all the money because we need all the money urgently and we all left.

And I just told my wife, you heard what Papa said?

She said I know.

We went, and we closed our accounts.

It was not much, that is all we had, and we brought the money.

The following Sunday, Papa gathered us again and said: well, thank you my children, the need had been met.

And we all rejoiced

And then he asked a question: he said, how many of you closed your accounts like I said that you give your all, raise your hand?

I raised my hand; my wife raised her hand; and I looked round, no other hands were going up.


And almost immediately, the devil began to speak to me: you can see now that you have added madness to your religion.

And God spoke and said you are not mad My son - it is a set up, you have done something nobody else had done so that nobody will be able to complain when I take you to where I AM taking you to.

I pray for someone here tonight, may the Almighty God set you up for a great breakthrough.

Then, still talking about His love, just to show how wonderful that love is.

It is written in Romans 8 verse 37, we are more than conqueror through Him that loved us.

O! glory be to God!

Because of His love for us, we are more than conquerors.

What exactly does that mean?

You can go to war and lose if God is against you or if God is neutral - He is not fighting against you, but He is not fighting for you.

You can go to war and win if God is with you.

Because when David was going to face Goliath, all that king Saul said: go my son the Lord be with you and he won.

You fight, with God fight with you, you win – you are a conqueror.

But ‘more than conqueror’ means you don’t even have to do the fighting, God does the fighting for you

You just seat down and then victory is yours, for doing nothing.

I pray for every one of you listening to me today, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, from now on you will be more than a conqueror.

And then let us talk about the Wonder of His Mercy

You know if God wants to boost, He could boost about how rich He is after all He said silver is Mine, gold is Mine.

He can boost about how powerful He is.

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I AM the God of all flesh, is anything too hard for Me?

But when He wanted to talk about His wealth, real wealth, He talks about mercy.

Ephesians chapter 2 from verse 4 to 6 talks about God who is rich in mercy; rich in mercy.

And why is that mercy wonderful for us?

According to Lamentations chapter 3 verse 22 to 23, it is because of His mercy that we are not consumed.

It is because of the mercy of the Almighty God that we are still alive today.

But for the mercy of God that some people had been crying unto God for, for Africa particularly in, hey, there should only few of us left by now.

And I am praying for every one of you listening to me today, may you continuing to enjoy the mercy of God.

This mercy of the Almighty God is in operation in some very interesting cases.

Look at Genesis chapter 19 verse 15 to 16, the angels of the Lord had gone to Sodom and Gomorrah and the had stayed in the house of Lot; they had warned him that danger is coming, get out, get out.

The Bible says, he lingered.

When they say get out, fire is about to fall, get out, he lingered.

But they said God decided to show him extra mercy and so the angels grabbed him and grabbed his wife, grabbed his children and drag them out of the destruction.

What a merciful God!

But when you look at Mark chapter 10 verse 46 to 52, you will see His mercy in operation again.

Mark chapter 10 verse 46 to 52 - it is the story of Bartimaeus, that blind beggar: this man was crying for mercy, Lord have mercy on me.

The crowd told him to shut up, but the mercy God waited.

Can you imagine the Almighty God waiting for a beggar – Jesus stood still.

Can you imagine the president of a nation going in his convoy and there is a beggar on the roadside who was shouting Mr. president help me, Mr. president help me, will the President stop?

And yet, the desire of all nations, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Almighty Himself, the One who made heaven and earth, waited for a beggar out of His mercy.

When you read Mark chapter 1 from verse 40 to 45, a beggar came to Him…; I have told you about this before; …knelt down, worshipped Him and say have mercy on me; mercy, mercy.

He broke all rules because the Bible says He had compassion on him and touched him and said I will, be cleansed and he was cleansed.

And then, when you read Matthew chapter 15, how wonderful the Lord of lord can be?

Matthew 15 verse 21 to 28, one man came to Him who is not of the household of Israel, came to Him, knelt down before Him and say, have mercy on me, have mercy on me.

Out of mercy, He brought the future, because the future for those who were not children of Israel to receive miracles was yet come, their time was yet to come; their time was to come when Peter went to the house of a gentile.

And if you the story about Peter going to the house of the gentiles, he was queried when he came back: we heard that you went to the house of a gentile?

And he said, the Spirit of God bade me go - you can read that in Acts chapter 11from verse 2 to 18.

But the Almighty God, out of mercy brought the future to the present even for a gentile.

The Bible says in James chapter 2 verse 13 that mercy rejoices over judgement.

Meaning what?

If you want to really really cry to God, you need God’s help desperately, don’t begin to tell Him how good you are, what you have done: don’t you know me, I am special song leader; I am the original pastor of all pastors, eh en, just ask for mercy.

Some of you will remember the testimony of a young man who was a Bible study leader in those days long ago.

This boy knew the Bible!

So, whenever the General Overseer wanted somebody to give a lecture, he will ask this boy to represent him.

And this boy usually they assigned him to talk to married couples and he would go through the Bible and will tell you about marriage, about what to do etcetera etcetera

One of the things he used to say is that when your wife is pregnant and the day of delivery comes, you bind all demons, you lose all angels and command the baby to come and the baby will come.

When he got married, and the wife became pregnant and the day of delivery came, he bound all the bondable, loosed all the losable, commanded the baby to come, the baby refused to come; first day, second day, third day

On the third day, he ran to the bush behind his house, fell on his face and said God, just have mercy me.

Before he got back, the baby had come.

May I hear somebody cry to God straight away and say God have mercy on me.

Let us talk about the Wonders of His glory.

In 1Timohty chapter 6 verse 16 the Bible says His glory so intense; He dwell in a light that no man can approach.

In Acts chapter 22 verse 6, Apostle Paul was reporting what happened to him on the way to Damascus, he said a light brighter than the moon day sun shone on him.

No wonder he could not see for three days.

In Isaiah chapter 6 from verse 1 to 3, the Bible tells us that even the angels who stood near God they had to cover their faces with two wings, cover their feet with two wings; any part of their body that could have contact with that glory they covered so that the glory will not destroy them.

Oh, my father-in-Lord told us, he said do you know the reason why Jesus Christ said when I finish preparing a place for you, I will come for you?

He said he could have sent angels, but the angels will take you to a certain place and say sorry o we cannot proceed further.

Because glory of God is so intense that even angels that say they stand in the presence of God they are thousands of kilometers away.

So, if He sent an angel to go and get you, you will get to a certain boundary and said well, you have to continue on your own.

Only the Son of God can take you into that glory.

The Bible says in 1Kings chapter 8 from 10 to 11, when the glory of God filled the temple the priests ran out, they could not stand in the presence of that glory.

And then of course, you have these jokers in 1Samuel chapter from 2 to 5, they capture the Ark of the covenant that houses the glory of God and they took to the room where they kept their idol; by the time they came the following morning, the idol was flat on his face before the Ark of God.

What is wrong with you idol?

They picked him up, set him on his feet again; by the time they returned the following morning, the head of the idol was broken, the hands were broken, the legs were broken and they all said, now, we see that power passes power.

1Corinthians 15 verse 41, the Bible tells us that there is one glory of the sun, there is one glory of the stars, and then he said star differ from another stars in glory.

Then, do you know that as glorious as stars are you can only see them at night.

But in Revelation chapter 22 verse 16 when He was describing the glory of my Lord, He calls it the Bright and Morning star.

Glory so intense that you can even see it during the morning, you see it during the daytime.

Now, you say, how does this apply to me?

Glory is the opposite of shame.

Proverbs chapter 3 verse 35: the Bible says the wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the promotion of fools.

Wise – glory

Fools – shame

The opposite of wise is fool or foolish, and the opposite of glory is shame.

Now, Colossians 1:27 says Christ in you the hope of glory.

Remember I have told you, as big as He is, He is dwelling in you.

So, for you, glory is already in you, dwelling there.

Meaning what?

Anything that can cause shame, by the glory of God alone will be kept far from you.

I will just share one testimony, I will just remind you because some of you have heard it before.

We were having a programme at Ebute Metta several years ago and some very very important personalities were present.

Suddenly, the word of God came, if I don’t know His voice, it would have been difficult for me to even announced it.

Because God said there is somebody there that he is a rich man, he can afford anything, and after he as finished eating from his dinning table, he would not be satisfied until he goes back later on to go and eat from the dust bin.

He finished the food, they have thrown away the remnant, and when nobody is looking, he will go back to the dust bin to eat.

I said the Almighty God wants set whoever that person his free.

I could not even ask the fellow to come forward because I know that would be great shame, so, I say I will be waiting in my office.

I don’t need to tell you who the fellow is; I don’t need to tell you the kind of position he is holding in the society, but he came.

And the first thing he said was ‘without doubt, God is in this place’.

How do you share that kind of secret?

Who would you tell?

I am talking of a man who was a bigger luminary, very important man in the society.

So, there is nobody who knows this secret – God must be here.

And that God is here tonight, and He is going to get ride of everything causing shame in your life.

So, let us talk about the Wonders of His name

I am sure you yourself know how wonderful His name is.

When you talk about the wonders of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, there are so many things:

Number one: the names are many.

You know, there are some people in certain part of the world, when you begin to read their names, one thing will follow another and follow another, but nobody has as many names as Jesus Christ.

Like the text we read at the beginning: Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

You jumped from there to Revelation chapter 1 verse 8: Alpha, Omega, Beginning, Ending, the One who was, the One who is, the One who is to come.

Many names, just to mention a few.

But do you know that everyone to His names is meaningful?

Every one of the names is meaningful.

For example, in John 14 verse 6, He said I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Oh, we could spend one hour considering the fact that He says I AM the Way.

What do you mean by that?

I AM the Way out of trouble, I AM the Way out of lockdown, I AM the Way out of sickness; I AM the Way out of sorrow, I AM the Way out barrenness, I AM the Way out of poverty, I AM the Way out of failure, I AM the Way out of defeat.

But not only is He the way out of all these problems, He is also the way to:

The way into joy, the way into peace, the way into success, the way into promotion, the way into everything beautiful including into the way to heaven; He is also the way where there is no way:

When He got to the tomb of Lazarus, is sister said too late.

He said hey that is your own idea, I AM the Way where they say there is no way.

And then, He said I AM the Truth.

I mean I can continue to talk about Him being the Way but we need to go to the other names – the Truth.

You know what the Bible says in 2Corinthians chapter 13 verse 8, He said you can do anything against the truth what is for the truth.

If you know how long people have struggled to erase the name of Jesus Christ from the world and they have failed; you will know that being the Truth makes Him irresistible.

And the fact that He is the Truth you know, guarantees your freedom.

John chapter 8 verse 32 says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

And He went on to say in John chapter 8 verse 36: whomsoever that the Son shall set free shall be free indeed.

When the Truth sets you free, you are free indeed.

When I hear some mighty preachers talking about the old testament and the new testament and they present the matter as the dispensation of grace and I thank God for the dispensation of grace, by grace we are save.

What I am today is by the grace of God; we all appreciate the grace; we all appreciate the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How wonderful!

Do you know what the Bible says?

In John chapter 1 verse 14: and the word became flesh and dwelleth among us and we beheld His glory, the glory of the only begotten son of the Father, full of grace and truth.

Do you know two plus two is four in the old testament?

What is two plus two now?

It is still four.

Be holy in the old testament for I AM holy is still true in the new be holy for I AM holy.

No matter what you try, the truth always remains the truth.

Oh thank God He saved us by grace from our sins, but everyone who enjoy the grace of God must remember, you are saved to be holy because He will always say go and sin no more.

And then, He went to say, I AM the Truth, I AM the Life.

In John 11 verse 25: He said, I AM the Resurrection and the Life.

Believe me honestly there is nobody too dead that Jesus cannot raise because He is the Life:

That is while He can give resurrection your eyes; no matter how dead the doctors say they are, I trust my God.

That is while He can give resurrection to your legs, to your hands, to your wombs, and even to your business, because He is the Resurrection and the Life

And that name, not only are His names many, His names are powerful – I mean each one is powerful.

And the Bible says in Philippians chapter 2 from verse 9 to 11 that at the name of Jesus all knees should bow.

Powerful name.

And in John chapter 14 verse 14 says if you ask anything in My name, I will do it.

You know when you find yourself under sudden attack and there is nothing else you can do, at least you can shout the name Jesus.

Wonderful name!

Some of you will remember a testimony which was shared with you by driver in those days.

One day, we were going to Ilorin, that was several years ago, I think 1981.

And in those days, there was this narrow bridge between Ogbomosho and Ilorin – anyway somewhere along the road – so narrow and only one vehicle at a time could pass.

So, if you get there and find another vehicle coming from the other side, you stop because the bridge is too narrow that it cannot take two vehicles at the same time.

And we are going, we were already on the bridge…, I mean the bridge was over a very deep river; … and then a trailer was coming from Ilorin; whether the driver did not see us or his brake, I never find out, but he just kept on coming.

And we had a choice, either die by head on collision or go into the river and drown – the river was deep.

And there was no time to pray - I mean, we could not even think of anything and both my driver and I shouted, Jesus!

And when you are in real trouble, you don’t call the name gently.

Somehow, I mean somehow, we met at the middle of the bridge and we passed.

And I mean the trailer had taken every bit of the bridge, and yet we passed.


I don’t know.

When we get to the other side of the bridge, we were so badly shaking; my driver parked – I did not ask him to pass – he could not continue driving, he parked.

And he was shaking like banana leave; fortunately, he did not look down because I was shaking more that he was shaking.

After some time, by the he spoke I have come down.

And he said, Daddy, what happened?

I said, God expanded the bridge.

And he kept on saying wonderful, wonderful, till will get to Ilorin he kept on saying wonderful and I said that is His name.

Is there anybody listening to me today who needs a miracle urgently?

Let me hear you shout Jesus.

Let us talk about the Wonders of His Blood.

In Leviticus chapter 17 verse 11, the Bible tells us that the life of the animal is in his blood; so, the life of Jesus Christ is in His blood.

That powerful blood that according 1John chapter 1 verse 7 saves, cleanses from all sins.

That blood that had been cleansing from sins for more than two thousand years now and that blood is still powerful it has not lost His power.

What are the wonders of this Blood?

Exodus chapter 12 verse 13 talks about the night that the angel of death visited Egypt and God told Moses when I see the blood, the angel of death will pass over you.

That is while you don’t have to worry yourself, you don’t have to be afraid, coronavirus is not coming to your house because the blood of Jesus Christ is already at the door, He guarantees your security.

Not only that.

Hebrews chapter 10 verse 19 tells you that that blood grants you access to the holiest.

There are many many friends you have, how many of them do you take to your bedroom?

There are friends that you receive at the reception.

There are friends that you receive at your private sitting room.

There are friends that you even allow to come to your study.

How many friends do you to take to your bedroom?

There is a place call the holy of holies that only the high priest that goes in once a year and when he goes in if he makes a mistake he will fall and died there.

So, when the high priest is going into the holy of holies, they tie a rope round his leg with some bell ringing round his dress.

If the people outside did not hear the tinkling of the bells the y will know he had died, and they will use the rope to drag him out

Because only the high priest can go in, it is called the holiest.

But the Bible says by the blood of Jesus Christ we can now go into the holiest, we have access to the bedroom of the most high God.

But just one more wonder of that blood.

According to Revelation chapter 12 verse 10 to 11: that blood guarantees your victory over Satan - He said He overcame him by the blood of the Lamb

What a powerful, what a wonderful blood that is.

I could tell you several testimonies to demonstrate the power of the blood; just one will do - quite a funny one.

Several years ago, one of our very young pastors went to one of the towns in Ekiti state and he found a room in a house next to the chief herbalist of town; he did not know he was living next door he was just doing his own job.

And he was quiet a powerful young man, prayerful, etcetera etcetera

So, a lot of people who used to come to the herbalist were now coming to this young pastor and the herbalist saw that he was losing customers.

So, he decided that the only way to solve this problem is get rid of the pastor in a very neat way, you know, very neat satanic way.

So, one day, the pastor went to church with his door locked, his window closed, by the time he came back, right there inside his room was a hen over some eggs – I mean seating over some eggs.

Now, the African elders they know what that one mean.

You open your door that was locked, windows closed and then you come in, hen is there roding over the eggs, you run out.

Because if you try to pick up the egg, your back will break.

You try to kick the hen out; whatever you try, if you don’t run out, you are dead.

And do, this young man came in, he saw the hen and saw the egg and said Lord I thank You, You know I have no money to buy eggs and I have not eating chicken for a long time and you provided in this way, Lord I thank You.

He said, hen, egg, I cover you with the blood of the Lamb, well come to my belly table.

He killed the hen and prepare a nice meal and the following morning he had egg for breakfast.

Oh, when the herbalist waited for a shout of agony or somebody weeping because they find the pastor dead and looked out of the window and saw the pastor going to church.

He surrendered his life to Jesus because definitely he understood power passes power.

May that blood speak for you today.

When I share this testimony, I think it was in London, and all the white people there were looking at me with their mouth wide open.

I said know by now you must be saying there must be saying there must be a lot of demons in Africa.

I said, o yes, a lot of demons, but there are demons here too.

I said the only different between the demons in Africa and the demons in your country is that our own demons did not go to school; there are illiterate demons and they are so easy to deal with because they are easy to recognize.

You see a madman coming in Nigeria, somebody walking neck coming towards you, you will quickly cross to the other side because you know something is wrong.

I said but your own demons here they wear 3D suit, they ride in Rolls Royce, oh glory be to God.

Let me begin to round up as we consider the Wonders number seven and that is the Wonders of His Anger.

It does not matter what everybody may tell you, my God is not a Father Christmas.

O yes, He is love and His love is wonderful but according to Hebrew chapter 12 verse 6, the Bible says whosoever He loves He chastens and purges every son whom He receives.

So, He loves you, you are special to Him, be careful; don’t toy with Him.

In Revelation chapter 3 verse 19 (and I am quoting from the new testament; Revelation is in the new testament) says as many as I love (the Lord speaking) I rebuke and chasten.

So, He says be zealous, therefore, and repent.

Don’t mess with God.

Oh, if God loves you, He will not leave you on your own; He won’t allow you to be doing whatever you want.

Because it is written in Proverbs 29 verse 15 - a child left to himself will bring shame.

Hebrews chapter 12 verse 29 made it clear, yes, God is love, but He is also the Consuming fire.

Hebrews chapter 10 verse 31 says it is very dangerous thing to fall into the hand of the living God.

Be careful!

Don’t joke with Him!

Don’t toy with sin, He is holy God.

When the angels were crying, they were crying holy, holy, holy, holy God the Father, holy God the Son, holy God the Holy Spirit.

Proverbs 29 verse 1, He says the one who is often reproved, who hardeneth his neck will be destroy suddenly and that could be without any form of repentance or reconstruction.

O yes! God love sinners.

Believe me honestly, He has no pleasure in the death of a sinner.

Ezekiel chapter 33 verse 11 says I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner while should you die.

Please, my beloveth, don’t let anybody deceive you and they say God can never be angry, He is too full of love, He is too full of mercy, He is kind, He is good…

The Bible says in Psalm 7 verse 11, God is angry with the wicked every day.


And when He decides to show His anger, He does it in a very wonderful way.

When He was angry with Sodom and Gomorrah, He rained down fire from heaven.

After warning and warning and warning and doing everything He could to bring out Lot and his family; He warned them, don’t look back; well, Lot wife look back and became a pillar of salt.

When Korah, Dathan and Abiram conspired against Moses and God got angry they were swallowed alive, the ground opened and swallowed them.

Oh, no, no, don’t let anybody deceive you, God can be angry.

Oh, that is the old testament!

Read Acts chapter 5 from verse 1 to 11: a man sold his property and decided to bring the money to the Apostles, but he kept part of it behind.

God was not angry because he kept part of it behind, it was that he lied.

Is this how much you sold the land for?

He said yes.

And God got angry and kill him.

The wife came because they plotted the thing together.

Hey, woman, is this how much you sold the land for?

She said, yes.

Don’t toy with God!

Those who came late to church that day by the time they came they saw the young men carrying out, first the husband, then the wife.

There is one prayer I always pray, anytime they say ask for one thing, that is my secret I am telling you now: I am not asking for money, I am not asking for cloth, I know my God is more than sufficient; only one prayer I pray: God don’t let me ever annoy You.

And He has proved to me, the more He loves you, the more you must be careful.

I told the story before and with this I am closing.

We had a campground in Epe, and we wanted to build two toilets – one for male, one for female.

And we hired surveyor to be the contractor and we told him we wanted sixty feet by thirty feet and so on.

And then, we got there, and he began to measure the ground and instead of measuring feet he began to measure in meters and God spoke to me and said correct him.

And I said no Lord he is a surveyor; if he does not know the different between feet and meters and let him pay the price and maybe he charged me for meters anyway.

We left the first place, we went to the second place, he was measuring again in meters.

Again, God said to me, son, correct him.

And I said, if does not the different between them, I don’t know which school he went to.

And God kept quiet.

So, again he measured in meters

And then, there was one of his labourers, very strong Hausa man, was a bit bigger.

As we turn to leave the second place, that strong man smiled at me and said, megida, and stretched forth is hand and I smiled back and I stretch forth my hand to shake his hand and he grabbed my hand and began to squeeze…,

I am telling you because of the nature of his work, his hand was like iron.

…. and he began to squeeze my hand, it was as if he wanted to break my bones.

Haa! Lord, what is happening?

And God spoke to me again I told you to correct him.

Sorry Lord, I will

And the man released my hand and my hand was burning like fire.

And I corrected the surveyor and he said thank you very much.

On my way to my car, I was grumbling.

When David says Your praise shall continually be in my mouth, that moment it was not praise in my mouth, it was murmuring:

God, haha, the punishment is too much compare to my offence.

He spoke to me and said, son, I have told you you are special to me, be careful.

Don’t say I did not tell you my children, I don’t know which convention will be last one; the Lord may return before we have another convention.

I don’t know when Jesus will return but if any of you fail to make it to heaven it won’t be because I did not tell you the whole truth.

God can be wonderfully angry – watch your step!

Those of you who are playing games with the most high God, the all-seeing God, the God who knows all things, watch it.

And those of you who have not yet surrender your life to Jesus Christ please remember God is angry with the wicked every day, you don’t want to confront the Almighty God, you life is in His hands, He can decide at what minute you breath your last.

But if you surrender your life to Him today, His mercy is still there, His blood is still powerful as before, He can still save your soul and give you brand new beginning. If you are backslider, you can still return to Him and He will come you back.

If you want to give your life to Jesus or you are a backslider and you want to return to the Almighty God, please bow your heads wherever you and cry unto Him, Lord please save my soul, I promise You I will serve You for the rest of my life. And if you are a backslider cry to Him and say Lord please restore me, I want to come into fellowship with You again.

And please let the rest of us pray for this people. Pray for the salvation of those who are asking God to save their souls and pray for restoration of those who are backsliding; pray for the restoration of those who have been toying with sin and have made up their mind no more.

Let us pray for just one minute: God save the sinners, restore the backsliders, and take all the glory for it.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

My Father and my God I want to thank You, I want to thank You for Your word, I want to thank You for the wonders of Your word, I want to thank You for the people who have chosen to surrender their lives to You today, please Lord, save their souls, forgive all their sins, let that Your powerful blood wash away all their sins, give them a brand new beginning Father, receive them into the family of God. And every backsliders, all those who have been toying with sins among Your children who are saying no, Lord no more, I am coming back home now, receive me, Father, please receive them all and don’t let them backslide again.

And Lord God Almighty, later on Your children will be coming before You presenting their prayers, in Your own wonderful way, in the life of everyone who will call on you tonight, perform Your wonders, answer every prayers by fire and let Your name forever be glorified. Thank You my Father. Thank You for this wonderful convention.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

Now, I want you to write down your prayer points now, quiet a few of them.

Number one: Of course, you want to praise Him from the bottom of your heart for this unique convention. Bless Him for making it possible for you to even be in your home and still be able to be blessed by His word.

Prayer point number two: You will say Father, let Your greatness begin to manifest through me mightily. You know, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Number three: You say Father, like You did for Solomon let Your love for me set me up for uncommon breakthroughs.

Number four: Father, just have mercy on me, my family, Your church, and my nation. Just have mercy on us and put and end to this virus.

Number five: Father, let Your glory flood my body, my soul, my spirit, and my life; remove everything that can cause shame far from me and my family.

Number six: Father, in the name of Jesus every knee against me must bow tonight.

Number seven: Father, let the blood of Jesus speak for me and give me victory over all forces of darkness.

Number eight: Father, don’t let me every know Your anger.

Number nine: Father, please grant the request of all my neighbours.

Number ten: Father, make me a great vessel unto honour in Your hands.

Number eleven: Father, please use me to perform wonders for You.

Number twelve: Your own personal requests and include in your personal request a prayer for me too.

Now, I am going to read to you the prophecies that God has given me concerning you in this very special convention. I think there are about two of them that are for me, but I will share with you.

Number one: The Almighty God says as a result of this convention, I will increase laughter in many of your homes.

Then He says, quiet of few businesses will not survive the lockdown but yours will emerge stronger.

Then He says, before this lockdown is over, the siege on your destiny will be gone.

And I believe this next is for ministers and of course you too can be minister because you will be busy for God from now on.

He says you will begin to see the traces of your father’s anointing in your ministrations.

Then He says, the doors of opportunities that running up and down did not allow you to see, will be manifest to you during this lockdown.

Now, He said this one is for someone in particular: He said you are already great He said you will become much greater.

Then, He said this one that the fellow concern will understand, He said someone promised to fight you to the end, He ask me to tell you that is no problem because at the end you will win.

And the next one, this is mine, but I will share with you.

He says there is a particular family, He said every member of the family will receive a miracle during this convention.

The last which is also for me I believe, and I will share with you.

He says by the time this convention is over, the word wonderful will be coming out of your mouth day and night.

That is what He asked me to tell you.




















Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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