LET THERE BE LIGHT (PART 6) 5th of June, 2020



JUNE 5TH, 2020.


Let us pray…

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name O Lord


Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name

Blessed be Your name O Lord


(Holy is Your name)


Holy is Your name


Holy is Your name


Holy is Your name O Lord


Holy is Your name


Holy is Your name


Holy is Your name O Lord


(Jesus is Your name)


Jesus is Your name


Jesus is Your name


Jesus is Your name


Jesus is Your name O Lord


Jesus is Your name


Jesus is Your name


Jesus is Your name


Jesus is Your name O Lord

Almighty we want to bless Your holy name once again; thank You for another very very special Holy Ghost service; thank You for all You have done for us in the past; thank You for what You are going to do again tonight; please accept out thanks in Jesus’ name. Father, we are praying that You will let Your light shine again and do marvelous things in all our lives.

Almighty God we are committing Your children that are born in the month of June, we pray that You will bless them, You will prosper them, You will promote them, You will send them light; we pray Lord You will anoint them afresh and give them brand new beginning of everything that is divine, of everything that is glorious; bless them O Lord and let them serve You till the end.

Father, all those of Your children that might need the laying of hands at a time like this, Father, please lay Your hands on them; heal the sick, set the captives free. Lord God Almighty put an end to sorrow in our lives. And please Lord God Almighty, in Your own miraculous way put an end to this plague. Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let someone shout hallelujah.

As for today, we will be looking at Exodus 15 as we discuss Let There Be Light (part six).

We will be looking at Exodus chapter 15 from verse 22 to 26:

22 So Moses brought Israel from the Red sea, and they went out into the wilderness of Shur; and they went three days in the wilderness, and found no water. 

23 And when they came to Marah, they could not drink of the waters of Marah, for they were bitter: therefore the name of it was called Marah. 

24 And the people murmured against Moses, saying, What shall we drink

25 And he cried unto the LORD; and the LORD shewed him a tree, which when he had cast into the waters, the waters were made sweet: there he made for them a statute and an ordinance, and there he proved them, 

26 And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee.

Let me start by praying for any of you who might have any kind of sorrows or bitter waters still in your life, the end will come to that sorrows and bitter waters in Jesus’ name.

Here we have a story of children of Israel on their way to the promise land and then have been travelling three days in the wilderness without waters and automatically they were thirsty;

And then, they got to a pool of water and they thought oh here is water at last! but when they taste the water, they found it bitter and so they could not drink it.

And you can see the situations with them compounded: they were thirsty; they saw water, they thought an end had come to our thirst; only to discover things were not going to end that easily.

And they murmured against Moses, but Moses ignored their murmur and cry unto the Lord: Lord what do I do?

And the light of the Almighty God shone on a tree which was beside the pool of water; an instruction came to Moses: cast this tree into the water and it will become sweet.

He did and the people were able to drink.

Am sure, some of us from experience noticed that every Holy Ghost service is special in a way;

 But then occasionally you attend a particular Holy Ghost that is extremely special to you as a person so that for years you keep on referring to that particular Holy Ghost service as a reference point.

I have a very deep feeling within me that the Holy Ghost service of tonight is one that somebody will not forget in a hurry. 

From this story that we have read to you, we will learn some lessons and then I will release you to pray some prayers and I am sure by the time I am finished I won’t need to beg you to pray and some of you will be happy that you are not going anywhere so you will be able to really really pray.

The first lesson to learn from this story is that long before the children of Israel got to Marah, there was tree already growing by that pool of water; it was not the day they got there that the tree started growing – the tree had been there all along.

The implication of that is this: before your problem started, God had provided a solution.

Whatever may be the nature of your problem, the solution is already waiting.

Before darkness came, when you read Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 to 3: the Bible says in the beginning God created - that means God was there before the creation

And when darkness covers the face of the deep, God had been there and all God have to do is open His mouth and say: let there be light; and the solution to darkness became manifest.

When you read Psalm 90 from verse 1 to 2 the Bible stated clearly, before the mountains were brought forth, from everlasting to everlasting God is God.

So, whatever mountain might be blocking your way, before that mountain was formed, God had been there.

In Revelation chapter 1 verse 8, the Bible stated clearly, our God is the Alpha and the Omega.

The Bible stated clearly in John chapter 1 from verse 1 to 3, in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.

In the very very beginning there was God;

And it will interest you to know that before Goliath came on the seen in 1Samuel chapter 17 and you can read the story taking from verse 38 to 51 (1SAmuel 17 verse 38 to 51),

Before Goliath and started terrorizing Israel, the rock that will kill him had been there just waiting for David to come, pick it up so that he can put it in his cater port to bring down the giant.

According to Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 4 and 5, the word of God made it clear, before you were formed God knew you;

While you are still in your mother’s womb, God has settled your case.

Medical scientist will tell you that everything in child is going to be is already completed, settled, within the first seven-two hours of conception

Seven-two hours!

The child is going to be tall or short, fat, thin, dark completion, blue eyes or black eye, everything is settled with seven-two hours, the rest is just a development of what have been settled.

So, the tree that will turn bitter water to sweet had been there, all that happened when Moses cried to God was that light shone on the tree – a particular tree; and God came through to Moses to say hey, do the following with that tree.

You are going to pray a pray this night based on Psalm 143 verse 8 which says God, cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; let Your light shine, let me discover the way that You want me to walk in.

In Isaiah chapter 30 verse 21, the Bible says, when you find yourself at a crossroad you will hear a word behind you saying this is the way, walk ye in it.

I am praying for someone today that the way you will walk through to your destiny will be reveal to you tonight.

I am going to pick one or two illustrations to tell you while you need to pray tonight like you have never prayed before.

One of the prayers will be that God will show you what to do to make you whole.

What do I do to be completely well?


Because your healing had been settled more than two thousand years ago;

According to 1Peter chapter 2 verse 24, the day Jesus Christ went on the cross, while they were beating Him, your healing was being provided for by His stripes.

More than two thousand years ago, the healing or whatever sickness you might be experiencing had been settled.

It will interest you to know, as you read through 2Kings chapter 5 verse 1 to 14 that River Jordan had been flowing before Naaman was born.

Long before Naaman became a leper, the river in which he will wash and be clean had been there;

It was not the day Naaman met Elisha that all of a sudden river Jordan began to flow

No, no.

The river had been there before the leprosy.

When you read Isaiah 38 verse 1 to 21, the Bible tells us about king Hezekiah who was sick, a God-fearing king, he was so sick that God sent a prophet to go and tell him: put your house in order, right your will; of course you are going to die.

And he cried to God and said, God I had been faithful, I don’t want to die yet.

God said, alright, I give you an extra fifteen years.

Then, God said through a prophet, take some figs and put it on the boil that is causing the sickness that is about to take the life of this man.

The fig used to heal Hezekiah did not begin to grow after Hezekiah became sick; the fig had been growing, had been there, waiting for the moment that it will be used.

So, the question then is, Lord, I am your child and I believe You when You said by Your stripes I was heal and I have prayed for healing;

As a matter of fact, some men of God had prayed for me, I have called for elders they have lay hands on me, and I am still sick;

Is there anything hindering my healing, is there something I must do so that my healing will manifest?

Is there any restitution that I need to make?

You have to send Your light and reveal it to me.

You see, when you go through the scriptures,

In Genesis chapter 12 from verse 14 to 20: when Pharaoh took the wife of Abraham, thinking she was his sister because Abraham said she is my sister…; and of course, she was in a sense;

…the Bible said God plagued Pharaoh’s house because he had another man’s wife in his palace.

When you read Genesis chapter 20 from verse 1 to 18, the same story was repeated but with another king now called Abimelech

This fellow also took the wife of Abraham unknowingly, problem started;

And said to both of them until you restitute your ways, until you give this man wife back to him, no amount of prayer is going to save you.

Anything whatsoever that is standing between you and total wholeness, may the Almighty God reveal to you today.

I will share with you one or two of the experience I have shared before but some of you were not there when I share them.

I was a lecturer at University of Lagos and one of my students came to me and said Sir, I need help.

What is the problem?

The problem was that he was always sweating and the sweat will be smelling like the odor of a dead man that if anybody is seating next to him in class within five minutes they will relocate.

And he had used all manners of soaps, all manners of drugs and he remains smelling.

I was going to pray for him…;

In those days I was eager to lay hands on anything - I mean if you say your dog is sick, I will lay hand on the dog;

…but God said no, don’t lay hand on him, he has a restitution to make.


He was a young man; he was not married;

Because then, I thought restitution has to do with you have an extra wife;

And then God guided me and I began to ask questions and I learnt he was a teacher in a primary school before he came to the University and that the children were contributing a penny each for contribution for their Christmas party;

I mean a penny in those was a lot of money and then this man gained admission into the University while the students were on holiday and he left with the money.

The student gathered together to discovered the teacher had gone and they reported him to God: God you know where our teacher is, he went away with our money.

When he told me the story, I said good.

Will you go back to the school and pay these children their money?

He said with joy.

When you get there don’t give them a penny each, give them a shilling.

He said I will do so.

He went;

As soon as he got to the school the children came out: haa, our teacher is here.

Do you remember the money you were saving with me?

Haa, we remember, twenty-seven pence.

And he gave them a shilling each; they were glad

The angels of the children reported to God that the matter had been settled.

He came to me and said I have done what I am supposed to do.

I was going to pray, God said there is no need; tell him not to drink iced water for two weeks and that was the end of the problem.

I pray once again, whatever is blocking you from total healing may the Almighty God reveal to you today.

What do I do for my breakthrough to come?

Because your breakthrough had been settled, your financial breakthrough had been settled, more than two thousand years ago.

In 2Corinthians chapter 8 verse 9 the Bible states clearly, He became poor - that is Jesus Christ; that you through His poverty might be rich.

It has been settled more than two thousand years ago.

Poverty should not even near you at all.

Now, I know there are some who will say it is written the poor shall never cease in the land;

He did not say that poor will be you.

For you, the solution for poverty had been there two thousand years ago;

Jesus Christ said so in John chapter 10 verse 10: He said I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.

He did not come that you might manage to survive.

It has been written more than two thousand years ago in 3John verse 2: I wish above all things that you prosper; that is a matter of priority; and be in health even as your soul prospers.

O yes, we know about giving;

We know Luke chapter 6 verse 38 says if you give you will be given – we know that!

Some of us are givers;

We know about sowing and reaping - 2Corinthians chapter 9 verse 6: we know that if we sow bountifully, we will reap bountifully.

Some of us have been sowing

And we also know that according to Matthew 13 from verse 3 to 9: the Bible made it clear that even when you sow on good soil, there is the soil that will yield thirty folds, there is the soil that will yield sixty fold, there is the soil that will yield hundred fold - we know that

 And some of us have been sowing all manners of goods;

Maybe one of these days I will have the opportunity of explaining to you which is the soil for thirty, which is the soil for sixty, which is the soil for hundred but that is not the topic tonight.

The topic is what to do I do to turn the tide from not enough to more than enough financially?

Because when you read 2Kings chapter 4 from verse 1 to 7, you will see the story of that poor widow who was destitute, who was heavily in debt…

And under the auction of the Holy Spirit I want to declare straight away, all of you who are in debt, you will be out of debt soon.

…when she came to the man of God and the man of God said, what do you have in the house?

A bottle of oil.


Go and borrow empty vessels; borrow from your neighbours, borrow not a few; and then lock the door on you and your sons and begin to pour the little you have and begin to set aside that which is full.

Read that story

From nothing at all, this widow became so wealthy that for the rest of her life, after paying her debt, she never had to borrow again.

The question is: is it the day that she cried to the man that she suddenly had neighbours, with empty vessels?


The neighbours had been there, the empty vessels had been there; interestingly, the man of God had been there – Elisha did not come to town that day because of her

The solution to her problem had been there all along including the little bottle of oil.

But that day when she cried, light shone.

What she had to do step by step by step was revealed to her and her breakthrough came.

What do I need to do O Lord! Shine your light! So that my financial breakthrough might come speedily.

Do I need to make sacrifice?

Like in 1Kings chapter 17 from verse 8 to 16…

Thank You Daddy.

Daddy wants me to tell someone who is agitated right now, He asked me to tell you, relax I AM the Almighty God and I will take care of you.

Thank You Daddy.

In 1Kings 17 verse 8 to 16, the widow of Zarephath had to made a sacrifice that turn her last to her beginning.

In Genesis 22 from verse 1 to 18, God told Abraham to make first fruits sacrifice: sacrifice your son, only son Isaac whom thou loveth.

God did not allow him to kill the boy, He just make a request to see the way he will respond.

It will interest you to know that several years before then, at least, forty years before then, God had spoken to Abraham in Genesis chapter 12 from verse 1 to 2: I will bless you.

But it is only after Genesis 12 verse 22 that God now said, I swear, in blessing I will bless you.

Is it surprising that by the time will got to Genesis 24 verse 34 to 35, the servant of Abraham said, I am the servant of Abraham and God has blessed my master greatly.

I pray for someone today; that God of Abraham will bless you mightily.

We are talking about soil: good soil, bad soil; thirty percent soil, sixty percent soil;

But look at Genesis 26 from verse 1 to 14, there was feminine in the land – that means there was no rain; the land was not producing

But because God had promise Isaac in Genesis 22 were the boy allowed himself to be tide by his father; God said, I will bless your father but I will multiply you.

That’s while you will discover that all of a sudden, in Genesis 26 from verse 1 to 14, Isaac plant sown in the time of feminine and reap the same year;

The same year brother, not the following year!

We had been sowing, some of us had been sowing year after year after year;

And I pray in the Name that is above every other name, before the end of this year, you will get a hundred-fold return

You see, because the Bible says it is not a question of which soil you sow on or how much you sowed?

In 1Corinthians chapter 3 verse 6 to 7 says I Paul I sowed, Apollo waters;

Who gives the increase?


You can sow all you like, you can use all the fertilizers in the world, you can water anywhere you want; if God withholds the increase, there will be known.

What do I do, Lord God Almighty what do I do so that my financial can come speedily?

I can tell you several examples, I can give illustrations.

Can I tell you that of a young man I have told you before?

He came from Abeokuta and he said sir, I want to give you my house.

I laughed.

What kind of joke is this?

I don’t need a house; I am not coming to Abeokuta to live; God as already prepared a house for me in Redemption Camp;

At that time, we were living at Holiness road.

He said no no I must give you this house.

I said no I don’t want your house!

What do I need it for?

He said, I have two and God says if you have two you can give one.

Ehn, go and give to any Pastor; those who need it and they will pray for you for the rest of their live.

He said, no no, it is you.

After some time, I thought maybe something is wrong with him, I said, go, go and pray again; you can come back after six months.

After three months, this time he brought all the papers and the key and everything.

So, I took it from him and I have made up my mind what I am going to do with it because I don’t need a house in Abeokuta.

Some months later, he came, and said Daddy I want you to follow me somewhere.


Payment time has come.

And then, he led me; we were going in Lagos and we kept on travelling and travelling,

Where is this boy taking me?

Finally, we arrived.

There was a huge gate; he opened the gate and inside was an estate.

He said this is what I was believing God for.

I looked at him and said clever boy – you gave me a house so that you can get an estate.

God, what do you want me to do so that my breakthrough we come speedily?

Send Your light

How do I pray Lord?

What do You want me to pray for in order to have an all-round breakthrough – marital, spiritual, etcetera

This is not just physical or financial now; I am talking of all-round breakthrough.

Teach me to pray; shine Your light.

You see, because according to Genesis chapter 1 verse 28, God had said at the very very beginning: be fruitful, multiply, have dominion;

There was nothing God said concerning you or me that has to do with barrenness or struggling to survive or being pressed under by one big man or the other.

In John chapter 14 verse 12 while Jesus was here on earth He has said to the disciples and through them to us: the works that I did you shall do also and greater works than these shall you do.

It has been settled more than two thousand years ago that you will raise the dead, that you will make the lame to walk, that you will do mighty works.

O thank You Father.

Daddy wants me to tell someone that you are going to come out of this lockdown up and running.

Thank You Father.

So, what is it that is hindering my all-round breakthrough?

You see, because when you read 1Samuel chapter 1 from verse 9 to 20, Hannah had been going to Shiloh for years and there was a particular day the light shone and she changed her prayers from God give me a son to God let us become partners.

You give me a boy; I will give him back to You.

I don’t know how she knew that God needed a prophet.

But the light shone and say, Lord, You give me a boy, let me be the vessel that will bring Your prophet to life.

I was not there but that was the night she became pregnant; she prayed the right prayers.

When you read 2Chronicles chapter 1 from verse 6 to 15, God Himself came to Solomon and said, what do you want?

And I am praying that God will come to somebody tonight and say what do you want?

And I pray that the light of God will shine into your heart so that you will ask for the right thing.

Because Solomon asked for wisdom; that was all he asked for.

What did he get in return?

He got wisdom, he got understanding, he got long life, he got peace…

I mean when you read 1Kings chapter 4 verse 24, the Bible says he had all-round peace

You know what that means?

Check your Bible

Solomon was not sick in a day.

Oh! read the story of David!

There was a time that warrior was always cold at night, all blankets did not work


He prospered physically, he prospered financially; he never fought a single war throughout his reign because he asked for the right thing and God shone His light into him; he prayed the right prayer.

Read 2Kings chapter 2 from verse 9 to 15, Elisha asked for the right thing; he prayed correct prayer.

When Elijah said what do you want me to do for you before I will be taking away from you?

He said I want a double portion of your Spirit.

That’s all he asked for.

By the time you read 2Kings chapter 13 from verse 14 to 21, kings where calling him daddy.

This former farmer boy becomes somebody that kings call daddy.

He became the one who was dictating the future of his nation.

Told the king, take bow and arrow on your hand, shoot; that is victory for you.

I mean he was telling the king things that will happened to the nation; he became the controller of the future of his nation.

Not only that, he left behind the legacy of power – his bones raised the dead


Because he asked for the right thing and God shone his light.

O Lord God Almighty when it is time for me to pray tonight, let your light shine so that I will ask for the right thing, so I can have all-round prosperity, all-round breakthrough.

The rich was begging Elisha to come and eat;

He was not a prophet who was dying of poverty, no, no;

He asked for the right thing and he was not feed by the ravens; he was fed by the wealthiest woman in the land;

And he could tell her, listen, I am not hungry.

Well, let me move a little deeper, because I believe this is a very very special Holy Ghost service.

The tree itself, that tree that the light shone on, that Moses suddenly looked up and saw the tree and the tree became a solution to a national problem…;

I want somebody to pray to the Almighty God that I will be the tree

How can a man be a tree?

Check the scripture, the tree had always been used symbolically to represent man.

The tree, when you read Psalm 1 from verse 1 to 3, the Bible made it clear, if you will not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, if you will not stand in the way of sinners, if you will not sit in the seat of the scornful, you will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.

Or you could read Psalm 92 from verse 12 to 14, the Bible says the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, he shall grow like cedar in Lebanon.

When God wants to describe a man, he can use a tree.

I mean one of your prayers tonight, this very very special night, is: God, let Your shine on me and turn me into the one who will put an end to sorrow, needs, and bitters in the life of people.

Some days ago, we were having morning devotion in my house and we were reading Acts chapter 4 in the open heavens devotional; Acts chapter 4 and there was this passage from verse 33 to 37 (Acts 4:33-37)

It states that the brethren at the first church had everything in common; those who had houses and lands, sold them and brought the money to the Apostles, etcetera, etcetera

And all sudden they singled out a fellow called Joses who was surnamed Barnabas – meaning son of consolation.

I was telling my children, why are they singling out Joses?

I mean, they said he had a house or a land and he sold it and brought the money.

Okay, so what!

Others have been selling their land, they have been selling houses;

Why do you single out Jose?

The point is that his name is called son of consolation: he was a blessing, he was the kind of fellow who bring joy to those who are in sorrow, who brings comfort to those who are in need.

Son of consolation!

That is what I want to be.

Oh thank You my Father.

The Lord asked me to tell someone that the wind that is blowing now all over the world, it is going to blow for you for good.


When you read 1Samuel chapter 1…

Daddy I am thanking you for that and I receive that myself.

In 1Samuel chapter 1 from verse 9 to 21, when Hannah prayed that successful prayer it was Eli who decreed and said may God grant your request.

That’s all that he said and that was the end of sorrow of this woman.

Lord, I make me to be tree, the person that You will use that when I issue a decree an end will come to the sorrow of people 

He reminds me of the testimony of a couple that came to us for prayer – they were barren, believing God for the fruit of the womb

And I just said to them, okay, what is the sex of the baby you want?

And the husband said a boy and the wife said a girl – they spoke simultaneously

And I said, okay, how about a set of twins?

A year later they came, the husband was carrying the boy and the wife was carrying the girl.

God can do the same thing for you; you can be someone who will issue a decree and it will be established by God.

In 1Kings chapter 17 from verse 8 to 16, it is Elisha’s decree that ended the destitution of the widow of Zarephath – he decreed and said there will always be food in this house, there will always be oil here.

And as soon as he said it the multiplication came.

The reason I am telling you some of these things is because I belief that before the sun rises tomorrow, some of you will be tree that will begin to bring solution to problem of people.

I have told you the story of a lady who came asking for prayers;

She came from Oyo I remember correctly;

But she was destitute, things were hard and she came to the camp long ago in those days when we were still in the first auditorium;

I prayed for her: I said alright, God will bless you, etcetera etcetera

And she said amen.

And of course, I expected her to turn round and go

And she said sorry sir I have no money for transport

Well, I put my hand in my pocket, the little money I had I gave it to her

Then, I issued a decree: I said this money will never finish.

I think it was June if I remember correctly, by the following convention August, she brought a whole car for the convention

That money has not finished till now.

I am issuing a decree right now to every one of you who happen to be my children, you will never lack.

When you read 2Kings chapter 5 from verse 1 to 14, you will see that it was an ordinary maid, a house maid; in fact, not a maid, a house maid captured in war that led Naaman to his healing.

She was the one who said how I wish my master will go to the prophet in Samaria he would have been cured of his leprosy.

You can be the link between somebody and the one who can solve their problem.

You will remember the story; I am just reminding you;

Remember a great high chief from one of our town here, who was paralyzed waist down; very rich man so they carried him abroad; took him to the best of all hospital in the UK; spent a lot of money

Until one day, a professor in the hospital came to him and took a very long pin and drove the pin into the thigh of the chief and said, chief, do you feel anything?

The chief said, nothing.

He said I just show you there is nothing anybody can do for you; from waist down, you are dead; so, just go home and stop wasting your money

And they carried the chief back home

And one little girl said to him if only the chief go to Redemption Camp

And they brought down the chief.

I think it took four or about six men to carry him from the car to my living room at Holiness Road;

I always tell people to go to that house at Holiness Road, there are many miracles that God rock there, you can go and get your own there.

They carried him in, he walked out himself.

Oh thank God that you are there to pray but we are nothing, God is the one who answers prayers.

But it is that girl who spoke to him that is the tree that sweetened his Marah – that is the point I am trying to make.

God shine Your light on me, let me become the tree.

We can keep going on and on and on, we can talk about the boy in John chapter 6 verse 5 to 13:the boy who gave his lunch, the boy who became the solution to the hunger of five thousand men

You can be that boy, he was not named, so you can put your name there.

The maid that helped Naaman was not named, so you can put your name there.

When you read Acts chapter 3 from verse 1 to 8…

O Lord thank You.

The Lord said I should tell someone; He said doors are closing right left center, He asked me to tell you, don’t worry I will open a major for you.

In Acts chapter 3 from verse 1 to 8, it was Peter that God used to turn the tide for that man who was born lame.

God can use you to turn tide for someone; He can do so.

I tell you the story of the woman who was barren for several years and the Doctors said she had fibroid and she was always bleeding profusely and finally…

This happened in Abuja

…finally, they told her, called the husband: this woman, we need to operate and take this fibroid out; the fibroid is to big that taking it out we have to take the womb out too;

And the woman said but Daddy is coming for Holy Ghost service, let him come first and if after the Holy Ghost service there is no improvement then you can do what you need to do.

He said, woman, the rate at which you are losing blood, eh!

She said, it is my life.

We came; we had the Holy Ghost service; we had almost finished when the word came: God said, I AM changing the report of the Doctors

And that is the word for someone too.

She went home; she claimed it; she got home and she was still bleeding and she said that we cannot wait any longer now since the Holy Ghost service had come and gone; 

My father will soon come, my father will soon come, he had come and gone and so she run to the hospital.

And the Doctors tried to take out fibroid and discover a bouncing baby boy.

That God is still alive; He is the One coming your way today.

But then, there is something, that tree is not an ordinary tree – it is a tree of destiny

That tree grew specifically so that one day it can change bitter water to sweeten – the tree of destiny.

But that tree would not have fulfilled its destiny if God had shone it to Moses.

So, probably the biggest prayer you want to pray today is: God show me to the one who will help me fulfil my destiny.

Shine Your light on me so that the one who will help me fulfil my destiny would see me, would recognize me and move on from there. Don’t show me to someone who will destroy my destiny.

Because light shone for Joseph, he knew he was going to be a child of destiny

Genesis 37 from verse 5 to 11, he dreamt that he was not just an ordinary boy that his brothers were going to bow down to him but even his parent will follow suit.

Unfortunately, being a small boy, he told the story, he revealed the destiny to the brothers;

And you know the rest of the story

When you get to Genesis 37 from verse 15 to 20, they saw him coming and they said, haa, behold the dreamer cometh, let us kill him and see what will become of his dream; let us kill his destiny.

Thank God, God intervened.

Lord, show me to the one who will help me fulfil my destiny; who will not be jealous of my destiny; who will be glad that You want me to be great.

You see, because when you read 1Kings 19 verse 15 to 21: before Elisha knew what was going to become at all, God has spoken to Elijah.


Yes Lord

Go, you will find a young man called Elisha, son of Shaphat; he is the one who will take over your position.

If it had been somebody else probably Elijah will have said this boy! I will kill him,

No, no, Elijah was too anointed; it was not king Saul anointed

How many times did he tried to kill baby?

Because the moment he discovers this is boy who is going to take my position he can say okay we will see.

But no about Elijah.

He came throw his mantle on Elisha and he began to go

Elisha said at least let me say goodbye to my parent and he waited.


He waited! For somebody to throw a party!

You don’t know Elijah.

But he was glad for Elisha; he wanted it to be well with him; so that even the boy will ask for double portion of his spirit - in 2Kings chapter 2 from verse 9 to 15 and the boy asked for a double portion of his spirit

The boy said sir, I don’t want to be equal to you, I want be doubling greater than you.

If you see me when I am taken away from you, you will get what you want – he committed God.

He was sure this boy is not going to get asleep; he knew it.

This boy who I told three times to wait and he said I am not waiting anywhere; I am not going to fall asleep now.

I have told you before when the Almighty God sent His special chariot to take him away and Elisha began to shout: my father, my father, I see you; the horses of Israel, the horsemen thereof.

Elijah said to the one who came to pick him: I promised that boy that if he could see me he will get what he wanted.

The Almighty God said in that case why are you going with mantle, drop it for him.

Thank God for fathers who will want their children to be greater.

Thank God for helpers of destiny.

I have told you the story before

My father-in-Lord went to Israel and the very first day in Jerusalem God spoke to him: the young man will take over from you when you get home

He came back…

In the main time while he was away God has spoken to me and I told the Almighty God: God forbid bad thing.

He came back and ordained me

He broke all the rules

The day I was being ordained a pastor, the man who was ordained just before me had been in the church for fifteen years.

I had been in the church two years.

We don’t do it in the Redeem; you don’t ordain somebody a pastor after…

There are some people who…, there are some joker that I asked and say it some years ago: if you want to become a pastor join Redeem, within six month you will become a pastor.


Let them come.

Let them come and see how many years they will spend as a worker before they become a deacon; how many years they will spend as a deacon before they become an assistant pastor; how many years they have to spend as assistant pastor before they become a pastor.

How many courses they have to pass through?

Six months?

We will be waiting for you.

In my case, Papa broke all rules; he wants me to be what God wanted me to be; he was a destiny helper.

Pray that God will shine His light on you and reveal to you the one who will help you fulfil your destiny.

Let me conclude.

To be blessed is good;

To be a blessing is better;

Because when you say God should shine His light on you so you will become the tree, you are actually saying shine Your light on me so that I will become a blessing to the world.

To be healed is good but it is better to be the one who will lay hand on the sick and they will be heal.

To be demon free is good but it is better to be the one casting out demons and He said that in Mark 15verses 17 and 18

Because in Acts chapter 20 verse 35: it is written it is more blessed to give than to receive.

I have seen a lot of people trying to take undue advantage of people like me; thinking that they are clever; some of them lied to get money

But when one wants to feel irritated, you will say well, thank God I am at least somebody who have something to give.

After all, the Bible says in Hebrew 7 verse 7, He said the less blessed of the better.

If you are a blessing you are better than the one who is blessed.

I want to encourage you to pray tonight with all your heart that you don’t want to come into this world and go without leaving behind your foot print.

Several thousand years after Israel got to Marah we are still talking about that tree because it was a blessing.

In conclusion, the Bible says clearly that God is angry everyday with the wicked.

You know what that means?

If you are sinner, if you have not surrendered your life to Jesus Christ, you cannot expect that God will bless you.

How can the one who is angry with you begin to pronounce blessing on you.

But if you come to Jesus today, if you stop fooling around, and surrender your life to Him; the first thing He will do is His blood will wash away your sins and then you will qualify for his blessings and He can move you higher and move you from being blessed to someone who will become a blessing.

So, if you will take my advice, do yourself a favour, surrender your life to Jesus Christ today.

In all over the place, wherever you may be now, would you please bow your head and I will pray along with you and Jesus will save your soul.

All over, bow your head, cry to Jesus Christ and say please save my soul, forgive all my sins, and I will serve You for the rest of my life.

If you are already saved join them in pray, pray that the Almighty God will save their souls and will save your own soul also and God will give them a brand-new beginning.

Pray for them brethren.

Thank You Jesus. Thank You my Father. Blessed be Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


My Father and my God I want to bless Your holy name, I want to give You all glory, all honour for Your word that has come forth so powerfully tonight, and I want to thank You for all those who are surrendering their lives to You now all over the world; please remember Your promise that whosoever will come to You You will no wise cast out; they have come to You now Father please receive them, save their souls, let Your blood wash away their sins, please write their names in the Book of Life, give them brand-new beginning; and from now Father, let every curse upon them change to blessing; and each time they cry unto You too please answer them by fire. Thank You my Father and my God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

Those of you who have given your life to Jesus Christ make sure you contact me as soon as possible so that I will be able to be praying along with you.

The rest of us I think you want to write down your prayer points so that I will be praying with you first when you will then go ahead and pray for as long as you want.

The first prayer point is of course to praise the Almighty God the Father of lights; that it has please His to let this kind of message come to you. Praise Him. He deserves to be praised.

Number two: You want to say Father, if there is anything blocking my healing, please reveal it to me tonight and help me restitute my ways.

Number three: Father, anything standing between me and my financial breakthroughs, shine Your light so I may know it and deal with it.

Number four: Father, shine Your light so that whatever I have to do to turn the tide in my favour so that I can have all round breakthroughs will be revealed to me.

Number five: Father, please teach me to pray the right prayer tonight.

Number six: Father, please turn me to a blessing to the whole world, to my generations and even generations yet unborn. Shine Your light on me, turn me to blessing to the whole world, to my generation and the generation yet unborn.

Number seven: Father, shine Your light upon me, point me out to the one who will help me fulfil my destiny.

Number eight: would be your own individual request.

Number nine: will be your first assignment as a blessing by praying for the whole world that the Almighty God will stop this plague.

And number ten: please pray for me because of the law of harvest: what you sow that is what you will reap.

Okay now, let me pray for you.

My Father and my God once again I want to bless Your holy name, I want to thank You  for this extra ordinary Holy Ghost nigh; I want to thank You because I know there is power in Your world, that even as Your word was going forth, healings, deliverance, breakthroughs, revelation knowledge had become available to Your children; I thank You for the prophesies that had gone forth, please Lord accept our thanks in Jesus’ name.

Lord, today I decree that every request that Your children will make tonight will become a testimony before tomorrow morning; let it be well with them, answer them by fire; turn everyone of them to blessings. And Lord God Almighty, wherever their destiny helper may be, this very night, connect them.  I pray that in Your kingdom none of us will be missing. Thank You Almighty. I pray that when You have done great thing for these Your children they won’t keep quite; they will tell the whole world.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.











Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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