LET THERE BE LIGHT (PART 5) 1st of May, 2020



MAY 1ST, 2020.


Let us pray

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehovah the man of war

His mercy endureth forever and ever

O praises Holy name.



The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehovah the man of war

His mercy endureth forever and ever

O praises Holy name.



The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Jehovah the man of war

His mercy endureth forever and ever

O praises Holy name.

Father Almighty we worship You; the God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob we worship You; the Lord of Host Himself, the One who as never lost a war, we bow before You, please accept our worship in Jesus’ name. Almighty God, we are crying unto You today as Your children, we are praying that out of Your infinite mercy You will put an end to this plague; that You will remember all Your children all over the world because of them please end this plague.

And we are praying Lord God Almighty that today in a very special way You will visit all Your children who are born in the month of May. Please Lord God Almighty, be gracious unto them; in all areas of their live let there be a new beginning, a new beginning of joy, of success, of progress, of anointing, of a closer walk with You.

And Your children all over the world who might be listening to us today, we pray that You will lay Your mighty hands upon them and let Your resurrection power flow through everyone of them. I am praying Lord God Almighty, as a result of this very special Holy Ghost Service there will be many many testimonies. Thank You Almighty God. Glory be to Your holy name.

For we have prayed in Jesus mighty name.


Let someone shout hallelujah.

Today, we will be talking on Let There Be Light Part 5

We want to look at James 1 verse 17:

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

The light that comes directly from God is Pure White Light

No shadow of any type; no shade of any type – Pure White Light!

In Acts chapter 22 verse 6, when Paul was reporting something that happened to him on the road to Damascus (you know the story and that story is to be found in Acts chapter 9 from verse 1 to 7)

When he was travelling to Damascus to go and arrest Christians, because he was leading the persecutors, a light shone on him that knocked him down from a source; he described the light as something that was brighter than the moon day light.

Because it was around noon time that this light came from God and it was so bright that it reduced the light of noon day sun to nothing.

The light that comes from God is Pure White Light.

And the crucial thing about White Light, about the light that comes from God, is the purity – the purity of the light.

So, when you say let there be light, you are actually saying let there be purity.

And let there be light therefore could mean several things:

We are going to touch just a few of them and if God allows, maybe in the future, we will return to purity of light and discuss further.

But, number one, when you pray and say God let there be light, it could be God give me pure healing.

You will say what do you mean by pure healing?

We are talking about healing total, healing complete, healing comprehensive, healing with no sign that I was sick before.

For example, in Mark chapter 8 from verse 22 to 25, the Bible tells us about a man that was brought to Jesus Christ, the man was blind, the Lord spit on his eyes, touched him and asked him: what can you see?

And he said I can see men like trees

And he can see but his seeing was not perfect

So, the Lord touched him the second and then he could see perfectly.

Pure healing means healing with nothing left to show that was I sick before.

In John chapter 9 from verse 1 to 7, the Bible tells us the story again of another man who was born blind and Jesus spat on the ground, made mud of the dust, anointed his eyes with the mud, told him to go and wash;

He went, he washed; he came back seeing with two brand new eyes.

The healing was such that if you read the rest of the chapter, people were arguing – is it the same man or is it somebody who just looked like him?

Let me decree at this stage that those of you who might be sick in any way, before this program is over, may the Almighty God give you pure healing.

Pure healing could, as we have seen in this example, require a second touch from God;

It could require recreation – giving you something brand new - like in Romans chapter 4 verse 19, the Bible tells us that the womb of Sarah was already dead;

So, what Sarah got was a brand-new womb.

And I believe that is a word for someone listening to me that even if the Doctors have already said either that your womb is damage or is too old to conceive, in the Name that is above every other name you will get brand new one today.

In John chapter 11 from verse 39 to 45, when Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead, not only was he resurrected, the original sickness that killed him was taking care of at the same time –

He got pure healing.

But may be something that will illustrate it more clearly is to be found in 2Kings chapter 5 from verse 1 to 14 and it tells us the story of Naaman who was a leper

You know the story very well

When he was ordered to go and bath in Jordan, the Bible says as he was coming out the seventh time, he had skin like that of a brand-new baby.

So, when we are talking about pure healing, we are talking healing that will not leave a scar behind.

When God gives you pure healing there will be no scar left behind.

And let me remind you of the story you must have heard me tell before, of a time, when I travelled abroad and I just returned and one of my daughters came and said

Sir, my grandma is old, she had a problem and we took her to the hospital, they operated on her in the stomach but maybe because of her old age, the womb refused to heal;

And now, when she eats the food is coming out of the stomach.

Please Sir, I don’t mind if grandma dies but I don’t want her to die in a mess;

Who you pray that God should heal her womb?

And then if God wants to take her, she can go.

And since I could not travel, I asked her to bring a handkerchief; I prayed over the handkerchief; she took the handkerchief to grandma.

She was in a very special room; they kept her in the hospital because she could afford it, just waiting for the day she will die.

She laid the handkerchief on grandma, prayed a simple prayer as I instructed her to do

And when she came back the following day, not only was grandma heal, they could not even find the spot where they operated on her.

God gave her pure healing.

I am calling on that God who does not change that everyone of you in need of healing, today, you won’t get partial healing but you will get pure healing in Jesus’ name.

Let there be light could mean God give me pure life, vigorous life, life full of vitality; I don’t want to be managing to live; I don’t want to live as if I am half dead.

Well, you will say what has light got to do with pure life.

Well, in Biology we used to study about something they called Photosynthesis and it has to do with light having effects on plants

And I can still remember, probably you too will remember, in those days, out Biology teacher will give us what we called control growing

They will sow corn in the open ground; and sow another corn, covered with a pot on the same ground.

After some days, when the corn sown on open ground as grown a bit; they will remove the pot from the other one and you will discover that that one too has grown.

But the one that grew out side would be green and beautiful;

The one that grew under the pot will be tale and sickly.

And they point to us the fact that the one under the pot was sickly because it lacked light.

I remember another example, another illustration that they gave us, they would put another plant in a pot – covered by a pot – and they will drill a hole on the pot

The plant will grow and then it will find it way through the hole drilled in the pot searching for light because light has lot to do with life, healthy life, vigorous life.

Scientist have proved that one of the reasons why old people surrenders so easily to sickness, to viruses, is because they are kept at home all the time; they are not exposed to sunlight.

So, when you say let there be light means God give me pure light, pure life, vigorous life, life full of vitality.

For example, Deuteronomy 34 verse 7 tells us that at the age of one hundred and twenty, Moses was still vigorous, his eyes were sharp; and from the description of Moses, at the age of one hundred and twenty he could still father a son

And you may say that was not clearly stated in the case of Moses.

Well, let me give you a surprise, I am not sure you pay attention to Genesis 25 verse 1:

Genesis 25 verse 1 says Abraham was old and well shrinking in age – that means he was not just old; he was really old – and yet he took a new wife.

I find that really interesting

Because when you look at Genesis 24, if you read Genesis 24 from beginning to the end, Isaac had married, Abraham was a hundred years old before he gave birth to Isaac;

Isaac had matured; Isaac had married; after that Papa Abraham said I can still handle a wife

That is what I mean by life full of vitality, full of vigor.

If you read Joshua chapter 14 from verse 6 to 13, the Bible tells us that Caleb serve through Joshua;

At the age of forty, you and I said give us any mountain and we will drive out the giant;

Now, I am eighty-five, I am still as strong as ever; I am still ready to go to war, I am still ready to take on giants - give me this mountain.

You know, it is written in Deuteronomy 33 verse 25, God made a promise and that promise is for you and for me; He says as thy days, so shall thy strength be.

In other words, the older you grow, the stronger you should become.

I want you to encourage all of you who are listening to me today, stop managing to live; demand vigor from the Almighty God the source of light.

Pray that the Almighty God will renew your age like the eagles.

After all, in John chapter 10 verse 10, the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ has come to give us life and life more abundantly; not just abundantly but even more abundantly.

I have always led my Pastors on a walk during Ministers’ Conference, particularly before the Convention, and I will lead them on a walk, just a little walk - maybe about six kilometers, at times a little more.

And then, at the end of the walk I will be seating down waiting for them to come and I will be amused as I watched and I see some people who are maybe fifty years old coming-in panting;

And here, I am old enough to be their father, ready to teach for two to three hours; because some people are satisfied with just managing to live.

From today onward, cry to the Almighty God and say I don’t want to manage to live, I want life, vigorous life, pure life.

And then number three, when you say let there be light, you could be calling on the Almighty God and say give me pure wealth.

You know, there is a link between light and wealth.

You say really!


All the great treasures in this world – silver, gold, uranium, crude oil – they are all hidden inside the ground.

That is why God said in Isaiah 45 verse 3, He said I will give you the treasures of darkness, hidden riches of secret places

Treasures are in the dark and for you to get them, you need light.

And what do you mean by pure wealth?

We are talking about the kind of wealth where you will be able to say glory be to God, I have sufficient.

For example, in 2Kings chapter 4 verse 8 to 17, the Bible described the Shunamite woman as a great woman and God does not use words carelessly.

And you know the story very well:

This was a woman who saw a man of God passing by, invited him to come and eat and then the man of God kept coming and she went ahead built for the man of God an apartment

And then one day the man of God called her and say woman, you have taken care of us so much, what is it that we can do for you?

Can we introduce you to the king?

Or to the commander of the Army Forces?

She said, Sir, I don’t need more contracts, I have sufficient.

I pray in the Name that is above every other name that very very soon you too will be able to lift your head high and say in the name of the great Provider I have sufficient.

In 2Kings chapter 4, the same 2Kings chapter 4, from verse 1 to 7, the Bible tells us again the story of a woman – a widow,

This was a woman who was poor, so heavily in debt, the creditors wanted to sell her children because that was the only thing they could find in her home that was of any value.

But God intervened; light shone; she suddenly saw that there is a pot, a small bottle of oil in her house;

She suddenly realise that she was surrendered by poor people like herself with many empty vessels;

She suddenly realise when the man of God made a pronouncement miracle will follow;

At the end of the day, the Bible said she was debt free and she had enough to live on for herself and her son for the rest of their lives – now, that is pure wealth.

When you get to a stage when you say, forever I will thank God, but if I don’t get any more money, till I die I have enough.

If you read Genesis 33 from verse 1 to 9, the Bible tells us the story of the meeting of Esau and Jacob after several years

Jacob had prospered mightily – the Bible said he had become exceedingly great.

But when he met Esau and in order to bribe Esau…; probably Esau will not carry out his previous threat he will kill him the days they meet again; …he had sent a lot of flocks, goats and sheep ahead to caught his favour.

Esau said to him, after they met and they embrace and so on;

What is the meaning of all these flocks and droves (that is what he called them) that you have sent before?

Sir, is to see if I could used that to find favour with you.

He said, my brother, I have enough, keep your own.

He said, my brother, take a look at me, I have four hundred bodyguards; God as prospered me that I need four hundred bodyguards to go with me wherever I go.

Now, that is wealth.

Now, if you read Genesis 26 from verse 12 to 14, when God was describing the prosperity of Isaac, He was not just talking about his silver, his gold, his flocks, the Bible said he had a store of servants.

He has servants to many he was practically storing them.

Can you imagine that kind of wealth?

You see, those who think if you are Christian you should die poor, they need to read their Bible again.

Our God is not the God of poverty,

And in the name mighty name of Jesus Christ, any form of poverty in your life will come to an end.

I remembered the case of one of my sons, who once said, Sir, I just want to say this one with all humility; I want to thank God for what He had done for me, there is nothing I can do now to stop money from coming in.

I said, Sir, you will need to explain that to me.

He said, I have so many houses in Lagos and other town that whether those people like it or not they have to pay their rent.

And I cannot ask them not to pay their rent.

He said there is nothing I can do to stop money from coming in.

Oh, how I wish that will be your testimony.

How I wish the Almighty God who said I would decree a thing and it will be establish onto me;

How I wish this decree going out from me right now concerning you will be established; that one day you too would stand up and say I just want to say thank You Almighty God because there is nothing I can do now to stop money from flowing in.

Number four: Let there be light, pure light, could mean God give me pure joy.

There is a link between joy and light.

Oh! We could give just a simple illustration that will make that one clear.

Once upon a time, the people in charge of electricity in Nigeria used to be called NEPA - I don’t know what is there name now, the name had change again and again.

When they took off light, in those days I was living in Mushin, you can hear the groaning of everybody: oh NEPA; particularly, if children were watching football match or something.

When they return light, haa, you will hear everybody shouting for joy.

There is a link between light and joy.

You want a Biblical support?

Esther chapter 8 from verse 15 to 16, the Bible says the Jews had light and gladness and joy.

When He said the Jews had light, He was not saying that their NEPA took off light and restore it, no no.

He is saying that God light shone on them and what was their sorrow changed to gladness and joy.

And in Psalm 30 verse 5 (this one does not even need a lot of explanation) it is written, weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning

So, you can see that weeping is associated with darkness and joy associated with light.

In the Name that is above every other name, may your joy begin afresh.

And when we talk about joy, because I am thinking of pure joy, I don’t know if I have told you before that joy is in categories.

There is joy and there is great joy – 1Chronicles chapter 29 verse 9

1Chronicles chapter 29 verse 9: The Bible says the people rejoiced but king David rejoice with great joy.

The people were rejoicing so they had joy but the king had great joy, his joy was greater than that of his people.

And then in Matthew chapter 2 verse 1 to 11, the Bible tells us the story of the wise men who came from the east.

If we were to believe Bible scholars, these people looking for Jesus Christ had travelled for two years;

and they proved that by saying when the king decided to kill children who were born, he said they should kill children two and under.

These people had been travelling for two years, finally they arrived, finally they saw that the star they had been following was resting above a house.

Oh, the Bible said they rejoice with exceeding great joy.

So, there is joy, and there is great joy, and there is exceeding great joy,

But do you know there is a joy that is purer than that?

In 1Peter chapter 1 verse 3 to 8, the Bible talks of joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Pure joy: joy so great you can hardly speak; joy that is full of glory.

I pray for every one of you listening to me today that that kind of joy, joy unspeakable, joy full of glory, will become your portion in Jesus’ name.

I will also remind some of you, am you have heard it before, the story of a woman:

We held a congress; I think the congress was held in Abeokuta or somewhere around Ogun state and after the programme I was praying for everybody

And there was this woman who came: she was barren, she was sobering;

So, I prayed for her because she said she has been barren for a long time and she was having serious problem with in-laws.

The following year we were having the congress again not too far from Ogun State

And then people came, lining up again for ministration and there was this woman when it was her turn, I said yes ma, what can I do for you?

She looked at me, she opened her mouth and said Jesus.

I said, yes, okay, thank God for Jesus; what can I do for you?

She opened her mouth again, second time and said Jesus.


And there were quiet a lot of people on the line

Yes, thank God for Jesus.

Woman, what can I do for you?

The third time she opened her mouth and said Jesus.

And I was beginning to get a little bit impatient, please tell me what can I do for you?

And then she opened her mouth and said, I was the barren woman you prayed for last year.

And I looked at her – on the right hand she was carrying a baby and on the left hand she was carrying a baby.

Now, I could understand, while her joy was so full, she could not speak.

That kind of joy, joy unspeakable, joy of full of glory, may that be your portion from now on in Jesus’ name.

And then, number five:

Oh, thank You Lord.

The Lord asks me to tell someone who is listening to me and said during the darkness of the lockdown your star will begin arise.

Thank You Father.

Number five: Let there be light could be cry to God, God give me pure peace.

I have spoken to you before about peace not too long ago – about categories of peace

I will just remind you, to refresh your mind about what categories of peace could be.

But what I did not tell you then is that there is a link between light and peace – and there is.

In Isaiah 45 verse 7, the Almighty God said, I formed light, I created darkness; I make peace and created evil.

I mean, just take a look at that statement:

He said I formed light, I created darkness; I formed peace and created evil

So, light and peace go together; darkness and evil walk hand in hand

There is a link between light and peace.

And I have told you that peace can be in categories:

There is peace,

There is a great peace – Psalm 119 verse 165

Psalm 119 verse 165 - the word of says they that love the Lord shall have great peace.

Then, there is all round peace – 1Kings chapter 4 verse 24 says

1Kings chapter 4 verse 24 says Solomon had peace all round.

Then, there is peace like a river – Isaiah 48 verse 18

Isaiah 48 verse 18, the Almighty God said if only you will obey, then your peace will be like a river.

Then, I told you about a peace, the purest peace and that is in the Philippians chapter 4 verse 7, the peace of God that passes all understanding;

The kind of peace that you will have and people will wonder, how can you be at peace in such a situation!

I have shared this testimony before:

The first time I had a cruise; some of my children said we want you to rest and the best way to rest is get away from this people, go on a cruise.

And I am telling you, I have said it before, if you really need a holiday, you want to really really be on holiday, go on a cruise, they will feed you like nobody business – they seem to take joy in over feeding you

And since you are far in the ocean, nobody can come and visit.

And the first six days of the cruise was like heaven on earth;

Then, the six day, a storm came


You don’t want to be on the ocean when there is a storm.

The ship we are in, I mean, is several stories high, is bigger than Sheraton Hotel; but when the storm came, the ocean will take thing like a toy, toils it up and then drop it.

And every thing was shaking right, left and center; the cutleries, the plates where flying about – it was terrible.

Things got so bad and the Captain called all of us together and said well Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t worry yourself, there are twelves categories of storm at sea and category one is the smallest, category twelve is the worst and we are only in category ten

Haa! (Laughing)

I said, o God! what I am doing here?

In my village, the biggest river a strong man can jump over it.

What am I doing here!

Category ten!

He said don’t worry, just go to your cabin and stay there.

O God!

I got to my cabin I said Lord God Almighty, what am I going to do now?

And I heard Him speak…

And the Almighty God will speak to those of you in a storm right now.

…and said Son, when I was here on earth and there was a storm, what was it that the Bible said I was doing?

The Bible said, You are sleeping.

And He said, Son, sleep.

Immediately I jumped on my bed and within two minutes I was fast asleep and by the time I woke up we were already at port, everything was calm, peaceful

And each time I tell the story and people would say, how could you sleep in such a situation?

What else could I have done?

Jump in to the Ocean?

I did not even know how to swim.

But that is the kind of peace, the peace that passes all understanding.

People wonder how some of us could be cool with all that is going round in the world right now, thank God for the peace of God that passes all understanding.

And I am saying to all of you in the name of Jesus Christ, that peace, pure peace, will be your portion from now on in Jesus’ name.

And then number six: there is something called pure success – pure success.

Another word for pure success is Excellence.

You see, when we talk about good, better, best, we are comparing three things.

For example, if three children return from school and they presented their results to their parent

And the first one has total average of sixty percent

They will say that is good.

And the second shows his own, total average of seventy percent

Oh, this is better.

Another brought out his own result, eighty percent.

Haa, this is the best.

But none of them could be called excellent.

Excellent mean it cannot be better.

Excellent means hundred percent.

And there is a link between light and excellence.

In Daniel chapter 5 verse 14 …

Thank You Father.

Daddy says that I should tell someone that according to Genesis chapter 1 every day begins in the evening; in the evening and in the morning first day; in the evening and in the morning the second day; the Lord asked me to tell someone, in the evening of this lockdown, your day will start.

Thank You Father.

In Daniel chapter 5 from verse 13 to 14, the king was speaking and he said Daniel I have heard of thee that light, understanding and excellent wisdom is found in thee.

Three things – Light, Understanding, Excellence – found in one man.

There is a link between light and excellent.

This Daniel he was talking about, if you read from Daniel chapter 6 from verse 1 to 3, the Bible says the king had a hundred and twenty provinces,

And then, over each province he appointed a prince to be kind of governor of the province;

And then, he set over these hundred and twenty princes, three Presidents

You know, in those days, it is the king that appoints president.

Time has changed.

And may I pray for every traditional ruler in this nation that their glorious days will come back again.

So, the king appointed one-twenty princes, three presidents; among whom was Daniel

But then, among the three, the king wanted to appoint one that will be superior to the other two and that fellow was to be Daniel because the Bible says an excellent spirit was found in him.

1Kings chapter 4 verse 30 tells that the wisdom of Solomon excels the wisdom of wise men of the east, and wisdom of every Egyptians’ wise men.

And I am telling you, in those days, if you are looking for wise men, you either look towards the east or you look towards Egypt.

I mean, when you consider the fact that the Egyptians built the pyramids, and up till today even Engineers have to rack their brain to say: how do they do it?

You will know those people who are wise in those days.

But the wisdom of Solomon was greater than the wisdom of Egyptians, greater than the wisdom of the people from the east – the Bible said wise men from the east came to see Jesus Christ.

The wisdom was so precious to them in the east that they are willing to travel for two years to see the author of wisdom Himself.

And then, when you consider Psalm 8 verse 9 which say O Lord our God, how excellent is thy name in all the earth?

Referring to the Lord Jesus Christ that His name excels all names.

When you link that one with Philippians chapter 2 from verse 9 to 11, that God has given Him a name that is above all other names;

You will understand the meaning of excellent:

To be above all; to be well well above all others.

When you read Daniel chapter 1 from verse 3 to 21, the Bible said that when the Jews were taken into slavery to Babylon;

The king said, look among these boys, search for those of them who (if you read verse 4 there) those of them who have no blemish, those who are skillful in all wisdom – they must be all-rounder, they must be deep in knowledge, in understanding, in science; those are the people I want you to select.

It was as if he asked that his servants to conduct a Jamb exam and select the very very best and then train them.

The Bible said, after they finished the training, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, where ten times better than all the other

Ten times better!

And that is saying a lot

But do you know that among the four, Daniel still excelled

If you read Daniel chapter 2 from verse 16 to 23, you will see what happen when they had all these wise people, had a serious test:

A king had a dream, he forgot his dream, he gathered all these wise men together and said you must tell me my dream which I am forgotten and then give me the interpretation;

If you don’t, you are dead.

Daniel said give us time; let us go to the One who is the Father of light from whom there is no variableness or shadow of turning;

Just give us time

And the four of them went into a prayer

But who got the answer?

It was Daniel!

It was Daniel; among the four he was still the excellent one.

It is difficult to find a good illustration to give you on excellence

But I will give you a very poor one and then you can cry to God to give you light so that from now on you will begin to excel.

I told you before, way back in 1975, there was a world Conference of Applied Mathematicians in Canada

All over the world, Applied Mathematicians came and there were two of us that came from Nigeria – two!

You all know how younger I was at that time

And of course, I was proud, O God! Two people representing my nation! I must be somebody

At that time, I think I had published, I cannot remember the exact number, may be about twelve papers in Journal but my head was in clouds.

When we all gathered together and then the man who was to give the opening address, when they began to introduce him, he has published hundred and fifty papers

I said, O Lord God Almighty, what am I doing here?

And he began to speak and he began to talk about the mathematics of the rain


By the time he finished, I prayed: Almighty God, when it is my turn to present my paper, don’t let this man come.

Then, the day came when I was to present my paper, and who was the fellow I found seating in the front role, it was the same man.

I said God have mercy on me but I had prayed all night because not presenting your paper that it is problem, it is the question and answer that will follow.

How am I going to answer the question of this man?

He was seating right there in front.

If he raises his hand and he say he wants to ask a question I cannot pretend have not seen him.

Then, I presented my paper.

And not a single fellow asked a question and everybody stood up and clap including that man.

Now, the point I am trying to make is this: it was not…, what was it that the small boy said that this people did not much more?

It was because God shone is light; because I was probably the only one there who prayed.

When God shines His light upon you, you will begin to excel.

I pray for everyone of you, my children in particular, in the Name that is above every other name, you will now begin to excel.

And number seven:

I am sure you can now see the advantage of my seating down; I can take as much time as I want.

I want to talk briefly about the beauty of purity.

Pure light…

Thank You Father.

Thank You Almighty God.

The Lord says there is someone listening to me whose hunger and thirst since this problem started was, O God, how I wish I have the gift of healings; Daddy asked me to tell you, your wish has been granted.

Like I was saying pure light is white in colour

You know, the kind of light that you see when the welder is working; the welder has to shield his face when he is working because of the light coming from the instrument

Pure Light

But you know, if you have done a little bit of science, if you pass white light through a glass prison, it breaks up into seven colours – seven colour of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Maybe one of these days we will come and pick it up from there.

But inside white light there is red; inside white light there is orange, there is yellow, there is green, there is blue, there is indigo and there is violet

And each colour stands for something significant but that will be for another time.

The implication is: all colours are the same when there is no light.

I mean you are all in a room now, your sitting room wherever you are; some of you are wearing yellow dress, some green, some blue; but if light goes out you are all wearing black.

It is only when light comes up that you begin to see yellow, that is green, that…

When there is no light there is no other colour other than black.

It means, it takes light to bring out beauty

And you know what, there is beauty in you; every person has beauty in him or her.

In 2Corinthians chapter 4 verse 7, the Bible says we have treasures in earthen vessels - your body is an earthen vessel

Inside this earthen vessel, oh, there is treasure; and until light shines on you, your beauty is hidden.

Let me give you maybe one or two examples

Take David for example – 1Samuel chapter 16 read to from verse 11 to the end – David was a musician, he was very good in instruments, in harps and so on and so forth;

But he was singing only to animals until one day light came into his father’s house and within a very period of time, the man who was singing to sheep and goats was singing for the king – his beauty came out.

Or, take Esther chapter 2 from verse 8 to 17 – Esther was beautiful girl, a beautiful slave, and then there was crisis in the kingdom and light shone on Esther and the ordinary beautiful girl suddenly became the beautiful queen.

Oh, let me give you may be one more example

Genesis chapter 41 from verse 1 to 44,

Thank You my Father and my God

And I hope everybody will take note of this one because God is speaking to someone and He is saying: Use this period to draw closer to Me and I will soon show you how to be unstoppable.

Genesis 41 from verse 1 to 44 gives us an example, an example of Joseph

Joseph had excelled in Potiphar’s house in Genesis 39 from verse 1 to 6, he was brought in as a slave to Potiphar’s house, he took over the household;

And then in Genesis 39 from verse 20 to 23, he was thrown into prison, he got into prison, excelled there – became the controller of the prison;

Then, one day, light shone,

You know what?

It was because there was a crisis in the kingdom.

A king had two dreams, nobody could interpret the dreams, and suddenly, somebody who had forgotten Joseph remembered him.

I pray for someone here today, before this crisis is over, those who could help you will remember you.

And they brought Joseph out of prison and in less than twenty-four hours, a prisoner became a Prime Minister of Egypt.

When light shone, suddenly, beautiful becomes available, become exposed.

So, when you say Lord, let there be light, it could mean Lord, expose my beauty.

And I tell you a story:

Years ago, a woman brought his son to the church in Ebute-Metta, the woman was a Christian and the boy was original rascal, I mean as rascally as they come.

So, in order to help, we handed over the boy to a soldier – there was a soldier man in the church then.

So, we handed him over to the soldier, the soldier I am talking about is the first one to play guitar in the church because he had a box guitar.

And because he was a soldier, he could handle anybody, he handled the boy very well.

And they one day, mummy and I travelled to Kenya, and mummy saw a flute and she said I better buy this flute for that my little rascal; now that he is with soldier who was already teaching him how to play box guitar;

To cut a long story short, when the light of God begins to shine on that boy who you would have thought could never amount to anything; God produced for us the one we all know now as Pastor Kunle Ajayi.

In that rascal, in that fellow that you won’t even want to have as a son, there is beauty but until light shone, the beauty was hidden.

Some years ago, there was conference of Pentecostals from all over the world, I think in Malaysia; and they gave me thirty minutes to preach

I said, the thirty minutes is mine?

They said yes.

I can use it as I like?

I say thank you very much.

The first five minutes is for my minstrel 

By the time he had played for five minutes, the man in -charge said I know while you travel round the world with him.

Light shone, beauty came.

I pray that your beauty that has been hidden will become expose has the light of God shine upon you today in Jesus’ name.

Now, let me conclude.

We are talking about the Purity of Light.

And Matthew chapter 5 verse 8 says blessed are the pure heart for they shall see God.

Psalm 24 verse 2 to 4 say who will ascend unto the hill of the Lord? Who is the one who is going to abide in his holy place?

He said the one with clean hands and pure heart.

All these beautiful things that comes from the purity of light is available only to those who are pure in heart, whose hands are clean.

And you can be one of them today by going before the Almighty God, kneeling down at calvary, at the foot of the cross and asking Him to make you clean.

You know, I just mentioned briefly, I said the colour of white when it is broken through the prison would include red etcetera etcetera

You know, the colour starts with red and red is the colour of blood and it is the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses from all sin.

Before you begin to enter into the benefits of green, benefits of blue, benefits of yellow, you must pass through red.

So, I am appealing to those of you are listening to me and you have never given your life to Jesus Christ, before you pray some very special prayers that I am going to ask you to pray today;

Would you please, even there in your living room, go on your knees now and cry to Jesus Christ to wash you with His blood; His blood cleanses from all sins; if the blood of Jesus washes you, it will make you pure; free from all sins.

So, I am going to give you just two minutes to please go on your knees now; I cannot see you but God can see you and cry to Him and say Lord I am surrendering my life to you today; please wash me clean with Your precious blood, forgive all the sins I have ever committed and I will serve You for the rest of my life.

And those of you who are in the same room with these people who are bowing down to Jesus Christ now, kindly pray for them. Pray that the One who saved your soul will save their own souls also; pray that the One who can save to the utter most will give them genuine salvation; pray that the Almighty God will wipe away all their sins today and receive them into the family of God. Pray for them now.

Let us pray for just one more minute and then I will join my prayers with yours to ask for salvation for all these people.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Saviour.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


My Father and my God I want to bless Your holy name for Your word; I want thank You especially for those who are surrendering their lives to You right, I pray that You will remember Your promise that whosoever will come unto You, You will no wise cast out, they have come to You now Father, please receive them in Jesus’ name; let Your blood wash them clean and this very moment give them genuine salvation, write their names in the Book of Life, receive them into the family of God; and from now on, anytime they call on You, answer them by fire; and I pray that they will not go back into the life of sin.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.



Praise the Lord.

Now, I am going to ask you to write down your prayer points; after you have written down the prayer points, I will pray for you. And then since you are in your own home, you should please take time to pray over these points till you are satisfy. Don’t just pray for ten minutes, fifteen minutes and then stop, you are not going anywhere; spend time to pray over these points.

Point number one: Thank the Almighty God, the One who give all good gifts; the One who has kept you alive till today to hear this message that you have just heard. Praise Him. Thank Him. Give Him glory.

And then number two: You will lift your voice to the Almighty God and say: Father, please make me purely whole; not just healed but purely whole – whole body, soul and spirit; make me purely whole.

Number three: You will say: Father, please give me pure life – healthy, strong, vigorous; the older I grow, the stronger let me become.

Number four: Father, please give me pure wealth, never to borrow again; let me always have more than sufficient.

Number five: Father, please give me pure joy, joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Number six: Father, please give me pure peace; Your kind of peace that passes all understanding.

Number seven: Father, please give me pure success; let me be excellent from now in all that I do; let me excellent.

Number eight: Father, please shine Your light on me and expose my beauty to the world. Shine Your light on me and expose my beauty to the world.

Number nine: Father, out of Your abundant mercy, put an end to this plague speedily. Out of Your abundance mercy put an end to corona virus speedily.

Number ten: will be your own personal prayer request. But I will encourage you to include in that prayer, pray for neighbours, prayer for all your children – big and small, prayer for your in-laws, prayer for your co-workers, prayer for all those in authority and prayer for your Pastors; and please pray for me too.

Now, I am going to pray for you, after which you can then spend quality time in your homes to pray.

Now, I don’t need to begin to tell those of you who are members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, I believe you are well trained that you don’t need anybody to begin to tell you not to fail in your responsibilities to God at a time like this; Almighty God will answer all your prayers.

Let us pray

Once again my Father and my God I want to thank You for this awesome moment; thank You for this peculiar Holy Ghost service; thank You for the message You have sent to us again because we know all we be well. Thank You very very much Lord God Almighty because we know You answer prayers; so, I am joining my faith with the faith of all these Your children that whatever they will be asking You today, You will grant unto them; let Your light shine upon them; O Lord God Almighty make them whole; give them life, vigorous life, life full of vitality; give them pure wealth; if any of them is owing, in Your own miraculous way wipe out the debt; let Your children have more than sufficient; give them joy, pure joy, joy unspeakable, joy full of glory; Father, give them peace, the kind of peace that passes all understanding. Lord God Almighty give them peace; give them peace of mind, give them peace in their body, give them peace in their souls, give them peace in their spirit, give them all round peace. And my Father and my God give them excellence; in every facet of life let them excel; shine your light on them Lord; expose their beauty to the world. And as a result of the prayer of today, my Father and my God let there be countless testimonies.

Please Lord God Almighty have mercy on our nations, put an end to this plague and just let Your name be glorified. And anytime You chose to return please don’t leave us behind. Thank You Almighty God.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let someone shout hallelujah.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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