THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR 2nd of October, 2020



OCTOBER 2ND, 2020.


Let us pray

You are the mighty God

The great I AM




You are the mighty God

The great I AM




You are the mighty God

The great I AM




You are the mighty God

The great I AM




You are the King of kings

The Lord of lords




You are the mighty God

The great I AM



King of kings and the Lord of lords, Ancient of days, the Desire of all nations, we worship You. We thank You for this extra ordinary youth convention, the first of its kind in being virtual; we bless Your holy name that is also taking place when our nation Nigeria is marking his sixth birthday, we worship O Lord; please accept our thanks in Jesus’ name. Father we pray that during this special Holy Ghost service You will do something unique in all our lives, that You will bless us beyond our widest imagination.

And we commit all October children into Your hands, October the tenth month of the year, and ten being five times two, being the month of double grace, we pray Lord God Almighty that in every area of their lives You will give them double blessing, double promotion, double anointing, so that they too will serve double.

And Lord God Almighty we are asking that in the live of everyone of us, irrespective of the month in which we were born, you will let this particular night be a night we will never forget.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Praise the Lord.

We want to bless the name of the Lord for another Youth Convention and this one in particular; we are believing God He will do something He has never done before in all our lives.

Our text is going to be Revelation chapter 22 verse 16: Jesus Christ said,

16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

As you know very well for our Youth Convention this year the theme has been: The Bright and Morning Star.

Whenever you meet somebody that you have never met before, even before you begin to talk at all, you will ask the fellow to introduce himself – who are you?

And here Jesus Christ have given us a good example of what happens: He said, I AM the root and the offspring of David (He is telling you, in case you don’t know me, you need to know who my Father is because that is very important) and the Bright and Morning Star.

Let me tell you before I proceed any further that this is not one of those Holy Ghost services, this particular Holy Ghost service is meant for someone in particular, for a specific individual.

Because I am sure you have learnt that when God is speaking to a congregation, no matter how large, He will address Himself to individual.

Revelation 3:20, He said behold I stand at the door and I knock, if any man, not if some men – any man, hears My voice.

He is talking to individual.

So, there is someone who will leave this Youth Convention completely transformed.

And believe me honestly, I am trusting my Father that this is one night you will never never forget.

But it is important to know who you are, it is even more important to know whose you are, to whom do you belong.

But, far far more important than all these is to do something about what you know.

You know who you are, you know whose you are, but then, do something about it, use that information for your benefits.

You see, in James chapter 2 verse 20, Apostle James faith without works is dead.

Don’t just believe, do something about what you believe.

 A very good illustration will be the story of the Prodigal son that am sure you know very well – you can read the story in Luke chapter 15 from verse 11 to 24.

A man who have two sons, the younger one says Papa you refuse to die, I cannot wait any longer, give me my inheritance and let me enjoy, and so the father gave him what belong to him and he left.

And he spend the money, because he did not work of it, so he spend the morning just like he wanted and very soon there was nothing left and then there was trouble in the land - there was famine.

So finally found himself looking after swine and he was in such a very terrible hunger that he would have gladly eat the food of the swine that nobody gave him.

But one day, he came to himself (that’s how the Bible put it), well, wait a minute, I know whose I am, I should not die of hunger in my father’s house, servant eat as much as they wanted, what am I seating down here dying for?

So, he said, I will arise and go to my father – I am not coming back as a son, take me as a servant but a least I won’t die of hunger.

I will arise!

And the Bible said, he arose.

I am praying that somebody will arise today that you will do something about all that you have already learnt, everything you know, about your heavenly Father and begin to do something about it, leave this convention different from how you came.

When I said that this is for just one individual, I will give just one illustration, there are many of them that I could give you but let me give just one illustration.

A young man was sharing his testimony years ago that he was reading in his Bible and he discover certain thing: these signs shall follow them believe, in My name you can cast out demons, you can heal the sick, you can even raise the dead.

So, he went to his Pastor; Sir, these things written in the Bible are they written for me?

The Pastor say yes.

Are you saying sir, I can raise the dead?

The Pastor said yes.

Have you raised the dead before sir?

The Pastor said no.

Haa! You have done it before, but you say I can do it!

The Pastor said the word of God is forever settled; He did not say when you become a Pastor, if you believe you can raise the dead in the name of Jesus.

He says thank you sir.

He left the office of the Pastor

Young man! Have not got too much sense like some of you who already too sophisticated, because he just had the faith of a child – if God said it, that settles it.

He began to go from house to house – stupid boy, is any dead fellow here?


He will go to next house: have you any dead person here?

No o.

He went until he was tired in the afternoon, he went, he took some meal and then continued.

Finally, according to his testimony, around 4:30 in the evening, he got to a house, is there any dead person here?

They said yes; what do you want to do with the dead person?

He said I want to raise him.

And he said he went, he said it was a child; he went into the house.

He took the child, he wept and cried, and then, all of a sudden, he realized the Bible did not say you we will weep.

So, he stopped weeping and commanded the child to come back to life; by now the child had been dead for hours.

But the child came back to life!

I want you to go away from this convention, and I am talking to only one person, one person who is not going to base his activity to what my Pastor said, what my General Overseer said, but what the Bible says.

Alright, I believe that that should be a good beginning for you.

Now, Jesus is the Bright and Morning Star, He say so.

And then, in Revelation chapter 2 verse 26 to 28, He says if satisfy certain conditions (you can go ahead and read it for yourself), He said He will give me the Bright and Morning Star.

He is the Bright and Morning Star, He said I also can be the bright and morning star.

In other words, He is saying, I am the Son of God, you are a son of God - John chapter 1 verse 11 to 2 - For as many as believed Him to them gave the power to become sons of God.

So, Jesus Christ is my eldest brother.

Romans chapter 8 verse 29, He says He is the first born of many brethren.

Congratulations Lord Jesus, You are the first born of my Father.

Romans 8:15 says I also I am a child of God by adoption.

And the little I know about law: an adopted child has the same right as a begotten child.

So, my eldest brother is the Bright and Morning Star, it tells me if am an overcomer, in the mighty name of Jesus I am an overcomer, He said I too, I am entitled to be called Morning Star.

He is the Light, that is my eldest brother – John 8 verse 12, and according to Him Matthew chapter 5 from verse 14 to 16, He calls me, that I too I am light.

If then, He is the first born of my Dad, I am child of God by adoption, and James chapter 1 verse 17 says God the Father of my eldest brother and my Father too is the Father of light; that means some of us are lights.

My eldest brother and myself, so, if He is light and I am light, if He is the Bright and Morning Star and I am a bright and morning star,

I am not considering even where I stand now, I am not considering whatever I have achieved now, I am talking about what is going to happen to me from now on.

You see, because Romans 4:17 made it clear, God calls things that be not as though were.

If I came into this convention and I am anything bought light in the sight of people, things are changing now.

Because Isaiah 55 from verse 10 to 11 made it clear, the word that has proceeded out of the mouth of God will not return to Him void.

He has called me light, light will I be.

The Bible says in Psalm 33 verse 8 to 9 that once my Father speaks it is done.

And the word of God, I am just quoting so many scriptures for you because everything we are going to do is going to be based on what is written, not what I think, not what my Pastor had been able to do or not do; not what mine General Overseer had been able to do or not do, but what the word of God says concerning me.

In 1John chapter 4 verse 17, the Bible says clearly as Jesus is so am I in this world, not when I get to heaven.

As He is now, so am I.

But there is one further thing that is going to form another foundation for what is about to happen to me now, and that is Matthew chapter 18 verse 18.

Matthew chapter 18 verse 18, that is where Jesus Christ Himself said categorically to me, and to that fellow whose destiny the Almighty God is about to alter, He said whatsoever I be bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; whatever I loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

Which in simple language means whatever I forbid is forbidden; whatever I allow is allowed, then glory be to God.

Consequently, number one, since my Father in heaven has never been sick, and my eldest brother the Lord Jesus Christ was never sick, never, when He was here on earth, even though He was wearing the body of flesh, because if He had been sick they would have told us,

Even when the mother-in-law of Peter was sick, they recorded it for us,

My eldest brother was never sick; the Apostles who were following Hm about, the moment they became connected to Him, none of them was ever sick.

Therefore, from today, I am disallowing sickness and disease in my body.

I am going to tell my body, before this night is out, according to Matthew 15 verse 13, sickness, disease, ache, pain, hear the word of God; it is written every plant my Father did not plant shall be rooted out.

I am making up my mind based on what the Bible says, not what the Evangelist or Apostle or anybody said, that according to Exodus 15 verse 26, any sickness or disease in my body is not from God.

If it is not from God and is of the devil, then, according to 1John chapter 3 verse 8, my eldest brother came into this world to destroy the works of the devil, and He left me stripes for my healing – 1Peter chapter 2 verse 24.

It will interest you that they even had to beat Him before the kill Him.

They are going to crucify Him, if you are going to crucify somebody there is no need to beat him; but they needed to beat Him so that He will experience what pain brought about sickness is like.

He came into the world in the body of flesh to find out how do we human beings feel.

He had never been hungry whey He was in heaven with our Father, so, He came, saw what hunger can be, which is while He cursed a fig tree that is not supposed to even bear fruits at that time.

He was hungry so that when I cry to Him and I say I want food, He will say we will tell our Father, I have been there I know what hunger is.

He came, He tasted thirst, that is while… I mean that thirst is probably the most painful thing; that was while when He was even on the cross, the only thing He cried out for was for water.

He came, found out, what does it mean to be tired, and He discovered that when you are tired you can even sleep through a stone.

He never felt sick; they had to beat Him so we will know what pain is like.

And because He had gone through that, I can tell the devil: (number one) my eldest brother has crushed your head.

Number two: by His stripes I am heal.

But I warned you, I won’t stop at being well, I won’t stop at being whole…

You see, because eldest brother said in Matthew 5:14 to 16, my eldest brother made it clear to me, my light must shine before all men.

So, beginning from today, in the Name that is above every other name, I will be laying hands on the sick.

Afterall, He said in Mark 16: 17 to 18 that I will lay hands on the sick, they will recover.

That is what He said.

If my Pastor have not lay hands on the sick for them to recover, no problem.

That young man’s Pastor told him, the promise is not for titles, the promise is for faith – ‘if you believe’.

And young man, I hope you are listening to me, or young woman, whoever you are, whom this message is directed, don’t listen to the devil if he tells you that what happen when you lays hands on the sick and they don’t recover that is none of his business.

If you lay hands on the first and the fellow does not recover, lay hands on the second; just keep going and you will be amazed.

You see, it is not everybody that Jesus Christ healed that was healed instantly; there were those He healed as they were on their way home.

Keep on laying hands, don’t leave the job to any big title fellow, do it, it is you that God says you will heal.

Then, when we talk about the bright and morning star, we are talking about the star that will shine so bright that it will outshine the sun,

And since I have Peter…, yea they call him Apostle, but I call him my brother, because we are children of the same Father, …since I have brother Peter as my example, who in Acts chapter 3 verse 1 to 8 was able to touch the lame man, and the lame began to walk,

I will pray for anyone who is lame, and I will expect them to rise up and walk.

I won’t even stop there because Peter did not stop there, Peter continued until his shadow began to heal the sick – Acts 5 from verse 14 to 16.

What my elder brother Peter did, haa, so help me God, I will begin to do.

Number two: my Dad was never bound by Satan, and my eldest brother was never in bondage to Satan – John 14 verse 30.

John 14 verse 30 - He said the prince of this world came and there is nothing, nothing, in me.

And He told me clearly what I need to do so that I too will never be in bondage to Satan:

John 8 verses 32 and 36, He said if I know the truth, the truth will make me free, and that whom so ever He, my eldest brother, as made free shall be free indeed.

Okay! if that be the case, from this very moment, I am serving quick notice to all demon showing any form of interest in my life.

I am going to let them know in Ephesians chapter 4 verse 27 that I am not to give place to the devil, not allow them near me.

I am not going to stop there, I am going to proceed further because according to Mark 16 verse 17, He said I will cast out demons, and that there was no age limit, no reference as to how that must be before I begin to cast out demons

All He asked me to do is believe in Him.

You have not done it before, I repent, I will begin to do it now.

And since I have brother Paul as my example, I am not going to stop until my handkerchiefs begin to cast out demons; I am going to press on in the Lord until my handkerchiefs will begin to cast out demons – Acts chapter 19 from verse 11 to 12.

And I am sure you have heard me shared a testimony of a time I went to minister in Port Harcourt at the Businessmen Fellowship International Conference, and the power of God came down and we spoke about the New Anointing,

I think this was 1989 or so, and so several people were trying to touch us, and we escaped, got into our car.

There was this young man who was pushing us: okay, if I cannot touch the man of God, I will touch the car with my handkerchief.

He left the Convention, went home, and by the time he got home, his youngest sister was raving mad, tiny little girl but it took six men to hold her down.

But this young man, young, not a Bishop, not an Archbishop, not a General Overseer, told the men there move aside I have something in my hand that will take care of the situations.

They looked at him and thought he was crazy: just give me room, and he laid the handkerchief on the girl.

All of a sudden, as if a balloon comes close, the demons went out of the girl and the girl became normal.

I am leaving this convention determined to chase out demons from every member of my family, everyone I come across who is being tormented by the devil, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, deliverance is on the way.

Number three: My Dad in heaven was never broke, and He cannot possibly be broke.

Because according to Genesis 17 verse 1, He is the All Sufficient God.

According to Psalm 24 verse 1, the earth belongs to Him and the fulness thereof.

My Father is the Controller of all the crude oil, all the gold, all the diamond, all the silver, in the ground, every bit of it belong to Him.

Infact, He said it in Haggai chapter 2 verse 8, He said gold is Mine, silver is Mine - that is what my Father in heaven said.

And then, my eldest in said in John chapter 10 verse 10, He said He has come that I may have life and have it more abundantly.

I am letting the heavens and the earth know that by the time I return for another convention I will no longer be struggling.

I am going to say loud and clear to all those who want to hear, because of who I am, because of whose I am, I am going to prosper.


Because according to Psalm 35 verse 27 my prosperity is going to give pleasure to my Father, I am not going to displease my Father,

It does not matter what anybody may want to say about virtues of poverty, they can keep it, I want to give pleasure to my Father.

The Bible says He has pleasure in my prosperity.

I am not going to steal, I am not going to be corrupt, but the Bible tells me that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek.

I will be diligent! I will work hard; I will do anything necessary to be done, in order to prosper.

But I will be more than that because I have brother Elisha for an example.

By the time I read 2Kings chapter 4 verse from verse 1 to 7, I see that it is possible for me to be the vessel that God will use to terminate poverty in the life of those who are destitute.

I am not just going to be blessed, I am going to be a blessing.

I am not just going to be prosper, I am going to press until even just my saying so will bring breakthroughs to those who are suffering.

But I won’t stop there.

You see, if I am going to be the bright and morning star, if I am going to shine so much so that during the day time, people will know that this fellow is a star, I am not going to stop until I begin to lend to nations.

Because it is written, Deuteronomy 28 from verse 11 to 12, that God will prosper me so much that I will be lending to nations, that is what is written.

I remember in those early days when I will go to America for one Convention or the other and some of the brethren there will come and say, and how can we help you?

I will say, the God in America is the God in Nigeria;  I say a day will come: it not how can we help you, you will say, how can you help us?

There are some people who will say oh we know what is going on in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, they most have some people Abroad sending them money.

I am saying it again, I have said it before; this time I am saying it, it is going through the whole world: if anybody, anywhere in the world that had ever given money to the Redeemed Christian Church of God to say use this to build your camp, let the fellow come on the air and tell the whole world.

Oh, you might be getting help from Abroad, you are correct, I am getting help from heaven.

And by the grace of God, from Nigeria, that some people looked down upon were sending missionaries to a hundred and ninety nations of the earth and they are being paid, their rents are paid as at when due, their children are in schools,

Because God said I will lend to nation, not to borrow from them.

And then, somebody listening to me now, o young ones and those of you who might be old who consider yourself young, there is someone, someone for whom this convention have been arranged who will one day come to me and say Daddy: how much is your budget for this year?

 I won’t stop until I begin to lend to nations.

I won’t stop until I begin to single handedly build churches all over the nation.

I have brother David as an example.

In 1Chronicles chapter 22 verse 14, when said he wanted to build a church and God said you cannot build one, your son will build it.

He said fine.

Son, God has given you the opportunity to do the builder, but I will give everything needed to do the building.

I am not going to stop until begin to build the kingdom of God on earth.

Because in Matthew chapter 6 verse 31 to 33, the word of God made it clear, if I just seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything will be added unto me.

So, I refuse, I refused today, to die poor; I refuse to barely survive.

I refuse just to be rich, I refuse, I want to flourish, so that I can lend to nations and do the work of God easily.

Number four: since my Dad is the most High, according to Psalm 91 verse 1.

Not only is He the most High, He is higher than the highest, according to Ecclesiastes chapter 5 verse 8.

And He is the Promoter – Psalm 75 verse 6 to 7.

I can promote anyone from any level to any level – 1Samuel chapter 2 verse 8.

I tend to reach the top.

You will let all my enemies hear, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, even those I am looking up to now, will one day, they will look up to me.

Because it is written, Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 13, I will be head not tail, above only not beneath.

Young fellow that I am speaking to, the plan of the Almighty God for you is not just rich the top but to stay there.

It is not the plan of God for you to become an ex-champion but the be an everlasting champion.

And since I have Daniel, brother Daniel as an example, I tend to excel among my peers - Daniel chapter 6 verse 1 to 3.

The Bible records it for us that even among the best, Daniel was the best – that is what I want to be.

When the best gathers together, I want to be outstanding.

I want you to leave this convention with this solemn, solid, quiet, bold of tenacity, that this is what is going to happen to you.

Because that is what is supposed to happen to the child of bright and morning star and much more than that.

Still using brother Daniel as my example.

I tend to press so close to God that all those who are associated with me will also reach the top.

Because if your read Daniel chapter 1 and then Daniel chapter 2, the Bible will tell you that Daniel had some very close friends – Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

They refuse to compromise, they refuse to corrupt themselves and when promotion came for Daniel, he said, hey O king, I have some people too who must be promoted.

Number five: Since my Dad is the Almighty, Psalm 91 verse 1,

Since my Dad can do anything, anything – Jeremiah 32 verse 27 and Luke chapter 1 verse 37,

I intend to join the club of the Almighty.

Hey! What are you saying aren’t you overreaching yourself?

Young man, don’t listen to the devil.

The son of a dog is a dog,

The son of a lion is a lion,

The very day an Elephant gives birth to his child that child is already bigger than a goat, and the son of an Elephant will be an Elephant anytime, any day.

Because my eldest brother told me how I can join heir club of the Almighty, the club of those who can do anything

In Mark chapter 9 verse 23, He said if only you can believe all things are possible to him who can believe.

What is the meaning of ‘all things possible’?

So, from now on, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I will begin to move mountains.

Is that so!

My eldest brother told me in Mark 11from verse 22 to 23 says all I need to do I have faith in God.

Then, when I found a mountain, I will tell the mountain, move.

Supposed I asked the mountain to move and it does not move, I tell it move again, and it does not move the second time, I will tell it move again.

It has to move.

One man of God was telling us the statement to the man who was the first to climb mount Everest:

First time he failed; second time he failed; third time he failed, and everybody thought that now he should retire.


The man of God said and he was quoting him, he spoke to mount Everest and said I am speaking to you in the name of every mountain climber, you have defeated us three times, but I assured you, we will defeat.

He said because you cannot grow bigger, but we, we are going to grow stronger.

The following time they went to climb, he reached the top.

Is there any mountain in your life my dear son/daughter?

Have faith in God.

Tell that mountain, things are different now; you must be looking at me and still feel, the same fellow who came to the convention is the same fellow you are facing

No, no, no, no, things are different now.

Not only will I begin to move my own mountains, beginning from now I will begin to move mountains for others.

I still have brother David again for my example.

This young man, not only did he deal with lions that came his way, bears that came his way, he took away the mountain that was terrorizing the nation – 1Samuel chapter 17 (you can read the whole story from verse 1 to 51).

And it will tell you, he was a young fellow! And he was not even twenty years old when that happened.

When the elders were hiding, he said let the giant come.

I am going to rise up from this convention, I am decreeing that by the grace of the most High God, every person causing trouble in my nation, if they don’t repent they won’t see the new year.

After all, in Ezekiel 22 verse 30, God said I AM looking for a man, not many men, who will stand in the gap for the nation.

I know some of my friends have said, if only all the Christians in Nigeria will gather together and fast…

When is that going to happen?

When are you going to get everybody agree to fast?

God did not say He is looking for a crowd, He said I AM looking for a man, a man.

That means He is finding a man among the young ones who are still young, who are still strong, and you can be the one He is looking for!

And then number six: because my Dad is bright – o! very bright, that is while they call Him the Bright and Morning Star,

So bright that according to 1Timothy chapter 6 verse 16, He dwells in light unapproachable - Light that cannot be approached,

And He told me how I can shine like that.

Daniel chapter 12 verse 3, He said only if I can begin to win souls, is only I can begin to turn men to righteousness, He said I will shine like the firmament.

So, what am I going to do during this convention?

What am I going to do tonight?

Haa! I am to learn a lesson from brother

Isaiah in Isaiah chapter 6 from verse 1 to 5, I am going to say Lord I have come to Your presence, Your very very presence, I am laying myself on the altar now Lord, overhaul me, take me to pieces,

Daddy, You have my full permission, take me to pieces, clean me up, put me together, and send fire from heaven to purify me.

Everything in me that should not be there: all these immoral thoughts, all these ambitions that are not in compliance with Your programme for my life, take me to pieces and flush them out.

When You finish cleaning me up, bring me together again and send fire from Your altar, and so that like the day of Pentecost I may live this convention on fire for You.

And even as brother Peter preached sermon and won three thousand souls, set me on fire, so that even before the end of this month, all the churches around me will know there is a revival now.

Set me on fire Lord so that by the time I return for the next convention, even I alone will bring several bus loads of people to come and worship You on this mountain.

Let me conclude.

Do you know unless you are child of God, you cannot claim to be child of light?

If you are not born-again, if God is not your father, because He is father of light and not father of darkness; you don’t belong to His family, all these things that I am talking about cannot be your portion.

It is not who you are alone that matters, is whose you are.

The Bible made it clear, he that sins is of the devil.

The devil has his own children.

You can tell the devil now, leave me alone.

Leave me alone! I am crossing from darkness into light.

That is what the Bible says, if you are born again you are translated out of the kingdom of darkness into the kind of light.

I beg you young man, beg you young woman, I am begging you young-adult, I am begging you even adults, don’t waste your life, you can be a giant for God, you can be as bright as the Bright and Morning Star, all you need to do:

Take the first - give your life to Jesus Christ.

Let us bow our heads in prayer.

Those of you wherever you are listening to me and you want to shine for the rest of your life, and you are crying to Jesus now, asking Him to save your soul. Tell Him to wash you with His blood, tell Him to bring you into the family of light, promise Him you will shine for Him; promise Him that you will shine for Him.

And I pray for you now.

My Father and my God I want to thank You for Your word and I want to thank You for all those who have decided to surrender their lives to You, please my Father and my God, please receive them, save their souls, wash them clean, and receive them into the family of life, and from now one let them begin to shine for you.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now, those of you who have just given your life to Jesus Christ please contact me as soon as possible.

And those of you who are already children of God, you prayer today is just one, just one, but I want you to pray it for as long as you have the strength in you:

After you have thanked the Almighty God who saved your soul, your prayer is: Father, it is written, like Father like Son; You are the Bright and Morning Star, I want to be a bright and morning star for You. Father, You are the Bright and Morning Star, Almighty God, let me be a bright and morning star for You, let me shine for You, in every area of life – physically, materially, emotionally, spiritually, in every facet of life, let me shine for You, let me shine for You, let me be a bright and morning star for You O Lord.

You can pray that prayer and the Almighty God will grant your request.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name.


You may want to write down the word of prophecies and then pick those ones that are yours.

And the Almighty God wants me to tell someone, He says as I carried your parents, so will I carry you too.

He asks me to tell someone, He said I will reward your father’s faithfulness to Me through you.

Then, He says something (I believe this is mine but I will share it with whoever may want to partake of it) He said I assure you you will not weep in your old age.

He asks me to tell someone that yours is a family known for bankruptcy, but He asked me to tell you, that ends tonight.

Again, this is for me, but I will tell you too so that you can share, He says relax, your future is secured in Me.

And then, finally, He said…

Without any doubt this must be for me too. I told you this convention is for one fellow in particular; I believe that is me and then somebody else might just join me.

He said the next twelve years of your life will be full of miracles in ascending order of greatness, and brightness.

I pray that every one of you listening to me tonight will be partakers of these prophecies.
























Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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