EMMANUEL 3rd of August, 2007

2/3/ 2007

Theme: Emmanuel

Well let somebody shout halleluiah, tonight God is going to do something new in the life of somebody here.

The bible says God inhabit the praises of his people, so if you want God  to come to your side tonight, because he is here already, but if you want him to move to your side, then praise him more than everybody else, bless his holy name, give him all glory, give him all honor, give him all adoration, praise him, praise the king of kings the Lord of Lords, the I am that I am , praise him give him all glory, give him all honour, bless his holy name.

Give him all adoration, Lord, I bless your name, I give you all glory, all adoration, I adore you Emmanuel, I give you all glory, I give you all honour Emanuel blessed be your name for ever.

Emanuel, blessed be your name, king of kings, lords of Lords, the ancient of days the unchangeable changer, the alpha, the omega, the who one who is wonderful, the one who is marvelous, the one who is glorious, the one who is king of kings, we worship you , we adore you.

you are the king of kings the Lord of Lords, may you be forever glorified oh Lord, you are the one called wonderful, you are counselor that is your name, you are the mighty God, you are the everlasting father, you are the prince of peace, I bless you Lord, I give you all glory, I give you all honour, there is no one like you, no one, from the east to west no other God, from north to south no other God you are the only living God

I bless your holy name, I give you all glory, I give you all honour, because you are worthy to be praise, you are worthy, you are worthy to be praise, you are worthy to be praise, no one like you, glorious in holiness, fearful in praising, no one ,like you.

Oh! what a great God you are, blessed be your holy name, glory be to your holy name, we adore you Lord, thank you my father, thank you almighty God. In Jesus name we have prayed.

Now lift your voice to the Almighty and say father please don’t be far from me … I can’t carry my burden alone, please don’t be far from me, I need you every second of the days of my life. In Jesus name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to him and say father make haste to help me. In Jesus name we have prayed.

Lift your voice to him and say father, Do something special for me tonight… in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

 I want you to please pray for me, I want you to stretch your hand to me and wish me whatever you wish yourself…  

 let us go before the Almighty God and let us worship him, he is the only one who can do mighty things.

Holy, holy, holy, holy, is the Lord

Holy, holy, holy, holy, is the Lord (singing)


Emmanuel, king of kings, Lord of Lords , the ancient of days, the rock of ages, the I am that I am, the alpha, the omega, the beginning, the ending,, the one who is, the one who was, the one who is to come, the Almighty, your name is wonderful, your name is counselor, you are the everlasting God, you are the prince of peace, you are the lion of the tribe of Judah, you are the bright and morning star, glory be to your holy amen.

glory be to your holy name, you are good, you are kind, you are generous, you are holy, you are faithful, you are powerful, you are reliable, glory be to your holy name Lord, accept our worship in Jesus name.

 Thank you for Monday, thank you for Tuesday, thank you for yesterday and now Lord thank you for today, glory be your holy name Lord, accept our thanks in Jesus name.

thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you  for May, thank you for June, now thank you for august. Thank you for the remaining months in the year. Glory be to your holy name.

Emmanuel, make haste to help us tonight, to do something new tonight, do something wonderful tonight, do something miraculous tonight, do something divine tonight, surprise us, glorify your name tonight and at the end of everything take all the glory, in Jesus name we have prayed.

Let t somebody shout halleluiah!

Shake hand with one or two people and say good evening God bless you, Good evening God bless you and then you may be seated.

Very quickly let me pray for the children of August, stand on your feet while I pray for you. Father I want to thank you for your children born in the month of august, these your children born in the eight month of the year. These are your children born in the month of restoration. A month of new beginning, in the life of all these your children, do something new in Jesus name.

Bless them a new in Jesus name. Prosper them anew in Jesus name; let them become more dedicated to you more than before in Jesus name. Let it be well with them, let the serve you to the end. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen)

Let somebody shout halleluiah

We will have to move very fast tonight. On this Friday of the convention, twenty new babies were born, ten boys and ten girls. Bringing the total number of the children, born during this convention thus far to sixty six.

 We even had another set of twins; the girls are still leading, thirty four girls, and thirty two boys. Let the girls shout glory, let the boys shout halleluiah.

One of our deaconess came all the way from Philippine came to share a testimony with us, I think we have to listen to the testimony before I preached;

 I want to share my testimony to all of you, first to the glory God and secondly to admonish you my brethren. In august 2005, I thought I became pregnant, I went through a lot because of what I thought was pregnancy; I experience serious vomiting, serious heart beat and serious loss of appetite. And I observed that my stomach became bigger and bigger which is not compatible to normal pregnancy, being a doctor myself.

I went for check up and I discover that it was tumor that I have not pregnancy. And I know this is very dangerous.

 I called my spiritual father and he prayed for me, I went back for the checkup and we decide to do chemotherapy, but we realized that this will make me lose my hair and if I lose my hair, how will I preach about God, because I myself am a pastor, this will not bring glory to God.

So I called my pastor and my pastor called zonal pastor, which in turn told the general overseer about it, and the general overseer prayed on a handkerchief and sends it to me.

Before then I had undergone the first phase of the chemotherapy, but when I receive the handkerchief, I tied it to myself and I and my husband decide to stop the chemotherapy.

  That was how God healed me completely of tumor and I didn’t lose any of my hair. Praise the Lord!


The God who can heal from any distance, it doesn’t matter how far it may be, he will touch somebody here tonight.

Mattew1v23, behold a virgin shall be with a child and shall bring forth a child and they shall his name Emmanuel, which been interpreted God with us, we will pray one more time because today is a new day even in my own life.

I have a father, Almighty father; he is king of kings, Lord of Lord, (singing)

My father and my God, I bow before you today for the new things you want to begin to do in the life of all of these your children beginning from now.

Thank you father, thank you Almighty God, thank you ancient o days, thank you Emmanuel , thank you Holy Spirit, thank you my supporter, thank you my defense, thank you my all in all, glory be to your holy name all. Everything you want to do tonight father, to the glory of your holy name, do it all. Let nothing stand in your way and at the end of it all take all the glory, thank you Daddy, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Emmanuel God with us, occasionally we think God is far away, at time we pray and it might look as if God is not hearing, at times it might look to us as if he is asleep,

 I mean Mark4v35-41, When there was a storm in the boat and Jesus was fast asleep, Peter went to him and say father, careth thou that we perish?

 Everything is going wrong and you are sleeping, what Peter did not know is that when he appears to be sleeping; he is at work and when he got up, he “spoke a word, peace be still” and immediately everything became calm.

I stand here today as a representative of Emmanuel and I say peace be still.

When you think he is far away, when you think he is not paying attention to you, just a little cry from you. According to Ps.34 v 17 he said the righteous cry and the Lord heard him. And deliver him from all his troubles.

Let me hear somebody cry Emmanuel help me, he will help! He will help you today in Jesus name.

The first time I went on a cruise, that is a journey in a boat, the ship was very big, bigger than Sheraton hotel. And then the storm came and the big ship became like a toy.

 the waves will throw the ship into the air and for about ten stories and then drop it and everything was shaking, everybody was shaking, at a stage the captain of ship called us together and say don’t worry; you see there are different categories of storms, the smallest is category one and the biggest is category twelve, he said don’t worry we are only in category ten. He said but all of you go and stay in your rooms.

 I got to my room and I cried unto God, and I say daddy what am I going to do? You didn’t promise me that I will become food for fish and he answered,

He will answer somebody here tonight.

He said “my son, when there was a storm and I was in the boat, what did do?” I said they told me you were sleeping,

He said “you climb on your bed and sleep”,

I said “thank you daddy”, I climb on my bed and those who knows me, knows that if I want to sleep it doesn’t take me two minutes.

 I slept off, by the time I woke up everything was calm and we had arrived were we were going.

I decree into every one of you tonight, every storm in your life will be still in Jesus name.

Thank you daddy, the Lord asked me tell you straight away that the number of people he will heal tonight, nobody will be able to count.

He asked me to tell someone here tonight, that beginning from tonight your rate of progress shall be doubled.

 Thank you daddy, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said in spite the recent happenings in your life, he said “I will yet be glorified in your life”.

When you think he is far away, when you think he is not listening, he is in control. When he is seated, he is in control. In Isaiah 66 v1 he says heaven is my throne; the earth is my footstool, when he seated, he seated in heaven and his leg is in the earth. When he seated he is controlling heaven and he is controlling the earth.

 When he is seated, he can open the windows of heaven because that is where he is seated and pour in a blessing on somebody who is on the earth.

That’s why I pity those of you who are not paying your tithe; you don’t know what you are missing.

 The key to heaven is in the hand of Emmanuel, he has given the condition under which he will open it.

And when he opens no man can shut, when he shut no man can open.

I pray tonight, all of you who have been faithful in the payment of your tithe that the heaven will open towards you tonight. All of you who has been rubbing God, I pray you will repent tonight.

A man came to the camp around two or 3am bang on our doors, he said he had an emergency, what is the emergency? He said “I worked for the government and they owe me a lot of money”,

“since when”?

He said “four years”

If the problem has been around for four years, can’t you wait until tomorrow morning? Why do you have to come and wake us up for 3am?

He said “I know God doesn’t sleep”,

I said if “he doesn’t sleep we sleep”

He said “pray, pray now”.

And we prayed, that was Friday stroke Saturday morning.

 On Monday the government sent for him and paid him what they have owed him for four years.

 There is somebody here today, the miracle you have believed God for, for a very long time, you will receive it today in Jesus name.

Part of the healing that is going on;

The Lord said there is someone here he said inside your heart is as cold as if there is a freezer there, he said that is settled now.

The Lord said there is someone here who has been suffering serious pain because of a slip hip; he said he has put everything back to position.

The Lord said there is someone here today, he said he has block the way to your grave, in order words those who are expecting you to die, will wait for a very long time.

 Daddy says there is someone here today, he says the door you have been knocking on for a very long time, will be open unto you this night.

 When you think he is sleeping he is control. When he is sitting down he is in control. And when he stands up, then things begin to happen.

Ps. 68 v1-3 he said let God arise and his enemies be scattered, every enemy that follow you here today; from your father’s house, from your mother’s house, from the husband house, from your place of work, they will scatter in Jesus name.

When he stands up, red sea will part. When he stands up the wall of Jericho will fall.

Thank you daddy; thank you my Lord, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said I have captured your captors.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said the sound of music will fill your home again.

 When I was studying the book of Joshua 6 particularly verse 20, you know that has to do with the fall of Jericho. And I was wondering why the people shouted and the wall fell.

 Daddy says “when you praise a man, if you really praise him the way, he supposed to be praised, his head begin to rise up, his head begin to swell”.

“If you praise him sufficiently, he will stand up without thinking”, he said that was what happened in Jericho”, he said “they shouted a praise so loud that I got up”, and “when I stand, the earth trembles”.

 Let me hear someone shout a really big halleluiah. Amen, thank you Jesus. I decree tonight, all of you who shouted that halleluiah; God will stand up for you.

Now when he is on the move people can come even from behind and snatched a miracle, in Mark 5 v 25-34.

Thank you father…

 In Mark 5 v 25-34, the woman with the issue of blood, saw Jesus passing by and came from behind.

 Touched the helm of his garment and snatched a miracle.

 When God is moving, someone like Bartimeus can get a miracle that changed his life forever.

 I decree tonight that every one of you here present before you go home a miracle that will change your life forever will be giving unto you.

Now some of you have heard this testimony, some years ago.

 I was travelling from here to my town, a s I was driving through the city of Ife, I saw one of my daughter standing by her car,; I thought the car had a problem, because I saw sorrow on her face .

 I saw almost a mixture of fear and anxiety on her face, so I stopped and I went to her. I have almost reached before she even knew I was coming,

What is the problem why are you so down cast?

She said the baby In her womb; (because she is pregnant), she said the baby is dead and the doctor said they have to evacuate.

Some miracles are happening over there, Glory be to God, don’t worry it will go round. Begin to check your problems now; you will go home with your miracles.

So she said the doctor said were going to evacuate the pregnancy and the pregnancy was about seven month old then,

I said lets pray, I laid my hand on the stomach and I commanded the baby to come back alive, to cut a long story short that baby that was dead in the womb has now got his master degree.

Under the anointing of Emmanuel I decree every good thing in your life that the enemies have killed shall come back alive.

Thank you daddy, God says there is someone here tonight; he said out of your presence ashes, I will build a mansion.

Halleluiah, Daddy says, he said there is someone her tonight, he said those who seek your hurt shall fall for your sake.

 Amen and amen, halleluiah.

 This next one is for me no doubt about that, my daddy says I have commanded the roads to open unto you.

 Halleluiah, Let somebody shout halleluiah.

So when you think he is sleeping, he is in control. When he is sitting down, he is in control. When he stands up he is control, when he is moving, he is in control, when he is visiting he is in control.

In Act 16v 25-26, Paul and Silas were in prison and then they began to sing and to praise God. God stood up and decide to pay them a visit, by the time he arrived; there was an earthquake, because when he got up, because the earth is the footstool, the earth shook a little.


When he began to move the earth began to shook, he took the second step, the earth shook, by the time he arrived at the prison house, the shaking has become a violent earth quake.

Prison doors were forced open and every yoke was opened. Somebody is coming out of prisons today. The yoke binding you will all be consume today. Amen,

Now listen carefully;

The Lord said there is someone here that you used part of a dead child to make charm and now forces of darkness is closing in on you.

 You see them in your sleep, you feel their presence during the day time, and daddy says he will want to set you free tonight, but you have to step out.

The Lord said there is some here, daddy says someone offended you and you arranged with someone that that fellow will die barren.  Now the Lord said from the day you made that arrangement, everything you touched had failed, and the one that you say will die barren will conceive this month. And what you begin to touch from now, will begin to prosper,

The Lord asked you to step forward for deliverance.

 The Lord said there is someone here, he said you drank human blood at an initiation ceremony and now AID is about to blossom in your body. Daddy says I will heal you tonight, if you come forward.

 If you are in any of these three categories you have to come and come very quickly because my time is gone, the three of you will come together so we won’t know which is which.

 I wasn’t there went it happened, but God is, and he wants to set you free, so come quickly, as you come begin to cry to him have mercy Lord have mercy, just have mercy on me. Thank you father, In Jesus almighty name we have prayed. Father I thank you because your mercy endures forever, who can understand how merciful you are. Accept out thanks in Jesus mighty name we prayed. Father I thank you, who can understand how merciful you are? Accept our thanks in Jesus name.

 I plead the blood over all these your children, the blood of Jesus that cleanses from all sins, let it wipe away all their sins in Jesus name, every evil that they have done forgive and forget in the mighty name of Jesus.

The repercussion of the evil they have done cancel it tonight in Jesus name. Set them free; set them completely free in the name of Jesus. Lord give them a new beginning, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

That is all, congratulation, you can begin to go back to your seat, it is as simple as that, thank God you obeyed. I believe you are free now.

When God is visiting, prison doors are opened, yokes are destroyed, and prisoners are set free.

Some years ago, I was a visiting a town and I decided to pay a friend of mine a visit.

 And his wife was carrying a baby at her back and they say this child will not allow anybody to carry her except the mother, and I greeted them and I was about to go and this child began to cry, she began to stretch out of the back of her mother, stretching towards me to carry her.

 when I saw the child  was about to fall from the back of the mother I carried took the child and the child held on to me tightly, and I prayed for her until finally the child relaxed and I gave her back to her mother.

A couple of months later the mother began to confess and said “that was the day she had decided to kill the child”. The child saw death coming, she saw the representative of God coming and stretched out and got her deliverance.

 I decree tonight, every plan of the enemies concerning you shall be destroyed tonight.

So when you think he is sleeping, he is in control. When he is sitting down he is in control. When he stands up, he is in control, when he is walking he is in control.

 When he is visiting he is in control, when he abides he is I control and now when he abides he is in control, then things changed dramatically.

 EMMANUEL means God abiding with us in 2 Sam. 6 v10-11 the Ark of the Covenant was in the house of Obed Edom for just three months.

And God prospered him mightily, so mightily that the whole nation took note and they went and reported him to the king; this man was a poor man before you took the ark of covenant to his house, now he has become the richest man in the country

 David said if that is the case, I will go and get my ark out of his house.

There is someone here tonight; because of this convention EMMANUEL God will prosper you so much that the whole nation will know.

Halleluiah, The Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said you have suit cases filled with money that you stole, now fortunately for you he didn’t ask me to tell you to step out, but that you should write for an appointment and you should come and see us privately and we can counsel you on what to do. Because he asked me to tell you that if you don’t restitute about this money you have stolen, you will not see the New Year.

 Thank you Lord. Halleluiah, the Lord asked me to tell you a story and of course as a result of the story the Lord asked me to prophesy on somebody.

The first time I stayed in London. I was on my way to Canada, Nigerian Airways was to take me to London, From London, I was to cross over to British airways.

Nigerian airways took off late, by the time I arrived in London, the British airways had left, so they put me in an hotel, gave me ticket to eat, when it was time to eat and I came down to the dining section, I saw two restaurants, one on the right, one on the left. I didn’t know which is which?

So I just said well when I got to heaven I will be on the right side and so I sat down, and the food was fantastic.

I eat in the afternoon; I eat   there in the night, in the morning before I went to board my plane I eat there again.

 Then it was time to go. They now asked for my ticket, so I gave them the ticket.

And they said what! This is ticket of economy class!

 You are supposed to be eating there. This section is for first class people, it is already too late, I have eaten.

The Lord asked me to tell someone here tonight, the miracle that you did not qualify for I will give it to you.

Thank you Lord, the Lord said there is someone here, he said every year there have been sorrow in your family, the Lord asked me to tell you “No more.”

Daddy says there is someone here; he said they say your sun has set, he said I will cause it to rise again. Amen and amen.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; he said when vessel of honour gathered together, they will say you are a special vessel unto honour.

Halleluiah, daddy says there is someone here tonight, he said I should tell you your own season of joy has just started.

I want to conclude but daddy is speaking and when he is speaking who else can speak. Particularly when he is talking to me, because this next one is for me again.

 He said there is someone here tonight; he said I will replace your river with an ocean, amen…

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; he said very soon your song will be I have recovered all.

Thank you father!                            

So Emanuel means God with us, God abiding with us, when you think he is sleeping, he is in control. When he is sitting, he is control. When he stands he is control. When he is moving he is in control, when he arrives he is in control, when he seats down and he said I am not going anymore then miracles galore.

So Emmanuel guarantees unlimited prosperity. David said in Ps. 26 v 6 he said surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.

 Why? Because I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever, in order words David is saying as long as me and Emmanuel are dwelling together, the only thing, the only report that anybody can hear about me will be report of goodness, reports of mercy, the report of overflowing anointing, the reports of table set before me in the presence of my enemies.

The report that even though I work thorough the valley of shadow of death I have nothing to fear.

 I decree tonight, because of Emmanuel for the rest of your life goodness, mercy, joy, victory, progress, promotion, prosperity; abundance shall follow you all the days of your life.

 But there is another side to the coin, what happens when he departs? If he used to be with you and suddenly he says I am going, then trouble starts.

If he has been staying with you and goodness and mercy and victory have been flowing. And then you do something that annoys him and he says I am going then you know you are in soup.

Because it is better that you have not tasted him, it is better that he has not come in, than for him to have been in and then go out. Because if he steps out, if lights go out, what will take the place? Darkness!

 In 1Sam.16 v14, when the spirit of God left King Saul, the bible say an evil spirit from the Lord began to torment him. When Emmanuel was with Samson, who is called enemies?

 With the jaw bone of an ass, he killed thousands of them. They said they shut the gate against him, he uprooted the gate. The lion came he turn the thing into two.

 But when Emmanuel left…

Enemies took over, they plucked out his eyes, champion became somebody who was grinding corn in the house of the enemies.

 I want you to stand on your feet  now and cry to God, whatever I will do, that will cause you to leave me alone, please  don’t let me do it again, don’t let me do it again. whatever I will do that will cause you to say bye, bye to me, my Lord and my savior, don’t let me do it again. Don’t let me do it again….

and whatever I have already done that want you to say you are leaving, forgive me, I will change my ways, I will begin to obey you now completely, I will never disobey again, I will obey you quickly… I will do your will.

 Halleluiah! Thank you Jesus, Blessed be your holy name. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

You are going to pray one more prayer, lift you voice to the Almighty God and say father, don’t pass me by tonight. Emmanuel don’t pass me by tonight, I know you are here , I know you are visiting, don’t pass me by tonight, you have already demonstrated that you are here, don’t pass me by Lord, when you are performing miracles in the lives of other people don’t pass me by… Thank you Jesus….. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

And then  you will lift your voice to him and say father, don’t just visit tonight Lord, stay with me forever, now go ahead and talk to the almighty God, stay with me forever daddy. Thank you Jesus, glory be to God, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed,

 He will grant your request in Jesus name. He will never depart from you I Jesus name. And what you to do that he will cause him to leave you; you will never do it again, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. You can be seated.

Now there is something my daddy asked me to do tonight; glory be to God. When my father in the Lord left this world, he gave me two things, I am not going to tell you the second, but you will see one of them tonight.

 He gave me a rod, he told me to keep it and that rod has not come into the open, since he gave me more than thirty years ago. God said I should bring it out tonight, and he said it will be for two reasons; reason number one, he said the  anointing I receive on the day I got that rod, he said he want to share some of it with you tonight. Am not surprise that this anointing came overwhelmingly tonight, he said as soon as you see it, release your faith and part of it will come to you.

He said number two, he said as Moses lifted up the rod, to divide the red sea, I am to lift the rod at a particular point in time and you will pray and every red sea blocking your way to your promise land will be parted tonight. So settle down and pay attention.

 Now I want you to stand on your feet, if  you are not already standing and command every red sea to part of reaching the promising land to part in the Mighty name of Jesus., go ahead talk to the Almighty God, and say every read sea blocking my way, to my promise land, I decree that you part now….

Thank you Jesus, glory be to God and It is done in Jesus Mighty name.

Go ahead and put your hands together to the Almighty God, give him all honour, give him all glory, give him all adoration, praise him praise him he is worthy, common put your hands together to the Almighty God. Go ahead and shake hand with your neighbor and said thank God I am here today. Oh thank you my father, blessed be your holy name. Amen

well I have done what he asked me to do, and am sure he will do what he alone can do, this is one convention that you will never forget for the rest of your life amen

I think the next thing to do now is to thank God,

Halleluiah, amen, halleluiah amen, halleluiah amen…

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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