DIVINE PARTNERSHIP 5th of October, 2007

Let somebody shout halleluiah, the bible says even before the mountain were brought forth, even from everlasting to everlasting thou art God. If there is anybody here tonight who is younger than the mountains, that fellow is younger than God, so he is a youth, so if you are a youth let me hear you shout halleluiah!. Halleluiah, glory be to God,

I have a father, Almighty father; he is king of kings and Lords of Lords… (Worship)

If He is your father, if you are sure that the one from everlasting to everlasting s your father, if you are sure that the lion of the tribe of Judah is your father, if you are sure that the rock of ages is you father, if you are sure that the unchangeable changer is your father; then go ahead and praise him, lift up his name, magnify his holy name, let him hear your praise tonight, tell him you are my father and there is no one like you.

You are the best, you are the greatest, you are the highest you are the richest, you are the oldest, you are the wisest, you are my daddy and I am proud of you. You are the king of kings, you are the Lord of Lords, you are the unchangeable Lord, you are the alpha you are the omega, you are the beginning, and you are the ending. Of you are my father, when you speak it is done. When you say no, no man can say yes!

When you open no man can shut, when you shut no man can open. Oh you are my father and I am proud to belong to you, you are the light of the world. In you there is no darkness at all, when you say let there be light, there must be light, I blesses your holy name.

 You are my father, you are the almighty father, you are the; I am that I am, I bless your Holy name. You are Jehovah shalom, you are Jehovah Nissi, you are Jehovah Ralpa, you are Jehovah El-Shaddai, you are a marvelous father, and you are a glorious father.

You are a mighty father I bless your name, you remain the same forever what a wonderful father, you are the same today, yesterday and forever, you are a faithful God, powerful God, glorious God, thank you God, you  are the holy one of Israel, that I have you as my father, I can face the future.

I am happy you are my father, I Know my tomorrow will be alright because you control my future, I bless your holy name, what a wonderful father, what a glorious father, what a faithful father, what a kind father a generous father, you are a patient father, what an understanding father, what a loving father you are.

I bless your holy name, you are worthy to be praise, you are worthy to be adored, you are worthy  to be glorified, I give you all the glory, I give you all honour, may your name be forever glorified, may your name be forever be praise, I give you all the glory, I give you all honour, I give you all adoration, blessed be your holy name, blessed be your name forever, thank you my daddy, thank you my loving daddy. Thank you my glorious daddy there is no other daddy like you. What a wonderful father you are you are the most high, you are higher than the highest, you are the most high, you are greater than the greatest. All the earth is yours and the fullness there of the cattle upon a thousand hills are yours.

Silver is yours gold is yours. You are richer Lord, what a great God, what a mighty God, your mercy endures father, what a merciful father, I bless your holy name , we give you all the glory, we give you all honor, we give you all honour tonight, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you king of glory.

If I have a thousand tongue it will not be enough to praise you, thank you for your keeping power, thank you for this nation, thank you for the youth, thank you for your church, thank you for your pastors, thank you for the choir, thank you for the band, thank you for the workers Lord, thank you for the engineers, thank you for the counselor, thank you for the security guard, thank you for Lord the mid wives, thank you for the doctors, thank you for the sanitation teams thank you for your church, blessed be your holy name,

Oh! thank you for the hospitality unit, thank you for the protocol team, thank you for everybody, thank  you for your church , thank you for everything, what a glorious God you are, king of kings Glorious Lord, the Almighty be God, blessed be your holy name.

The prince of prince, you are wonderful, you are glorious, you are mighty, you are holy, you are faithful, you are reliable, what a dependable father you are, we give you all glory God, we give you all honour, blessed be your name Lord, thank you daddy, blessed be your name.

In Jesus name we have worship, now I want to you to lift your voice to Him loud and clear and say father, I put my hand into your hands, don’t let me fail, Let’s talk to the Almighty God… In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let God arise and his enemies be scattered…. (Worship)

Lift your voice to the Almighty God, say father, all the enemies of my soul, all the enemies of our youth scatter them tonight, let’s open our mouth and talk to Him.  Arise oh lord, let all the enemies of our family be scattered tonight … In Jesus name we have prayed.

I am serving the God of miracle; I know yes I know… (Worship)

Lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father; throughout the days of my life let their miracle signs and wonder, prosperity throughout the days of my life, go ahead talk to the Almighty God. For the rest of my life Lord, miracle galore, signs, wonders, testimonies. Mighty miracle, all kinds of blessing and pleasant surprises…

 In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to join hands with your neighbor, there is something called the law of harvest you want to sow prayer into the life of the woman/ man that you are holding now and you will reap it so lift your voce to the Almighty God and pray like you have never prayed before, say father, let it be well with this your child in every areas of his life…In Jesus name we have prayed.

Pray for me tonight, just stretch your hands toward me and wish me whatever you wish yourselves… In Jesus name we have prayed.

Let us praise him once more;

Oh Lord our God, how excellent is your, in all the earth, how excellent is our name…. (Worship)

Father there is no one like you, you are glorious in holiness, fearful in praising, always doing wonders, glory be to your holy name, thank you for January, thank you from February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you for May, thank you for June, thank you for July, thank you for, August, thank you for September, and Lord thank you for October. Glory be to your holy name, accept our thanks in Jesus name.

 Thank you for your youth, thank you for our elders, thank you for your church, thank you for Nigeria, thank you for our yesterday, thank you for our today, thank you for our tomorrow, thank you for peace in our town glory be to your holy name Lord, accept our thanks in Jesus name. Tonight visit your children in a very special way visit your children, let all be well, let your name be glorified, thank you my father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleluiah!

John15v1-5, I am the true vine and my father is the husbandman, every branch in me that bears not fruit he takes away: and every branch that bears fruit, he purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now ye are clean through the word I have spoken unto you. Abide in me and I in you, as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye except ye abide in me. I am the vine and ye are the branches; he that abides in me and I in him, the same bring much fruit, for without me ye can do nothing.

What do we mean by partnership, partnership means two or more people working together foe mutual benefit? For example; husband and wife they come together in order to produce children. A husband cannot produce a child alone, the wife cannot bring a child alone but when the two of them combine, a child can be born. The wife will say this is my child, the father will say this is my child.

Partnership of two or more people working together for mutual benefits. So when we talk about divine partnership. It means God and man working together for mutual benefit.

The vine needs the branches; it is the branches that produce the fruits. The branches need the vine because without the vine, the branches can produce nothing; of course we know the branches need the vine more than the branches need the vine.

 Because when a branch is cut off, the vine produces other branches.

 I need God, God needs me, you need God, God needs you. But I need God more than he needs me, because if He says he wants to use me and I refuse, he has billions to choose from.

 The preacher who spoke before, God need human praise, absolutely correct, but Jesus Christ said, if human will not praise him, he will call stones to cry forth. The Almighty God will not replace me with a stone. If you want beyond everything that you want to be use by him, before we go any further, give him a shout of praise.

Now, every successful fellow will tell you one thing that the secret of success is nothing goes for nothing.

 Ask the business men they will tell you there is nothing lunch nothing goes for nothing, oh but daddy, salvation is free, somebody paid for it, who paid for your salvation? If you come to Jesus, healing is free, it is free but somebody paid for it, what did bible say; by his stripe we are healed.

That is the secret of success, nobody passes exam without studying. What Jesus Christ said is that the Holy Spirit will remind you of what you have read, it didn’t say, you can go into the exam hall without reading and when you get there the Holy Spirit will start writing on the wall for you. Nothing goes for nothing!

So in 1king17 v 8-16, which the first preacher has already quoted, God said to the widow, you feed my prophet, and I will see you through famine. Nothing goes for nothing, the prophet came and said give me food, the widow said I have only one meal left, the prophet said, I am the representative of the most high, do my own first. Nothing goes for nothing.

The Almighty God said to the same widow, in the remaining verses of 1king 17 hide my prophet from those who are seeking his life and I will chase death away from your life, nothing goes for nothing.

 I give God the glory that at long last the church of God is coming to that realization. For many years the churches in Africa, they depend on aid from abroad, we are poor help us and those  people will send money, Those who are sending the money they are getting richer, those who are receiving are remaining poorer because nothing goes for nothing. But now the tide is turning because we have working up to the realization that nothing goes for nothing.

So now when we want to hold a Holy Ghost service in London, it was difficult, my people there was reluctant, because it was costing them a lot of money, so I said listening my children, don’t worry about money, I will bring all the money we need from Nigeria, they though we are poor, but no. no we are not, the all sufficient God is our father and he said we will lend to nations, look around you see the situation in any country today and you will discover that the giving church is always prospering.

Everybody else may be crying things are hard, but for us we keep on shouting halleluiah!

 So when God said you should be in partnership with him, he is simply saying, let us walk together, for mutual benefit. You do something for me; I will do something for you, because nothing goes for nothing.

 Many at times when some people are praying for offering; we say father bless those who have given and those who didn’t give provide for them, that prayer will not be answered. Because what God said is that whatever you give me, I will multiply in a hundred folds and I will give it back to you, meaning what you give me zero I will multiply zero by hundred and give it back to you, zero multiplied by zero will give you zero.

How many of you want to be partner with God tonight? Let me hear you shout halleluiah!

1king18 v 46, God is saying

The woman jump up and went to cook what does that tell you? Jesus is saying if you are ready to minister to me, then I will heal you, many of us remain sick today because we want to be well for the wrong reason. He will heal you if you are ready to serve him.

You heard my testimony before, before I became born again, I have malarial fever every two weeks, if a whole month passed by without being knock down by  fever we will celebrate, we will drink to celebrate, ask my wife and I will wake up the following ,morning with headache.

But when I became born again my prayer was heal me and I will serve you. Instantly he took the fever away that was in1973, but later on he came round and said son how about the second part of the prayer? You said heal me and I will serve you. I have healed you, are ready to serve God. If you really mean that before you walk out of here tonight, he will heal you.

In Zachariah 1v17,


Thank you a father, thank you Lord, let me say amen to this one, the Lord said there is a miracle coming and it is the first of its kind and it is for someone in here tonight.

In Zachariah1v-17, he said if you are ready to build my kingdom, he said I will prosper you, he said my city, and my kingdom will be built through prosperity. why do you want to prosper, if I ask anyone of you now, why do you want to be a millionaire, So that I can build houses all over the world, so that my car will be so long people will no, it that the reason, some of you want to prosper so that you can marry the second and the third wife.

 He said if you want to build my kingdom, then I will prosper you. In Luke 6 v38, he said you give to me, and I will cause men to give you. Gal.6v7, he said you sow and I will cause you to reap. Nothing goes for nothing!

 I have told you before, you cannot go to the best soil in Nigeria, fast for thirty days and night and pray there, and command rice to grow, rice grow, without sowing rice.  The only things that will grow is weed. And you know who is going to plant the weed? Satan!

 Nothing goes for nothing, but the Almighty God said in 2 Corinthians 6v6, let Paul sow, let Apollo water and I God will give the increase. You have to play your part, stop deceiving your selves that God will do everything for you when you do nothing.

One of my sons said, the faith that expect God to do everything without you doing anything at all is irresponsible faith and I say God bless you my son you got it right.

He is calling for partnership, he want to walk with you. If you are willing and obedient then you will eat the good of the land.


The Almighty God is healing all sorts of legs tonight, all kind of things in the leg, they are disappearing now.

Thank you Lord!

 The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said your friends are saying we warned you, the Lord asked me to tell you, I will turn the tide.

Oh! Thank you father, there is somebody her tonight, that is me and one person, the Lord said for the rest of this year it will be one favor, following another.

You know the first preacher have preached all my sermon. You know whenever God wants to bless you, he sets you up. Those of you who are not here during the divine encounter on Monday I encourage you to get the tape. It will change your life.

 You know these tithe something, you know in Malachi 3v10 when God says bring all the tithe in my house so that there might be food in my house, he said if you do that, you provide food for my own house, He said I will make sure that there will be not enough room in that your own house to contain blessings.

If you studied that passage very well you will laugh, why will you laugh, do you think if you don’t pay your tithe there will be no food in the house of God? Do you really think, if you don’t pay your tithe God will not feed his prophet?  You must be kidding because if you just take one example, take the example of Elijah, for a whole year, birds, what do I call it birds were bringing this man of God food every day, bread and meat, two times in a day in the time of famine.

 No human being was used. now were, were the birds getting the bread, were, were they getting the meats?  Beloved, I believe God wants to change the destiny of somebody tonight. Those of you who have been cheating yourself because you refuse to partner with God.

Let me tell you one thing tonight, don’t waste your time trying to understand God, God does not want to be understood.

You can’t understand him, he can only reveal himself to you, and you can’t find him out by searching. Your brain can not cope with finding out God.

Those of you who came to the Holy Communion service, I was about to go into that but there was not enough time. In John 21, when Peter and his friend went to fish and they caught nothing and Jesus came and told them where to throw their net, and they caught they so much fish and Peter jumped out of the boat into the water and by the time they arrived at the beach, they found Jesus already cooking fish and bread.  He has no net, so how did he catch the fish? There was no bakery near, so where did the bread came from? When we are talking about the Almighty and you are trying to understand with your little brain…

 In 1king19v4-8, when Elijah was running form Jezebel and he was tired and he said Lord kill me and he fell asleep. When he angel woke him up, there was food cooking, warm food, where did the food come from?

 I have good news for somebody here today; as you become Gods partner for the rest of your life you will never know hunger again. So when he says, pay your tithe, so that there will be food in my house; it is you he wants to bless.

He has ways of providing for himself, when he said honour me with the first fruit of your first increase, who gave you the increase to start with? Who is the controller of the rain?

The first preacher said something again, I said he has preached my sermon; he said the best that you can do for yourself with all your contact, with your wisdom, with your ability, is less than the least that divine favor can do for you.

In the month of August, we went to Israel and they told me that all the bible colleges there had been close down. Except one; the one belonging to the Redeem Christian church of God.

Answer the question; do I know the minister of religion? in Israel, do I know the prime minister, I only Go to Israel once in two years. I am here but God is in Israel, I am playing my little role here, he is doing my role everywhere that it is needed.

 I prophesy to somebody here tonight, as you become Gods partner, the miracle you don’t even deserve shall be given to you in Jesus name.

You remember one of my sons who was given testimony last month after I make that kind of prophesy during the convention;  he said he got home and somebody said I have a job for you, he said I don’t need a job, am doing fine where I am.

They said no you don’t understand, we want to give you the post of assistant general manager and he said okay if that is the way it is. He got there and he was given the post of assistant general manager, but then they gave him the salary of the post of deputy general manager, without writing an application. He didn’t say I want to work….

Who want that kind of testimony? If you are the one you better say amen loud and clear.

And am not talking about tithing tonight it is just coming in. when I became born again, and they say I must pay tithe, I laughed at them, what is wrong with this people don’t they know that I am a mathematicians. The whole salary was not enough, now you say I should give you ten percent. They think they are wise.

I didn’t know I was cheating myself. There are times that you think you are wise and you become a fool.

 Finally when God wants to be merciful unto me, I said I will do everything God said I should do. The very first month I paid my tithe, I got to work the Monday, the following Monday, my head of department call me and said you are doing some research, are you not?

I said yes sir

He said don’t you need money for research?

(I didn’t even know, there is any money) I said I need sir, he said go and write and this is how much you should write.

When someone begin to beg you to come and collect money. Then you know we are talking about a God you can’t understand.  

I am saying it again as many of you that wants to become his partner, beginning from now, miracle you don’t deserve shall be given unto you.

The Lord said there are some of his children who are deceived into secret cult, after they join they didn’t like it at all but they are afraid to come out, the Lord asked me to tell such children; come out tonight and I will set you free. So if you are one of them run forward now, the power of God is here to set you free and there is nothing the enemy can do for you. If you are one of such, come forward now…

Thank you my Lord. I want to thank God for those of you that come forward because God really wants to set you free tonight. There is a chair in front of you there; it is a chair that we reserve for the Holy Spirit. And I receive instruction to bring the chair down there, on top of it is …… (To be filled with cut off of disk)

Arise oh! Lord, and your enemies be scattered singing

For those of you coming why are you just coming?, why didn’t come when I called you the first time.

 The only thing is the little God can do is always much more than you can handle with. One blessing from the Almighty God and you won’t have enough room to receive, take the example of 2king 4 v 8-17, there was a woman there who was already wealthy and she had everything except something. And so she just decided let me be Gods partner.

Let me build a house for Gods servant, and she did and the Almighty God says okay let me respond; let me give you what money cannot buy. And he gave her a child in her old age and even when death came to come and steal the child the Almighty God says I am the controller of life and death.

 So God is simply saying when he says be my partner, he is simply saying if you are willing to work for me, I will work for you in 2 Chronicles 1v6-12 when Solomon gave a thousand burnt offering to God, God came and said alright boy, you have shown that you appreciate me for the little that I have already done for you, now ask what you want because we a partners. You have given me a thousand burnt offerings. In return I give you a blank cheque.

 Ask anything you want and the boy said give me wisdom; so that I can use the wisdom for you, I really want to be your partner oh Lord, In every area possible. And God said alright I will give you wisdom and that which you did not even ask for; I will add it so that you know that it pays to be my partner.

 I prophesy to someone here today, everything you need to serve God satisfactory, God will release it to you tonight.

Many at times when God ask us to come and serve Him, we always think we are busy; God I will serve you, but let me finish my own assignment first. And then I will come and take care of your own.

But Like the preacher who preached first, he said Peter fished all night, he caught nothing. When you are working without partnership with God, like he said before me, it is called toiling.

There is a different between working and toiling; when you work in partnership with God, you will work and reap; you will work like a rat and you will enjoy like an elephant. But when you are working without him, then you will be working like an elephant and be eating like a rat.

When Peter, said okay you can use my boat, the Almighty God said thank you my friend, you  have done mine , now let me do yours, you are a fisher man, I am a preacher. You have given me your boat to use, now let me show you where all the fishes are hiding.

You know he told peter to throw all the net and peter threw just only one and he caught so much fish, two boats were filled. And there were sinking.

 Do you know all you need in your life is just one major breakthrough not two, just one and people will not be able to catch up with you again! Just one!

Look at the Youngman called Bill Gate one break through. Computer, one major breakthrough and the rest of the world is running after him. You know God said when I am the one prospering you, nations will envy you, do you know how many times they have taken that young man to court because he is prospering?

There is somebody here tonight too; because you are entering a partnership with God very soon, nations will begin to envy you.

So what is the meaning of divine partnership?

 It is God simply saying do mine and I will do yours, that is all, that is all it simply means. Let me give you a testimony.


The Lord said there is someone here today; he said those who are pouring cold water on your joy shall be no more.


 The Lord said I should tell someone here today that your stream will soon become a big river.

I have just finished my Ph.D. thesis, I submitted and everybody knows that when you submit your thesis, the head of department will send it to the external supervisor, and that one will read it at his convenience and he will fix a date when he will come and examine you face to face.

That could take months, because it is at the convenience of the external examiner. And we all know in Nigeria, only God knows when it will finally arrive. I submitted mine and I went to hold a crusade in Ilesha.

Before I came back my head of department, decided to travel by air to go and meet my external supervisor, got there, gave him the thesis, told him I am not leaving until you have read this one I have brought. He sat down there so that the external supervisor has no other option but to read if he is to get rid of this man.

He finish reading, my head of department asked him; I want the date for the oral exam before I go and the external examiner said, I have no question to ask him, go and give him his PhD .

It doesn’t happen like that, I was doing crusade, working for my partner, and my partner was working for me. He is the controller of head of departments, He is the controller of head of external examiners, He is the controller of kings, He is the controller of presidents.

How many of you want to be his partner? Let me hear you say amen loud and clear. You win soul for him; he said he will answer all your prayer.


No door can be shut against you when you are praising him, when they shut up Paul and Silas and they say to God around midnight, Lord you we are your partners, you didn’t see us in church tonight to worship you because some people kept us in prison, you know if we were free, we will praise you all the same.

And that Almighty God says, I will show you that I am your partner. You praise I will shake open the prison doors, I will break all yokes, the one who is suppose to oversee your punishment will begin to serve you.

Divine partnership is for all mutual benefit of all, but the benefit is more for us than of the side of God. He said to Joshua, just ask the people to shout and I will pull down the wall of Jericho, the wall of Jericho is so big that in the real sense of the word, the progress of Joshua and that of the Israel have come to an end.

 Just one single shout and suddenly the way open, let me hear someone shout one single halleluiah! Thank you father, now the Lord said there are some students here, anytime you get to the exam hall your head will just go blank, not once, not twice, now if you are one of  such, just come forward we will continue while you come. In Phil.1v 20-12 Paul said for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

So just raise your hand to the Almighty God and praise him, He is worthy to be praise, he is worthy to be magnified, give him all glory, give him all honour. When he opens no man can shut, when he shut no man can open, when he shut no man can open, he is a wonderful God, it is a mighty God, he is a faithful God, there is no one like him. Wisdom belong to him, power belongs to him, promotions belong to him, give him all glory, give him all honour tonight, he is worthy to be praise. He is worth to be praise in Jesus mighty name we have prayed

I want you to put your left hand on your head and then raise your right hand up, I am going to pray for you now, let your amen be loud and clear;

In  the Mighty name of Jesus, father when you spoke to the red sea it parted , everything that has been blocking the memory of your children let it be parted in the name of Jesus, every obstruction to the memory of your children let it be removed now.

 Every plant that you did not plant in this your children let it be uprooted now. That divine wisdom that causes people to excel, release to your children now. Thank you father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Amen, it is done so you can go back to your seat rejoicing. Glory be to God! Your lectures are in for a surprise.

Thank you father

… so Paul said in Phil.1v20-21, he said for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain, in order words he was saying, I will leave for you Christ and even if I die, I will die being your partner.

And the Almighty God said if that is the case then I will perform special miracle through you. Act 19 v12 the bible says God perform special miracle in the hand of Paul.

So if you want to be his partner, you need to know one thing; in every partnership there is someone called the senior partner, and that is going to be God.

If you want to be His partner, you have to know that God is going to be the senior partner. Because in Ps.91v1 he is called the Most high, that means there is nobody higher than him.

 The interesting thing is; if you enter in to partnership with him, he will do most of the work, he will be the one actually doing most of the work; Mosses lifted his hand but it was the Almighty God who caused the red sea to blow all through the night. To split the red sea into two, Moses lifted his two hands and it was God who discomfited the Amalekite.

Joshua was fighting for God, but the bible said in Joshua 10 v 8-14, that as the enemies were trying to run away God was raining bomb on their head and ripping the head open. So when the battle was over Joshua saw the people and said this one was not killed by sword, this head is scattered.

Joshua told the sun to stand still; he could only say that because he knows his senior partner is standing up there. You do your own and he will do that which you cannot do.

 For example God knows I don’t like cold weather and that is why he made a Nigerian but once in a while, I have to go and preached in all those cold countries. There was a time they asked me to come and preach in a place called Colorado spring in America, in the middle of their winter, so I have to go because my partner asked me to go.

When I got there, the temperature was so high, that people were wearing tee shirts; I left on Saturday, immediately when I left, all the snow that God kept in store came down.

I just returned in Italy, when I arrived, my children had already bought very heavy cloths for me, they said it has been very, very cold and we know you are coming and you don’t like cold, but now what are we going to do about; I didn’t even pray about it because all the days that I was there, the sun was shining bright in the sky.

Do your own, let him do what him alone can do, you stand up for him and he will make the fiery furnace, to be cold. Refuse to compromise; tell him that you are not going to bow to the idols of this world.

They may throw you into the fiery furnace with you, they may throw you into the den of lions, he will shut the mouth of the lions. You stand up for him; he will answer your prayer by fire.

 I can give you several examples, but we have run out of time.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he said right now you are on ground zero, he asked me to tell you from now on you will begin to rise.

 Daddy says, there is someone here tonight, he said I should assure you that he has commanded death to leave you alone.

 The Lord said I have done great thing for you before, but I am about to do something greater.

Anyway, so the Lord is stretching out his hand tonight, he is saying come onto me, all ye that labor, and are heavy ridden and I will give you rest.

 Let’s become partners, take my yoke upon you, let us be partner. He said don’t worry my yoke is easy and my burden is light. He said come lets be partners and you will have rest for your soul. It is an invitation; you can accept it and you can refuse it.

 Let me tell you the truth; if you accept to be his partner, there must be no looking back. Because he made it clear, that anyone who has put his hand on the plough and decides to look back, he said he cannot be my disciple. He can’t be my partner,

 So if you choose to become his partner tonight, it must be forever. And it you are his partner, he will defend you, he will fight your battles for you. Because he is not going to allow anybody to tamper with his partner, you are ready to serve him, and he will heal you.

Can you imagine a doctor, who has a house help, the house help is cooking for him, ironing his cloth, polishing his shoe and then one day fever grabbed the houseboy, what do you think the doctor will do quickly?  He will give the boy whatever he needs. If you are useful to someone he will do everything to see that everything is alright with you. I hear of the prayer people pray for me, most of it are selfish prayer they say God will preserve you for us, what is the meaning? Don’t die ho! Because we need you.

You serve him; he will take care of you. be is partner, and he will make sure that you are healthy, that you are free, that you are strong, you serve him, he will raise you up and make  you a show unto others, this is the result of those who serve me.

But in, Proverbs1v24-28. He said if I stretch my hands toward to you and you ignore me, if I said bring you hand let us become partners and you said take away your hand who wants to be your partner, he said okay I won’t force you, but I will laugh when your troubles come.

He said then you will call me for help and I will say sorry we are not partners. Carry your burden yourself.

That is why if you are here tonight and you haven’t surrender your life to Christ, come quickly now, come and surrender your life to him. He will save your soul and he will forgive you your sin, he will cleanse you in his blood, and from now things will become different.

The bible says therefore if any man be in Christ he is any new creature, old things have passed away, behold  all things are become new. So if you want to give your lives to Jesus come now,

The gate of mercy is still open now , one day it will close, he said even if your sin is as scarlet he will wash you with his blood.

Those of you in front open your mouth asks him to be merciful unto you, tell him to be merciful, ask him to save your soul.

Eternal rock of ages I want to thank you, thank you for your word, thank you for theses people who have come forward tonight, father you promise that whosoever shall come to you, you will in no wise cast out, they have come to you now, receive them in Jesus name. Every sin they might have committed, forgive them in Jesus name. Lord write their names in the book of life, let them be truly born again from today, from now when they call on you answer them. Thank you my father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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