The bible say in everything give thanks to God, why? Because the bible says all things work together for good to them that loves God. Is there anyone who loves God? If you love God, then go ahead and praise Him.

Praise Him whatever maybe your situation, praise Him because everything will work out for your good, give Him all glory, give Him all honour, give Him all adoration. Bless His holy name. He is worthy to be praise, He is worthy to be adored, there is no one like Him, give Him all the glory, praise Him, let Him know that you love Him, let Him know that you love Him, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

We are going to thank Him more, because when He says in everything give thank the Lord; He is saying those who are in joy that they must give thanks, so that their joy may never turn into sorrow. He is saying to those who are in sorrow to give thanks so that their sorrow will be turned into joy. Are you in Joy? Give thanks, are you in sorrow? Give thanks. let us thank Him a little more, let us bless Him, he is the source of our joy and He is the only one who can change our sorrow into joy, let us praise Him, let us thank Him, let us give Him all glory, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to lift up your voice to the Almighty God and say father, I cannot go through life alone. Father, please be with me. Let us talk to the Almighty God. Thank you father, glory be to your Holy name. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed, now lift up your voice to Him and say father I can’t bear my burden alone, send help to me. Let’s talk to the Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Now lift your voice to Him and say father, you are the controller of tomorrow, please take my hand and lead me on. Let us talk to Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

You will lift up your voice to Him and say father you are the great physician, heal everyone tonight, let us talk to the Almighty, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. And I want you to talk to God yourself and say Father, encourage me tonight, encourage me tonight. Let us talk to the Almighty. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed, so let us go before our maker and worship the only one who can do all things.

There is none holy as the lord….. (Singing)

Holy Holy, Holy is the Lord….. (Singing)                

King of glory we bless your Holy name, I am that I am, the ancient of days, the alpha, the omega, the beginning , the ending, the one who is the who was, the one who is to come. The Almighty. Glory be to your Holy name, glory be to your Holy name. Thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for May, thank you for Nigeria. Thank you for the past election.

Thank you for answers prayers, accept our thanks in Jesus name. Tonight in the life of every one present, do something new, do something special, do something miraculous, do something glorious, answer al prayers by fire, heal everybody here, set every captive free, let our joy be full let all those who are rejoicing don’t let their joy become sorrow. All those who are in sorrow, change their sorrow into joy, change their mourning into dancing. Father answer out prayer tonight, save soul tonight, prove your Almightiness tonight, glorify your name tonight, let your favor shine on us tonight, at the end of everything take all the glory. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleluiah

Now this is a special night for the singles, let the singles shout halleluiah. Mark 5v 25-34 and a certain woman who had an issue of blood twelve yrs and has suffer many things of many physicians and as spent all that she had and she was nothing better but rather grew worse.

When she heard of Jesus came and press behind and touched His garment, for she said if I may touch but His cloth, I shall be made whole, and straight away the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague and Jesus already knowing in Himself that virtue has gone out of Him, turned about and say who touched me?

 And His disciple said unto Him, thou seeth the multitude thronging thee and sayeth thou who touched me and He looked round about to see her that she has done this thing and saw her, but the woman fearing and trembling knowing what was done in her, came and fall before Him , telling Him all the truth. And He said daughter, thy faith has made had made thee whole, go in peace and be whole of thy plague.

 There is somebody here today, whatever may be your problem that problem is going to end today. We said this is a special Holy Ghost service for the singles, so let me begin to tell you one or two thing I love that I know about Jesus Christ. I have been walking with Him now for more than 30 years. I want to thank Him because He Has treated me as a special boy. So I can tell you one or two things about Him.

Number one Jesus love marriages. He performs His first miracle at a weeding, according to John 2 v 1-11, He performed the very first miracle in a weeding and I believe God for someone here tonight that another miracle of Jesus Christ will happen at your weeding soon. He loves weeding because He Himself is preparing for His own wedding Revelation 18 v 5 - 9 made it clear that the greatest thing that is going to happen in the whole history of mankind is the marriage of the lamb.

The lamb of course you know is our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the weeding that will join heaven with earth. Jesus Christ will be the bride groom of the church and the church will be the bride and at that wedding I will be married to Jesus Christ. How many of you will be there that day? I will see you there in Jesus name.

So Jesus loves marriages, so those of you who are single, don’t think Jesus doesn’t care about what you are going through. He is looking forward for your day of wedding and that day will come very soon. Secondly, He loves celebration, when you go through the scriptures, you will see that the bible is full of celebration.

 The bible is full of feast; some of the feasts are suppose to last for seven days. When you get home read Leviticus 23. Even if that is the only chapter you read, you will find about seven feast listed there; verse 4-5 talks about the feast of Passover, verse 6-8 talks about the leavened bread, verse 9-14 talks about the feast of first fruits, verse15-22 talks about the feast of Pentecost, verse23-25 talks about the feast of the trumpet, verse 26-32 talks about the feast of the day of atonement, verse33-43 talks about the feast of tabernacle. Feast upon feast upon feast. I am prophesying to someone, for the rest of your life it will be one celebration after another celebration.

Because He love marriages and He loves celebration, that is why He loves clapping and shouting, He loves dancing, He loves music, that is why those who think when you become Christian you must be sorrowful have got it wrong. He said you are to enter His gate with thanksgiving, you are to enter His court with praise, He said you are to clap your hands and shout your voice with a loud triumph.

He loves celebrations, believe me honestly the reason why you don’t see too many miracles in some churches that is cold is because Jesus is not present. He loves praise, singing, dancing. Why? because the winning side is the shouting side and Jesus is a winner, you can never find any situation in His life where He loose, He is a winner and birds of the same feather flock together. Were winners gather there is always rejoicing. And I am decreeing in that name that is above every other name, in your home there will be constant rejoicing. Another thing that I know about Jesus is that He hate loneness, in Genesis 2 v 18 He said it is not good that man should be alone. In Hebrew 10 v 25 He encourages the gathering together of saints.

 Thank you father, the Lord said there is a child here who is mentally retarded, the Lord says he is been restored to normal, thank you lord.

In Hebrew 13 v 5 He promise I will never leave you, I will never forsake you , He hates loneness, and that is why those of you who are of marriageable age and somehow something is blocking your way and you are suffering from loneness, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ that loneness will end tonight.

Now one of the reasons why He hates loneness is that He knows there is a link between loneness and sorrow and He hates sorrow. Like you and I know that people share joy but it is difficult to share sorrow.

They may sympathize with you, but as the elder will say, it is the fellow who has been hit, who will know he is hit. When it is joy it is easy to share, when it is sorrow it is a different matter. As the elder will say people will, it is the fellow who has been hit, who will know he has been hit. When it is joy it is easy to share, when it is sorrow, it is a different matter. As the elders will say, people will join you in licking the hand of oil.

When it is the hand of blood you are on our own. And so there is a link between loneness and sorrow and Jesus hate sorrow. The bible says in Psalm 16 v 11 He said in His presence there is the fullness of joy. Fullness of joy means absence of sorrow. In Revelation 21 v 3 - 4 the bible says God will wipe away all tears, how many tears? All sorrow.

The bible say in Psalm 30 v 5 He said weeping may endure in a night in the mighty name of Jesus anyone who may be weeping now before the sun rise, your joy shall arrive. So people have always asked this question, what are the possible causes of singleness?

  All of over the world today; that is a big problem. Many ladies without husband, many young men who should many who remain single. So what are the possible causes of singleness? Some says it is physical, may be the ladies are not beautiful enough, or maybe the boys are not handsome enough.

 But that can’t be true. It can’t be true because the bible says in

Ecclesiastes 3v 11 He said the Almighty God has made everything beautiful in His time. The Almighty God did not create one ugly fellow. He made everything beautiful in Genesis 1 v 31, the bible say when God has finish creating man, He said, behold everything is very good, very good, not a single ugly person. I am going to tell you one or two things, but remember some of these things happened when I wasn’t yet born again, before I was born again,

 I was a very naughty boy and naughty boys always have naughty friends, so we have this habit of assessing the girlfriends of our friends and I remember very well that we were trying to convince one of our friends that the mouth of the girl he want to marry is too small.

Remember I told you this happen when I was not born again, you know what he told us?, that the girl has the most kissable mouth in town and on another occasion we wanted to convince another of our friend that the mouth of the girl he wanted to marry is too large, you know what he told us?, he said the girl has the widest smile in town. And I have an uncle whose wife was extra, extra large, you know what my uncle said?, he said I have been looking for a woman who will fill the back seat of my car.

Oh! Lord have mercy.

And then there was case of a lady who is at least two meters tall and the husband was barely a meter tall. When she was cleverly asked, why do you choose someone small as your husband? She said “when I was young, I saw the way my father use to beat my mother. That is why I decided that the fellow I will marry will not even dream of slapping me”, she said the man she married, if he is ever to reach my face, he will have to climb unto the dining table and in climbing on the dining table, I will have found my way into the kitchen.

In other word every fellow has someone in mind that they consider beautiful.

There is that funny fellow. This is going to be a night of joy; do I hear you say amen? There is the funny fellow who say when you see a plump lady, it should remind you of what Jesus Christ says, occupy till I come and if you see one who is rather thin, remember Jesus said narrow is the way.


Let somebody shout halleluiah. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, joy will come into your home.

 I believe this is the reason the white man said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Almighty God will open the eye of your partner and he or she will see you.

 If you read Esther 2 v 15 -17, among several virgins, Esther alone fined favor with the king. Everyone who looked at her suddenly said she is beautiful. Very soon the same will be your testimony in Jesus name.

Thank you father, now the Lord said there is someone here tonight … here we are talking about marriage and God is talking about something else.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight he said you have been suffering from recurrent boils.

The Lord asks me to tell you that is over now.


Thank you father; The Lord said there is some one here tonight; the Lord said the barricade shall be brought down.

Now some people say it is no physical it is something social, there is a problem of status. Just like the first preacher said “maybe there is some people on the camel and the person God has for them is on the ground. Everybody knows no matter how high you are, you need help.

Nobody can be an island to himself. Everybody needs an assistance, either you need a cook or a driver or a cleaner, you need somebody and the word of God said in Ecclesiastes 4 v 12 He said two are better than one any time. Our father Abraham, as great as he was, he needed Sarah to produce Isaac, without Sarah there will be no Isaac. Without Elkannah, Hannah would not have produce Samuel.

You need a partner, everybody needs someone else and who knows the person you are looking down on today can rise up tomorrow.

Thank you Father, He said there is someone here, the Lord said I should tell you no more bedwetting.

Thank you Father, Daddy says in this service shall come irreversible testimonies. In 1 Samuel 2 v 8, bible says God can pick up a beggar among dunghill and cause him to seat among prince. Don’t write me off you don’t know my tomorrow, it is in the hand of Almighty God.

Tell your neighbor believe it or not my tomorrow will be alright in Jesus name.

One of the stories I always love to say is the story of a sister who is an accountant in a very big company.

 And she has been crying to God “God show me my partner, I want to marry”

One day God spoke to her look at the window, whoever you see, that is your husband.

so she looked, she said nobody is there Lord, the Lord said look towards the gate and so she look eagerly, expecting a gate to be  open and see a man drive in with a big Mercedes Benz, then she saw nobody.

She said “Lord I see nobody” then God said there is a man there, ah! The only man there is the gate keeper; God said that is your husband.

 Ah! Let me tell you a story within a story, you remember the story of a sister who said , God I want you to give me somebody to marry, anyone , anyone and then somebody came immediately and said thus says the Lord you are to be my wife and the sister looked up and said God I said anyone not anything.

 Oh! God have mercy all you brothers, whatever is in your life that will cause people call you anything, God almighty is going to remove it tonight in the mighty name of Jesus.

Anyway the sister looked at the window and saw the gatekeeper, she struggle with God foe while, finally she went to the pastor, this is what God said.

The pastor says the brother has come, I only don’t know how to tell you. The brother had come and said “God said”. To cut the long story short, the two of them met and they discovered that the man was not just a gate man because he wanted but because he has no one to sponsor him to higher institution.

So the sister sponsor and they got married, they are one of the happiest couple in my church today. I am telling you right now the gateman is one of my senior Pastors.

Don’t write me off, you don’t know my tomorrow; my tomorrow is in the hand of Almighty God. And I decree into the life of everyone here tonight, your tomorrow will be alright.

Some people says no, no, no it is not a matter of status that it is financial, that many of the single boys wants to become rich before they get married; They want to become a millionaire before they settle down, now I agree very well that is good to have a job before you get married. Genesis 2 v 15 comes before Genesis 2 v18.

In Genesis 2v15 God gave a job to Adam. In Genesis 2v18 where he said man should not be alone. In fact the bible said anyone who cannot provide for his household is worse than an infidel. So definitely you must not even think of getting married. If you aren’t got a job and I will never allow my daughter to marry a jobless fellow. Those of people who will say don’t worry let’s get married , after marriage in the Redeem Christian Church of God when you say God has said, that you want to marry a girl, I want to see your bank account  ah! I have just lost my job ok bring your past paying slip all this emergency contractors those who had no job, those one are not to be consider at all but when the fellow already has a job, what again are you waiting for?

 Husband have a job, wife has a job both of you are hardworking. Tomorrow will be alright.

When I got married, I hope my wife will not mind my telling you, we had no money even to buy a wedding cake, but I was a graduate but I had a job, my wife also has a job. We knew we could feed ourselves, we knew we could take of the minor things. Today if we want a wedding cake that will be the size of this altar, there will be people that who will buy it for us free of charge.

 And if you are thinking of buying a cake for us get ready this year we will be marking the 40th anniversary of our wedding. So if we had no wedding cake at that time, it might be a good idea to have 40 wedding cakes now.

There some men who wait till they be a millionaire before they marry they discovered that they were too old for a wife to marry him.

And then some people say it is educational, somebody with a PhD wants to marry someone who has a PhD, now it is good that those who are going to get married should be relatively intelligent Amos 3 v 3 says how can two work together, except they be agreed.

 Proverbs13 v 20 it says that those walk with the wise will be wise, but the companion of fool will be destroyed. It is good that the two should be intelligent somewhat, however very high academic qualification will not necessary bring peace the home. I will tell one or two stories

 In one of our university that I use to visit, there is a sister who is always saying please help me to pray there is problem in my family, trouble in your marriage, quarrel every day, until one day the spirit God ministered to me, what this woman want is counseling .so I called her, you want peace in your home? she said  yes sir, he said very good day when you get  home, after you have set the table for your husband go to him and say darling, the table is set when he comes to eat, take the bowl of water in your hands go on your knees and say my Lord wash your hands.

She said never! me?

for that rascal?  He is a senior lecturer, I am also a senior lecturer”

 I said “fine you are the one who say you want peace, try it for two weeks”.

It’s alright I will try it.

She got home told her husband “darling the table is set”

 First of all it is a long time the husband heard darling. And then he came to the table the woman knelt down and the man said “what is going on here”?

To cut the story short, the man said is this they are teaching you in your fellowship?

The woman said yes, the man said I think I will better follow you. Within two weeks, the man became born again. And I know a professor who is marry to a school certificate holder. When they asked the professor why go so low? He said what I want in my home is not grammar. Peace so it is not a matter of education. I think that this problem is spiritual.

I believe that the problem of many unmarried girls and boys is spiritual, am not saying all of them but majority of them. I believe there are those who are under satanic bondage and I believe that they will be free tonight. In Luke 13v 10-17 the bible tells us of a woman that Jesus Christ said she has been bind for eighteen years. If one is bind by Satan, the only thing the person will be asking for is only freedom not marriage.

Thank God we have someone called the stronger man and His name is Jesus. If you are bound God will set you free in Jesus name. some of you have heard me shared what happen in one of our program; the word of God came, that there is someone here, your mother is the one who is saying you will not get married and is she will not release you, she will die within seven days.

 The word just came out like and then the following day a woman came with her daughter, she was very angry with me. “Are you the pastor teaching these children wrong things telling my daughter that I am the one blocking her way to marriage?” I said no, sister did I mention your name? Did I say it’s your mother? I said Mama don’t mind her, all that God said is that there is somebody in the congregation.

The mother didn’t want her to get married and if the mother would not allow her to get married, the mother will die within seven days.

That’s all God said He didn’t mention your name at all, she said is that so? so she said you girl, you go out.

The girl went out and she said pastor, “is it true that the woman will die”?

I said as “God lives, one day is already gone, remaining six days left”.

 Ehen! She said it is not that I don’t want her to get married; it is that; who will take care of me when she gets married? She is the one feeding me; she is the one taking care of me.

Ah! Mama that is a simple thing; Let her marry I will tell the husband that they will take care of you even more than before.

This girl is feeding you, clothing you, providing for you and you want to keep her in sorrow. Release her. She said alright, alright, I will release her.

 I decree tonight anyone who is blocking your way to marriage, if they don’t lose you tonight, before the next Holy Ghost service we shall burry them.

Six months later the girl was married.

Bondage and many at times you don’t even know where the bondage is coming from. And at times it could be as a result of curse.

You know the purpose of a curse when a person is curse is that all forces will begin to work against that fellow, until the fellow is completely destroyed.

 When you read Deuteronomy 28 v 62 and you read the same Deuteronomy  28 v 24 you will see that the purpose of curse is to wipe out somebody. So if a curse had been pronounce on a family, since the only way a family can continue to expand is by their children getting married, it means none of them will be able to marry. If they can’t marry, they can’t reproduce, if they don’t reproduce, steadily the family will decline.

But thank God according to Galatians 3 v 13 -14, the bible say Christ have delivered us from the curse of the law and I decree tonight , every curse upon your family shall be destroy in Jesus name.

Oh! Thank you father, two Fridays ago, we had a Holy Ghost service in London, we were discussing a very serious topic and suddenly I heard God say life is returning to your toes.

Now I was wondering what toe has got to do with the important things we were discussing until testimony time and we heard of a man who came all the way from Spain.

He heard that we are going to have Holy Ghost service but one of his toe was hurting him so badly, so badly that he couldn’t wear shoes and he decide he must go to the Holy Ghost service so he came to the Holy Ghost service barefooted and God picked him out of that big crowd and sent healing to his toe. Now the reason I am telling you this story is because God say there is someone here tonight, life is returning to your joint.

 Thank you Father. Halleluiah!

 The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said, I will cause you to swim in the river of my pleasure.

 Now another spiritual reason why people don’t get married when they should is evil covenant; some children when they are born they are covenanted to evil forces as a result of which when they grow up the evil forces began to follow them about. They are covenanted to evil forces, who will now say to any man who looked at their direction that this one is for me.

 I have told you the story of a woman who had four daughters and not a single one of them is married. Nobody came to say how now.

She came and say please pray for me, I want my children to get married and I wanted to pray, when God said don’t worry yourself ask her what she has done with her daughters. After a lot of dodging the question she said she has covenanted them to Ifa oracle. All four of them, so that when people come; the Ifa oracle will say this is my own, go away.

But thank God says in Isaiah 28 v18 the bible says any covenant shall be disannulled, Isaiah 49 v 24-26 the bible says even the lawful captive shall be set free. Every covenant that has been entered into on your behalf by the authority upon Jesus Christ, I cancel them in Jesus name.

Am sure you also remember the story of another girl who came to me and said …

Thank you father, the Lord said there is a young man here, you use to lead the class but now you are almost at the bottom of the class, the Lord ask me to tell you, the tide will turn.

…So this girl said I have got a man I am going to marry I said congratulation, she said no, no, not congratulation,

 I said why?

She said my father told me that when I was born, that I was dedicated to mummy water, that I must never marry and that if I dare to marry; on the day of wedding the man I want to marry will die and I don’t want to be the course of the death of any fellow.

 I said is that it? There is no problem, I have a God who is bigger than any mummy water, anyway we prayed a simple prayer, we cancel the covenant and I didn’t see her for a while.

One day I was invited to come and preach in a church and I saw the girl breast feeding a baby. She looked at me and says did you remember me? I said of course you are the mummy water girl, I said where is the brother? And she pointed to one handsome Youngman.

Every force that is laying claims on anyone of you, they will leave you alone today.

So that brings me to our text, the woman with the issue of blood, she had all these problem we have been talking about and even more, she was physically sick, socially she was regarded as unclean, financially she was a destitute, spiritually she was bound and anyone in the old days who is having her kind of problem is regarded as someone who is under a curse.

But one day heaven moved for her. She heard that Jesus Christ is passing by; she came touched the hem of His garment and all her problems was solved in one single day.

Malachi 4 v 2 says unto them that fear my name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings. Unto them that fear my name, unto them that believe in me, the sun of righteousness shall arrive and just one touch with His wings and there will be total healing.

She touched the helm of the garment of Jesus Christ, she was healed, she was delivered, the devourer was silence and God even did more for her than she expected.

Number one, God located her in the crowd. The search light of the Almighty God pointed at her Isaiah 9 v 2 He said, those who sit in darkness has seen a great light. Those who are sitting in the shadow of death, has a great light shine.

I don’t know who you are in these great crowds, but the Almighty God will locate you tonight in Jesus name.

Jesus said who touched me? And very soon she was identified. In John 5 v 2 - 9 there was a crowd at Bethesda but, God identified the man has been there for thirty eight years and gave him is miracle. Many of you have been waiting for a partner for years, God will identify you tonight. And God did move than that, He make sure she was brought forward God revealed her.

She was brought out of hiding in Luke 1 v 80 the bible made it clear that there is a day of revelation, the day of showing and there are some of you that up till now all your qualities are hidden by the enemy, your day of revelation will come now. And not only that because the Lord brought her out into the open, she was advertised, everybody saw ha!

 This was the lady who has been sick all these years had been healed. This lady who had been suffering, her sufferings are over. Everybody suddenly began to talk about her, the Lord advertised her.

All of you who are single, the Lord Himself will advertise you. And then the Lord blessed her and say go in peace, you are already healed now and the Lord bless her and when God blesses, nobody can curse.

Thank you father, somebody just said, Lord when will the sun rise for me? Daddy says tomorrow morning.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is a woman here; He said very soon there will be a healthy shaking in your womb.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said from now on you will no longer be a victim of frustration.

Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said from now on destiny will continue to pull you upper.

 So heaven move for this woman, her physical problem was solved, her financial problem was solved, her spiritual problem was solved. God located her, God identify her, God revealed her, God advertised her and God bless her, all these shall be your testimony in Jesus name.

So now that you are about to marry, I thought some people will say amen, or maybe you didn’t believe me or did you think I decide what will be the theme for a Holy Ghost service?. No it is Daddy who decides and if He decides, it is because He wants to do something.

So some people very soon for you, the wedding bell will ring. But then if you go on, because you are going to marry now whether the devil likes it or not, there are certain things I must tell you.

Proverb 24v3-4, through wisdom is a house build and by understanding, it is established and by knowledge shall chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches. You want to marry?

 You need knowledge, understanding and wisdom. What I am about to say is also good for you who has been married but it is especially for those who before the end of this year will be saying “I do”.

You need knowledge and I believe am qualified on this, I have been on this journey of marriage now for almost forty years.

 So I can on this, don’t marry for beauty sake. Proverbs 31 v 30 says favor is deceitful and beauty is vain, a woman that fears the Lord shall be praise.

Don’t marry for beauty sake because there are beautiful witches and there are handsome armed robbers.

I in was LUTH, several years ago; I went to conduct a service for the nurses’ fellowship. When I finished and I was leaving, one very beautiful lady ran after me, and I am telling you this, this lady was beautiful.

She said sir after listening to you tonight, I want my problem solved, I said what is your problem?

She said; I have three eye, one is right on my forehead and with it I can see  into the womb of married ladies and any child I see, if I don’t like the mother, I can kill the baby right in the womb.

 I pray you will not marry the wrong fellow. But thank God there is a power in the Mighty name of Jesus. I touched that particular eye and it went blind and if there is any beautiful witch here tonight, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ you will never fly again.

Don’t marry for beauty sake it is only a woman that fears the Lord that shall be praised.

It is better to be single than to marry the wrong person. If you don’t believe me ask Samson in Judges 16 v 4-21, Delilah was beautiful and she brought Samson down and she didn’t hide, she ask Him directly, what is the source of your power? How can you be bound so that you can be tormented? She asked him point blank. The only thing was that it is too late for Samson was already married to her.

Those of you who is already married to the wrong fellow, there will be deliverance tonight in the Mighty name of Jesus.

 I have told you the story, I am talking from experience, there is a woman, the husband brought and said; my wife is possessed and in those days, we didn’t know what we know now.

We were casting out demons, come out in Jesus name, come out and nothing happened,  after sometime we asked the Almighty God what is going on?

 The Lord said you are casting out demon from a woman who doesn’t want to be free.

Woman do you want to be free?

She said no, we said why? She said the power I use in controlling my husband you want to take it away?

 she said, “he is the one who will drive me to the house of my boyfriend, I will ask him to seat down in the car, I will go upstairs enjoy myself till I am satisfy and when I come back, he will say welcome”.

 Everybody here tonight already in bondage you will be free in Jesus name.

 It is better to be single than to marry the wrong person, I you don’t believe me ask Abigail in Isaiah 25 v 2-35.

 Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone her tonight, He said those who are laughing at you now, if they know what I am about to do to you, they will stop laughing.

Abigail said with her own mouth, I am married to a fool, Nabal is his name and Nabal means fool, she said he is the son of Belia. She knew it but she was married to him and it was too late.

 It is better to be single than to get married to the wrong fellow. One of my friends told me, I want to divorce my wife and marry another. I said don’t do it, he said why not?, I said “ if you do so, you will end up in hell.

He said is that all? I said is that not enough?

He said where have I been since the day I married?

 I pray for all of you who are yet to marry, you will not marry the wrong fellow. Because anyone who marries the wrong fellow is in hell from this earth, but if you marry the right person there will be heaven in your home, if you ask me, I know.

 One of the things I thank Almighty God more than anything else for apart from my salvation is that He gave me my own wife, that is why there is heaven in my home.

There will be heaven in your home also in Jesus name.

You need knowledge and you need understanding. You need understanding, so that you don’t marry for wealth sake.

Why Proverbs 23 v 5, he said riches can develop wings and fly away, there are people who were rich ones, who are no longer rich. If you marry for wealth, wealth can disappear. Not only that, Proverbs 17 v 1, says a dry morsel with peace thereby is better than house full of slaughter meat with strife.

Therefore when you see a wealthy fellow, swimming in wealth and yet he is single, watch out, because the elder have a saying you see a hen in the market and rush at it, if it laid twenty and hatch twenty, will the owner wants to sell?. That wealthy man who should have married twenty years ago and he is still single, don’t you know there might be something funny?

 One lady came to us, ah!  Glory be to God I have found the perfect man, God has blessed him, he is very wealthy, I said how old?

 Well not very old, but ehn… Just middle age, has he never marry ? Well I think he had married before but the wife died so he is free to marry again.

Something in us says press further. How many wives has he had before?

 “I didn’t ask”,

 Go and find out; He had been married five times and they all died and you want to be number six to go?

 I pray for you once again all of you my sons and daughters, you will not enter into the wrong house.

 Don’t marry the jobless; don’t marry those emergency contractors, whose office is in their suit case.

 All those who say; they are in forwarding and back warding, Be sure they have a job. Some of them are just looking for a woman who will be feeding them.

 The bible say, who will not work should not eat, not even talk of marrying. If they don’t work, they will not eat.

You go to work and they sit down at home watching CNN and then you bring your salary and they begin to consume it.

Wait till God gives you the right fellow. The bible says in Proverbs 18 v 9 he said the slothful is the brother to a great waster. You are paying your tithe; there is no reason why a destroyer should destroy you.

Don’t marry the jobless; don’t say I must marry at all cost. No, no, no you must wait for the right person. You need wisdom, love may be blind it is marriage that will open its eye, but wisdom will keep its eye opened all the time.

The bible say in Proverbs 4 v 5 - 9, he said wisdom is the principal thing, with all your getting’s get understanding. Proverbs 14 v 1 says a wise woman built her house but a foolish woman tears it down with her hands. When you marry, your marriage will stay in Jesus name. But you need the wisdom of God

Ecclesiastes 7 v 12 says wisdom is a defense. It is something that will defend you from everything that the enemy wants to throw at your marriage.

Thank you my father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said those who are trying to choke you shall be choked. Amen.

You need wisdom after you get married because it is one thing to get married; it is another thing to remain married. It is better when you are writing your C.V, you write single than to write divorced.

The way is open, you are going to marry in the Mighty name of Jesus, you will marry the right fellow but after you are married, you need wisdom. I will give you just one more example and then we round up.

 I was twenty five years old when I got married and my wife was younger than I. and so people were coming to our home, they will look at us, in those days, if a man marries at twenty five, he marries early.

They will look at us and say young husband, young wife, we hope you won’t quarrel, young wife, young husband eh! We hope you won’t quarrel?

After some time I called my wife, I said dear it looks as if this people are expecting us to quarrel, I said let us disappoint them. I said let us reach an agreement that whenever I am angry, you keep quiet, when you are angry, I will keep quiet. Glory be to God we began to practice that.

Whenever I was angry she will keep quiet and when she is angry because as a man keeping quiet is not very easy or a man, whenever she get angry, I will get out of the house, at least I don’t hear what she is saying I won’t be angry at her. And it continued like that.

 Then one day, Satan wants to trap us. We were traveling from Ilesha to Lagos. I was driving and she was sitting in the passenger sit.

Just the two of us and she was offended. And I was really, really guilty and so she was giving it to me and I was driving.

There is no where I can run to, when I couldn’t bear it any longer, rather than reply, I packed the car, got out of the car and began to walk back towards Ilesha.

 I walked till I got to a village, bought a pawpaw there eat half and return with the remaining half, at that time she didn’t know how to drive, so she thought I had abandoned her.

When she saw me coming she was relieved, so I entered the car I gave her the half pawpaw and that was the end of the problem.

We have been married forty years now nobody ever settled a quarrel for the two of us, Nobody; because God gave us wisdom.

You need wisdom to build your house, you need understanding to establish it, and you need knowledge to fill your house with treasures.

 Those of you who are married, you men will look at your wife and say useless fellow, if she is useless, you chose her, and it means your decision was a useless decision. It means you own head is not correct

And you woman; who has no respect for your husband, and call your husband a useless man. He is your head and if you say your head is useless, you know who you are. Let the brothers shout halleluiah.

 I pray that from tonight in every home there will be peace, there will be harmony. There will be joy, don’t forget the elders have a saying that it is the owner of a plate who will say it is a broken plate and then they will help you gather dust. If you hour your husband, everybody will honour him, if you honor your wife, everybody will honour her.

And whenever you see anyone who is married, who is dishonoring his/her mate, that fellow is unreliable, don’t rely on such a fellow, and don’t give him a job.

When they were going to send a man to the moon for the first time, one of the conditions was that he must have been married and have at least two children, they believe after that he must have been matured.

 He will be responsible, he can be trusted to go to the moon and come back. Those of you who are already married, whatever may be the problem in your home, God Almighty will help you to solve them.

Let me remind you one more time, any home that is going to know peace, you must let Jesus reign supreme. In every home, you must pray before you sleep. That is one thing that is helping my marriage tremendously.

 The two of you can’t pray together, if you are quarreling and so even if we are quarreling, we must settle before we sleep, because before we sleep, we will pray and we can’t pray if there is a quarrel and so we will have to settle the quarrel before we pray, before we sleep. The same will began to happen in your home in Jesus name.

 In conclusion, Psalm 27 v1

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here, He simply says the heart that use to know ceaseless sorrow will soon begin to know ceaseless joy. Ah! Amen Lord.

The Lord said there is someone her tonight, he says soon be fill with ceaseless joy that you will be telling God I this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.

Psalm 127 v1 says except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it.

That is why you need to commit your way and time to God; David said my times are in your hands oh! God, My time, my tutor, my marriage are in your hands oh Lord, that is why those of you who are not yet born again, those of you, who have not yet surrender your lie to Jesus, don’t take one step further before surrendering to Jesus.

 If you are here tonight and you are not yet sure of your salvation, come and give your life to Jesus. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the one who can take care of your tomorrow.

Come and surrender to Jesus now. He is the one who knows the right person for you to marry. He is the one who can guide you. Come and surrender your lie to Jesus, begin to come now.

My Father and my Lord I want to say thank you, thank you for your word, thank you for these people who have come out tonight. You promise Lord that whoever will come unto you, you will in no wise cast out, they have come to you now Father, receive them in Jesus name, save their soul in Jesus name.

Everything they have ever done wrong, wipe them clean with the blood of Jesus. Write their names in the book of life and from now on whenever they call on you, please answer them and whatever maybe their individual problems, solve today in the Mighty name of Jesus and let them serve you till the end. And in Jesus Might name we have prayed amen, praise the Lord Halleluiah.

I want us to pray for just few minutes and I want you to pray from your heart. Almost every one of us has someone in our family, who should be married by now, who is not yet married. If you are single, you want to cry to God that you will not marry the wrong fellow, if you are a parent and you have children, you want to cry to God, that your children will not marry the wrong fellow.

If you are not even a parent yet and you have a brother or a sister who is not yet married, you want to cry to God that they will not marry the wrong fellow. So shall we stand and raise our voice to the Almighty God and say Father please because of tonight, don’t let any of my children marry the wrong fellow. Please open your mouth and cry to the Almighty God. Cry to the Almighty Go! Please my Father and my God, don’t let me marry the wrong fellow.                                              

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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