HEAVEN ON THE MOVE (2) 2nd of February, 2007

Well let somebody shout halleluiah! I have said it before and am saying it again that there is someone here tonight, who will dance throughout this year, if you are the one let me hear you shout halleluiah. I was sharing with the senior pastors, when we were praying before we came here, David said there is just a step between me and death and when you meditate on what he said, you will realize that if the javelin that king Saul threw at him has hit his mark, there will not have been king David.

How many javelins has the enemy threw at you since January one;  The javelin that you can see is easy to dodge, but what about those you cannot see, those that were thrown at you while you were sleeping, those that were thrown at even while they were smiling while throwing the javelin at you, that is why those of us were at the Holy Communion service yesterday, sang a song.

Emi na re oluwa …

We tend to thank God from each year, but we forget to thank Him for every month. Consider how people said happy New Year and they were no more. Go before the Almighty God brethren, praise Him, magnify His Holy name, give Him all glory, and give Him all honour, give Him all adoration. Bless His holy name. He is the one who kept you just one step ahead of the enemy. He is the one who make sure that the javelins of the enemy did not hit the mark, bless Him, praise His name, give Him all glory, give Him all honour, give Him all adoration. He is worthy to be praised, He is worthy, He is worthy, He is worthy. Go ahead bless His holy name. Thank you Jesus, oh! Blessed be your holy name, thank you, glory be to Your Holy name. In Jesus mighty name we have given thanks.

Now I want you to talk the Almighty God, you see the bible says the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short. Tell God what you are expecting this year. Say father, this year I expect at least double promotion in every aspect of my life, go ahead and talk to the Almighty God. Father I am expecting at least double promotion in every aspect of my life; you are the one who said the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off.

This year I am expecting great things from you. Mighty things Lord Almighty, I am expecting miracles, I am expecting signs, I am expecting wonders. This year I am expecting something glorious, this year I am expecting the best that you can do, that is what I am expecting this year and I know you will do it for me Lord. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

 Brethren, reaching the top is principally determined by knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Talk to the Lord this night and say father, I want to reach the top, show me how, when and what to do it. Talk to the Almighty God, I want to reach the top, show me what to do and how to do it, show me when to do it. This year Lord, I want to reach the top, show me your ways oh! Lord, show me what to do, how to do it and when, so that I can excel. Halleluiah Father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Those of you who were at the Holy Communion services we learnt that Peter was outstanding because of this great love that he has for God. He was outstanding even though he was just one of the disciples, He out shown all of them. The others were performing miracles alright but it was his own shadow that was healing the sick. Lift up your voice to the Almighty God and say Father; I want to be outstanding for you. Let us talk to the Almighty God. Thank you Jesus, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

The bible says in Malachi 4, but to those who fear my name shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings, brethren, the Almighty God has wings and healing are in the wings, call on God tonight. Father touch me with your healing wings, go ahead and talk to Him, tonight touch me with your healing wings tonight touch me with your healing wings. Thank you Jesus, oh! Glory be to your Holy name. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

In Psalm 91v1-3 the bible says in verses 1 and 3, he says that those that dwelt in the secret place of the Most High shall abide by under the shadow o the Almighty, He said He will hide you under the shadow of His wings. Let us talk to the Almighty and say Father, as I go into this new month, hide me under the shadow of your wing, let us talk to the Almighty. Thank you father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

February is the month that we wait on the Lord in Redeem Christian Church of God. Let’s talk to the Almighty and say Father, every prayer we shall pray this month, answer by fire. Let’s talk to the Almighty, thank you Jesus, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let’s pray for Nigeria, we need peace in this nation, let’s call on the Almighty and say Father, this year let peace reign supreme in Nigeria. Let’s talk to the Almighty. Thank you Father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed

And now we want you to pray for the church of God. Say Father, purify your church, every plant that you did not plant in this church, uproot them. Let’s talk to the Almighty. Thank you Jesus. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Please join hands with your neighbor now and pray or him/her and say Father, this year let it be well with your child, Almighty God this year let it be well with your child, this  let it be well with your child, physically let it be well with him, materially let it be well with him, mentally let it be well with him, spiritually let it be well with him, martially let it be well with him, emotionally let it be well with him, in every areas of his life let it be well with him, let it be well with him.

Almighty God let it be well with your child, this year let it be well with your child. Let it be well, let it be well. Oh! Lord God Almighty let it be well, in every area possible. Let it be well with him, let it be well with him, in every facet of his life Lord, let it be well with him, let it be well with your child. Let it be well, let it be well. Let it be well with your child, let it be well with your child, ancient of days let it be well with your child, to the glory of Your holy name. Thank you Father, thank you Lord. Halleluiah, Father. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Once again let’s worship Him, we can’t do that enough

Angels are singing, you are worthy oh Lord (singing….)

Oh! Lord, ah! Thank you Father, you are worthy oh Lord, you are worthy oh Lord. Kings of kings, Lord of Lords, I am that I am the ancient of days, the unchangeable changer, glory be to your Holy name, Glory be to Your Holy name. Accept our worship in Jesus name. thank You for the month of January, thank You for watching over us, thank You for everyday of the past month, thank you for bringing us to the new month, glory be to Your Holy name, accept our worship in Jesus name. Tonight visit us again, meet all our needs Lord, save souls tonight, heal tonight, deliver tonight, set free tonight and touch us with your healing wings tonight, Father let there be peace in Nigeria, purify your church.

 Everyone who is not ready to live holy, those who are hiding in your church and they are doing evil, uproot them in Jesus name, uproot everyone of them, uproot them in Jesus name, purify your church, enlarge your coast, let all be well and tonight let there be mighty testimonies. As we wait on you this month every prayer we pray let it be answer by fire, thank you Father, glory be to your holy name. in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Amen.

 Let somebody shout halleluiah, shake hands with one or two people and say God bless you. Good evening God bless you, good evening God bless you and then you may be seated.

Except those who are born in the month of February, they can stand. If you are born in the month of February, let me hear you shout halleluiah. I could see one of my deputies there standing; I could see another of my assistant. It must be a very special month.

Father I commit all your children born in the month of February into your hands, I thank you for preserving them. I thank you for all the blessing you have already released unto them, on the behalf, accept our thanks and now Father because they are children of second month, I pray that you will double their joy, double their blessings, double their testimonies, double their promotions.

Father draw them closer to you. In their New Year let them serve you more than ever before. Let it be well with them, If You tarry, by this time next year, let them look back and say this is the best year we have ever spent so far. Thank you Father, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Amen, Let somebody shout halleluiah.


Something interesting happen here tonight when the preacher who spoke before came and chooses his text, it is exactly the same text that I want to speak on, so I said, well my job is easier tonight. I will just come, we will pray, we will sing and dance and go home. Then he began to speak, that was something, in America when the sermon is very good, they say “what a word”. I think tonight I can say “what a word”,” what a word”! It is as if I am in a bible school, my hand start to move as fast as how it used to be when I was in the university.

 I don’t know if you got what He said, what he said was so wonderful that am going to repeat some of them because, I know some of us, we were here but you were not taking note, you don’t know something that good is coming. He said every blessing of God has an address attached to it, did you hear that one? He said your divine location will determine your divine promotion, he said if you don’t have a base then there is no basis for a miracle, he said without an address, your problem cannot be addressed. I said what is going on here? I kept on writing. I won’t tell you everything I wrote after all you were here.


But then he moved to grace and I was hearing things I have never heard before, for example he said grace can turn ridicule to miracle, he said grace doesn’t always choose the qualified, but qualify the chosen. He said grace is an advocate, he gets the guilty discharged and acquitted, he said all faces look alike until grace begin to shine upon the face of someone. Therefore he says grace beautify. Sir, if I had the authority, I would have awarded you a PHD straight away. So if I see you tomorrow and I say Doctor Peter, you know what I am talking about. That was beautiful, that was beautiful. Glory be to God. Let’s Give God a big round of applause, that was beautiful, that was beautiful.

So we now go into John 5 v 1-9 and verse 14. After this, there were a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up into Jerusalem and there in Jerusalem a pool called in Hebrew tongue Bethesda having five porches. In this lay a great multitude of important folks, blind, halt , withered, waiting for the moving of the water, for an angel went down the pool for a season trouble the water, whosoever then first after the trouble of the water step in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there which had infirmity thirty and eight years, when Jesus saw him lie and that it he had now been a long time in that case, he said unto him, will thou be made whole?

 The impotent man said, “sir, I have no man to put me in the pool, but while I am coming, another steps down before me”. Jesus said unto him rise, take up thy bed and walk and immediately the man was made whole and took up his bed and walked and on the same day was a Sabbath, verse 14 afterwards, Jesus find him in the temple and said unto him, behold thou art made whole, sin no more least a worse thing come unto thee. After the first speaker, there is very little a pastor can now say after a doctor has spoken. Then maybe we add some little, little point to the big one he had already shared with us.

Number one, God can handle any case. There are no problems, physical or otherwise in heaven, no problems in heaven, therefore whenever heaven arrives in a particular place, problems vanished. I decree in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ that as heaven comes to your side, your problems will vanish in Jesus name. No problem in heaven, so when heaven is moving and it arrives somewhere, wherever it arrives at the problem in that location must vanished because according to Luke 1v 37 with God nothing shall be impossible. Tell your neighbor, my own will not be impossible for God.

Now in this place, that pool of Bethesda, the bible describe to us the kind of people that were there, first the impotent. To be impotent means to be unable to produce. It means to be barren, it means unable to produce. To be barren means to be unable to function when they say a man is impotent, we know what that means, it means if he marries, he is just wasting his time but in heaven there is no impotence, there is no bareness. There is no lack of fruitfulness. Jesus Christ said in John 15 v 5, He said “if you abide in me and my word abide in you, you will bring forth much fruit”, in verse 4 of John 15, He said “even though the branch on its own cannot produce much fruit, even though the branch may be important on its own, but the vine is fruitful. I decree tonight everything called impotence, everything called bareness shall be a stranger to you in the name of Jesus.

The moment heaven come in contact with you, the moment the branch come in contact with the vine, fruitfulness comes, thank God that the preacher who spoke said, if you are at the right place at the right time, then you can be sure your problem will get a solution. Heaven is moving, heaven is on the move, particularly in the Redeem Christian Church of God this year and I pray in all other churches too. Heaven is on the move and has it is moving on it is going to visit some people. I know it is going to visit me tonight and as He visits you, all the problems in your life will vanished. Some of you remember the testimony, we had a program at Tafa Balewa square, Holy Ghost service, I think we called it the battle of the gods or something. There was a man who has been impotent for years and has made up his mind to commit suicide and he travelled from the east to Lagos, if I may remember, he came to settle everything before he died, he heard about the program and he said since, I have nothing doing let me attend. Let me attend this one day before I die, and  as the message was going on, nobody prayed for him, nobody laid hands on him but the sun of righteousness arose for him and touched him with His healing wings and suddenly that which had been dead came back to life. I decree to someone here today, everything good that the enemy had killed in your life, shall come back to life today in Jesus name.

The first groups of people were; the impotent and then he said the blind, we know what it means to be blind or at least we think we know. If you want to know how terrible it is to be blind, close your eye and try to work out of this auditorium on your own, don’t open your eye, close your eye and try and walk out of this auditorium, you have been coming all these years, so you know everywhere. Close your eye and when you open your eye again, you will thank God for an eye that is after you have fallen down several times of course. I pray in the Mighty name of Jesus, everyone who is blind today, God will open your eye.

To be blind means one is completely surrounded by darkness. Blind people don’t know what is yellow, what is blue, what is green. Their life is consisting of only one color and that color is black, but there is no darkness in heaven. God hates darkness, when you read Revelation 21 v 23- 25 the bible say in heaven there is no need for a sun, in fact He said there is no night there. I decree in the Mighty name of Jesus, every form of darkness in your life shall cease tonight in the name of Jesus. And so when heaven comes, darkness will disappear. Jesus Christ said I am the light of the world, John 9 v 3, in Genesis 1v 1-3 the first thing God said was let there be light and there was light. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ there will be life in your life.

The Lord say there is someone here tonight, the Lord said I will reverse the victory of your adversary.

One of the testimonies that I heard when I was a younger Christian that gives me so much joy was the story of a young boy, who had no eye ball at all, it wasn’t that he was blind; he had no eye ball at all. He went to attend a crusade and he heard in his own ears, son I have prepared for you two eye ball, that is all he heard and of course he tried to open the eye but there was nothing to open but when he woke up the following morning, as he rob his face, he discovered that were eye balls were suppose to be, were it use to be very cold was warm, so he was surprise but there was no sight yet.

Every day he will wake up, touched were eyeball was to be. He began to notice a small swelling, every day the swelling became bigger and bigger. It took three months, but after three months as he was waking up, he heard the voice of the Lord saying you can now open your eye and he opened his eye. I don’t know who God is talking to today; by the time you return next month you will share a mighty testimony.

He spoke about the important, the blind and the halt. The halt if you put it in a simple language, it means the hindered. You know when you are going and someone says halt! It means stop there, stop making progress, stop moving, the halt are those who cannot move freely, those who cannot make progress. And God hate any form of lack of progress.

When heaven arrives, progress arrives.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, I will back you up so much that whatever you refuse, I will refuse.

Father I say amen to that one. And straight away I reject anything called sickness, I reject pain, I reject failure, I reject sorrow. Oh! Thank you Father, let somebody shout halleluiah.

Isaiah 40v28-31 tells us that the Lord loves progress. He wants you to go from walking to running and to flying. When heaven arrives, hindering forces disappear. Isaiah 41 v 10-13 the Almighty God says if I decide to help you, those who are hurting your progress, those who are incense against you, would be as nothing. He said you will seek for them, you will not find them; you will not even find them. I want to prophesy to someone tonight in the name that is above every other name. All those who have been hindering your progress, from tonight you will seek them and you will not find them.

I want to prophesy further. All of you who have been walking, you will now begin to run, those of you who are already running, you will begin to fly. Am sure you remember the story; when I was in one of the university, when one officer said to another, as long as I am the Head of department, as long as I am the boss, you will not be promoted and the brother brought the case to us.

And we said it is written that if you shall believe and doubt not you shall say to this mountain be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and it shall obey you. So if this boss wants to constitute himself to a mountain, let’s move him and the Lord said amen. The boss was transferred and the fellow he said he would not be promoted was promoted to take his position and after that fellow was settled in his new position, they brought Oga back but now they are equal. Every mountain in your life, I decree in the Mighty name of Jesus, mountain be thou removed, be thou cast into the sea, so shall it be in the name of Jesus.

Then He talked about the withered, it means its use to be fat but after sometime it became thinner and thinner. The withered means they use to be good but now they are bad. They use to be rich but now they are now poor, they use to be healthy but now they are sick, they use to be the head but now they are tail, the withered means ex -this, ex -that, as far as heaven is concerned, there is no room for withering.

The plan of God for every of child of heaven, is that they will be head and not tail, above only, not above today, down tomorrow. Psalm 92 v12-14 says the righteous shall flourish, flourish not withered, flourish like the palm tree. He said he that be planted in the house of the Lord, shall flourish like cedar in Lebanon, He said even in old age, they will still be fat and fruitful, not withered, that is why, whenever the heaven arrives, the withered they use to blossom again.

A classical example is in Mark 5 v 25- 34, it tells us the story of the woman with the issue of blood. once upon a time She was healthy, she was rich but the problem came, a little drop at a time, she became withered. Physically she withered, financially she withered, emotionally she withered joy wise she withered until the heave was passing by and somehow she made contact with heaven and she blossom again.

Let me start with those of you that are withered physically in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ you will begin to blossom again. Let me start those of you who are withered in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ you will begin to blossom again. Those of you who are withered financially, you use to be rich, you use to spend without calculation, now when you wake up, you are afraid that there are coming from the bank to come and close down your house. Because heave is passing by, those that you are owing will soon be owing you and those who are withered spiritually, those who use to hear from God, those who use to prophesy, those who use to lay hands on the sick and they get healed, those who use to dream powerful dream but now they has become history. I decree in the name of Jesus, there will be full restoration tonight.

Years ago we use to hold what we call Christ the Redeemer Congress, we held one in Ibadan Grammar school and then the last day came and we use to keep the colleges we use very clean so that they can allow us in the future. So we normally will tidy up before the final talk.

 And there was this girl, who was working more than everybody else, sweeping, cleaning and I was wondering what is going on here. And then testimony time came and she came forward to testify, she said when she was young, when she was a child something happen and her right hand withered, throughout her days in the secondary school, every student will be working but because her hand were withered, no manual labor for her and she came to the congress and the Almighty God touched her and her withered hand blossom and the first time in her life she had the opportunity to do manual labor so she want to do more than everyone else. I decree tonight everything you had wanted to do for God which your withered hand did not allow; you will begin to do them now in Jesus name.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said I have removed both the jailer and the prison doors and you are free to work out now.


Thank you Father and the next group of people are the infirm, the impotent, the blind, the halt, the withered and the infirmed. When we talk about the infirmed we are talking about the weak, the shaky the unstable. When you see somebody who is very , very old, when they are walking their legs are very shaky, you say papa has become infirmed but there is no infirmity in heaven, as far as God is concerned, no matter how old you are, He wants you to be strong. He says He will renew your age like the eagles.

 Ones in a while you go and see the doctor and the doctor says, there is nothing we can do to this case, it is the sickness of old age. In the Mighty name of Jesus  to our old men and women, your age shall be renew, like the eagle and the younger ones you better say amen with them, because one day you are going to be old too, when heaven is around, strength is supplied. Philippians 4 v 13, Paul said I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me. Strength comes. In Luke 13 v 10-13, the bible tells us the story of a woman who has had an infirmity for thirty eight years.

 The bible said she couldn’t lift up herself no matter how she tried, until heaven came by and as heaven came by, the infirmities disappear and the one who couldn’t lift up became straight again.

I have shared it with you before the testimony of how I became a believer in divine healing. When I became Christian and people are talking about divine healing don’t want to hear, I always say this people are looking for someone they want to kill, when they got up and say I want to thank God that for fifteen years I have not taken a tablet, I say who followed you to your bedroom.

 I said you have shown me the way to heaven now but don’t send me there too quickly, until one day, there was an old man in the church then, about eighty something years old, he was walking with a walking stick, bent double and one Sunday early in the morning, and I saw papa walking without a walking stick, he was walking straight. I said ha! Is this papa? So when they said, he was going to share his testimony in the evening, I was the first one to get to church; I wanted to hear from him. This is not a pastor, this is an ordinary member like myself, I want to see what happened to this old man. The old man said I went to my home town and as it was my custom; in the morning I began to go from house to house preaching about Jesus Christ at a stage, I heard the devil say old man, stop deceiving people. Go home. If your Jesus is as powerful as you said He is, why has He not healed you? I was listening; I want to know what happen next. The old man said an holy anger arose within him and said “devil you are laughing at my God”, he said “he took his walking stick, broke it into two, threw it away, straighten up and say if I am going to die today, I am not going to allow Satan to laugh at my God”.

He said “while he was young, he had contacted a particular venereal disease. Whenever he bends, he is okay but whenever he tries to straighten up fire begins to burn inside, he said that was his problem. He said he stood up that day and he began to walk home and the fire begins to burn. I said this man is telling the truth because all those who have been testifying before will say I have headache and I say headache go in the name of Jesus and it went.

I tried it at home, it didn’t work that way, and instead of going it becomes bigger. So when this man says the fire becomes bigger, he said he continue his way home and he said he began to feel dizzy and he said he uttered a prayer to God, Almighty God if I am going to die, please let me reach home. Please just let me get home before I die. I say this man is telling the truth, he went on, he said as he stepped on the threshold, the pain disappear completely. I said thank you Jesus. I decree tonight, every infirmities in your system before you step into your house, it would disappear in Jesus name.

When heaven arrives infirmity goes so at this pool of Bethesda, they were the important, the blind, the halt, the infirmed and the Lord has enough power to deal with all of them, but He helped just one, He helped just one.

The Lord said there is someone here; He said the hand that has been hammering your head has been cut off.

The Lord said there is someone here, He said you are about to take a crucial exam and you are nervous, the Lord ask me to tell you, that relax I will help you. Halleluiah!

 When heaven is passing by, it could be for the benefit of one individual, the benefit of one individual. There was multitude there, that what the bible calls it usually when the bible says there are multitude, it means they are difficult to count and yet even though heaven have enough power to take care of all of them, He attended to only one, just one.

That is why you see me from time to time saying there is somebody here, that is why I pity some people who come to a meeting like this and you want to play the big man and big woman. There is no big man on the sick bed. Sickness does not recognize how much money you have in the bank. Headache is headache whether you are a millionaire or a hundrednaire, Headache is headache period. If you have six PhD and you see somebody who has not passed primary six, stomached is stomached pain. When it comes to a miracle, I will be like a child first get my miracle, after I have got my miracle then if you want to laugh at me you can laugh, I know what I want. There is somebody here heaven is going to pay you attention. Who is that fellow? You better let me hear you shout halleluiah!  Luke 4v 25-27 tells us God select just one widow, just one leper in Matthew. 8 v 1-3 there was a crowd following Jesus, heaven was passing by.

A crowd surrounded Him. Only one leper got his healing. In 1king17 v 8 -16 one widow, only one widow got a financial breakthrough. In Mark 5 v 25-34 there was a multitude thronging Jesus, heaven was passing by a multitude was there, it is only a desperate woman that pushed her way through for deliverance. in 1Samuel1v 9 -18 many people were at Shiloh only one desperate woman who got her prayer answered prayed tonight that if God is going to perform a miracle for one fellow, two fellows, three fellows, it will be me, my wife and one fellow. Who is going to be the third fellow? Let me hear you shout amen. Job1v 13-19, as tragedy upon tragedy upon tragedy befall job. There is always someone spared to come and tell the story. These  people came and they killed everybody but one escaped, when fire fell from heaven i escaped, oh there was one strange wind the house fell i escaped .There is somebody here today no matter how tragedy occur you will be the one to escape. We were still in the old auditorium, crowd came as usual and suddenly God said to me that there is somebody in the crowd, the enemy has planned for you to die today, but because you came today you shall live. Everybody said amen.

They didn’t know maybe some witches are meeting somewhere, they taught this is one of those prophesy that will be difficult to prove. How are we going to know whether God spoke to this man or not? But there was a woman in the crowd, a rich woman. Some people owed her a lot of money, so they decided the best way not to pay the money is to kill the woman, so they’ve been waiting for her. On her way home they grabbed her and bundle her into the booth of a car, out her into the booth and shut the booth and they were driving her out of Nigeria to go and dump her body outside .And they got money ready that any police checking point. And they got to the first police checkpoint and they have already stretched out money ,  the officer there say no, I want to see what is in your booth.

 They say ah ah! There is nothing there officer, officer said no, then they increased the money,

The officer said no.

You know when God is on your side, when the great deliverer is on your side, when heaven is on your side, He will overturn the plan of the enemy.

 The officer said come out, I want to see what is in your booth, when they saw the way things was going, they came out of the car and fled and the officer forced the booth opened and they found the woman there bound hand and foot, mouth and then they released her.

There may be someone here tonight that the enemy has concluded a plan to destroy you; in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ the enemy shall be disappointed.

God decided to help an individual in a multitude, why? Because He is sovereign,

Psalm 115 v 3, He said our God is in the heaven, He does as He pleases and you can’t query Him, you can’t query Him in Romans 9 v15 -16. He said i would have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and have compassion on whom I will have compassion. It is not of him that Wills, nor of him that runs but of God that shows mercy.

You know one thing I thank God for, is that He has decided to show mercy to me, I don’t know about you but He has been merciful unto me and because He has chosen to be merciful to me, I would be forever grateful to Him, you can query Him if you like, me I have query for Him, all I am saying is if he want to show mercy for one fellow, God, God Let it be me, if you want to be merciful to just one fellow, please let it be me. How many of you want the mercy of God tonight? let me hear you shout halleluiah. Thank you Father. I think He wants to merciful tonight.

 The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said you will hear from me soon.

He said there is a woman, He said the agonizing menstrual pain you have been having for years is over from now on.

The Lord said there is some one here, I want to say amen first. He said I am already putting finishing touches to your case; you won’t have to wait much longer, halleluiah.

Thank you my Lord!

Any way the Lord now said to the man, will you be made whole? Very strange things that happen when your time comes; You see because if you study God very well, you will notice that after Genesis 3, He didn’t volunteer help to anyone. What happen in Genesis 3 v 9-12? When God said Adam why have you done this? Adam said the woman you gave me, I didn’t ask you, I was doing fine, did I tell you I was lonely, God said “I see okay from now on if you don’t ask you don’t get. James 4 v 2 He says you have not because you asked not. But here the Almighty God went to the man and said will you be made whole.

Do I have your permission to heal you? It means when God wants to favor you, even things you didn’t ask for He will do it. Things you didn’t need He will offer it. In Isaiah 43 v 13 He said I would work who will hinder, He said I have just decide I would do something, so who is going to hinder? Oh! I rejoice with you that your time for favor has come. I rejoice with you because I heard Him say there is somebody who will hear from me soon. You know what that means? He is likely to ask you a question very soon; can I give you a miracle, may I heal you please? May I give you a breakthrough? May I expand your coast? Oh! We give God the glory. I mean some of you have heard the story of the origin of Holy Ghost Service. Something that is bringing all of us together.

I was in London preparing the Sunday school booklet, suddenly I heard God said” son, what do you want for you birthday”? I wasn’t thinking of birthday up to that time, I have never really celebrated a birthday.

 A birthday I celebrated when I was in the world was with girlfriend and I use to celebrate many birthdays in the year, the number of girlfriend determines the number of birthday. Then I got born again. I have forgotten about birthday and suddenly I heard Him say” son, what do you want for your birthday”?

Somebody will hear from God soon, I say somebody will hear from God soon. look at the result of that question, look at those of us that is here, look at those who come to the congress, think of all the people who have be saved, think of the sign, think of the wonders. Because God asked a question, God is going to come to somebody tonight and He is going to ask you a question; what can I do for you? When He asked you, am sure you will give a correct answer in Jesus name. (Amen). Thank you Father, Halleluiah amen, amen, amen, amen, amen, amen.


The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said I will give you another dose of my mercy.

So this man then said I have no helper, I have no helper. He knows, the Almighty God knows, Psalm 139 v 1-6 made it clear that there is nothing hidden from Him, even your taught are not hidden from Him. He knows and not only that the one who is asking can help you, is He the helper of the helpless. That is good news when heaven comes help comes. That is why I am excited, no problems in heaven. Thank you Father, forgive me if I keep saying amen, amen, amen, amen.

The Lord said there is somebody here your sun will soon come out of the cloud.

In 2 king4 v 1-7 bible tells us the story of a widow. Poor widow hear in debt, no helper and the creditor came and said we will sell your sons, but that day she made contact with heaven and the helper of helpless helped. In 2 kings 7 v 3-9 the bible tells us about four lepers, destitute lepers, dying of hunger. Nobody can be more helpless like a leper, hated by the community, hungry, poor, sick but the helper of the helpless helped them. They became someone who could even begin to put money into a fixed account.

 In Mark 5 v 1-20, the mad man of Gadarenes is beyond human help, but the helper of the helpless helped him. I have good news for those of you who feel helpless tonight, you will soon testify.

And so when Jesus arrived, it means heaven arrived, when He arrived where that man was, it means Heaven have arrived there and my good news for us tonight is that heaven has arrived, am trying to swallow some of these things but…

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; He said I have a great surprise for you.

Oh! My God, Daddy says there is someone here tonight, your testimony will be so sweet that people will say tell us again and again.


 Brethren Daddy says you have got my attention now, tell me what you want, tell me what you want, you’ve got my attention now, you’ve got my attention now… thank you Jesus let’s begin to  bring our prayer to close, thank you father, blessed be your holy Lord. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

 If you believe that He had heard you, let me hear you shout halleluiah, shake hand with one or two people and say thank God I came tonight, thank God I came tonight, thank God I came tonight. Then you may be seated.

Thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord. Halleluiah thank you Lord, so heaven is here now and there is no need to wait for angel anymore, that man was waiting for angel but the creator of angels was standing by him, the actual burden bearer was standing by him.

 He is standing by you tonight, He will carry away your burdens and then the man was healed, He said stand up , take your bed, go home and he got up, took his bed and said “is it me”? it was like a dream, your miracle will come like a dream and the man did something very good. He didn’t go home; he went into the house of God. He has not been to church For thirty eight years he didn’t go to the house of God because he didn’t know when the angel will come and disturb the water. Soon after he got his miracle, he went to thank God; he went straight to the house of God.

 Am sure he was there singing and dancing, he was there singing and rejoicing. Throughout this year in the Mighty name of Jesus you will dance and then in the house of God, he got a second visitation, the Lord went to him again. Second time in one day because He is Jehova Elshadai, the God who is more than enough, the one ever so generous. You know I told you when I was studying Psalm 23 v 5 when he said thou anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over and I said Daddy when the cup was full, why didn’t you stop? He said He just want to show the boy, there is plenty more where this came from. There is somebody here today, before the end of this year, as the Lord lives you will say to God Father this is too much. This blessing is too much, so shall it be in Jesus name.

Two visitations in one day, the Almighty God is able to give you more than one miracle per one day. If He wants to show you favor, He will do it in such a way that you will say this can only be God.

 I have told us the story of my first visit to Canada for the conference of the world applied Mathematician, we arrived at night. It was very cold and there was a long queue, where we want to register and a woman at the registration table got up prepare tea, with sandwiches, walked all the way  to where I was standing and gave it to me. I have never been to Canada before I didn’t know her, but God knew I was there, He told her prepare tea and not tea alone prepare sandwich too for me. Then she asked what my name is? Where did I come from? I told her, and then she went away and everybody was looking at me as I was eating and enjoying. I didn’t even invite them, just  as I was finishing my registration brought everything while I was still on that line and arrange  for somebody who will take me to the hostel where I would spend the night, Before this year runs out in that name that is above every other name you will have similar testimony. Let me conclude because of time.


The Lord says that there is someone here tonight, He said your first fruit sacrifices has open new door for you.

Thank you Lord, thank you Lord.

The lord said there is somebody here tonight, He said the first phase of your life ends tonight and the second more glorious one begins now.

Thank you, thank you father, thank you Father.

Alright this is one of those days that I wished I were not the preacher. Okay lets conclude, when heaven is passing by reach out to touch Him you see because this passage says after he finished with that man, He moved on. What were the others doing? Because what He did, He didn’t do in secret. They saw this man rising carrying his bed and healed and they sat down looking, maybe with the mouth open in wonder.

 Isaiah 55 v 6 says seek the Lord while He may be found; call Him while He is near. I beg you don’t waste this New Year. Seek God as you have never seek Him before. He is passing by. Seek Him, seek Him by force Matthew11 v 12 he says the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Seek God as you have not sought Him before.

This year pray like you have never prayed before, don’t be gentle man this year, don’t be a lady this year, be a warrior. A year like this comes only in a life time. This is the kind of year they called a boundary line year, it is a very peculiar this is the time to seek the Lord. This is the time to pray time too fast, time to give time to do everything God says you should do.

There is a story we heard when we were young. The hunter was going to hunt and as usual he has to check whether everything will be well or not. And he took a kola nut and broke it into four pieces. He threw it to the ground and now according to custom, if all is going to be well; two of the kola nut will face down, two will face up. But when he threw the thing, three were face down and one faced up, that means trouble. So picked it up and threw it again; three down and one up, when he threw it the fourth time; all the four faced down. So he said alright, So with his hand, took each kola nut and faced them up and said to the kola nut, if you don’t tell me good news, I will say god news to myself. Heaven is passing by, if it didn’t stop by, grab Him.

The woman with the issue of blood did not wait for Jesus to come to her house, she went after Him. This year seek God, seek Him by force, seek Him with everything in you, seek Him like you never sought Him before, seek Him don’t be lukewarm this year, don’t be lazy this year if your wife is slow, go ahead. If your husband is slow go ahead. Seek Him while He may be found, call Him while He is near you.

 If you are here you have not given your life to Christ come now, he will save your soul, He will be merciful unto you. the rest of us am not going to ask you to wait, the power of God is here so mightily tonight, I have never felt it like this before, go ahead , stand on your feet and began to pray, talk to God, pray, pray like you have never before, pour your heart to Him. Talk to Him, talk to the Almighty God.

Those of you who wants to give your life to Jesus, come if you want to come, if you don’t want to come, stay there, it is your choice, if you want to come, come I will count from one to ten, if you like get here before I say ten, if you like stay where you are. it is your choice but this is time for salvation. The Almighty God wants to be merciful unto you this year that is why He brought you here. So come quickly, one, two, three, four, brethren you should be praying now, those of you who are in the congregation. An opportunity like this comes in a life time, open your mouth and talk to your God. This is the time for praying not a time for joking, not a time for being idle. It is a time to pray and those of you who are coming, ask Him to save your soul. Five, six, as you come, Him to save your soul, ask Him to be merciful to you, call on Him, Call on Him, Call on Him, Call on Him. Seven, this is your day of salvation call on Him while He may be found. Come and give your life to Jesus.

 He is waiting for you, He is waiting for you, Eight. And this is your day of salvation, don’t waste this opportunity, don’t waste this opportunity. Call to Him while you come. Ask Him to save your soul, ask Him to be merciful unto you, call on Him, and promise Him, I will serve you for the rest of my life, save my soul oh lord. Save my soul, be merciful unto me, be merciful unto me, be merciful unto me, be merciful unto me, be merciful unto me. Almighty God be merciful unto me save my soul, nine, that is the final call if you want to give your life to Him, hurry up now, hurry up now. Save my soul oh Lord and I would serve you for the rest of my life, I would serve you for the rest of my life. Forgive all my sins oh Lord and I will be your child for the rest of my life, save my soul oh Lord, save my soul. Thank you father, glory be to your holy name. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Father I want to thank you for your word, I want to give you all glory and honour for such a powerful night. Please accept our thanks in Jesus name. I commit those who have come forward tonight into Your hands, receive them oh Lord, save their soul, forgive them their sin, cleanse them in your blood, beginning from now, when they call on you, answer them in Jesus name. Thank you my Father in Jesus name we have prayed.. praise the Lord, now those of you who are coming keep coming the prayer included you, it is because of time I couldn’t wait too long, now I want to rejoice with all of you that have come forward tonight because by the grace of God, from now on I will be praying for you, tomorrow on you will begin to feel the impact of my prayers, certain miracle will begin to happen in your lives and you will say God, I didn’t even ask for this then you will know somebody is praying for you, so I am going to needs your name, your address and I promise you every day I will be praying for you, so if you follow that brother that is waving a piece of wood, some Pastors are waiting for you , they will help me collect the information and they will bring you back, let give God a big round of applause.


Halleluiah I want you to stand on your feet; I want you to shout halleluiah, if the God have already blessed you tonight. And then lift up your voice to the Almighty God, you are to pray the prayer If you want, if you don’t want don’t pray it and say father, don’t pass me by tonight, let’s talk to the Almighty God, don’t pass me by tonight, Almighty God please don’t pass me by tonight, don’t pass me by tonight.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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