TOTAL RECOVERY 7th of September, 2007


Well let somebody shout halleluiah, I want you to turn your friend on your left on your right and tell him/her , God will make you laugh and if you believe that let me hear you say halleluiah!

 The bible says in Ps.19 v1, he says the heaven declare the glory of God, that means if human being will not praise Him, that the moon the stars the sun will continue to praise Him they have no choice.

 And on one occasion Jesus Christ said if the children who are crying hosanna  should keep quiet, stones will speak on, I have made up my mind that God will not replace me with a stone, so if you have made up your mind as I have done, I want to you to praise God as you have never done before, bless His holy worship Him give Him al glory, give Him al honour, give Him all adoration, he deserve to be praise, He is worthy to be praise there is no one like Him is it the Almighty God, praise Him as you have never done before… In Jesus Mighty name we have worship

I want to you to lift up your voice to Him and say father the year is running to an end, please fulfill your promises in my life, go ahead talk to the Almighty fulfill your promises in my life…In Jesus mighty name we have prayed

Arise oh Lord, let your enemies be scattered….. (Singing)

Lift up your voice to the Almighty God and say father, all the enemies of my fruitfulness arise oh Lord and scattered them, let’s talk to the Almighty….In Jesus name we have prayed.


I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, everything the enemy has stolen from me, let me recover tonight, let’s talk to the Almighty….In Jesus name we have prayed.

You are the Mighty God, the great I am, halleluiah…. (Singing)

Lift your voice to Him and say Father, you are the God of all flesh, there is nothing to hard for you, don’t let my own be impossible, open your mouth and talk to the Almighty God…In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

I want you to join your hands with your neighbor and say Father, this your child that I am holding, make him laugh. Go ahead talk to the Almighty God … In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let’s go before our maker and worship Him,

I have a father Almighty Father; He is king of kings and Lord of Lord… (Singing)


Eternal rock of ages, the way the truth and the live, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lord of host , the one who has never lost a battle, king of kings, Lord of Lord, I am that I am. The ancient of days the unchangeable changer, glory be to your holy name, alpha omega, the beginning the end the one who was, the one who is the one who is to come. The Almighty, Jehovah shalom , Jehovah Rapa, Jehovah Nissi, glory be to your holy name, glory be to your holy name, when you open no man can shut, when you shut no man can open when you kill no one can make alive, when you make alive no man can kill, when you say yes no man can say no, when you say no, no man can say yes, glory be to your holy name, glory be to your holy name, thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you May, thank you June, thank you for July, thank you for August, thank you for August, father I say thank you for August ,thank you for August, Lord thank you for August.

 And now thank you for September, glory be to your holy name Lord, accept our thank in Jesus name, thank you for what you are going to do tonight, thank you because this is a night nobody will ever forget, thank you because you are here already, thank you because you are going to make us laugh.

Oh! Glory be to your holy name, glory be to your holy name, glory be to your holy name. arise oh Lord and scatter all your enemies all the enemies of our unfruitfulness scatter them oh Lord, all the enemies of our success, scatter them oh Lord all the enemies of our progress scatter them oh Lord, by the time even this night is over, let even the heavens know that you have visited in Jesus name, thank you my father, glory be to your holy name, in Jesus name we have prayed.


 Let somebody shout another halleluiah!


Tonight we want to talk about total recovery, there is hardly anybody here who has not lost one thing or the other, some of us are not as healthy as we used to be, some of us can no longer see as clearly as we use to see, some are not as rich as they use to be, some of us are no longer hot for the Lord as we use to be.

But as the Lord lives, before the sunrises, everything you have lost you will recover. Joel 2 v 25 - 28, the Almighty God is speaking to somebody particularly tonight, I know He is talking to me but I know He is also talking to someone and He is says I will restore to you the years that the locust has eaten. The cankerworm and the caterpillar and the palmerworm; my great army which I sent among you. And ye shall eat in plenty and be satisfied. And praise the name of the Lord your God that has dealt wondrously with you. and my peoples shall never be ashamed and ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel and I am the Lord you God and no one else and my peoples shall never be afraid and it shall come to pass after all that I shall pour my spirit out among flesh and your sons and your daughter and your sons shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see vision.

Lift your hand to the Almighty and say Father I thank you that I will never be ashamed.

When we talk about recovery, it implies that you have something, you lost and then you got it back. In 2 King 6 v 5 -7, the bible tell us that somebody was cutting down trees by river Jordan and the axe head fell into the river, and then through the intervention of God they got the axe head back; that is an example of recovery.

They had it, they lost it, and they recovered it back. Everything you have that you lost, you will recover it back in Jesus name.

now when we talk about partial recovery, it means you have recovery, but there is a sign left behind that says once upon a time you lost something; for example if you had a wound an then the wound got healed and left a scar behind, that will be partial recovery, for instance in the case of Samson in Judges 16 in v 22 & 28 the bible say the hair on his head begin to grow again.

 He had hair on his head before, it was cut off but it began to grow again, but before it began to grow again, his eyes had been plucked out. So even though his hair began to grow again, his blindness remained but when we talk about total recovery, we are talking about recovery in such a manner as if you have never lost anything

In 2 king 5 v 14 the bible say when Naaman entered Jordan the seventh time and he came back, the bible say his skin was returned to him like the skin of a new born child. In other words there was no sign left that he was a leper. And I am prophesying into somebody here tonight, by the time God finishes with you, nobody will ever know you had a problem.

 I will give you an example, it is a testimony you know; we had a Holy Ghost service at the stadium, the stadium was filled inside and out. There was a man sitting at the very top, one of his kidneys has been removed and the day the kidney was removed, there were all sorts of complication. The doctors spent eighteen hours operating on him.

But then he was there and the word of God came; that there is someone here, one of your kidneys has been removed and the second one is disturbing you, and God says am giving you two new ones.

And the man looked round oh God how can you picked me up among the whole crowd, that was on Friday.

On Monday he went to the doctor and the doctor examined and he said what am I seeing, I know you, I know the trouble we went through when we were removing one of your kidney but now there are new and the two mare brand new.

There is somebody here by the time my God finishes with you nobody will know you had a problem. When we talk about total recovery, we automatically begin to think or talk about the one who can make it possible, the great restorer Himself.

The Almighty God made a promise we read He said I will restore even the years that the cancan worms have already eaten, something that a animal had already eaten! Swallow digested.

God said I will bring it back, what kind of God is this? He said in Jeremiah 32 v 27 He said behold I am the God of all flesh, is anything too hard for me? The Almighty God is asking somebody here today, He is asking you directly, He says sons, daughters is anything too hard for me?

When God told Sarah in Gen. 18 v 9-14, that Sarah would have a son, Sarah was already approaching ninety years of age and her husband a hundred. It was a long time she had her messes last. She laughed and God said why are you laughing? I am saying to somebody here tonight when you are sharing your testimony; the whole world will laugh with you.

God asked Sara a question, is anything too hard for me?

There are some of you who had lost hope you are not even thinking of having children anymore.  You have close the chapter on that, you have said to God, thank you for everything you have done, I will serve you till the end.

Don’t worry about child anymore, don’t bother, when I though you could do it some twenty years ago, I asked you, but now no problem.

 I come to you in the name of the Lord tonight, the God I serve, He will surprise you. When people hear that you are pregnant, they will laugh; who are you talking about? That grandmother! The day you are sharing your testimony and by the special grace of God it will be during the next convention, people will be laughing with you.

This is the God with whom nothing shall be impossible. A  God who is never too late.

When He arrived in John 11v 21-23; the sister of Lazarus said if only you had come earlier, this problem would have been solved. He laughed,        He said I am never too late, you have your own time table, I have my own, according to your own time table, I should have arrived last year, or ten years, or twenty years ago.

 According to your to my own time table, when I arrived, is the right time, for somebody here tonight, this is your right time.

Thank you Father. The Lord said there is someone her beginning form this moment your life will become a testimony.

 Daddy says there is somebody here tonight; He said those who prepare the furnace for you will roast in it.

My God is always on time, never too early, never too late. And He can restore health to you at His own time. You know the story in John5v2-9; tells us the story of a man who has been sick for thirty eight years; he had been expecting his miracle for thirty eight years, but when the time table of God came in an instant, the sickness of thirty eight years was forgotten.

Let me speak into the life of those of you who are sick tonight, as the Lord lives, He will heal you in a manner that nobody will know you have been sick because.

 He is the original surgeon. When He performed the first operation in Gen. 2 v 21-23, not a single drop of blood fell on the ground, not a single scar left behind, if it were so the bible would have recorded it for us; He puts Adam to sleep. He is the original initiators of what we called anesthetic. Whatever we are discovering today, the great physician had done it before, He had done it long, long before.

He finished the operation and there was not a single scar, he did not tell Adam, come back in a weeks’ time for me to remove the stitches. He did a perfect job, no blood, no scar.

As you are hearing my voice now, in the name of the perfect physician, be healed now in the name of Jesus.

I have told you the testimony of an old woman who was sick, they took her to the hospital, perform operation on her and sew her back but because of old age, and because she is very old, the wound refuse to heal.

So whenever she eats, food was coming out from that side and the doctors were waiting for her to die, but because she was rich, they kept her in a room there.

And the daughter came and “said I don’t mind my grandmother dying, she is old, but I don’t want her to die in a mess. Let Jesus heal her and after that if she wants to go, she can go” and since I couldn’t travel at that time, I said get me an hand kerchief, she got me an handkerchief and I prayed to it. She took the handkerchief to the old woman and placed it on the place of operation.

The doctor came the following morning, to find out if mama has gone and they cannot even find a place where they operated on her. That God is still on the throne and I am saying to those of you that are here, your recovery shall be total.

Now when you read Mark 5 v 25-34 the bible tells us about the woman with the issue of blood and instead of getting better, she grew worse. She had an encounter with the great restorer, and at once she got healed. Not only was her issue dried up! She recovered physically and she recovered financially.

And I am prophesying into some here today; everything that you have lost physically, you will recover fully and everything you have lost financially, you will recover fully.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is a man here He said I will fertilize every seed that you sow

 Daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said for you; not now becomes now.

He must be talking to me now.

When you read Daniel 4 v 38-47, it tells you the story of Nebuchadnezzar, he was mad, lost his throne, he was eating with animal. But when God decided to restore Him, maybe I should read a bit of that to you maybe you will be able to understand. Daniel 4 let me read just verse 34 ; and at the end of the day, I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up my eye up   to heaven, and my understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most high and I praise and hour Him that liveth forever more.

Whose dominion is an everlasting dominion and His kingdom from one generation to another and all the habitant of the earth are reputed as nothing, and He does according to His will in the army of heaven and among the in habitant of the earth, none can stay His hand or say unto Him what doeth thou?

At the same time, my reasoning returned unto me; for the glory of my kingdom, mine honour and brightness returned unto me and my counselors and my lords sought unto me; And I was established in my kingdom and excellent majesty was added unto me.

 He was mad, He was no longer on the throne, and he was eating and drinking with the animals. When God decided to restore Him, he restored Him, physically, mentally, socially.

His counselor, south out for him.; They  washed  him cleaned, they cloth him again, they took him back to his throne and they all said once again, hail to your majesty.

 There is someone her today, the position of prominence that you lost; God will restore it back to your life in Jesus name.

One young man, went to UK, he thought things are easy there, just like some of still think, checking out of Nigeria, I am going to Britain, I am going to Britain. I am going to America, there is money there, not knowing the suffering waiting, not knowing a doctor can check out her and he begins to sell ice cream over there. Not knowing there are some people if they see them in the boat they throw them over board.

So he checked out and when he got there and all the friends who have be written to him after greeting him welcome,  giving him food for one day, they said this place is not like Nigeria, every man to himself, when the winter gripped him, one good Samaritan saw him and took him to the hospital. And from there they shipped him back home.

And because of what he suffered, his brain began to misbehave. I know what we went through before his brain could become normal again and the one who ran to Britain to study, went to one of the university in Nigeria, and became graduate and today, he is a pastor of one of the biggest churches that we have.

 God restore him mentally, restored him physically, mentally, , restored him socially.

And I don’t know who I am talking to tonight; everything that you have lost you will recover.

 Thank you, Daddy says there is somebody here tonight; He said your hands are untied now.

This God can restore lost years. Sorry Lord, the Lord said maybe you didn’t understand what He is saying, He said there is someone here , everything you have touched, have failed, He said your hand are untied now.

This God can restore the lost years, he said I will restore to you the year that the cancan worm has eaten. He is saying that the years you have wasted, He can restore them back to you, humanly speaking that is not possible, humanly speaking, 2006 has gone and has gone forever.

 But then we are talking about God, we are not talking about human being. The Almighty has it in His power to make you younger. Oh years there is a certain amount of years that you are going to spend on earth. But the Almighty God reserve the right to say okay I say you are suppose to use seventy but now I am changing it to hundred. Who can say no? The bible say in Psalm 103 v 5, He said your age is renewed like the eagle.

 The bible tells men in the book of Job 42 v12-17. The bible says God gave Job an hundred and forty years an extra year.

 Tell your neighbor. You think I am going to die very soon? You are in for a surprise. Let somebody shout halleluiah!

 There is the story of somebody who is here right now; he came to see me and said, forty years ago at that time. At that time I was forty four years old ; I met a prophet and the prophet told me everything  that will happen for the rest of my life; The number of children I will have, the kind of house that I will built. Etc. but he also told me that that at the age of eighty four I will die, he even gave me the date. So he said I have come to you sir, that is why I have come to the camp, I want to die on holy ground.

And I laughed, and he said my boy this is not a laughing matter. I said sir, are you ready to serve the Lord? So he said I have just been born again, I will love to serve Him, but I have two weeks left, I said my God is greater than any prophet. As I am talking to you now, papa is ninety six and if you want to know who I am talking about, be the first person to go to church on Sunday morning, he will get there before you.

If God said eighty four, God is free to change His mind and say one hundred. There is somebody here today those who are waiting for your funeral will wait long years; Because He can restore lost years.

He can bring back the years that you have wasted, He can restore wasted efforts, many of us have been struggling for a long time and there is nothing to show for it. But things will change from tonight.

It is good enough if we say from now you won’t have wasted effort, but my God can bring back the reward of wasted effort to you. In Luke 5 v17 a story that you all know very well when Peter fished all night and caught nothing and Jesus asked him to throw his net into the sea and he threw one and he caught enough fish that two boats were filled.

Not too long ago Daddy was explaining to me that the fish he caught at once was the fish he should have caught all night long. All night long he has been throwing his net, all night long if he has been catching one or two, by the time is in the morning, two boats should have been filled up. And God restore to him all the wasted efforts.

You know many at time they look at you and say, the crab has been making oil all these years, it didn’t fill a bottle, now you will go to them and say by the special grace of God, my crab attended the Holy Ghost service and now all the tankers in Nigeria cannot carry the oil.

All the wasted efforts shall be fully restored to you.

There are some of you here who has been on the same spot for twenty years in the mighty name of Jesus Christ they shall be fully restored back to you; it shall come within the next one year. There are some pastors here who have been fasting, who have been praying, who have been preaching and yet the church is never full. Beginning from today, all your wasted effort shall be fully restored.

The night that the children of Israel left Egypt in Exodus 12 v 35-36    thank you Father, the Lord said there some here, He said you are barely surviving, He said beginning from now you will begin to live abundantly.

 In Exodus 12 v 35-36 the bible tells us that all the labors of four hundred years, all the salaries of four hundred years; Egypt paid in one night.

I decree once again, everything that the enemies have stolen from you; beginning from tonight, you will recover fully. You will recover fully. Not only can He restore you years, lost years, wasted efforts. He can restore lost abilities.

 There are certain things some of you use to be able to do. Some of us use to be able to sing, but now the voice is something else, some of us use to be prayer warriors, now they can’t even pray for one hour.

I know some pastors who use to wake up and pray to God and say Father send me difficult problems today, because they know by the time they have shake the heaven for one hour; miracles will happen. But now the gifts are gone.

 I have good news for you, every gift that you have lost, every abilities that you have lost, in that name that is above every other name they shall be fully restored to you tonight.

I told you the story of the axe head that drop in the river in 2Kings 6v17. When an axe head falls into a river, unless there is somebody who is a good diver that is the end of the story. But nobody swam nobody dived that day, but the Almighty God brought out the axe head that day. Your own axe head that fell into river Jordan, God will bring it to the surface this night. Because He says they that wait upon the Lord, he shall renew their strength, He will renew your strength.

Am sure some of you will remember the case; when we held a Holy Ghost service in Tafa Balewa square. The team was “the battles of the gods”. There was a man who came to Lagos, he was impotent for years, he was frustrated and he decided that he will commit suicide.

He came from east if I am correct to greet his people farewell before going. Then he heard that there was a programming going on in TBS and he came to attend. And while the program was going on he suddenly saw that something was moving again, the thing that was dead a long time came alive again. Every ability that you have lost tonight you will get them back in Jesus name.

Thank you my Father, the Lord says there is someone here today, they though you cannot rise again, God says by the time I am finished with you, you will be higher than all of them.

 I rejoice with someone, because Daddy says the major obstacle to your fruitfulness has been relocated.

Thank you Father, daddy says I should tell someone, He said don’t quit because the battle is almost over.

He can restore to you lost freedom; He can restore to you lost freedom in Mark 5 v 1-20, bible tells us the story of the mad man of Gadarenes, the man who was so mad that he was living among the dead, but when the Lord saw him. When his day came, in a single day, a mad man became an evangelist, his destiny that has been stolen by the enemy, was fully restored to him one day.

 I don’t know who God organize this meeting for, but there is somebody here the enemy thinks they have finish with your case but you will recover all.

I can never forget the case of one man, the day they brought him to come and  see us; I saw what i have never seen before, it is not just that he is under demonic oppression but this is of a different type; when he scratches his head he will bring out a beetle, if he puts his hands into his ear, a cockroach will come out, I mean it was a serious case. He said I can’t go out, I can seat with people, because if they seat by me, cockroach will be coming out, beetles will be coming out, all sorts of thing will be coming out.

The enemies though they have finished his case, but they left my God out of the calculation. When God intervene, we prayed a single prayer for him. When I saw him two weeks later; Come and see a perfect gentle man with his face shining, completely at peace with himself.

There is somebody here today, it doesn’t matter how many enemies you have, God will arise for you and your enemies will be scattered in Jesus name.

He can restore to you lost joy. You know there are some of us, it has been a long time since we know the true meaning of joy.  I was surprised in a super market, my children and I were there and as usual we were laughing and cracking Christian jokes and suddenly! one white woman said “your laughter makes me want to laugh”

I didn’t even know that I was laughing so specially, but there are some people when they are laughing, the laughter doesn’t go beyond their throat. Because the real thing, the joy that is suppose to spring up is not there. Whatever is not allowing you to laugh; my Father will deal with it tonight. That is why the first message God asked me to give you tonight is that God will make you to laugh. You will laugh in the Mighty name of Jesus.

In Luke 7 v11-15,

Thank you Father, I believe this is for me, so I am saying Amen, the Lord said there is someone here, He said before the end of this year there will be dramatic changes for the better in your life.

In Luke 7 v11-15, the bible tells us the story of a widow who was going to bury her only son, and her sorrow was multiplied. She used to know joy. She remembered the day she got married, that was a day of joy, she remembered the day she gave birth to her first child, it was a day of joy, but things have changed. It was sorrow upon sorrow. And the last joy she had, the enemy is taking it away but the great restorer met her on the way and restored her joy to her.

I want to prophesy in the name of Jesus Christ, those of you who have been weeping every month, you will not weep again.  Some of you knew joy before, on the day of your weeding, it was joy galore, but when months followed months and months became years and people began to ask what is happening? And when they began to give you names, when they began to call you fruitless tree; that was when the sorrow began. Your joy shall be returned in Jesus name.

 He can restore forgotten dreams, In Exodus 3 v1-10, bible tell us how Moses had an encountered with God, Mosses knew deep within Himself, he knew the way he was born was different, the way he was preserved was different, he knew God had a purpose for his life; that is why when he went out and saw an Egyptian fighting an Israelite, he killed the Egyptian.

 But that was forty years before, he thought he was going to be a deliverer but now he has become a fugitive forty years have gone by, he was now eighty years old. He wasn’t thinking of deliverance anymore, he was waiting to die, he was now satisfy with eating, looking at after sheep and go to bed.

But one day the bush burn, his dream came alive, the Almighty God said Moses” that which you and his destiny was restored and his forgotten dreams came back. The Almighty God said Moses that which you dreamt about, that you have forgotten will be fulfilled now.

There some of us here, who had great dreams before that we are going to be great, that we will do mighty things, that the whole world will hear about us, but then as time goes on, circumstances began to come, one problem after the other, we have forgotten those dream.

 I come to you in the name of the Almighty God, every dreams you ever had, of greatness, of success, of service to the Almighty God, shall be fulfilled in Jesus name.

I am sure I have told you the story before, when I was very young, sometime around 1950’s. In my village then there was only two Lories. One is Austin; one is Bedford, only those who are old will know these things. In my village then only few people have shoes, I think the King had a pair or two, I think the headmaster had one, if remember very well maybe the catchiest had one.

 Then one day, the Anglican bishop came to visit and we the school children line up on the road to welcome him and the hunters were firing their deign guns to welcome him. And he came in his car, brand new shining car in his dress; I have never seen anything like that before, his shoes… my mouth dropped open.

 I have never seen anything like that before. When I got home that day, I told my mother, I am going to be a bishop. Years passed, I forgot everything about bishop or no bishop. Then in 1981, when I became the general overseer, I went to visit our church in our village, I went in a brand new car, my shoe were shinning, the school children line the road, the hunters were firing their deign guns. And I remembered the dream of thirty one years.

There is somebody her today, every dream that you have had that you have forgotten, they will be fully restored unto you.

Our God can restore even your life. Even if you are already dead He can raise you up again. In John 11v 39 - 44 Lazarus was dead and buried. But my Father brought him back, when he brought him back, the flesh that was already rotten, was not rotten again, and the blood that was already water became blood again. The sickness that killed him was no longer there, because the one, who is the great restorer, is also the resurrection and life.

 Even if the doctors have given you dead line for death. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, new life will be giving unto you .Maybe I should tell you the story, some of you have heard it, some of you have not heard it, you remember the man that was told by the prophet, that he was going to die in a particular year and he said what can he do? And the prophet said there is nothing he can do so he said it is alright, if I am going to die this year, could you help me beg God, that I should see the 31st of this year, after all 31st is still part of the year, the prophet said I don’t know, all I am asked to tell you is that you are going to die this year. 31st of December came, very early in the morning, the man ran into the church at Ebute metta, as soon as he entered he said the death that will come and kill me here; I will be waiting to see. That is more than twenty five years ago.

 I have good news for someone because you got here today; the death that was hanging over you is canceled in Jesus name.

He can restore every lost blessings in Mal. 3v8-11,

Thank you Father, the Lord asked me to tell someone, He said I assure you; I will make way where there seems to be no way.

Thank you Father, the Lord ask me to tell someone, I will surprise the specialist.


Daddy says there someone here tonight, He says they think you are barren, He says but I will fill you quiver with beautiful arrows.

Thank you Lord, the Lord says that the fellow concerned will understand! But He says I should tell you that the river will begin to flow again.

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said each time you remember this day, you will dance for joy.

Halleluiah!  The Lord said there is someone here tonight He said for you the wind will begin to blow again.

Daddy says by this time next year, you will hold a special thanksgiving service.

Halleluiah! The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said right now, nobody pays attention to you, He said but very soon when they are describing you, they will use the word great.

The Lord said there is someone here today; He said your age will not stop me from what I want to do.

So anyway, in Malachi 3 v 8-11, the Almighty God says that some people are robbing Him of tithe and offering that they are under a curse; but He said if they will repent and they begin to bring all the tithe and offering into his house. He said He will open the windows of heaven, that there will not be enough rooms to receive them, and that he will begin to rebuke devourers for their sake.

You know what that passage is saying, is that when the Almighty God decides to restore your blessing, is that the first thing He will do is to change all your curses into blessing and number two, the blessings you have lost, when He package all of them together and He drops them at once, there won’t be enough room to receive. Then number three, anything that wants to take away from the blessings, He said he will silence them.

I have good news for somebody here tonight, every curse that is hanging on your family, they are broken in Jesus name. Every blessing you have lost shall be fully restored in Jesus name and anything called devourers will never operate in your life again in Jesus name.

Let me talk briefly about Hannah and then I will get out of the way, in the other sermon we will preach some other time. Hannah is a classical example of someone who had not just total recovery, but she had total recovery plus, plus. She thought she was barren, they were mocking her, they gave her tough time, but then God intervened.

God remembered her. And she gave birth to her first baby boy. In 1Sam.1v19-20. And when she began to sing in 1Sam. 2v1 she said the mockers had been silenced.

I decree tonight, that all those who have been mocking you, by the end of this month, there mouth will be shut for ever.

The adversary who though I am the only one who will be carrying babies’; suddenly saw the arrival of Samuel.

All those who had written you off, all those who have been mocking you, all those who have been using your problem to describe you, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, This month they shall be silenced.

 In 1Sam.2v21, the bible said she had five extra children. Nobody will believe when they now begin to hear the cry of children, the laughter of children, nobody will believe this was a woman they use to call barren.

And I want to prophesy to someone, when you are coming to Holy Ghost service, you are going to need a bus to bring your children.

But then to show you that when God wants to restore, he can do it completely and do it plus, plus; the first son that God gave to Hannah was not a child that you say take and let me rest.

In 1Sam.3v19 -20 the bible says Samuel became the national prophet the whole nation, the whole nation knew that a prophet had been raised up. There are people here tonight that people are calling barren, you will produce the next president, you will produce world evangelist you will produce General overseer,.

Thank you Father, amen!           

The Lord said that there is someone to join me in this one; He said you have had breakthroughs before He said but the big one is around the corner. The really big one, Is around the corner.

Let me hear you shout halleluiah!

Let me close, whatever remains, God himself will teach you. When I was praying in preparation for this night, because I know this is a very special night. It is a special night in my own life. I won’t tell you why. I said Lord how can I recover all? I know you can do it, you are the great restorer, there are opportunities that I have lost, and there are certain things that are not as it were. When a man is sixty five is not the same thing as when he is twenty five.

God said it is simple he said do you remember the story of the prodigal son in Luke15v 24, that boy had everything then he left and squander everything, lost everything and began to suffer, but then he decide I will go back home, and meet my father, let me be one of your servant, at least I will have food to eat, house to live in,

 But when he got home, he wasn’t made one of the servants, they washed him, they changed his garment, he put ring in his hand, they put shoe on his feet and celebration began.

 And I said yes I know the story. He said son if I can recover you, you can recover all.

If I can recover you, you can begin to love me with the same love that you had at the beginning. If you can return to your first love fully, you can recover all.

Some of you know what that means. Some of you know how is use to be, when God was the number one in your heart , when nothing matters except God. Some of you remember those days, that if you hear the chorus you drop whatever you are doing and began to dance. In those days when we became born again and we are having a program and it is time for break, to get us together, nobody will make any announcement, somebody will just get to the microphone and began to sing: only Jesus can save; only Jesus can save halleluiah!

 If you are in the toilet you will run out because they are singing about your Jesus.

But now, there are singing choruses here, the drums are beating, the jitters, the keyboard, everybody is here, I see some people, lining the road there, using their mobile phone, you see some people joking,  strolling? “What are they doing? They are only singing choruses. It is not time yet”.

 He say if I can recover you, if you can  return fully to me,  I will make sure  that everything  you have lost, I will make sure that you recover them back. Including those things that you thought are gone forever, I will go to the belly of the locust and bring the year they have eaten, I will command the year they have eaten come out.

 The Lord said to me son, even you don’t know everything  about me, at least you know that I can reverse the irreversible, I can make dry bones live again, everything you had lost, you can recover again, If I can recover you. If you can go back to your first love; For those of you who are hotspot for God. Am pleading to all of us; a night like this comes once in the life of an individual; let this be your night of absolute rededication  the Most High God.

 Many of us before we became familiar with God, when we hear that they are praising God, we want to do it more than anyone else, but now years have pass, we have become familiar with him. In those days we didn’t know the choruses we were learning them, but now we know them we are not singing them.

 In those days nobody ask us to shout before we shouted. Now they have to prompt before we can shout halleluiah.

He is saying to you tonight, if I can recover you, you can recover all. But what about those who have not even given their life to him, the English man will say opportunities once lost can never be recover. That is for man not for God, not for God, if you come to him, even the opportunities that you have lost, he will return them to you.

He is the Almighty God, with him nothing shall be impossible, so if you are here tonight and you have not given your life to Jesus; you can come now, surrender your life to him now, the bible say if any man be in Christ old thing have passed away behold all things have become new behold all things have become new.

So if you want to give your life to Jesus come now.

Lord Jesus, we want to bless your name for the word you have sent to us this night, accept our thanks in Jesus name.

On behalf of this your children that have come forward, accept our thanks in Jesus name, they have come to you Lord, please receive them in Jesus name. Forgive them their sins in Jesus name. your blood that cleanses from all sins let it cleanse away all their sins, write their name in the book of life, Lord from now on let everything become brand new for them and let it be well with them. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

I have decided to follow Jesus all the way, with all my life, with all I have, with whatever I maybe come. That is my own decision, is anybody decide with me, stand up on your feet and say father, whatever I am, whatever I may become, I submit completely to you help me to remain faithful to you Lord.

 I rededicate my life to you Lord, whatever I am, whatever I may become, is your Lord I lay everything on the altar it is yours, I am yours in living or in dying I am yours, whether I live or die I am yours, you will always be my first love and I will love you all the days of my life, I am yours, I will always I will remain, forever and ever I am available Lord God Almighty, I am yours, just give me the grace to be forever faithful. Thank you my Father, in Jesus Might name we have prayed.

 Now lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, now that you have me, restore to me everything that I have lost, restore to me fully, go ahead talk to the Almighty God


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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