DIVINE INVOLVEMENT 2nd of November, 2007

Halleluiah, thank you Jesus, am sure you know, that in December what we have is Holy Ghost congress, which means the November holy ghost service is the last in the year. And the almighty God  little by little, from January to February, February to march, from march to April, from April to May, from May to June, from June to July, from July to August, from August to September, from September to October, from October to November.

Little by little He has taken you thus far and the bible says He who has begun a good work in you, will perform it on till the day of Jesus Christ. If you believe that the one who has brought you thus far is going to help you see the New Year, I want you to go ahead and praise Him. praise Him for every month in this year, praise him for every month, praise him for every Holy ghost service, praise Him for every wonder, praise Him for every sign every wonder, praise Him for provision, praise Him for protection, praise Him, praise Him for what He has done so that he can do more.

He is worthy to be praised, he his worthy to be adored, magnify His holy name, praise Him, praise Him. If it had not been lord that is on our side, what shall we be saying now? If the Almighty God has not been there for us, what shall we be saying now? Praise Him, He is worthy Lord to be glorified, we praise you Lord there is no one like you, king of Glory, take all the glory, take all the glory tonight, take all the honour, take all the adoration, my Lord and savior. 

I bless your holy name; only the living can praise you as I am doing Lord, Thank you lord, thank you for keeping me alive physically, mentally, and spiritually. I bless your holy name; you are worthy to be glorified, Ho! My Lord you are worthy, you are worthy my father, we bless your holy name. my Father and my God, you are worthy of glory and honour. Blessed be your holy name thank you, thank you, blessed, blessed be your holy name, king of glory, mighty God, unchangeable changer, everlasting father, the only one called wonderful. The only one called counselor, you are the mighty God. Ho! You are the everlasting father and the omega, the prince of peace, lord thank you, thank you, and thank you. I bless you Lord; I bless your Holy name forever and ever, thank you, thank you. I bless your name Lord, I bless your holy name, I bless your holy name. Thank you, you are worthy to be glorified, to be magnified, to be exalted, to be lifted high, you are worthy Lord, blessed be your holy name Lord, blessed be your holy name Lord, blessed be your holy name Lord. You are just wonderful marvelous Lord. Blessed, Blessed be your name.

 Thank you daddy, I worship you, thank you for your provision. Thank you for everything, glory be to your holy name, halleluiah Lord. In Jesus mighty name we worship. (Amen)I want you to lift up your voice to the Lord Almighty and say father, I know you are the Lord Almighty, therefore if there is anything between me and the miracles you want to give to me, remove it tonight, let's talk to God. Almighty, I know there is nothing you cannot do if there is anything between me and the miracles you want to give me, father put it under your blood, whatever is it that can stand between me and the miracle you have intended for  me, wipe it away Lord, you are the Almighty. 

It is impossible for you to fail, you've never fail before, you are not going to begin to fail now, whatever be the obstruction, that can be obstacle between me and the miracle you want to perform in my life father put it under the blood, put it under the blood, put it under the blood, put it under the blood father. Oh! Thank you Jesus, blessed be your holy name, thank you for the power in your blood, the blood that cleanses sin, anything that try to stand between me and the miracle you want to do in my life. Put it under your blood Lord. Thank you Lord, blessed be your holy name. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Lift up your voice to the almighty God and say Lord Jesus plead my cause tonight, common talk to Him. Lord Jesus pleads my cause, defend me tonight, fight for me tonight, and arise for me oh! Lord, plead my cause for me, defend me arise oh! Lord, Defend me lord, plead my cause for me, fight my battle for me, arise Lord, arise Lord, arise Lord, arise quickly, plead my cause, defend me, fight my battle for me, arise, arise ,arise, arise. oh! Lord arise, plead my cause, arise speedily, plead my cause, fight my battles for me give me absolute victory, arise oh! Lord and let my enemies be scattered, arise and plead my cause, arise and fight my battle for me, arise, arise, arise, arise. Thank you Jesus, blessed be you're your holy name, fight for me Lord. Prove to the world that you are the almighty. Thank you Jesus, in Jesus name we have prayed. Lift up your voice to Him and say father, I know you rule in the affairs of men, therefore, before this year ends, let my breakthrough comes. Let us pray to the almighty God. I know you rule in the affairs of men, you are the kings of kings; you are the Lords of Lords. You rule in the affairs of men, before the end of this year let my breakthrough come, before the end of this year let my breakthrough come, before the end of this year let my breakthrough come. Lord let my breakthroughs come, Lord let my breakthroughs come. Breakthrough physical, breakthrough mental, breakthrough spiritual, breakthrough financial, breakthrough ministerial, breakthrough in every areas of life. Father let my breakthrough come! Let my breakthrough come. Let my Breakthrough come ancient of days let my Breakthrough come, let my Breakthrough come. I know you rule in the affairs of men, what you decide is what is done. You reign supreme, when you open no man can shut, when you shut no man can open. You are the Almighty God. let my Breakthrough come, let my Breakthrough come speedily to the glory of your Holy name. Thank you father, thank you Almighty God. In Jesus. In Jesus name we have prayed. Now I want  you to join hands with your neighbors, the bible says one of us will chase a thousand and two of us ten thousand, pray for this your brother and sister. Say father, this your child that am holding, let him or her enter the new year with Joy. Go ahead and pray to the almighty God. This is your child that am holding, let him/her enter the new year with joy, overflowing joy, overflowing joy. Thank you Jesus, halleluiah father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Now I want you to stretch your hand and pray for me, just wish me whatever you wish yourself. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed, let's go before the almighty God, the one who can do and undo, and join the angels in worshiping Him one more time.(worship song)Father you are worthy, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders, rock of ages, I am that I am, the unchangeable changer, the lion of the tribe of Judah. The one who opens and no man can shut, the one who can shut and no one can open, the almighty, you are wonderful, you are counselor. You are the mighty God, you are the everlasting father, you are the prince of peace. We bless your holy name. Accept our worship in Jesus name. be glorified tonight,  be involved in all our life, tonight physically heal, tonight mentally heal, tonight financially heal, tonight martially heal, tonight spiritually heal, tonight in all our lives heal tonight.

Do something new tonight. At the end of everything let all the glory be yours and father during our congress the kind of miracles we have never seen before, perform them in Jesus name. Thank you for everything, lord let all the glory be to your Holy name.

Thank you for everything daddy, glory be to your Holy name. In Jesus name we have prayed. Amen .Let somebody shout halleluiah. Shake hand with one or two people and say good evening, God bless you and then you may be seated. I just feel like worshipping God throughout the night. If I have my way, this is what we will do tonight. Has the Lord been good to anybody at all? If He has been good to you let me hear you shout halleluiah! I want to praise God for the various people who have minister in music tonight, you have been very wonderful, I want to thank God for the first speaker, he did a professional job tonight.

He is a true professor. He has been a professor when I was a lecturer in the University of Lagos. He is not only a professor of science; he is a professor in the word of God. I also want to use this opportunity to welcome the new Governor of River State, welcome Sir, may your victory be permanent in Jesus name. Now just in case I forgot those of you who are born in the month of November, stand, and November children let me hear you shout halleluiah! Father I want to commit this your children into your hand this very special November. I ask God almighty that has they begin a new year in their life, everything that is old, replace it with something new in the mighty name of Jesus. Give them new joy, new blessing, new breakthrough. In all areas of their lives, let everything become new and let them serve you to the very end, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.(amen).Congratulation! God bless you. You may be seated. Mark 1vs 40-45, after the work done by the professor pastor, it is a bit difficult for a pastor to come and preach. Mark 1v 40-45 let somebody raise up his hand and say Lord touch me tonight. And as soon as He has spoken, the leprosy departed from him and he was cleaned. And he strictly charged him and forthwith sent him away and say unto him, see that you say nothing to any man but go thy way and show thyself to the priest and offer for thy cleansing, things that Moses has declared for a testimony unto them. But he went out and began published it more and to blas about the matter in so much that Jesus could not openly come into  the city but was in desert places and they come to Him from every quarters.

There is somebody here tonight; your testimony will shake Nigeria. What do we mean by divine involvement?  When they want to ask whether you are involve in one thing, they will ask whether you are involve in one thing, they will ask you and say do you have a hand in it? So when we talk about involvement, we talk about having a hand in something. When we talk about divine involvement, we talk about  God , having a hand in something, for example in the story of the leper here, all  that Jesus need to do to heal this leper is to speak one word, all He needed to say is I will be thou clean and the leper will disappear. When Naaman was healed, Elisha didn't come out and the miracle happens. Matt 8vs 5-13 the centurion said you don't need to come to my house, speak one word only and my servant will be made whole and the Lord spoke the word only and the servant was made whole, not only that, in the old laws, the priest is not allowed to touch a leper  until he had been healed, so that the uncleanness of the leper will not transferred to the priest, so why then did Jesus touched the leper? He was saying to Him, I will not only heal you, I will have a hand in your affairs from now. Let me hear someone say again Lord touch me tonight. When we call somebody a leper at least in the olding days. It means somebody who can not come tonight, unless he is ringing a bell so that everybody will run, which mean he is sick and because he can't do any work, he is poor and I don't need to tell you that a leper is in bondage, that he is a someone who has fought a battle stronger than him and he is defeated, I don't need to tell you that a leper doesn't get promotion, that he is stagnated, I don't need to tell you that a leper is lonely.

Do I need to tell you that a leper does not even know what is coming tomorrow, so a leper is anxious, that he is afraid, that he is sad, that he is a hopeless case because leprosy then was considered incurable, so when the Lord touched the leper, He is saying am not only going to deal with your bondage, I will deal with your defeat in other words I will fight your battle for you, I will deal with your stagnation, I will deal with your bareness, I will deal with your loneness, I will deal with your anxiety, I will deal with your fear,, I will deal with your sorrow. There is somebody here tonight, because God is going to put a hand in your affairs, every problem you ever have will not see tomorrow morning. Now let's take this thing one by one, in touching the Leper, the Lord heal him. Anybody sick here tonight, Jesus will heal you, He will heal you because according to 1Peter 2v24,

Thank you Father, daddy says there is someone here tonight, He said I should tell you , I am coming your way tonight.

1 Peter2 v 24, He says by His stripe we were healed, you know we prayed a prayer earlier that there might be certain thing that may stand between us and the miracle He has provided as we have prayed, I know He has heard since by His stripe, healing has been procured for us, whatever is stopping  your healing will go tonight in Jesus name. but there might be some of us who are not even sick, who are healthy, if He puts His hand in our affairs, He can keep you forever healthy. I used to know someone who used to be very very healthy, because he is someone I  admired a lot, in those days when I was a boxer, am sure you know the person now, his name is Mohamed Alli. I use to be mesmerized by how he float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, how he would say I would knock this fellow down in round four and round four, he would knock him down, but then things changed. I saw him when they say him when they say he should light the touch for the Olympic and I saw my hero as he was shaking like a gel.

The one who use to be the world champion, full of strength and ability became a shaking mess, but if God put his hand into your life, not only will He heal you , He can keep you forever because He said in Exodus 15v26, He said if you will hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and to do all that I command you this day, I will put none of the disease that I put on the Egyptian on you for I am the Lord that health thee,  there is someone here that is listening to me whether directly or via the internet, internet, you will not know sickness again, maybe you know is someone precious to you has a problem. It is your problem by putting His hand into your affair He can even go and heal the fellow who is at home, because Ps.107v20 says He sent his word and He heal them, all He has to do is to send His word. Tonight every relation of yours that is sick at home in that name of the one called the "the word". Healing will reach them in Jesus name. I remember years ago when we went to go and hold a crusade in Haiti, there was a researcher for our church there, I was preaching and people were listening to the  preaching all over the nation of Haiti throughout the radio, then God spoke and said there is someone who is listening , who is impotent, that you should check everything has become normal, the fellow was not even on the crusade ground, but he was listening by radio, suddenly things changed, so he got up and began to run to the crusade ground, he got up and he began to run towards the crusade ground he was far away from where we are, by the time he came, we have finished the crusade and we have gone to the hotel were we were staying, we were settling down to eat and suddenly the door burst open and the man ran in, are you the preacher? I said well, because we are in a strange land we don't  know what he want to do with the preacher, we said, we are part of the people that organize the crusade. He said I have been important for years and I heard over the radio that God is restoring me to normalcy, look at me sir, I am completely whole. There is somebody here tonight by the time you get home, a miracle will be waiting for you. when the Lord touched the leper, He is saying to him that I will care of your poverty because by cleansing him, he is free to work, not only was he free to work, he has become a popular man in town, so anybody looking for a PRO, knows who to look for. Is anyone poor tonight?, he can change that and change it drastically, in Philippians 4v19 which I was sharing with some of my children last Sunday, He said but me God shall supply all your needs according to His reaches in glory by Christ Jesus. He will provide according to His riches, I explain to my children if I say I want to give you a gift and I come to you and give you hundred, I have given you a gift, if you don't like it and you think it is too small, sorry o, I have already fulfill my promise. But if I say I will give you a gift according to how rich am and you know by the grace of God, I am a millionaire, then I come and give you a hundred naira because hundred naira is not according to my wealth. And o told them I use to have an uncle who is dead now, he was extremely rich, when you go to him and say uncle please give me hundred pounds, uncle please , I said I don't have.

Uncle please give me one thousand pounds, I said I don't have but when you go to him and say uncle give me ten thousand pounds, he would say yes, you are talking. How can you be insulting me by asking for a hundred pounds don't you know who I am?. But the one who wants to be involve with you is the owner of heaven and earth, silver  belongs to Him, gold belong to Him, the cattle upon a thousand hills belong to Him. All the crude oil all over the world belongs to Him and He says; I will supply your needs according to my riches.

There is somebody here tonight, by the time God finishes with you nobody will know you are ever poor at all. Before, He became involve in my affairs, I use to borrow money from my driver to buy petrol into my car, but things have changed. Soon as He became involve in my affairs, things have changed. Are you heavenly in debt? He can help you pay 2king4v1-7.

Halleluiah the Lord said there is a student here, exam use to bring you excitement because you know you are going to pass, He said but now when you hear exam, you will tremble.

The Lord asked me to tell you; from now on things will change for the better. Halleluiah, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, I will cause the power that be to review your case.

In 2knig 4v1-7, there was a widow was so heavily in debited, creditor wanted to sell her sons, but God put a a and into her affair, not only was the debt paid, but she never beg again. Maybe you are fairly comfortable, maybe it is your family that is improper, but because of you God can prosper the entire family. We know the story in Gen. 39 v1-5, because of Joseph, God prospered the house of Portiphar, because of Joseph alone. I want to prophesy to someone today, you will be the Joseph of your family, you know when we talk about God prospering people He can do it in various ways, don't limit Him.

I have told you the story of a friend of mine, who was digging and unearthing a pot of gold coins and he transfer from the company of the poor completely, but I heard the story of a man was just going by the riverside and saw a bottle and when he looked at the bottle closely, he saw there is a paper inside, so he grab the bottle and opened the cork and brought out the paper and he read, whoever finds this bottle should take this piece of paper to such and such bank manager, because all my money that I have left in that bank belongs to the man who finds the bottle, in order words there was a man who was very , very wealthy who have no children, who have no relatives and when he was to die, he wrote his will and put it in a bottle, corked it and throw it in the river, whoever find this bottle will inherit everything  I have.

You can say it can only happen in one life. I don't know what is God plan for your life and I won’t try to understand Him and I have good news for somebody here tonight, in a way nobody can understand, your poverty is going to end. In touching the leper and curing him publicly, making him a celebrity overnight. Am sure it wasn't long after that, that the man married and the one who will have died barren, am sure after that, that he became fruitful, has God stretch His hands into your life, your barrenness is over, the preacher who preached before me has prophesy that those of you who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb, He said next year you will come rejoicing with your baby.

Where I was, I said amen because that is the way it is going to be. I just returned from America, the Holy Ghost service of Washington DC. A couple shared a testimony that got all of use laughing. Doctors already told the husband that the wife cannot have children because there was so many fibroid in the wife, she came to one of the Holy Ghost service and the word of God came that the doctors says you can’t have children but I have already done it.

 So with that confidence, they went back to the doctor and say are you really sure of what you said?. The doctor said I know what I am doing, you can never have children. Unknown to the doctors, the wife was already pregnant. To cut a long story short the baby came, they rejoiced and then three months later, they were just playing and the wife became pregnant again, so the second baby came and when they were rejoicing on the second baby, four months later the third baby came. So I said suffer o!, but part of the miracle is that the fibroid even disappear completely.

There is somebody here tonight, when you are sharing your testimony next year we will all be dancing and rejoicing with you.

The Lord said there is somebody here tonight, He said your problem normally recall around this time of the year, He ask me to tell you, no more! Thank you Father, the Lord ask me to tell someone you will not weep this month.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; He said the history of hypertension in your family is over.

In touching the leper He puts an end to his loneness, he doesn't have to leave in the bush anymore, he can now mix with everybody. Are you lonely?, if He gets involve with you, your loneness will be over because He said in Heb 13v5. He said I will never leave you, I will never forsake you, are you an eligible single?, my brother had already preached on that, He can provide you with a partner and if there is a mountain He has to uproot for you to get married, He will uproot tonight. At least you remember the testimony of one of my daughter.

Daddy pray for me, am getting old, I need a husband and we prayed. Some week later, she came and said, I have a problem, what is the problem? After you prayed six brothers came so how do I know which one now?, from no one to six and we prayed and God solved that problem. All of you that are of marriage anle age, I have good news for you, in the New Year, the weeding bell will ring. Now there might be some private problems in your life that may be isolating you because the reason the leper became lonely was his problem. There are some of us who are looking pretty but there are problems we cant tell anyone about but if He gets involved, He will solve the private problem.

 In Ps 6 v 6-10 David said every night I wet my pillows with tears until finally God heard the cry of my weeping. There some of us who will smile in public and weep in secret because we have problem we cannot share with anyone. There are problems you cannot even share with the pastor. I have receive letter before, saying daddy pray for me, don't ask what am asking you to pray about, when the problem is solved then you will hear my testimony. And I pray tonight atone with any problem you cannot even share in that name that is above any other name the problem will be solved tonight. I mean some of you will remember the testimony of a sister who.

 The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said those opposing your promotion will be scattered. and is this sister came to me and say daddy please pray for me, I said what do you want me to pray about?, she said there is no need for you to know, so I said I would I know how to pray? She said just ask God to solve my problems, are the one that will solve the problems?, I said no, so she said you don't need to know, the one who will solve the problems already knows. You just ask God to solve my problems. I said that IT IS A GOOD IDEA, SO WE PRAYED AND SHE LEFT MONTHS LATER, she came back and said now I can tell you what you prayed about. She said at the age of twenty three, I was still bedwetting.

That's why I won't travel with anyone; if they are going to travel I will ask are we spending the night there? If they said yes, I won't go. She said but since you prayed, I have waited for months but my bed is dry. Anybody who has a shameful problem here tonight before the sun rises the problem will be gone in Jesus name. by touching the leper, He put an end to his bondage, He set him free, He puts an end to his bondage. Are you in any form of bondage? He will set you free. John 8 vs. 36.

Thank you Jesus, he said and said I have healed you before I will heal you again, thank you father the lord said there is someone here 2nite he said your day of joy will far outnumber your day of sorrow.

Thank you father the lord said there is someone here; he said the burning sensation in your chest has gone.

In John 8 vs. 36,the bible says that whosoever the son shall set free, shall be free indeed are you fighting some private battles? He can give you victory, because his name is the lord of host, He has never lost a battle. Are you bound by a covenant, He can cancel it tonight, because all He has to say is that let there be light and there will be light. Oh daddy you don't understand, I am the one who voluntary join the court, I am the one who voluntary enter into the covenant, Isaiah 29 v24-26  says even lawful captive shall be set free, in other word even if you became captive and the devil can say you are his own, God says , I will set you free.

Everyone of you in every form of bondage, you shall be free tonight, I say you shall be free tonight, by touching the leper, He puts an end to his stagnation and his promotion began, when God touches you, when  He puts  His hand into your affair , you who have been stagnant will begin to move, I mean you know the story in Act 3v1-10, the man who was born lame, never thought he will ever work but God step into his situation, when you read the story very well you will notice when Peter asked him to stand up and begin to walk you will notice that he didn't move, until Peter touched him, as he stretch his hand into his own hand signifying divine involvement, the man who has been stagnant, started work leaping and praising God. I have good news for someone here today, beginning from this moment your promotion will be rapid.

Halleluiah, the Lord said there is somebody here tonight, your body has been doing overheating,

the Lord asked me to tell you that has been taking care of. He said there is someone here, He said the plan of the enemy is to keep you down,

He said I will frustrate the plan of the enemy. Halleluiah, Daddy says there is someone here tonight, and I believe am that somebody except there is someone else to join.

The Lord said there is someone here the help that you cry for is on the way.

Halleluiah, the Lord said there is someone here today, He said your family can expect a visitor of joy very soon.

Halleluiah, now listen to me carefully, we have some serious cases here there are three group of people that God is talking about here, please don't come out until I have call all the cases so that nobody will know which one you belong to, number one, He said there is someone her, He said you are present when someone was murdered and the secret has been tormenting you., it is becoming a real health problem for you , now He says He want to forgive you tonight and He want by gone to be bygone, he says you are going to come out and we will pray a simple prayer for you. Group two he says there is someone here tonight, you have this strange urge to drink any blood, and you don't like the idea but the urge is very strong, the Lord said He want to take care of that tonight. Group three, you have this strange feeling that you might not see the new year, He says He wants to take care of that, so if you belong to any one of the three, come out together now, we won't know which one is your own. And the Lord will take care of everything, I will only count from one to ten so that I will know when to begin to pray, one, two, three four I will praise you from everlasting to everlasting, (singing)Fiveâ¦.I will praise you from everlasting to everlasting, (singing)Seven!I will praise you from everlasting to everlasting, (singing)Eight!I will praise you from everlasting to everlastingâ¦., Let us praise Him from everlasting to everlasting â¦.(singing)Nine!Thank you my Father, for those of you that are in the front, just lift your hands to the most High, that He pick you out of this great crowd, for deliverance, bless His Holy name , open your mouth  and praise Him and the rest of us let us cry to God that the great delivere will set them free tonight, free from every yoke, from every bondage, that whatever it is that night be there individual battles, that God will put an end to it tonight, thank you my Father, blessed be your     Holy name my Lord and my savior, glory be to your Holy name, thank you, thank you, thank you  Lord, thank you my Lord, thank you Lord, Father thank you, father thank you, Lord thank you, great deliverer thank you, Father I plead the blood of the lamb over this  your children, the blood that conquer Satan, let it conquer for them tonight, Father because your blood cleanses from all sin , whatever  this your children has done father whatever your children could have done contrary to your will , wipe them with your blood away in Jesus name, anything they have done that is contrary to your forgive and forget in Jesus name. And strange urge for blood my father and my Lord remove tonight. with all the evil forces that have shown interest in this your children, that might be given them the impression that they won't see the new year, let such evil force be bound in Jesus name, let such evil forces lose hold on your children, father set your children free, let them remain forever free. Thank yo my father, glory be to your holy name, for we have prayed in Jesus name. those of you in the front let me hear you shout halleluiah, you can go back to your seat now and believe that God has already set you free.What the Lord has done for me I cannot tell it allâ¦. (singing)Halleluiah, if you appreciate what God has just done why don't you shout another halleluiah!, you never cannot tell who you are seating next with.Now in touching the leper, he remove the curse that was upon His life, because anyone who was leprous in those days is under a curse, personal curse or generational curse, if the Lord put hois hand into your life every curses will be removed because in Galation 4v13-14 he says Christ has  redeemed us from then course of the law, as it is written that curse is anyone that is hang upon a tree, that the blessing of abaraham might come upon us the gentiles, in the name of the Delivere, every curse that may still remain in your llife are cancel in Jesus name, I think I have told you the story of a sister who was barren, she came for a prayer and as I was about to pray for her, the Lord said no no , she is under a curse. And I was trying to find out what is the curse, I find out that she beat up her mother. And the mother swore in anger she said unless you did not feed from my breast, that is when you will have someone who will feed from your breast,so we said well number one you need to go to your mother and restitute, but the authority of your  spiritual father is greater than your biological parent, so she did the restitution and come back  and we cancel the curse . and suddenly the womb opened, everyone of you that is under any form of curse or courses, either the on e you brought on yourself or the one that you inherited, by the Authority vested in me by the Holy spirit, my the Authority on me by the church, I decree tonight , every curse will be replace with a blessing. so we can go on and on but time will not allow us and fortunately the professor has done a very good job, we found the  Lord getting involve  with a leper, brought healing to him, prosperity, fruitfulness,  companionship, freedom blessing and I don't need to tell you that that leper went home rejoicing, but then the question come, why will the Lord want to be involve with a leper, why did He go as far as to touch him when he could easily have spoken the Word and get Him heal.

Why would the Lord want to be involve  you or with me who use to be a wretched sinner. May be we can learn a lesson from this leper, the lesson is that God knows the end from the beginning. Act 15v18, he said known unto God are His work from the beginning of the world, God knew this leper, He knew that  if He get involve with Him, the leper will get involve with God, the Lord told him don't tell anyone, I told you don't tell anyone, the leper laughed, don't tell anyone, je said I will tell everybody, how can you ask me not to tell anyone, they knew when I was sick, they knew when I was chased away from among men, don't tell anyone, I will tell everybody, I will tell them what you have done for me, I will tell them in the street, I will tell them on the high way..,  I will tell them every body, everybody he met on the way, he said look at me, I was the leper the Lord cleanse me, do you need a miracle? Come to the one who set me free, he told everyone, he told everyone so much that Jesus Christ couldn't come in to the town anymore because the crowd won’t allow Him, because of the testimony of one man. So Jesus could not even sleep in His house anymore he had to sleep outside, he kept telling everyone, He is not in the city I know where He his, God never get involve without a prpose, many of us think that God perorma a miracle for the fun of it, no, no,no, He doesn't waste His power, He is the Almighty alriht but He is also the ALL wise, the reson why many has not gotten a miracle is because God know you will not testify, He knows you wont testify, when you need a miracle, you know how to cry, when you get the miracle ,you become shy, you want me to go and stand infront of that crowd? You want God to be involve with you, are you going to be invove with Him, He healed the madman of Gadere because He knew that themad man of gadere will tell everyone. He healed bling bartmeus because He knows that bartmeus will foolw Him from that day henceforth,read joh2v1=11, they invited Jesus to  weding ang His mother say please intervene!, He said leave me alone, I am the guest not the MD, THE MOTHER said just obey Him, so He said alright, I will intervene, I will have a hand in it, go and filled the pot with water, take it to the MC and it became the best wine ever, and everybody says oh what a beautiful wine, but check verse 11, why did  He get involve?, so that His disciples might believe on Him, the bride and the bride groom did not even come t say thank you, so it wasn't because of them, why did He still the storm? In Mark 11v35-41, so that the disciple  coma and say what manner of man is this? That the wind and the sea obey you, do you want Him to minvovle with you? will you be involve with Hm?, that's the question, I told you last month, nothing goes for nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing, salvation is free because somebody paid for it, if He say your soul, it is so that you can bring other people to Him, you want to be involve with Him so that He can be involve with you, oh but some of us say but I want to be involve with Him, I mean pastor don't you understand, I am a maber of the church, I pay my tithe, what else do you want me to do? I am already involve with Him, well He will be involve with you to the level you are involve with Him, draw near to Him and He will draw near to you. take a step towards Him and He will take a step towards you. take ten steps toward Him and He will take ten steps towards you, those of you who came to the Holy communion last night, I told you about Peter, when Jesus was watching the feet of His disciple, after He has watched the feet of other disciple and He came to Peter, Peter said no you can not watch my feet, He said if I watching your feet, I wont be involve in you, Peter said is that it?, watch my leg, watch my hand, watch⦠pour the whole water on me, because I want you to be hundred percent involve with me and I will be hundred percent involve with you., how many of you want to be involve with Him?, are you sure?, there are many of us who will say to the pastor. Don't talk to me about becoming a workr, don't you to knw who I am? I come to church, I pay my thiethe, you pray and I say amen that's all, God will sy no problem that is how far you want to come, that's how far we will go. But Paul says his involvement with God was such that he became a fool for Christ, phillipian 1v20-21 it said whether I live or die I am yours, how involve do you want to be involve with . I have given you several testimony here, you remember the time that God says I should call all those with backache, they came out and God said I should dance round them, I could easily have said Lord I don't want to be a fool, but am in am hundred percent in, I dance round the, I looked like a fool, I felt like a fool .but when I fished dancing He asked everyone of them to touch their toe and their backache was gone. When we were filling the land at Ebute metta with sand dust, I told you my basket was very big. Then I was a lecturer at the university of Lagos, one day when I put my big basket on my ead, one of my former student, was driving home with his car, there was traffic jamon the road and he saw some vehicles coming into the church compound, he thought there was a way out there and he saw me carrying sawdust and he says ah oga!, I say which your oga, I am not oga before Jesus Christ. Are you ready to be fully involve with Him? Some of you still find it difficult to pay your thithe, forgetting that He his the one who provide it for you. I know  someone who says how can I pay my thithe?, pator don't you know how much Imake in a month? Millions and you want me to pay ten percent of that? And today, the company has folded up, no employee, he said he use to employ three hundred people, now nobody is employed, no money now He says if God can restore me , even if it is fifty percent I will give him, I say you are offring fifty percent now that you have nothing, when He asked for ten percent you didn't give Him. Listen to me my brethren because in some moment now you are going to pray and whatever prayer you pray God is going to answer. If you invite Himand ask Him to be involve in me He will ask you are you going to be invove in my kingdom, it is not by force, if you say God be invove in my Life I will be involve with the building of your kingdom, whatever you ask me to do I will do and say fine I will move in, but if He moves in and you are trying to play Him , He can withdraw, the one who can put His hand in , can put His hand out, if you don't believe me ask Samson,when He was involve  with him, nobody can handle that boy. When He withdrew even an ordinary girl can toure him. Let me tell you one more story and we will pray most of you have heard me say before, one man came to me and say pastor pray for me I need breakthrough, breakthrough, so we prayed father breakthrough, few days later he came calling, and say the breakthrough has come, one rich man in Lagos called me, told me that he has this house that has thirteen flats and I want you to go and sell it for me and it doesn't matter howmuchh ou sell it, I want this amout and the amount he says he wanted is not even enough to buy a flat not to talk of thirteen flats, so he came back and said the break through has come , I say praise God, I say that means atleast you will give one flat to God. He said why, I said thirteen flat, thithe of thirteen is more than one, he said no no , he said God knows this is my first breakthrough there will be other breakthruoghsand I will settle God from ohetr breakthrough, I smiled, I say congratulation my brother , congratulation, as the elders will say they don't hear bad words from the priest, congratulation my brother. The  foolowing day he went back to Lagos and met tha man and say am about to find buyer for the house, when I find I will come and give you the money tomorrow, the man said which house, the thirteen flats you asked me to sell and you aid I should bring certain amout, the man said me?, you think I am crazy, who told you my house is for sale, he came back to man say this is what the man said, I said that is not any of my business, go and settle with God, God said to Eli 1sam2v30, He said I said indeed that you and your fathers house will stand before me forever but now I say be far from it, He said because those who hoounr me I will honour , if you are here and you ae not yet bornagain your first step is to give your life to Jesus, so if you are here and you want God to be involve with you come and⦠surrender all to you, today I am not going to wait for you, if you want you can come, if you don't want you can stay, the rest of us I want you o make a convenant with Him and say Father, be invove with me, and I will show you that I am a true child of the living God, and I will be involve with you in every  way possible, go ahead talk to the Almighty God and those of you who want to give your life to Jesus, come now, come and surrender your life to Him, come from all over the place, and say Lord I cant handle my soul, Lord take over, please help me, be theLord Lord of my life, be the Lord of my soul, I have come to surrender to you completely, come if you want to give your life to Jesus, come from all over the place, and the rest of us cry into God and say I make a convenant with you be involve with me oh Lord and I will be invove with you, I will be involve with you hundred percent for the rest of my life, I will do whatever you want done, I will witness, I will win souls, I will buid churches for you, I will go every where you want me to go, please be involve with me Lord, be involve with me oh LORD AND those of you who are coming  for salvation, come, come, come and talk to the Almighty God and say father save my soul, save my soul, I want to surrender all to yu, I cant handle my life on my own, no no no I want to surrender to you, hurry up those of you that wants to give your life to Jesus Christ, urry up become my Lord, become my savior, take control of my life, ask for salvation, ask for the forgiveness of your sin He loves you, he wants you to give Him your life first, you must say bye bye to a life of sin if you want him to be invovel with you, so hurry up hurry up am waitinfg for you, hurry up am waiting for you. talk to Him now , cleanse me from my sin, have mercy on me, write my name in the book of life, be involve with me from now hence forth, be involve with me, you are the savior of mankind, save my soul, I can't handle my life alone so I have surrender my life to you now, please Lord, take over from here, take over from here. Those of you who are still coming hurry up because I want to pray now, I want to pray for thre salvation of your soul, oh thank you Father, thank you father, call on Him, tell Him to be merciful unto you, ask Him to cleanse you in His blood, ask Him to forgive you all your sisns, call on Him, he is willing to forgive all your sins, thank you Jesus, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed savior i thank you for  your word and I thank you for this eople who have come forward for salvation, thank you because you promise that whosoever will come unto you, you wil in no wise cast out, this people have come now, forgive them in Jesus name, be merciful unto them in Jesus name, every sin they have ever committed, wipe it away with your blood in Jesus name, write their name in the book of life and from now on when they call on you, answer them in Jesus name and please Lord God Almighty be involved with their lives, thank you Lord God Almighty, amen praise the Lord. I want to rejoice with those of you who has come forward to give your life to Jesus Christ because right now, Jesus will be rejoicing over you in haven, so I want you to south a big halleluiah for that and secondly, every day of my life from now on I will begin to pray for you by the Grace of God and very soon you will begin to have miracles that you did not even ask for and then you will now somebody is prying for you, so I am going to you're your name , your address and your prayer request so that I will know how to pray for you, so if you brother to your right, he will take you to where some pastors are waiting, they will collect this information form you and bring you back, lets give the Lord a round of applause. Thank you for saving me, thank you my Lordâ¦..(singing)Divine involvement will open doors where there was no door, when we were to start the redeemed Christian church in London, we started at a place where nobody believe we can start from, we started at one of the anglicsan churches were the royal ⦠comes to play the piano, come to practice. When somebody heard, He said I know your case id=s different God is involved with you, I want you to stand on your feet and I want you to pray a prayer with all yourheart and say Father, because of oyur divine involvement inmy life, from now on let my own be diffent, let doors begin to open unto me, go ahead talk to the Almighty  God, Father let my own be difernt let doors begin to open unto me right left and center, let my own be different let every body ay we know your own is different.


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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