DEWS OF HEAVEN 6th of July, 2007

Halleluiah well let somebody shout halleluiah, I know for sure that there is some one here tonight who will never know poverty again, now if you are the one let me hear you shout halleluiah. I was sharing with the pastors in our prayer room, that one of the secrets of David, why God bless him so mightily, is because he discovers that the one who blesses God at all times, will be blessed by God at all time. That is why he said I will bless the Lord at all time, his praise shall continually be in my mouth, but then he goes a step further, he said I don't want to be the only one who will be blessed, I don't want to be the only one who will prospers, I want everybody to be prosperous so he said: Magnify the Lord with me let us praise His name together,(singing)

He said let us praise his name together.  You see when one person prospers and the others are not, all the others will not allow him to enjoy his wealth. So tell your neighbor, I want you to prosper too, so that I can enjoy my prosperity, therefore magnify the Lord with me. Let us praise his name together, and then go ahead and praise the Almighty God as you have never done before.

Praise his name as you have done before, praise him with me so that we can prosper together, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. Brethren a lot have happened since the beginning of this year but by the special grace of God you are in the second half of the year. I want you to lift your voice to him, thank him for January, thank him for February, thank him for March, thank him for April, thank him for May, June and thank him for July.

Thank you for the ups and down, I you for light and darkness, I thank you for day and night, I thank you for everything. I thank you for provision, I thank you for your defense, I thank you for celebration. I thank you for joy, I thank you even for the time of sorrow, I thank you for everything, I give you all praise, I give you all glory for what you have done in the first half of this year, I thank you for what you will do in the second half of the year . Oh! Yes Lord I want to say thank you, glory be to your holy name the name of our God is Jehovah El-shaddai, the God more than enough.

 I want you to lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father, and this month encourage me. Talk to the Almighty God I know you are more than enough, oh Lord encourage me this month. Do something that will encourage me this month, I know you are special, do something to encourage me this month. Do something special, something that will encourage me this month, I know you are more than enough; you can do more than enough. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Suffering is not good that is why we sing this song, that is a prayer: Holy God remove suffering cloth from me (singing)That song says Almighty God take the garment of suffering away from me so that I don't wear it ever again. Lift your voice to the Almighty God say father, I am tired of suffering, put an end to suffering in my life, lift up your voice to him, in Jesus name we have prayed. From east to west there is no other God; from north to south, I say there is no other God. (singing) Brethren our God is the controller of the east and the west, the north and the south. lift your voice to the Almighty God and say Father, form the east send help to me, from the west send help to me, from the north send help to me, from the south send help to me, from heaven above send help to me. Talk to the Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

 When Jesus says yes, nobody can say no.. (singing) Brethren the bible says Jesus have the keys of David, when he open no man can shut. lift your voice to him and say father, tonight open the doors of my blessing, talk to the Almighty God, I know if you say yes nobody can say no, if you open no man can shut, open the doors of my blessings tonight. Open the doors of blessings tonight, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed. Everybody knows the God that he is serving, I know the God I am serving. I am serving the God of miracle I know, yes I know, I am serving the God of miracle; I know yes I know. (Singing)

If you know that, you are serving the God of miracle then I want you to pray the next prayer with all your heart and with faith that the answer will come. Say father fill the second half of this year with miracles signs and wonder for me. Open your mouth and called on me, God of miracle, fill the second half of this year with miracles, signs, wonder, testimonies, prosperity, joy, victories, all kind of blessings. Fill the second half with signs and wonders in my life, miracle, joy, open doors. Mighty, mighty testimonies, all kind of blessing Lord, in Jesus Might name we have prayed.

Let's go before the great provider and worship him. Alpha, omega, you are worthy of my praising today. (Singing) One more time, let us worship him one more time, you can never do it too much, you can never do it too often, praise him, worship the Almighty God, the alpha, and the omega, the beginning and the ending the Almighty God. Thank you Jesus, glory be to God, in Jesus Mighty name we worship. Alpha, omega, beginning, ending, the one who is the one who was, the one who is to come, you are good, you are powerful, you are mighty, you are glorious, you are holy, you are faithful, you are reliable, glory be to your holy name.

Thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you for June, and thank you for July. Glory be to your holy name. Accept our thanks in Jesus name. you are more than enough, this month encourage us, special miracles, special breakthroughs that we remind us that we are serving the God  more than enough, send to us oh Lord. When you open no man can shut, when you shut no man can open, father open the doors of blessing to your children, and shut the doors of poverty permanently. Father, defend us, fight our battles. All those who are saying you have been serving God all this days, where is the result? Show them Lord; show them that you are the Almighty. Show them that you are more than enough; show them that you are the God more than enough.

 From the east send help to us, from the west send help to us, from the north send help to us, from the south send help to us, the second half of this year fill it will joy, fill it with testimonies, fill it with all kind of blessings. Let it be well with us  Lord, let it be well with us Lord, thank you for Nigeria, thank you for peace, thank you because we know it shall be well Lord. Thank you for your church, in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed (amen).

 Let someone shout halleluiah, shake hand with someone near to you and say good evening God bless you tonight.

You may sit down now except the children born in the month of July, only those who share the same month as my wife should stand now. Father I want to thank you for your children born in the month of July, these people that are born in the month of perfection, perfect everything corning them in Jesus name, make their joy perfect, make their health perfect, make their prosperity perfect, make their home perfect make their business perfect, spiritually make them perfect, whatever they touch let it prosper. All that their heart desire, release to them perfectly. In their New Year visit the mightily, and let them serve you till the end, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. (Amen)

Let somebody shout halleluiah! Several years ago, when I just bought my second hand car, it was the first car I ever bought, something happened, somebody among the lecturer, shook my hand and greeted me. He said how is your car doing, suddenly I realized that is a new greeting, they never greeted me like that before. Suddenly I discover I have joined the category of a car owner. Tell your neighbor very soon they will ask you how is your jet doing, to some of you that may sound impossible but God will surprise you, so shall it be in Jesus name, some people say I don't preached about prosperity that I only preached holiness, well that is true because if you live holy, you will prosper automatically. But once in a while like this we have a special Holy Ghost service designed specially for prosperity. I will want to advise you tonight that you hearken diligently to what I am about to say, I have said it before, I have said it all over the world; I was poor and poverty is not good, am on my way to becoming rich and I like what I am already feeling. Is there already tired of poverty, let me see your hand; you will never be poor again. But please listen carefully. I preach a Sermon years ago when we first had the Holy Ghost service of prosperity, many of you are not here then, there was something I said then that I want to repeat tonight. I visited a friend of mine and the wife prepared food for me, the meat I couldn't cut with my teeth, the vegetable was on one side the oil was on one side, everything was on one side, after I finished, I just manage to eat the little I can.

 The wife asked daddy how is the food?, I said wonderful, she said daddy you are my daddy tell me the truth, if my food is wonderful how come my husband is not coming home to eat, I said  you are the one who asked me, I have already said wonderful, after all I am only spending one night. she said please tell me, I said ok since you asked and particularly since you marriage is at stake; this soup is not good, the pepper is too much, the salt is not enough the vegetable is almost raw, the soup is on one side, the vegetable on another side.  You check the plate how many meat did you see missing. She said can you help me?

All of you who want God to help you, lift your voice to him and say God help me! So I said okay, do it this way, don't throw the meat anyhow into your soup, and in all your cooking, add fish, so if the meat is too tough at least the fish will be. Then I say check what your husband likes not want you want, anyway to cut a long story short, things changed drastically.

There are many of us, if they asked you how is things you will say praise the Lord, all is well. And yet we are struggling to pay house rent. Things will change tonight; do you want me to tell you the whole truth?  Do you want to hear nothing but the truth? Let me hear you shout amen loud and clear.

Thank God for my son who preached the first sermon, he has already prepared the ground. Gen27 v 26 - 29 And his father Isaac said, unto him ,come near now and kiss me my son, and he came near and kiss him and he smelled the smell of his raiment and he kissed him and blessed him saying the garment of my son is as the field that the Lord has blessed. Therefore God give you of the dew of heaven , of the fatness of the earth and plenty of corn and wine, let people serve thee, let nations bow unto thee, be Lord over thy brethren and let thy mother sons bow down to thee, curseth be anyone that curseth you, blessed is those that bless you. 

What is a blessing? A blessing is a summon to all the forces in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth to assist somebody so that he can succeed. When a blessing is pronounced on somebody, the angel in heaven, the angel on assignment on earth hear, the ground on which we are walking they hear,, and they know that that pronouncement is a summon to them that that this particular fellow you most assist to succeed. That is why you see that someone who is blessed that he his selling water, he maybe richer than somebody selling cars; because there is a blessing behind him. 

The blessed succeeds in all that he attempt in the world. I pray tonight that every one of you who will hearken to the word of God, you will be blessed (amen).Now a dad's blessing can determine a child's future. In Gen. 49 v1 when Jacob was about to die in Egypt, he summon all his children, he said come, come, come, let me tell you what will happen to you in future; and he began to bless some, he began to curse some. He turned to Ruben and he said your brethren shall praise the, he turned to Judah; even though you are my first born, you are not going to be anything. A blessing from your father is an extremely powerful thing.

In Gen.27 v 37, Isaac said to Esau, he said I have already make Jacob your Lord, because when I was blessing I said be Lord over your mother children. So a blessing is a very powerful thing, even if it was just a residual blessing it is still very powerful. For example, in Gen. 27 v 38 - 40 after Esau kept on pressing, daddy don't you have one blessing left? And the father said I give you the residual one. He gave Esau the residual blessing. But when you get to Gen. 32 v 3 - 6 the man who got the residual blessing had four hundred body guards, he prospered under the residual blessing so much that he needed 400 bodyguards to go with him wherever he goes, and you can then imagine the one who got the original blessing. Your father's blessing is irreversible even by your father, if he has blessed you, you are blessed.

In Gen 27 v 33 when Esau came, he said what happened father, Isaac said I have already blessed Jacob and he said he shall be blessed. He came in by subtlety to get the blessing, but he has already gotten it there is nothing anybody can do. There is somebody here today; nobody will be able to reverse your blessing.

So a blessing is a very precious thing, it is something that is highly desirable. That is why Esau cried, father me my father, even me, I know somebody have come and taken the major blessing, but still bless me. That is why I am surprise when some people come to me and I say God bless you and they still say daddy pray for me, I have given you the greatest of all prayers. There is no prayer beyond God bless you. Because when the man of God your spiritual father says God bless you, all the witches and wizard in the world cannot stop you. So I want to say someone here tonight God bless you. Now precious things don't come cheap. If something is precious, it will not be cheap; if something is cheap you can be sure it is not precious. There are certain things in Yoruba land that if you lose, you don't get sorrowful over them. It is because they are cheap. Blessing are precious, they don't come cheap. That is why if you read Gen. 27 v1-4, that is why Isaac said to Esau, go into the bush, get a good bush meat, prepared the kind of meal that is my favorite, bring it to me, let me eat. When I am happy, then my soul will bless you. Blessings do not come cheap.  There are some blessings that are greetings; when your brother sees you and say God bless you; he is just greeting you. The kind of blessings that your father will pronounce on you on his death bed is different from the one on ordinary days. When you have made your father happy, (and I will come to that a little later), when you have made your pastor happy, when you have made your spiritual father happy, and he says God bless you from the bottom of his heart then you've got it made.

Not too long ago, I went to visit one of my children and he took care of me in a manner that was beyond description. At the end when I was about to leave. I heard myself saying, I didn't plan it, I said son, you have satisfied me completely, my God will satisfy you completely. The way he said the "amen" was what brought me to myself and I knew it wasn't me speaking; it was the one inside of me. Precious thing don't come cheap, (we'll talk more about that later). when we talk about your fathers blessing, that is a great blessing, but the blessing of your spiritual father is greater than your physical father, just as the blessing of the general overseer is far, far more greater than the blessing of your pastor, but the greatest of all blessings; is the blessing from God himself, Prov.10 v 22, he said the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and add no sorrow. It is the blessing of the Lord that overflow. Ps.23 v 5, he said thou anoint my cup with oil and my cup runeth over and (those of you who couldn't come you should get that tape), when the blessings come from God, they are always more than you can handle. 

When he says bring all the tithe into my house, he said I will open the windows of heaven that there will not be enough room to take it. He said when you honour me with your first fruit; he said your ban will burst. when he said thank you to Peter, his boat was sinking with fish, when the blessing is from the Lord, when your obedience is complete, he will bless you to extent that you will say lord this is too much and I have good news for somebody here tonight, before the end of this year, you will stand here and testify. I know somebody who will say God please can you slow the thing down a little bit, so that I can handle the one that you have already done; when you are asking for on contract and you got ten, when you knock at one door and twelve opened. You will say Lord thank you, but can we do it gentle. How many of you want that kind of blessing? Say Lord my boat is ready, send down boat sinking blessing, so shall it be in Jesus name.


Now let's look at the blessing of Isaac upon Jacob one by one, he said God give thee of the dew of heaven. James1v17 tells us that heaven is the source of all blessing. He said every good and perfect gift come from above. Heaven is the source of all blessing, heaven has windows. Mal.3v10, where God said if you bring all the tithes into my house, test me thereby if I will not open the windows of heaven and there will not be enough room to receive the blessing thereby . Heaven has windows, when the windows are opened, showers of blessings can be poured but the windows can be shut, and when the windows are shut, then there will be no rain, there will be no dew.

God said in 2chroniicle7 v13 he said if I shut the heaven so that there is no rain. Anytime God shut the heaven, then there will be no rain, in 2king17v1, Elijah said as the Lord God of Israel liveth which I stand, he said there will be now dew or rain except at my word. When the windows are shut and there is no rain, then rivers begin to dry up. some of you know what I am talking about, you use to swim in rivers but then the windows were shut and there was no more rain and the river begin to dry up. I pray today that every river that has dried up will receive new rain today in the mighty name of Jesus. Because when the windows of heaven are shut and there is no rain, there are no showers of blessings and rivers dry up there will be a famine. It is when the rain have stopped that people begin to borrow, it is because the rain didn't fall when it suppose to fall. That's when people began into debt, ii pray for you tonight, that after this night, you will never borrow again.

Now Amos 4 v 7 says something very strange, he said God can open the window on some people and it will not rain on another, so that while it rained in one part of the city, it will leave the other part of the city. In order words while some people are crying the city is hard nothing is moving, no business. Some people will be saying glory be to God things are god. I pray for you today when unbelievers are saying things are hard you will say; my God is more than enough. Now the shutting of heaven or the closing of heaven is either in the hand of God who has the keys of David, or in the hands of his prophet who has his delegated authority. Elijah said I stand before the living God; I use his authority to decree that the heaven be shut over you Ahab. Several people were dying of hunger but the widow of Zarephath was getting fatter and fatter. I stand today as the representative of the Most high God, beginning from now, there will be showers of blessing of God over you. So when his father said; may God give you of the dew of heaven, he his saying may God always give you rain in its season, in Deut. 28 v12

Thank you father, now there is a lot of miracle already happening but there is this particular one I think you should know, The Lord said you have been passing through the rivers of fire, the Lord said you are coming out of it tonight.

In Deut. 28 v12, he said the heaven will give you rain in its season as a result of which you will begin to lend to nations. Whether you believe it or not, there is somebody here tonight, before nations can balance their budget, they will contact you (amen).

You know I have just returned from a journey. Then one young girl was thrown into the prison and the whole press was following her about, CNN, everybody. I said what's so special about this girl how many girls are thrown to prison every day. They said she is the only daughter of the owner of the Hilton hotels in the whole world. Now I understand! There is somebody here, they are not going to throw you into the prison but in every city of the world, when they get there, they will see your mark there. So when he said God give you of the dew of rain, it means you will never lack rain, it means you will never know dryness again. I told you of someone who said; where God has brought me, I can't even stop money from coming in. he said even if I don't do any other work, money will continue to come in, I said how have you done it? He said I have so many houses; the tenant have to pay rent, whether they like it or not, he said I can't stop money from coming in. you see when the windows of heaven is open over you, you cannot stop rain from falling. There is somebody here before this year is over, God will bring you to a place where you will not be able to stop blessing from coming. The dew also stand for anointing if you read Ps.133 v 1 - 3 he says that anointing is like dew of Amon, so if he said God will give you the dew of heaven, it means God will give you anointing and the implications of that we could even spend the whole night, talking about it.

For example we know that anointing destroy yoke and if God give you anointing, it means you will never be permanently bound. in other words, if anybody tries to bound you; the anointing of God upon your life will continue to break the, the anointing can as a fire, you remember the time they bound Samson, the anointing came and burnt the ropes, You will remember David said in Paslm23v5, he said thou prepares table before me in the presence of my enemies, thou anoint my head with oil my cups runeths over. Now the implication of that is this, when the dews of heaven began to pour on you, you will begin to prosper and enemies will continue to multiply. Nobody bothers someone who has a second hand bicycle, who has only one shirt, one trouser, when he sleeps, he doesn't have to lock the doors, what are they going to steal?, the shirts or the trouser? But when people see you and they see that even the dress on you alone is enough to buy a house, you better make sure that your house is well guarded.  God is saying here, with the dew of heaven, if it is the dew of heaven that is bringing the prosperity, no matter how many the enemies, you will enjoy in their presence they won't even think of harming you, he will paralyze their brain.

There is somebody here up to this time who is afraid of prosperity, if I prosper what about the problems, I have good news for you, you will prosper and there will be nothing that the enemies can do about it. Now he said not only is he asking God, that God give Him of the dews of heaven, he said and God should give you of the fatness of the earth. Dew of heaven, fatness of earth because if the rain fall on stony ground, God said he will not just open the windows of heaven, I will take care of the earth also.

Thank you Father, the Lord said there is someone here they say you are down and out he said I should tell you, you will be a champion again.

Matt.13 v 3-8, the bible tell of the story of the shower, he  said some of the seed fall by the way side, birds didn't even allow the rain to fall before they eat it up, some fell on the stony ground. Some fell among thorns, thorns choke them, and some fell among good soil, beginning from now, in every facet of your life you will be described as good soil. Now those described as good soil who have the fatness of the earth, they are the one who flourish, Ps. 92v12-14, talks about those who are planted in the house of the Lord, flourishing like cedars in Lebanon, he said even in old age they will still be bringing forth fruit. Flourishing, he said of the fatness of the earth; that means you will proper so much that you will never have to rack your brain before you spend money again. I have told you of a friend of mine, we travelled together once, we went to buy things and I was searching for things with sales on them, when  I checked this one , I will say this price is too much, this one price is still too much, and in his own case; he was just picking the thing, anything he likes , he was just piling it up, I said "you are not even looking at the price", he said "there is no need".

There is someone here today beginning from now, anything you want to do; you won't have to check the price. He said number one, God give you the dew of heaven, so that you don't lack rain, you don't lack anointing. God give you of the fatness of the earth, which means you will flourish, which also secondly means whatever you touch you will prosper; because when you plant in the fatness of the earth, your harvest is guarantee, it is a dangerous thing to plant on the wrong soil. 

I have told you the story before several years ago when I first began to go to America, because I have learnt of the law of harvest, and I was in need of money, I still need money. So I was sowing in dollar, difficult as it was I was sowing, after about three years, because I was expecting that if I am given somebody should be given me too. Nobody gave me anything even those people I have invited to come, they would come, we will treat them like royalties, when I get back to American and I phone them, they will say hello Enoch!, you are welcome!, that is all. They won't even invite me to come and eat, so after three years I said Lord, what is happening to my sowing. so that night I had a dream, I saw a big farm, as big as the whole of this auditorium, with yam heaps all over, and in that dream I knew it was my farm, but the yams is not germinating, so I said what is wrong with this yam that it is not germinating?, so I said I will check with one, by the time I went down a little, I find out concrete under, I tried, the second, the third, the fourth and I woke up and God said you have been sowing on concrete ground. Every one of you that have been sowing on concrete ground, beginning from now, God will give you of the fatness of the earth.

Thank you father, The Lord said there is someone, you have been having pains in opening and closing of your hand, he said the pains are gone now.

He said there is someone here, He said someone inferior to you have been chosen to replace you, God Says I will reverse that. 

So he said God will give you of the dews of heaven, the fatness of the earth, plenty of corn and wine. In order words he is saying your hunger and thirst will be fully satisfied. The bible says the young lion do suffer hunger and thirst but they that seek the Lord will not lack anything good. When he is talking of hunger, it might not be food alone, even though there might be some people who find it difficult to feed themselves. You will never be in that category again. But there are some beautiful things which some people hunger for but they don't have. There are those who hunger for righteousness for example, he is saying that which you are hungry for shall be given to you abundantly, that is what corn stands for, your hunger will be satisfied, then what about the wine? He is not talking about alcoholic wine; he is talking about the grape juice. Eccl.10 v19, wine make merry, in other word he is saying, my son you will never know sorrow. You will never know depression. He is also saying, you will constantly have celebrations. Wine make merry; means you will never know sorrow, you will never know depression, you will constantly have celebrations.  But then Proverb17 v 22 says a merry hearth doeth good like a medicine. In order words what he his saying here to his son is that you will always be healthy. Prosperity is of no use unless you are healthy.

I have told you the story of a man in Ibadan, who said I have fourteen houses in Ibadan. Heal me and I will give you all the houses, because I told him I am not the healer, Jesus will heal you free of charge. If you get heal and I take all your houses, then I take your sickness along. Of what use is fourteen houses, if you are not healthy? I have good news for somebody here tonight, one sickness will leave you alone, And number two God will prosper you. Number three; you will have abundant food, number four you will have the appetite to eat the food. 

I told you of a friend of mine; I went to visit him and it was time for breakfast, he spent thirty minutes deciding on what he will eat; what did I eat yesterday, what did I eat the day before, what type of egg will I eat?, is it to be fried or poached or cooked or warmed? He struggled for thirty minutes, before he could choose what he will eat for breakfast and he is a very, very rich man. When the cook finished with him, he turned to me and said what do you want sir?, I said plenty of bread, plenty of egg, plenty of whatever things you have, just put the thing on the table. It is one thing to have money, it is another thing to enjoy it in the Might name of Jesus Christ, every blessing that God will give you, you will fully enjoy it.

He said I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers, you will prosper, you will be healthy. And you will enjoy your prosperity and his father went on and said let people serve thee, this is a heavy blessing. In Eccl. 4 v 9 he said that two are better than one. Of what use is prosperity if you don't have helpers. That is why I never call those people who are working for me, servants, I call them my helper. My driver is not my servant is my helper. When he is driving, I can fall asleep, because I know he is doing his own work correctly. What kind of life will it be; if you have the whole money and you are the one who will still run to the kitchen and cook, you are the one who will sweep the ground. He said let people serve thee. Included in that blessing is that you will have helpers. Your house boy is not your servant, he is your burden bearer, and you better know how you will treat them now, because one of them can be a link to your breakthrough. You know the story of Naaman; it was his house maid that linked him to his breakthrough, if the wife has been mistreating the house maid, the girl will have keep shut. You never can tell the angel living in your house, everybody that is called to help you is meant to be your helper. Look at me thank God, God is blessing and he will bless me more and he will bless you too.

There was a time in the old auditorium, when it is the time for laying on of hands, I am the one who will lay hands on everybody, because we were few then, now can you imagine me laying hands on everybody here?, by next month we will still be here. But now I have helpers, when it is time to lay hands, I seat down and they lay hands, i backed them up, may people help you. (Amen).May people help you means you won't die before your time. Because if you are the only one doing everything, you will die, and if you die, how will you be able to enjoy the dews of heaven or the fatness of the earth? So when he says may people help you, it means you will have helpers. You will live long; you will be able to enjoy everything you want. Now do you know that a lot of blessings that God wants to give you, he will send it through people, he will send it through people; that is why I said we should pray; from the east send help, from the west send help. From the north send help, from the south send help, you will have testimonies this month in Jesus name.

I told you the story; we were building the first auditorium then, the naira was still very powerful then and one day the carpenter came unto me and said sir, we need two hundred and four naira, that time I had not kobo on me. I said okay when I have the money I will send for you. He didn't believe that somebody who is building something that big does not have two hundred naira. So he was going and was grumbling; he is the one who will say the work is slow, now we are asking for the money he didn't want to give. I said God you hear him, up to you. And I feel asleep because I had done vigil all night, I had prayed all night and I fell asleep, when I woke up, there was a man sitting by my door, eating breakfast, I said this man's problem must be serious, he has blocked my way so I won't be able to run away. So I said yes! What is your problem, he said sir, I have no problem, and he said I have just collected my house rent. And God said I should take the money to you. So I said Lord, I will go as soon as I finished my breakfast and God said no, no I should go now. So I carried my breakfast. When I got here and I find out that you are sleeping, I said now I can begin to eat my breakfast. He gave me the envelope, and I blessed him and he left. When he left, I opened the envelope and I saw one thousand two hundred naira. So I sent for the carpenter and it was time now for me to do yanga. I said by the way, how much do you say you need? I prophesy to somebody here this night, whoever is holding your miracle; he will not be able to eat his breakfast before bringing it to you. May people serve you.Oh!

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here today, he say I will arrest all forms of decay in your life.

Daddy says there is someone here tonight; he said the great potential in you will no longer remain dormant. 

I want to say amen to this one, God said there is somebody here tonight, get ready for unexpected miracles.

Thank you father, the Lord said there is someone here today, he said they call you a total failure; I will change you to total success.

So he said let people serve thee and then he went on to say let nations bow down to thee. Why will he pray that kind of prayer, because from his own experience, when a man prosper mightily a whole nation can become envious of him. In Gen. 26 v12-14, when Isaac wax great, when he began to have stalls of servants, when his servants alone are about to occupy a whole village.

 The bible says the philistines envied him, now whether you believe it or not, one day is coming when you will testify, because this nation doesn't know you yet. But a day is coming when they will say ha! Ha! Is he the only one n this country? You turn to the right, you see his something, you turn to the left you see his something, is he the only one in this country? But in his preparing his son for this blessing, he didn't say one nation will bow down to you, he his saying nations will bow down to you. What is Isaac saying, he is saying to his son, I have prosper, a nation envied but you will prosper more than myself. And instead of the nation's envying you, they will bow down for you. I said it and it sound like a joke that a nation will seek your advice and help before they balance their budget.

In Isaiah 55 v 5, the word of God says you will call a nation that you know not and nations you do not know will run unto you. Powerful blessings, then I have told you before that I am what I am today and by the grace of God and by the prayers of my mother; she used to pray a prayer for me that I didn't understand when I was young. Anytime I did anything that made her happy, she will look at me and say, you this boy, you will call one fellow two hundred will answer, I will say amen. But I didn't know the meaning, but today if I turned to this direction and say pastor come, how many thousands will answer? And I am saying to you today in the Might name of Jesus Christ, when you call one fellow, one thousand will answer. He said let nations bow, let nations bow unto you and then he went on to say be Lord over thy brethren, including those who are born by your mother. Now I Isaac must really be happy because this kind of blessing must be frightening. Be Lord over your brethren that is a serious problem, but then be lord over the children of your mother, that is frighten! What is he saying, he is saying you will always be above only, you will never be beneath.

Now some people may understand that to means that the children of my mother will be small, no that is not what he meant, what he meant was that no matter how great they are, you will still be greater than them. In order words it is in your own interest, if you pray that Lord let all the children of my mother be very great; because the greater they are the greater still you will be. If you say they should be small, and all they have is bicycle, if you have a motorcycle, you are already greater than them, but if they all had a Royce rolls, then you know where you will be.

There is somebody here today for the rest of your life, you will always be above. Somebody said to me the way you relate to other men of God, is different from the way other people relate, I see the way you relate that God will expand their coast, that they should become very great and when you see them prospering you rejoice, why? Other people envy others, I smile you don't understand; may the Almighty God make them very, very great because the greater they are…Let me put an end on that one.

May all the children of your mother become great in Jesus name, but no matter how great they are, you will be greater than them all in Jesus name. In all area of your life, you will be called the greatest. But then he went further to say curse is anyone that curse thee, that means all your enemies are in problem. Deut. 28 v 27 he says all the enemies that come before you shall be smitten before your face, he didn't say you will smite them; he says they shall be smitten. That is why if you have this blessing you should pity your enemies. Because if you are the one who is smitten then, there is a limit to which you can smite them, but if it is the Lord who is smitten then ..The one who touched the mountain and it begins to smoke. If he decides to knock your enemy on the head, what will remain of the head? I have good news for you all those who are against you, they are in serious trouble now. In fact God says you will seek them you will not find them. And then he went on, he said blessed be those who bless you, that means your friend are in for a good time, do you know that there some people here tonight, very soon you will be buying cars for your friends. You will be building houses for them. You know the elders use to say, it is the blessing that is not enough that you can't share. They say if the eyes are full it will begin to drop on the nose. All your friends, because of the blessings that God will bless you with, they will be blessed also. 

The Lord said there is someone here tonight; the Lord said that stubborn recurrent ailment will not return.

 He said there is someone here, he said now that all helpers have forsaken you. He said I will move in.

Oh! Thank you father, the Lord said there someone here tonight, he said you will soon be smiling broadly again.

The Lord said your celebration that was cancelled, shall hold very soon. Oh! Thank you father, amen and amen,

The Lord said there is someone here tonight, He said very soon, when they want to give an example of outstanding success, they will mention your name.

Halleluiah!, the Lord said there is someone here tonight, he  said I  should tell you, you will regain the upper hand.

Oh! Lord, thank you Jesus, daddy says, there is someone here tonight, he said there will be many stars in your family but your star will be the brightest of all.

Let's continue, those who bless you will be blessed.

In the example of David, when he was in the cave of Adullam in 1Sam. 22 v1-2, the bible said vagabonds gathered themselves to him, those who are in distress, those who had no hope, gathered themselves to him. but because of the anointing on David, they became mighty men. The bible recorded them as mighty men of David, under the unction of the Holy Spirit that is very heavy on me tonight, I want to say to all of you that has gather here tonight; I want to say to all of you that have gather here tonight, because of the anointing of God upon my life, you will become mighty. Put your hands to the Almighty, glory be to God. Now what his is father saying, he is saying in short that you will not only be blessed, you will become a blessing. Halleluiah! 

The anointing of God is here tonight, God will answer your prayer tonight, all the prayer that you have prayed that has not been answered before, it will be answered tonight. If you have never have testimonies before, you will have many of them this month. anyone who stand anyone who stand in your way, their sun will set this month(amen) I repeat it again, anyone that is holding on to your blessing will not be able to eat until they  release them. When you called one fellow, ten thousand will answer in Jesus name, if you knock at a door, one hundred will be open unto you. Oh! So shall it be, thank you father, glory be to God. So the father was saying you will not only be blessing, but you will become a blessing. There are so many ways that you can be a blessing, by sharing financial blessings. Or by laying hands on the sick so that they can be healed.

Thank you Jesus, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; you will never bow your head in shame again.

Thank you Lord, Daddy sad there is someone here today, daddy said I should give you three words; YOU WILL WIN. Halleluiah!

I think you better say that one, I will win. I want to suggest that to you, write that down, place it where you will see it, anytime that the enemy tries to mess around with you, just look at it and say it is already spoke I WILL WIN. So you can be a blessing to man by giving them material things, by laying hand on the sick, by laying hand on the barren; so that they conceive, casting out demons out of them. And you can become a blessing to God; by becoming one of his treasurers, so that as he blesses you, you are pushing back the blessing back to the church.

Take note of certain things quickly, when God bless you, please don't forget him, take note of that. It is important! Because, he is going to bless you now. I know he is going to bless you. All my life, all my Christian life, it is only one other time, that I am feeling the way I am feeling tonight, so those of you who are here tonight you are already blessed. so when he blesses you because he will, don't forget him because he is the one who give you power to get wealth.

Number two, the elders saying the empty mouth does not make a sound, if you want to provoke God for this kind of blessing we are talking about you need to do something special, that will provoke God to say in blessing I will bless you. I want to encourage you tonight, decide I your heart tonight that you are going to do something special for God, we are not talking about normal offering now, something that will provoke God to say "in blessing I will bless you".

Write it somewhere as a bless to him, a sacrifice you want to give to him, something you can redeem as soon as possible, you don't have to hand it over to anybody, you can know it within yourself, that this  is what I wrote down that I will do for God soonest. If it is money anytime you are redeeming it write at the back of the envelope, seed for blessing and you will be amazed what God will do. I have studied the bible, the seven times that fire came down from the heaven, there was something on the altar, there was a sacrifice that someone place on the altar  before fire was sent from heaven to come and pick them up.

Halleluiah, the Lord said there is someone here tonight; those who set the road block will dismantle them.

Thank you father, Daddy says, whatever I say concerning you tonight shall come to pass, so I am saying; it will be well with you, you will go from glory to glory, the richest in the whole world will be among you, those who said you will become nothing will come and borrow for you. Everything you touch from now henceforth will prosper. The tide will turn for the better for you now, those of you will think you are already great, you will become greater, God will put an end to sorrow in your life, you will enjoy divine health for the rest of your life, and so shall it be in Jesus Mighty name. 

Anyone who will to give his/her life to Christ should come out now. Before we pray, daddy says what I put in your heart to do, it may seem big to you, and he said do it and I will give you a divine handshake. Stand on your feet, we want to pray, it is one prayer but pray it with all your heart, lift your voice to the Almighty God and say father, I am ready to do your will. Command, your blessing  upon my life, go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

Pastor E. A. Adeboye


Pastor E. A. Adeboye
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