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Thank You Father


Let us lift our hands to the most High God and begin to bless His holy name.

Let us worship the Almighty God

Let us bless the King of kings and bless the Lord of lords.

Let us worship Him

(Choir please remain there)

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

Praise Him.

He is worthy to be praised; He is worthy to be adored.

Magnify His holy name

Worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Praise Him.

Praise Him.

Praise our healer; our provider; our supporter; our deliverer; bless the Fruitful Vine.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

He is worthy, He is worthy to be praised.

He is worthy to be adored.

We cannot bless Him enough for what He did last month.

Let us praise Him; let us praise Him

Let us give Him glory; let us give Him honour; let us give Him adoration.

Bless His holy name.

Bless His holy name.

Bless Hid holy name.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Almighty.

Glory be to Your name Lord.

Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have worshipped.

I want you to lift your hands, your hearts to Him and say: Father, in all our lives, glorify Your name tonight.

Go ahead talk to the Almighty God.

In our lives Lord, please, glorify Your name tonight. Glorify Your name tonight. In our lives Father, please, glorify Your name tonight. Thank You Father. Glorify Your name. That is all we are asking for Lord. Glorify Your name tonight. Thank Your Father. Thank You Lord. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Alpha and Omega we bless Your name. Ancient of days we adore You. The Beginning and the Ending, our Help in ages past, our Hope for years to come; thank You. Father, thank You for last month, accept our worship in Jesus’ name. Tonight in the life of all of us here and all those who are listening to us all over the world, glorify Your holy name. All we are asking is that You glorify Your holy name. Please Father, just glorify Your holy name.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Now, let somebody shout hallelujah.

Now, just shake hands with two or three people and say: happy New Year to you.

And then you may be seated.

Things are going to be different tonight; and so, I want to call forward certain people to share their testimonies before the message.

Pastor and Mrs. Soji Sogunro; Assistant Pastor Olayinka Adejumo, please come. Pastor Mrs Kikelome Ogunleye, please come. And Pastor Julie Onemiona, please come.

We will take those testimonies before we hear the message.

Please be seated.

One of the songs rendered by the choir ‘God speak a word into my life’.

I have a word from the Lord: “this is your night”. This is the night you have been waiting for.

Thank You Jesus.

Let us be seated as we listen to the testimonies.

“Let somebody shout hallelujah.

God wipe away tears of twenty-three years.

We started coming to camp regularly on monthly basis since 1999 from Ilorin.

When the Shiloh hour start we never missed any program unless we are outside the country.

Daddy minister to us directly but nothing happens.

Then, we told God, if You give us a child or not, You will continue to be our God until we see You in glory.

In 2014, we wrote a letter to Daddy. We told him, we have been coming regularly since 1999 and on monthly basis. We will close on Saturday and on Sunday we are on our way to camp again for Shiloh hour.

And Daddy replied: very soon, you will soon share your testimony.

In February 2015, we are privilege to wear Daddy’s cloth given to us by Pastor Gbadebo Lawal as prophetic mantle and that same year August 2015, my wife took in.

We want to thank the RCCG Living Spring, Philadelphia led by Pastor(Mrs.)Funmi Ogunlana.

What a lovely church when my wife was there – God will bless that church in Jesus’ name.

Here comes our testimony: Hallelujah Ogunoluwa Olajumoke Sogunro.”


“Let somebody shout hallelujah!

My name is Olayinka Adejumo, I am from Lagos Province 42 – the Province of uncommon favour.

I bless the name of the Lord of our father-in-the-Lord, our Daddy Adeboye because God wipe away my reproach of over 25years that I have been waiting.

When I clock 53, God remembered me.

This May 18, 2016, God give me Testimony Rereloluwa Iyanuoluwa Adejumo.

Praise the Lord.”


“Praise the Lord!

Thank God for my salvation.

And I thank God for our Father-in-the-Lord, Daddy Adeboye.

And I thank for our Daddy, Lagos Province 50, Pastor Ayoade.

My name is Pastor (Mrs.) Kikelomo Ogunleye, I married in 1983, and past 6years ago, there was  no mensuration.

I thank God that last year, we came for the Shiloh and they do another programme – they are doing mountain here, and I came here.

When I came for the Holy Ghost night, our Father in the Lord said, ‘some people are here that God has answer their prayer but they don’t know for now but latter they will come and give testimony.

I thank God that today, God give we me: Miracle Oluwaloye.

Praise the Lord.

Lagos Province 50,  praise the Lord.”


“Somebody shout hallelujah!

My name is Pastor Julie Onemiona from Province 4 for Region 10, Abuja.

In 1995, on this glorious altar, I made a vow and I am here this evening to pay the vow.

In 1995, I was 11years barren.

I came here as a barren woman.

I had gone to so many places.

They have taken me to herbalist.

There was a place they had to give me seven boiled egg to eat within one minute – I had to ... read on a full page.

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