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5HT AUGUST, 2016.


Let us lift our hands to the Most High God.

Brethren give Him glory; give Him adoration.

Bless the King of kings; bless the Lord of lords.

Go ahead praise Him.

Let Him hear your voice.

Praise Him, praise Him.

Praise the King of kings.

Praise the Lord of lords.

Magnify His holy name.

Praise Him.

Praise Him.

He is the Almighty God.

He is the only One who can do mighty things.

Give Him glory, give Him honour, give Him adoration.

Bless His holy name.

Bless His holy name.

Thank You Father.

Thank You Lord.

In Jesus mighty name we worshipped.

Now, lift your voice to Him and say: Father, tonight, settle my case permanently.

Settle my case permanently Lord. This very night, King of glory, settle my case permanently. Thank You Lord. Please settle my case permanently. To the glory of your name settle my case. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

You are the mighty God

The Great I AM




You are the mighty God

The Great I AM




You are the mighty God

The Great I AM




You are the mighty God

The Great I AM




Father Almighty, greater than the greatest, higher than the highest, older than the oldest, wiser than the wisest, stronger than the strongest, glory be to Your holy name; please accept our worship in Jesus' name.

Thank You for all You have done for us thus far; thank You for what You are about to do now; please accept our worship in Jesus' name.

Tonight Father, in the life of every one of us; in the life of all those who are listening to us all over the world, do something special; settle our cases permanently. Heal our land. By the time this service is over; let every one of us sing a new song. Thank You Father.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


Let somebody shout hallelujah.

Shake hands with two or three people and tell them that tonight is my night you know.

And then, you may please be seated.

I will be as brief I can tonight, because we are going to pray.

If God says, every prayer prayed during this convention is going to be answer; we will be foolish not to pray.

And so, we are going to pray intensely. Well, like somebody said, and they would be mathematical prayers - they will be precise; and the Lord is going to surprise somebody here tonight.

What is the meaning of Amen?

It simply means: so let it be.

It means, as far as your prayers are concern, consider it done.

So, tonight, considering all your prayers, in the mighty name of Jesus, consider them done.

Now, what is prayer?

Prayer simply means: a cry for help.

You have a problem; you cannot handle the problem yourself; you know somebody who can help and you cry to him for help.

In Mathew chapter 14 verse 22 to 32, when Peter saw Jesus walking on the sea and he said if it is you call me to come; and Jesus said, come.

And he jumped out of the boat and he took some steps, and then, he saw the wind boisterous, and he began to sink...

Even though he was thought by Jesus Christ how to pray: "our Father which hath in heaven; hallow be thy name; thy kingdom come..."; on that day, he did not remember any of them when he saw himself sinking.

He just made a simple statement: "Lord, help me" - that was all his prayer was.

Do I hear somebody shout to God loud and clear - God help me - that is prayer.

It means you have a problem and you go someone who can help you solve that problem.

Either because the person has the position to help you; in Luke chapter 18 verse 1 to 5 - a woman went to a Judge and said, avenge me of my adversaries; I cannot do it but you have the position to do it, help me.

Or you go to someone who has influence, he has connections and through the connections you know he can help you. In 2Kings chapter 4 verse 18 to 37 - a woman loss her son, but she knew someone who has connection with God, his name is Elisha. She ran to Elisha. At the end of the day, the problem was solved.

Or, you may go to God directly; particularly when Pastors have failed you; Evangelist have failed you; General Overseers have failed you; so, you dodged them all and go straight to God; like in Mathew 15 verse 21 to 28 - when that woman came to Jesus, and said help me my daughter is grievously vexed of the devil.

The Disciples were even telling the Lord, send her away she is too noisy. She said, I did not come to you Disciples, I have come to Jesus; and the Almighty God solved her problem.

I have told you the story before, of a lady who was barren and after something the Pastor said everyone I prayed for had conceived; what about your case?

And told the story that while she was in school, she made a mistake and became pregnant and tried to abort.

In the process, by the time they got her to the hospital, the doctor had to remove her womb for her not to die.

So the Pastor said, you mean you have no womb and you asking me to pray for children.

From that day, the Pastor began to dodge her.

The day she discover the Pastor was dodging her, she transferred her prayer not through the Pastor now but directly to God.

And one night she had a dream; she was standing naked and a huge man was coming towards her with the skin of an animal in his hands. When he got to her, he wrapped the skin round her waist and she woke. And she knew that God have giving her a new womb. That month she became pregnant.

I want you to lift your voice to God, and say: Father, I have not come to see the G.O tonight; I have come to see You, help me. And He will help you in Jesus' name.

Don't worry we will soon begin to pray.

Now, when you go to somebody to help you, and you know the problem is beyond you, then, whatever the person you go to ask you to do, you will do it - even if it sound foolish.

In 2Kings chapter 4 verse 1 to 7 - when that widow who was heavily in debts ran to Elisha for help; Elisha told her what to do.

What Elisha told her did not make sense: go home; borrow empty vessels; borrow not a few; shut the door on yourself and begin to pour the little oil you have; whenever each one is full, set it aside.

She did not ask, how can any pot be full from my little bottle of oil?

No no, she didn't ask.

She went home, she did exactly what she was told and the problem was solved.

There is only one person who can help when everybody else has failed - His name is Jesus.

And He said to you, come to me all ye that labour and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

But he said, you have to take My yoke upon you - you must come under my own management.

That was while they gave the altar call not long ago; and I thank God for those of you who have surrendered your life.

If there is anyone of you left that you have not surrender your life to Jesus yet; when we are praying, don't waste your prayer; the first thing you should do is: surrender your life to Jesus - you must come under a new management.

Now, I am going to give you a case study. I am going to use an example of someone who needed help and ran to Jesus for help and she got the answer to her prayer.

It is a story you know very well; you will find it in Mark ... read on a full page.

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